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How To Find A Fortune Teller For Hire

If you Google the keyword phrase “fortune teller”, millions of results will be shown in the search engine.  Fortune telling has been going on for thousands of years all over the world. 

It is often called different names.   Some people call fortune telling: witchcraft, clairvoyance, spell work, prophetic words, astrology, numerology, tarot and many other names to describe giving someone a future reading. 

Most men and women want to know what the future holds for their life in love, money, career, health and spirituality. 

Many people from different faiths often find that visiting or consulting with a fortune teller is shameful.  People from different faiths and spiritual backgrounds often visit fortune tellers without anyone else knowing about it. 

Some religions forbid anyone in their faith to consult with a medium. However, people tend to consult with psychics when nobody else is looking. 

Of course, there are millions of people that don’t care what other people have to say about them and tell their friends, family members and co-workers that they consult with a psychic. 

We are living in a time period in which more people are finding that talking about their spiritual relationship with mediums is okay.  Most people would not have felt comfortable talking about a psychic reading before the 21st century. 

Why Should You Hire a Fortune Teller?

If you have questions about your love life, finances or career, you may find that you don’t know which direction to take.  You may have a cycle in your life that repeats itself over and over again. 

Have you ever wondered why you want to be in a romantic relationship and yet are not?  Perhaps you keep on seeing that every relationship that you have fails. 

Perhaps you have no money all of the time and have no idea why.  Perhaps you are thrifty with your spending and have a good paying job.  However, your money always seems to disappear.

Maybe you are confused as to which career to take on. Have you always had a troubled outlook on your career or feel lost?  These are many reasons why people consult fortune tellers.

Fortune tellers can be found online, on the telephone, in person and through text. Email readings are still a possibility as well.  Fortune tellers believe that they have a psychic gift for seeing into the past, present and future.

These are referred to as either psychic readings or future readings.  Psychics are often able to communicate with spirits that have “crossed over” to the other side. 

If you have never gotten a future reading before, you may be curious as to how it actually works and if there are different types of future readings.

There are many different skill levels and types of psychic readings that you can get.  Here is a list of some of the most popular types of future readings that you can get:

#1 Tarot Card Readings – Most often a 78 tarot card deck.  A tarot card reading often puts both the psychic and client in control. The psychic will cut the deck and ask their client to pick a card.  Each card is going to be interpreted according to the clients question.  

You can ask the cards any question and get more of a generalized answer.  Many tarot card readers use a combination of tarot and clairvoyance at the same time. In this way, the tarot card reader gives you their own personal reading on the topic on top of the tarot card that you chose. 

#2 Clairvoyance – It is believed that at the center of your forehead, lays a chakra called the third eye.  The third eye is said to be able to see into the past, present and future. 

It is said that the third eye opens up many areas of the soul. A man or woman that practices clairvoyance receives messages through their mind. When they look into a persons energy, they can often see the future soulmate or financial situation of a person for the future.

Some clairvoyants have been known to be able to accurately predict futuristic events that they could never have known about. One of the most famous clairvoyants that ever lived was Edgar Cayce.

He was known as a prophet and psychic at the same time. He was able to close his eyes and give psychic readings as he lay down on a couch.

#3 Angel Card Readings – Angel card readings are a deck of cards that are believed to be able to tell our future through angelic messages. It works a lot like a tarot card reading in which the person getting the tarot card reading chooses a card and then the fortune teller interprets the messages for you.

#4 Astrology Charts – An astrology chart is often constructed for someone  by using their date of birth and time that they were born. Astrlogers believe that your unique birthday and time that you were born predicts a future for you.  

Astrology readings are known for being accurate and are often referred to as being a pseudoscience. Instead of the psychic reader translating the messages for you, the astrologer tells you what your fortune is going to be based on your chart.  Here, you will not get the astrologers opinion concerning your future. Instead, a chart is created to tell you what your future will be. 

#5 Runes – A set of runic alphabets are used to predict the future and futureistic events.  

#6 Numerology – This type of psychic reading allows you to see your future through the use of numbers. Numerologists believe that there are numbers that match each letter of your name. Once identified, your name will predict some future events for you. This is another pseudoscience. 

#7 Aura Readings – Everyone has a light around them that tells the psychic how you are feeling and looking like.  The aura around you can tell the fortune teller what your future is going to be if you continue down this road. 

#8 Palm Readings – Palm readers believe that your palms have lines in them that can predict your future in pregnancy, love, winnings, money, career, spirituality and most any other question that you can think of. Palm readings takes a special skill in understanding and knowing what each line of the hand predicts.

#9 Psychometry – If you have an object that you would like to have interpreted, getting a psychometry type of reading is perfect.  Professional psychometry readers interpret the objects energy and tells you what is around the object.

You may have an old picture of your mom that you don’t understand. Where was the picture taken and how was she feeling at the time that it was taken.  Questions like these are often asked to the psychic doing this type of future reading.

#10 Mediumship – Mediums believe that they can communicate with the dead through clairvoyance. Some mediums say that they can see the dead and others say that they can hear the dead.  If you are trying to connect with someone that has died, mediums believe that they can tap into the spiritual world and communicate with the dead for answers.

