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What Are Numerology Readings?

What Are Numerology Readings?

Have you ever asked yourself if the number 13, 11 or 1 are unlucky numbers because they are odd numbers?  In many office buildings, you will find that the 13th floor is missing. 

Call it superstitious, but many men and women see numerology as something to learn more about.  It is said that the numbers pertaining to your life will predict how love and money will turn out for you. 

You don’t have to come from any faith to practice numerology.  All that you must do is believe that your actions and some type of event are going to affect your outcome.  It is often like good and bad karma.  The actions that you take will have a direct influence on what happens to you. 

Numerology also studies the numerical value of words, ideas and even names. Numerology is a divination art. An experienced numerologist may use numerology to predict an outcome in the stock market. 

One may say that the outcome is going to be good or bad based on the financial numbers of the company. 

The philosopher Pythagoras believed in the importance of numbers.  His philosophies teach that numbers were a lot easier to understand than physical ones.  His concept was that their actuality was greater. 

Saint Augustine also believe that numbers were a universal language.  He believed that numbers gave us the truth.  His belief was that everything had a relationship to a number.  He also believed that it was up to mankind to see how their problems related to life.

Around 325 A.D., Christians saw numerology as a source of witchcraft/divination and was put into the same category as witchcraft and astrology. 

It was not seen as an acceptable practice and often called the devils work.  In today’s world, numerology is sometimes practiced in some Greek Orthodox circles.  Many numerologists take note that in the Holy Bible, numbers are often used to represent something that happened. The #3 and #7 are used often. 

An example of this is that God created the earth in 7 days.  He worked for 6 days and then rested on the 7th day.  Jesus was also resurrected on the 3rd day after his crucifixion. Jesus also asked his heavenly father if he could avoid crucifixion 3 times. 

History shows us that Jesus was crucified at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  The #7 is also used in the Bible to talk about famines. Famines often lasted for 7 days.  God also told the Israelites to keep the 7th day holy because this is the day that God rested and said that we (human beings) should rest on the sabbath (7th day of the week). 

Skeptics often argue that numerology is nothing more than a pseudoscience and cannot be measured to be accurate for every person.  You will need to draw your own conclusion as to whether you accept numerology as fact or fiction. Even if you don’t believe in numerology, ask yourself why you avoid certain numbers.  After all, would you like to get married on Friday the 13th?

There are different forms of numerology.  These forms are:

  • Abjad system
  • Chaldean system
  • Pythagorean system
  • Latin alphabet systems
  • Alphabetic systems

In the Alphabetic system, a number is assigned to each letter of the alphabet. There are Abjad, Arabic, Hebrew and Armenian and Greek numerals. 

Jewish tradition teaches us that the belief that each letter is represented by a numerical value and therefore can have mystical meaning to it (as described above using Biblical accounts).

The Latin Alphabet system is often used as well.  There are different methods that are used to include: Indian, Hebraic, Chaldean, Japanese and Helyn Hitchcock’s method.  Helyn Hitchcok was a numerology book author.

Western numerology is mostly refereed to the Pythagorean system of numerology.  Pythagoras is referred to as the ancient expert in this method of numerology or considered to be a “father” of the art or reading numbers. 

He found that musical notes and numbers have a relationship together.  His philosophy was that stringed instruments had a vibration in them, and this could be explained by using math. The Pythagorean system uses a date of birth and name for answers. 

This is a lot like the study of astrology in which it also uses names and dates of birth to predict an outcome.  The numbers can reveal a person’s nature or what will happen in the future for them based on some type of a numerical equation.

A numerologist would take the persons name and date of birth and then assign a number to each letter in the name.  The letters would be assigned #’s from 1 to 9.

The Latin alphabet would be assigned the numbers.  For a deeper understanding of this process, please watch the video below.  If a person were to change their name, different numbers would obviously have to be assigned differently to the name and therefore a different outcome would happen in the persons life. 

One might argue that their outcome would change based on a name and not on a person’s actions.  However, in numerology, the psychic reading s based on these principals.

A person’s birth number is an extension of the name number.  There is another system often called the Chaldean system.  This system was started by the ancient Babylonians.

They existed in the years 625 – 539 B.C.  This system recognizes that when you speak, the energy changes all around you.  Many psychics use this system without even realizing that they are doing it. 

