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Is There A Feng Shui Meaning?

Is There A Feng Shui Meaning?

You may be noticing that your bedroom is not Feng Shui right now. Perhaps your bed is positioned wrong or the paint on the walls doesn’t match everything else. 

When you walk into your bedroom, you may feel that its not making you feel peaceful on the inside of your heart.  You may be asking yourself, “What can I do to make this bedroom Feng Shui? Let us look at some bedroom ideas.

The idea of Feng Shui originated in China.  It is a pseudoscience that is supposed to make any person or item in a room be in sync with one another. If something is out of place, it creates negative energy in the room.  You may often walk into a home and feel like everything is mess.

The dishes are not done, the walls are dirty and there are clothes all over the floor.  Just thinking about this is probably making you feel comfortable. 

The word Feng Shui means wind water.  In Chinese metaphysics, Feng Shui is one of the 5 arts.  This is also known as physiognomy.  The Chinese believe that there are energy forces in a room that causes it to be peaceful or chaotic. 

Another taught philosophy is that there are forces in the world that cause people and “things” to be peaceful for humanity or not peaceful.  You can also refer to this as qi

Feng Shui has been used to cause buildings, homes and tombs/gravesites to be balanced.  Balancing colors with wood textures causes a room to be appealing to the eyes.

In return, one becomes more peaceful inside.  Therefore, human beings are often attracted to lucrative homes that have flowers around them, often over 3,000 square feet. 

For millions of people, seeing the lifestyles of the rich and famous are often appealing because a person often sees well decorated homes, expensive cars, beautiful clothing. 

Most people say that they strive to achieve more financial success in their lives so that they can afford to buy the “American dream”.  The American dream is not only American, but a worldwide desire. 

If you can afford to, the more desired Feng Shui addition is having your home on a lake or beach front.  The ocean water is appealing to the eyes and in real estate, brokers often say that a homes views are the most important. 

When you look out the window, are you seeing a hill with grass on it or a body of water and the cities skyline?  Of course, the home that has a body of water behind it is more valuable because it is causing the physical body to feel more relaxed.

How To Create Your Feng Shui Bedroom

Lighter colored bedroom walls are often the best technique in creating a Feng Shui bedroom.  Painting experts often say that the best colors for your bedroom walls are lavender, soft green, palm blue, soft grey and deep blue. These colors are said to bring relaxation to the soul when you are snuggled up in your bed at night waiting to fall asleep.  Having the right colors in your room are said to promote relaxation, calmness and love. 

What Are Some Colors for A Feng Shui Bedroom?

Lavender – A perfect color for the bedroom because it is not overwhelming.  Purple is said to reduce depression, anxiety, fear.  This color adds a rather cool feeling inside of yourself.

Soft Green – This is the color of the natural world.  A more neutral color.  These colors make you feel a sense of serenity. 

Pale Blue – A color great if you need more relaxation and soothing sensations in the bedroom. Many people that have blood pressure and heart rate issues tend to pick pale blue because it is said to cause more peace in the soul.  As you look up in the sky, you see blue and often the feeling of “mother nature” looking out for you.  For some people, it makes you feel like a baby again.  Just looking at your bedroom being able to take care of you.

Soft Grey – Matches everything in the room.  Keeps everything in balance.  Makes you feel relaxed when trying to fall asleep. 

Deep Blue – Great color for the philosopher in you.  This color promotes thinking and meditation

What Are The Best Types of Floors for the Bedroom?

Carpeting – When you get out of bed in the morning, would you like to be stepping on a nice soft carpet. Your feet will be stepping on to a warm rug (great for a cold winter day).  Rugs also help to control the room temperature and added padding can be added underneath the rug for comfort.  Rugs tend to be my favorite because I don’t like putting my feet on anything cold when I first wake up in the morning. 

Ceramic Tile Flooring – If you absolutely hate rugs, another option is tile.  When you wake up and put your feet on the floor, you will be putting your feet on something cold.  Some people like coldness on their feet if they live in warm climates.  This is great if you live in Florida, Hawaii and California. 