#11 Past Lives – Reincarnation teaches us that we have had past lives before.  Getting a future reading with a past life psychic will tell you who you were in a past life. 

It will tell you which mistakes to avoid in this life so that you don’t have to suffer the same fate that you did before in a previous life. Clairvoyance is often used when getting this type of psychic reading.

#12 Prophetic Words – Throughout the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible, prophets were often called by God to communicate his words to the people. 

Prophets are known for having a direct communication/connection with God and can deliver spiritual messages to people for various reasons. Prophets can be from many different faiths and often people that seek them out are having trouble hearing from God on their own.

#13 Automatic Writing – It is said that spirits can write messages through you.  This s an art that can be practiced with time. Automatic handwriters have no idea what is going to come out on paper as they are not doing any thinking when they are writing. Instead, they believe that spirits do the thinking for them and then use their bodies to write out messages. 

#14 Biorhythms – Mathematics is used to predict the future. It teaches us that different mathematical cycles can predict what will happen next.

#15 Channeling – Through saying rehearsed sayings outloud in a prayer circle, it is believed that you can  connect with the dead. This is often referred to as mediumship readings.

However, in channeling, you actually have to say words or sing songs to contact the dead and have them come through for you. This is often a practice found in Voodoo. 

#16 Empathic – An empathic fortune teller will often communicate to you what they think or feel about the future.  They often have something on their mind and tell you what they feel is going to happen in your life.

#17 I-Ching – Uses a system called cleromancy. This means that numbers are used to predict ones future.  Similar to numerology. However I-Ching uses hexagrams.

#18 Ouija Board – This is a board containing letters and numbers. It is believed that spirits will move your hand when trying to communicate spiritual messages to you.

The Ouija board was designed to allow a spirit to connect with you by moving around your hand on a board and pointing to specific letters/numbers. These letters and numbers often communicate words that the dead are trying to say to us. 

#19 Pendulum Dowsing – This is often a string that attaches itself to a ring or some object on the bottom of it. It is then held over  a apersons hand to predict pregnancy and if you are going to have a boy or a girl.  The pendulum is hung over your hand and if it swings left or right, it will tell you what the outcome is going to be.

#20 Scrying – The fortune teller will look into a crystal ball in order to tell you what they can see for your future. It is said that when the psychic looks into the ball, they begin to see pictures for your life.

#21 Séance – A group of individuals get together to call up the dead. People often hold hands in a circle and communicate with the dead.  When someone feels that a dead person is speaking, they communicate the message to the group. 

#22 Tasseography – This is often referred to as tea leaf readings. It is believed that the tea leaves predict future events for you.  Sometimes coffee grounds or wine sediments are used as well.

#23 Pet Psychic Readings – Your pet may be speaking to you and you don’t even know it. Pet psychics believe that your pet is trying to communicate with you through spirit when they are not feeling well or have something that they want to tell you. Pet psychic readings started to gain popularity in the 21st century. 

#24 Spells – Casting a spell on someone or for someone is a highly requested form of a psychic reading.  Here, the fortune teller uses candles, potions, oil and incense to create spells for having better luck in money, love, career and other areas of love. Sometimes it is used as black magic to create evil to fall upon someone.

What Should You Ask a Fortune Teller?

The #1 question asked to psychics is, “When is he going to call me?”  The psychic industry is dominated by around 90% women callers that want to know the truth about their love lives. 

Love tarot card readings are the most popular because people tend to love having the tarot cards and clairvoyance predicting their future.

How to Play Fortune Teller Games At Parties

It is true that we all have psychic abilities within us.  Many teens and adults like to play fortune teller.  This is an easy game that you can have at your party or next corporate event. 

Someone in the party must be willing to be the fortune teller.  You can choose one, two or three people.  It all depends on how many people you have at the parts.  You should dress the person up in a gypsy costume in order to make them look like a fortune teller. 

Next, set the decorations around the table.  Put a crystal ball on the table and a white candle. When you do this, you begin to see everything around you as being more “psychic”. 

The person giving the fortunes should sit the guests down one at a time.  Tell your guests that _____ (persons name) is going to give fortunes for whoever wants one.  Ask your guests to please ask the fortune teller only one question. 

The fortune teller can use tarot cards (if they know how to use them) or clairvoyance.  The fortune teller doesn’t have to be a professional.  This is meant for fun to see what someone can pick up about you.  Some of your guests will be pleased with the psychic reading and others will say, “What was that?”  The purpose is to have fun and see what spiritual energy comes through. 

You will find that this game is enjoyable for people of all ages because it allows us to see that we all do have psychic intuition.  You will find that your guests enjoy coming to your future gatherings if they know that a fortune teller will be there every time. 

Are Fortune Tellers Right?

Fortune tellers often get the message right that they are trying to translate from the spiritual realm.  Are they, always right?  Of course, not because human beings always make mistakes.

Even plumbers and mechanics make mistakes. To think of any human being as being more superior than another is wishful thinking and putting your expectations to high. 