Many psychic readers will tell you that they are reading a person’s energy when they speak.  This could also be looked upon as numerology.  The numbers one through eight are used in this system.  Since the #9 is connected to infinity, it is not used. 

In the Chaldean system, each letter is assigned a number ranging from 1 to 8.  The Chaldean and Pythagorean system are the same in the sense that they both observe the same master numbers.  Master numbers are the #’s 33. 11 and 22.  The first name gives us information about the persons interests and what they are all about. 

A person’s middle name is their soul’s energy.  Many men and women see this as being “who they are”.  It communicates to us what your life ambitions are and what you want to achieve in life.  It tells us where you are headed later down the road.

The Arabic system teaches that each Arabic letter has a numerical value attached to it.  It works in a similar fashion.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why the number 666 is evil? Even if you don’t believe in the devil, you may have a belief that this is a number that you would not want your name to be associated with.

People will often say that they don’t’ believe in numerology. However, many people make decisions without being aware of numerology being used in their life.  When people go to a casino, they often look for slot machines using the lucky number 7. 

You never hear anyone saying, “Where are the lucky #13 machines”.  In our Western Culture, the #’s 9 and 4 are unlucky.  Many people around the globe believe that odd numbers are always unlucky and even numbers are always considered to be good.  Many people try to change their names if their letters spell out an unlucky numerical pattern. 

Chinese numerology does teach that certain numbers are lucky and unlucky depending on whether its even or odd.  In Chinese medicine, numerology is used. In acupuncture, there are 12 vessels that circulate the blood and air.  There are also 12 rivers going to the central kingdom. It teaches us that there are 365 parts to the human body because it represents 1 part for each day of the year.  As we all know, there are 365 days in a year. This is the reason for locating specific acupuncture points.

What Are Some Free Horoscopes in Numerology?

Many men and women often request a free horoscope from a numerologist.  One might say, “Can I please have a free psychic reading.”  It is often standard practice in the psychic community for a potential client to receive a free horoscope reading.  The psychic reading often lasts for 3 to 5 minutes and then the potential client could decide on whether they want to continue with the reading at the psychic’s regular price.

Most psychics before the 20th century did not charge money for a horoscope.  It was often considered to be a spiritual practice. Often, someone getting a horoscope from a numerologist would often give a donation. The donation could be in the form of money, food, clothing.

A horoscope is a prediction of your life. Some horoscope writers use astrology, numerology, clairvoyance and tarot to write your horoscope.  There is no right or wrong way of giving someone a prediction.

In fact, most horoscope columns are written by experts that may have already written books, blog posts and pseudoscience articles in major metaphysical publications.

A free horoscope can open your mind up to the possibilities of gaining insight into your life’s troubles.  Millions of people all over the world research their horoscope everyday in books, articles, celebrity gossip magazines and online blogs. 

There is no right place to check out your horoscope.  Even when we buy Chinese food, we often read our horoscope from a fortune cookie.  We often like to read our horoscope because it gives us hope for the future. Every person in the world wants to know if something good or bad is going to happen to them. 

It can be difficult for someone to understand what is happening on a day to day basis when it comes to their life’s troubles.  We all want to know if our daily decisions will give us a more productive future.

Psychics often love to give a free horoscope to a potential client because it allows them to show off their skills.  I have gotten a few good psychic readings on a website called

It works a lot like America Online used to work in the sense that you can create chat rooms or join other people’s chat rooms and start talking to them.  You can find chat rooms that talk about astrology or give psychic readings.  I see that giving psychic readings is an art.  You must master spiritual energy in order to read a person’s spirit. 

The late Edgar Cayce was one of the best readers in the world during the 20th century. He was known as the sleeping prophet. He would lay on a chair and give prophecy to people that asked him for a psychic reading.

He would literally read their spirit as though he were reading a book.  Today, the A.R.E. has over 14,000 of his psychic readings that he gave on various topics.  His psychic readings have been recorded and researched. He was able to diagnose illnesses in a sleep like state and give a remedy for healing.

What Is The Meaning of Each Numerology Number?

0 – If you keep on seeing this number, it tells you that your going down the right road. You are making the right decisions for your life.  Numerologists tell us that if you keep on seeing this number, the universe is trying to tell you that you are fulfilling your life purpose and not to change anything.  Keep walking on your path.

