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What Are Some Free Love Spells That Actually Work?

What Are Some Free Love Spells That Actually Work?
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What Are Love Spells?

Many witches and psychics will often tell you that love spells work to bring love closer to you.  Do spells work and why have they been used for thousands of years? 

Why were witches spoken out against in the Holy Bible?  Why were witches burned alive during the dark ages?  Perhaps their power was known to have worked. 

We are going to dig deep into the mind of powerful love spells and black magic. Its important that you understand what a love spell can do for you and how black magic influences this.

Any spell that you cast works well when your intention is given to it.  Many men and women wonder why their love spell doesn’t work. The main reason is often because you don’t believe that it will work.

Do You Have to Believe in the Love Spell To Make it Work for You?

Faith has a lot to do with whether your spell is going to produce results.  You should know that casting spells is not a joke and serious business in the world of the spirit.  If you think that it’s a joke, you will find that you are wasting your time by trying spell rituals that simply don’t work. 

People often cast love spells when they feel that they are alone, have nobody to love in their life romantically and when they are wanting someone to love them back that may be showing them no mind.

In past centuries, we see love spells used on cuneiform tablets.  These tablets were often seen in ancient Greece, Egyptian texts and the near East. 

What Are Philia Spells ?

One of the earliest forms of love spells were known to be cast in Ancient Greece.  Women were the first to have been known to use love spells. They were often refereed to as philia spells.  Most Greek women lost their husbands early in ancient days.

They were then left alone to fend for themselves in a world that did not give women power to get jobs or to take care of themselves financially.  They often chose to cast philia spells in order to keep their husbands alive.  They thought that keeping them alive would ensure their survivability in the world. 

Philia spells were also used to ensure that their husbands didn’t wonder off and cheat on them.  Women wanted to make sure that she kept her man around in her life. Women that were divorced or left alone were often considered to be desolate. 

Society would often shun divorced women and women had to find a way to keep her husband in her life.  Women thought of philia spells to be like a medicine.  They would often create their own potions and rituals that seemed to work for many women.

These spells were often used for beauty.  Women often thought that if they could keep themselves looking beautiful, their man would not stray.  They wanted their man to be faithful to them and to not wonder after other beautiful women. 

What Are Some Free Love Spells That Actually Work?

Spells were also looked upon as being a form of therapy.  It helped a woman psychologically because it made her feel safe and comfortable that she had some hope.  Her mind was more at ease when casting a spell.

Today, spells are often looked at as being a sense of comfort and hope for the future.  One of the earliest accounts of men using magic spells are found in ancient Greece. 

Men used to call these Eros spells.  These spells were known to be cast by men on women in order to get something sexual or lustful from the women. 

The man would cast this spell on a woman when he wanted her to lust after him or want something from him sexually. Female prostitutes were also known to cast Eros spells on men hoping that it would gain them more wealth through customers that passionately lusted after them. 

Many women felt power in prostitution because it allowed her to be an independent woman and to come and go as she pleased.  She was often looked at as being a “free thinking” women in that time period. 

Were Love Spells Practiced By Many People?

Even though love spells were practiced by a great majority of the population, it was often done in secret and not talked about.  You may have seen pictures on television of witches stirring their brew of potions and casting spells in a dark cave. 

In the ancient world, many people had businesses in which they would cast spells for people and earn their living doing it.  If a witch had a good reputation, a man or woman would travel great distances to get a love spell cast.

In the 15th century, Mother Shipton was a well-known witch to cast powerful spells.  She was known in many parts of the world. Her prophecies are still well alive today. 

In the ancient world, if a person thought that a spell was being cast upon them by someone else, they would cast their own spell of protection. This is still practiced today by many people in the Wiccan faith and those that cast spells. 

During the Renaissance period, the Catholic church and other Christian faiths were dominant. Spell casting was often done in secret.  Many times, Christians would cast spells into dolls and hide them in churches.

The church would often find spells written on scrolls that were hidden in the churches as well.  Also, holy candles would be lit in the church for performing rituals. 

You can conclude that love spells were often a pagan and Christian tradition. The two cultures were often seen together in early Christianity because spell casting was already widely practiced. 

What Are Black Magic Spells?

Black magic spells are often looked at as being spells for evil purposes or for selfish intent.  Witches often refer to black magic spells as being malicious and self-centered. 

It is often considered as the last resort or no resort for most spell casters.  People that practice black magic are often referred to as devil worshipers. In a sense, there is a lot of truth to this since the devil often represents himself to be the one that is in rebellion against God and wanting to do every lustful pleasure that pleases himself. 

Witches that practiced white magic often reffered to black magic as being something that the spell casters summons demons and evil spirits.  Black magic was often considered to be selfish and often shunned by Christians and Pagans alike.

