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What Are Tarot Card Readings Online?

What Are Tarot Card Readings Online?

I have been giving professional psychic readings for nearly 40 years.  I have given clairvoyant, astrology, tarot, runes and horoscope types of readings to my clients. 

I find that tarot card readings are the most in demand.  Many of my clients often ask me what each tarot card means and how it can help them in their lives.  I decided to put together an article that will help anyone that is interested in learning more about tarot and how it works.

Tarot was first known as trionfi and then called tarocchi.  Originally, tarot was not used for divination purposes.  Instead, it was used for playing card games.  It started in the 15th century.  They were not used for divination until the 18th century. 

The deck of tarot cards has 4 suits.  It is a lot like a regular deck of cards. Each suit has 14 cards in it.  The deck of tarot cards also has a card called The Fool and another called the 21 cards jump suit. 

Did Tarot Cards Start Out As a Card Game?

Tarot was originally used for card games throughout Europe.  Before mass printing began, tarot cards were often painted by hand and considered to be a form of artwork. 

Today, tarot has become used for giving people psychic readings primarily in the USA and Europe.  Other countries use tarot cards for divination purposes, but it is often not as popular.  For instance, In Haiti, Voodoo is often used for divination practice. 

Even though the earliest recorded history for tarot cards began in Europe, some metaphysical writers say that tarot started somewhere in ancient Egypt. 

There is no recorded records or archeological facts to report this claim.  However, many spiritual writers say that the practice began in ancient Egypt along with astrology and other forms of divination. 

People were often fascinated by the artwork of the tarot cards and they were originally hand painted.  Each one was painted to perfection by an artist. 

There were not many tarot card decks around and often they were purchased by wealthy men and women.  These decks were originally distributed in Italy, France and Switzerland. 

Was Tarot Used For Psychic Readings in 1750?

It is recorded that tarot began being used for divination around 1750.  It is believed that they were first used in Paris. Tarot eventually made its way throughout the rest of Europe and to the United States. 

Today, traditional tarot card decks that are printed come with 78 cards.  There are two main sections to the tarot card decks. They are major arcana and minor arcana.  They also have 4 suits which are: wands, cups, swords and pentacles.

When getting a tarot card reading, the psychic will often arrange the in a spread.  Most spreads start out by the psychic asking you to pick out 1 card.  The psychic then goes on to interpret the tarot cards meaning to you.  However, some psychics use several cards at once to give you a reading. 

The three-card spread became more popular in the 20th century.  You can ask the tarot questions about love, money, career, spirituality, pets, past lives and much more. 

What is the Major Arcana?

Your journey in life will be represented by the major arcana.  This represents all the important areas in your life to include jobs, money, career, love interests and so forth. The first eleven cards represent your life in the world. The last eleven are a step into your own awareness. 

Let us now talk about the minor arcana.  There are fifty-six cards in the major arcana.  It is divided into four suits.  Each suit has ten numbered cards and four court cards.  The cards represent the major areas of your life as described above.  The #1 card represents new beginnings. The minor cards all have pictures on them. 

Tarot card readers say that the deck of cards is neither evil nor good.  Instead, it all depends on what you use them for.  If you use them for evil purposes, you will get evil answers. If you use them for good purposes, you will get something good back in return. 

Can You Put the Right Energy into Your Tarot Card Reading?

The energy that you put out is important because its what you get back in return. This is often referred to as karma.  Most Wiccan communities will use tarot cards for white magic.  This means that you are not going to use the cards for evil purposes to try and hurt others spiritually with them. 

Tarot cards are meant to help you to understand yourself better.  We all have questions in an area of our lives that has to do with our necessities.  For some its love and others its money.  Some men and women have questions about school or their career.

You can ask the tarot cards a question about anything and get an answer. As you learn how each card works and what they all mean, you will eventually see that the tarot cards speak to you.   

Each suit in the major arcana represents a specific sign in the zodiac calendar.  The suit of swords represents Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  The suit of pentacles represents Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

What is the Suit of Cups?

The suit of cups represents Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  The suit of wands represents Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  There are 12 signs in the zodiac calendar. Each representing each month of the year.

In order to get your first tarot card reading, you should always prepare yourself.  Start out by doing around 15 minutes of calm meditation. Turn on some beach music or something relaxing. Allow your mind to be free of distraction and thoughts running around in your mind. 

