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What Is Dream Interpretation?

What Is Dream Interpretation?
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What Is The History of Dream Interpretation?

Dream interpretation goes back thousands of years.  You may have had a few dreams in your life and wondered if they had a meaning.  Great minds like Sigmund Freud wrote his book entitled, “The Interpretation of Dreams”. 

In the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible, biblical characters like Daniel interpreted dreams.  Dream interpreters seem to have their own technique in interpreting what your dream means.  You will find that one dream interpreter varies to another. 

If you ever had a dream of you falling off a cliff, it is supposed to mean that you are dealing with some inner issues that you have not dealt with yet.  Dreams are often symbols and not direct answers. 

If you dream that someone is chasing you, it often means that you must deal with something painful happening inside of your life. Your thoughts chase you. 

It’s important to write down your dream if you wish to have it interpreted.  The more information that you provide the dream interpreter, the more they can clearly give you the answer to your dream. 

Are Dream Interpretation Is Different For Every Culture?

Different cultures have interpreted dreams in different ways.  In ancient Egypt and Greece, dreams were a supernatural intervention.  It was believed that you could avoid catastrophe if you listened to the warnings in your dream. 

We can see that Joseph (the stepfather of Jesus) received a dream from an angel to take Jesus because Herod was going to kill him.  If Joseph did not listen to the angel in the dream, Jesus would have been killed. 

The story tells us that king Herod ordered all the babies to be killed because he was told by the three wisemen that a king was being born. 

Over the past few decades, psychology and neurobiology tell us that dreams can be interpreted as well.  The United States, Korea and India often interpret dreams according to Sigmund Freud. 

Did Ritchie Valens Have Dreams That He Would Die in a Plane Crash?

Even celebrities often pay close attention to their dreams and see them as a warning sign.  The singer Ritchie Valens had a dream before he died that he would die in a plane crash.  He feared flying his whole life.  On one night in in 1959, he did indeed die in a plane crash. 

In 3100 B.C., the   Sumerians in Mesopotamia left archeological evidence of their own methods of dream interpretation.  Mesopotamian kings were always on the lookout for good dream interpreters.

They relied heavily on dream interpreters for direction with their kingdom. The temple of Ningirsu was built by king Gudea because he had a dream that he should build a temple.  He took his dream seriously and therefore responded to the dream. 

Dream interpreters often see dreams as walking into different spiritual dimensions.  One may see a dream about heaven or hell as something that they will enter if they are living a sinful life. 

Can You Have Outer Body Experiences in a Dream Like State?

Psychics often speak of the out of body experiences.  It is said that you can fall asleep into a meditative state and when you do, you can enter an out of body state. 

When this happens, it is said that you think that you are dreaming, but you are seeing yourself looking down at your body and you become a person with a spirit and no body. 

The Assyrian king Ashurbanipal had a dream that he would be victorious in battle when it wasn’t looking to good for him.  If you are familiar with Chinese dream interpretation, you may be familiar with the book, Assyrian king Ashurbanipal, by Chen Shiyuan. 

He made strong suggestions to question as to whether we really know when we are dreaming or when we are awake. 

Sir Thomas Browne wrote information about dream interpretation in the 17th century.  Dream interpretation is often a thoughtful topic for most people. 

Are Dreams Often Our Subconscious Mind Speaking?

Did you know that 56% of Americans believe that their dreams have meaning into their conscious and unconscious desires? 

In India, it is estimated that 75% of people believe that dreams have a much deeper meaning than what we give them credit for.  Dreams are known to guide and provide insight into family issues as well. 

Many modern-day philosophers see dreams as wishful thoughts.  We often want something to happen in our lives and we may dream of something.  We may even dream that we won the lottery.  This dream can mean that you are wanting success in your life.  This is often the interpretation of this dream.

It is said that Mary Shelley wrote the first Sci-Fi novel.  It is said that she had a dream. It is said that she had a nightmare and that dream inspired her to write a novel about what she saw. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is the author of Frankenstein. 

Did Paul McCartney Hear in a Dream the Song Yesterday and Then Wrote it Down?

Paul McCartney also had a dream one night that inspired him to write the song Yesterday.  This song became one of the most recognized songs around the world. 

In his dream, Paul McCartney composed the entire melody for this song. Amazingly, when he woke up, he wrote it down and composed it.  He waited an entire month asking people in the music industry if they had ever heard of this song before. 