Wood Floors – A rather stylish and perfect solution if you and your bedroom partner don’t like the same type of flooring.  You can add a nice area rug to your side of the bed while your partner prefers putting their feet onto the hardwood floor as they awake in the morning.  A great solution because it comes in various styles to include maple, ash, walnut and oak. 

Area Rugs – If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to put new floors or carpeting in the bedroom, an area rug can often be purchased for under $300.00.  If you live in Florida, I have found some beautiful soft colored rugs at El Dorado Furniture.  They are a well-known furniture store in Florida. Area rugs can be round, square and rectangular in shape. I bought one of these for my dog and he tends to sleep better at night.  He didn’t like the hardwood floors all that much. 

Laminate Flooring – A great way to make your bedroom Feng Shui if you can only afford to spend between $100.00 to $500.00.  Laminating floors are designed well today giving hundreds of selections and look alike for hard wood floors and ceramic tile.  A great combination would be to have a laminated floor with an area rug. 

Rubber Flooring – A great way to add Feng Shui to the bedroom.  This type of flooring is made from recycled rubber. Has been known to last for several decades in a home. Has a nice soft feel when you step on it.  This type of flooring is great if you don’t like carpeting, tile or hard wood floors.  This is also cost effective and rather easy to install.

What Are The Best Comforters for a Bedroom?


A quilted comforter is inexpensive and soft to touch.  This is a kind of comforter that will keep you warm at night and cool at the same time.  It is not a heavy blanket that would not work for warm climates. They come in different colors and are made for all size beds (twin, full, queen, king, etc.). You can often pick one of these up at Target, Walmart or another store of your choosing. I personally choose white because it’s a more neutral color that matches any wall color or floor type. 


Silk sheets are great for those that want a rather smooth sleep at night.  Works great for warm climates because you won’t feel that you must have a blanket or quilt on you at night.  Sometimes a comforter is a bit too much and doesn’t make you feel relaxed.  Try choosing more neutral colors for the room or colors that match your walls.


Shams are great in cold climates. Those living in Alaska, Buffalo New York and New York City are going to love shams. They are often heavy in material and can be purchased in most stores.  Comes in various colors, shapes and sizes.


Alpaca blankets are one of the softest blankets on the market today. They can be in most any color as they are often dyed to the customers satisfaction. You can often order these blankets through local/distant alpaca farmers.  These are WARM blankets and not for anyone looking to stay cool at night. 


Egyptian high thread count sheets.  These sheets can get expensive. However, the higher the thread count, the higher the comfort level.  A 1200 thread count can cost around $125.00 or more.  However, Egyptian sheets often bring style, comfort and calmness to the room. 

What Are The Best Bedroom Pillows?

Sleepers across the world will tell you that have the perfect pillow will put you to sleep faster and make you sleep a lot more sound at night. However, there are soooooo… many styles to choose from.  We are no longer living in the 1950’s where everyone had the same pillow in the house. In the 21st century, you have many different choices and there is no right or wrong answer.  You need to decide on whether you want a: hard, soft, medium, heavy, light type of pillow.  What will make your head say, “Wow, this is comfortable!”  Let us look at some pillow ideas:

Contour Pillows – Fits head and neck perfectly. Costs around $50.00 and probably the best $50.00 that you will ever spend.  Known to last for years and relaxes your head in a perfect position.

Side Pillows – Often flat and works great if you like sleeping on your right or left side.  Costs around $100.00.

Extra Soft Basic Pillows – This pillow is great if you are on a budget. You can often pick one of these up at Walmart, Target, Costco, etc.  I find this to be the best type of pillow if you like sleeping on your stomach at night. They are affordable for most people. Costs often range from $20.00 and under.

Slim Gel Pillows – When you lay your head on this pillow, the pillow wraps around the shape of your head.  Great if you need to have a pillow that doesn’t make your head move around a lot at night.  Costs around $40.00. 

A Cervical Support Pillow – Great for supporting your spine when sleeping.  Great for those that like sleeping on their back. It won’t push your head to high like a regular pillow.  These types of pillows give your head a lot of support.  Most people that use cervical support pillows say that their back starts to feel better after several months of using one.  

Face Pillow – If you don’t want your head moving around at night because you sleep on your back and want to stay in only one position, this is the best pillow for you. Has support on the left and right side of the pillow that doesn’t allow your head to turn from left to right when sleeping.  A bit pricey and costs around $70.00.

