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Are Ghost Hunters Finding Paranormal Activity?

Are Ghost Hunters Finding Paranormal Activity?

Millions of people around the world believe that there is paranormal activity inside of their home.  They often call upon ghost hunters for help.  Remember the movie Ghostbusters from 1984?  Remember when actor Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd were beaming up the ghosts?

Are Ghost Hunters Finding Paranormal Activity?

Back then, technology was just starting to advance.  Little did we know in 1984, that in the 21st century, there would be a job title such as a ghost hunter.

You don’t have to come from any spiritual background to be a ghost hunter. All you need is a desire to track down paranormal activity and try to let families know when there is paranormal activity in the home. 

Homes often get haunted when a person is unaware of it.  Someone can even move into a haunted house and find that there is an evil or supernatural presence in the home that starts to let you know that a ghost is in your presence. Ghost hunting is not really a 21st century mindset. In fact, ghost hunting has been around for centuries. 

In the 20th centuries, two famous ghost hunters that were often seen on television and written about in newspapers was Ed and Lorraine Warren.  These two were considered to have a career as exorcists. 

They were often called upon by churches and families when they suspected a ghost in the home.  This couple kept a collection of possessed dolls and other artifacts that they found while doing their haunted house investigations. 

It was eventually turned into a museum. After Hollywood got “wind” of this couple’s life, they began to make movies about some of their true to live stories. One movie called Annabelle, and another called The Nun told stories of the families that Ed and Lorraine Warren helped. They were ghost hunters for over 30 years. 

According to Ed and Lorraine Warren, it was not easy to get rid of paranormal activity in a home.  In fact, even after an exorcism occurred, it was said that the homes remained haunted.

However, the couple soon realized that you can only try to contain evil that is within the possessed objects in the home.  Therefore, they would often take a hold of the possessed object and put it into their home behind locked doors and cabinets. They felt that if they could contain the evil, then it would do nobody else harm.

How to Handle Paranormal Activity in Your Home

If you believe that you have a ghost in entity in your home that you don’t want, you are going to have to do an exorcism on your home. It is important to get a hold of some digital tape recorders. 

Try to pinpoint where you believe the paranormal activity is taking place in your home. Whatever room it is coming from, its important to first cleanse the room. In order to cleanse the room, you need to get some sage.  Sage is an herb used for centuries to clean bad energy out of a room. It has an awesome smell to it. 

In order to sage your home, burn some sage for around 15 minutes.  Say some prayers to make the paranormal activity leave your home. It’s important to ask Jesus for help.

Many ghosts’ hunters say that ghost is afraid of Jesus because they know that he is the prince of peace.  Also, hang a crucifix in every room in your house. It has been known that evil spirits don’t like crucifixes because it represents Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the world’s sins.

Next, look for any objects in your home that you are questioning as to whether it should be there. Throw away any kind of items in your homes that are known to contain evil in their entity. 

Some of these objects might be dolls, articles of clothing, Ouija boards, tarot card decks, crystal balls and anything else that you can find representing something that could contain paranormal activity.  Make sure to check your garage and attics.

Some people move into a home without realizing that there is something in the attic that should not be there. During the 1800’s, many homes were often used for witchcraft.

Often, seances would take place up in the attic where nobody else would know what a person was doing. Sometimes teenager was known to play these kinds of games in the attic.

Many ghost hunters often find connections between seances and games that were once played in a home.  These types of games open portals for the evil entity to enter the home.

Once the portal has been open, its very hard to send it back to its original place.  When Jesus casted out a demon, he cast it back to hell where it came from.

In one incident in the New Testament, Jesus casted out evil spirits from a man. Before they got cast out, they begged him to please send them into the herd of pigs.  They were afraid to go back to where they came from.

In almost 100% of the cases of exorcising a home, the Holy Bible or some Christian ritual is used. Jesus Christ has been known to get rid of evil.  The name of Jesus has power.

What is an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)?

EVP’s are often captured on digital tape recorders and video recorders. An EVP is the voice or picture of a dead person that gets caught on a video recording device. 

These are believed to be people that are now deceased.  EVP’s have been captured on video in the thousands now. You can get a good glimpse of them if you look on a website like 

An EVP is best known for capturing white noise. White noise is often fuzzy sounding on a digital recorder.  Sometimes, a ghost hunter can pick up actual words in white noise.  A movie called White Noise came out in 2005.  White noise in real life sounds a lot like this. 