Be open to what the tarot cards can say to you. You may find that the tarot cards speak to you clearly about a question that you have in your mind.  Don’t try to make the tarot cards tell you what you want to hear. Instead, be open to what it wants to communicate to you.

Are Tarot Card Decks Different?

Tarot card readers use different kinds of decks to do their readings.  The most popular in the United States is the Rider-Waite deck.  These were developed by A.E. White.  For many years, this was the only tarot card deck available on the market. 

In order to start your tarot card reading, the psychic is going to ask you to shuffle the cards. The popular belief is that you are transferring your energy into the cards. 

The cards now become individualize to you.  The psychic reader will often tell you to think of a question that you want answered.  You are supposed to think about this with all your heart/powerful intent. 

The tarot card reader will then split the deck in half. They will now be put out on the table in a spread.  Each spread is good for a different type of a question.  The spread can be between 1 and 78 cards.  Some spreads are good for love questions, while others are good for money. 

Are Celtic Cross Tarot Spreads Popular?

The Celtic Cross is the most common type of spread.  Many tarot card readers make up their own spreads as well. There are no specific rules to having a spread. However, each card position will have a different meaning. 

The Celtic Cross spread can have meanings such as: the outcome, distant past, recent past, best outcome and much more. 

The cards will tell you what may be going on in your life currently.  Some people’s lives are more balanced, while others are more chaotic.  If you are using the Celtic Cross spread, look at the first 6 cards in pairs.    

They Will Look as Follows:

Position 1 – Your Main Issue.

Position 2 – Your Second Issue.

Position 3 – Represents a deeper meaning.

Position 5 – Represents your goal.

Position 4 – Represents issues that have already been resolved.

Position 6 – An unresolved issue. 

The staff section of the spread. This spread is in pairs.

Position 7 – This is how you see yourself.

Position 8 – How others see you.

Position 10 – This is the outcome.

Now its time to look for the outcome.  Look at all the cards that got you to the outcome.  Is card five the alternative outcome?  Look at cards 6 and 9 and notice the outcome.  Is there something here that you find to be relevant? 

Each tarot card has a different picture on it. A card may be the:

  • Death Card
  • The Fool Card
  • The High Priestess Card
  • The Lovers Card
  • The Magician Card

The death card represents the end of something. The fool card represents the beginning.  The high priestess represents a mystery.  The lovers card represents a relationship.  The magician card represents action. 

Can You Become Your Own Tarot Card Reader?

If you want to become your own tarot card reader, there are many videos that you can watch on the subject. You can also read books on the topic as well.

The internet makes it possible to learn tarot online through online schools.  You can also hire a tarot mentor to help you to learn.

Once you have learned how to read tarot effectively, you can obtain certifications such as: certified tarot reader, certified tarot professional, certified tarot master and certified tarot grandmaster.

Tarot is known to give you choices in life.  You may think that your life is going to hell and, there is hope for you at the end of the tunnel.  You may not know it until the tarot cards give you an answer to your questions. 

Can Clairvoyance and Tarot Cards Be Used Together?

Many psychics use clairvoyance alongside of tarot cards. In this way they can give you more specific details about your questions.  A regular tarot card reading can only give you general answers.  They are not meant to give you specific details. 

Does the subconscious mind speak to us as suggested by Sigmund Freud?  Are there internal thoughts that you are not aware of?  Does your mind often feel sad and you don’t know why? 

Perhaps therefore you were led to the tarot?  The tarot answers questions that are deep within your soul and you are often not aware of it. 

An Interesting Tarot Story

Tina was a client of mine back in 1995.  She had a terrible background in love. She was around 40 years of age at the time and had gotten many psychic readings in the past.  All her readings always told her that she would have trouble in love.

She first started to date guys when she was 16 years old.  Her first boyfriend only lasted for 3 months.  Each year, she seemed to be dating someone different.  Sometimes she had several boyfriends in the same year. 

When I met her at 40, she had dated well over 100 men.  She was angry, fed up with her love life and giving up on love.  She was not in a good state of mind.  She wanted to know if someone was finally going to give her their heart.

Tina asked me to give her a tarot card reading. I was happy to be of service to her since we had to find out why her love life was such a mess.  Why did she keep on dating guys that were lemons?

Was she dealt a bad deck of cards in life or was she the cause of her misfortune?  The tarot cards and clairvoyance were about to tell us everything that we needed to know.

As I shuffled the cards for her, I told Tina to clear her mind of any and all distractions. I told her to focus on a question and we will see what the tarot has to say.

