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How Can You Describe An Astrologers Definition?

When was created in 2005, it caused an expansion of knowledge for people interested in learning about witches, psychics, astrologers and all other topics. You may be shocked to learn that you can research most any topic in video format on

If you watch the History Channel, you may have become familiar with the shows that they showcase about psychics, astrologers and witches.  We are going to look at some of the most powerful metaphysical professionals that changed the world through prophecy. 

You may recognize many of the names that we are going to talk about.  Others may be of people that you have never heard of before but understand that you must get a good understanding of who they are and what they are all about.

How Can You Describe An Astrologers Definition?

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Who Was Nostradamus?

Nostradamus is by far the #1 astrologer/psychic that ever lived.  His prophecies are still being researched today, 500 years after his death.  Michel de Nostredame was born on December 14, 1503. 

He died on July 1, 1566.  He was a French astrologer and physician.  In 1555 he published a book entitled, “Les Propheties”.  He wrote 942 quatrains in the form of poetry.  Nostradamus was a converted Catholic.  His family was originally Jewish.

Nostradamus did get married in 1531 and had two children with her. Sadly, his wife and children died during a plague.  In my opinion, it’s a miracle that he did not die. 

Perhaps his life was spared so that he could give revealing prophecies about the future to impending generations that would come. One must wonder why one member of the family gets saved while the other members perish.  Is it bad luck or perhaps another reason?

After their death, he met a woman by the name of Anne Ponsarde and he married her.  They had six children together.  Nostradamus had an interest in astrology and wrote an almanac for 1550. 

When wealthy people began to read his writings, they began hiring him to do astrology work for them.  For a great part of his life, he was able to earn money through is prophecies.  

One of his greatest supports was a woman by the name of Catherine de’ Medici.  She was the queen of France by marriage to King Henry II in 1559.

Interestingly, there are many supporters and skeptics to the prophecies of Nostradamus.  You have historians that believe his prophecies predicted the future and you have others that say you can take his prophecies and look at world events as being recycled events. You need to ask yourself if Nostradamus was a true seer or someone that just wrote off the top of his head.

For a large part of Nostradamus’ life, he practiced as a physician to fight against the plague.  The plague destroyed a large part of his happiness do to it killing members of his family.

Historians believe that Nostradamus may have investigated other areas of the occult to include lucky charms, horoscopes, scrying and necromancy.  In his own book of prophecies, there were around 6,338 quatrains.  He was known to give prophecies to many wealthy people to include queens, kings and rulers.

Who Was Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce only went to school up until the 9th grade.  His family couldn’t afford to have him in school after that. Edgar Cayce was known to sleep on a book at night and be able to tell you all the contents in the book the next day.  You could ask him what it said on page 8 and he would be able to tell you. 

He married a woman by the name of Gertrude Evans.  When Edgar Cayce was older, he taught Sunday school. He would read the entire Bible every single year.  His spiritual gifts were not only clairvoyant.  Edgar Cayce could also talk to angels and see auras around people. 

You will see that Edgar Cayce took on many jobs in his lifetime. However, each job always failed him due to some catastrophe.  It wasn’t until he dedicated his life to giving free psychic readings for people that he stopped failing. 

One of his first jobs was starting an insurance company with his father called Woodmen of World Insurance.  However, he had to stop selling insurance once he got severe laryngitis. 

He was not able to speak at all.  Some of his illnesses that he had in his life almost seemed spooky because it stopped him from performing his work duties and always lead him back to giving psychic readings. Since he was unable to work, he had to move back in with his parents. 

Since he could hardly speak, he decided to take up photography.  He would be able to perform this job without having to speak much.  Cayce was able to diagnose the reason for his voice loss while in a trance and gave himself a cure as well. When he awoke from that reading, he could talk normal again. 

Was Edgar Cayce A Christian?

“The important thing to remember about Edgar Cayce is that he always considered himself to be a Christian. He never had any dealings with the occult. However, in many of his readings, he talked about reincarnation, the afterlife, the days of Jesus and much more. “

As Edgar Cayce began giving psychic readings in his life, people started to take advantage of him.  When someone would ask him a question out of selfish gain for money, he would often get painful headaches. 

He knew that he could not do this any longer and therefore had a secretary read him the question of the person before he would do a psychic reading.  He eventually stopped giving people live psychic readings because he didn’t want anyone to sneak in any questions while he was in trance. His headaches and stress levels were to hard for him to handle over time. 

