What Are Some Gemini Man Traits?

Are you wondering if your romantic relationship is going to come together with a Gemini man?  You may be asking yourself, “What is a true Gemini man?  How does he act?

How does he value and view romantic relationships?  What am I getting myself into?” Let’s dive into these questions and many more.  Let’s find out if your Gemini man is really a Gemini at heart. 

What Are Some Gemini Man Traits?

A Gemini man is born between May 21st and June 20thGemini men are known for having two faces.  This means that he can be your friend one minute and enemy the next.

Always be there for love
Gemini Men Need To Feel Love

He is known for talking behind your back if he feels that you are betraying him.  Traditionally, Gemini men want to feel like their friends and lover is true to them.  A celebrity Gemini man is the President of the United States Donald Trump. 

Gemini men can sometimes be loud and obnoxious.  They often want to express their feelings of anger when something doesn’t go their way.  Gemini men are hard workers and known to be powerful business leaders and managers. They tend to make other people do what they want. They have a way of persuading people to do what they feel is best.

In love, Gemini men want loyalty. If you are currently dating a Gemini man, make sure that you never cheat on him.  If he finds out that you cheated, he will never forget what you did.  Traditionally, Gemini men expect you to be affectionate and caring about his needs before your own.  He can often be selfish in wanting you to be all to himself.  He wants to give you a sense of who he is in the relationship. 

Gemini men are typically hard children to raise. They are often doing whatever you tell them not to do.  Gemini male children are often befriending bad kids in school.  As an adult, he will often choose friends that will accept him for who he is.  He is often insecure about himself and so he will often choose friends that tend to agree with him or that he feels are on the same level as he is.

Gemini men are moving forward
Gemini Men Are Responsible Parents

How Does a Gemini Man Let You Know That He is Into You?

Gemini men are direct.  They don’t beat around the bush. If he wants you, he will let you know. He will often tell you that he wants to kiss you or hold your hand.  Gemini men will often ask you to either move in with them or to marry.  He is going to let you know that he wants to please you.  He is often afraid of you leaving him for someone else.

A Gemini man will often check your cell phone to see if you have any messages on there from other guys. He will often wonder if you take him seriously.  He will ask you a lot of questions about your background. He will want to know how many guys you slept with and have dated. He tends to be a bit nosey when it comes to learning more about you.

He does this in order to find out what his competition is from your past. If you tell him that you still have love feelings for another man, he will most likely try to win you over to his side. Some Gemini men also see this as a warning sign that you may not be loyal to him. 

Gemini men are known to bring flowers to their dates and lovers. He is passionate about arranging dinners or vacations together. He wants you to feel that his passion for you is powerful. 

A Gemini man will take your relationship to a whole new level because he will say that he can give you what you need. He is the kind of person that doesn’t want to put you in harms way. 

Cuddle with a gemini man
Gemini Men Are Cuddlers

He is the kind of guy that will open the car door for you and talk to your parents about getting engaged. He is a gentleman at heart. Gemini men don’t want to feel like there is any kind of baggage from a previous romance that he was engaged in. He often likes to completely settle an issue before getting involved with someone new.

Gemini are often faithful and don’t like talking with their exes. If he ended things badly with an ex-girlfriend, he will most likely never speak with her again.  It will take a lot for him to accept love again once he feels that he was betrayed. 

What Is Gemini Men in Recreation?

A typical Gemini man will spend his time with sports that allow him to win.  You will often find that he enjoys playing games that give him the upper hand. He often wants to play games that he understands well and has a small percentage in losing.  

He is also into spending time alone doing something quite like fishing, walking the dog or playing with the kids. He is a family man and wants to bring his family in closer. He is often a man that has a wife, kids and a few pets. He likes to keep his friends close and he is always watching out for someone that is going to betray him. The Gemini man has his eyes set on accomplishing what he sets out to do.

What Are The Best Matches for a Gemini Man?