As I read the cards, I saw that Tina often chose men based on their physical appearances.  If the guys were hot looking, she chose to give him a chance.  If he was not good looking, she kicked him to the curb. 

She was stimulated more by a man’s outside appearance than his heart.  Tina would often choose men that weren’t commitment minded. Her lust lead her to believe that she could somehow change the man into being what she wanted him to be.  She said that I just can’t be with an ugly person.

I must get what I want or else I am not into the relationship.  By admitting this truth, Tina was able to see that she was a bit off balance.  It is okay to choose a man that she is attracted to. However, it was the only factor that lead her to date a man. 

She forgot that once you get past your lust, the man must have a job, sound mind and be non-aggressive.  She often looked past all of that and the men would often use her for intimacy and then leave her. This happened to her time and time again.

Tina was a spiritual person and prayed often. She never fully sat down with herself and asked what kind of guy she was dating.  In fact, my clairvoyance showed me that all the men that she dated didn’t have a strong spiritual connection to their faith.

They had no morals. She often chose men that didn’t know what they wanted. I told Tina that she has to find a man that wants marriage, since she was commitment minded herself.  I said that you need to send out the right messages to the spirit world and have it respond to you a lot more clearly.

I asked Tina to write down on a piece of paper what kind of guy that she saw herself with.  She wrote down that he must be good looking, spiritual, commitment oriented and willing to spend their life with her.

I saw that she clearly wanted to be loved, but she was settling for less with every man she dated in her life.  I told Tina that she must look deeply into the man before even dating him.

I told her that on the first date, you need to ask him if he wants to be married and in what timeframe.  Most women and men go out on dates not knowing what the other persons true intentions are.

A man or woman that wants to get married will often say, “I see myself getting married in a couple of years.  They often let you know that they are interested in marriage.”  People that have no idea what they want, will always tell you that they don’t know, or they just take life as it comes to them. 

I told Tina to run away from a man that doesn’t know what he wants. I told her to not settle for something that you don’t want. I told her that no matter how handsome the man is, its best to let him go if he is not going to give you what you need.  I also told her to make sure that the man is spiritually sound. 

I explained that you need a man that is more stable and has morals.  Men that have morals see marriage as being a benefit to his life. The reason for this is that men with morals see fornication to be a sin.

Therefore, he wants to try and get married to the right woman because he has a religious obligation.  Men that have no morals often see marriage as being something that he doesn’t need to do.  He has no God that he is subject to and therefore has no real reason to say “I do” at the altar.

I asked Tina a serious question. I said, “When would you like to see yourself married?”  She said in a year. I told her not to be afraid to tell a man that you want to get married within a year.

“Be Authentic With Yourself”

You need to be authentic with yourself and not live beneath your own standards. I told her that you may have to date several guys before you meet the right one.  Don’t settle for less.

After the tarot card reading ended, Tina went home, and I didn’t hear from her for months.  Around six months later, she called me and said that she did not take my advice at first.

She went home and had met two good looking guys that seemed to be an emotional wreck. She slept with them and finally remembered my reading.  These guys of course left her, and she was back to being single again.

After those two guys failed her, she decided to join a local dating club in her hometown.  This was a church sponsored event. She decided to give it a try.  Since she was sending out the right messages to the universe on what she had wanted, it was responding to her. 

It led her to a man that was looking for a wife.  He was good looking, had a good job and high morals. This guy whom I shall call Chris said that he didn’t believe in intimacy before marriage.  He was also looking to get married within the next year.

Their dating relationship was going over well when Tina told me her story. I am happy to say that they did end up getting married.  It’s amazing that Tina spent years being alone and going through many dating relationships because she didn’t know how to say no when something looked wrong.

The tarot card reading lasted for only 30 minutes and I saw it to be life changing.  Tina is not the only person in the world that has received help from tarot. 

Over the years, I have seen many lives changed with clear direction from tarot. It’s important to ask yourself if you are ready to make some changes in your own life when it comes to tarot. It can be one of the most amazing readings that you will ever have.

When it comes to love, its important to sit down and focus on what you want and never make a compromise.  I often hear from men and women that say they are tired of romance breakups in their lives.

However, when I ask them if they are seeking marriage or something long term, they often say that I don’t know.  I often see that they are attracting the same energy into their lives from people that are just like them.  The spirit world knows us better than we know ourselves.

