What Is Your Aquarius Horoscope Today?

Aquarius men and women are great to date
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What Is The Aquarius Sign Today?

If you are born between January 20th and February 18th, it would make you an Aquarius zodiac sign.  Your element is the air and you tend to like the colors light blue and silver. 

Your most relaxing day is on Saturday and you tend to get along well with Leo and Sagittarius zodiac signs.  You are often known for giving to people, animals and charity.  You are known to be more of a generous soul that wants to be an asset to the other zodiac signs that come into your life.

You are often stubborn and set in your ways.  You often want things done your way and if it is not done your way, you may insist that it does become your way. 

Can Some Aquarius Men and Women Be Controlling?

Many Aquarius men and women are known to be controlling and more dominant.  There nature is more of a leader.  They tend to see things more clearly before the other zodiac signs do. 

Aquarius men and women love to have fun with their family and friends.  Getting the family together for a holiday is often a love of the Aquarius zodiac sign.  Aquarius women are often known for being more talkative about different topics. 

She enjoys having conversation that can stimulate her mind.  Many Aquarius men and women enjoy fighting for a cause.  You may find an Aquarius woman raising funds for breast cancer or an Aquarian man fighting for pet rights. 

Aquarius signs think of love
Aquarius Signs Are Seekers Of Love

Aquarians tend to be great listeners.  When you are having a problem, they tend to give you good advice. Their aim is to try and solve the problem.  However, this can be hard for other zodiac signs to accept because the Aquarian can often want you to solve the problem their way.  If you choose another way, they may give you the cold shoulder. 

Can An Aquarius Woman Be Lonely?

Being an Aquarian can be lonely at times.  It is because you tend to feel like the world doesn’t understand you from your in-depth core.  You often try hard to figure out why you are more complicated than others. However, your good nature always seems to show you that others have similar problems that you do. 

Aquarius men and women tend to have two extremes.  You will often find them to be either quiet or talkative.  They usually don’t have a middle ground.  Most Aquarians find that when they are talking to people, they find that they may not get things as quickly as they do. 

They consider themselves to be more intelligent than the other zodiac signs.  Aquarius men and women are often college educated and hold good jobs. 

Do Aquarians Love Their Alone Time?

Aquarius men and women tend to enjoy spending alone time every now and then.  They often prefer taking walks outside in the park or watching a movie on Netflix. You will often find that they enjoy spiritual topics for discussion and have a keen curiosity for spiritual growth. 

Most Aquarius women like to talk about how the world was created or their relationship with God.  They may wonder why they do or don’t have a relationship with their creator. When it comes to spirituality, most Aquarians find that its hard for them to accept truth when they can’t touch it. 

Aquarius and love
Aquarius Signs Have A Great Way Of Understanding Feelings

Most Aquarians see themselves like the Apostle doubting Thomas.  Doubting Thomas was the apostle of Jesus who wouldn’t accept that he resurrected from the dead unless he could put his finger through his crucified hands.  When an Aquarius man or woman has accepted their faith, they are usually true to their faith and try to obey the rules in their religion.

Do Aquarians Waste Time?

You will find that Aquarius men and women don’t like to waste time.  They always want to make sure that they are either learning something or doing something with each minute that passes.  They are motivators for the other zodiac signs.

In the workplace, you will often find them saying to the other co-workers, “Let’s get this project done. Let’s pick things up around here and do what we are supposed to do.”  They are often telling the other zodiac signs that they can’t waste time because its precious. 

The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus.  This allows Aquarius to figure out their plan for the next 5 to 10 years. Aquarius men and women should take note that its okay to plan your future.  Most people say that when they have an established plan, they tend to get more done because they have a clear direction.

Aquarian men and women are often intellectual thinkers.  They will tell you what is on their minds.  They are often scientists, inventors, philosophers and religious leaders. 

Some celebrity Aquarius thinkers were Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and Galileo Galilei.  Aquarians are confident within themselves and often feel comfortable in groups of people. 

They often stand out in the crowd because they are often friendly and want to introduce themselves to people. They are often known for having good friends and many acquaintances. 

Do Aquarius Men and Women Stand Up For Equal Rights?

Aquarius men and women are always fighting for equal rights.  They don’t like seeing others suffering. They want to make sure that they are standing up for what is right.

In romance, Aquarius men and women like to have intellectual conversation along with passionate kissing, hugging and feeling like the other persons wants them unconditionally. 

Psychic insight
Aquarius Signs Are More Psychic

Aquarius women tend to be great kissers and often are the first one to kiss their man in a romantic relationship.  Aquarius men are often known for giving his lady a bouquet of flowers or a gift before he wants romance.  Aquarian men and women are loyal, not known to cheat and tend to hunger for love. 

