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What is The Meaning Of Bad Karma?

What is The Meaning Of Bad Karma?

Have you ever wondered why something good or bad happens to you?  You may have heard people around you saying, “That person that wronged me is going to get bad karma for doing what they did to me.” 

Some people believe that if you wrong someone, you will reap bad karma for it.  Good karma works the same way in which you get good karma for doing something helpful for someone.

The word karma means action. You must do something in order to get good or bad karma coming at you.

Your actions will determine what will happen in the future to you.  In many cultures, people often fear karma because they often wonder if they did something to bring bad luck upon their life. 

Many religions teach that if you do wrong to your neighbor, something bad is going to happen to you as well.

Karma is often taught in most religions such as: Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.  The word kriya is associated with karma as well.  Karma originated in India. 

The thought that something good or bad can happen to you in this life or the next is a direct teaching of India and accepted by most Indian cultures.  In reincarnation, it is believed that you may come back as a fly or a rat if your karma is bad. 

The worse you do in this life; your next life will be bad.  If you do good in this life, your next life may become better.

Favorite Books to Read on Karma


One of my favorite books on the topic of Karma is, “Healing Ancestral Karma: Free Yourself from Unhealthy Family Patterns” by Dr. Steven Farmer. 

This is a paperback book that I purchased for around $14.00 on  it has 256 pages and is published by Hierophant Publishing.  I like this book because it tells you how you can change your karma if its bad. 

You may find that your bad karma is a result of something that happened in a previous generation and then it was passed on to you.  Some religions refer this concept to be a generational curse. 

The book teaches you how to address issues in your life that may be hurting you right now and how to change it.


A second book that I read on this topic is entitled, “Karma: What It Is, What It Isn’t, Why It Matters” by Traleg Kyabgon. 

This book is 160 pages long and gives a lot of detail on Buddha’s teaching on karma.  It talks about the Buddha’s teaching on how things are and if it can be changed.

It teaches that are responsible for our own lives and what happens to us. I like this book because it allows us to take responsibility for what we do and to learn from our past mistakes.

It is interesting that the laws of nature say that we as human beings must pay or get blessed with our decisions.  The Buddhist teaching is that we must take responsibility and do what is right. 

I would have to say that no matter which religious background you come from; you most likely believe in the same thing.

If you sit down and meditate, you will begin to release negativity from your mind and the things that you may have done that cause you to feel depressed, anxious and worthless. 

Doing around 15 minutes a day is often all that is necessary to clear your mind and energy from painful thoughts that tend to linger throughout our day.

Karma also teaches us that our present actions may be a direct result of something that we did in a past life.  Have you ever wondered why you do half of the things you do without knowing why you do them? 

You may have a bad temper and regret screaming at someone when you get mad.  You may wonder why you enjoy giving money away to people that are in need.

There is an old saying that goes, “Think before you speak”.  This is a good saying because we often don’t want to think before we speak, and it often gets us into trouble later.

The New Testament of the Holy Bible teaches us something similar.  It teaches us that whatever a person sews, that is what he also reaps.

What Is Roberts Story of Karma?

Robert was a client of mine that told me his story of karma 5 years ago. He began to tell me that he had always believed that there were spiritual laws surrounding karma and how it affects our lives. 

He told me that he always suffered from bad luck and horrible money situations that always lead him back to poverty. He couldn’t escape living without something always trying to destroy him. For years, he tried to figure out how to fight the negative that always came to him.

When he started dating as a teenager, he always met young women that seemed to take advantage of him.  He would always find out that the women in his life were always cheating on him.

They were often texting/phoning their ex boyfriends and it made him feel rather uncomfortable.  He always felt like his life was not going to amount to anything.  It was clear that negative thoughts were in his mind from as early as 15 years of age.

He was the kind of person that tried to do right by his parents and friends. He was known as the guy that would give his shirt off his back to people that were in need. He even helped his family to volunteer for helping the poor and needy in homeless shelters.  However, he always managed to find a way to make his life get screwed up.

