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What Are The 7 Chakras Meanings?

Let us begin to bring attention to your 7 chakras. Here is a list of what they are:

  • Root
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
  • Crown

Energy flows through our bodies and the chakras represent the centers. A lot of times, you will heart psychics, spiritualists and reiki masters talk about blocked chakras.

The belief is that if your chakras are blocked, you will not find inner peace in important areas of your life. This of course would be love, money, health, career, spirituality and happiness. Some metaphysical experts say that having blocked chakras often leads to someone feeling ill. 

What Are The 7 Chakras Meanings?

Root Chakra – This is located at the bottom of the spine.  It is the 1st chakra.  This is the root of who you are as a person. The root chakra is also called the Muladhara. 

The root chakra is where you gain strength in times of trouble.  When you are sick or feel defeated, you often will pull out something within you to fight it and win.  Even against the deepest odds, your root chakra can help you to regain balance again.  Often, meditation and prayer strengthen the root chakra. 

If you are afraid, your root chakra will give you courage.  When you feel like nothing that you are doing is going to work out, this chakra encourages you to keep on going because you are going to make it. 

If your root chakra is blocked, you will often feel that every area of your life feels defeated. The root chakras connect with our deceased relatives and those that have crossed over before us. 

It is a direct line of attachment between you and them.  Most people don’t know how to connect with a dead loved one. Therefore, we all suffer a little bit of blockage in our root chakra area.  Some men and women visit psychic mediums in order to connect with a deceased loved one when they can’t do this on their own. 

Anything that you have experienced that was painful and negative in your life is stored in the root chakra.  Many people often refer to bad memories as bad thoughts.  However, it’s really the root chakra. 

One may say that the root chakra is what causes us to remember out generational curses. You may find a similar pattern in the males in your family. Perhaps you have all suffered from drug or alcohol abuse.  Perhaps you have all been in prison at least once in your lives.  Similar patters of behavior are stored here.

As you dig deeper into your spirit, you will find that you need to take responsibility for your own actions. Don’t blame other people for your mistakes.  This helps to heal and strengthen your root chakra. Don’t think that you can just walk through life blaming your life circumstances.  This kind of thinking will only destroy you as a person.

The chakras all connect with one another. No one chakra is more important than another.  Once you balance out one chakra, the other chakras receive healing as well.  Therefore, it’s important to work on one chakra at a time and learn how to cleanse yourself spiritually.

Reiki masters teach us to balance out your root chakra first.  This is where all problems begin in life.  It’s important to get rid of the bad so that you can balance the other chakras. 

Write down some affirmations that you can give to yourself. Here are some examples:

  • I feel loved, happy, sale and secure.
  • I am provided for and have enough food, shelter and love.
  • I feel like I am a trustworthy person.
  • I know that if I can make it today, tomorrow will be better.
  • I am happy that I have been given problems so that I can become a better person through it.
  • People see me as a smart, caring and kind person.

Affirmations help us to see that we can be a lot more at peace.  Whatever we put into our minds, we become.  Our root chakra has an earth element and is shaped as a square.  It helps us to believe that we can survive under painful and hurtful circumstances.  It proves to us that we can do the impossible. 

Sacral Chakra – This controls how much we accept other people in our lives.  Are you open to different experiences in your life?  The sacral chakra is located below your belly button. It is also known for controlling all pleasures of life.  This Chakra is often less focused on then the root chakra. However, both chakras must be in balance in order to have harmony in the soul.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Located below the sternum.  This chakra controls ego.  How you think about yourself is controlled by this chakra.  Do you love yourself or have low self-worth?  Your solar plexus chakra may be blocked if you can’t stop thinking of yourself as being a bad person. 

We often use our solar plexus chakra when we are taking a stand for ourselves. When we want to tell someone that they can’t hurt us, this chakra is activated. 

Whenever you feel like you get all negativity coming at you all at once, your solar plexus is blocked. Learn to practice meditation in order to heal your chakras. In this way, you allow positive energy to flow through.  You only need to practice 15 to 30 minutes a day. Do this daily and watch your thoughts become more positive over time. 

Heart Chakra – This is the most talked about chakra because it deals with love.  In the 21st century, many people are suffering from a lack of love. Broken relationships, failed friendships, 50% divorce rate causes the heart chakra to become unbalanced. 