Edgar Cayce had a lucrative photography business. However, he lost two of his photography business due to a fire. This caused him to go into bankruptcy. This didn’t stop Edgar Cayce though. He picked himself up again after he and his wife had a son. 

Did Edgar Cayce Own Many Businesses?

Throughout Edgar Cayce’s life, he owned several businesses. It was clear that he as a true entrepreneur and business leader.  Entrepreneurs are used to having their business fail and then start another whenever they could. 

I personally believe that Edgar Cayce had a special calling on his life to give psychic readings. He was a devout Christian and spent most of his life helping people with a supernatural gift for free

He never charged anything for his readings and had to rely on people donating to him for his gift. You would think that people would do the right thing and donate to Edgar Cayce after receiving a highly accurate psychic reading. 

However, that was not the case.  He and his family had to be poor.  They hardly ever had money for anything.  If Edgar Cayce had any extra money, he would often buy some soil because he loved to garden. 

If you study the life of Edgar Cayce, you could see that he started out good businesses every time. They would almost always become successful and then tragedy would always strike him wither either illness or money problems.

There was always something evil trying to destroy him.  He was always led back to giving psychic readings.  No matter what he tried to do, the spirit world had already marked his destiny. 

Eventually, Edgar Cayce gave up on traditional businesses.  He began a full-time psychic career in his 40’s only relying on people’s donations for his prophetic work. 

Unfortunately, the prophetic word played a lot on his stress.  He died from a stroke.  It is said that he was giving to many psychic readings a day and this caused him to have a stroke. 

Edgar Cayce had a good heart and he couldn’t say no to people that requested a psychic reading from him. Even though in his own reading to himself, it said that he should not give more than 2 psychic readings a day. He did not listen to his own prophecy and started to give 10 a day. 

I have found my own self in similar positions as Edgar Cayce. I often don’t listen to my own prophecies when I know that I should be listening to them. It is amazing how our own free will often choose wrong. 

Today, The Association for Spiritual Enlightenment (A.R.E.) is dedicated to continuing the work of Edgar Cayce.  It is in Virginia Beach.  Most new agers consider Edgar Cayce to be the founder of the new age movement.  Edgar Cayce even said that after he was dead, the world would start to become more spiritually enlightened. 

Today, we see that people have become more familiar with astrology, psychics, the healing arts, meditation, chakra cleansing and much more. People from around the world are beginning to see the benefits of these ancient healing arts. 

It seems that as a society, we are trying to research the ancient formulas for having a peace of mind and a way to connect the spirit world with the physical world. 

We can learn a lot from the life of Edgar Cayce. We can see that his businesses failed because he had something evil working against him.  He was clearly a good businessman that had skills for leadership and independence. 

With only a 9th grade education, he was successful. When disaster struck him, he got right up again and started another business.  He didn’t let bankruptcy or people stop him from doing what he thought he was called to do. Today, he has become a powerful voice in the world.  He is known throughout the world as the American sleeping prophet.

Who Was Padre Pio?

The last person that I am going to talk to you about today is a Catholic Priest by the name of Padre Pio.  Padre Pio is most recognized for having the stigmata on his hands. 

He is a man that could be in more than one place at a time.  There have been many accounts of Padre Pio being in one country and then another country at the same exact time.  The Catholic church considers him to be a saint even though he was persecuted by them for most of his public ministry.

Padre Pio was born on May 25, 1887 and died on September 23, 1968. Many new agers consider him to be a mystic because he was able to see into, he past, present and future of those that he read for. He was known to give confessions to people during his lifetime. 

As a child, he was able to see visions of heaven.  During his adulthood, he would report Satan appearing to him in his room. There were many witness accounts to Padre Pio being tormented by evil spirits while he was a priest.

Was Padre Pio Often Sick?

Padre Pio was known to have suffered many illnesses and at times could only eat milk and cheese.  He always relied on Jesus Christ to bring him through in his suffering.  He was also very cautious not to allow people to see his stigmata’s if they were ordered to be covered by the Catholic church. 

He often felt ashamed of his stigmata’s and didn’t like that people started to flock to him and refer to him as some sort of religious saint.  He always felt that it was best for him to remain quiet.  He was always obedient to those that were over him such as bishops and cardinals. 