Black magic was often used to bring a curse upon someone for something that they did wrong to them.  It was often used to destroy a farmer crops or to bring bad weather to a farmer that was looked upon as being prosperous. 

If black magic was used, it was often because someone felt that they were wronged by someone else or because they wanted evil to fall upon someone. 

Are Most Wiccans Against the Use of Black Magic Spells?

Most Wiccan communities shun the use of black magic. If one of their members uses black magic, they are often shunned by the community because most Wiccans believes in creating love and light energy to those that are around them. 

The summoning of demons if often used in black magic because it is said that the evil spirit helps you to make the ritual or spell successful.  Many men and women that use black magic often work with an evil entity to make the spell become more alive. 

In today’s modern-day world, Voodoo dolls are used to bring harm to one’s neighbor. This is a powerful form of black magic.  It is often practiced in Haiti.  When a person learns the power of Voodoo, they often use it repeatedly.  Voodoo has been known to work because of the spell casting techniques used. 

What Is Witchcraft Spells?

In the ancient world, the word witchcraft often meant evil.  If someone was found to practice witchcraft, they were often burned at the stake.  In today’s modern-day world, people often refer to witchcraft as being positive or negative. 

There is a difference between white magic and black magic.  Society today seems to be moving in the area of white magic. It is often said that bringing love is a lot better than bringing evil and hatred. 

The idea of witchcraft being a good thing is often seen as being more acceptable in modern day times. 

Witchcraft is often taught from one generation to the next. Since there is no one magic spell to cast, generations of families often created their own magic spells that they thought worked and passed them down from generation to generation. You will often hear someone say that their grandmother or grandfather taught them how to cast a magic spell.

Spells consist of using words that are often given in a set. It is often a written down phrase or paragraphs of words that are prayed with serious intent. 

Many witches pass down their spells to future generations.  However, you can write your own.  To cast the spell, witches would often use runes or sigils.  The use of candles is often used in these types of rituals as well.  One might use a red candle to cast a love spell.

Green candles are often used to attract money.  Black candles are often used to attack a person.  White candles are often used for purity and attracting white light into your life.  A more peaceful state of mind. 

Are Spells Often Passed Down From One Generation to the Next?

Herbs are often used to create a spell as well. There are several books on witches’ herbal remedies on  You can often find a book that you feel is comfortable with what you are trying to accomplish.  Barnes and Noble also has a great selection of books.

Potions are powerful forms of magic and people often don’t know what to make of them.  One must carefully study magic in order to fully understand how these herbs work and which ones to use in order to create a desired result.

In most major religions, spell casting and witchcraft in all forms are often associated with evil and the devil.  The Catholic church and Islam strongly condemn the use of witchcraft.   

It is often seen as heresy and apostacy.  In medieval times, witches were often hunted down and killed.  When Christians spoke of witches, they often referred to them as women with big noses and rather green or dark complexions. 

They saw them as being hideous looking and having the ability to ride on a broom stick. Children were often seen asking witches if they could show them that they could fly on a brook stick.  Witches used to laugh this off because most could not fly around on a broom stick, although many witches could. 

Do Spell Casters Work Between This World and the Spirit World?

Psychics and witches that practice witchcraft often see themselves as mediators between this world and the world beyond our own.  If you are thinking about creating your own love spell ritual, think about what you would want someone to do for you. A sample love spell would be:

“Come to me my dear love (….name of person).  Receive my love and come to me with your love.  Allow your love to show me what you want me to do.  Allow me to see your passion in what you want.” 

Repeating a love spell repeatedly allows the person receiving the spells to start feeling love towards you.  Love spells tend to work when they are used with a red candle. 

When you say your love spell, say it out loud with a group of people helping you if you possibly can.  Often, love spell groups meet in Wiccan circles.  Many times, in spiritual communities, you will see a group of men and women practicing a spiritual festival in which a group of people come together to pay respect to a working saint or power in their lives. 

Spell casting seemed to gain more attention in the 20th century.  As people began using spell work, men and women became more accustomed to using psychics to perform these rituals.

Today, the psychic industry is expanding and has become a 2-billion-dollar industry.  People want to get their fortunes read for them and love spells are often a big part of that. 

Did Spiritualism Give Rise In the United States in the 20th Century?

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, pagan groups started to appear in the USA and around the world. Pagan groups such as: Gerald Gardner’s Bricket Wood coven and Roy Bowers’ Clan of Tubal Cain were popular.  Writers such as Paul Huson were rather popular as well. 

Many feminists see witchcraft as taken power back into the woman’s hands. It is a way for a woman to express herself without the constraints of a man telling her what to do.  In ancient days, women did not have much say so except what she prayed about or did in witchcraft. 

Stregheria is a powerful form of witchcraft often practiced in Italy.  It evolved with the Etruscan religion.  This is often associated with the pentagram.  Most Wiccans refer to modern day witchcraft as being the evil side of Christianity. 

