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What Are The Top Places to Get Your Daily Horoscope?

What Is the History of Astrology and Horoscopes?

America and most of the free world has been on a horoscope and astrology frenzy for the past 50 years.  For centuries, astrology died out after being so popular thousands of years ago. 

It was once practiced throughout ancient Egypt and many places in China.  Over time, astrology got replaced by other religious and pseudoscience practices. 

In the 1950’s, people started to gain interest in astrology and especially horoscopes.  Newspapers and magazines started to publish a daily and weekly horoscope column. 

It is mostly read by women between the ages of 13 and 59.  Daily horoscopes are often fun for the reader and add clarity to a person’s life when reading them.\

How Old is Astrology?

Astrology is a ten-thousand-year-old practice and much of the ancient world practiced some type of astrology.  It often involved worshipping or at least believing that the stars and the universe had power to predict the future and to give you sunshine or rain.

In the 1980’s, the psychic industry began to take off with the 1-900 number lines.  IN the 1990’s, 1-800 number psychic lines became popular because it allowed the user to have more control over how much money they were spending. 

The 1-900 numbers would charge your phone number without the customer recognizing that they were being charged hundreds of dollars to talk to a psychic when many times the service was advertised as, “free psychic reading”. 

Today, the 1-900 number business has become mostly obsolete.  Today, you need to add money with your credit card to speak with a psychic and spend only what you know you can afford.

I decided to write a list of the best place to get psychic readings and to check your daily horoscope.  I find that these websites have been around for awhile and offer you a glimpse into your future.

What Are The Top Places to Get Your Daily Horoscope?


You are on this website right now.  This website features easy navigation, daily posted articles for all zodiac signs and live psychic readings. You will find that we go in depth with researching your horoscope. 

Many of our articles give you an in depth look at what the planets are saying today.  We introduce you to top astrologers from around the world. 

This site also has a comment section in which you can share your ideas and tell us what you think.  Our videos are also top of the line. We only post the best videos.

#2 is another great website.  It posts daily horoscopes and has a fast page load time. It has games, articles on tarot and numerology.  This is one of the oldest horoscope websites on the internet. It also features psychic readings as well.  I like this website because it gives you a lot of details about horoscopes.


Mostly known for its celebrity gossip. However, the back of this gossip tabloid has a horoscope section that is read by millions of people every single time it posts. 

The National Enquirer was founded in 1926.  This means that your great grandmother was probably reading a copy of it.  It is published by American Media, Inc. 

It is one of the oldest and largest celebrity gossips of its time.  You have probably seen a copy of it in your local grocery store. The horoscopes are often published towards the back of the magazine and can also be found online via their website.


One of the most highly trafficked websites for news about horoscopes and astrology.  It is a powerful website that has articles and information covering topics such as:  games, horoscopes, tarot, magic love ball and dreams.  You can even find out who your love compatibility is. 


Mostly an article website with content about celebrities. However, it has a well written horoscope section in which you can research your zodiac sign and get information about what can happen in your love life in the future. 


Love him or hate him, he covers the juiciest topics in the celebrity world. He gives you awesome horoscopes and celebrity scopes. I enjoy visiting this website at least once a week to see what he has posting about my horoscope.


Has been around for nearly 3 decades. One of the easiest websites to find what your horoscope is saying about you.  Well in depth written articles. Easy to use platform.  You can also find out today’s news and information about dating, celebrities and other hot topics. 

What Are The Top Places for Psychic Readings?


This is the “mother” of all psychic websites on the internet today. The website offers phone, chat and email psychic readings. It is perhaps one of the largest websites of its kind.  This website and phone system began to take off in the 1990’s with the boom of the internet.

It came out around the same time as did.  It has thousands of psychics to choose from.  It has a 5-star rating feedback system in which customers can leave reviews after they have done their reading. 

Over the past several years, has gone through a website renovation.  Changing its look and feel to appeal to today’s current audience. allows you to call their psychics 24 hours a day.

You can add money on a call as you are talking to a psychic.  You have a customer login area where you connect with a spiritual adviser for answers.  As they say, “But wait, there’s more”. 

Yes, even has its own article section in which you can read anything about astrology, horoscopes, psychics and tarot.  It is a metaphysical type of website that allows the user to have lots of fun. 


