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How Free Psychic Readings Online Help You to Read Better

Do You Want to Become a Psychic Reader Online?

When a person begins to gain interest in becoming a psychic reader, they often ask themselves, “How can I give accurate psychic readings?”  How can I become correct at least 50%-90% of the time?

A psychic reader may ask themselves this because they want to have their clients believe in them. Psychics already decided that they are called to do spiritual work. This if often refereed to as “light workers”. 

Most psychics start off by giving free psychic readings to people that need seeing into the past, present and future.  Giving free psychic readings allow a psychic to use their time perfecting their gifts. 

One would think that giving a free psychic reading is a waste of time.  However, nothing could be farther from the truth.  When you give free psychic readings, you don’t have to feel the pressure of getting something wrong. 

After all, the person that you are reading for should not complain since you are giving your time to them at no cost.  Use this time to perfect your gift. 

Let the person that you are reading for know that some of the information that you receive is not always 100% correct. However, you consider yourself to be good enough to predict the future. 

Should You Give Free Psychic Readings Online as Often as Possible?

Giving free psychic readings allow you to get better at your spiritual gifts because most people consider a free psychic reading to be an introductory reading into your skill set. 

Most psychic networks online use 3-minute free psychic reading offers.  This is meant to entice potential customers to sign up to use the service. Once the free psychic reading is given, the customer can decide on whether they will use your services.

The question is, “Are you good enough for the client to pay you?”  People often don’t know how good you are if they have never tried you out. 

Psychics often use an online profile that describes their skill set.  They may tell the potential customer/customer that they are: clairvoyant, astrologer, tarot card reader, runes caster or numerologist.

Most psychic websites have a feedback system in which customers can rate you 1 to 5 stars.  This allows the customer to see what others on the website thought of your reading.

Sometimes a psychic reading can only be measured by everyone that gets one.  Just because one person thought that your psychic reading was so good that you should get your own television show, does not mean that another customer will feel the same. 

Free psychic readings allow you to train to your fullest potential.  Back in the 1990’s, most everyone had an America Online (AOL) account.  There were many psychic chat rooms that you could enter to get a reading. 

Many psychics offered their psychic reading for free or little cost. This allowed people to connect with spiritual experts that could help them.  Amazingly, every person that walked into those chat rooms often got a free psychic reading. 

Dottie was a friend of mine and fellow psychic reader.  I always wondered how she became such an accurate and powerful reader.  She had clients calling her from overseas and the USA alike.  I asked her how she got so good and how she saw the future. 

Dottie began telling me that she always knew that she had a psychic gift.  She first started to use her clairvoyance when she was only 12 years old.  Her mother was also a psychic reader.

Her mother did tarot card readings and Dottie did clairvoyant readings. She told me that her mother never trained her how to become a psychic. However, her mother gave her an important tip that allowed Dottie to see that she could become powerful if she would only put a lot of time into her gift.

Dottie knew that it would be impossible for people to trust her gift before knowing anything about her reading style. She often felt that people were either going to like her reading or say that she was a fraud.  Dottie began to realize that it was time for her to step out of her comfort zone and start giving psychic readings for free. 

She began giving psychic readings to her friends in school.  She also started to read for her family and people that she knew from church.  Word started to spread that his young girl had a gift to see into the future. Over time, Dottie began to get requests from people that needed love, money and career advice. 

Having such a good heart, Dottie knew that she could not turn down these requests.  She spent her time between the age of 12 and 20 giving free psychic readings to people that came to her. One may say that she should have charged money for her gifts.

Afterall, many psychics get paid hundreds of dollars to do a reading. Dottie was not even thinking about money at the time.  She was more interested in developing her gift and seeing into the spiritual realms for people that were in need. 

As she gave a psychic reading, her mind would zero in on the client’s question. She was able to look without the person interrupting her.  Dottie didn’t know then what she knows now.

At present, Dottie told me that when she gives someone a live psychic reading, they often interrupt her constantly because they are paying for the reading.

She finds this to be rude, disturbing and it breaks her trance.  When she gave readings for free, people were willing to not only hear what she had to say, but not open their mouths while she was giving a reading because they were not in a rush because the money clock was not rolling. 