Did King Saul Seek Out the Counsel of a Witch?

In the Old Testament, it tells us of a story about a King by the name of Saul.  King Saul lost his prophet through death. He relied on the prophet Samuel to tell him prophecies of his kingdom and what the Lord was saying.  When prophet Samuel died, he didn’t know how to connect with God. 

He was forbidden to speak with witches or to be associated with witchcraft. King Saul decided that he wanted to go against his religion and try to find a witch that could connect him to the deceased prophet Samuel. 

The story goes on to tell us that King Saul did connect with the prophet Samuel and he was told that he would die in battle alongside of his sons.  This is the message that he was not hoping to hear.  However, the Bible tells us that this is exactly what happened. 

Most people in the world today are afraid of witchcraft and ashamed to tell people that they are talking to a psychic or a witch. Most men and women like to keep this part of their lives hidden. I guess some things still haven’t changed since medieval times.

What Do You Want the Love Spell to do For You?

If you are wanting to create a powerful love spell on your own, its important to create the spell as best as you can by writing down what you want the person to do once the spell starts to work.

Let us assume that you are a woman trying to cast a love spell on man that is paying no attention to you. It’s important to cast the spell by writing down what you want him to do. 

Do you want him to text you or call you? Do you need him to spend more time with you?  Are you wanting him to tell you that he loves you? 

When you figure this out, write down on paper what you need him to do.  Next take a red candle and light it.  Tell him that you want him to come to you and start doing the things that you want him to do. 

Say your words everyday until he starts to do what you want him to do.  There are no time limits as to him coming to you. You need to keep on repeating your love spell until you see him doing what you want him to do.  Love spells often fail because the person casting them gives up to easily.

What Is Voodoo?

Voodoo is another form of witchcraft and spell casting. An experienced witch doctor often creates a doll for someone that they want to bring harm to. A voodoo doll is often prayed over to bring harm to the person that the voodoo doll is representing. 

Voodoo is often practiced in Haiti and African countries.  Both white and dark-skinned people practice this form of witchcraft. Voodoo is an animist type of faith.  This means that Voodoo believes in spirits of the living surviving after death.  Voodoo will often call upon the spirits of those that have died for assistance in spell work. 

The practice of Voodoo involves dancing and the drums being played. African Voodoo and Haitian Voodoo is often different in the sense that Africans often use animal sacrifice in their Voodoo by believing that the animal’s spirit will be used in their ritual.  Haitian Voodoo often involves the use of deceased spirits that are called upon for spell work.

Voodoo began to gain power in Haiti after it won a war against the French.  Many of the soldiers and citizens used Voodoo and when their defeat took place, it became the main religion of Haiti.  Haitians believe in both good and bad sorcerers.  The bad sorcerer is the one that brings the bad people down.  The bad sorcerer tries to make a person lose their soul.

A witchdoctor will often perform a Voodoo spell for someone seeking love, money and a career.  The power of the spell is often through the faith of the person casting the spell.

Voodoo experts will often tell you that you should not mess with Voodoo unless you know what you are doing.  If you feel that you don’t understand Voodoo or are unsure about how to work with spells or Voodoo dolls, you should consult with an expert on the topic. 

Voodoo in the United States is on the rise because many Haitians are living in the United States and have brought their faith alone with them. It’s important to feel comfortable with the person that is going to be working with you. If you don’t feel comfortable working with Voodoo, try to understand it by reading books.

Thousands of people in the United States consider them to be of this faith.  This is a powerful religion in the sense that most people that practice it say that it works.

You may find that Voodoo is a kind of new beginning for yourself.  Once you practice Voodoo, it is said to continue to work for you in different areas of your life.  It’s important to ask yourself why you want to have Voodoo working for you. 

There is a lot more to think about when it comes to learning more about yourself.  There is more to understand about yourself when it comes to giving of who you are as a person.  Write down what you have learned about Voodoo after reading books about it.  As you learn about this religion, you can best decide on how to handle it in your own life.

 What Are Voodoo Spells At Work?

You may be asking when the best time it is to cast a love spell. Most spells that work is cast on Fridays. The reason for this is because it’s the day of Venus Goddess of love.  Even though her color is green, most people use red to symbolize love. You should always use the color that works best for you. 

Before doing the spell, keep calm. If you can’t calm down naturally, do around 15 to 30 minutes of meditation.  Stay relaxed, focused and calm. Focus on what you want with all intention and then recite your love spell that you wrote down.

If you want to call upon the Gods of love, their names are Shiva, Maria Magdalena, Venus and Erzulie.  You can use honey and orange flowers in your ritual. Sprinkle them on the floor and mix them together. 

If you have an altar, put it on there or else create a small alter that you can use to sprinkle it on.  If you are asking why use honey and orange flowers, its because it is the representation of marriage.  Your goal is to bring your love together. 

