What Are Some Pisces Constellation Facts?

What Are Some Pisces Constellation Facts?

If you are born between February 19th and March 20th, then you are a Pisces.  An interesting fact is that Pisces is the Lain word for fish.  Pisces is put in between the east of Aries and the West of Aquarius.  The celestial equator crosses in Virgo.  The vernal equinox is situated in Pisces.  It slowly points towards Aquarius. 

Pisces initiates from the Babylonian constellations. Legend has it that Pisces, Eros and Aphrodite fled the monster Typhon.  They leaped into the water and turned themselves in a fish.  These 3 did not want to lose one another and tied each other with a rope.

This was originally a Greek fairytale accepted by the Romans.  Aphrodite and Eros were linked to Venus and Cupid.  The Pisces fish in the Western World have a legend behind them as well. 

The legend tells a story of Antenteh lived in a cabin when he met the fish.  The Pisces fish said to him, “We will give you one wish”.  Instead of taking the wish, Antenteh refused.  His wife, however, was not about to let this one wish go away.

She wanted something out of the fish. She told Antenteh to go and find the fish and tell them that she wanted a decorated and attractive home. He found the fish and told him what he had wanted.

The fish approved him their wish.  However, the couple was not happy.  Antenteh’s wish got greedy and now asked the Pisces for a palace and to become queen. The fish didn’t mind granting her wish. 

However, the Pisces became enraged when she asked them to make her a God.  Since the Pisces saw how greedy she was, they took back the palace and the queen title.  They now gave her back the cabin in which she was originally living in.  This legend has become known as the Great Square of Pegasus.

Pisces starts are put into different constellations.  These are: Xi, Delta, Zeta, Mu, Alpha and Epsilon.  The Northern Pisces is called Sandal, Koui-siou (see video below for more information).  Pisces if located next to Aries and Aquarius. Pisces has an ecliptical longitude 330° to 0.

Pisces is in the northern sky. Pisces is one of the biggest in the sky.  The fourteenth constellation in the sky is Pisces. It has eight hundred and ninety-nine square degrees.

Pisces is in the 1st quadrant of the northern hemisphere. Beside the Constellation are:

  • Pegasus
  • Aquarius
  • Aries
  • Andromeda
  • Triangulum
  • Cetus

What Are 11 Other Constellations?

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius

Is The Liveliest Star in the Constellation Known as Eta Piscium?

Aries – A lively planetary alignment with Pisces.  Aries is the 1st astrology sign in the calendar of 12 zodiac signs.  Gets along well with Pisces. Its symbol is the ram.  Its fall is Saturn.  It has an exaltation of the Sun.  Its detriment is Venus. Mars its is sign ruler. Born between March 20th and April 20th.  Its in the constellation of Aries. It has a fire element.  

There are two other fire signs known as Sagittarius and Leo.  Pisces is often calm and keeps to self.  Aries often want to get close to Pisces because it feels that something is missing in its life force. It’s important to be open minded when it comes to bonding together.  Pisces men and women tend to feel a sense of comfort when having love or friendship with Aries.

Taurus – It is characterized by the bull sign.  Its exaltation is the moon.  It has a Mars detriment.  Venus its sign ruler.  Earth is its zodiac element.  Taurus is the constellation.  Sometimes the Pisces and the Taurus clash if the Pisces sees the Taurus as a threat.  Taurus often has a wanting for getting their way. Pisces are more flexible and often not set in their ways. It’s important to enjoy one another’s company and try not to clash. I wouldn’t say that this is the best match for Taurus, but not the worst either.

Gemini – They are known as the twin’s symbol.  It has a south side fall.  It has an air zodiac element. It is a mutable zodiac quality. Mercury is the sign ruler.  Jupiter is the detriment. Its North Node is the exaltation.  Not a perfect match for Pisces since Pisces wants direct answers and doesn’t like double talk. Many times, the Gemini will flip flop on how he/she feels.  This is probably known as a complex sign for the Pisces zodiac sign. Not always an easy match. They are born between May 21st and June 21st.

