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What Is Your Astrology Chart Meaning?

What Is Your Astrology Chart Meaning?

What Is Your Astrology Chart Meaning?

Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world.  Some of its early starts began in Egypt and eventually made its way into the United States in the 20th century.  Astrologers often teach that an astrology chart can tell you a lot about your past, present and future. 

Many people often wonder why something is happening to them.  One might say, that astrology helps them to understand their own personal walk in life.  If you have trouble in your love life, astrology tends to predict the future for you.  It puts you in a more relaxed state of mind.

Astrology charts are often refereed to as natal astrology or genethliacal astrology.  It teaches that you can map out a person by their name, date and time of birth and location of their birth. There are 3 main places where astrology charts can be found. These geographical places are India, United States and China. 

Astrology begins by the astrologer first constructing the persons chart.  This is also knowing as the native.  This shows the positions of the sun, moon and other planets.  The astrologer will then start to look for personality traits of their client. 

Let us look at the 3 main steps that are involved in mapping out your astrology chart.  It also involves:

Chart Weighting – distributing zodiac signs and houses in the chart properly.  The personality of the person is also looked upon.

Chart Shaping – observes the placement of the planets. 

When examining a person’s astrology chart, the astrologer needs to pay close attention to the positions of the soon and moon.  This is done by looking at the sign and house. 

What is the planet that rules that sign?  This is called the chart ruler and the ascendant ruler.  What is the 1st planet to house the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses afterwards of the ascendant?

The rising planet is often the toughest in the chart.     If the astrologer doesn’t see the first 3 houses, the planet in the 12th house is taken to the rising planet. 

If this is hard to understand, please watch the video below for a deeper understanding.  The planets are beside the main angels the angular planets. 

We can now list the planets, moon and sun by categories.  If the astrological sign shows a lot of planets seeming as fire signs, it will give importance to the persons personality traits.

Chart Weighting – This lists the zodiac signs in 3 major categories.  These categories are masculine/feminine signs, element and quality.  Depending on the astrologer, all 10 planets in their list may be used and nothing else besides that. 

Some planets are excluded to include Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.  These planets are often excluded because these planets are often felt by entire generations of people and their importance is now not so important.

There are 12 signs of the zodiac calendar.  They are as follows:


Taurus – Earth

Gemini – Air

Cancer – Water

Leo – Fire

Virgo – Earth

Libra – Air

Scorpio – Water

Sagittarius – Fire

Capricorn – Earth

Aquarius – Air

Pisces – Water

Fire and air signs are said to be masculine. These include Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra. These zodiac signs are often associated with someone being more confident and assertive.  These zodiac signs are also known for being good problem solvers and have bravery.

Earth and water signs are said to be more feminine. These zodiac signs include Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo.  If you are or know someone that is one of these astrological signs, you may see them as being shyer/introverted and are more nurturing.  They have a high level of good intuition and tend to be more psychic.

Fire signs are often energetic.  These zodiac signs make things happen.  If they say that they are going to do something, they will do it.  Sometimes, these zodiac signs are known to be more arrogant that the other zodiac signs. 

They often know what they want and go after it. They may even tell you that you are wrong, even when you know that you are right.  On the bright side, they are giving and donate or give money to other people without expecting anything in return.     

Fire signs can often be pessimistic about life unless they see something positive in return.  They often want faith in the future.

Earth signs are often cautious and don’t trust easily.  They enjoy doing their work independently throughout the day. They want to show their work colleagues what they can do.

They are extremely intelligent and generous.  They are ultra conservative and don’t want to waste money or resources.  They are careful about spending on something that they don’t feel that they need. In love, commitment is not easy. 

They like to examine and make sure that you are who you say you are. If you are trying to get involved with an earth sign, you may stop and wonder if you can live up to their expectations. Earth signs are not always good with money and may often misjudge how much money they will have.

Air signs are good with talking to people.  They will often walk up to a stranger and start a conversation with them. They are often easier going and easy to talk to.  Their mindset is more like a philosopher. 

They are always trying hard to figure out ways to make sense out of things.  They are often known to be teachers and life coaches.  Air signs tend to be intense people.  They may not always visualize the same things that you are seeing.  They are not always interested in having family around. 

Sometimes, air signs take pleasure in spending more time alone than with family or friends.  Their mind is like a powerful computer.  They can multitask rather easily.  Shockingly, they tend to love technology and learning about the newest gadgets (iPad, cell phones, etc.). 

They imagine well and are quick minded.  When they get upset, they can be rather rude and sarcastic.  One should be quieter around an air sign when they start showing signs of anger.

Water signs are more optimistic in life.  They don’t like to look down on anything. Instead, they try to make something positive happen out of a bad situation.  When speaking to them, they tend to think a lot before answering. 

They tend to go more inward to find the truth.  You may find that when communicating with him/her, they don’t open to you as easily.  They tend to hold back and not respond as effectively.