Dottie realized that her young years prepared her for her future as a psychic reader. She began to realize that her free psychic readings allowed her to predict the future for men and women that were in need.  She gave over 1,000 psychic readings in her youth. 

What can we learn from Dottie’s experience? For starters, giving free psychic readings are not a waste of time. In fact, free psychic readings can open our third eye more because people are more open to listening to what you have to say because they don’t feel like they are under a time restraint.

When someone is paying you and they know that they only have 30 minutes with you, they tend to rush the psychic reading. You may find that your client interrupts you, becomes nasty and even tells you that you are wrong even when you are right.  They become more argumentative.  If you get clients like this, how can you possibly grow as a psychic reader? 

Should You Start Working on a Psychic Hotline Right Away?

Many new psychics make the mistake of getting a job on a psychic hotline and get paid for readings. This method gives your spiritual gift no time to grow. You are often contorted by angry clients that don’t want to give you a chance to prove yourself to them. 

If you have a psychic gift, then most likely paying customer will crush your gift before you even get started. You will often become discouraged to use your gifts with such disrespect. 

We live in a fast-paced internet driven world. Most people don’t want to invest the time in you or your gift to see if you are accurate.  Instead, they will listen to what you have to say for around 2 minutes. If they don’t like what they are hearing, they will hang the phone up on you. 

If you feel discouraged, start giving free psychic readings on places like or  You will find that these websites allow you to set up a forum or radio show for free and begin using your gift.

Even allows you to do this by creating your own page for psychic readings.  You will often find that people are more respectful of your time because they know that you are giving it for free.

Today, Dottie tells me that she is a psychic with clarity and accuracy because she had so much time to practice on clients before getting paid for doing psychic readings. It allowed her to go deep into the spirit world for answers.

She didn’t feel any pressure at all because she figured that if someone didn’t like her reading, another person would come along looking for one. She found that when you give something away for free, people tend to come to you in flocks.  I guess you can say that this is creating good karma for yourself as well. After all, spiritual law tells us to give freely and then you will receive blessings in return. 

Do People Heal Their Soul Through Psychic Online Readings?

When you give psychic readings to people, you are allowing them to heal within their soul. Psychic readings allow people to feel a sense of love, peace and understanding to their situation from within. 

Over the years, I have met thousands of people that tell me how important a psychic reading was to them. Edgar Cayce himself gave over 14,000 psychic readings that were recorded in his career. 

It is estimated that he gave even more than that because he gave psychic readings long before they were ever recorded by his secretary.  He was known to never charge for a psychic reading.

He always gave them away to people for free. He became the 20th centuries most impactful psychic that ever lived in recorded history. No psychic has ever touched the world or created such memories as Edgar Cayce. 

Many television psychics give free psychic reading to studio audience participants. They will often stand in front of a crowd telling people what they see for their lives.

This not only allows people to see the psychics skills, but it allows people to see if they are worth paying. The Long Island Medium and John Edward are often seen on television doing these types of psychic readings.

Do Psychics Give Multiple Online Readings A Day?

Many psychics give multiple free psychic readings in a day. It allows them to touch the lives of people from around the world. When someone asks the psychic for a reading, they are more prone to get an answer.  Never be afraid to give a psychic reading because its your calling in life to do so. 

My own psychic gifts grew from giving psychic readings.  Even though I get paid good money to give a psychic reading, I still give free psychic readings because it allows me to give half hour readings interrupted. 

People love to hear what you have to say concerning their lives.  If you have something worth listening to, men and women will often listen to you for hours.   

The spiritual world of karma teaches us that whenever we give something away for free, we get back something in return.  It can either be a spiritual gift or a physical one.

Either way, we get back what we put out.  The blessing is that everything eventually comes to a point in which you can feel a sense of peace and happiness.

As they say, when you practice your profession in detail, you begin to develop a better understanding of your gifts and abilities.  In any profession, you must put in your free time in order to reap the rewards later. 

In the regular world, you need to sometimes volunteer your time at a community center or take on an internship in order to gain experience. In the psychic industry, one must give free psychic readings in order to get better.  As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

You may be shocked to find out that your training will become something that you can gain knowledge from. You can use this with your clients.  Believe it or not, before the psychic hotlines were released to the public in the 20t centuries, psychics usually worked for free and with little to no donations given to them. 