1- You are not walking down the right path. You must make an alteration in your everyday walk in life so that you can get on a better path in life. Most likely, your thoughts are more negative, and you lack positive thinking. You are letting life slip by you because you fear success.  Its important to dig more inward to figure out why you are not believing in yourself. If you can, try to incorporate daily meditation into your life so that you can have more inner peace throughout the day. Inner peace often creates a positive mindset. 

2 – If you keep on seeing the #2, you will get steadiness and peace in your life.  A lot of times, your life is going through hell and you feel like everything is falling apart. This may include your love life and finances.  You keep on seeing 2.  The universe is trying to tell you that its almost all over. You are soon going to see that love and harmony come more your way.  Think positive and you will see more peace in your life. Read books by Norman Vincent Peale. He wrote about the Power of Positive Thinking. 

3 – This number represents that you need to chase after what you want.  Often, you don’t go after your dreams.  You need to start thinking about what you want and find ways on how to get it.  If you have someone in your life and you look around and see the #3 a lot, it means that this person can get you to the next level of your life.  Yes, the universe is telling you to find out what that person can do for you. Never judge a book by its cover. They may know an important person. 

4- Just go for it.  The #4 tells us that we need to take a chance sometimes in life.  This often happens when you feel like you have exhausted everything else in your life and so it’s time for you to just do it.  People often take a chance on lottery and slot machines in the casino.  If you have a job, its time for you to ask your boss for a raise/promotion or both.  If you own a business, do something to ignite your customers to spend more money.

5- its time for you to say thank you to everyone that is in your life.  This means that you have reached a point in your life that you must appreciate and give back to the world that made you who you are today.  This is a great number to keep on seeing because the universe is trying to tell you that you are a success and people look up to you.  Give thanks to God for all that he has given to you.

6- Get rid of people or things that are causing your troubles in life.  You need to cut off what is bad.  Negativity is starting to destroy your life and you need to find your own inner happiness. You need to find out what you are looking for in your life and its time for you to feel like you can move to a much higher level in your life.  Life is going to teach you that not everything happens in a negative way and that everything always happens for a reason.

7– Something new will be happening with you spiritually.  The spirit world is trying to communicate to you and its time to listen.  Its time for you to look at yourself and say that the spirit world is finding favor with you.  You need to start learning how to trust yourself and realize that you have the power to change your destiny.  You may not know it now, but the world around you can change to whatever you want it to be.

8- You may have been wanting to see success for awhile now. The number 8 is telling you that its time for you to start preparing for a successful future. You are about to see that more money is going to come for you when you least expect.  Expect good luck to come your way.  You should not be afraid of failure during this time. 

9- You have a lot of knowledge that should be shared with the universe around you.  Start telling people your ideas.  People are more prone to listening to what you have to say when you start seeing the #9 a lot.  You have learned enough in life to have others wants to listen to your ideas. 

You can use a numerology name calculator to combine it with numbers.  When you do this, you can combine the number of letters in your name with a corresponding number that you keep on seeing. 

You can even combine two numbers together and have a double meaning.  There are many numerology meanings.  It all depends on how often you are seeing the numbers and where you are at in your life. 

Numerology compatibility has a lot to do with how your numbers are relating to a person that you are interested in. You want to date someone that has positive digits in their name.  For instance, the name STEPHEN has 7 letters in it and 7 is a number that has a positive outlook. 

There are a few free numerology calculators that you can find online. When you start learning about numerology, try taking a test to see how much you have learned.  If you are seeking guidance on your love life, I encourage you to study about numerology.

Is There A Life Path Number Calculator?

Life path number is a figure in that is believed to hold the key to understanding our innermost selves and our destiny or fate in life. We can understand the world around us better by observing specific patterns of numbers in our everyday lives.

Numerology is a spiritual discipline that uses numbers to explain elements in our lives that we haven’t been able to decipher. The life path number is a single digit in numerology that reveals who we are, our deepest cravings motives and urges.

It also helps to show us the challenges we are likely to face in our future lives. It is just like astrology that uses planetary positions, but numerology uses numbers.

Numerologists believe that the universe is a complex system that can be explained and understood by working out to the necessary level using numerical values.

