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What Is Leo Man Sign Compatibility?

What Is Leo Man Sign Compatibility?

Leo men and women are known for their sign of the lion.  They are born between the months and dates of July 23rd and August 22nd.  Leo is known to be strong willed, fighting for what is right and expecting truth and loyalty from their family and friends.

Some celebrity Leo men are Ben Affleck, Barack Obama, Alfred Hitchcock, Tom Brady and Joe Jonas.  Some famous women Leo zodiac signs are Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Whitney Houston.

If you are wondering how compatible you are to a Leo, this article will have some good or bad news for you.  We like to keep it honest when revealing the best matches for Leo.

Is There Leo Man Sign Compatibility In Your Destiny?

You may be shocked to find out that you are highly compatible with him/her or not.  Love astrology has a lot to do with the time and date that you were born. 

If you want a more accurate picture of your compatibility level to a Leo zodiac sign, its important to consult a professional astrologer to map out your astrology chart. 

Aries Woman and Leo Man – Aries women are born between March 21st to April 19th.  She is a woman that enjoys taking care of herself. She is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to politics, money, love, spirituality and her career. 

Do Aries Women Like Being Pampered?

Aries women want to be pampered by their mates.  They prefer spending time alone and tend to not be argumentative.  This is a great companion for the Leo man since he is often opinionated and gets upset if you don’t see things the same way as he does. 

You need to have that balanced Ying and Yang connection if you are going to make a relationship work. Where Leo falls short, Aries will pick him up. 

These two zodiac signs are known to be patient with one another and often don’t butt heads when it comes to making important life changing decisions.

Taurus Woman and Leo Man – Taurus women are born between April 20th and May 20th.  Taurus women are strong willed and often are stubborn and set in their ways. 

They are represented by the bull and are often seen by other zodiac signs as being a bit “bullheaded”.  Leo men and Taurus women often don’t get along well in romantic relationships. These two zodiac signs are both strong natured and tend to try and lead the relationship. 

Conversation will often be heated if one person in the relationship disagrees with the other.  Compromise can be tough.  Taurus women often want a man that will listen to her because she is often opinionated on how she thinks that life events should go. 

She often doesn’t like to be told what to do.  Relationship success between the two of you is highly unlikely, but miracles can happen.  Don’t give up hope in your relationship.  One of you is going to have to become the weaker person in the relationship for the sake of it staying together. 

Gemini Woman and Leo Man – Gemini women are born between May 21st and June 20th.  Gemini women are known to have two sides to them. You have the more calm and sensual side.  You also have the side that is more aggressive and self-willed to please thyself.  The other 11 zodiac signs see Gemini as being “two faced”. 

Many believe that she is not always who she claims to be.  Gemini women are often soft, calm, loving and know how to bring love into a relationship. She is extremely patient with Leo and tends to like his strong will to lead the relationship and take care of her. 

Gemini women are often known to check out her man’s cell phone for texting to other women.  Leo men need to be weary of leaving anything out that they would rather not let their Gemini partner know about. 

Gemini has a high level of intelligence and will find out the truth.  The two make a great couple and often marry or live together at some point in their relationship. 

Cancer Woman and Leo Man – Cancer women are born between June 21st and July 22nd.    Cancer women are nurturing and a perfect partner for the Leo man. 

She knows how to calm him down when he is having a bad day.  Cancer women tend to take on careers in healthcare, the healing arts and counseling.  She is more mellow and laid back. 

She enjoys hanging out with her Leo man at a restaurant listening to some soft music playing in the background.  She is the kind of person that tries to find peace in difficult situations. 

She is a family-oriented woman that tries to keep her family and friends together.  She often allows the Leo man to do what he wants in the relationship and it gives the Leo man a sense of freedom that he craves.  Leo men are a lion inside and lions don’t like to be kept in cages. 

They enjoy roaming around freely.  Relationships between Cancer Women and Leo men often last because they can compromise with one another. 

Leo Woman and Leo Man – This is not a match made in heaven.  The Leo man and woman will clash over almost every single topic.  However, they make great lovers in the bedroom. 

They fight hard and feel competitive with one another.  The relationship will often involve not getting along well over time because they will both feel that they are going in two different directions. 

The Leo man and woman are strong willed in going after what they set themselves out to do.  He/she is not going to let the other one lead the relationship.

These two have strong physical attraction for one another, but after the lust is over with, the relationship often ends. 

Virgo Woman and Leo Man – What a wonderful connection!  Virgo women are born between August 23rd and September 22nd.  Virgo women are often known to be psychic or to have great intuition.

She is often and introvert that wants to listen to her partner.  Virgo women can often be timider and not known as a roaring lion. She is the kind of person that wants to explore and learn more about life and love. She tends to create a healthier balance. 

Virgo women’s love tends to last a long time.  Virgo women often enjoy intellectual conversations with her Leo partner. She is most often asking him how his day at work/school was and if he knows how much he is loved by her. 