Many Aquarian men find it hard to bond with a woman at times because he feels that he is putting his feelings and heart on the line. This is the most important aspect of an Aquarius man. In the 21st century, he is often a man that has had multiple lovers already and doesn’t trust as easily.

Do Aquarius Men Have a Passion for Love?

Even though he has passion for love, you often must prove your loyalty to him first before he starts opening his kisses to you.  He likes to create a passionate and romantic side to himself when the opportunity arises. 

Aquarius men and women will often sacrifice their own time to make yours better.  They like to cater to their partners needs. Famous Aquarius women are Oprah Winfrey, Shakira, Alicia Keys and Sarah Palin.  Some famous Aquarius men are Abraham Lincoln, John Travolta, Justin Timberlake and Tom Selleck. 

The good news about Aquarian men and women are that they are not possessive jealous lovers.  You will often find that an Aquarius man and woman enjoys spending time with the person that they are committed to. 

This zodiac sign is known to care about their loved ones and those around them that truly care.  Aquarius men and women are good with saving money and thrifty spending habits.  Aquarians often make good career choices such as: art/artists of all types, writers, scientists, healthcare workers and coaches. 

Do Aquarius Women Enjoy Cooking?

Aquarius woman love to cook.  She often makes a great chef or home cook.  Aquarius men are 50/50 on cooking.  Some men love it and others hate it.  You will often find other zodiac signs that date an Aquarius to depend on them for the cooking.

If you are a woman trying to date an Aquarius man, try to get to know him first.  Don’t try texting him to much at first.  Take your time with getting to know him. He often likes to learn how to trust you first.

Aquarian men and women enjoy digging deep into their spirituality.  They often want to figure out what happens to the soul after we die.  Many Aquarians get into debates over this topic with other zodiac signs.  Aquarian men and women come from different religious backgrounds.  Some consider themselves to be agnostic or atheist. 

true love must happen
It Can Be Hard For Aquarius To Not Have Real Love In Their Lives

Some facts about Aquarius are that it is the 11th sign of the zodiac calendar. It comes from the constellation Aquarius.  Aquarius is also a winter constellation.  It is found near Cetus and Pisces.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. This means that Aquarius flows with love and sincerity.  Aquarians are similar to the zodiac signs Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.  These zodiac signs are often known as being more stubborn and set in t their ways. 

How Do Matches Work for Aquarius:

Aries – A great match for Aquarius since Aries men and women tend to be more laid back and not confrontational.  This zodiac sign is often good for Aquarius because Aries is not known to be set in their ways and a bit more flexible.  This makes getting along with this zodiac sign a lot more easy going. 

Taurus – Under most circumstances, you are not a good pair.  You two will butt heads often. You both have similar character traits and are often set in your ways.  In order to make this romantic relationship work, someone is going to have to compromise.

Gemini – A good match for Aquarius.  Gemini is often looking to please the Aquarian and a lot calmer than other zodiac signs.  The Gemini is known to be two faced and therefore may not always be completely honest with their true intentions. 

Cancer – One of the best matches for an Aquarius.  Cancer signs are very nurturing, caring, loving and mind their own business.  They are not self-centered and often get along with all the other zodiac signs.

Leo – A bad match for Aquarius.  You both want what you want and often don’t know how to compromise.  One of you must give in to make the relationship work.  There is no other way around it.

Virgo – Excellent love match.  Virgo is nurturing and cares a lot about religion and faith.  They tend to be more introverted and like keeping their negative comments to themselves.  They are great matches for the Aquarius since Virgo often leans on Aquarius for advice.

Libra – What a wonderful match for an Aquarius.  Libra is hard working and knows how to listen well.  She/he is not set in their ways and tends to be a lot more openminded. Libras and Aquarians often make excellent marriage partners.  

Scorpio – You are about 50/50 compatible.  You will get along great with Scorpio if you don’t cross them. Cross them and you may have something coming to you.  Scorpios are great people and love hard. If you are not serious about your relationship, don’t date a Scorpio.  Scorpios love truth and honesty.  They are not into playing games.

Learn to meditate
Aquarius Signs Often Enjoy Meditation

Sagittarius – A neutral sign for Aquarius to be romantically involved with. A great connection you two will be.  You will experience a good family structure together and learn more about one another. You will both be able to compromise.  A good connection.  Keep a Sagittarius on your good side.

Capricorn – Capricorns are more mellow and are into dating, vacationing and pleasure.  Aquarius and Capricorn will bond well because they both desire a future together and a long path.  They are destined to be together.  No serious problems between the two.

