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Am I Psychic?

Am I Psychic?

An important question that a lot of people ask is, “Am I psychic?” We live in a culture worldwide that is seeking higher levels of understanding into spirituality.

If you have ever gotten a vibe about someone that you didn’t know and was right about it, you most likely have good intuition.  Many people think of this as having good psychic intuition. 

A vibe is often a feeling that can be proven right if we can find some concrete proof to what we feel.  Psychic intuition works the same way.  Some people are more psychic than others. 

What Is A Psychic Test?

Give yourself a psychic test.   Try to target a person that you feel something strongly for.  Write down what you feel about that person on things that you may not fully know.  Perhaps you think of this person as someone that cheats on their lovers or has a secret life. 

Write down in detail what you sense. In this way, you can record in detail some information that may later turn out to be factual.  Important details can be:

Are they an online cheater that doesn’t meet up with their dates? This may be considered cheating by some people.  However, if you can tap into their life to see what they are up to, this would prove that your psychic gift is at work

The more that you test out your psychic abilities, the more you will come to see that you are a lot more psychic than you may have thought.  I find that doing automatic handwriting also helps to grow your spiritual gifts.  This is easy to do and requires only about 30 minutes of your time per day. 

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Put a timer on the clock for around 2 minutes. Just write without thinking. Write about anything that comes to your mind.  If you are blocked, your paper will only show a few sentences.  If you are open, your paper should have a few paragraphs already written around 5 sentences each. 

If you allow spirit to speak through you, your psychic intuition is going to take charge and you will see that you grow in reading people.

How Psychic Meditation Grows Your Clairvoyance

Psychics often spend around 14 to 30 minutes a day meditating.  Meditation helps you to see the spirit world in a way that you have never seen it before.  It allows you to relax and it allows spirit to come to you.  You may not know it now, but our spirituality tends to grow when we are most relaxed. 

In order to meditate, find a quiet and relaxed place that is private.  Some people need to go to a quiet place in the park or a public library to meditate. 

You don’t have to make a big deal out of your meditation session.  Simply find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes.  When you do this, you will allow energy to come to you. You will begin seeing that you grow and become more powerful with time. 

When your mind is clear, you can focus on other people’s problems and not on your own.  Meditation helps you to see that you can be at peace even when all hell is breaking in your life.  You will often be surprised at how relaxed you will be when reading other people. 

Most people don’t know that psychics are not born to be able to read people. In fact, most psychics improve in their abilities through trial and error. It is important to understand that we can all learn to read one another. 

It is also true that some men and women make better psychics than others. It is a lot like some people make better football players. Even though we can all throw a football, it doesn’t mean that we can all play for the NFL.  Sometimes, we are more gifted to one thing over the other. 

I often put on my headphones and play soft quiet beach music when meditating. This allows me to be taken into the ocean and be at complete peace. I find that after my meditation session has been completed, I am ready to start my day with giving my clients psychic readings. 

Will You Will Have a Huge Spiritual Awakening After Meditation?

After you have meditated for at least a month, you will find that your problems begin to become less.  When you take time out of your busy schedule and just focus in on you, your mind becomes clear enough to be able to help other people. 

Over time, meditation should become second nature to you. You should often feel that when you meditate, you see good things happening in your life.  You get to feel clearer spiritually and emotionally.  The spiritual awakening that you feel is often unlike any other. It’s because you are finally giving yourself a chance to be relaxed and not worry. We often worry about love, money and our careers on a regular basis. 

It is hard to imagine that we experience new beginnings when we relax ourselves.  Many people that start giving psychic readings say that they become spiritually awakened or enlightened.  The thought for being able to help someone from a spiritual perspective means a lot.

When I first gave my first psychic reading, I became spiritually awakened. I realized that I can read into the lives of people that I had never met before. I was able to look at specific details to their lives.

I learned a lot about their names, dates, times and locations of events that happened in their lives.  It is important to learn and understand that you can have power in your life if you put your mind to it.

The greatest blessing that we can have is to be able to learn something that we may not have known could exist. If you can accurately tell a person what their future has in store for them, it will open levels of spiritual growth in your life like you have never seen before.

Why Does Spiritual Learning Take Time to Build?