One of the first original psychic chat websites.  The website has always been known for having one of the best chat platforms. If you want to chat with a psychic, you simply register for an account and begin talking with a psychic reader.  It’s a real simple process. 

It’s gone through some changes over the past decade. First being, then becoming a part of and now back to 

It gives users the freedom to choose their own spiritual adviser. The customer service is mediocre because you can’t really talk to anyone over the phone. It’s mostly chat and email customer service. 

However, the chat technology is superior and cost effective. Some of the psychics on the website can be as low as $1.99 per minute.  You can post your picture or see the pictures of the psychic that you are talking to. 


I would say that they are the first company to come out with a video chat-based technology for getting live psychic readings. The website connects you with psychics from around the world that speak to you on live camera.  It is much like seeing a psychic in person.

Have you ever wondered if the person that you are talking with on a psychic website is the person that they are claiming to be?  Are you really talking to the person in the picture?  With Oranum, you get to connect with psychics on video.  You can see who you are talking to. 

You can also enter the psychics chat chat room for free and talk to spiritual experts about any topic that is happening in your life. Ask question about: love, your career, money and anything that comes up for you.


It is the oldest running psychic network on the internet today. However, I find that the technology is not as superior to  If I had to choose one over the other, I would choose Keen. However, psychic source does something that most psychic companies don’t.

They screen their psychics before hiring and often give them a thorough test before allowing them to give psychic readings to their clients.  They are well known for giving special package pricing. 

Sometimes be as low as $1.00 per minute.  A website worth checking out if you are thinking about getting a psychic reading.  I find that the customer service is friendly and has amazing customer support.


If your psychic is not available for a reading, the system allows you to have a callback. You can arrange for the psychic to call you back at another time that is more convenient for you. 

The website is extremely selective in who they hire. They want to give you the best customer service support and the best psychics as well. I give them two thumbs up for screening psychics that they put on their website.  This website focuses more on quality over quantity. 

It seems that it would rather give you a small select group of psychics that are the real deal than thousands of psychics that they may not see as being so psychic.


Not the best-looking website in comparison to Keen and Kasamba, but certainly has many great psychics to choose from. Easy call back system and call technology.  I like reading through the customer feedbacks. It helps to give you a better idea of the psychic’s skills.    

I like this website because you don’t feel overwhelmed by having so many readers to choose from.  The website puts the most fascinating readers on the front page, and you can read through their profiles rather easily. I find that the smaller websites tend to do a better job at screening their psychics.

However, you need to choose whether technology is more important to you over how well the psychic is screened.  The larger psychic websites tend to not screen their readers as thoroughly.

Should You Test Out The Psychics?

The psychic reading industry has gone through many changes over the past 3 decades.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s, there were two major psychic phone companies that were giving readings. 

These two were 1800predict and Miss Cleo that ran infomercials all over the United States.  This is well before the internet began. When the internet began in the 1990’s, more people started to create technology that allowed people to connect with psychics on the internet via chat and phone. 

Before the 1990’s, people could only see a psychic reader for face to face encounters. If you didn’t see the psychic reader in person, you couldn’t get a psychic reading. Today, many psychic storefronts have closed because most people prefer getting a psychic reading by phone or chat.

Face to face readings are now considered to be old school and not as appealing to the millennial generation.  However, millennials have recently started to speak out against technology because many of these men and women feel that technology is making them lose the human touch of interacting with one another. 

Perhaps in the future, we will see a shift once again in how people get their psychic readings.  Maybe face to face readings will come back once again as being more superior to chat and phone readings. 

I encourage you to be selective in where you get your psychic reading. Make sure that you are comfortable with the technology and price of the reading that you are going to pay for. 

If you have questions, talk to a customer service representative before making a purchase. This will allow you to see that you can have more power and control over what happens during your spiritual encounter.  I would say that this will help you to decide on whether you feel that you would want to go back. 

What Should You Ask a Psychic?

When is he/she going to call me?

Who is my soulmate?

What should my future career be?

Am I with the right person?

Will my family members be there for me?

Why does my life seem so empty?

How will I ever learn what is Right for me?

Why is my life such a mess?

How can I get closer to God?

What should I study in school?

Who is my spirit guide/s?

Are angels real?

What does my dream mean?

Should I text my boyfriend/girlfriend more than twice a day?