There are a few zodiac signs that will match better with a Gemini man than others. For starters, a Leo woman is a great match for a Gemini man.  Leo women are represented by the lion and are born between June July 23rd and August 22nd

Gemini men set the example
Give Him What He Needs Romantically

She is a woman that doesn’t let a man tell her what to do. She is a strong woman that likes balance in the relationship.  Gemini men like a woman that can take a stand for herself. It lets him know that he doesn’t have to worry about her when she is alone.

Leo men are often not known to be cheaters. They also go after what they want in love, money and career. Leo women love to be romanced with flowers and romantic kisses.  She is a passionate lover that tends to bring her family together when married.  Leo women often start the conversations off and allow the Gemini man to see that she is interested in him.  Gemini men want to feel like the Leo woman wants him passionately. 

Another great match for a Gemini is the Libra.  Libra women are often shyer. The Gemini likes it because he often feels that he can overpower her. It often makes him feel like he can be the boss in the relationship. However, Libra women are not a pushover.

She is the kind of person that wants to show him that she knows way more than he thinks.  However, she is more passive and lets him think what he wants. Fights between the two of them are often limited.  Libra women tend to not like confrontation.  

They are often into playing games and love to talk about what interests them. Many Libra women are known to play musical instruments or to sing. She is often a woman that sees marriage as being a blessing in her life. She wans to make sure that everything around her becomes easy for her to understand.

Try to focus on eachother
Gemini Men Are Into Marriage

Scorpio women and Gemini men are going to have a hard time.  Scorpio women don’t often give second chances. The Gemini man needs a lot of second chances because he tends to mess up a lot.  The Scorpio woman is often strict on what she wants to see happening in the relationship. She is often someone that plans things.

She doesn’t like two faced people. You are either for her or against her.  She won’t accept the two sides of the Gemini.  A relationship between the two is not mission impossible but needs to be worked on with tender loving care. Often, a Scorpio woman and a Gemini man will fight a lot.

They are often showing that one is more powerful than the other. In order to make the relationship work, the Scorpio woman will need to take a step back and allow the Gemini man to feel like he is in completely control.  If she can do that, she will feel that the relationship moves ahead over time.

Do Gemini Men Get Jealous?

Yes, Gemini men do get jealous. It is best to not arouse his jealousy by flirting with other men.  You should know that he doesn’t like to see you with anyone else but him. He sees you as being someone that he wants to always be associated with. He feels that you give him a lot of inner peace and doesn’t want to be distracted by those that he feels is a competition for him. 

Gemini man snuggling
Wake Up To A Gemini Man Every Morning

If you try to get him jealous, you will find that he starts accusing you of cheating and being a whore. You don’t want to open this can of worms with him. Instead, show him that you care by making him feel secure with you. If he starts to boss you around and tell you where you can and can’t go, he is doing this because he is afraid of losing you.

He has most likely had a lot of losses in his life already if he is acting like that. It’s best to give him reassurance of your feelings. Let him know that you are not going to go anywhere and that you do love him. 

It’s important to let him know where you stay and what you are all about. Let him see that you don’t go around dating other men behind his back. He often wants to know details about what you are up to. It’s not because he is trying to control you. Instead, he is saying that he is afraid to lose you.

How to Impress a Gemini Man

Gemini men love to hear what you know about them. If you tell him that you care for him, he wants to know why. He hopes that you will be different from others that he has dated before in the past.  Study the western astrology signs and let him know that you have insight about the zodiac calendar. He wants to see that you know more than he does. Gemini men like to feel and be challenged.

A Gemini in love is someone that gives of themselves.  They expect the same in return. He wants to know that he is accepted by your family and friends.  He doesn’t want to hear that you are gossiping behind his back. 

go after what you want
Learning To Love People Is Important

Fact Check –

“Some celebrity Gemini singers are Billy Gilman, Bob Dylan, Hank Willams Jr. and Stevie Nicks.”

How to Treat a Gemini Man

Gemini men love to get pampered. He likes to get foot massages and hugs on the sofa while watching TV. He wants to know that you have similar interests as he does. 

Try making him some salsa dip while he is watching his favorite sports team on television.  You will find that the more “old fashioned” stuff that you do for him, the better he will respond to you. Think of yourself as though you are a 1950’s woman around him. It will make him feel like you are cherishing his masculinity and treating him like the “king of the castle”.

