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What Is Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility?

What Is Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility?
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Are you a Pisces woman trying to date a Virgo man?  Are you intrigued by the loving heart that he has and wondering if he will be a good fit for you moving forward in the relationship?  Virgo men have a deep sense of passion for the woman that he is dating.

He has a desire to take care of her in love and money.  He often wants to claim his territory more silently. He is not the kind of guy to be aggressive in love. Virgo men tend to keep their feelings to themselves. 

They often don’t want to let anyone else around them know what they are feeling. A typical Virgo is often an introvert, feeler and opinionated. Most Virgos will not tell you everything that they are feeling upfront.

What Are Some Male Virgo Characteristics?

Virgo men tend to be more into the Pisces woman than he lets on.  Virgo men like to put on a front because they are afraid of rejection. He won’t tell you everything that he is feeling because he doesn’t want you to think that he is trying to rush anything. 

Virgo men are extremely sensitive. He is often the kind of man that won’t tell you everything that he is feeling right away. His birthdate falls between August 23rd and September 22nd.  His zodiac sign is the maiden.  His exaltation is in Pluto and Mercury.

This means that he is a man that knows and understands people best. He knows the other zodiac sign well because he has taken the time to read astrology books or hung out with enough people to know the differences in people’s behavior. 

He has most likely dated many other zodiac signs before meeting you. The fact that you are a Pisces woman trying to be together with him is by no accident. It is believed that mercury retrograde has brought you together.  Yes, it is possible that your relationship was put together by a higher power other than yourself.

Are Virgo Men Naturally More Quiet By Nature?

Virgo men tend to be more house or couch potatoes. He prefers being quieter.  Socializing in crowds often makes him feel more uncomfortable. He often doesn’t want to overstay his welcome when visiting friends and family. Virgo men often want to keep to themselves unless they have something important to say.

You may find that a Virgo man is the opposite of a Scorpio.  Virgo men are hard workers and often take on jobs in which they can help people.  They often feel sorry for children or animals that are being abused.  They often don’t want to think of life as being painful.  They often want to stay in connection with what works in life.

Virgos tend to love hanging out with people that understand them. They enjoy reading books, taking long walks with their romantic partner and planning. Virgos men like to know that everything is going to be taken care of. They like to know that the bills are paid on time and that you can easily learn what is going to help you in life.

There is always a life path that they take that is often misunderstood by other zodiac signs. For instance, a Virgo man may give a large donation to a church rather than buying himself a new car when he needs it. He is highly generous and most other zodiac signs see him as being a bit to generous.

Virgo men want to show that they are thankful to you when you do something nice for them. If the Pisces woman wants to give him a gift, he will happily accept it. However, the Virgo man will also like to take you out for dinner or another nice gesture to show you that he is grateful for taking the time to give to him.

Virgo men love animals. He is often a dog or cat lover. You will often find him saying that he wants to snuggle up with his dog on the sofa after work. This can often make the Pisces woman feel a bit jealous because Virgos are great huggers. If the Pisces women finds that the dog is getting more attention than she is, this can cause jealousy.  The Pisces woman must feel comfortable with having pets in the house or else the relationship can come chaotic.

What Is Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility?

You two are like twins. Pisces women are loving, forgiving, often not jealous and tend to split things equally with the Virgo man.  The Pisces woman is born between the dates of February 19th and March 20th.  They are symbolized by the fish.  This makes them a strong character for wanting to gain independence and to not get themselves into trouble.

You may find that when Virgo men and Pisces women live together, they are highly compatible. The Virgo man is often giving the Pisces women the space that she needs in order to get things done.

He is often the kind of person that wants to give of himself. He doesn’t like to have drama happening in his life and he tends to feel like he can do what he can in order to make peace in the home. Virgo men are great cooks and tend to plan vacations well.

Are Pisces Women Leaders In Love And Business?

A Pisces woman is often someone that has a leadership role on her job. She often likes the medical field because it allows her to take care of people. Since Pisces women are leaders, they often take on jobs as business managers, leaders in organizations, ministry type jobs and even as psychics.

They are often intuitive and can see something happening before it happens. Virgo men are also highly intuitive and often see things that other zodiac signs do not. The Virgo man may say that he can see the future at times because he knows how to zero in on a problem.  He often feels that its hard for him to locate something that he doesn’t fully understand.  He knows that he can’t always be the person that gets it right.

The Pisces woman often stands by his side and compliments him when he is down.  Virgo men often suffer from anxiety, depression and are often anti-social.  It’s not because he is rude.

However, he tends to not feel as confident in himself as he should. Sometimes a Virgo man can feel like the world is watching him. He may often tell you that he is uncomfortable with being around people that he doesn’t know.

Are Virgo Men Into Partying?

A Virgo man is often not the life of the party. He is often a respectable man that makes everyone feel at ease. Virgo men often feel like they have done something wrong and deserved to be punished for it when they make a mistake.

Many Virgo men are judges at heart. They want to see justice being served when a wrong has been done. He doesn’t like to see people hurting or anyone getting away with a crime. He is the kind of person that says he will not tolerate something that is not right.

Are Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility With Water?

Virgo men and Pisces women love to live near bodies of water. States like Florida, Texas and California are perfect for hm. Pisces women are more flexible.