The leadership were always critical of Pio and often accused him of blasphemy and lying about his stigmata’s.  He suffered from ill health and was rejected to serve in WWI.  They declared him to be unfit for service.

Padre Pio gave his life to poverty, giving to the poor and love.  When the Catholic church sent doctors to investigate the stigmas on Padre Pio, they could not understand why they were there and why they never healed. 

It was clear that it was more of a miracle or something unexplainable.  They were examined by Dr. Luigi Romanelli.  He was a chief medical physician at Barletta.

A woman by the name of Gemma de Giorgi claimed to have been cured from blindness by Padre Pio. When he said mass, the church was full of people.  He became more of a celebrity during his last days. 

Padre Pio was also known for telling a person what their problems are even before they open their mouth.  It is said that on his father’s death bed, he read his spirit and told him what his sins were. 

He father agreed with him and confessed his sins to his son.  Padre Pio was known for giving unconditional love and even correction when needed.

Was Edgar Cayce a Christian Believer?

If you are wondering who Edgar Cayce is, he was a Christian psychic that lived in the 19th and 20th centuries.  He was born in 1877 and died in 1945.  He was indeed a Christian believer.  Edgar Cayce himself said that the only book that he ever truly read was the Holy Bible. 

His fame grew out of his ability to give psychic readings in a sleep like state.  Back then, the word “psychic” was not widely used.  People were often referred to as clairvoyants, prophets and witches.

It doesn’t matter if you want to call Edgar Cayce a prophet or a psychic.  What matters is that you have a true understanding of his most amazing gift.  Edgar Cayce would lay down on a sofa with his eyes clothes and shoes untied.  He would be asked to focus on a question that was given to him by his mother. 

It was a question that someone had sent to him because they wanted to have a psychic reading about something that was happening in their life.  Most often, he would do medical readings or questions having to do with soldiers that were in combat overseas.

He did not charge people for his readings.  Instead, he relied on donations that people would give to him.  He was mostly poor throughout his life because of this.  His main ambition in doing the psychic reading was to help people.

He first realized that he had a psychic gift when he was a young boy.  He was able to communicate with his dead grandfather when nobody else could. Edgar Cayce is known as the father of holistic medication.  Many of his psychic readings focused on holistic cures for illnesses.

Edgar Cayce had the ability to connect with a world beyond the one that we could all see.  He diagnosed and treated illnesses in his sleep.  He did psychic readings for 44 years of his life. 

Even when he tried doing other occupations such as photography, the career did not work well for him. He even opened a hospital which later shut down. It seemed like all roads always lead him to doing psychic readings for people that requested them.

Edgar Cayce never messed around with the occult or evil spirits.  He did not even know how he had this gift.  He simply became aware of it as he began to use it to help people.

A Christian is someone that accepts Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior.  Edgar Cayce never denied Christ as his savior or even spoke against him. 

He simply had a rare gift that nobody could even understand. Edgar Cayce could not even understand how he could see what he saw for people.  In my opinion, Edgar Cayce was a true Christian believer.

Family and friends of Edgar Cayce also saw him as a Christian.  He eventually coined the term Christian mystic.  Till this day, nobody knows how Edgar Cayce was able to see into the universe through his prophetic gift.  It is recorded that he gave over 14,000 psychic readings in his lifetime.

Who Was Reverend Billy Graham? Was He A Prophet of The 20th Century?

When it comes to prophets and those that have a prophetic ministry, there is no greater name than Billy Graham. He has preached to millions of people worldwide with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

He has been an adviser to Presidents of the United States and business men and women in power.  No other prophet in the world has ministered to more people than him.

He was born in 1918 and attended both Florida Bible Institute and Wheaton College.  He earned his B.A. in anthropology.  He is best known for his work on saving souls.  He wrote many books to include one of his most well-known books entitled, How to Be Born Again.  He earned his living as an evangelist and has 5 children.

During his days of preaching, he was heard on radio and television shows.  He was on television for around six decades and was close to United States Presidents such as: Nixon, Johnson and Eisenhower.  According to, Billy Graham has preached the gospel to more people than any other Christian in history.

Billy Graham came from a humble beginning.  He was converted to Christianity at the age of sixteen in a revival meeting.  You would think that people would have seen Billy Graham’s anointing from the start. However, they did not.  He attended Jones college before Florida Bible Institute because he found it to be to legalistic.  He dropped out after attending only one semester.