As he started to learn more about Buddhism, he decided that it was time for him to start looking more within to discover what he may have been doing wrong in order to get to this level of pain and suffering. 

As he began to meditate daily, he began to realize that his father kept on coming into his mind. In his meditations, he would see his father as a young man in his 20s, smoking, drinking and partying. 

He saw his father as being immature and didn’t understand how his father was this way because he certainly was this way no longer.  He also saw his dad doing a lot of bad things.

Robert realized that he was not perfect but tried to do what was right. He felt that he had to ask his father about some of the things that he did wrong in his life. 

The good news is that when Robert began talking to his father about what he was seeing in his meditation sessions, his father admitted that he was more of a rough type of guy in his 20’s and would often screw people over.  His father told him that he has now changed and informed him that his grandfather was the same way.

Robert began to realize that perhaps he was living out the generational bad karma that was in his family line from many generations doing bad things. Robert knew that this had to change. He knew that he had to try and find a way to make things right in his life.

Robert began to examine every action that he could. He knew that he had to examine what he was doing wrong or right in his life.

When it came to love, Robert began seeing that his past lovers were not right from the start.  Robert was somewhat psychic and would often get a gut feeling that the women that he was dating were often in love with someone else.

Instead of him telling the woman that he can’t date her because her heart belongs to someone else, he would date her instead.  Months later, the girl would end up cheating on him.  This karma tended to follow Robert. Robert decided in his life that he was not going to allow himself to date anyone that was questionable. 

It became clear to him that it was time for him to use his psychic intuition and not force something that is not supposed to happen. When Robert began dating again, he used his psychic intuition and began to shun women that seemed attached to other men.

Even though this karma followed him, he was able to change his life choices. He did finally meet a woman that was unattached. He saw that he still had power even though bad karma followed him. 

He now realizes that bad karma is something that you often can’t control coming to you, but you can make life choices to cause your life to now become better because of the actions that you are now going to take.

We often don’t follow what our inner gut is saying to us. We often want to believe that we can change someone or a life circumstance to get what we want. 

However, we need to walk away from troubled areas of our lives that may not seem like they are going to work out for us. When we do this, we begin to attract better energy to us and change our life circumstances. 

We may not be able to change all our karma in this life, but we certainly can make better choices to allow that karma to go around us.

What Is A Karma Test for Finding Out Where Your Karma is At Right Now?

Many men and women will use the expression, “Karmas a bit**”.  For some people, it really is.  If you are the kind of person that does wrong to people most of the time to benefit yourself, you will have a lot of bad luck in your life. 

A good way to test this is to see if every area of your life is affected by negativity. People that have bad karma often have a lack of love in their lives. money troubles, trouble at work, little to no friends. 

Yes, this is all a result of your own actions according to karma.  Nobody can force you to do what is right. However, the spirit world knows when you do wrong.

Everyone has bad luck from time to time, but people that live in bad karma feel like the world is always coming against them. Have you ever met someone that has car problems, money problems, love problems and their life is going to complete hell regularly? 

Yes, you may have asked yourself, “Why is something always bad happening to them. Every time that I turn around, their life is going to hell.”  Yes, they have attracted a lot of bad karma to themselves do to the life choices that they have made.

Sometimes, people don’t even realize that they are doing wrong and yet they are.  For instance, if a person chooses not to go to university after they graduate high school, they will find that its difficult to find a job that pays well. 

Therefore, there poor decision will lead them to earning less money throughout the course of their life.  They won’t have as much job opportunity as someone that went through college to learn and educate themselves to earn a better living.

You created this bad karma and often people that don’t go to college after graduating high school don’t end up going later down the road either.

You may be a woman that dated a bad man that wrecked your life. You decided to give him a chance even though you knew that he was abusive.  Your poor choice has now led you to be alone and you are finding it hard to find love again. 

It may take years for you to find another man that will love you.  This choice is one that you chose on your own despite your family and friends telling you that he was only going to mistreat you and that you should not be together. 

However, your lust for him caused you to want to give him a chance. You thought that he was so handsome and perhaps you could change him. 

