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Will You Be the Lucky One that Finds Love This Year?

Are You A Lucky One That Will Find Love This Year?

Do you often ask yourself, “Why can’t I be the lucky one to find love this year in my life?”  It seems that my friends all have someone to love, but I am always the one by myself or having romantic relationships that don’t seem to last? 

At last, there is some hope.  We are going to tell you the most popular lucky charms that have proven to work with finding a new lover that will stick around until you are old and grey. 

What Is Good Luck Karma?

Karma is a spiritual law of the universe.  If we do good unto others, good karma will return to us.  This goes the same for love.  If you do good to someone in love, you will get back good in return.

If you haver ever screwed someone over in your love life, you are most likely going to reap bad karma for it. In order to create good luck karma for yourself, you will have to go back to the people that you screwed over and ask for an apology.  Dig deep within your soul. 

Did you mistreat someone at some point and now are reaping the bad karma for it?  You may think that this is just a bunch of superstitious nonsense but ask anyone that knows anything about bad karma, and they will tell you that its true. In order to reap some good luck karma for love, you will need to stop making life choices that will cause bad luck to come to you. 

Watch what you say to people and if someone is mean to you, don’t respond negatively back. Instead, treat them well so that you don’t reap the same bad karma that will be coming to you. If the man/woman of your dreams cheated on you, don’t cheat on them as well. 

If you play “eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth”, you are both reaping bad karma.  Good karma rewards you in love.  You need to be honest with yourself and admit your wrong doings and try to correct the wrong that you have done so that you can finally have good luck in love. 

By correcting your wrong doings, you can be one of the lucky ones that finds a life partner. 

Can You Get Some lucky Symbols in Your Life?

Say or use the #7 as often as you can.  When you go out on a date, try to choose something with the number 7 in it.  Numerology has been proven to work for love on many accounts.

You may go out on a date with someone on the 7th day of the week or choose 7 types of clothing to wear as well.  Lucky #7 does help. 

Buy a bamboo plant and place it on a table where your date is going to sit with you.  Chinese culture often uses the bamboo plant to represent good luck.  Couples that kiss near or around a bamboo plant are often said to stick together. 

Get a hold of a ladybug. Lady bugs are known for bringing couples together that often have difficulty in staying together.  Many times, the lady bugs energy will make you feel more at ease and trustworthy of your partner.  Lady bugs are often used for love in Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey and Serbia. 

The Irish are known for using four leaf clovers to bring good luck in love. You can buy a four-leaf clover plant and set it somewhere in your home in order to bring luck into your relationship. You may find that the energy around it is helpful and allows love to flow more easily for you. 

Play a game of horseshoes with the guy/woman of your dreams.  Horseshoes are known for bringing good luck into a person love life. Many men and women that fail at love try playing a game of horseshoes and then suddenly see dramatic changes for the better happening in their love lives. 

Carrying around a Rabbits foot is said to be one of the best good luck charms that a person can possess. It is said that the rabbits foot has power in it to bring love and fortune to you. 

Will You Be the Lucky One that Finds Love This Year?

Anyone that possesses the rabbits foot says that it is a powerful source of adding good karma to your love life.  The rabbit’s foot is often used worldwide. 

If you are eating a chicken, don’t throw away your wish bone. Instead, break it with your date and connect your love this way. The wish bone has been used for wishing love and therefore bonding relationships in marriage. All the zodiac signs have an equal opportunity to have good luck in love. 

If you are asking yourself who you are supposed to be with in love, its important to see that you are not meant to be alone.  Every human being needs to have someone to love them.

Romantic relationships are a bit hard to find these days because many people find that getting romantic with someone comes rather fast and easy.  Especially when you have dating apps like Tinder and Grindr. 

A soulmate is often someone that you feel understands you and you accept the person that you are with as well.  Meeting “the one” will allow you to feel that you can get to the next level of your life.  You may be surprised to find out that when you have someone in your life to love, you feel a sense of fulfillment. 

Finding love has a lot to do with luck and right time/right place.  When luck is on your side, love becomes a lot easier to find.  You may be shocked to find out that we sometimes don’t find what we are looking for because the universe says that it’s not time yet. 

