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What Are The Aura Colors and Their Meanings?

There is an energy field around the body known as the aura.  Auras are also around animals and objects.  The aura is represented by different colors. New agers refer to the aura as a subtle body.  Some psychics say that they can read the aura. 

They can describe the auras shape, color and the type of vibration that the aura gives off.  Psychics that see auras say that if a person is sick, the aura will show a certain color.  Auras are often seen as a vibration as to a person’s emotional, spiritual and physical health. 

What Are The Aura Colors and Their Meanings?

The aura represents the 7 chakras known as: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.  Even though there is no scientific evidence to support the claim of an aura being real, it has been town for thousands of years. 

Psychics often refer to the aura as our breeze.  You can describe the aura as being a light around the body.  In the 1800’s, 1900’s and 20th century, photographers have tried to capture pictures of the aura.  In the 21st century, some photographs that were taken show proof that the aura does exist because you can see it in pictures. 

However, skeptics often argue that this is often trick photography.  However, many professional photographers with over 20 years’ experience say that it is not trick photography and have no idea how the aura appeared in the photographs. 

Even orbs are often seen in pictures.  Orbs are believed to be angels or spirits that surround us.  They often appear as little bubbles and can be sometimes seen in pictures and videos. 

What Are The Aura Colors Generally?

Blue – This is your spiritual side. 

Orange – This shows how adventurous of a person you are. 

Green – This is your social skills.

Red – Shows how well prepared for life you are.

Indigo – Do you have a curiosity for life?

Violet – Shows how wise you are.

Yellow – This is how creative you have become.

What Do The 7 Chakras Represent in the Aura?

Root – Bodily Layer.

Sacral – Sacral Layer.

Solar Plexus – Expressive Layer.

Heart – Stellar Layer.

Throat – Mystical Layer.

Third Eye – Intuitional Layer.

Crown – Total Layer.

The aura is often attached to our soul.  Most people don’t know that we all have an aura and it can change color when we are happy, sad, angry jealous and so forth. 

An angry aura may turn from a blue to a red.  Red would represent the anger.  If someone is sad, it will turn to a blue color.  The aura tends to change on us putting out negative or positive energy. 

Most people say that the aura is often hard to read because we live in a world that likes to wear masks. However, the aura doesn’t mask anything. It tells the truth in what we feel.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

Please follow some important steps when cleansing your aura. 


If you feel sad or like you are not yourself, take a warm shower. Cleaning the outside of the body causes the inside of the body to be clean and relaxed.  As you are showering, think of something positive. 

Turn on some positive music that you love and enjoy yourself.  When you come out of the shower, you will feel relaxed and refreshed and your aura will to.


Meditate in order to allow negativity out of your mind. Don’t hold onto anything that is bothering you.  Release it to the universe. Reiki masters often tell us to spend at least 20 to 35 minutes a day in meditation to relax our soul. 

When we relax, everything else inside of us feels calmer. Take a class on meditation if you are unsure about how to do mediation. If you are on a tight budget, watch a video on the subject.


Imagine yourself having everything that you want in life.  If you have ever watched the movie, “The Secret”, it tells us to create a vision board.  A vision board is a board of ideas that you create with actual pictures of the kind of life you see yourself having one day.   

Visualize your aura being completely cleansed and you being able to have a good future.  As you do this, you begin healing the aura.


Clear your home from bad energy by using sage.  Sage has been used for thousands of years to clean bad energy in your surroundings.   Sage is not that expensive and can be purchased in most any metaphysical store or online.

You will find that as you practice this regularly, you tend to feel clean on the inside of your heart chakra.  Your root chakra also begins to feel freer.  You will have a sign of relief.


Contact a spiritual healer that can read your spirit well. Getting a psychic reading will allow you to feel a certain level of peace and connection with your inner spirit. Finding a spiritual adviser these days is not easy. 

However, many psychic websites have a 5-star feedback system in which you can see how other clients like yourself have rated a psychic. Psychic readers with 5 stars are often said to have a lot of experience and often give clarity to your situation. 

Your aura is on 24/7.  It can never close and there is always something good or bad effecting it.  It’s almost impossible to stay in a completely happy state always.  However, the aura must be looked at as being something that we must cleanse so that we don’t have to live in pain and sorrow.

