What Are Telephone Psychic Readings?

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Today, more people are getting psychic chat online readings.  Telephone psychic readings are often not as in demand as chat readings are.  Telephone psychic readings have been around for nearly 40 years.  Chat psychic readings have only been around for around ten years. 

Do to chat technology combined with pay per minute technology, anyone can chat with a psychic, rather than picking up the phone and calling someone for a reading.

What Are Telephone Psychic Readings?

Nearly 60% of people that get psychic readings say that they prefer chat readings over phone readings.  Since psychic chat online readings have been around for only 10 years and telephone psychic readings have been around for 40+ years, most people are wanting chat over phone. 

The fast indulgence of psychic chat online readings shows us that telephone psychic readings are on their way out and chat psychic readings are here to stay.  As computer scientists say, “Computers aren’t going anywhere.  The internet is not going away.  We have become a fast-paced society that demands things right now.” 

Chat makes it easy to communicate with psychics because you don’t have to pick up the phone to use it.  You only need a membership account on a psychic website, and you can begin chatting with psychics 24/7. 

In the 1980’s, Americans got used to seeing a woman by the name of Miss Cleo on television.  She was a Jamaican woman that told people to, “Call me now for a free psychic reading” and when people called a 1-800/900  phone number, they would get connected to someone that would give them a psychic reading about good luck, bad luck, love spells, money, career and whatever else was on your mind. 

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Phone psychic readings during the 1980’s was at its peak.  Cell phones were not around yet and it became popular to charge a person’s home phone for talking to a psychic reader by the minute.

Psychic companies made it easy for someone to talk with a psychic reader via phone. All you had to do was pick up the phone and start talking with a psychic reader.

It could be 2:00 a.m. and you could speak to someone about your abusive boyfriend/girlfriend. You could talk about your recent divorce or how lonely you are.  You could talk about anything that came to mind with a psychic adviser. 

Slowly, people in America began to realize that they were receiving charges on their phone bills that were amounting into the high hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars a month.  Eventually, the FTC cracked down on Miss Cleo phone lines and others that were using deceptive practices. The infomercials were advertising “free psychic reading”, but the consumer was being charged a per minute fee to speak with a psychic.  This caused a shake up in the psychic industry. 

For a while, people began going back to getting a psychic reading the old-fashioned way.  You would have to go to a storefront psychic and talk to them about what bothered you.  In most cases, psychics required an appointment for you to get a psychic reading with them. 

However, at the same time, credit cards were beginning to take off.  Many Americans were now able to get Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards rather easy.  As this grew, the psychic industry thought of another way to make telephone psychic readings come back to life again.  Now, they would design their phone systems to take credit cards over the phone instead of charging a person’s phone number.

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Now the customer could be in full control of their spending.  A price per minute would be revealed to the consumer before purchasing.  The customer would now receive the billed amount on their credit card that they agreed to before talking with a psychic reader over the telephone. This kind of business proved to be more effective. 

Customers stopped complaining about being billed without their consent. The customer would now choose an amount that there was comfortable spending. If the psychic reading came to $100.00, they were only charge $100.00.  It put power back into the customers hands and the psychic industry was well underway of bringing telephone psychic readings back to life again. 

In the 1990’s, the internet was in its early development stages.  Websites like American Online, Yahoo and Amazon.com were in their infant stages.  Most people were just learning about the internet and not feeling completely comfortable with it. People were beginning to see that it had capabilities for playing games, researching information and having fun with. Over time, the internet grew and as it did, companies began having their businesses on the internet. 

The psychic industry started to take notice of its ability to put together websites that people could go to in order to talk with a psychic.  Most psychic companies enjoyed the technology that allowed customers to sign into a website and begin choosing psychics that they wanted to get a reading with. It was one of the best ways to getting a psychic reading. Sidewalk psychics were beginning to feel the pain of losing customers to web-based technologies. 

Telephone psychic websites allowed a customer to simply press a “call now” button to connect with a spiritual adviser by phone.  It connected the psychic reader and the consumer instantly.  It was fast and easy to do.

As we left the 20th century and moved into the 21st century, people began using chat technologies.  As chat began to evolve and develop, the psychic industry took notice of chat technology to use in giving psychic readings. By around 2009, many psychic websites were beginning to develop chat technologies in which a person could enter a psychic chat room online and begin speaking with a psychic.