Is it okay to call my boyfriend/girlfriend ten times in  a row on speed dial?

Am I getting on my lovers nerves?    

What Is A Libra Horoscope?

If you are born between the dates September 23rd and October 22nd, then this horoscope is for you.  You may have noticed that at this time of year, the sun is always shining for you.

It doesn’t mean a literal sunshine from the outdoors.  This sunshine is meant to lead you down the right path of happiness.  Your strongest months for complete happiness are October, November and December. Your air element makes it possible for you to be a shining star for those that are all around you. 

By checking your horoscope today, you are letting the world know that you have concerns about something going on in your life. If your astrological calendar is correct, you should be having some type of a love problem right now.  You will often find that its difficult for you to have love in your life when you feel that the person you are with is not understanding you completely.

Don’t worry, help is on the way.  You should talk your troubles out with someone having the zodiac sign of the Scorpio, Taurus or Gemini. These zodiac signs are going to help you through this painful time. Nothing is to impossible when you have a friend by your side.

Libra, you are trying too hard to be successful. You put your whole self into whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.  This is a good thing if you don’t stress yourself out in the process. You want to often lose weight or focus on a loving relationship.

You want to see fast results. However, don’t pressure yourself all that much. It will come to you.  Take lessons from Pisces the fish.  Yes, Pisces is more relaxed in this area. Get into a good conversation with a Pisces zodiac sign and ask them how they remain calm in tough situations.  You will learn a lot. 

Reading your Libra horoscope today puts you at an advantage over others because you can see what the astrology charts are saying about you. In order to get a more in-depth picture of your astrology chart, research it using the exact date and time that you were born. You may be shocked to bind out that you did something in the past that was already predicted by your astrological chart.

Choose friends wisely. If you have been getting hurt, know that your best time to bond with friends is now. Ask yourself what the future is going to have in store for you and go after your dreams and goals.  You have a lot of strong ambition in your life.  The months of October, November and January are the best months for you to get a pay raise at work or a promotion.

What Is Leo Daily Horoscope?

Leo, you are the strength of the zodiac calendar. Intuitive, creative and passionate about all you do. No wonder why you are the lion in the jungle.  Everyone is trying to turn to you for leadership and guidance. 

You tend to make people feel more connected to you when all else has failed them. You are the person that the zodiac signs turn to when they are troubled. However, you have a warm and sensitive side to you that most people cannot see. 

You tend to keep your emotions bottled up inside of you. It’s okay to let others see that you are not the powerful lion that you are portrayed to be.

At this time in your life, its important for you to feel loved, adored and cared for. If you are in a romantic relationship right now, know that its going to help you to see the light in other areas of your life. 

Listen to your soulmates advice and don’t always think that they are trying to work against you.  After all, the astrological calendar has paired the two of you up for a reason.  Nothing happens without a purpose.

Your Leo horoscope today is trying to tell you that everything is going to be okay if you put your mind into what you want to achieve. Taking college courses or learning from friends in a trade is going to be beneficial for you at this point in your life.  Have a specific idea in mind in what you want to accomplish. 

What is My Cancer Daily Horoscope?

Your zodiac sign begins on June 21st and ends on July 22nd.  At this point in time, you can examine your heart a bit more deeply. You are known as the zodiac sign that tends to people when they are feeling down and out.

You have a strong humanitarian side to yourself that most people don’t understand. You care more about people than you do your own self. That is a passionate trait to have and most people don’t achieve this in their life. 

Your Cancer horoscope today wants to let you know that if you put effort into a project, you will succeed with it.  Know that you can carry on new hobbies and grow with them over time. It’s all about learning what is going to be in store for your future. It’s all about taking things one step at a time and following through on your dreams and goals.

Your best months for love are in June, July and August.  Remember, your water element allows you to bond well with Virgos, Libras and Capricorns. 

Take this time to seek one out and it’s okay if it only turns into a friendship.  You oversee what comes in and goes out of your life. Focus on less negativity and more positive energy.  Go after your dreams. You will find that it helps you along the way.

What Is My Aries Daily Horoscope?

You are in luck this month Aries. It’s time for you to branch out and start a business. Yes, you are a natural born leader at heart.  You will find that when you branch out and use your business skills and ideas, you could make a lot of money.  Did you know that many entrepreneurs were of the Aries sign?  Did you know that Lady Gaga is an Aries sign?  