We are living in a time period in which we can often capture the deceased on a digital recording device. Amazingly, this white noise allows us to see that life exists after death.  There is no reason why some dead people come through and not others. Some ghost hunters believe that they got stuck while they were trying to cross over from earth to heaven or hell. 

Instead of making it to their destination, they are stuck here and can’t move on from earth.  Since they have no physical fleshly body to speak out of, they are spirits that get captured on a recording device.

White noise is real and not made up. In order to test this out for yourself, go to a place that is said to be haunted and set up your own digital equipment. Haunted homes and cemeteries are often great places to investigate for paranormal activity. 

There are many ghost hunting groups that meet up regularly in order to get together for ghost hunting purposes. One of the best places to find ghost hunters is on

You can also try setting up a digital recording device on a gravestone of someone that you know that passed away.  Ask the spirit a question and tell them to speak into the digital device.  Tell the spirit that you can hear them if they will speak into the device. 

Many EVP have been captured doing things this way. Many ghost hunters are shocked to hear their deceased grandparents, parents and children coming through on the recorded device.

Most spiritual entities that come through on recorded devices are trying to tell you something. Every message is different and sometimes we don’t hear what we want to.  It is best to not do ghost hunting experiments on your own. Try getting someone with some experience to go with you.

You will find that you can’t hear the ghost speaking to you out loud. However, you can capture actual voice of the dead-on digital devices from time to time.  It is important to know that these dead people can see you, but you can’t see them.  They know that you are there. 

These spiritual beings are not always human.  Sometimes it’s a demon, angel or a deceased loved one.  White noise is misunderstood right now.  More research must be done on white noise in order to find out what kind of entities are speaking to us on these recordings.

Should You Use a Medium for Ghost Hunting?

Mediums are often called upon to consult with the dead during a paranormal investigation. It has been noted for years that many spirits feel calm when they know that they are being heard or that someone could hear them.

Lorraine Warren was a medium and could connect with the dead when she entered a home that had paranormal activity. Amazingly, her work aided in getting rid of unwanted entities in homes.

Some psychics are good for ghost hunting. Many psychics feel a connection with entities when they walk into a home.  It is important to utilize all the people that you can in order to have your experiments.

Depending on your religious background, you may find that mediums are useful. The Catholic Church often uses a priest to exorcise the demon as in the case of the hit movie, The Exorcist. 

In this movie, two priests were used to exorcise a demon out of a little girl that was not a Christian. The possessed girl came from a family that had no direct affiliation with religion.

The little girl Reagan started to show signs of possession. Her symptoms only got worse even after she was seen by doctors. The girls mother finally realized that she needed something more than a traditional doctor. She turned to the Catholic church to do an exorcism.

In almost every case of demon possession, it seems as though the person has no religious background or no strong spiritual faith.  This seems to be a resting ground for evil spirits.  They tend to like people that have no religious affiliation.

How Hard is it to Find a Real Ghost?

In homes and cemeteries where there is paranormal activity, finding a real ghost is easy. Real ghosts will make their presence known.  They will often tap on furniture and screech in homes where they are at.  They will often move objects and often flip furniture over.

Poltergeist spirits will often feed off your energy. They feed off fear and will often become worse if they can see a person afraid of what they are doing.  Their object is to try and keep you out of rooms that they feel you should not be in. Sometimes they possess an entire home and want the family to leave entirely.

Developing Ghost Pictures and Sharing Them with Ghost Hunting Experts

When you start getting into Ghost Hunting, you will begin taking pictures in homes where there is paranormal activity. The goal is to capture ghosts and orbs (spirits) on camera.  When you do this, you begin to capture entities that are in front of you and often cannot see. Most people cannot see ghosts with their own physical eyes.  Instead, they must be captured on a digital recording device.

Can You Use a Ghost Detector?

Yes, ghost detectors are often used to locate ghosts inside of a home. Emf detectors are often used to detect ghosts.  Ghost detectors can run from $20.00 to well over $700.00. A ghost hunter has many devices that they use to detect ghosts. However, a ghost detector is one of the best.

Where Are Some of the Most Haunted Houses?

  • Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast
  • Adams Grove Presbyterian Church
  • Amityville
  • Villisca Axe Murder House
  • The Sallie House
  • House of Death
  • Lemp Mansion

As you get more into ghost hunting, you will come to see that a lot of haunted homes are now haunted because something tragic happened within the home. Sometimes it’s a suicide and other times someone was murdered.

In every haunted home case, something tragic happened in the location or someone was doing witchcraft in the home.

Many hit TV shows are showing ghost hunters in action.  Some of these shows are:

  • Ghost Hunters
  • Best Legends
  • Paranormal Challenge
  • The Othersiders
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories

Hollywood often glamourizes ghost hunting as being something is fictious and create scary movies because of it.  Many of these horror movies are based on true events that happened.  There is always a lot of Hollywood flare added to the movie. However, something paranormal happened.

What Are Americans Saying About Ghost Hunters?

Around 50% of Americans laughed off ghost hunting in the 20th century. More than 70% of Americans today believe that we need ghost hunters because paranormal activity is on the rise.

Many people from various religious backgrounds admit that people are started to see ghosts, UFO’s and spiritual entities that cannot be explained. Americans believe that the existence of ghosts is real and that they are not going anywhere.

It is said that at least 1 in every 10 people believe that their house is either haunted or has a spirit in it that is in their home.  What do you personally believe?

The more that we walk into the 21st century, the more that we are hearing about psychics, ghosts and paranormal activity.  The world is trying to understand paranormal activity. It is often not easy to understand or to look at.

It’s important to keep on trying to learn more about the paranormal.  There are many groups that meet today in order to discuss these types of paranormal events.

Across the world, many people that were once atheist or agnostic say that they are seeing spiritual activity that once would never have been possible. 

Many atheists become believers in life after death once they have experienced paranormal activity. People often get afraid of paranormal activity because it is unexplained, and we often feel powerless against it. There have been may instances where spirits would pick up children and throw them across a room.

Sometimes a house is so haunted that it is impossible to live in. Some homes are so haunted that nobody will even buy them. They tend to stay on the market and often the price on the homes drop.

If ghosts make you feel uncomfortable, its important to learn more about them by reading books.  Books often help us to see that a ghost is nothing to be afraid of.

However, they are looking for attention and sometimes they don’t get the responses that they want. It is important to see that something can be done if you have a problem with a hunted house.  Call on a ghost hunter for help.  You will soon see that there is a world out there that is full of resources.

How to Know if a Ghost is in Your House?

If you watch television shows like Ghost Hunters, you will be able to see and hear real live ghosts in action.  Many ghost hunters believe that spirits come into a house when they are invited in. Some games like the Parker Brothers Ouija Board are said to bring living spirits into a home. Some men and women say that if you call up a spirit from the ground, it will haunt your house. 

Ghosts often want to make their presence known by creating a visual apparition of themselves. They like to make their presence known by moving objects around or creating a screaming or screeching voice. 

Some famous police cases like the Amityville Horror are said to have had spirits that haunted a man. These spirits caused the man to kill his entire family.  Ghosts are said to be able to possess the living. 

A lot of people often wake up screaming in the middle of the night.  They often wonder if someone is in their home or if a ghost is trying to get their attention.

In order to see if there is a ghost roaming around in your home, put a pair of bells on your door handles.  If you hear something jingling in your house, then a ghost is indeed present.  Many people find out that they have more than one ghost in their home. 

A lot of churches perform exorcisms on a house in order to get rid of a ghost that may be bothersome.  This ritual is often done with Holy Water and the reading of the New Testament. 

Many Catholic exorcists will use the prayer of Saint Mary or the Our Father.  Once a house is cleaned of a spirit, there is still a possibility of them coming back.

Two of the most famous ghost hunters in history were Ed and Lorraine Warren. The husband and wife couple were often called upon to perform exorcisms on haunted homes.  The homes would often be haunted by different spirits that were in objects.  One of the most famous ghost hauntings was about a doll named Annabelle. 

If you cannot figure out how to tell if a spirit is in your home, it is important to invite a person who can hear from spirits into your home.  Allow them to tell you what they are seeing and hearing. Often these people are referred to as psychics. Most psychics are open to telling you what they are seeing and hearing for you. 

Some psychics are powerful in the sense that they can pick up on dead relatives that may be trying to get your attention. These people are often known as mediums. Mediums pick up on people that have crossed over to the other side.  Many psychics say that ghosts are stuck between this world and the world that they don’t want to enter into.