If the universe wants you to have a good career first, it may hold love back from you.  Sometimes the odds are stacked against you in love no matter how hard you try. However, keeping luck on your side is best when you know that you are doing the right thing.

In this way, you can do things a lot better. Overall, you are going to see that everything around you begin to form well, and you take on new responsibilities.

Before going out on a date, make sure to understand as much as you can about your date.  Dating websites can sometimes be good in the sense that you get to at least see a person’s online profile before meeting them in person. 

It’s always best to talk to your potential date either on Skype or some type of video device so that you can see the person that you are meeting before meeting them up in person.  This allows you to see that the person that you are meeting in person is the person that is posted in the profile. 

If your gut instinct is telling you that the person that you are meeting is not going to be good for you, listen to your intuition.  Psychics often rely on their intuition for factual advice. 

As you get to become a master with your intuition, you get to block out negativity and negative people from entering your life. You begin to say no from the start.  People often end up alone when they date someone because of how they look.  You want to control your lusts and not let them get the best of you.  Remember, “Looks can be deceiving”. 

You want to have someone in your love life that is willing to stay with you forever.  Don’t be afraid to ask the man or woman if they want a lifetime partner.  If someone can’t say yes or no to this question, run!  Don’t settle for less because you have a planet full of over 7 billion people. 

Just because one person isn’t into love, doesn’t mean that another person won’t be.  Give it time and learn to listen to your inner heart.  When you look deep into your heart, you need to really want love. The spirit world can read your true intentions. If you are not ready for love, you most likely not meet someone that will want to spend their life with you. 

I once met a woman that told me that she didn’t know why she couldn’t find a husband. I asked her how soon she wanted to get married.  She said that she didn’t know.  She said that maybe she would be ready in 1, 2 or 5 years. She wasn’t sending out any energy to the universe of someone that wanted to get married.

When someone wants to get married, they are waiting for the right person to come into their life so that they can get married within the same or next year.  They are ready and don’t want to wait any longer.  When we send mixed messages to the spirit world, we are telling it that we are not ready and therefore, the spirit world is going to send you what you are trying to ask for. 

If you are not serious about marriage, you will also receive people in your life that are not looking for marriage either.  Remember, the spirit world knows everything and will send to you what it believes you are asking it for. 

You may or may not know exactly what you even want. If this sounds like you, then its time to start doing some serious meditation and writing down in a journal what you are truly seeking. The sooner that you do this, the better.

Can You Have Success and Luck in Love?

Success and luck in love go together.  Finding your true soulmate at the right time is not easy.  Everyone says that luck has a lot to do with right place and right time.

People often meet their soulmate because they happened to start talking to someone that they had no idea they were going to speak to.  When an introduction is made between the two of you, it is luck.  This often doesn’t happen, and people often want to date someone that they are attracted to. 

Human beings often enjoy meeting someone that they know nothing about and making a relationship build out of it.  The mystery of having a mysterious person in your life excites most people. 

Even though we can know someone for 12+ years in school, human beings often prefer to meet someone for love outside of their natural surroundings. 

You can have success and luck in love if you allow yourself to talk to people that you are interested in.  This often helps you to see that the universe is putting someone in your path that has a desire to grow with you over time.

Only the lucky ones will find love.  Some people never find love in their lives no matter how hard they try. This is a mystery for most men and women today.  You can have good luck with love if you put your mind to it. 

Some psychics say that if you wish for something long enough, it will come to you. 

You can have good luck for almost anything that you want in life.  It’s important to practice meditation daily in order to clear out the negative energies that are all around you.  You will find that when you do this, good luck does come to you.

Are You Not Having Much Luck?

“We often don’t have much luck when our thoughts are to negative.  Bob Proctor and many other motivational positive thinking speakers say that we must learn how to control out thoughts to not be negative.  He believes in the law of attraction.  What we think about comes to us.  Some people refer to this as the law of attraction.”

If you have bad luck most of the time, its important to clear out your bad karma and look for ways to find inner peace. Once this happens, better luck comes to you. 

Can You Have Good Luck on Dating Websites?