Cancer – Its duration is June 21st to July 23rd.  Mars is its fall. It has a Jupiter Exaltation.  Its detriment is Saturn.  The sign ruler is the moon. Its zodiac quality is cardinal.  It has a water zodiac element.  Its zodiac symbol is the crab.  Cancer tends to heal Pisces when together.  They tend to take on long conversations about life.  It is an interesting concept about life.  Cancer signs get along well with most of the zodiac signs.  It is more of a neutral sign that tends to enjoy getting closer to the zodiac sign that is put before it.

Leo – Leo the lion is its zodiac symbol.  Pluto is its fall.  Neptune is its exaltation.  Its detriment is Uranus and Saturn.  Sun is its ruler.  It has a fixed zodiac quality.  Fire is its zodiac element.  When Pisces and Leo bond together, there is clarity.  Leo is a tough zodiac sign.  It represents strong leadership and makes a great leader in the relationship.  Leos tend to like Pisces because this zodiac sign allows them to take charge.  Leos need to roam free and Pisces allows them to do that.

Virgo – The zodiac sign is the maiden.  Its duration is between August 23rd and September 23rd. It has a zodiac element of earth.  It has a mutable zodiac quality.  Mercury is its sign ruler. Jupiter and Neptune are its detriment.  Jupiter and Neptune are its detriment.  Lastly, Mercury and Pluto are its exaltation.  Virgo is such a calm, warm and relaxation zodiac sign.  Often introverted, Virgo doesn’t overpower Pisces. Pisces likes being around Virgo because they look to the Virgo for wisdom, philosophy and calmness.  One of the best connections for a Pisces.

Libra – Known for its balance’s scales.  Its birthday is between September 23rd and October 23rd.  It has an air element and a cardinal zodiac quality.  Venus is its sign ruler.  Mars is its detriment.  It has an exaltation in Saturn.  Its fall is the sun.  Libra is known to be careful when making important decisions.  There is always a new beginning stage in Libra.  When Libra and Pisces come together, a beautiful romance is said to take place. Even if the romantic relationship doesn’t work out, the two tend to remain friends afterwards.

Scorpio – It is represented by the signs of the Scorpio, phoenix and eagle. It has a moon fall.  Venus is its exaltation.  It has a detriment of Venus. Mars and Pluto are its Sign ruler.  It has a fixed zodiac quality and its zodiac element is water.  The constellation is Scorpios.  Scorpio and Pisces tend to clash since the Pisces doesn’t like to feel like they are going to get put in their place or watch over their back a lot of the time.  Scorpios tend to be opinionated and like to help people to learn from their mistakes.

Sagittarius – The archer is its zodiac symbol.  Born between November 22nd and December 22nd. It is in the Sagittarius constellation.  Has a North Node fall?  Its exaltation is Chiron.  Mercury is its detriment.  Its sign ruler is Jupiter.  It has a mutable zodiac quality.   Pisces and Sagittarius tend to have a lot in common.  Both zodiac signs tend to be hard workers and independent. They often enjoy taking on tasks that seem almost to impossible to accomplish.

Capricorn – It has a zodiac symbol of a goat.  It has a Jupiter fall and Mars exaltation.  Its detriment is the moon and Saturn are its sign ruler.  It has a cardinal zodiac quality.  Its zodiac element is earth.  Capricornus is its constellation.  Pisces sees Capricorn as a companion that brings forth love and respect.  The two don’t like drama and don’t take negativity easily. These two zodiac signs like to stand up as being more of the life of the party.

Aquarius – Known as the water bearer.  The birthdate is between January 20th and February 18th.  It has an Aquarius constellation.  It has an air element.  It is a fixed zodiac quality. Its sign ruler is Saturn and Uranus. Its detriment is the sun.  Mercury is its exaltation.  Neptune is its fall. Aquarians bring joy into the heart of the Pisces because there is a lot of balance.  There is a lot of growth potential in this zodiac sign and it often wants to enjoy a new beginning.  The Aquarius zodiac sign takes on Pisces as a soulmate.  They are known to be twin flames.