She is often the first one in the relationship to say when something has gone terribly wrong. She is easy to talk to and to repair anything that is happening negatively in the relationship. 

Libra Woman and Leo Man – A match that is known to last forever. Libra women and Leo men tend to talk about loving one another early in the relationship.  Libra women are born between September 23rd and October 22nd

These two are often known as being a love at first sight connection.  The Libra woman enjoys expressing her feelings and emotions. She is first to say what is on her mind and likes to get details in conversation.  Leo men enjoy talking a lot and therefore, the two make a great pair. 

Leo can best communicate with her because he doesn’t feel that he is going to be judged.  The two often feel like they will have to make the connection grow with time. 

Scorpio Woman and Leo Man – Don’t even think about it.  You may love one another now, but it is often not known to last.  Scorpio woman are born between October 23rd and November 21st.  The two are extremely strong willed and believe that they have the answer. 

In conversation, its usually one trying to outdo the other. They are very passionate in the bedroom, but outside of it, there is a lot of chaos and conflict.  If you are a Scorpio woman and wanting to make this connection work, you may have to look more inward to see if you are willing to comprise and let him take charge.

You are mostly known for being a tough cookie and don’t let people mistreat you.  You have that power in you that wants to prove to others that you are not going to put up with any bologna.  You need to be more chill if you want your relationship to work with a Leo man. He often won’t back down with what he wants. 

Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man – Sagittarius women are born between November 22nd and December 21st.  Sagittarius is known for her research heart. She likes to know everything about her man and tries to find out ways to help him in his life. 

Sagittarius woman are helpers in the relationship. She tries to bring money, love, career and education together.  She doesn’t like to see anything out of sequence. She often reminds the Leo man of things that must get done. He often relies on her for advice and guidance. 

He trusts her because she is a thinker and philosopher at heart. It may not always be easy to have this kind of power in your midst.  However, the relationship is known to last and seldom problems ever arise. 

Capricorn Woman and Leo Man – Capricorn women are born between December 22nd and January 19th.  Capricorn women are known to stick by her man’s side through thick and thin.

She is known to stand up for you through pain and suffering. She will even give her man tips on getting a good job and what major he should study in college.  Leo men often depend on the advice of a Capricorn woman. If a Capricorn woman is his boss, he will secretly admire her and want to listen to what she has to say. 

She is known to be a teacher of all sorts and loves to share what she knows with other people.  Capricorn women give faith to situations that seem impossible. You have my two thumbs up for this love connection to come together.

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man – Aquarius women are born between January 20th and February 18th.  She can come into conflict with her Leo man at times, but she can often correct the problem. She is an opinionated woman that often has issues with trying to control her man.

Leos don’t like to be controlled, but Aquarius women tend to want to be protected by her Leo lover. She likes it’s when he stands up for her and takes charge.

Aquarius women are known to be sneaky.  Don’t be sneaky with your Leo man because he will find out. He is the king of the jungle and nothing can get past him. He is the king in the zodiac calendar. 

This relationship has a 70/40 % chance of working out. If the Aquarius woman can tone down her controlling ways, it will work out.  If she tries to force him to do what she wants, it can’t work.

Pisces Woman and Leo Man – Pisces women are born between the months of February 19th and March 20th.  Pisces and Leo’s tend to get along great in love and friendship.

They are often known to take long and relaxing vacations together. They both want to feel like they are alone in a place where nobody else will bother them. They are known to be soulmates because of their constant desire to be with one another.

When they are not together, they often feel alone, lost and like they are missing their better half.  Pisces women are known for making something work. 

Pisces women often love sports, recreation and beauty salons.  She is known for wanting to watch the Super Bowl and world series with her man.  These two make one of the best connections because they both can see themselves lasting forever. 

Is Choosing A Leo Man As Your Life Partner Right For You?

Ladies, if you are the type of woman that likes a man overseeing the relationship, then a Leo man is often a perfect match for you.  Nothing is impossible, but eventually the Leo man’s true traits will come out. Many Leo men are smooth talkers.

They know how to say the right things and are often there to tell you how they feel.  They are often known for their good looks, charm and passion for living. 

Many Leo men are known to be powerful business leaders, authority figures and protectors of their families.  If someone bothers their family, they are most likely going to jump out of themselves and fight for you and the family. 

He is a man that doesn’t like to go down without a fight. He doesn’t give up on love when all things seem to be failing.  Most zodiac signs do look up to Leo for their knowledge and wisdom of life.  They are great kings of the pack and often bring everyone together when conflict arises.  He is not known to be quiet about is feelings.

He often wants to shout out and tell you what the real deal is.  Leo men have a good reputation for hard work and making good money.  Leo men are not lazy and accomplish their tasks and provides for their family. 

They are known to get something done when all else is failing. It is important to understand that you can have a great relationship with a Leo man if you are willing to push forward and see what will work for you.