On a negative side, they can be hard to live with because they tend to be very set in their ways.  They give and receive tons of love and affection. Water signs tend to be more direct with what they have to say to you. 

They will often not beat around the bush and are often very direct.  They are often more into their own needs instead of the needs of others.  They are often full of ideas.  Water signs also have a high interest in spirituality and love to explore their spiritual side.

What Are Quality Signs in Zodiac Signs?

  • Aries- Cardinal
  • Taurus – Fixed
  • Gemini – Mutable
  • Cancer – Cardinal
  • Leo – Fixed
  • Virgo – Mutable
  • Libra – Cardinal
  • Scorpio – Fixed
  • Sagittarius – Mutable
  • Capricorn – Cardinal
  • Aquarius – Fixed
  • Pisces – Mutable

Cardinal signs like to be their own boss.  They are often business managers and owners of companies. They are known for taking charge. When they want something, they go after it and are often not interested in the criticisms of other people. 

They go after what they desire and let nothing hold them back.  They are courageous and motivate themselves to do something.  They often feel like they may not be fully in control of their own lives because of outside influences.

Fixed signs are known to make something happen.  They want a stable home and work environment. They don’t like chaos or things being not right.

They enjoy working on their careers and often depend on themselves to get something done.  They don’t like problems and tend to walk away from conflict. They enjoy being entertained a lot and often walk away from trouble that haunts them.

Mutable signs are friendly and often supportive to those that are hurting.  They will often sit down and talk to you about the latest trends that they see on television. 

They are often likeable, and people tend to feel drawn to them.  Mutable signs often persevere and fight through some of life’s most troublesome areas.  They are known to be fighters. 

If you step on their toes, don’t expect them to go down without a fight.  They tend to not put up with a lot of chaos.  These zodiac signs devote their lives to helping people for the most part.  Many mutable signs become psychologists, pastors, psychics and so forth. 

They are often not into doing something spontaneous.  They often need to know what is going to be happening tomorrow.  When they have something on their mind, they often tell you what they think.

When the astrologer gathers all the above information, they can then construct an astrology chart for you. Astrologers will often charge you anywhere from $50.00 to over $500.00 for an astrology chart that is specifically about you. 

Mapping out your astrology chart takes time.  In the ancient world, kings and people in authority often had their astrological chart mapped out.  Many ancient cultures used astrology to predict the future.

What Are Vedic Astrology Charts?

Vedic astrology is also called jyotishvidya.  This is probably one of the most developed forms of astrology that has been proven to be accurate.   This style of astrology is mainly used in India.  However, astrology has expanded in many parts of the world and is widely practiced in the United States and Canada as well. 

What The Astrology Chart Meaning Name Stands For?

  • Jyotish – One with the light. You can even call this “spirit of the light”. 
  • Vidya – This word means to be studious. It’s a learned one.
  • Vedic – To be enlightened.

Vedic astrology goes back over 5050 years.  It is an important custom of the myriad contents in scripture in ancient India. The founder of Vedic astrology is Parashara.  He was an ancient India Maharshi. 

He gave much instruction, writings and teachings on this subject.  He was someone that was said to hold the “mysteries” of the world.   His knowledge was put into text over 3,100 years ago.

It is important to point out that Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology on earth.   Vedic astrology has not been changed much over the past centuries because it is considered to be perfected as is.

The ancient wisdom of our ancestors knew more about the stars and planets and how they relate to our lives more than anything else.  This pseudoscience has touched millions of peoples lives and still shows a high interest amongst people worldwide. 

What Are Some Facts About Vedic Astrology Charts?

  • These are astrological charts.
  • Similar to charts used in American astrology.
  • Vedic birth charts are also known as janam kundi.
  • They can forecast a person’s future.
  • They can predict love, money, accidents and much more.
  • Precise astronomical positions are calculated.

People often don’t realize that there are both north and south styles of Vedic astrology.  This examines the place that you were born.  It also measures time and your birth. 

Vedic astrology measures your sun, ascendant sigh and moon sign.  It will tell you the positioning of the planets according to your time and date of birth and how it affects different areas of your life.  You will be able to see on paper what good and bad events await you in the future. 

What Information About Yourself Can You Get From Your Vedic Astrology Chart?

  • Health
  • Money
  • Success
  • Love
  • Business
  • Spirituality
  • Travel
  • Anything that you want information about.

It is important to have a real astrologer to map out your astrology chart.  The reason for this is that there are many fake astrologers on the internet today that don’t know anything about astrology and yet will tell you that they do.

It’s important to do your own research on which astrologer to choose. However, its best to look for astrologers that have a proven reputation for their work. 

What is A Birth Chart Calculator?

The birth chart calculator measures all the planets and energies that have predicted your life from the moment that you were born.  Yes, there is a map already planned out for you and its up to you to find it to see what is in store for your future. 

Most people don’t realize that your future is already predestined.  The chart explains how you will become or have become the person that you are.

