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Is There A Psychic Medium Near Me?

Is There A Psychic Medium Near Me?

Americans are fascinated with psychic mediums.  Medium shows like Tyler Henry, The Long Island Medium and Crossing Over with John Edward have been known to attract millions of viewers. 

Why are Americans so fascinated with being able to speak to the dead?  Take a drive to Lily Dale New York and visit the Lily Dale Assemblies.  This is a spiritualism community that is visited by thousands of men and women every single year that are seeking psychic readings from their dead relatives.

The question that skeptics often ask is, “How do we know that mediums are actually speaking to the dead?  Are they really speaking to dead people or just getting carried away with their thoughts?” 

Are You a Medium Skeptic?

I was once a skeptic myself until I began doing haunted house/cemetery investigations.  After capturing voices of the dead on a digital tape recorder, I believed that life does exist after death and the dead can communicate with the living.

I guess you can say that I was a “doubting Thomas” before hearing EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) on a digital recorder. Once I started to listen to the voices of the dead, I couldn’t see how a psychic could possibly hear the voices of the dead. 

Remember the movie, “The Sixth Sense” starring Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis? Cole, the young actor in the movie said a line that is the most famous of lines stated today amongst mediums, “I see dead people”.  Mediums have long said that they can speak to the dead for thousands of years.  We never had scientific proof until now. 

How to Get Over Being a Medium Skeptic

If you are a skeptic, I encourage you to get a digital tape recorder and go to a haunted house or cemetery that people say is really haunted.  When you get to your destination, press record and see what voices you can pick up on your digital recorder. 

Many people say that you can ask the spirit a question and have them give you an answer.  Most spirits speak in singular words or short phrases.  It is often hard to have a conversation with them or unknown reasons.  It is hard to say why a spirit can tell you their name but not speak to you in a full sentence. 

Thorough modern-day technology, we are beginning to see that the dead are speaking to us and often talk to us in just a few words.  Ghost hunters have also discovered that the dead live in different dimensions. 

Sometimes you may get a voice of a person that is not the person that you are looking for. You can ask that spirit to get the person that you are trying to communicate with. 

That person is often not in the same place as the spirit that is speaking to you. That spirit must go and find the person that you are trying to seek out.  It is not clear as to how many different dimensions there are. 

Is Every Medium A Clairvoyant?

Not every medium is clairaudient. This means that not every medium can hear the dead with their ears. Some mediums get a vision in their sixth sense in which they communicate to you what they are seeing. 

Developing your mediumship ability takes time.  The Lily Dale Assemblies teaches courses on how to develop your abilities. 

Mediumship is a lot different than astrology and numerology.  Being a medium means that you must use your clairvoyance in order to get messages from the dead.  Since the dead don’t speak to us through a deck of tarot cards, we must train our sixth sense on how to listen and hear them. 

The easiest way is through a digital tape recorder and the other means is by listening to their spirit with our own intuition.  You will often see a psychic medium closing their eyes and listening to the voice of the spirit.  During a psychic mediumship reading, the spiritual advisor may say something to you like, “Do you know of a man by the name of Jim” (any name can be given)? 

I see him coming to me saying that he died of cancer and wants to let you know that he loves you and is here for you.  The medium may wait for a response from you to see if you recognize who this person is.

Do You Have To Practice Being Psychic In Order To Use Your Gifts Properly?

The psychic gift is one that requires intense training. Everyone doesn’t get to have a psychic reading that will work for them all the time.  Sometimes, television mediums mess up on live air. 

They may ask, “Does anyone know the name Chris that died of a heart attack?” Perhaps in the audience, nobody will know who Chris is and the psychic may look like a fraud. 

However, this happens all to often and it doesn’t mean that the psychic is a fraud. Since we can’t control what spirits come to us, a medium can only say the spirits name that comes to them.  Sometimes mediums miss the mark because the spirits are not coming through as people would like them to. 

Mediums often say that they are born with a psychic gift.  They may have known since they were a child that they could speak to the dead.  The sleeping prophet of the 20th century Edgar Cayce said that he was able to communicate with his dead grandfather when he was a small child.

Nobody ever taught him how to do that and his family practiced Christianity.   Celebrity psychic James Van Praagh also said that he could speak to the dead from an early age.

Do Mediums Develop Their Psychic Gift In Their Childhood?

It seems that psychics develop their mediumship ability from an early age and then use it in their adult life.  Still, some adults begin speaking to the dead when they are much older in life. 

Being able to communicate with the dead also allows us to see that life exists beyond death. Human beings often wonder what (if anything at all) is beyond death.  Are we just bodies waiting to die? When our time is up, we don’t live on beyond the grave? 

All major religions speak of afterlife or spiritual existence beyond death.  In Christianity, it is believed that a soul either goes to heaven or hell when they die. 