If you want the spirit world to give you someone that is wanting the same things as you do, its important to look inward first.  You may be attracting the negative people to you without even realizing it.

After all, can you handle a man or woman that comes into your life telling you that they want to get married over the next year? Are you ready for that or are you just winging it?  If you wing it, expect the same types of people to come into your life.  This is a word for thought.

What Is The Power of Tarot?

Tarot does change people’s lives. However, its important to always have the right intention when it comes to asking the tarot cards a question. If you don’t have faith or belief in what you are doing, it will most likely not work for you. 

This goes for most any area of our life. When we believe in something, it tends to work out better for us. Tarot cards are used to give us answers and they often show us that there is hope to what we are going through.  We often are not aware of the fact that it takes time to put everything together in our lives.

How Can You Benefit from a Free Tarot Reading?

Free tarot readings are high in demand. Men and women from around the world enjoy getting their fortune told by a tarot card reader daily.  You may be shocked to learn that tarot is the most requested type of tarot card reading in the world.

It is estimated that 1 out of every 3 psychic readings are by tarot.  Tarot has been around since the 1700’s and started to make its way into the United States in the 20th century.  People often want a free tarot reading because you can get this reading in almost any chat room that offers these readings. 

A free tarot reading can open your mind up to the possibilities of what can be for your life. Most people ask the tarot about love.  Money is also popular when it comes to men and women wanting to learn more about their future.  If you ask someone about love, money and career, they often won’t have an answer for you. The tarot will give you guidance when you feel that all is hopeless.

Free tarot card readings give you the ability to test out a psychic talent.  Free tarot card readings often last for around 3 to 5 minutes. The tarot card reader will tell you what they feel is going to be happening in your life. After they have completed their mini psychic reading, you can decide on whether you want to continue with a paid tarot reading. 

Love tarot readings got their start in the 20th century and began to take off in the United States around 1950. In the 21st century, it is becoming one of the most sought-after types of readings in the world.

A free angel card reading is similar in the sense that they are a deck of cards but have angels on them.  Many people that find tarot to be a spiritual conflict often find angel cards to be more appealing because it is believed that your spirit messages come from angels.

Getting an angel card reading is fun.  You can “google search” for the reading online or simply visit a psychics shop in your home area. In this way, you can connect with a psychic in your neighborhood that offers a first time free psychic reading.

Angel tarot cards were created by Doreen Virtue.  There are many books that can teach you about these cards on

Why Get a Free Love Tarot Reading?

  • Get clarity on who you are meant to be together with.
  • Find out if your current partner is your soulmate.
  • Learn if your relationship will last. 
  • It allows you to test the tarot reader to see if they are a match for you.
  • You can learn more about how tarot cards work. 
  • You can explore who your soulmate is.
  • You can think about the future in love.
  • Tarot cards help you to understand yourself more clearly.
  • Tarot cards can be fun. 

What to Expect with a Free Psychic Reading Online?

  • A way to ask a psychic about love, money, career, spirituality, pets and more.
  • Free Offers from psychics willing to predict your future.
  • A wonderful connection for you and the spirit world to see things through.
  • A way for you to see if you like the psychic industry and how it works.
  • The ability to learn more about yourself. 
  • A way to tap into a psychics sixth sense for free.
  • You can investigate the past, present and future of your life.
  • It will be a fun way for you to explore your desires in life.

Should You Get a Daily Tarot Reading?

Most tarot card readers say that you should not get a tarot reading more than once a month.  There is such a thing as “psychic addiction”.  When someone is addicted to the psychic market, they begin to see it to dump your troubles on someone and to pay someone to be your friend. 

Most people that become addicted to psychics are lonely and want to talk more than get predictions. It’s a great way to allow yourself to connect with people that are spiritual and often kind. 

Most tarot card readers say that its hard for them to give psychic readings to the same person more than once a month.  If you go too often, the psychic reader will often become annoyed with you asking them the same questions.  It is a lot like going to a doctor’s office. Most doctors won’t see you more than a few times a year. 

If you choose to get a daily tarot reading, make sure that its with a different tarot reader each time.  Otherwise, the tarot reader might look at you as being a bit obsessive. If you are being charged for the tarot reading, it can be costly.  Some tarot readers charge $1.99 a minute to over $9.99 per minute for a reading. 

What is Your Tarot Card of the Day?

Your tarot card of the day depends on you.  In tarot, you have the power to choose the card that you want. The tarot card reader will ask you to pick a tarot card and then they will explain to you what they see for your life. 