When he saw that nobody else claimed the song, he named it as his own.  It’s interesting that sometimes life changing events happen through dreams. 

Niels Bohr is known as the father of quantum mechanics.  He said that one night he went to sleep and was dreaming about atoms.  In this dream, he saw the nucleus of the atom. There were electrons spinning around it.  Before his dream, he couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong. 

After he awoke from his dream, he wrote down what he saw.  He went back to the lab and researched his theory.  Sure enough, his dream of the vision of atomic structure became one of the greatest discoveries in history.

He received a Nobel prize for his work in physics.  His dream leads him to an important discovery. It advanced our society worldwide. 

Did Albert Einstein Dream About the Speed of Light?

Even the great Albert Einstein had a dream about the speed of light. In his dream, he dreamed that he was going down a hill in a sleigh.  He was going to fast that he came into the speed of light. 

After he awoke from his dream, he began to think about what he saw in his dream. As he pondered what he saw in his dream, it later became one of the most important discoveries ever discovered. 

President Abraham Lincoln dreamt about his death as well.  He had a dream that he saw people weeping over him. In the dream, he felt that he was dead. 

In his dream, he was going from room to room and seeing people crying as if he was dead. In the dream, he saw soldiers.  He asked the soldiers why everyone was crying.  They told him that the president had been assassinated.  He then heard the crowd crying with loud sobs. At that point, he awoke from his dream.

Was The Sewing Machine Invented Through Someone’s Dream?

The inventor of the sewing machine Elias Howe had a thought about inventing a machine that could sew materials together.  He couldn’t figure out how he would have a needle attach itself to a type of machine.

He pondered this for a long time.  One night he had a dream in which he was taken prisoner by natives.  The natives all had spears in the dream.  As he looked at the tips of the spears, they all had holes in the spear tips near the top of the spear. 

He finally realized when he awoke from his dream that if he put the hole at the top of the needle, he could sew clothes together.  He was able to invent the sewing machine through what he saw in his dream.  The dream solved his problem.

 One of the greatest fiction writers of all time Stephen King was hit by a minivan back in 1999.  While he was recovering from his injuries, he began to have many dreams.  Many of his dreams formed his novel Dreamcatcher.  It later became a movie. 

As you can see, dreams often give us reality forms as well.  Dreams can sometimes be literal as in the cases that we have seen in inventions and other formats.  Dreams can often lead us to discoveries.

Do Business Ideas Often Come From Dreams?

Sometimes we may have an idea to start a business and then we may dream about it.  Sometimes people dream of having their own multi million-dollar corporation.  Their ideas start to unfold and before you know it, their dream has now become a reality.  Dreams often open new ideas for us and create us to investigate the dreams meaning. 

Even Martin Luther King, Jr.  gave his famous, “I have a dream” speech.  He literally dreamt of seeing blacks and whites going to school together. He dreamt that there would be freedom for all people and equal rights.

Now in the 21st century, we are seeing that his dream is becoming alive.  The world has significantly changed since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. passed away in 1968. 

For millions of years, mankind has dreamt about planets and dreaming about how it would be like to be on a planet away from earth. People often wondered how it would be like to land on the moon. 

Many people’s dreams got fulfilled in 1969.  The 20th century was the most significant years of earth.  In these years, more inventions were made than any other period in history. 

Do We All Have Dreams From Time to Time?

Dreams are in each one of us.  A dream can also come as a wishful thought or a hope that something is going to happen.  Perhaps as a child, you dreamt of one day owning a mansion and a sports car.  Dreams can often cause us to spend work hard for what we want to achieve. 

When I was a young man of only 15 years old, I had a dream of becoming a psychic reader. I envisioned myself standing in front of crowds giving prophetic words to people.  At this point of my life, I can say that my dream has been fulfilled.

I like to think of a dream as something that prepares us for what is going to happen next in our lives.  Our dreams don’t always mean something realistic. I have had dreams in which nothing ever happened for me in any way, shape or form. I dream a couple of times a month. 

A client of mine by the name of Eddie told me that he had been suffering from nightmares for over a week.  I am a dream interpreter and he asked me for help. He told that he kept on having a dream that he was going to get shot. He had this dream for 3 days in a row.

It was alarming to him since he had never got this type of dream before and he never dreamt of the recurrence repeatedly.  I interpreted the dream and told him that I saw him losing his job. 