Pisces is a zodiac sign that tends to get along well with others. Pisces is a sign that is known for its hospitality.

Some Pisces women like a more dominant partner.  However, many Pisces find that its hard to fall in love with a Scorpio and Taurus because their personalities are strong.  However, the relationship can work if Pisces and Scorpio can manage to get along together.

Pisces men tend to find success in their lives in love and work.  Pisces men tend to care a lot about how their friends and family perceive them. They want to make the world know that they are hard working and want to have marriage, family, love and close friends. He can sometimes push away a romantic partner when he is focused on any one topic.  He often finds that its hard to establish a strong connection with someone that will not fully understand him.

What Type of People are Pisces?

Pisces are born between February 19th and March 20th. They are represented by the two fishes.  Pisces are born naturally to lead and to give to others through charity, friendship and simply wanting to pay for something.  They are strong in nature because their moon sign says that they have courage.  Pisces are known to think outside of the box and to take life a lot more seriously. They are known to be successful.  Some celebrity Pisces are Ellen Page, Lupita Nyong’o and Drew Barrymore. 

Pisces are known to enjoy outdoor and indoor activities. They can be homebodies if they are enjoying their time spent with someone that they love dearly. They are known to spend time alone watching a movie or even doing journaling.  They are great conversationalists and take good care of their bodies. They are often into healthy living and eating.  Pisces men and women often enjoy success when they can share it with people that helped get them there.

What Zodiac Sign is Pisces?

The zodiac symbol for Pisces is the fish.  It is between 330- and 360-degrees longitude that is celestial.  It has a mutable zodiac quality. It is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. 

What Month is Pisces Born?

Pisces are born between February 19th and March 20th

What Are Some General Characteristics of Pisces?

  • Smart
  • Energetic
  • Enjoys good conversation.
  • A high trust level towards other zodiac signs.
  • Ability to work long hours.
  • A desire to see the world changed for the better.
  • Doesn’t tolerate lying.
  • Looks for new opportunities for themselves, friends and family.

What Does Being a Pisces Mean?

Being a Pisces means that you are living up to your true zodiac traits. It would be odd to be a Pisces and yet have no work ethics because Pisces are known to be hard workers.  It would be normal to be a Pisces if you desire a strong romantic partner in your life because Pisces wraps themselves well around the planet Venus.  The planet Venus is the planet that symbolizes love.  Pisces also enjoys socializing with the other 11 zodiac signs.  Pisces easily allows others to know where it stands. It is firm in getting what it believes should be accomplished.

What Are Some Horoscope Compatibility Matches in Love?

You may be wondering how Pisces does in love with all the zodiac signs. Let us see how Pisces does with each zodiac sign. 

Aries – Aries is a pleasant zodiac sign for Pisces to be around. Aries wants stability in their lives.  Pisces tends to give that stability on a regular basis. Pisces men and women like to offer their hearts in love and find it to be beneficial to get along.  For the most part, these two zodiac signs are compatible.  They make great roommates to.  You can learn more about Pisces and Aries by reading horoscope columns. You will often find that your daily horoscope helps you to feel like you can overcome anything in your relationship together. 

Pisces – Yes, you can date yourself.  Two Pisces together = harmony.  The zodiac sign is so laid back that two Pisces together can experience true love.  You will both enjoy taking long vacations together because you enjoy getting away.  As fish like to swim around all day, you need to keep on moving about. 

What Are Some Pisces Horoscope Facts?

You need love that is consistent and passionate.

You don’t like game playing.

You tend to like zodiac signs that think like you do.

You have a passion for telling people how you really feel.

Aquarius – Your love connection can use some work and may not last.  Aquarians tend to be controlling. They want everything to happen the way that they see it.  If something is not going their way, they can start to control.  Pisces don’t like to be controlled because they are rather independent people. If this relationship is going to work, Aquarius will have to back down and give you your space. 