It is also called Anahata.  It is also the chakra that controls beauty and compassion.  As you might have guessed, the heart chakra is in the center of your chest. It is the 4th chakra. The color is green. It also has an air element. 

The chakra has many healing stones attached to it such as: calcite, quartz, Pink quartz and jade.  In order to have a peaceful chakra, you must be balanced in love, relationships with friends, compassion for people, forgiving others that have wronged you and at peace with self. 

When your heart chakra is out of balance, you are going to know it. You will feel negativity all around you. You will feel jealous of other people, feeling withdrawn from people or the world. 

Throat Chakra – This chakra gives us the power to communicate effectively.  If you are shy and don’t like talking to people, your throat chakra needs to be cleared.  It gives us the power to tell others what we are really feeling.  This is the 5th chakra.  The throat chakra is also called: Shodash Dala, Vishuddha and Kanth Padma. The throat color is a turquoise blue. 

Third Eye Chakra – The third eye chakra is in the center of your brain. This is the chakra that is involved in psychic intuition and paranormal phenomena.  We can experience clean thoughts on a more spiritual level.  This is where we see pictures and images that we can talk about in our minds.  The third eye is also known as the Ajna. 

This is also the 6th chakra and is where we find wisdom.  We can see peace and love here as well. It has a beautiful indigo color and is a five-pointed star.  We often start developing our third eye in adolescence. If you don’t use your third eye as a child, you often start to lose sight of it as an adult.  Psychics often teach about the third eye because its where all spiritual life begins. 

Crown Chakra – This is the final 7th chakra.  It is located at the top of your head and it will give you a higher state of being. Most people that practice Buddhism want to reach an elevated level of consciences.  This allows you to “become one with the universe”.

Many other names for the crown chakra are niralambapuri, shunnya and sahasrara.  The crown chakra is the color white.  When I give psychic readings, I often feel pressure on my pituitary gland. Shockingly, the crown chakra connects you to your pituitary gland. 

You may have been disconnected from your crown chakra all your life and not even know it. Did you know that if you are an atheist or someone that feels lost spiritually, you are considered to have a blocked crown chakra? 

You may not be open to the possibilities of spirits being around you or that God exists.  You may deny the fact that there is anything out there in the universe after we die.  It is important to clear your crown chakra as soon as possible so that you can reach elevated levels of consciousness. Deepak Chopra often speaks of higher levels of consciences in his books and when you see him on television. 

Is Their Meditation For Unblocking Your 7 Chakras?

Now that you have gained a basic understanding of the 7 chakras, I encourage you to learn more by doing some of your own research.  It’s important to begin learning how to balance out your chakras and find out which areas of your chakras are blocked. 

It is important to get specific about your life. You can do this privately as some people are not open to admitting that they have a blocked chakra. Let us say that your heart chakra is blocked.  Your love life is a mess and you feel like every time that you get into a relationship, something negative beings to happen. 

You begin to find that love doesn’t happen for you.  Let us not take this into a healing aspect of your chakra through meditation.  Before meditating, write down how you honestly feel your love life is going.  Take around 15 minutes and write down everything that you feel. 

Are you angry about how someone treated you in your love life?  Do you feel like you never have someone wanting to stay with you for long periods of time? Write this down. 

Now, spend another 15 minutes asking yourself if you are doing anything wrong to cause this. This is an important step.  Nobody likes to criticize themselves because it forces you to take a deeper look inward.  You may also see that you are the problem a lot of the time. 

After you have done this, find a quiet place because you are about to meditate. For beginners, start out by getting some relaxing music.  I usually listen to beach or forest music.  It is calm, soft and pleasant to the ears.  Now sit down in your spot away from people and all distractions.  You are going to do this for 15 minutes. 

As you close your eyes, don’t force yourself to think of nothing. Instead, allow your mind to just run freely.  Eventually, your mind will calm down after several sessions in mediation.  Meditation can take weeks, months and years to become more peaceful for you.