You are amongst bright minds in the 21st century.  This is the century of the Aries.  Your fire element makes you the perfect candidate for Venus. You have a strong love energy surrounding you.

You will find that the opposite sex is going to be taking an interest in you like you have never known before. This is going to happen for you over the next two years.  Keep your eyes peeled for anyone that will show you signs of interest. 

Your Aries horoscope today symbolizes hope for tomorrow. You will come to find that when you are zeroed in on your horoscope sign, you gain knowledge of how astrology works.  You will gain wisdom from seeing your chart coming together. 

What Is My Virgo Daily Horoscope?

You have a calm and quiet side to you. You are usually someone that keeps to yourself. However, if someone crosses you, watch out!  Yes, Virgos do have a backbone like a Leo when they get extremely upset. It takes a lot to get them there. However, know to not push Virgo around. 

Friends, family and other loved ones will be entering your life now. Know that you will be able to look forward to a future full of peace, happiness and newness. Yes, you can carefully look back at your life and see that life is changing for the better.

Know that you will not always get your way. It often takes time and a great deal of discipline to reach out to those that may have offended you in the past.  Make this time a moment where you can patch up any kind of family disturbances that you have had in the past.

Believe it or not, it is not as bad as you may think.  You are in an astrological realm right now in which the other zodiac signs want to make friends with Virgo. 

Your Virgo horoscope today wants to communicate love and peaceful vibration to you.  Try going out on the town this week because you are about to meet some interesting people according to your astrological chart. 

You will find that when you are around people, you tend to open a bit more. I know that this is not your typical pattern because you often prefer being alone.  However, it can become something that you enjoy.

What Is My Sagittarius Daily Horoscope?

There is so much to say about Sagittarius right now. When it comes to good karma, you are about to receive it. Your best months to receive good karma is January, March and June.  If you are the kind of person that likes to sit back and have goodness come your way, you have earned it. 

As you can see, your Sagittarius horoscope today is trying to let you know that you have done plenty of good deeds for the universe to start rewarding you. Most people forget about the good things that they have done in life and tend to focus on the bad.

You are always giving to other people and you know how to make everyone in the room laugh.  The other zodiac signs look up to you for courage, peace and happiness.

You should know that in life, not everyone gets to focus on what makes them happy. However, you are often taking walks or finding your place where you can have inner peace. Learn how to always look after what works for you.

What Is The Pisces Daily Horoscope?

Born between February 19th and March 20th.  You are part of the new age movement of spiritual believers. You love it when spirit and reality work together for you.

You enjoy getting your mind to a peaceful place and you want something out of it. You hope that your dreams get accomplished quickly but are patient enough to wait for them to come true. 

Your Pisces horoscope today was written to let you know that when you are feeling down, know that hope is on the way and that things may not be as bad as you might think. 

We need to always focus on what we believe to be true and try going after what we believe will work for yourself.  Try to find trusting friends that you can rely on. 

Pisces has a ruling planet of Mercury.  A celebrity with your Pisces sign is Justin Bieber. It’s important for you to not look back at the negative times that you have had in your life.

Only look towards what makes you feel good about yourself.  Yes, you have made mistakes, but know that you are only human.  Everyone doesn’t always get what they want in life.  Therefore, it’s important for you to take things one step at a time and go after a dream that is obtainable. 

What Is My Scorpio Daily Horoscope?

At this point in time, Scorpios are ready for a step up in their lives when it comes to learning. Many Scorpios tend to enroll in school or taking courses that are helpful for them because they want to advance in their lives. They often feel that its time for them to get to the next level of life and learn what is going to be easily achieved for them. 

You are meant to lead people in this lifetime. Many Scorpio signs are going to aim to please you.  You are going to be asked to do favors by the other zodiac signs as well. You should become aware of the fact that you can take on new challenges and work with them every step of the way.

Turing to your Scorpio horoscope today will give you a rough idea of what destiny will hold for you. It’s always important to look at your life and feel like you can accomplish a dream or an ambition for change. 

You need to discover what is going to happen for you at some point in time.  Everyday, a new beginning starts, and you can look at your emotional standpoint.  Remember, life is what you make it.