I told him that a dream job was about to come his way in around a month and if he didn’t take it, he would lose his shot at getting another one for a year.  I told him that it was critical that he took the job. I also told him that he would wonder if a better offer would come his way before accepting this job. 

It became clear to me that Eddie was not aware of this but told me how his present boss kept on treating him horribly.  His boss would often come into work and tell him that his work performance was not up to standard. 

Even though Eddie had been the best sales agent in the workplace, his boss started to give him a hard time.  It turned out that Eddies boss wanted to hire his sister that just became unemployed.  The boss didn’t two sales agents, only one.  It did come about that Eddies boss told him that he had to fire him. 

Within days of his firing, Eddie started to send out resumes and he did get a call back from one of them almost immediately. This made him feel more at peace because he knew that my dream interpretation was correct. 

He told me that he decided to accept the job offer right away and not wait around for another one to come along. I am happy that Eddie decided to listen to my prophetic words. The dream came at the right time and helped him to become successful.  I wish that more people could interpret dreams because it can certainly help you in rough times.

Will Dreams Always Make Sense?

It is important to remember that dreams don’t always have to make sense to us. However, the Lord often speaks to us in dreams and visions.  If you dream a lot, you may forget your dreams.

Some people wake up from a dream and then go back to bed without ever writing it down. It’s important to keep a dream diary next to your bed so that you can remember the details of your dream.  At some point in your life, it will mean a lot to you.

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, prophets often dreamed dreams. The weirdest dreams that I have had in my own personal life has been when I had a dream within my dream. 

This is called Lucid dreaming.  I once dreamed inside of my dream that I was giving mediumship types of psychic readings to spirits. Within my dream, I had the thought that I should not be talking to these spirits or entertaining them. Sometimes, a dream can stop you from getting harmed.

There is a part of human nature that often wants to keep on dreaming. Perhaps we may be having visitations of deceased family members in our dreams. 

When we wake up, we often want to go back to bed in order to experience the joy that the dream gave to us.  This kind of a dream is powerful.  Grief often leads us to have these types of dreams. 

When my father died, I was grieved over his death.  I was sad for weeks. When I stared to dream about him and talking to him in my dreams, my sorrow left me. If it were not for those dreams, I don’t know what I would have done.

Can You Record Your Memories of Dreams With a Tape Recorder?

Another great way to record your dreams is on a tape recorder.  You can often leave this tape recorder by your bedside.  When you wake up from your dream, speak into the tape recorder and try to remember everything that you were experiencing.  Write down any smells that you can recall. 

Telepathy can often be referred to as dream travel.  If a couple is connected like soulmates, they can often experience telepathy. This means that you can communicate with another person through spirit and they may or may not be fully aware of it. 

Telepathy tests have been conducted and, in these tests, the person administering the test would write down everything that someone was saying and then see if the person communicating that message to them was correct. 

It is important to have a telepathic connection with someone that will always take on new challenges. Emotionally, we don’t always get the telepathy connection that we had envisioned.

Do Dreams Often Say Something Small With a Big Interpretation?

When we have a dream that has little meaning, we must often remind ourselves that it’s the “little things that mean a lot”.  The energy that we all feel is tough at times. 

We often must see that we can take on new challenges and see ourselves growing and becoming a lot easier to understand.  We often must look at our lives and see that we are growing and learning as we walk through life.

You need to often need to understand your dreams because they are a message from the unseen world. It is a message that helps us to make decisions on something or someone that will come into our lives.  We often want to learn more about growing as a person.

When we dream, we often feel that everyone is always trying to get to the next level of their lives. We often don’t know why we take on new challenges. We often see that we must see life a lot more differently than we used to. A dream is something that we need to understand when we fully can’t comprehend something that may or may not be happening to us. 

When you dream, know that it comes from a good place.  Dreams may not always be easy to understand. However, we tend to look at what we cannot often understand. We often want to make sense of out of something that we cannot see fully. 

We need to always look at life and see that we may not fully be into learning the truth in what the dream is trying to say to us. Know that a dream is always there to educate us.

Can We Solve Problems With Our Dreams”

Dreams solve problems.  We often dream because our lives often feel stuck on something. We may not be able to put our finger on something.  Sometimes we may find it hard to say what we really feel. We may indeed wonder if our hearts and minds are learning as we grow. 

We all seem to take on new challenges in life. When we begin to learn more about who we are, something begins to change inside of us. I have learned to always consult with others about my dreams if I can’t find meaning in the.  As humans, we are supposed to help one another out.  We may always not be the perfect dream interpreters. 