A birth chart calculator can tell you how the planets Mercury and Mars make a difference in your life.  You will come to learn that different planets influence different areas of your love life. 

For instance, if you are old enough to remember the song, “I’m Your Venus” by Bananarama, it will let you know that the planet Venus speaks about your love life. 

Meaning of Your Rising Sign and Moon Sign:

  • A horoscope is your sun sign.
  • The moon signs tell us about your emotions.
  • The rising sign tells us how your relationships are with the rest of the universe.
  • On your date of birth, the moon, sun and the rising sign were put in a position that would make predictions about your life.
  • Solar, planets and Lunar will predict your life accordingly.

What Is Birth Chart Compatibility Meaning for Love?

In astrology, certain zodiac signs go together more than others. Here is a list of zodiac signs that tend to work together for love.

Aries and Leo – Both of you can get along great because you both have a side of you that is a bit different. Leos tend to be more into getting what they want out of life. They often demand what they want, and Aries usually sees the strong side of Leo as being attractive. 

Aries likes take charge people.  They want to feel like they can come to a decision because they can help others to see the light in their own life.  It’s important to check your daily horoscope each day so that you can see what the zodiac calendar is saying for you on a week.  Each week changes and there are certain moments when your relationship will blossom more than other times. 

Virgo and Capricorn – The passive side of the Virgo makes the love planet Venus work wonders for the two of you. Capricorns are true leaders.  They give and want others to see that their philosophies are the right ones. 

Virgo is supportive and highly spiritual in nature. They give their heart to those that deserve it.  Virgos are selective with who they trust, and they don’t trust a lot of people. 

The fact that you two are together is a sign from the planets that you were meant to be.  Astrology by date of birth matters because it puts you in a situation in which you can carefully examine why you have a relationship to begin with. 

Gemini and Scorpio – This is not a bad match since the two of you want to see the future through your own eyes together.  A true Gemini will see that they have a great outlook on life. They are strong leaders in their careers and happen to be more artistic than most people. 

The Gemini will turn Scorpio if they feel betrayed or lied to. It’s important for the Scorpio to not throw “shade” on the person that they are with.  Learn to talk about your problems. Astrology today is the same as it was thousands of years ago. 

The astrological calendar puts the two of you in a place where your relationship will be successful with effort.  Always do your horoscope by date of birth because it will be more accurate. 

Sagittarius and Pisces – There is a horoscope matching for the two of you.  Sagittarians are more concerned about their general overall wellbeing. They want to take care of you in love.  Pisces will often feel a sense of security when they are with a Sagittarian. 

This is mainly because the two of you see the higher good of long-lasting love. You will find that both of your birth charts bring the two of you together because you have been searching for love since the day you were born.  Your monthly horoscope often reveals that you need stability in your relationship when it comes to finances and even living together. 

You can both make love work if you put your finances together in order to see that you can combine your assets for the greater good.  A great date for the two of you would be to get a free astrology reading together. 

There are many psychics that offer a 5-minute free psychic reading.  In this way, you will come to know your astrological sign more and see what the future has in store. 

Cancer and Aquarius – Your horoscope compatibility is high.  You will often find that you can spend hours together talking without interruption.  The two of you love to get into details about what is happening in your family and friendships.

These two zodiac signs love their time together and often wants space to do what they feel is best for themselves.  Vedic astrology can open your mind to see the possibilities for marriage or a permanent living together situation. 

Most Cancer and Aquarius relationships stay together because you both prefer having a companion than living alone. Most astrologers will write a weekly horoscope in favor of your relationship. 

Taurus and Pisces – Your astrology online connection is powerful.  Both of you enjoy movies and hanging out after dark.  You prefer to snuggle up in bed on a cold winter’s night. 

If you study Indian astrology, you will learn that it points that the two of you should spend time reading spiritual books together. You both have a keen interest in your spirituality and how things work in the universe. 

You help other zodiac signs to see the future as you go.  Out of all the star signs, you are probably the most compatible. Others will notice that when you are together, there is a lot of harmony. 

You should try to take time to design your astrology birth chart together. You will find that you learn a lot more about yourself by doing this. You can also support one another on what you both are desiring in the relationship.

Do Horoscope Signs Need to Be Put Together Properly?

Knowing your exact horoscope dates will make all the difference for you in compatibility.  Many men and women wonder why their love life is in the toilet. Many times, it’s because you are not matched with the right person according to your astrological chart.

You can find your own free birth chart on the internet.  Just google your zodiac sign and start reading about your sign.  Charts do take time to put together.  You may find that it takes you well over a week if you are trying to pinpoint exact details. 

The more that you know about the day you were born, the more success you will find.  The free astrology chart should give you an eye opener as to what you will discover. 

Love astrology is probably the #1 reason why people study astrology to begin with. Astrologers like Linda Goodman sold millions of copies of her book, “Love Signs.”  I suggest you get a copy of this book because it is the A-Z guide for love horoscopes.