This depends on how many thoughts you are thinking about on a day to day basis. If you have many thoughts running through your mind, you may take a while before you calm down enough. Once you reach a place where you are saying, “What should I think about?”, start thinking of your love life.  Start meditating on what you think went wrong.  After you have done this, recite this paragraph:

“I must forgive those that have hurt me.  I must move on from the past because it no longer exists.  The past is done away with. I am a loving person and loving people exist around me.  I must try again and succeed in love.  I am a relational being that God loves and I am not meant to be alone. I will find someone to love me when I can love someone greater than I love myself.”

This is an important paragraph to say in your mind because it will let you know that we all deserve love and you are not alone in your love life. 

In my psychic practice, I often meet people that have been beat down by love.  People often tell me that their love life is a mess and they have no idea how to make it better. 

Remember that in love, you must always accept that you must love everyone that comes into your path. Whether they are good or bad. You cannot control if they love you or not, but you must love them. When doing this, love will return itself to you because you will be creating good karma for your heart chakra.  Bad karma and good karma will follow you wherever you go. 

As you begin to meditate and change your thought process, you will begin seeing more loving souls coming into your life. You must never make the mistake of dating a lost soul.

If you do, you are dating someone that has a chakra system that is not healthy. If it is not healthy, then how can you expect it to love you back.  Instead, pray that God sends you someone that will love you unconditionally and someone that is balanced in their life. 

All too often, we allow people to enter our lives that need our help.  A soul that is lost cannot possibly give to us what we need. Instead, we should first minister to that lost soul and then wait for them to minister back to us when they are feeling loved, appreciated and cared for.

You will find great wisdom when studying your 7 chakras. Most people say that when they learn about their chakras, they are often intrigued by the fact that something is always out of balance in their lives. 

The more that you see the importance of meditation in your life, the freer you will become from having blocked chakras.  Make sure that you have a strong root first. 

Can You Balance Out the Mind, Body and Soul?

Mind – Needs to feel accepted, love and at peace in order to feel happy.

Body – Needs good health.  Sickness will cause the body to feel sorrow and sadness. 

Soul – The chakras must be balanced. When the 7 chakras are out of balance, your life is going to be chaotic.   

Get a regular checkup with your medical doctor.  See if you are doing well physically.  Also, balance out the mind by practicing meditation. Your soul will feel more relaxed when all mind, body and soul are in balance and nothing is suffering.  Many people find that this is not easy to do and its everyone’s goal to see this as balanced in one’s life. 

Each day, thank your creator for all that they have given to you.  Try to understand why you may be in the position in life that you are in right now and try to journal out ways that you can make changes in order to get to the next level of your life .You will often find that you will not have any inner peace until you have at last found your balance. 

At first, you may need to get yourself a reiki master that understands the 7 chakras and how the mind, body and soul work together. In this way, you can learn what is going to work out best in your life.  Often our mentors help us to grow and get to the next level of our life.

You will find that as you begin putting yourself into balance, everything that you want in life starts to come to you a lot easier.  I often find that peaceful people practice these concepts daily. You can learn that you are not alone in this by talking with others that can help you to get to the next level of life.

Remember, you have the power to change your own life circumstances and there is not such thing as having no power over your life. You can become your own best mentor by focusing on your problems and learning how to change them quickly with quick decision making. Don’t let problems linger in your life.

Learn from your mistakes and accept that you were not born with a manual. All human beings make mistakes as they grow in life.  Some human beings must learn their life lessons on a more frequent basis. Sometimes a person may not fully understand where they are headed in life.  They must take matters one step at a time and then learn as they grow in life. 

Some people find that getting massages helps to heal the chakras easier. Even getting psychic readings helps you to forgive yourself and those that have wronged you.  The psychic can often point out painful circumstances in your life or in the lives of others around you that are often hard to deal with.  Learn more about what you must do in order to get to the next level of your life. 

Our soul is a great gift and it is who we are.  You don’t have to stay in your painful memories.  You can say that its over with and you cannot relive it. As you age in life, you will either become someone that grows in anger with all that has happened to you or grow in love with saying that its over with and cannot be changed. You have the choice of making something work for the better of your chakras. 

People that hold onto pain, anger and fear tend to have the worst lives as they grow old.  Your mind is a lot like a computer.  We remember everything that is put into our brain.  Only death will allow us to be free of these memories. Its important to keep on focusing on your needs and how you can better your life on a day to day basis.