Gemini men like to know that you are with them because you seek their love and cherish who they are as a person. They want to know that you are willing to do nice things for them because you care for them completely. They want to know that you give them inner peace and a new beginning.

How to Make a Gemini Man Happy

Get him to start laughing by telling him jokes that you learned as a child. He has a good sense of humor and knows how much you care for him. it’s important to let him see that you can make him smile. 

Gemini men seek adventure
Gemini Men Love Adventure

You can make him happy by telling him what pleases you.  Gemini men often work hard to make the woman he is with happy. He wants to know that he is putting a smile on your face.

What excites you and let him know how often he should communicate with you. The more that you lead the conversation, the better you will be together. You will both feel like you are learning something new about one another every single time. 

Its important that he sees you as being someone that is more down to earth and easy to talk to. Try to not ask him to many questions. Most Gemini men don’t like giving to many details.

Don’t be a question box with him. See what he wants to talk about first and then continue the conversation with him.  This will allow him to see that you are not trying to catch him in a trap.  Sometimes its best to remain silent if you don’t have anything good to say.

You can also make your Gemini man happy if you find out what makes him excited. Does he like video games? If he does, play games with him sometime. Even if you hate it, try to let him see that you are willing to come more his way to show him what he means to you.

How to Tell if a Gemini Likes You

He will want to talk to you all the time if he is interested in you.  You won’t have to second guess if he is wanting to see you or not. Your heart will tell you that he is really into you. You will feel that the love that he has for you is sincere and special.  Your heart will eventually feel like you can bond together with him and have new opportunity for growth. 

The Gemini man likes you if he gives you a lot of kisses. Gemini men are highly affectionate and will often make you feel that he wants to be romantic with you a lot.  He will also tell you that he has been thinking about you all day.

let him please you
Gemini Men Are Romantic And Enjoy Giving Roses

When a Gemini man starts getting closer to you, he often asks you if you have intentions of ever getting married or living with a guy.  He may throw that out generally. 

If you have an interest in him, its best to tell him that you do.  If not, he might think that he is not good enough for you.  Watch everything that say to him because he will take it literal for the most part. He will tell you what he feels and see what your responses are going to be. 

How to Keep a Gemini Man Interested in You

Let him see that you are not boring. Do different things every day. Tell him that you want to take a trip with him. Road trips will keep your relationship exciting.

A road trip can be local. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. If he feels that he can get away with you, it will add excitement to the relationship. 

Always let him know that you are waiting for him to come over and see you. He must know that you are waiting for him. If you want to keep Gemini interested in you, its important to show him that your heart is in the right place.  He wants to know that you have an interest in him and have a lot of love to give. 

Give love well
Gemini Men Are Known to Spend A Lifetime With Their Partners

The Gemini man wants to know that he can build a future with you.  Always look your best when you are around him. Yes, get your hair and nails done up regularly. This turns the Gemini man on. 

Act like a lady as well.  The Gemini man is often into feminine acting women. If you are into talking loudly or trying to control him, you will lose him fast.  He needs to feel free to do what is best for him.

He wants to feel like you value him a lot and he wants to feel that there is something about your relationship that is a lot different from anything else that he has ever experienced before in his life. 

How to Get My Gemini Man Back

  • If you have screwed up and your Gemini man is not talking to you, here are a few tips to get him back:
  • Write him a letter and tell him how you feel.
  • Talk to his friends and family and try to get them to let him know that you still love him.
  • Give Gemini some time to call you. He often wants his space after an altercation.
  • Wait for him to come back to you.
  • Don’t stalk him on his social media accounts. It will only get him angry.

How to Handle a Gemini Man

Gemini men want loyalty. They demand respect and want you to let them lead the relationship. Not everyone can handle that, and you should never force yourself to do anything that you don’t want.

However, Gemini men want to feel that you respect their values first before they will respect yours.  He often believes in the concept of, “You respect me, and I will respect you.”  He is someone that has often been screwed over a lot and wants to keep someone having a lot of love for him.

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