You will often find that some Pisces women prefer living in cities. She often wants to have her job closer to her and often cities provide her with the ability to get back and forth to work easily. She is often the kind of person that wants to have less chaos in her life. Virgo men are flexible and will want to please his Pisces lover by moving where she thinks is best.

Virgo men tend to be giving in terms of knowing how to get a person a gift that they will enjoy. At Christmas or another holiday, he is the first to pick out the gift that identifies the person. He is the kind of guy that will give you the shirt off his back.

He is generous and enjoys a good workout. Virgo men take great care of their bodies. You will often find that Virgo men enjoy running and eating a healthy diet. If he looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what he sees, he tends to get depressed.  He may even find it hard to perform in the bedroom because he knows that he doesn’t look a certain way.  He is often picky about the Pisces woman’s physical appearance.

He will often tell you that you look good. If he is not complimenting your physical appearance a lot, you may ask him he likes what you are wearing. Virgo men love to tell you how they feel about your physical beauty. You may find him to be a “hot and steamy” kisser.

He knows what you like and tends to be super romantic. When he looks into your eyes, a Virgo man digs deep into the soul. You will find that when you are both looking at each other, he turns you on with his passion.

How Is A Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility With Money?

Virgo men often want to pay all the bills in the house to show that the is the lion in the relationship.  He is no Leo but has that strong masculine side that you desire. A Virgo man wants to make you feel like you belong to him. As a Pisces woman, you may feel like he belongs to you as well.

Virgo men can be more in love with you than his own family. Many Virgo men are known to leave their families and friends behind if they don’t accept you.  Once a Virgo man has found love, he will make it clear that he doesn’t want any outside interference. 

He often doesn’t like gossip and he tend to not discuss his problems with you and the family.  Be Careful about getting to close to an Aquarius woman in the relationship. Aquarian women are often a problem for Pisces and Virgo relationships.  Aquarius women tend to be hard to deal with because they are set in their ways and often think that they can take a side with either the Virgo or Pisces.

She is often the type of person that will divide the two of you. Of course, some Aquarius woman are the exception. However, be warned that if you have an Aquarius in your connection to one another, don’t let her divide the two of you.  She is often opinionated and wants to see things done the way that she would handle something.

How Is A Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility On Vacation?

Virgo men and Pisces women love taking vacations together.  Virgo men often want to make the Pisces woman feel more at ease. She is often wanting to go to warm and tropical climates.

The Pisces woman will often tell her Virgo lover that they can have a fun time at a resort that she had been to as a child. Pisces women often hold onto memories. She is often the kind of person that wants to begin saying what she feels because she has often taken great trips with her family growing up.

Pisces women tend to feel like there is always something new on the horizon.  A Pisces woman often want to show that they have a long history with getting along with people. This causes the Virgo man to feel more relaxed. The reason for this is because he often feels that he must learn how to love all of her.

Do Pisces Women Want To Get Married?

The Pisces women is often the first to say, “Do you want to get married?” The Virgo man is into marriage but wants to first hear that you would consider him for marriage.

You may want to drop a hint to him first to let him know that you either want to live together or get married within the next year or two. Don’t let him linger because he will often take your silence as a possibility that you may not want to spend your life with him.

Virgo men are music lovers. You will often find that he knows how to play a musical instrument or knows how to play music that he absolutely loves. Pisces women are also often musical lovers. 

The two of these zodiac signs can get down to listening to their favorite artists or enjoy going to concerts together.  If you think about it, you will find that its rather easy to get caught up in a conversation about acting, singing and dancing.

Virgo men often want to share their passion for writing as well. Virgo men are often seen keeping journals and doing more introverted things. Pisces women often enjoy sharing what bothers him and what keeps him waking up every day. He is often the kind of person that doesn’t want to see tragedy in front of his eyes. It can be tough to watch him being sad.

Virgo Men Do Not Like To Be Disapointed?

Often, Virgo men hate disappointments and may linger in the problem for days. If he gets fired from his job, he often takes if personal. The Pisces woman must be the one to pick him up. He counts on you to tell him that everything is going to be okay and that he will find another job soon. When you do that, he gets another job rather quickly.

Pisces women like to give compliments. You will often find that she gives of herself to someone that is more understand and in tune with what she wants in her life. A Pisces woman will often tell you that something is not right when its going wrong.

She is often the type of woman that doesn’t want to see anything negative surrounding her.  Pisces women want to have a clean home and somewhere to put her guests when they come over to the house. She often wants to have one room set for the guests when they come over.

She is often a woman that likes having her tea or coffee in the morning. She is so kind that she often takes care of the Virgo man by making him a cup to.  She is the kind of woman that knows how to bring the family in together.

Do Pisces Women Like Traditional Holidays?

During holidays, she is very traditional.  The Pisces woman is often the person saying that the family can come over to the house and have fun.  She is often a fun-loving person. In romance, she is passionate in the bedroom. Virgo men tend to bond with her several times a week.

Is There Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility With Movies?

The Virgo man and Pisces woman often stay up late to watch a movie or to talk about the old days in their lives. They often enjoy talking about their favorite childhood memories. Pisces women often get into the Virgo man’s head by asking him questions about his childhood. The Pisces woman loves to ask questions. She wants to know details about her Virgo man’s life.  All and all, you are a great zodiac sign match. You should think about marriage because your zodiac signs are destined to stay together.