If you live in anger a lot of the time, now is the time that you can change that. Your aura does not have to stay the same forever. In fact, you have the power to change it right now. Take yourself out of stressful situations and realize that you are not alone.  Your aura is a wonderful tool that we have been blessed with. It often tells us what we need to change.

How to Deal with the Migraine Aura

Our brain is a human computer that never stops running. Our thoughts are often on overdrive and sometimes we will get a migraine headache because of it.  This can be one of the toughest ailments to deal with because migraines often linger for hours and sometimes, we feel like it’s too much for us to handle.

When our aura and chakras are out of “whack”, we may experience a migraine.  The migraine is trying to communicate to us that something is wrong and that we must work on fixing our mind, body and soul. Something is not working right, and we are having a difficult time.

Physically, our eyes may start to get blurry when we feel like our migraine aura has been affected.  We may wonder if there is anything that we can do.  When we deal with a migraine aura, we may often feel symptoms of:

  • Screen spots.
  • Range loss.
  • Scratchy feeling in the hands and feet.
  • Curvy Lines in front of our face.
  • Not feeling connected to touch.

I have had a few migraine auras in my life.  The longest migraine that I ever had lasted for 1.5 days. I was in complete agony. I tried taking Tylenol and even showering.  It wasn’t until I started to meditate did, I find relaxation from my migraine.

It was one of the worst head pains that I ever had.  I get less migraines now because I focus more of my attention on balancing out my chakras and aura on a day to day basis.  I find that when I do this, everything in my life begins to get more in sync.

A True Migraine Aura Story

I give psychic readings daily.  A client of mind whom I shall call Debbie was suffering from migraine headaches on a day to day basis. She tried doctor after doctor, and nobody could ever detect why she was experiencing many headaches during the week. She said that her life was often bothered by it.  Her migraine headaches often caused her to have loss of appetite, fatigue, the chills and nausea.

She decided that maybe there was something blocking her energy. She was a psychic reader and often gave multiple readings a day.

As Debbie and I began speaking to one another about her headaches and painful life circumstances, I started to see a pattern. She was caring for everyone else but herself and not taking care of her own spiritual needs. I started to see in my vision that all her 7 chakras were blocked. She also had a lot of red in her aura. 

I found out that she was not happy with her career as a psychic reader and didn’t feel like it was fulfilling for her.  She told me that every time that she started to give a psychic reading, her head started to pound. She often felt like she was taking on the problems of the world and didn’t know how to cleanse her own spirit.

She did not sage her house regularly. All kinds of negativity were entering her house daily. I told her that its time to stop the pain and do something that she felt would be more reassuring.

I saw her working as a counselor and not as a psychic. I told her that her third eye would often be in pain because she was trying to hard to read into the spiritual world for her clients.

Psychic readings didn’t come natural for her and she never meditated before.  I explained to her the best ways to get her life back in order.  Debbie told me that she loved to help people but felt like her clients were draining her for paranormal advice.

She often felt happy talking to them as a counselor about their problems.  She felt that she was called to be more of a helper and not someone to give spiritual advise.

My Aura Reading for Her Life

As I looked deep into the spiritual world for Debbie, I saw her feeling a sense of relief and no more migraines.  I told her in my vision I saw that her career change would give her more peace and less stress.  I told her to give it a shot for awhile to see what would happen.

Debbie told me that the universe allowed her to finish her counseling degree in less than a year. She had already been taking courses at the university near her home.

I saw in her aura that she was having a lot of unhappiness in her career, love life and finances. She didn’t seem like a happy person and when people came to her looking for a psychic reading, she was taking on their problems with already suffering a lot of her own. 

I told her to sage her home daily to git rid of negative energy and to try and stay focused on her studies. She had enough in her savings to carry her through school so that she would not be as stressed.

I am happy to say that Debbie changed her life for the better.  She is now working as a counselor and enjoys her job.  She feels that her life now is more about listening to other people’s problems and not giving advice.  She enjoys this type of a job.

A psychic reader is giving advice and not so much listening to their clients. Usually clients in a psychic chat room want to know if someone loves them or if the psychic can see a new job. It is a hard job because you are constantly having to use your third eye chakra. When blocked, the third eye chakra can give you migraines. 