Aquarius – Can an Aquarius date and Aquarius?  You have around a 30% chance of the relationship working out.  You are both to much alike and will often clash. You both want to have your ways and often, neither the male nor female wants to give in.  The chances of the two of you not making it are a lot higher than it is working out.  You need to decide on your own if its worth the risk.

Pisces – You need Pisces love Aquarius.  Aquarius don’t let Pisces out of your sight. You must get connected to one another and make the romance work.  Don’t think that you can simply move on from each other because you had a bit of a spat. 

Don’t let negativity ruin the two of you.  Work on your problems and learn to see that neither one of you is perfect. Say what you feel and don’t worry about how the other person will take it. You are both strong willed and know what you want. 

Is There A True Aquarius Love Story?

Jenny was a client of mine back in 1995. She was a 30-year-old Aquarian woman with blue eyes, blonde hair and around five feet five inches.  She was a stunning women and guys always turned their heads when they saw her. 

Men would often come into her life saying that they wanted love and, they were only looking for a one night or couple months stand.  Jenny was not having a good time in her love life and didn’t know why her love life was a mess.  She often felt that she gave to many men and yet got nothing back in return for it. 

I gave her an astrology type reading based on her month, day and year of birth.  We also calculated the time that she was born.  She found out that her best love match was going to be a Pisces. Shockingly, Jenny told me that she had never dated a Pisces. 

The men that were drawn to her were often of the zodiac sign Taurus or Leo.  She said that she was into guys that lifted weights and who looked like Calvin Klein models. She liked hot guys only and wasn’t ready or willing to settle or less.  Jenny was a woman that wanted to bond well with her mate. 

Aquarius enjoys psychic readings
Psychic Readings Are In High Demand For Aquarius Signs

Jenny had a good job as an accountant. She worked for a firm that was lucrative.  She often met guys that had no job or a job that didn’t pay all that well.  Jenny was more of a superficial woman.

She wanted a guy to pamper her and it seemed that she was getting the hot guys that she wanted for a few months and then they would often dump her afterwards. 

We had to dig deep into Jenny’s life and see what was going on.  In talking with Jenny and giving her a psychic reading, I found out that she had a rather direct personality.  When she wanted something, she went after it.

If she wanted a guy to talk with her, she would text and call him nonstop until he at last responded back to her. She lacked patience and often bonded with Taurus and Scorpio men that were set in their ways.

Through our psychic reading, Jenny realized that she had to tone down some of her strong Aquarius traits and learn how to let a guy come forward at his own pace.  Jenny was used to taking controlling. 

She was also paired up with the wrong zodiac signs.  When I gave her the psychic reading, I gave her the description of the man that I saw for her.  I also told her where she was going to meet him. I saw them meeting in a bowling alley.  Shockingly, she hated bowling, but often went bowling with her friend that was on a team. 

When Jenny met the Pisces man that I was referring to, they were a good fit.  Even though she didn’t change a lot of “who she was”, the Pisces man that she hooked up with accepted her for who she was.  They had battled every now and then. Neither one of them wanted to get married, but they were comfortable with living together. 

When I see Jenny now, she tells me that years have passed by and they are still together.  She says that they have their moments with arguing like most couples.  However, she knew inside of her heart that she had to learn from her past mistakes, and he did as well. Jenny did a lot of soul searching in the relationship.  Whenever a problem arose, she tried to talk it out with him.

She allowed her true Aquarius traits take over for problem solving and talking well with her lover.  Her man instantly kept on falling in love with her because he felt like Jenny was never going to give up on him. He felt that they were matched great and didn’t meet another woman that he felt so connected to before meeting Jenny. 

Aquarius talk a lot
Aquarius Are Not Mean Spirited

If you are thinking about getting involved with an Aquarian, see if you are matched well with them. If you don’t have a good love match going on, you will most likely feel that the relationship is going to be full of problems. 

We often try to go after people that we are attracted to and not necessarily matched up with in the zodiac calendar.  If you are looking to research your zodiac sign to see who your best love match is, I highly recommend a book by the late Linda Goodman. 

Her book, “Love Signs” is one of the best and top selling books on astrology matches.  Her books touched millions of people’s lives throughout the world and was once considered to be a top astrologer.  She was born in 1925 and died in 1995.

Can You Map Out Your Astrology Chart?

We all can map out our astrology chart to see who we are best matched with.  We may not know how to find our best love match. However, it’s important to speak with an experienced astrologer that can map out the love match for you.