Anything that we learn spiritually takes time to build.  None of us are born with a spiritual manual that teaches us how-to walk-through life. We all must discover our own spirituality on our own.

Some people follow the religion of their parents and others follow what they feel they are being led to.  Sometimes we must learn as we walk through life. We don’t always get to see everything that is in front of us. We often need to learn what will work for us even though its going to be hard to figure out.

I find that reading religious books like the Holy Bible teaches me about how the world began and how to get closer to God.  Getting closer to God takes time and effort. You must put a strong commitment into what you believe God may be saying to you.  You need to look at what may or may not be working for you. In this way, you begin to understand your true-life purpose.

If you are doing soul searching, I highly recommend that you take a journal and begin writing daily about what your life expectations are and where you see yourself in a year from now. 

You can learn a lot about different topics that come to mind.  You should start looking for books on to read.  Take a minute and review what you need to grow in and then go from there.

Why Are Good Spiritual Teachers Hard to Find?

Spiritual teachers are often hard to find.  There are thousands of false prophets in the world today. Most will try to teach you something that makes no sense. You need to be your own human lie detector when it comes to finding a spiritual teacher.

I would suggest finding someone that has a good reputation and large following on social media.  You will find that people that are famous often have a spiritual gift to share with the rest of the world.  They may often call themselves a teacher, psychic or shaman.

My first spiritual teacher was a prophetic minister in California.  He was from los Angeles and knew how to give prophetic words to people. He would write down a prophecy and hand it to anyone that he felt called to minister to. 

He told me to just say what you see and don’t worry about how people will react to it. I have found his methods to be most helpful.  In order to become an accurate psychic, you must not worry about what other people are going to think about your reading.

Instead, you must communicate to them what you see and nothing more.  Don’t let people tell you what you should be seeing. This is a life lesson that has helped me to understand the spirit world a lot better.  I have learned to be my own best psychic.

Do You Gain Spiritual Empowerment From Doing Free Psychic Readings?

Believe it or not, I became powerful in my psychic gift when I began giving people free psychic readings.  This allowed me to go into deeper levels of the spirit because I was able to focus on people without having to impress them for money. 

Free psychic readings allow a reader to develop their spiritual gift a lot faster because there are not constraints. Since people are not paying you by the minute, they are more respectful and tend to listen and not talk so much.

When someone is paying for a psychic reading, they often do more talking than listening.  To many interruptions during a psychic reading destroys the spiritual flow of events that are happening in your life.

Do You Want to Say I Am Psychic?

The desire to want to be psychic is a blessing if you feel like this is your calling. Millions of people walk through life always feeling like they are not living out your true passion for life. 

If you believe that you are psychic, is important to allow yourself to practice your abilities on people that are open to hearing what you have to say. Even psychic mediums like James Van Praagh say that they felt that they were a medium as a child. 

We often can sense who we are as children. The world often makes us believe that we must live in the box that they put us in. Only people that fight for what they want in life will achieve it. 

There are many psychic classes that you can take in order to better your abilities.  You can often find that these classes allow you to learn about other psychics and how they tap into the spiritual world.

They often teach you how to set up your own psychic shop at home to give readings. You can learn how to connect with top astrology websites and learn how to give readings.

The classes will often encourage you to give free psychic medium readings to people in order to better your skills. I know that when I visited the Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale New York, they give free medium readings at a place called The Stomp. 

You basically sit in on a bench with other people and mediums start to get up in front of everyone and asking if they can come to you in order to give a psychic reading.  This helps people to get spiritual messages from their loved ones. 

Developing psychic abilities take time. Most psychic readers say that they spend their entire lives trying to get to the next level of receiving spiritual messages.  Once you begin to develop your clairvoyant abilities, you begin to see that there are spirits trying to speak to you.

Interpreting their messages take time and effort. You need to practice time and time again.  In this way, you will be able to see that you grow as you listen to the spirit world speaking. Over time, you will come to see that you are getting spiritual messages for people that really need them. 

Having psychic abilities means that you have been given a gift for healing people that normally can’t find inner peace. This is mainly because people often call upon psychics when everything else in their lives has collapsed around them. 

People often turn to psychics when there is nobody or nothing else to turn to. Psychics give people peace when the world has failed them. The fact that you can see beyond what most people cannot says that others will depend upon you for answers and hope. 