I can remember seeing psychics at street fairs as a child. They would often have a sign on a table saying, “Palm readings for only $5.00”.  That was a big bargain in comparison to what psychics charge today. 

In today’s world, some psychics charge as much as $800.00 for 20-minute readings.  It’s amazing how the world has shifted. It’s important to ask yourself what means the most to you.

I have another friend that refuses to charge money for her psychic readings.  She says that she receives financial blessings from her work through her husband. She says that he is always getting pay raises at work when nobody else is.  

Her husband always tells her that he has no idea how or why that is happening. However, she does know that it’s the spiritual laws of karma. Since she is knitted as one to his soul through marriage, she receives a blessing in return for her family. 

She is now 55 years old and has become a strong psychic reader.  She can literally tell you that something is going to happen in defined detail.  What she sees happens.

I have witnessed that psychics that don’t charge for a reading tend to become the strongest psychics on the planet.  Unfortunately, we live in a world that requires us to earn money. 

Full time psychics can’t possibly work for free every day. Eventually, they must have a job that pays them money. If they are giving people readings all day without pay, it would be near impossible to survive. 

A full-time psychic would have to work another profession and give their life to other work than spiritual.  Full time psychics often work six to eight hours a day giving psychic readings by phone, online chat and email.

As you can see, there must be a balance between giving free psychic readings and paid psychic readings in order to survive.  Psychic readings can be draining spiritually.

Most psychics admit that if they worked another profession, they would not be able to give their lives to give psychic readings. Instead, their time would be used elsewhere.  It would be hard for them to give psychic readings and devote time to another type of work.

Should You Get Your Free Online Psychic Reading?

Free psychic readings are high in demand because psychic companies know that these types of offers bring clients in more.  There is nothing better than to give something for free and have it pay you back ten times over. 

Many companies in the world today that give away free samples of their product say that it helps them to get new customers and retain old ones.  You may not know it now, but a reading helps people to see that they have solutions to their problems.

When I give a psychic reading to someone, I realize that its not just them I am giving the reading to. I believe that I am giving the reading to everyone that is in their “realm”. 

This can include lovers, children, family members, friends, co-workers and much more. You never know when you are going to touch another person’s life through someone else. I think that its important to always know that everything that you say to someone will eventually reach someone else.

What Are Some Important Facts About Free Psychic Readings Online?

  1. They give us hope.
  2. They allow us to see that there are more answers to our problems.
  3. They give us knowledge about the future.
  4. They help us to see that we have options.
  5. They teach us that nothing is impossible.
  6. A good psychic reading will allow us to have a clear understanding of life itself.
  7. Anyone can get one.

How to Be a Psychic Reader?

Being a psychic reader takes time, discipline and the wanting to help people. Even though we all have psychic abilities, it doesn’t mean that we are all supposed to be readers. 

Its important to look at your life and understand what you are meant to do at the next stage.  It’s important to first figure out if you want to read for people or yourself.

Sometimes, you may have an idea in your head that you want to be like the people that you see on television.  You may watch a show called Long Island Medium and think that it would be cool to walk up to people on the street like Theresa Caputo does.

However, you may find that it is a lot harder than it looks on television.  Finding your own path in life is often hard because you must see what you are good at.  It’s important to find your guidance from within first.

Its important to ask someone that is a psychic to help you with your own gifts and abilities.  Some psychics are open to this and others are not.  You will find that the more open you are to use your spiritual gifts, the more you will be able to see that you have opportunities to advance later down the road.

You need to test your abilities on people that have an interest in working with you. Your first reading is not always going to be what you had hoped.  You will often find people that will be critical of your words.

You will often feel that you have told someone what you see for their lives and they will often say that you are wrong.  Perhaps you are right, and the man or woman was not willing to accept your reading.

It’s important to never think of yourself as being the “super psychic” that everyone wants to go to for a reading. Many psychics get lost along the way and think of themselves as a celebrity. 

Psychic gifts are rare but thinking of yourself as a famous psychic can ruin your gift.  You will find that the more drained you feel giving psychic readings, the more inaccurate you will become. 

It is best to only give around 2 psychic readings a day.  A psychic reading should be for around 30 minutes long.  Sometimes a reading can last 20 minutes or over an hour.