Many fortune tellers do get the message right the first time out. These are often psychics that have attained some fame for their work.  If you want a highly accurate reader, you should look for newspaper clippings or online articles about people that have extraordinary gifts. 

Most psychics do their spiritual practice for legitimate reasons.  You must watch out for the “scam artists” that are out there. However, you should normally get a good feeling for someone that wants to see the future for you. 

Do Fortune Tellers Work?

This all depends on many factors. If you are having a problem at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and need someone to talk to, psychic chat online readers are always there to take your call.  All you need to do is visit an astrology website and push hire to speak with a spiritual adviser. That will work for you 100% of the time. 

However, if you are looking for someone that can see into the future concerning your love life or another area, this is not so easy.  I have gotten psychic readings from clairvoyants that hit the nail on the head every single time. I have gotten a few that are around 60% correct.

Others get it right only 20% of the time.  Over time, you will find fortune tellers that connect well with you and you can depend on them. I believe that its all about building a relationship with the psychic reader that you feel most comfortable with. 

Fortune tellers that know you best tend to give better readings. It’s because psychics get nervous to. They are only human and often make mistakes because of their nerves. As they get to know you, they get more comfortable with you and can often zero in on your problem with more clarity. 

I find that when I visit a new psychic, I don’t get as much accuracy because the psychic is more worried about not messing up, then they are focusing on their reading. 

Where to Find a Free Fortune Prediction?

If you go to street fairs, you will often find a fortune teller machine. These machines are a lot like fortune cookies. You simply get a piece of paper with a fortune on it.  It is often generalized, and the prediction may not always be correct. Some people believe that your fortune has a choice of chance.  Perhaps its fake in most people’s eyes.

However, why did you get that fortune in your hands?  Why didn’t you get another prediction on a piece of paper that tells you something different? These are the questions that many people ask when reading their prediction.

Fortune teller machines are not real people. However, they are fun, and people do read their predictions that they get out of the machine.  It’s a lot like people that open a fortune cookie to see their prediction and don’t eat the fortune cookie.  I know some men and women that hate the taste of fortune cookies but open a lot of them when they get Chinese food. 

What Are Some Fortune Teller Names?

  • Roma
  • Gypsy
  • Florence
  • Kezia
  • Mahala
  • Selina
  • Queenie
  • Rhoda
  • Liberty

How to Use a Fortune Teller

Always use a fortune teller by your own opinion. You will often hear friends, family and neighbors saying that psychics are a bunch of frauds that are just out to take your money. However, most psychics are not into fortune telling for the money.

Did you know that most psychics that work on psychic hotlines and in chat rooms via the internet only earn around $12.00 per hour?  When you pay $1.99 per minute or higher, that money is going to the website owner themselves. 

Most clients don’t know that psychics often do their spiritual work because it’s a calling. It’s a lot like a pastor works for a church and earns a salary. The church keeps most of the money and gives the pastor a small income to take care of themselves. 

Before you judge a psychic on why they are doing their spiritual work, find out all the facts first.  It’s important to always look at the facts.

How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading Most of the Time

It’s important to not talk during your psychic reading. Only answer questions that the clairvoyant is asking you.  If you talk to much, you will distract the psychic adviser. There is nothing worse than breaking a psychics trance. 

I am always shocked when people talk at piano recitals. The pianist must put 100% of their focus on their playing and yet someone is talking in the audience interrupting them.  It’s important to show lots of respect and silence during the reading.

It takes a lot of energy to be able to focus and channel specific information for your clients.  Psychics often find that its hard to work on a psychic phone line because people are always talking and interrupting you as you are giving the reading. 

This happens in chat rooms as well. The clairvoyant is trying to type information and people keep on talking. Then they wonder why the psychic got the prediction wrong. 

Before telephone and the internet, the world would see psychics face to face. They never wanted to appear rude and would often sit and listen to the psychic. 

It was a sign of respect.  Today, many people have lost the ability to just sit still and listen.  If you want a highly accurate reading, I suggest that you let the psychic reader do their work. 

What Is The Fortune Teller Definition?

Someone that can investigate the future using a crystal ball, clairvoyance, tarot cards, astrology or another spiritual tool. 

How can You Call a Fortune Teller For Free?

I love a website called  This is a website that allows you to call into any radio talk show that it has on its website. Many of these shows are psychic related.

When a psychic has a show about giving readings, you simply call in with your question and have it answered on live radio.  You might be surprised to find out that most psychic readers enjoy giving readings because they feel that it’s their calling to do so.  They have a gift for helping people out with their problems. 

Many psychics website also offer first time customers a free psychic reading for 3 minutes. Three minutes may not sound like a long time to get connected with a psychic reader on the telephone.  However, you will find that you can often ask at least 1 to 2 questions and have it answered.

What Is Psychic vs Clairvoyant?

Simply put, not all psychics are clairvoyant. Some fortune tellers only read tarot cards or create astrology charts.  Some write horoscope columns and don’t have a gift for clairvoyance. 

Clairvoyance is a psychic reading style that uses imagination, the sixth sense and actual spirit communication. Many people make the mistake of thinking that all psychics are clairvoyant, and this is simply not true.