Goose Feathered Pillows – Not one of my favorite pillows.  I had a goose pillow once and the feathers used to poke me in the face when I was asleep.  Not a big fan, but soft when sleeping.  They are fluffy, easy to wash and thousands of people love them.  I am personally not a fan.  I have had low cost goose pillows and high cost as well. You can often pick one up for around $26.00.

Where Did the Idea of Feng Shui Bedrooms Come From?

Around 3,500 years ago, Feng Shui got started in Chinese astronomy.  Yes, this was before the magnetic compass got invented.  The idea of being able to sleep in complete comfort was an idea that originated from people having to get a peaceful night’s rest. 

The idea of putting your sleeping mat or position in a room meant a lot.  Being able to have a peaceful night’s rest or not peaceful was believed to be the cause of good and bad energy being in the room. 

Today, our society has evolved from choosing the right types of mattresses, pillows and flooring.  In order to make a room Feng Shui, a person needs to write down their likes and dislikes.

  If you can afford to, hiring an interior decorator is best because they are often masters at choosing the right colors, textures and flooring for your room. They often don’t come cheap but tend to make everything in your bedroom Feng Shui. Look at some of the bedrooms in the pictures and videos that we have posted here. You will see that these bedrooms call you to come and sleep in them.

A lot of people try to find ways to sleep better in their bedroom. However, if everything is not Feng Shui, finding a peaceful night’s sleep is going to be rather difficult.  One must learn how to put everything in its place and see that you create either positive or negative energy in a room with what you put or don’t put in there. 

The great thing about Feng Shui is that you can come from any religious background. You only must believe that balance is important in your life and that colors effect your mood? Don’t believe it?

Try staring at something dark brown and then look at something in a light green color. It will affect your mood. The dark brown color will often make you feel drearier and the light green color will make you feel more open and drawn in. 

What Are Some Feng Shui Tips?

It will take time and effort to get your bedroom in a position in which you feel is acceptable to you. Make sure that the bed is centered in the bedroom.

Try avoiding putting your bed in front of a window in which sunlight can come into the bedroom in the morning disturbing your sleep. Using Heavy curtains on your windows often presents sunlight and noise from coming in through the windows.

You can also draw them when you want sunlight to enter your room.  This will allow you to have a more sound and peaceful rest. 

Don’t be afraid to try moving your dresser and nightstands around to see what works out best for yourself.  It is also important to always make sure that your clothes are put away in its drawers. 

Having clothes laying out causes you to feel wrestles and like you have work to do.  Make sure that you don’t eat in your bedroom.  Eating in your bedroom often causes unwanted creatures to be in your bedroom.  You want to keep away mice, cockroaches and other unwanted pests. 

If you have a pet that you want sleeping in your bedroom, make sure that you set up a comfortable spot for them in which you will not be disturbed. Often, dog beds are comfortable for pets to sleep on during the night. You may have to train your dog to sleep in them before they will get used to not jumping on your bed and disturbing you. 

What Is Feng Shui Decorating?

Decorating your bedroom with pictures and nick necks can be fun.  It is often exciting to see everything having a place.  Never put more than one statue or vase on a table.  More than one will cause clutter. Flowers are often great to put in your bedroom if they are fresh cut.  Never allow your flowers to die in the room because the smell of dead flowers is just awful. 

Never put car keys or your wallet on the dresser or bed.  If you do this, it will be a constant reminder of how much money you have or don’t have. This can add stress.  Car keys on the bed remind you that you need to always be going somewhere. It will put your mind in a state of stress.  You want to keep distractions away from your bedroom.

Your closet should always be kept neat.  Keep laundry baskets out of the bedroom. Laundry is stressful and often reminds you that work still must be done. People often don’t realize that when you have laundry in your room, aspects of bad odor seep through into your bedroom and you often smell this while you sleep.

Try to keep wet towels away from the bedroom as well.  Wet towels cause you to feel like you need to send them to the dryer.  You want to avoid feeling any kind of stress or anxiety. Your eyes will see everything that is around you.  You want your bedroom to be fully relaxed and at ease. It is the only way to make something become completely Feng Shui.