Do Free Psychic Medium Online Readings Help You to Realize That The Dead Do Speak?

The dead are speaking to us. Hearing from the dead is often a natural born ability. Nobody knows exactly why the dead choose to speak to one person over another. The dead are always looking to tell someone how and what they feel.

If you have ever had a one on one discussion with a medium about their abilities, you will find that they say that they first began communicating with the dead as a child.  Even in the movie,

The Sixth Sense, the boy in the movie was hearing from the dead.  It is often understood that as we get older, we tend to block out voices from the dead and we fail to see that the dead speak.  Its hard to understand people sometimes.

The dead often come to us when they feel like you can hear them, and you are listening.  Seances are often used to call up the dead amongst a group of people.

The medium will often ask the group to hold hands and to start saying the persons name out loud.  By doing this, you are asking the dead person to begin giving messages. 

Ouija boards are sometimes used to hear a message from a deceased person.  When a message comes through, people are often relieved. After all the hard work of calling up the dead, communication is finally reached.

If you are a guest on a mediums radio show, you may get a free reading. The medium will often say, “Can I come to you sir/mam?”  They will then proceed to tell you what they are seeing in their vision for you.  They may let you know that your deceased family member is trying to let you know that they are okay.

I was not a big believer in hearing from the dead until I did my own EVP taping of the dead.  EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena. You can record the voices of the dead by pressing record and leaving the tape recorder on a headstone in the cemetery or even a haunted house. 

After around an hour, stop the tape and play it back. You will never hear their voices with your own ears. Instead, you will hear the voices of the dead.  This is how you can know 100% that the dead are speaking to us.

How Do You Make a Psychic Friend?

Making a psychic friend is a powerful experience.  Psychic friends tend to make us feel spiritual.  Sometimes, we can get or exchange readings with a friend that is clairvoyant. 

These kinds of friends are often hard to find.  They often take time to build as well.  Most psychics are weary of forming friends with people because they can often “see right through them.”  They can literally see what you are about before you even start to talk.

In order to make a psychic friend, approach or hang out with people that have clairvoyant abilities.  When you do this, you begin conversations about spirits or your own gift. 

You may share that you had a paranormal experience as a child.  You might be surprised to find out that psychics often love to share their experiences with people that understand them.  Most people in the world today would think that you are “crazy” if you tell them that you see or speak to the dead.

Spiritual people need others of like mind.  Today, you can find some spiritual groups that meet up with each other on  I like this website because it puts you together with people from all walks of life.  You may not know it now, but someone in the world today wants to be your friend.

Should You Ask Someone to Read Your Future for Free Online?

This is a question that does not have a specific answer.  The reason is because many psychics think that they deserve to get paid for giving psychic readings because they are time consuming and require tons of energy.  Therefore, a lot of psychics work on networks in order to earn a full-time income.

I have met a few psychics in my life that refuse to take money for readings. Instead, they wait for people to ask them for a reading or they start approaching people that they think need a reading. 

A friend of mine once had a psychic approach him because she felt that he looked lonely.  She didn’t charge him any fees.  Instead, she told him everything that was going on in his life.  He was amazed at how accurate her reading was.

He wanted a follow up psychic reading with her.  However, she refused and told him that she only gives one psychic reading to the same person every 5 years.  She is often found in online chat rooms.

You can always approach a psychic reader and let them know that you are interested in getting a free future reading with them.  Sometimes you will get a yes and other times a no.  Remember, you may get 9 noes before you get a yes.

Psychics today are often busy because future readings are high in demand.  Don’t give up hope. Always go after what you want to achieve.  I find this to work best in business and love.

What is Psychic Awareness?

Most people don’t know that they have psychic awareness.  This is when you start to sense something is happening around you. You might be walking down the street and feel like someone is about to get robbed or perhaps you are going to meet your soulmate.

You get this unbelievable feeling inside of you and then you start talking to people with a like mind. It is often hard to imagine that you can pick up on something that you may know nothing about.  You may not even realize that you are psychic. However, you should try keeping a journal of your events and encounters.

Every time that you feel or sense something is going to happen, keep a record of this.  Even keep records of your dreams. The spirit world often speaks to us in our dreams and tell us that something is about to happen. We may not understand fully why or how that will happen.