You should know that something always seems to happen for the better with you.  You can easily chart out anything that you feel will be helpful for you in your astrological calendar. Remember to use your date and time of birth to create your chart correctly.

What Is A Taurus Daily Horoscope?

Did you know that Taurus men and women are easily loved?  Most zodiac signs seem to think that they are gentle and stubborn at the same time. Yes, Taurus men and women are set in their ways.

However, they are often the first to tell you when something is going wrong and could be corrected. Did you know that many Taurus men and women take on hobbies that are outdoors?

Taurus men and women have an extreme adventurous side to them. They often enjoy taking on hobbies that open their eyes up to new beginnings. They like to feel that there is a new sense of purpose in their lives. They tend to look after people that are always going to be there for them as well.  They are known for their love of nature, animals and romance.

Okay, you have looked at your Taurus horoscope today.  Remember that everyday it changes because the planets are constantly rotating. Nothing ever remains still. 

Checking your horoscope will allow you to see what you can expect for tomorrow. Follow your own heart and look after what makes the most sense to you. Over time, new beginnings will take place.

What Is An Aquarius Daily Horoscope?

If you are born between January 20th and February 18th, this makes you an Aquarius. Aquarians are an air element. They enjoy making people around them see that they have good qualities for bringing family and friends together.  A celebrity Aquarius sign is Ellen DeGeneres. 

You have a strong wanting for controlling what you can. If something is out of your reach, you tend to find it to be difficult to understand completely.  You want to ask a lot of questions and know details about whatever comes your way.  Make sure that you don’t ask to many questions. Otherwise people may think that they are in an interrogation. 

Imagine checking your Aquarius horoscope today and realizing that you have opportunities that you have missed. Yes, you may be missing these opportunities because you are not researching them enough according to your birth chart.

Try finding a friend that practices astrology or contact an astrologer for a reading. In this way, you can have your astrology chart properly mapped out.

What Is Capricorn Daily Horoscope?

Its okay to feel lost at times.  You will often feel that you have a lot going on in your life and that can be hard to deal with. Know that feeling lost is a part of life that most people don’t completely understand. You need to feel okay with what is coming your way on a day to day basis. Know that in life, you must go after dreams and follow you own ambitions.

The heart will never lie to you. If you feel something for someone or something, discover it.  Don’t place problems on the backburner. Learning how to deal with your everyday troubles is hard.  However, it’s necessary to look at life as being something that you can look at and feel better about later down the road. 

What Is My Gemini Daily Horoscope?

Gemini is known for being the zodiac sign that has two faces. Most of the zodiac signs wonder if they can trust Gemini completely. They are known to be your friend one minute and then turn their back on you for some reason or another.

However, its important not to follow stereotypes. Geminis can be some of the most loyal zodiac signs in the calendar. They are often looking to better the lives of other people. They are often animal lovers and take romance breakups hard.

Geminis love completely and don’t like to feel betrayed or pushed aside by anyone. They want to know that whatever they do with their lives, they find hope and freedom.

They are often into learning and growing. Over time, you will be easy to see that they can learn how to work around things that may not make them feel completely whole. 

It’s important to find what you are looking for the first time out. If you are a Gemini, its important to know that you have what it takes to look after something that is important to you. 

Can A Free Daily Horoscope Be Found Anywhere these Days?

Years ago, you would have to go to the bookstore or read a newspaper/magazine column to find your horoscope. Today, the world has changed.  People today are beginning to learn how to research their zodiac sign using many online resources. There are thousands of websites that post horoscopes daily.

I highly suggest that you take time out of your busy schedule to learn what the next part of your life is going to be all about.  Astrology has gotten a strong name for being a pseudoscience because for many people, it does predict the future. Shockingly, astrologers like Jeanne Dixon and Nostradamus were able to pinpoint accurate events that would take place based on astrological concepts. One must wonder why the stars do speak to us. 

Many historians believed that the ancient civilizations like the Mayans used astrology and had their own system of predicting future events. They were one of the most advanced civilizations that ever lived.  It’s shocking to see how many people around the world want to learn and grow with a faith. 

Once you believe in something, you tend to find different things about your faith that makes complete sense.  It’s important for you to always look at your life and see that you may not always have all the answers. Over time, your spirit will come to find that you can learn and grow as a person. Learning about the future is what usually makes someone feel like they can overcome and accomplish anything that they set their mind to do.