What Are The Worst House Hauntings in History?

Throughout history, Halloween has brought out people’s scary side.  Everyone loves to hear about haunted houses, ghosts and goblins. Scary stories make teenagers often scream and have fun with their friends.  However, there are true haunted house stories that will make you say, WOW!

Here are a few haunted house stories that you may want to check out the next Halloween season:

  • The ghost of John McGee Parkman is said to haunt the house of Sturdivant Hall in Selma, Alabama. His ghost started to roam the halls of this house after his wife was forced to sell the home. Unfortunately, Parkman was in prison and then escaped.  He was shot and killed.  After his wife left the house, people claim to see his ghost around.  Some visitors say that the doors in the home close behind them when nobody is closing them.

  • The Octagon House in Washington D.C is said to have the ghosts of supernatural footsteps and sad voices of a woman crying. Visitors often say that they see this hear this happening on their visit. It now one of the most famous museums in the United States.  People also say that the lights turn on and off on their own as well.  If you think that is spooky, objects are said to move around as well.

  • The White House is known to have spirits walking around the hallways. Staff and visitors have reported seeing apparitions and visions of Abraham Lincoln.  The ghosts of other presidents have also been reported. The White House is one of the oldest buildings in the world.  It was completed in the year 1800.

  • Robinson Rose House in San Diego, California is said to have ghosts roaming around the house that tug on women’s hair and flicker the lights on and off. The elevator also seems to move by itself.  Many visitors of this place believe that the location is haunted.  There have also been human shaped apparitions.

  • Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca, Iowa is known to be haunted with children laughing and crying. Even though no children are present, the children still roam this home. If you don’t know the history of this house, there was a murder that took place in 1912.  Eight people were killed.  There were 6 children that were killed with an ax.  Till this day, the murders are unsolved.

  • Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts is said to have the ghost of Lizzie Borden roaming around. She was accused of murdering her parents with an ax.  She was acquitted of the murders and no other suspects were ever arrested or charged with the deaths.  Other sightings of her mother, father and maid are said to be roaming around the house.  Some visitors have said that they hear a ghost screaming for help at times.

These are great places to visit during the Halloween holiday.  You may actually catch a glimpse of a ghost or hear voices.  It is a nice outing for your family and friends.

What is Sorcery?

Sorcery is said to be associated with witchcraft and the practice of spell work.  Many people describe sorcery as being associated with spell work, black magic and aiding evil spirits.  It has been practiced for thousands of years. 

Since the beginning of time, people have offered sacrifices to their God’s in reference to getting a better crop for the year or for health purposes.  There are all sorts of reasons for people to create a spell. Often, spells involved blood, human and animal sacrifices. 

Spell work originally came from people trying to find answers to their problems because of something gone wrong.  Many spells involve a “brew” of ingredients to cleanse the evil coming into one’s life. Many witches that practice magic are said to be evil because they cast a spell on someone for harm to come to them.

Maybe they cheated on someone or caused another harm. Instead of forgiveness, a bad witch may cast a spell on someone to make them pay for what they did. 

As time grew in society, many people began to fear all types of witches because they were believed to have power.  Witch hunts began and often witches were burned to the stake because of their practices.  Even prophets that had nothing to do with witchcraft were killed because they were thought to have been associated with spell work.

Even Mother Shipton was said to not have practiced witchcraft, but rather had prophetic skills. She was killed by those that knew her because they said that she was associated with witchcraft.  She is said to have died somewhere in the 15th century. 

Many witches were accused of devil worship.  Even though they had no attachment to Satanism, they were regarded as worshiping the devil.  As word spread that witches were evil, people began having witch hunts in which they would kill anyone that was associated with witchcraft.  This happened around the years 1450 and 1750. 

One of the most famous witchcraft cases was held in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts.  Young girls was said to be screaming for no apparent reason.  They felt like they were being pinched and bitten even though nothing was around.

The doctor that was responsible for examining them said that they were under some kind of a spell or witchcraft.  Over a period of 9 months, many women were thrown in jail because they were said to be associated with witchcraft.  During the Salem trials, 20 women were said to have been executed because they were said to be practicing witchcraft.

Witchcraft has to do with Paganism.  They don’t just worship one God for Goddess.  They tend to have different Gods for different things.  Some pagan religions are: Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoist, Confucian and some other Indian religions.