However, we know that something amazing is right there in front of us.  I find that having this gift, we can easily detect when something different is going to happen in our lives.

Why is A Psychic Counselor Worth the Money?
Fact –
“Psychic counselors are often therapists that combine their clairvoyant gifts and counseling gifts as well.  These men and women often feel that their clairvoyant gifts help them to lead people closer to answers. “

I have a friend that is a psychic counselor in New York.  She separates her counseling and psychic gifts.  She does both.  She often informs her clients that she will give them a therapy session and if they want, she can schedule them for a psychic reading at another time.

Often, psychic counselors don’t give you their clairvoyant predictions during a therapy session because not everyone is open to receiving a psychic reading. Many people feel that clairvoyant readings are against their religion or spiritual beliefs.

I think that a psychic counselor is well worth the month. You can often find one for around $140.00 for a 30-minute session.

Where Can You Get 1 Free Psychic Question Online Answered?

National Enquirer Astrology Ads – If you turn to the astrology section in the National Enquirer magazine, you will often find astrologers advertising themselves and saying, “Call now to receive your 1 free question.” – Psychics will often go on the radio on the internet to take calls from people that are searching for answers. All you need to do is find a radio show on this website that offers readings and then you are all set.  Wait in line for your turn and then ask the psychic reader your question. 

Local Radio Shows – Most radio shows these days hire astrologers to come on the air and give people mini clairvoyant readings.  You will find that it is often hard to get on the radio show, but if you get luck (and someone always does), you can get a free reading that way. – I love this website because you can chat with anyone about any topic that is listed. These rooms pack out with a lot of people.  You will find that astrologers often take chats from people looking for a reading.  You will find tarot card readers, clairvoyants, runes casters, numerologists and much more. 

Can You Learn How to Give Proper Psychic Readings Online?

It’s important to get yourself some type of a coach that can train you on giving professional psychic readings. Once you have completed your knowledge of who you are as a psychic, you will need to start getting used to sitting down with clients and read for them.

It’s never easy to give psychic readings at first.  You need to find a room that is comfortable in your home for giving readings.  Not everyone wants to give psychic readings professionally because its scary. 

You might be able to pick up on accurate things for one client and then for another client, there is nothing there.  It’s important to examine the facts of what you are trying to accomplish. 

Tell yourself that you can enjoy learning more about life and the circumstances that are in front of you. Learn how to listen to your heart and go after what you feel is best for yourself. 

Can Your Psychic Reading Room Can Be Your Bedroom?

Some psychics enjoy giving psychic readings inside of their bedrooms because its comfortable and cozy.  You may be the type of person that finds that staying in bed while giving psychic readings is fun and entertaining. In reality, you will see that it gives you hope that you can actually help another person to find their own spiritual path as well.

If you meditate before you give your reading, you will do much better than someone that doesn’t take the time out to relax.  Relaxing is a huge part of being psychic. People that don’t know how to relax, often project that onto their clients. People can tell when you are relaxed or anxious based on your outer appearance. 

If you need to, its okay to have psychic parties at your house. If you are wondering what a psychic party is, I will explain it to you.  Simply invite around 5 or 6 people over to your home and tell them that you are going to give psychic readings. 

You will find that many people want to come and see what you have to say to them.  It looks like this is something that will make you feel a sense of peace and happiness. 

When your guests arrive at  your party, have them in a separate room. You can read in your psychic reading room and everyone else can gather around in the living room watching television or perhaps sitting at the dining room table talking.  It will be a wonderful experience for all who attend.

Should You Host a Psychic Party?

Psychic parties were more welcoming in the 1980’s when people liked socializing face to face. However, they are important to people today.  Men and women often like to feel that they can grow with someone that is going to be psychic as well.  Psychic readings tend to make people feel like they can do something different with their lives. 

If you are the kind of person that enjoys having people come over, you will be happy to know that you can have a psychic party as often as you would like. At the end of the day, you have to find what makes you feel more comfortable with people. 

If you are a millennial and plan on doing psychic readings via chat, you may want to host an online chat reading party. You can do this by finding a chat room platform to use such as 

Open your own chatroom and you will be able to invite as many people in there as you would like. Begin giving people psychic readings once you open your room. You will be surprised at how many others join your chat room to have a psychic reading with you.