They no longer needed the use of a phone.  This made people feel more comfortable with talking to a psychic in private.  Nobody could hear what they were saying in a chat room. If you lived overseas, you wouldn’t have to pay any extra costs for high per minute fees. 

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Chat technology allowed anyone from any country in the world to use American psychic websites.  Psychic companies loved this as well because it made using their services worldwide.  Anyone can now enjoy a psychic reading from anywhere in the world. 

Eventually, psychic companies began offer a free minute package to entice customers to start spending money on their website. They would advertise, “Get a 3 free minute psychic reading” before hiring.  This enticement worked and people were getting psychic readings by phone, chat and email.  The psychic industry began to explode with customers demanding these types of services.

Today, the psychic industry has grown into a two-billion-dollar empire.  You can now chat to psychics anywhere in the world and the online psychic industry is being created by men and women all around the world. 

Psychic chat online readings are the preferred way of getting readings today because you can use chat technology anywhere in the world. It’s cheaper because you don’t’ have to pay international calling rates.

It is more private because nobody knows that you are getting one. You can remain completely anonymous.  Only the psychic will be able to investigate the spiritual world for you and tell you what they are seeing for your life. 

Are Telephone Psychic Readings Becoming Extinct?

It is clear the millennial generation prefers texting over talking by phone.  They love chat rooms and connecting to what they want right now. Chat is being used more than telephones are and most companies are seeing the cost savings of chat. 

Phone rate charges are often through the roof for businesses.  Chat is easy and customers can chat anywhere in the world with you.  Most people say that chat psychic readings are not going anywhere.  Millions of men and women from around the world are using video chat and text chat technologies. 

As more consumers use their phones to text chat over voice chat, it will become clearer that telephone psychic readings will become extinct.  The world right now seems to be comfortable with social media platforms as being a way to communicate.

Facebook and Twitter seem to be a great place to talk about your feelings, post pictures of your family and friends.  Social media is more popular than talking to someone over the phone. 

Most psychic storefronts are feeling the pain of having less customers because of the internet.  There was a time in history when people loved face to face readings.

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Today, face to face readings have become mostly extinct.  I believe that telephone psychic readings are headed down the same path. If our society continues to entertain chat over phone at fast paces, there is a good chance that telephone psychic readings will be a thing of the past. 

Getting A Horoscope Tarot Reading

Combing tarot and horoscopes are relatively new in the 21st century.  Horoscopes today can be built on many different factors.  However, tarot cards can create horoscopes by giving predictions off the cards that are drawn from the deck of 78 cards.  It works like astrology in the sense that the tarot card reader simply draws a card from the deck of cards and creates a horoscope out of it. You can do this with all 12 zodiac signs. 

You can create horoscope columns with this method for online magazines or you can give someone a face to face horoscope reading. Either way, it’s a relatively new way of giving someone a horoscope for their future. 

Should You Go to a Psychic Fair?

Psychic fairs are often popular in Florida because of the year around good weather.  Psychic fairs are a great way to explore your spiritual side and to meet psychics face to face.  It is not like a phone reading in which you can only hear their voice.  In psychic fairs, you get to meet with someone that has a clairvoyant gift.  Psychic fairs are also held in New York, California and Ohio. 

It is important to connect your life to a psychic reader that will give accurate information. Psychic fairs are a bit outdated to. However, they still take place every year.  They are a lot like telephone psychic readings. They have been around for many years, but the internet is making people more glued to social media and astrology websites when getting a clairvoyant reading. 

Psychic fairs also have metaphysical merchandise for sale. You can find candles, incense, oils and other artifacts. You will find that the fair allows you to see what new trends there are as well. 

Where to Find Free Psychic Hotline Phone Numbers

In all honesty, you can call nearly any psychic company and you can get a 3 or 5-minute free psychic reading.  These are often introductory offers that a company will give to you because they are trying to gain you as a customer.

You can often get a free spiritual reading by phone if you put in your credit card. Your credit card usually doesn’t get charged until you have added money.  The psychic company will often take your credit card and set it up for you with an online account.

When your 5-minute free reading is over with, you can decide on whether you want to proceed with the reading or simply move on.  You can get free psychic all day using this method because there are many different psychic companies to choose from on the internet today.  Most offer the same types of deals. 