The tarot card that you chose can be about any topic that you would like. As you pick the card, it will let you know what to expect.  For instance, if you picked the death card, it would mean that something is dying in your life.

This can mean a lot to each person.  If you choose a different tarot card every day, you will get a different card since the cards are chosen at random.

A Tarot Cards Prediction that Left My Mouth Dropping

It was back in 2003 that I found myself lost and lonely in life. I had no lover and I asked myself what the future of my love life would be.  As you can imagine, I had given up on hope of every finding a soulmate. 

I realized early on that my soulmate was probably not someone that was looking for me. After all, I had spent years looking for love and hoping that someone would “pop” into my life.  It took me several years of searching to finally consult with a tarot card reader that I hoped would give me clarity and insight into my life. 

I thought that love tarot cards were the answer for me.  I found a tarot card reader around 4 blocks from my home.  I was walking down the street home from work and I noticed a small psychic shop.  I had never seen it before, but it looked rather interested. There was a sign in the window that said, “Free psychic reading”.  I said to myself, “What could it hurt?”

When I walked in the door, the psychic asked me, would you like a free love tarot card reading?  I said yes. She said that I will give you three free cards to draw. If you like what you hear, I charge $40.00 for a 30-minute reading. I thought that this was fair since it wasn’t something that I did every day. 

The free tarot predictions were something that I desperately needed. I told her that I wanted her to tell me what I needed to do in order to find love. She told me to ask the deck of tarot cards this question. She then told me to pick a card.

The first card that I picked said that I was not open to having a soulmate enter my life because I was still in love with someone else. The tarot was correct on that one.  I remember that I was still in love with a man that I had known 3 years ago. He left me for an ex-girlfriend of his and no longer wanted to speak to me. I was not able to get over him. 

The love tarot card reading was trying to tell me to move on. It was trying to tell me to let go. When you hold onto the past, you can’t allow the future to come to you. I realized that I was stuck in a haze and I needed to get out of it.  The tarot card reader was using some of their own clairvoyance with me and was trying to let me know that it was time for me to let go and to move on. 

The next question that I had for the fortune telling cards was, “When will I get married?”  I thought that the day would never come where I would see myself walking down the isle to my man.  The tarot cards gave me a prediction of 3 years. 

Shockingly, inside of my heart, I always felt like 3 years was going to be the magic number for me.  I knew that the tarot cards were no “fluff”, and neither was the psychic.  This was a real tarot card reading. I had no idea that I was walking into a bunch of answers for my life.

The psychic reading was enjoyable so far. I was getting an instant tarot answer for the two questions that I asked. I didn’t have to wait for an answer.  It just told me my future.  Tarot for beginners is hard because you never know what to expect.  However, my third question that I gave to the tarot deck was about my finances. 

I was hungering to make more money. Nothing was working for me. I felt inside of my hear that I had to give more of myself to a business that I could build into a profitable company. I asked the tarot cards if it saw me building such success. 

The tarot cards told me that it would take me around 1.5 years to build my business. The psychic used their clairvoyant skills to tell me that in time, I would become successful because the spirit world would soon open doors for me. 

I felt that the relationship tarot question was answered correctly and so was my money question.  I decided to hire the psychic reader for the full 30 minutes. 

An accurate tarot reading was something that I was not expecting. After all, I often see psychics with neon signs in the window. However, finding a psychic that can tap into the spirit world correctly is a rare gem.

There was just something about her that other New Orleans psychics didn’t have.  I felt that she was honest and upfront about what she saw in my life. 

I encourage you to get free love fortune telling in your area because its fun and answers a lot of your questions. I find that you don’t have to worry about something not going right with a reading. You are in charge as you ask the tarot cards what they see for your life. 

After my 30-minute reading, I didn’t want to have a daily tarot card reading because I knew of the dangers of psychic addiction. I knew that getting a psychic reading like this should be only once every few months. 

I am happy to say that I am now successful and enjoy business and romantic relationship. I have been married for several years now and my friends often tell me that I look happy.

I am happy to say that the spirit world always has something in store for you and there is always something that we may not fully understand in our lives.

Fortune telling with playing cards isn’t for everyone, but it sure does help me. Millions of people get tarot readings everyday and so I am not alone.  The relationship spread helped me to find love and to give me confidence that love is not over for me in my life.  Everything had to take its time for a newness to begin.