I find it interesting that most of God’s greatest evangelists and prophets were often considered dumb, unintelligent or simply not able to make it.  Billy Graham was no different.  Billy Graham’s ministry evolved over time.  He was known a lot for his tent meeting evangelist preaching as well.

Many ministers supported Billy Graham in his work.  If it were not for all of the people in Billy Graham’s life, he would have never become who he was.  As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” 

As he walked through his life, it is clear that he was able to preach the gospel to a lost people.  Wherever he went, people were accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. 

I believe that Billy Graham preached the gospel message at the right time.  I don’t think that he would be effective today because most people don’t want to follow traditional Bible teaching. 

Most people want to rebel against God and his laws. Many televangelists seem to be focusing their message on preaching about how to make more money and dealing with everyday issues.  Billy Graham focused more on saving your soul from hell.  H

e taught that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.  He knew that Jesus was the answer.  It is rare that you hear a televangelist talking about salvation.  They are often caught up in asking people for tithe money and giving more money to God to get ahead in life.

I believe that God is still keeping Billy Graham alive.  Today he is 96 years old and seems to be rather peaceful.  It has been amazing to watch Billy Graham on television and to know what he stood for.

Was Sylvia Browne The Most Famous Psychic that Ever Lived?

Sylvia Browne is by far the most famous psychic that lived on planet earth.  Sylvia Brown grew up in a time where television, radio and the internet were being born. 

Because of technology, she was able to receive mass exposure.  Sylvia was born on October 19, 1936 and died on November 20, 2013.  She was seen by millions of people. Her books were often #1 best sellers. 

No other psychic in the world received as much publicity as Sylvia Browne.  She appeared on shows such as: The Montel Williams Show, Larry King Live, and Hay House Radio.

This world famous psychic said that she received visions at the early age of 5 years old.  She came from a family line of psychics. Her grandmother was also a psychic medium and her great uncle was as well. 

Sylvia always had a love for religion and taught it for a high school before taking her psychic practice full time.  Her psychic reading career started in 1974.  She has literally written dozens of books that help people to understand their own spirituality and what a spirit guide is. 

Sylvia was often generous with her time by giving audience members free psychic readings. She would tell people what she saw.  At times she was accurate and at times she wasn’t.

It is clear to me that at times she was dead on accurate.  Like most psychics, she had he off days. Overall, she had a large fan base that bought her books and attended her events. Wherever Sylvia Browne was, she seemed to bring attention to herself.

Many critics did not understand her religious philosophy. She combined both the Gnostic gospel texts with the traditional teachings of Jesus in her church group Novus Spiritus.

Unfortunately Sylvia Browne had her critics. One of her most noted critics were James Randi.  He was known for asking her to take a million dollar challenge to prove her psychic abilities. 

She never took his test. Other psychics that did have said that the test is unfair.  It is hard to say whether the test is good enough to prove or disprove someone’s psychic abilities. 

The psychic unfortunately never had no luck in love.  She married and divorced 4 times.  A few of her predictions about missing people also proved to be inaccurate.  She was often criticized by the media of being wrong most of the time. 

Her fans however still paid over $700 for her 30 minute readings.  She died as a psychic that was both loved and disliked by millions of people throughout the world.  To learn more about who Sylvia was, please visit 

What Was The Life of the Famous Psychic Daniel Dunglas Home?

You may or may not be familiar with a psychic that lived during the 1800’s. He was born on March 20, 1833 and died on June 21 1886.  He was well known for his work in clairvoyance and mediumship.  He was a Scottish man that had a love for the paranormal. 

People that used him for a reading or who just knew him personally said that he could levitate and speak with the dead.  He was also able to produce knocks on a door or tapping when he wanted it to. 

This means that he knew how to use energy.  He was known to be a master at doing this.  This psychic gave many séances for people that wanted to connect with their dead relatives.  Many famous people sought his readings.

As a child, Daniel Homes was not into sports like the other boys were.  He would spend his time taking long walks and reading the Holy Bible instead.  He had a friend that went on walks with him name Edwin.

The two of them would tell one another that if one of them died, they would try to connect with each other through telepathic means. I would say that he already had the calling to be a psychic even though he may not have known it at the time.

Years later, Edwin did die young.  Before Homes knew that Edwin was dead, he saw him standing at the foot of where his bed was.  Homes knew at that moment that his friend was most likely dead. 