However, we often grow into something that we may not fully comprehend.  When we learn how to listen to our hearts, something new begins to happen. I often see life as being something that will always make sense. 

I like to think of life as being a fresh start and something that will continue to grow for us every step of the way. Its important to keep on giving and growing as a person.  It’s always a good idea to understand yourself and what you are heading into.  My favorite dreams are those that I can fully make sense out of. 

Can You Have Dreams For Someone Else?

I once had a dream in which I dreamed for someone else. I told my best friend that I saw him as a rock singer in my dream. He was heavy into playing his guitar.

This dream taught him that he should step out of his comfort zone and try playing in places that he never thought was possible. Dreams can often inspire people to do what is right. We can be a powerful voice for someone question something in their dream. 

What Is Lucid Dreams Meaning?

Often, we are dreaming, and, in the dream, we say to ourselves, “I am caught up in a dream.”  This is the definition of lucid dreaming.  This happens a lot when we try to do astral projection. 

If you are trying to pop yourself out of your body, you may experience yourself going into a dream. Once you are in the dream, you realize that you are floating in the air or have become one with the air.  You often dream when you are in this state as well. Lucid dreams often allow us to tap into the future. 

I once had a dream that I was sitting with me in laws around a table and then suddenly, someone broke into the home and started to rob everyone. In the dream, I kept on telling myself, “This is only a dream.” 

Shockingly, I woke up around a minute after saying that to myself in the dream.  Some dreams feel like they are your real life and others feel like you know that you are dreaming.

What Is Snake Dream Meaning?

Most people don’t know that when they dream about snakes, it means that you are afraid of something.  The dream is basically telling you about your fears. 

Perhaps you are having marriage troubles, or a friend is betraying you.  You may fear what the outcome is going to be. Perhaps you feel fear with your spouse or a ghosting attempt by your friend. 

In terms of your spirituality, it means that you are about to grow more spiritually.  Perhaps you are on a religious reawakening.  Your mind may be trying to get wrapped around getting closer to God.  You may be thinking about prayer and meditation.  Perhaps you want to read more spiritual books. 

Psychologist Sigmund Freud thought of dreams as being related to a person’s sexuality.  He thought that they might symbolize sexual involvement with someone. 

Carl Jung (psychologist) thoughts of snake dream meaning having to do with some type of awakening that you will get from within. Perhaps its spiritual or a growth opportunity for you to become more mature. 

Is The Interpretation of Dreams Different for Every Person?

There are hundreds of dream interpretation books that you can buy on  Each one is written by a dream expert that will interpret your dream a bit differently. 

However, I believe that you should be spiritually led to a book that can interpret your dream for you. Once you have found the book author that is right for you, I would get into why they feel that this represents the interpretation of your dream. 

What Is Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation?

Have you ever had a dream that your teeth were falling out? This is a common dream and usually has nothing to do with your oral health.  Let me explain to you what this dream means. 

When we come into this world as a baby, we are born with no teeth.  Our teeth grow as we do.  Your teeth falling out dream is trying to tell you that you are about to understand your life circumstances a lot better.

You are about to go through a phase in which you feel a sense of peace regarding your situation.  Perhaps you are waiting to hear back from a job interview or a promotion at work.  You may be waiting on your lover asking you to marry them.  You are about to see results.  You are growing into a new phase of your life.  

This dream is also telling you that everything is about to be okay.  You may have had a hard few months financially. Perhaps you haven’t been able to pay your bills on time. Maybe you are failing a course in school.  The dream is trying to tell you that you are about to get results and that you are growing spiritually through this experience.

If you are trying to be confident in your life and have no luck, you will find that at this period of your life, your teeth falling out dream is trying to tell you that confidence will be restored. You are about to come into a time in your life where you will find balance. In this way, you can feel reassured that everything will be okay. 

What Is Spider Dream Interpretation?

Are you dreaming about spiders? Most people get this dream at least once in their life.  This meaning of the spider is trying to tell you that you have an overbearing mother. She is trying to tell you how she feels or the time and this is bringing you some stress.

You may feel that she is “always up in your business”. It can be a time in your life where you feel that everything surrounding you has something to do with her.

The dream is letting you now that you must try to distance yourself from her for awhile or else you will continue to feel the burdens that she is putting on you. Perhaps you are trying to find a way to tell her to but out of your business and don’t know how to do that respectively. 