Having good luck on dating websites is hard. You have a 50% chance of landing someone for love.  If you happen to meet someone that you can meet up with in person, you got lucky. A lot of other people on dating websites say that there are not matches for them. 

Most people are only looking for booty or short-term love.  When it comes to finding love, you need to find someone that is serious about it like you are.

Some websites like have been successful for many people.  Perhaps its because it has millions of users and you can screen through many different profiles. 

With Luck, You Can Go Far in Life

Even Mark Cuban says that he is one of the luckiest guys in the world.  Some people are luckier than others in life.  Some experts say that having good luck has a lot to do with your work ethics. If you are wiling to put your time into a romantic relationship, it will turn out well for you. It’s all about learning about one another and taking the time out to push things ahead for the two of you. 

Luck is finding what you are looking for.  Success in finding what you already have is working hard to make it work for you.  Just because you find the most amazing person to love in life doesn’t mean that they will feel the same way towards you. You must try and do everything in your power to make them see that they should be together with you.

Most men and women today base their dating life on attraction. They often feel that someone is worth dating if they look “hot”.  Lust seems to drive most people to date a certain someone. This often gets people into trouble. 

What Are Some Luck Quotes?

  1. You are lucky because you were born that way.
  2. Good luck happens to those that don’t expect anything.
  3. We are either born lucky or unlucky from birth.
  4. Bad luck is for those that have done harm to others.
  5. Good luck only happens when you are a good person.
  6. Evil people will always have bad luck.
  7. You have bad luck because of something that you did.

Is Good Luck in Love All Up to You?

When it comes to love, we need to become our best critics. We have the power to put ourselves out there in the dating world and change our lives.  You can go on social media and dating websites to find people to go out on dates with. You should allow yourself to feel that you have love coming to you because you deserve it.

If you see someone that you want to date, talk to them about how you feel. Let them know where your heart stands and that you have an interest in them.  Some people will say yes to getting to know you and others will not. You may find that someone has an interest in you that you had no idea even wanted you.  This is often a powerful connection because good luck brought the two of you together. 

The luck factor has a lot to do with what the universe wants to give to you.  If it wants to let you suffer for a while, it will. You have the power to change your own destiny and to search for what will work out well for you in life.  You need to accept what the universe gives to you and learn to work with what you have. Eventually, you will see that you can reach higher levels of success over time.

What to Do for Luck?

For starters, start doing the right thing all the time. In today’s world, you need to check yourself. Are you doing what you would want done to you?  Human beings today are more into loving themselves then doing good for their fellow man/woman.  This method of thinking has never worked in society and causes more pain and suffering in the world that we live in.

It’s important for you to work hard and show the universe that you will do right. When you do this, you open windows and doors of opportunity for yourself and others. 

Meditate on your 7 chakras. If you begin thinking negative thoughts in your mediation session, write down what they are.  After your mediation session is over with, try to find ways on how you can make the negative thought right again. For instance, if you are thinking about the time that you hurt someone or someone hurt you, apologize for what you have done or ask for an apology from someone else. In this way, you clear out the negative emotion.

When our chakras are clear and in balance, our luck changes for the better.  Therefore, great teachers like the Dalai Lama teach on the importance of meditation.

What Is Good Luck Meaning?

Good luck means that we have a blessing from the universe sending us good things.  We can have good luck in love, career, spirituality, money, health, friendships and just about anything else that we put our hands on. Some people say that whatever Donald Trump touches turns to gold. 

Some people are just lucky because they have the power to make something work for themselves. You can also define luck as being a power from the universe that chooses specific people to be luckier than others. 

We have nothing to do with it.  The universe just puts something in our lives that pave the path for success. 

The lucky definition has a lot to do with your own personal beliefs as well. If you believe that everyone in your family is unsuccessful and you will be to, then you are not allowing better luck to happen. 

Don’t try to base your opinions about your life on what other people have told you about yourself.  Never look at your other family members and friends as being the reason why you will have little or lots of luck.

If you are looking for good luck, you will often find it when you least expect. It’s because we can’t force good luck to come to us. Instead, we must allow it to come to us without knowing when it will hit. Ask any lottery winner and they will tell you that they normally play the lottery and never win. However, on one day, they played it like usual and just happened to win.