What Is A Life Path number?

In numerology, it is considered the most significant figure. It reveals all the elements of your life, and the route your whole life is likely to take. It describes in great detail.

Your character traits, what you are destined to be in life, and all the essential information that defines you as a person. It also outlines all your potentials and weaknesses, together with opportunities and challenges you will face as you journey through life. It describes the lessons you are supposed to learn along the way-both negative and positive.

The number is calculated using the birth date, and it is considered one of the most essential and significant numbers in the numerology chart. A numerology compatibility calculator can be used to calculate the number too.

What Is A Life Path Number Calculator?

The life path calculator calculates a person’s life path number using the numerical values that make up the birth date. Each resulting digit of the life path number has a different meaning for each individual.

The life path calculator aims to work down the birth date into a single digit between the numbers 1-9.

We are going to have an example of how the life path calculator works and the different meanings of each resulting number.

It is worked out as summing up the numerical values in the birth date.

For instance, if you were born on 16th October 1991.

You add up the day and month numbers

16+10= 26

Then you add up the two digits in 26


1991 becomes 1+9+9+1=20

Adding the two digits, you get 2+0=2

You need to keep adding up the numbers until you work your way down to a single digit.

Now taking 8 and 2 and adding them you get 8+2 = 10

Adding 1 and 0 you get 1+0 =1

Therefore if you were born on 16th October in the year 1991, your life path number is 1. It has a hidden meaning that reveals important details of your life.

After you have calculated the life path number, one can check what it says about particular aspects of your life. The surprising fact about it is that it is very accurate at times about a person’s trait.

Life path number is a bit similar to a zodiac sign. It is a reflection of a person’s personality and also the future. It gives the ultimate expression and the general tendencies of a person.

We can look at the different meanings of the different life paths.

Life path number 1

It defines creative people who are very dedicated to the things they do. The naturally see things through until goals set out are complete.

However, they depend heavily on other people’s needs and views to feel successful. Therefore they tend to do things to impress other people. In short, they are people pleasers.

Life path number 2

People in this life path tend to be sensitive, emotional but very honest and genuine.

However, in the face of difficultness and criticism, they often feel a sense of despair and defeat. These people are pessimists who see the negative side of almost every situation. It can stop them from manifesting their positive qualities.

Life path number 3

It consists of individuals who are social magnets. They make new friendships quickly, and they are the most romantic people.

The challenging aspect of this life path is commitment issues. People on this life path tend to exert little energy on a variety of activities.

Life path number 4

People with an unshakable will define this life path. They will do whatever it takes to see a specific thing to completion. They plan every aspect because they are practical.

The downside is that they are likely to miss the uniqueness and spontaneity of life due to their rigid nature. Also, they are likely not to attain a lot of wealth.

Life path number 5

Open-minded and flexible thinker best describe this life path. They almost always find solutions to all problematic situations. They have solutions that no other people could come up figure out. They are not burdened with the past as they fixated with the present experiences.

The shadow side of this life path is very self-indulging as to forget to get back on track if things go astray.

Life path number 6

Individuals on this life path spread the love with their compassion and generosity. They are loving and cannot help but do well to the people they encounter.

The flipside is giving so much love to others while forgetting to smother themselves. They forget to find time to do what they love.

Life path number 7

Individuals in this life path are reflective and peace-loving people. They love connecting with others and endeavor to keep things cozy always.

On the other hand, they find difficulty in appreciating the little things they possess.

Life path number 8

Individuals here are likely to be confident, focused, and determined. You are likely to be a great organizer who is not afraid to get what you desire from others.

On the downside, because of being so focused and being a great planner, you are likely not to dream big. You will also have a placing much value to material things rather than emotional wellbeing.

Life path number 9

People born in this life path generally tend to demand and command a lot of respect. They have leadership qualities and practice a high level of fairness in their decisions.

The downside of this life path is a dark obsession with financial freedom and a successful career. These dark thoughts only stop them from attaining the same.

The life path calculator is a great spiritual tool to boost an individual’s self-esteem when they are having difficulties in life. It can also help people who think they only have themselves to remember or take care.

You can calculate your life path number using the simple steps described above. If numbers are not for you, there are several sites online that can help you find your life path number. You can then re-energize yourself and unlock your life’s purpose.