How to Remove Bad Karma

Steps –

  1. Start doing the right thing. Apologize to those that you have offended and don’t repeat the same mistakes over again.
  2. Realize that you were wrong and now you can go back and do what is right.
  3. Allow your family and friends to see that you are not out to hurt anyone.
  4. Take ownership that you created your own bad karma and that doing what is right will correct your problem.
  5. If you do what is right from now on, the bad karma will not come back to you.
  6. Meditate on what you do on a day to day basis. If you find that you are doing something wrong every day, find a way to stop doing wrong and learn to do right.

Learning how to create karma that is good is all up to you.  This is because the universe allows you to make the choices that work best for you. However, you learn from your past mistakes.  Some people learn what they should not be doing and yet keep on doing the same thing time and time again. 

This is often common with addictions.  You may have a drug and alcohol addiction and know that its bad for you. However, you keep on going back to it because it makes you feel good for the moment.

You create bad karma for yourself because you are most likely hurting your friends and family, perhaps stealing to get money for drugs/alcohol and destroying your body.

“Karma will get you if you are not careful” say a lot of people.  I believe in karma because it has affected my life in many ways.  I have seen people get help and destroy their own lives. 

When someone does wrong, something always bad comes back to you because of what you have done. It doesn’t matter if you are the President of the United States or a common person in the street.  Nobody can hide from getting what is going to come to them. 

The law of karma says that whatever you do to someone else, will be done to you as well.  Therefore, its best to say or do nothing if you have nothing positive to input. 

There is such a thing as evil karma. This is the worst kind of karma because it gets vicious. This kind of karma destroys your entire life. You have done so bad that you may get yourself into a situation that is life destructive. 

The karmic world is so fed up with you that it continues to try and destroy you. When this happens, you MUST change your ways and agree to the laws of the universe and love others as you love yourself. 

Positive karma takes time to build. If you want to build this kind of karma, start doing good to your fellow man/woman.  Learn how to give to others all the time and watch the universe bend more in your favor to bless you with love and money.

What Is Karma Meaning?

You attract what you put out. 

Remember, karma will get you back if you hurt someone else. If you do good for someone, it will reward you at the same time. If you are planning something evil, make sure that you don’t carry out your plans. Otherwise, the spiritual laws of karma will come at you hard. 

Karma does exist so that it can keep human beings “in check”. You become what you think about and want to achieve in life. You get rewarded and punished by what you do. It’s all based on action.

Do I Have Bad Karma?

If you have recognized that you have bad karma, remember that you can follow the steps above to get rid of it.  Just acknowledge that you are taking ownership of your mistakes.

The universe is living and breathing and sees when you are trying to do bad or good. Show the universe that you are ready to make some changes that are positive.  This will remove your bad karma.

What Is A Good Karma Cleaning Exercise?

Take some sage and put it all over your home.  Allow this herb to work its magic by cleansing evil and negative energy from your presence. You will find that this herb allows you to feel more at peace in your home.

Feng Shui your home as well. When everything is in order and has its own place, you will see that your energy is more positive throughout the day.  Anyone can do this exercise because sage usually costs under $5.00. 

Is Karma A Religion?

You can look at karma as a religion because it’s a belief system that rewards an punishes you for good and bad actions that you take in life.  This is a lot like religion.  There is no sacred text when it comes to karma.

However, it is a belief system that has been followed for thousands of years.  Understanding karma takes time and effort. 

What Are the 12 Laws of Karma?

Rhythm – Everything in life happens as its supposed to.

Gender – Everything in life is either male or female.

Polarity – You can change good or bad thoughts.

Relativity – You can change your life through opportunity.

Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – You can make life into anything you want.

Law of Attraction – Whatever is in your mind you attract to yourself.

Law of Compensation – You get back what you put out.

Law of Cause and Effect – Nothing just happens. It has a reason.

Law of Correspondence – Your thoughts will create what happens on the outside.

Law of Action – Go after what you want to achieve.

Law of Energy – Everything around us is made of energy.

Law of Oneness – We are all linked to each other.