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 The best online psychic readings are those that give you detailed information. There is nothing better than having a reader that understands how to use their sixth sense to make a prediction.  I find that psychics that chat quickly on a website are those that I want to work with the most. A lot different from a psychic fair and more new age.

What is a Psychic Spiritualist?

Not all psychics are spiritualists.  Spiritualism started during the 20th century. It is a belief that all people have a spirit and the spirit lives on after death.  Mediums connect with spirits in order to give messages to the living.  One of the most famous places on earth that practice spiritualism is in Lily dale New York. 

A psychic spiritualist is often a medium.  Spiritualists mostly aim at speaking to the dead. It is not necessarily a religion since it has no format in which all must follow. It often has more to do with respecting the person that you are worshipping with. 

What are Psychic Sessions?

A psychic session is a period in which the psychic gives you a reading.  They often last between 20 and 30 minutes.  Each time that you get a reading with a clairvoyant, it is called a session. 

The internet is making psychic sessions last even longer. If you are using an online chat room, the psychic reader may talk to you for well over an hour.  Psychic chat rooms are often comfortable and peaceful.  They don’t require you to be on the telephone and nearly everyone has a computer. 

Can You Trust a Psychic Matchmaker?

Psychic matchmakers are those that know how to find a love interest for you using their third eye. Psychics can often see into the future about love. When the zero their attention on your life and show you that they can see a perfect match for you and succeed, they are someone that you should turn to.  You want a psychic matchmaker with a proven reputation.  When you find someone that knows how to use their intuition to find love, you have found someone that is rare. 

Most matchmakers are not psychic and often pick wrong people for. Ask anyone that has ever used a matchmaking service and they will tell you how complex it can really be. It is a hard time finding love these days. However, psychics are making it easier because they are beginning to zero in on lovers that are a perfect match. 

Should You Take Online Psychic Advice?

The quick answer to this is Yes!  Online psychic advice is becoming more popular because many men and women have psychic ability these days.  When you chat with a psychic reader, you can tell them your problems.

You may be struggling from a past romantic breakup or are looking for a new job.  Psychics tend to give you solutions. Most people that talk to psychics in chat rooms say that they feel more private than by phone.  Family and friends can often hear your phone conversations. However, the chat rooms become more private for you. 

Psychics can see into the future and don’t need a phone to tell you what they see. They can instead type it to you. Today, it is becoming the most common form of communication. 

Most Millennials say that they prefer text over phone.  The world today is trying to stay clear of telephones for many different reasons. You can say that we are becoming an advanced computerized civilization. 

It is estimated that in the next 20 years, every household in America will have talking robot in their home.  We can already see this happening with Amazons Alexa.  You ask her a question and you get an answer. The iPhone has Serie. 

You should take any free psychic advice that you can get.  Afterall, we all need a bit of direction every now and then.  You can be a psychic online if you are gifted.  The most popular readings to get online are a free love tarot reading.  People love to watch the psychic on live video shuffling the cards and making you pick one to get answers from. 

Hiring a professional psychic to read for you is a good decision because it connects you to the real deal. Reading your tarot cards takes time. Make sure that you set some time aside that you can spare to get your full reading. 

Do We All Have Psychic Intuition?

Yes, we all have psychic intuition. However, we don’t always use it.  It takes a great deal of training to know how to use your sixth sense correctly. In today’s internet world, there are many courses online that you can take to better your understanding. Learn what it takes to give a reading and then give a friend a clairvoyant session. You will find that this is something that is useful for your life.

A psychic spiritual healer is someone that hears people’s problems and finds a solution to it using a reading.  When you begin reading a person’s spirit, you get to see what is coming into their life. Good psychics to call are those that are honest with you. 

Everyone needs psychic guidance every now and then. Even people that you think are completely happy are often calling the psychic hotline. Its easy to do because we all can call upon psychics 24/7. 

Good phone psychics are those that don’t take over the conversation with their own life baggage. They will listen to what you have to say and then give you a prediction on what they see for your life. 

The best phone mediums are those that can channel quickly. If you ask the clairvoyant for a reading on your mom that died two years ago, they should be able to tell you something that will let you know that your mom is coming through. 

Real psychic websites have people with true abilities.  They don’t try to trick their customers into getting read by someone with no talent.  There are many authentic psychics online to choose from.  Meditate and pray that you get lead to the right one.  You will see that the universe does give you what you need.  Psychic people are not different than you or I.  Psychic channeling is a true art.

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