If you dream of a spider spinning a web, the dream is trying to tell you that you are about to feel protecting over you.  The web is letting you know that you are about to be protected from something that may be troubling you.

Perhaps people are talking about you behind your back or your mother is saying things about you that aren’t true. In this way, you get to see and feel the web spinning around. 

If you need someone to interpret my dream, its important to look for a psychic that specializes in dream interpretation.  You can often find these kinds of psychics on astrology websites. 

What Is Pregnancy Dream Meaning?

This dream means that you are about to begin something new. Perhaps you have been searching for a new beginning in your life. A new job or romance.  Your pregnancy dream is trying to tell you that you are about to give birth to something, and it will turn out to be okay. 

When you have this type of dream, its important for you to write down what you feel the dream is trying to say to you. You may have a conversation in your dream with someone that may be congratulating you about something.

Perhaps they tell you that they are happy you are going to win a prize. This could mean that you will have a lottery win or receive a special gift from someone unexpectedly.  Dreams often come to us when we least expect. We often get dreams that explain to us what is going to happen next. 

What Is Fish Dream Meaning?

If you are dreaming about a fish or fishes, it means that you are trying to search for something new in your life. It means that life has gotten boring for you and you are looking for a new adventure.

You will often find that when you have this kind of dream, you begin to get new ideas.  The fish dream is trying to tell you that a new idea is on the horizon that will change your life.

You may have thought about inventing something new that the world has never seen before. It is trying to tell you that taking a trip far away will change your mindset.

It will allow you to see how the other side of the world is living. It is a way for you to see that everything around you can and will get better over time.  It’s okay to have dreams like this because they often communicate something important to us. 

What Is Death Dream Meaning?

The death dream is trying to tell us that something is about to die within us.  We may have been trying to make a business idea work for a long time and we are thinking about shutting it down.  The dream is trying to tell you that it will be shut down. It’s going to be dead soon.

If you dream about your spouse dying, it often means that you are about to go through a divorce or painful breakup.  The relationship is going to have an end.  You may or may not be happy about that, but your subconscious mind knows that neither one of you can continue down the path that you are going.

What Is Your Dream of Getting Married?

If you dream about getting married, it means that you are fearing being alone for the rest of your life. You are fearing that you will be the old woman with a bunch of cats.  You feel that marriage will seal the deal and allow you to grow old with someone that will always love you.

Getting married is a big event and you are wanting to marry the person that you are with. You may be fearing that they will never ask you to marry them. However, the dream is trying to tell you to focus on your fears and why you are feeling this way. In this way, it is going to be a painful experience. 

What Is The Fire Dream Meaning?

This dream is trying to tell you that you will be losing something soon that is dear to you.  In some cases, it means that someone is about to die in your life. It can be a friend, relative or pet.  It can also mean that you are about to get fired from a job or lose money.  When we lose something in a fire, its devastating. 

What Is Water Dream Meaning?

This dream is trying to tell you that something is about to pour into your life for the better. This often represents a good change in a financial situation. It means that you are about to come into some money because you need it right now. The dream is trying to tell you that it’s on its way.

If your love life has been horrible, the dream is trying to tell you that your lover is about to give you their heart more. You will experience a new beginning in your love life.

You will feel that they are trying to give you a lot more of themselves. This is one of the most impactful dreams when it comes to making something happen for the better in our lives. 

In the water dream, you may see what will be better in your life. You may dream of your friend calling you and saying that they are sorry for offending you. 

This is a dream that you may be happy to hear about. When you wake up from the dream, you may sense that they want to rekindle the friendship.

What Is Baby Dream Meaning?

If you are dreaming about a baby, it means that you are wanting someone to love you forever. Babies give unconditional love.  They will always be there for you even when you are old. 

Your dream is trying to tell you that you are hungering for true love.  You feel lonely and like love is missing in your life. It can be a romantic love or a friendship love. Either way, you are having a hard time.

When you dream about a baby, you are often searching for what is right in your life. You want to feel like someone wants you but is not showing that much effort. Having a dream like this puts you into a new realm. You begin to see what you want in life. 

What Is Flying Dream Meaning?

This dream is trying to let you know that you are about to go away on vacation or perhaps taking on a new job.  You are about to do something different than what you are normally used to. This dream is there to let you know that there is something new on the horizon for you.  You are not going to have to worry any longer about the future because you are about to come into something brand new.