If you are using Voodoo in your ritual, get a male and a female Voodoo doll.  If you can’t buy them at a magic shop, you may create them.  There are several Voodoo instructions on  Check out some videos on the topic. 

Next, tie these two dolls together. One is representing you and the other is another person.  Say your love spell one more time.  Wrap the dolls in a silk cloth.  Choose a color that works best for you. 

Lastly, put the dolls in a place that is safe.  Do this spell ritual until you have seen the person of interest coming to you.  Keep on pulling out the dolls and repeat the process repeatedly.  For some stubborn lovers, the spell needs to continue until you see them coming more your way.

The more that you perform these types of rituals, the more that you will become an expert. 

If you are against Voodoo and try to use another spell, try this one.  Take a picture of yourself and the person that you are wanting to attract to you. 

Put honey between the pictures because it represents marriage.  Stick the photos together as you recite your love spell with a lit candle.  The object is to put the two of you closer together. 

Wiccans often teach that you should involve a love Goddess in your ritual.  Most Wiccans agree that inviting a Goddess into your spiritual practice will work better.

However, this has a lot to do with your own spiritual beliefs. You can’t force yourself to believe in a goddess.  You must really want it or else it won’t help you in your love spell.

It is also recommended that you place a lover offering to the goddess that you are working with. In this way, you please the goddess that you are working with.    

How to Bring Romance Back into Your Life Again

Maybe it has been awhile since you last told your husband or wife that you loved them. Perhaps it has been awhile since you were last intimate.  Here is a blog post to help you out. 

For starters, it is time to start paying more attention to the person that you love and care for. Often, we put other distractions in the way of romance.  Many couples spend their nights watching television or surfing the internet. 

It is always a good idea to spend some quality time alone telling the person that you are with that you love them and care for them.  Most partners are shocked to find out that they are still wanted by you.

Couples often end in divorce when they feel like the other person does not care about them anymore. When you feel as though your love life is falling apart, it is time to do something about it.

For starters, let your partner understand and know that they still matter.  If it has been awhile since you last got romantic, this question may be on your mind.  Second, make sure that you feel good about yourself. 

Research has shown that men and women that don’t have a good image of themselves often perform poorly in the bedroom.  Your lack of confidence often makes you feel as though you cannot please your partner.

Consider taking your partner on a long walk.  Let them know how much you care.  What is it that you want them to do for you? What is it that they want you to do for them as well?  Often, lovers fail to speak the truth to one another about what they want.

Love was never meant to be boring. It was always meant to light some kind of fire inside of your heart for the person that you are with.  If you are in your 40’s, it is important to get your relationship back on track again before it’s too late.  Usually, people in their 40’s tend divorce if they feel that they are not being satisfied romantically.

What Are Protection Spells?

Spell casting has been around since the beginning of time.  Spell casting is associated with witchcraft.  People that cast protection spells say that they are doing so because someone or something is trying to work against them.

If you are wondering where the idea of curses began, it varies from culture to culture.  Some people refer to a curse as being a dark spell, jinx or a hex.  Often, a ritual is performed when someone is casting a spell.  Some witches use a photo of a person in order to help in their spell casting.

Many people that are of the pagan religion believe that a person must protect themselves from the evil that someone else may be casting on them.  Protection spells deal with power and force. 

The spell is meant to create a shield around you that prohibits evil magic from working against you.  Those that have a protection spell around them say that it works well because they don’t get any harm from someone that may be wishing them evil.  Some protection spells are:

  • Crystal Protection
  • Protection Stones
  • Seven Candle Money
  • Ghost Powder Spell
  • Animal Protection Spells
  • Energy Spells
  • Fire Circle
  • House Blessing
  • New Year’s Purification

Here are a few books that you can read on the topic:

  • Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller
  • Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection
  • Silver’s Spells for Protection by Silver RaveWolf
  • The Library of Knowledge by Dnvgoods
  • The Wiccan Spells Book by Dayanara Blue Star

Silver’s Spells for Protection by Silver RaveWolf is a great book that is only 208 pages long.  People that read the book say that it offers a spiritual wall of protection for them.  The author is a well-known and recognized teacher of the Wiccan religion. He is considered to be an elder.

Some of the chapters in the book cover topics such as: personal prevention magic, when things get sticky and banishing those lesser irritations.  The author teaches you which herbs to use to break hexes or to use in an exorcism.

He also teaches you about using herbs for a house blessing.  People that practice Wicca often become familiar with oils, potions and herbs for spell work.  Some people call this “putting together the witches brew”.

The author also gives you some tips in astrology such as each zodiac signs meaning. For instance, he writes in his book that the zodiac Aries means to begin a project and Pisces is to connect to the spiritual world.  I look at this book as being an educational tool for anyone looking to learn more about spell work and paganism in general.