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What Is The meaning of Telepathic Message?

What Is The meaning of Telepathic Message?
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What Is The Telepathy Definition?

Our senses are strong.  Telepathy is being able to use any of our senses to make a connection with another human being or other physical interaction.  Soulmates are often known to have strong telepathy because they often feel lost and alone without one another. 

A classical researcher by the name of   Frederic W. H. Myers invented this term in 1882.  There is no scientific proof that telepathy is real.  However, psychics, astrologers and tarot card readers have also been able to communicate with the dead and the living through spiritual/energy means. 

The idea of someone being telepathic began in Western society in the 19th century.  Research centers like the Society for Psychic Research had its start in the 19th century. 

Today, books like Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul by Colleen Mauro help us to understand telepathy a bit better. This 208-page book gives us a glimpse of how our soul and mind operate together. 

It is said that human beings only use about 10% of their minds total power.  The 20th century allowed us to start opening doors into the mind through computerized technologies and testing labs that help us to understand how the brain works. 

Millions of people today believe that intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe.  Many men and women believe that these intelligent life creatures can communicate by telepathic means. 

A magician by the name of Washington Irving Bishop did an experiment in which he was able to locate a hidden object with his mind in the 19th century.  During the experiment, he had to work with someone that knew the answer of where the object was going to be. 

The experiment that was conducted by scientists proved that he was not telepathic, but rather had a highly trained skill to pick up movements.  Many men and women that practice telepathy say that Bishop was practicing telepathy and was not given proper credit for what he was able to accomplish.  Still, scientists say that telepathy is nothing more than a pseudoscience. 

The magician Stuart Cumberland was a popular musician during his time.  He was most known for finding hidden objects in a room. He was also not considered to have a true telepathic gift, but rather a trained mind.

However, in the 19th century, a Russian woman by the name of Nina Kulagina shocked the Russian K.G.B. and former Soviet Union in the 20th century. 

In a scientific lab, Kulagina was able to move objects with her mind by focusing on the object. She was able to give serious thought to the object and then do what she wanted to with the object.

She was once told to give a frog a heart attack with her telepathy and she was able to do this.  Nina Kulagina also tried her telepathic gift on a human being and she almost put the man into cardiac arrest on camera. 

Scientists noticed that during lighting storms, she could not use her gift. She also became extremely tired after using her telepathy.  She is the most documented telepathic woman of the 20th century.

In the 20th century, it is believed that the C.I.A. experimented with telepathy using a program called remote viewing.  This project was identified as project stargate.  A man by the name of Ingo Swann oversaw conducting the experiments.

He was already doing research at Stanford Research Institute when the central intelligence agency took an interest in his work.  He was trying to see if the mind could locate objects and circumstances when asked a direct question that the telepathic person did not know anything about. In most of his experiments, telepathy failed. However, in about 3 of them, telepathy proved to be highly successful. 

He conducted around 25 telepathic experiments and 3 proved accurate and the others were duds. Ingo Swan’s experiment proved to be valuable to believers in telepathy.  The reason is because in the 3 experiments that his psychics were able to locate objects and destinations of places that they had never been to allowed us to see that somewhere in the brain, there is a part of us that can see into something that we have no knowledge of. 

This means that it may come down to choosing the right person to conduct the experiments with. As we can see, a woman like Nina Kulagina is not your everyday woman. She may have been only 1 of millions of women that existed in the 20th century that possessed a telepathic gift.  Perhaps only 1 or several hundred people in an entire popular can possess the gifts of telepathy correctly. 

Even well-known astrologers like Nostradamus and Clairvoyants like Edgar Cayce were able to do their psychic readings because they had a supernatural gift for doing so. Perhaps telepathy cannot be trained in a person.  Maybe telepathy is an inborn gift that only a few people in an entire civilization can possess.

After all, can we argue that Edgar Cayce shocked doctors many times when he was able to diagnose illnesses in his sleep and give remedies for them.  He had no medical training and only read the Holy Bible every single day.

Nostradamus gave the name Hister to describe Hitler as being the man that would become an evil world dictator in the 15th century.  How about Jeanne Dixon (a 20th century astrologer) said that she saw a democratic president being assassinated in his first or second term of office in the 1950’s. As we all know, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. She saw this year before it happened. 