You may be in a relationship right now that is full of problems.  It may be better to leave that relationship behind if you are dating a zodiac sign that the zodiac calendar is saying is a bad match for you. You may be able to save years of pain and sorrow by following an astrology pseudoscience that was taught nearly 10,000 years ago. 

Astrology made a huge comeback in the 20th century after years of it not being practiced.  In the 21st century, it is proving to be powerful as well. 

Millions of people research their horoscope sign every single day through horoscope columns and astrology books.  In astrology, there is always something new that you could be learning.  There is always something that you could be learning about yourself. 

Your Career: It is All Up to You

We can often spend years in discernment concerning which career we should take on in life.  If someone told you that you had to be a shoe salesman for the rest of your life, you may or may not take on this job.

Tell them anything aquarius
Aquarius Need Answers From Their Lover

If you really hated selling shoes, you probably would think that you would rather die than to sell shoes forever. The truth of the matter is that we are in full control of our lives. 

We don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to do in America today.  If you live in a democratic government, you can do whatever you want.  This is the beauty of democracy and free living.

You may spend years asking God what he wants you to do with your life. I have found that when we are called to do something, we won’t be able to stop thinking about it and something inside of us will say, “You must do it.”

When I got my calling to become a full time prophet, nobody had to tell me to do it.  I knew that it was what I was supposed to do with my life.  Nobody had to tell me to take on writing either. I just naturally love to write.  There was a time in my life that I wanted to become a pastor. 

God gave me an opportunity to preach in church and to live my life as a pastor for two months.  I decided that it wasn’t for me. I found the pastoral ministry to be a bit boring and uninteresting. When I became a full time prophet, I found it to be exciting.  I was able to give advice to people that were looking for it. 

I shockingly began working on the psychic hotline. I say that it was shocking because I come from a born again Christian background.  The thought of working on a psychic hotline was something that I thought was wrong. 

Every church that I was ever a part of told me that psychics are evil people.  They cast spells on people and do bad things.  I did not find that to be a part of my experience with working on psychic chat lines.

In fact, I got a steady pay check and the psychic websites never placed any demands on me. Instead, I was able to evolve my gift over time.  Jesus was showing me that he would provide for me.

Drew Barrymore: She Faced Many Challenges in Her Personal Life and Career

One of the first movies that Drew Barrymore starred in as a child was ET.  This was a movie that rocked the entertainment industry in 1982. One of the main stars in the movie was Drew Barrymore. 

Trust Aquarius Signs
Aquarius Signs Can Be Trusted

She played the character of Gertie.  She has starred in to many movies to count and is one of America’s most beloved actresses.

Besides being a great actress, her family has had a long history of substance abuse.  Her grandfather John Barrymore died of alcoholism at the age of 60.  Her aunt Diana Barrymore said in her book “Too Much, Too soon” that she had a reckless hunger for drugs and booze. 

Her father John Barrymore has had a history of drug arrests and alcoholism as well.  Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers know that addiction often begins at home. There is a lot of research pointing to the fact that someone can become addicted to drugs and alcohol for different reasons.  However, hereditary is one of the factors.

Drew Barrymore started smoking cigarettes when she was just 9.5 years old.  She also says that she drank to get drunk when she was just 10 years old. She was a club hopper at this young age as well. 

The actress told People magazine that after a while, drinking got boring and she moved onto smoking pot.  She first smoked pot with a group of young adults that allowed her to take a hit.   Can you believe that the group laughed because they thought it was cute that a young girl is smoking pot?

Eventually Drew began using Cocaine.  This is a highly addictive drug.  Her problem kept on getting worse and worse for the actress.  At times, she admitted to throw stuff around in the presence of her mother when she got drunk.  Her mother eventually had to take her to a hospital to get help because she was so drunk.  She ended up staying there for a period of twelve days.

After that, she went to group therapy.  Unfortunately her sobriety did not late.  She ended up hanging out with people that liked to drink.  Even though she wasn’t drinking, her friends were.  She had the feelings that she was somehow missing out on partying.  She wanted to have the same fun that they were having.

At another point in time, a young woman in a ladies bathroom asked Drew if she did cocaine.  She responded by saying no.  However, the woman gave her a temptation once again by asking her to give it a try. 

Eventually Drew gave in and didn’t think that the blow would have much of an effect on her.  That same night she got cocaine from a drug dealer in the club.

One night she stole her mother’s credit card to go partying with friends.  Her mother did not know that she took her credit card and reported it stolen. The police showed up at her friend’s house and put her in hand cuffs and took her to a program called ASAP.

To make a long story short, Drew eventually got sober.  She shares the story with millions of people in the world that decided to become sober as well.

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