February sign Pisces are strong against not being overtaken.  They want to make sure that their voice is heard and that they can say what they really feel.  In the bedroom, your love is on fire.  That is a good thing. You will have passion in your romantic life. However, be watchful not to get in one another’s way.  Solve your disagreement quickly and don’t hold grudges. Aquarians often like to show that they are angry by ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment. 

Gemini – Not a good love connection for Pisces. Geminis are known to turn on you if they feel that you are doing something that they object to.  They will often be loyal to who is in their presence at that moment.  They are not consistent with what works for them. Pisces are all about consistency and being true to the end. 

What Can You Tell Me About Pisces?

They are loyal.

They want to do what works best for them and the relationship.

They don’t tolerate you talking behind your back about them to your family.

They want to know that you will always be there for them when they are old.

Cancer – Great connection for Pisces.  Cancer signs are healers and want to experience long term growth with heir partners.  They will often step out of their way to see if you are sad or hurting about something. They want to make their connection to you known. They will respect you around their friends and family.  The Pisces nature is to be true to you as well. They will give you comfort and honest feedback on what they believe.  You never have to worry about any kind of fibbing going on. 

Leo – You have around a 50% chance of making the relationship work.  Leos and Pisces have very strong personalities.  Leos can be stubborn and set in their ways.  They often demand what they want instead of asking. They like seeing that circumstances get dealt with the way that they see it. 

A Piscean today demands quality time spent together. Time is often limited, and they ask that you make time for them each day.  There are so many Pisces qualities that you will like such as: they enjoy making dinner/lunch, want to experience in depth conversations, want to have people enjoying their company. 

Virgo – This is a match made in heaven.  Virgos are laid back and match with all 12 zodiac signs.  Virgo men and women tend to be more sensual and easy going.  They enjoy getting psychic readings often or spiritual advice.

They are more prone to reading books and allow you to do your “thing” throughout the day. Learn more about your sun astrology together by reading books on the topic. It will help you to see your compatibility for the long term. Out of all the horoscope profiles that I have read, these two combinations seem to do well together. It is often because the Virgo and Pisces respect their space and never pressure one another to do anything. 

Libra – Libras are another great match for a Pisces.  Libras love to go shopping and Pisces do as well. You can shop online.  Today, these two zodiac signs are often found shopping in department stores together or on websites like Amazon.com.  You can learn a lot about one another by the “stuff” that you buy.  Your astrology report will tell you that your signs have a destiny together and breakups are not often. In order to get more Pisces information, I suggest you read a book entitled Love Signs by Linda Goodman. This book will give you a lot of information concerning your love together for the future. 

Scorpio – Way to hard to make it work. However, Pisces and Scorpio often find one another and force the relationship to work out.  Sometimes you can find these two zodiac signs staying together.  However, they are always fighting and tough to be around. They clash because they are both opinionated on what they see and feel.  There are two types of Pisces.  One is someone that won’t let you tell them what to do and another is that they will allow you to tell them what to do because they want to stay with you so badly.  Yes, you can make the relationship work only if you are willing to compromise forever.  This is easier said than done.

Sagittarius – Wow, what a love connection.  Sagittarius shoots its bow and arrow at Pisces and the two bond together easily.  You can define Pisces as being willing to give you what you want in life.  Your connection will grow because you have families that respect your boundaries. You often love to live in warm climates and enjoy outdoor sports like swimming and long walks.  The true horoscope of a Pisces is someone that will give you what you need in life.  Stay together and don’t break apart. It took you this long to fine one another. Make the relationship work.

Capricorn – Its time for you to both settle down with one another.  Hooray, you are a match!  The planets have aligned the two of you perfectly together with Venus for you to experience new beginnings.  Forget about anyone else that you have dated in the past.  All the horoscope say that your match is good because you both have lots of patience for one another. 

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