The Bible Codes also predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president.  The Bible codes also predicted the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel long before it happened. 

I personally believe that there is a supernatural force that we have yet to tap into. Prophets, psychics and mystics have only begun tapping into the spirit world. I believe that the 21st and 22nd centuries will give us a clearer outlook on the brain and how it can see things telepathically.

It seems that scientists can’t understand spiritual telepathy or psychics.  However, millions of people swear that psychics can help them to see into the past, present and future of their lives. Some people pay as much as $800.00 for a psychic that has a proven track history in doing business and love readings.  We have skeptics and strong believers in telepathy.

How Can You Learn More About Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is often described as being able to move objects with your mind. It is a lot like telepathy.  Many magicians and witches see telekinesis as achieving your goal. Many men and women train for their entire lives to be able to move an object with their mind.  Being able to do so proves that you are achieving spiritual growth and gaining power in the spirit world.  With telekinesis, you can also vibrate objects.

If you remember the show, The Twilight Zone, in one episode, it had a man that had telekinesis abilities.  In this episode, a man that was down on his luck found out about the man with telekinesis abilities.  He convinced him to go to a casino with him in order to turn the dice to his advantage using telekinesis.  In the episode, the man with telekinesis powers ended up making him thousands of dollars because he was able to manipulate the dice with his mind.

How to do Telekinesis

Your first step is to have good focus and concentration.  Doing meditation everyday for around 30 minutes will help you to gain more focus.  You must also have faith that your brain/spirit can lift an object up or move.  Without faith, you will not be successful. 

Keep on telling yourself that this is going to work.  Never let doubt enter your mind.  Doubt will only decrease your ability to move the object.  In order to gain faith, you may try watching videos of people that currently use telekinesis.  You must first believe that its possible.

Take a small object such as a soda pop cap or a golf ball.  Try moving the object. Don’t think about moving the object, tell it to move. Telekinesis is a lot like a psychic gift.

You must use it every single day in order to get better at it. Some people take decades of focus in order to move an object.  It requires focus, hard work and concentration.  Getting a telekinesis teacher is also a good idea because they can help you to gain faith this its possible.

Telekinesis experts say that some objects are easier to move than others.  A pinwheel and a flame of fire is often easier to move than a bowling ball.  It is important to understand that everything in the universe has an energy attached to it.  It’s important to believe that you are moving the energy that is attached to that object and the object itself.

Rick and Loraine Warren were ghost hunters in the 20th century. They would often investigate haunted houses for demonic activity. It is said that even the Vatican called upon them for extreme cases of demonic possession.  During their haunted house investigations, they found that objects such as dolls, tables and chairs would become obsessed and begin causing paranormal activity in the home. 

They had an entire museum of cursed objects in which they kept hidden behind closed doors. Their belief was that if you can contain the evil in a closed case, it couldn’t get out.  Movies like, The Nun and Annabelle were about the worked that this couple did during their lifetime.  Their spiritual work of over 40+ years tells us that all objects have energy connected to them and sometimes the energy doesn’t come from this world.  However, moving objects takes practice.

Not many people can do telekinesis because they lack the ability to train their mind to focus.  I believe that it was easier to do telekinesis in previous centuries because you didn’t have as many distractions such as: television, computers, games and social media distracting you. 

Most people had a quieter life of work, reading books and conversation with their friends and neighbors.  Even prayer and mediation were at an all time high. People would often spend their holy day on going to church or reading the Holy Bible. Today, there has been a shift in the universe.

Most people don’t meditate or pray for long periods of time. Jesus himself prayed for several hours at a time.  Today, most people find it difficult to close their eyes for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Many people find that their mind wanders and they simply can’t focus on anything for a long or significant amount of time.  In order to do telekinesis, you may have to go away on vacation in the mountains with no distractions around you for a few months and learn how to meditate and not get distracted. Distraction will cause you to not be able to move an object with your mind. Your soul must be at peace.

Does Telepathic Communication Work?

This is an exercise that you can practice with your lover or best friend. Telepathic communication does work in the sense that you can deliver messages to someone without being in front of them. 