It is believed that the body returns to the ground in which it came from and the soul lives on forever in some capacity.  In Buddhism, it is said that the soul become reincarnated repeatedly.  We can have better lives after we die depending on how we lived in this life. 

Do Psychics See Their Gift As Being Real?

Clairvoyants and mediums don’t consider themselves to be fraudsters or out to just take people’s money.  Clairvoyants like the late Edgar Cayce didn’t even charge money for his psychic readings.

Instead, he only took donations for his spiritual work and most people didn’t even donate to him. Most mediums say that their spiritual gift is meant to helping other people. 

Clients of mediums say that they find relief and happiness after connecting with a dead relative. They often argue that a mediumship reading helps you to move on from someone that died.  It is believed that one out of every 2 people has a curiosity about life after death. 

Do some psychics purposely deceive people into taking their money? Of course some do.  However, every profession has its fraudsters.  There is always the shady mechanic that you need to watch out for or the plumber that wants to charge you $800.00 to fix a toilet bowl that normally should cost under $300.00. 

Are Frauds In Every Industry?

There are fraudsters in every industry.  However, when a medium is real, you will know it. Your mouth will drop, and you will feel drawn to that psychic.

Some channeling tools that mediums use are Ouija boards and sticks. In Australia, cave paintings have been found that go back 28,000 years of our ancestors being fascinated with life after death.  In Indonesia, it dates back over 10,000 years of archeological evidence.

In the United States and during the 19th century, Ouija boards were used by the wealthy society.  It was often used to entertain at parties and business events.  However, you always have fraudsters trying to make a mockery of speaking to the dead. 

Did Magicians Often Speak to the Dead on Stage During Their Shows?

Magicians would often have stage shows in which it tried to communicate with the dead.  As word spread that these magicians were trying to trick the public, speaking to the dead started to lose popularity. 

Religions like Voodoo believe that you can communicate with the dead through beating the drums and having dances dedicated to speaking with the dead. Voodoo is often practiced in Haiti.

Mediums often say that they must spend time in meditation to be able to speak to the dead.  When the spirit is relaxed, the dead can often give messages to the living.

Many mediums believe that they have a spirit guide that speaks through them. These spirit guides are said to be able to give messages to the living. The late medium Sylvia Browne said that she connected with a spirit guide named Francine.

Francine was said to give her spiritual messages from the dead to the living.  Sylvia Browne acted as a mediator between this world and the world beyond.

Is There One Right Way to Have a Psychic Reading?

There is no right or wrong way to do a psychic mediumship reading.  Mediums like Tyler Henry use a pen and pad to start receiving messages from a deceased man or woman.  The Long Island Medium walks up to people in the street when she senses a message from beyond the grave. Edgar Cayce would often see and speak to the dead as they began speaking to him.

Mediums come from different faiths and spiritual beliefs.  If a person wants to connect with the dead, they can do so by asking a medium to do a reading for them.

Today, mediumship readings can be done through online chat, phone, email and text. There are different ways in which someone can get a psychic reading from someone.

A medium often gets good at listening to the dead after they have spent years training their sixth sense to speak to the people that have crossed over. 

Many mediums spend time giving free psychic readings in order to better their skill.  It is said that a mediums skill is usually strongest when they reach around the age of 60.

Why Do People Get a Psychic Reading?

Many people in the United States and around the world get psychic readings because it is said that the medium can read the energy that is in you and around your body. 

Someone may sense that there are answers to their life problems.  Even famous people in the world have been known to get psychic readings from mediums.  This includes Nancy Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Kim Kardashian and others.

The psychic reading is meant to open the possibilities of answers.  When something goes wrong in our lives, everyone wants to know why it happened.  Was it something that they did to cause it?

Is this bad karma from something that you did years ago?  Is it a passed down curse from one generation to the next?

The most common question asked to a psychic these days is about love.  Most people want to know about their love life and the fact that it may not be working out for them. 

Psychics are often busy scanning the spirit of someone that is said to have negative energy around them.  Sometimes a money or love spell is needed to better the persons life. Perhaps a reading into the spirit is something that most people are open.

The late Edgar Cayce is said to have given over 14,000+ psychic readings during his lifetime.  During the reading, people had said that it felt like he was reading their spirit as though he was reading a book. 

Edgar Cayce did his psychic readings in a trance like state.  Many people would write to him from all over the world during the 20th century.

People get psychic readings because it gives them hope.  We often walk through life feeling as though the world is coming against us and that we are doomed. 

The psychic reading helps us to see that we are not doomed and that the universe is giving us answers to what we cannot see on our own.  Many psychic readings open our eyes to the possibilities of what may or may not be.

Some skeptics thing that people only get psychic readings when they are desperate for answers.  However, I don’t see a reading as a sign of desperation.

Instead, I see a reading as a possibility.  Every human being should have a clear direction for their lives. Everyone should know when something is going to happen for them in a good or bad way. 