His death was not announced yet.  It was 3 days later that he heard that his friend Edwin had died.  It seems that Daniel was getting visions of the dead even though he had no training in mediumship.  His family was primarily a Christian family that went to church.

For no apparent reason, Homes house was said to be haunted. There would often be taps happening and rattling on the doors.  A minister was even called to the house.

He said that the house was haunted and did an exorcism on the house. After it was over, the sounds still remained and would not stop. His aunt even tried putting a Bible on the table because it was moving. She sat on the Bible and the table still moved. 

The minister said that Homes was possessed by the devil and that’s why it was happening.  He was asked to leave the house after that.  Instead of embracing this as a spiritual gift that homes had, he was branded as being demon possessed.

Daniel Homes held his fist séance when he was 18 years old. It was reported by the Hartford newspaper.  After the newspaper reported that he could move tables, he started receiving fame. 

He was getting well known in New England.  He began healing the sick and having conversations with the dead.  He was shockingly very shy as a person and did not like all of the attention that he was getting. However, he accepted this with his gift.

He never asked anyone for money for doing a reading.  However, he lived extremely well on the gifts and donations that he received from the wealthy people that watched him. 

Homes did not see himself as a wicked man. Instead, he saw himself as someone that was proving that we exist beyond death. He was comfortable with using his gifts because of this belief.

As times moved on, he would often give 6 to 7 séance’s for people that wanted them.  A Supreme Court judge by the name of John Worth Edmonds investigated homes because he wasn’t sure if he was legitimate or a fraud.  After meeting homes and watching him work in séances, he concluded that he was not a fraud.

Homes eventually became famous in New York as well and other east coast states.  He eventually wanted to earn his living as a doctor.  He found a theologian by the name of Dr. Hull.

This professor agreed to pay for his studies. He however wanted pay him for giving séances every day for $5.00.  He did not want to earn his living doing psychic readings.  He refused his payment and shortly thereafter became sick with tuberculosis.  He had to stop his studies and returned back to Europe.

It is clear that this psychic never considered himself to be associated with witchcraft. He instead found his work to be a gift from God.  He felt he was able to show that life exists after death.

How Can You Describe An Astrologers Definition?

If you have a gift for giving psychic readings, there is a good chance that you are going to give them for the rest of your life.  Sometimes, you don’t have a choice but to give psychic readings.

You have to find some way to survive financially in this world.  Psychics can often earn $50,000 a year or more.  It is important to be able to pay your bills and to live a lifestyle that is comfortable for you.

Many people that felt called to give people readings could not stop giving them.  Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus both gave psychic readings until the day that they died.  No matter what job Edgar Cayce took on, he was always led back to giving psychic readings. 

Some of Edgar Cayce’s jobs were a photographer and a hospital owner.  For the last 40 years of his life, he primarily made a living giving readings to people.  He did not charge for his reading, but received donations for them.

In an article published in 2012 by, a tarot card reader by the name of Ms. Taylor, says that tarot card readings are a spiritual gift for her.  She has the abilities to tap into people’s future about their marital problems or personal life.  She also says in the article that she cannot see herself doing anything else.

It is a fact that most psychics and tarot card readers got their start from someone else in their family. It is often considered a generational gift by many Romani societies. 

Often, a person that is Christian may get a calling to give prophetic words to people.  These are often given through the use of clairvoyance.  A person often believes that they are hearing from God.

Another modern day psychic that new he was a medium since he was a child was John Edward.  In his book, he talks about a woman that told him he was going to grow up to be a medium that would touch many people’s lives.  This is fact did happen for him. 

Between the years 1999 and 2004, he became the producer and host of his own shown called Crossing Over with John Edward. The show allowed him to give mediumship readings to people that attended his show.

When his show got cancelled, another show came aboard called John Edward Cross Country.  The psychic gift seems strong in John Edward since many testimonies have been given to his accuracy.  It is clear that he feels a calling in his life to give reading. He is not doing it for the money alone.

Other famous psychics like James Van Praagh also said that he could see the spirits of dead people since he was a youth.  This is often common with mediums and psychics. 

Most psychics will say that they were able to pick up on spirits since they were a child.  Some developed their gift in their adulthood.  Many Catholic Saints became prophetic over time. Some of these names are Saint Gerard Majella and Padre Pio.