Most people don’t know how to use their clairvoyant abilities because they have not trained hard and long enough.

Discover your psychic powers by asking others to give you feedback on your reading.  You will find that when someone wants to get a reading from you, they are excited about it. 

You can benefit from giving someone a free psychic reading by asking for their input. This will help you to become a more powerful reader because you will see what is coming from your own thoughts and what is coming from spirit. Over time, you will come to see that you can grow. 

Why Are People’s Psychic Experiences Different?

Everyone has a different psychic experience in life. Some people experience moments in which they feel that they can see ghosts.  Others say that they don’t see ghosts and can only hear the dead speaking. Yet others say that they receive messages through their sixth sense. 

People’s psychic experiences will not always be the same. There is nothing wrong with receiving messages differently.  After all, no one person is the same and nobody completely understands the spirit world or why something happens over something else. All that we know is that we have a purpose in the world to help other people. 

Do You Psychically Feel Things in Your Dreams?

You may be someone that has dreams on a regular basis. Sometimes, our dreams can be scary. If you can psychically feel things in your dreams, then you are most likely tapping into your sixth sense as you are sleeping. This is often something that most people don’t experience. 

I have met a few people in my life that wake up out of their sleep and feel as though they are experiencing voices and people speaking to them. This can be scary if you are not knowing how to deal with this.

The best way to deal with these types of dreams are to write them down and have them interpreted. It is obvious that the spirit world is using you to be a messenger for people.  It wants you to see that you have messages to give to those that you are dreaming about. 

Instead of looking at this as being scary, look at it as being something that you can use to help other people. Yes, your dreams will help people in life to see that they are moving in a much better position later down the road. 

Why Can Free Online Psychic Chat Rooms Help You to Connect With People of Like Minds?

I find that talking to people via psychic chat rooms are helpful. You get to experience what others are saying about their experiences with ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity.

You will find that others bring comfort to you when you feel like nobody else is experiencing this type of phenomena.  You will see that most people enjoy sharing their stories with you because they often feel that their experiences are real. 

I was once in a chat room and someone came in and talked about their UFO abduction experience.  They felt that nobody else understood where they were coming from. After they told us their story, they got some positive feedback from the group.

A woman in the group said that she had similar encounters with aliens, and they became friends. It was an amazing experience because they felt a sense of comfort talking about their own personal experiences of what happened to them.

Sometimes a good friendship with someone that has the same experiences as you do lets you know that you are not crazy.  In fact, most people that have psychic abilities often go through periods in which they question their own mental state of mind. This is all to common. 

Psychic events are always happening in a person’s life.  What you may be experiencing is often not as unique as you may have thought. It’s because others are experiencing the same things as you are and often not talking about it.  Some of the best-known psychics in the world don’t talk about their experiences until they are well established in their careers.

My psychic abilities help me to connect with people that say something similar.  I believe that when this happens, the universe has opened doors for the two of you to meet. 

Finding your psychic ability takes time and you should never force it.  Spend your spare time reading books on how to become psychic.  You will find that these books help you to open your third eye up to receiving messages. 

What’s Your Psychic Power?

In order to find your psychic power, go after what makes you most curious. If you are curious about using tarot cards, learn about them.  If astrology excites you, learn how to map out astrology charts.

You will find that your curiosities and interests often lead you to discovering your path.  Most people find their destiny by seeking within and learning more about what works out well for yourself. 

We all have psychic powers that move us in a positive direction.  We can look at the world around us and see that our minds have the capacity to learn more about what works for us. It’s all something that we must seek out and learn more about. 

Can You Get in Touch With Your Own Psychic Abilities?

You have what it takes to look deep within.  As you learn more about what it is to be psychic, your mind begins to tap into something that is beyond this world.

If you accept that there are spirits all around us, then you will begin to see that they are still speaking.  Spirits never die and we all have one.  I find that when I talk about my spiritual gifts, something “magical” begins to happen. 

I begin to take on new challenges and learn what will work for me in the long run. It’s something that you often must feel because you have something within you that makes a lot of sense.  You must go after what works out best for yourself.  Life is more about working on your challenges and completing them.