If you can have someone with a mediumship gift in your life, they can best guide you.  Most mediums say that they knew of their psychic ability as a child.  When they started to use their spiritual gift to help people, they felt like they were fulfilling their calling.

Psychic Readings Are:

  1. Helpful to the person receiving them.
  2. Opens our eyes to the possibilities of something new happening.
  3. Gives us hope again when all hope may be lost.
  4. An ability to speak to the dead or have someone answer another question for you.
  5. Help us to understand our higher purpose in life.

List of Famous Mediums in History:

  • Doreen Virtue
  • Paul W. Draper
  • Nina Kulagina
  • Ted Serios
  • Gerard Croiset
  • Rosalind Heywood
  • Ena Twigg
  • Ingo Swann
  • Irene Hughes
  • William Crookes
  • Derek Acorah
  • Char Margolis

Millions of mediums have existed in the world since the beginning of time. Speaking to the dead is an old-time concept. 

The oldest recorded history of a medium mentioned is in the Old Testament and in the book of Deuteronomy.  It says to not associate yourselves with mediums in chapter 18 verses 9-14.

Are There Psychic Mediums Near Me Online?

The internet has opened many doors for mediums today.  Yes, mediums do work online and often for large and established astrology websites.  Some websites allow you to get your psychic reading via chat and phone

Others give you the ability to connect with a reader via video chat.  Today’s technology even allows you to text a psychic. This option was not available 20 years ago. 

The world is moving in a direction where you can get mediumship readings at your own direction. You may feel that a mediumship reading allows you to have a spiritual connection with those that you need help from.

If you do your own Google search, you will find many psychic readers offering their services. I highly suggest that you work with reputable psychics that have a 5 start rating.  These psychics have been tested and proven for their abilities.

Who Are the Best Psychic Mediums Near Me?

The best mediums are psychics that have trained in their abilities for many years and can convince you that they are speaking to the dead.  The dead person for you can be a deceased parent, grandparent, loved one or simply somebody that you know. 

If the medium can tell you that your deceased mother is wearing an orange shirt in their vision, you may relate to that. Perhaps she was the only woman in town that wore bright orange shirts.  It is not a popular color and you can identify that as being her.

The medium might tell you that they see a man smoking a cigar from Cuba.  This may be your deceased father that preferred Cuban cigars over others.  There are certain words or visions that a medium will tell you that helps you to know that you are dealing with a real psychic ability.

Where to Find a Medium Near Me?

A medium can be found online, in your local neighborhood and in spiritual communities.  I highly suggest that you use mediums from Lily Dale Assemblies in New York.

This is a spiritualism community of psychics that have proven abilities amongst their peers for having a gift.  Before Lily Dale allows you to give a mediumship reading, you must prove your ability before a board of advisers. 

It is always best to use an astrology website that tests their mediums for accuracy and professionalism.  In this way, you can stand a better chance at getting an accurate mediumship reading.

Is Seeing a Medium Scary?

Seeing a medium is scary at first.  It’s mainly because you don’t know if someone that is deceased will come through for you. You are also fearing that you may be dealing with someone that has a real gift for speaking to the dead or a fake one.  Not all mediums are real.

  However, once you get yourself familiar with your psychic reader, the process becomes a lot less scary next time. In this way, you can learn more about your spiritual adviser.

Is Channeling Real?

Channeling has been practiced for thousands of years.  Many people believe that you are speaking to the dead.  Others believe that its nothing more than your imagination.

I believe that channeling is real in most cases because psychics will often tell you specific details to something that nobody else should know except for you. 

You know your loved one best and have specific details in your mind as to what you know about someone.  If the medium “hits the nail on the head”, you know that they are the real deal.

Mediums have often shocked celebrities and politicians.  Nancy Reagan would often have mediums in the white house because she believed in their ability to connect with the dead. 

Many grieving parents will contact mediums to see if their child will come through. Shockingly, the children often do come through with in depth details.  The parents often confirm that it is there child speaking or coming through.

I Want to See a Psychic Medium Near Me

If you want to see a medium, its important that you do so.  Often, when we see a medium, we get closure.  You may have to ask the dead person a question that only they should have an answer to.

I once gave a mediumship reading to a woman that was grieving over the loss of her husband.  However, she wanted to know if he left some type of a will to divide the assets.

She had 5 children and didn’t know if her husband had a desire to give the children anything. Her husband had died suddenly from a heart attack and she wanted to fulfill his wishes.

During our session, I gave specific details of her children and told her what her husband was saying to me. After the psychic reading, she admitted to me that she remembers having the conversation with her husband about his wishes. She wanted to see if I could recall that conversation and I did.  Without telling me anything, I communicated with her husband and he let her know where he stood.

Today, she is a happier person because of the bond that we had shared together. I am happy to say that the living often gets the answers that they need from the dead.  It is not always easy to deliver a powerful message to the living, but it does make us see that life still lives on beyond death.