Millions of people in the world today do believe that they have a telepathic connection with God.  You will often hear people saying, “The Lord is telling me to do this….”.  This is often seen in some born again/Pentecostal church settings.  Afterall, God is not speaking to you verbally, but men and women believe that God is speaking to their heart/mind. 

Telepathic communication often exists with prayers to saints as well.  In many cultures, people believe that a saint is hearing their prayers for more money, protection, love and so forth. When something good happens in their life regarding what they are asking for, they feel that their prayer has been answered and the entity that they are praying to has helped them.

Some men and women believe that they can communicate with their life partner as well.  You may not know it now, but a telepathic connection with your soulmate can start to happen when you two plan an exercise of mental telepathic communication.

How To Explain Telepathy Definition

Have your partner close their eyes in front of you and you do the same. Without saying a word, say something to them with your mind.  Say the same thing to them over and over for around 60 seconds. Afterwards, both of you open your eyes. Ask them what you believe you were saying to them. 

At first, the other person may not fully know what you said. However, with practice, this becomes possible. It’s important to stay focused, calm and relaxed in order to do this. Remember that the both of you must be calm and relaxed. You must both want to communicate with one another. You both need to be rather relaxed for various reasons as described above.

Make sure that your partner is on board with doing this. If there is anything within them that says no, it will not work. You need to have someone that believes in telepathic communication and learn to work with them directly. 

Sometimes you may have to find someone that is willing to do this exercise with you daily. Learning how to use your telepathy will increase over time. Some people don’t find success with this for many years because they don’t have the person around them that is willing to do the exercise with them.

A Real Story About Telepathic Communication

A client of mine by the name of Beth was saddened by the fact that her husband was going to be headed overseas for several years because of his duty in the military.  He worked in a high level of security clearance.  He was not going to be able to communicate with her all the time. She knew that it would be hard not to see him or even know where he was going to be.

However, she practiced telepathy with her husband for many years.  They were both into the new age movement and telepathic communication was a regular routine for them.  When he was home and she sent him out to the grocery store to get food for the week, she would often forget to tell him what to buy.  She often couldn’t tell him that she had forgotten to tell him something because she was often at work when he was at the store.

Her boss didn’t allow her to make outside calls or texts during work hours. She and her husband trained themselves to be able to communicate telepathically. She would often send him messages to buy milk or soda.  He would receive the messages and pick these things up without knowing that they were even out of it at home.  She would often communicate to him through telepathic means when he was on the road as well. 

At times, she wouldn’t even have to pick up her telephone to tell him that she had to work late.  She would walk in late and her husband would say, “I am so happy that you let me know that you were working late because it gave me more time to prepare dinner.” When he went away to a foreign country, she would often communicate with him telepathically when he was in the middle east. 

He would often be high in the mountains and she would tell him that her son drew a picture of an elephant for him today or that his daughter just got over a cold.  She filled him in constantly.  He found himself not worrying about his family because he knew that they were okay. She also knew that he was okay even though she missed him.

This couple realized that they could connect with one another telepathically under the oddest circumstances.  When the couple came together physically, they felt like they had very little new information to say to one another because it was like they were talking the whole time.

How Pyrokinesis Helps The Mind to Gain Power Over Fire

Pyrokinesis is having the ability to control fire in your brain.  Have you ever seen Stephen King’s movie Firestarter?  In the movie, the girl has an ability to start fires using her mind.  It is possible to be able to train your mind to do this kind of work if you truly want it bad enough.

I believe that nothing is impossible if you have strong enough faith to accomplish your mission. If you fail to have faith or don’t believe in what you are doing, you most likely won’t have much success with telepathy.  It’s important to take time to learn about telepathy by reading books and watching videos.

We live in a more open-minded society today. Most people are more accepting to themselves, friends and family to have psychic gifts.  There is prophetic movement happening in the universe today.  Every has a different opinion abut telepathy. Some people are skeptics and others are true believes in its existence. What you personally believe is something that you may or may not be fully aware of.

Meditation will help you to uncover what you are feeling inside of your heart.  You can learn to get better be letting go of negative beliefs that its not possible. The mind is known to conquer the impossible even when all odds are stacked up against it.  What you personally believe will be the result of what happens inside of your life. For the most part, life is more about learning as we go.  Take your time with trying to figure out the future and what it is going to do for you.