This has been my experience with it. When you take a break from something that is truly bothering you, you begin to feel happier and you often have less stress.

I find that we often create more of the problems in our lives because we don’t take time out for our lives to pray and meditate. This causes us to be more at peace.

Reading a Person’s Aura

It takes time and discipline to read a persons Aura.  Some people use Aura imaging that can be found in many different software’s.  It will scan a person’s body and it will tell you what colors their Aura is.  This is helpful for people that want to know the exact details of their vibration and Aura light around them.

The meaning of the word aura is an atmosphere/energy that surrounds a person. It is a specific color light that radiates from the body.  Everything has an aura.  If you want to look at phots of people’s auras, I highly suggest you going into Google images and doing a search. You will find all kinds of pictures that show people’s different colors.

Is Aura Kaleidoscope Real?

Yes, this is when your brain creates colored images.  This can often last for 30 minutes and for some people, it can be scary.  This can affect one or both eyes.  These are often caused from migraine headaches or an upsurge in neuronal motion.

How to View Auras

You should view our aura as a snapshot as to what is going on inside of you. If you are experiencing a high amount of happiness or sadness, it will show up in your aura.  It is good for people that don’t like looking at themselves through prayer and meditation.  Sometimes, the aura tells us more about ourselves then we may know or even understand.  It is a direct link to the human soul.

Why Do I Have a White Aura?

Auras turn white if you have angelic or a higher realm light working through you.  This is the purest form of light energy.  Therefore, you often hear that angels appear as an angel of light.  When a baby is born, they often have a white aura around them.  As the soul gets corrupted by negativity and sadness, we have other light colors such as red, blue, yellow, etc.

If you are an adult and your aura is white, it often means that you have attained a higher level of consciousness.  You have come to a point in your life where you feel that you are more elevated then others. Perhaps you have spent a long time in prayer or meditation and have obtained higher knowledge. 

If you are not ready to receive spiritual messages and your aura is white, it often means that you need to partake in study about the spiritual world.  This is often a danger sign warning you to take charge of your spiritual life in order to make it better. 

When a person has reached the state of the white aura, they often see that others are not on the same spiritual level as they are.  Therefore, they may see other people as needing to have more positive light around them.

This can often be difficult to look at for most spiritually evolved people.  It is always good to see the greatness that people can bring.  Do not try to judge others that have not see the “light” as you have.  In this way, you open different pathways into your own spiritual awareness. 

If your white light aura has many stripes in it, it is often because you are praying or even meditating.  This kind of energy is often not seen by most people. If you look at someone meditating like the Dalai Lama, you may see lots of white aura because he is more elevated than the average human being. 

Perhaps you have seen in pictures at churches of people having white light around them when they are worshipping God.  This is a special moment for any believer because God is light.  Jesus is the light of the world.

White also represents openness.  You may find that you are open to whatever it is that the spirit world is trying to give to you.  Keeping your body in great health and mental peace gives your aura that nice white light glow.

Why Do You Have a Pale Blue Aura?

Pale blue auras mean that you have healing energy working within you.  Blue is the color of healing. Your 5th chakra is often pale blue in color if this is what you are seeing about yourself or another person. 

When you have inner love for humankind, you begin to have this light. You begin to experience new beginnings with other people and take on new challenges. You may always see that something new is starting to evolve for you.  Everything happens for a reason and often your pale blue color shows that.

Blue also represents your psychic intuition and the fact that you give off a lot of positive energy to people that know you. Virgos often have blue auras.  This zodiac sign is mostly known to experience high levels of spirituality in their lives.  They are the zodiac signs mostly known for becoming spiritual leaders and mediums as well.

This color also means that you connect well with other zodiac signs because you have a care inside of you that enjoys helping other people. You want to be an asset that the spirit world can use.

You see the better in humanity and want others to see that they can trust and confide in you when they have problems.  Pale blue colored aura people often make great friends because they tend to put others before themselves.  They often give a lot of love and happiness to people that they get close to.

Make sure that your color doesn’t turn into a dark blue. If it does, it simply means that you are failing to trust other people.  You may have experienced a love breakup or a friend that has betrayed your trust. It is often hard to imagine living with this kind of pain.  You often experience pain when you feel that something is working against you and not for you.