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Can Free Love Psychic Readings Online Find Love?

If you ever gotten a live psychic reading, you may have felt that the advice given was either good or bad. Perhaps the psychic got it 50% correct. What happens when you get a love psychic reading that leads to marriage? We are going to talk about some case examples of how love changed these women’s lives indefinitely.

We all want something for free every now and then. Whether its free cheese from the church or a free psychic reading, it feels good to know we didn’t have to pay for it. Many times, people go to psychic websites looking for love advice. They are often looking for their soulmates. Sometimes, their soulmate doesn’t come to them so easily.

At times, we must wait for our soulmates to walk into our lives unexpectedly. However, psychics are being used today like never in history. You can easily access a psychic reader from anywhere in the world by using your computer. Many love psychic readings are giving by chat and telephone. No matter how you get your psychic reading, you should be able to get one where you choose.

Can Free Love Psychic Readings Online Find Love?

Jennifer’s Love Psychic Reading Story

When Jennifer was 24 years old, she desperately wanted a husband. She had been single for a few years. Jennifer would often go out on dates and meet guys that she was interested in, but they never lead to love or a marriage.

She always felt that she was more into the guy than they were into her. Jennifer often felt sad about that. She eventually got tired of the dating scene. She got her first boyfriend when she was 16.

She stayed with him for around a year and then they broke up because he had met another girl in school. She began her dating journey then. She always had a plan to graduate college when she was 21 and then marry when she was 22. However, life was not turning out that way for her.

Her family felt sorry for Jennifer. They saw her go through so many ups and downs with her love life. They didn’t want to see her suffering anymore. Her mother thought about getting a matchmaker for her or a prearranged marriage.

This was not her culture, but Jennifer’s mother didn’t want to see her suffering anymore. Jennifer was asking herself if maybe her mother was onto something.

She often saw woman her age wanting marriage and many of the guys in her generation didn’t value marriage as much as she did. Jennifer felt like it was something that brought her joy to think about.

Jennifer envisioned herself walking down the aisle to the man of her dreams. She already had her white dress all picked out and the wedding hall and church that she wanted to be married in. She desperately felt that she had to marry someone that would always be there for her.

In 2016, her family decided to go to Las Vegas for a vacation. Jennifer felt that it would be good for her to get away for awhile to think about her life and where her love life was headed.

When she arrives in Las Vegas, she noticed a store that had a sign in the window that read, “Tarot Card Readings”. She walked into the shop because she always had an interest in getting a psychic reading. Jennifer felt that it was her time to try and see her life from someone else’s perspective.

As Jennifer sat down with her psychic reader, she noticed that the psychic was looking into her eyes a lot. She felt that the spiritual adviser can see into her soul. It was something that had never happened to her before. The psychic looked a bit scary.

She looked like a typical witch that you see on television. Before Jennifer could open her mouth with a question, the psychic looked at her and said, “I know that you are here for a love psychic reading.

Have a seat and I will read your fortune and tell you what I am seeing.” As you could imagine, Jennifer’s mouth was wide open. She was shocked that the psychic already knew why she had come in.

She could have come in with a money or dead relative question. However, the psychic read her energy and knew that she was there for a love psychic reading.

The psychic reader laid out on the table 78 tarot cards. She told Jennifer to pick one of the cards so that she could tell her the future. The psychic immediately picked up that Jennifer was not going to meet her husband until she made a trip to France. She told Jennifer that her husband would not be found in the United States. He was to be found in Europe.

Jennifer knew that the psychic was on to something in her reading. Jennifer did not tell the psychic that she was having to go to France for work later that year. She didn’t even tell anyone in her family yet. However, the psychic clairvoyantly picked up France.

Jennifer decided to share the truth about her voyage that was soon to come. She told the psychic reader, “You hit the nail on the head.” The psychic was excited to see that she was onto something.

The psychic reader went on to tell Jennifer that this man was her soulmate. Jennifer knew that she had to explain what and how she was feeling. The psychic was acting like a counselor, friend and spiritual adviser all at the same time.

After the psychic reading was over, Jennifer felt a feeling of hope inside of her heart. She felt that something was leading her to France besides her job. She was heavy into the fashion industry. Jennifer knew that she was getting lonely for love and wanting to feel like she had a man that cherished her and wanted to be with her.

After a few months passed, Jennifer did have to leave for France. Upon her arrival in France, she was met by some friends of hers in the fashion industry. Nothing different or out of the ordinary happened yet. Of course, she just goes to France and miracles can’t be expected to happen in just a day.

Around a month into her stay in France, she met a fashion designer by the name of Phillipe. Phillipe was one of the most handsome met that Jennifer had ever met. He had a great eye for clothes and Jennifer felt that she could talk to him for hours on end. Phillipe was single and 25 years old. He was a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Phillipe was constantly asking Jennifer to hang out with him after work. He thought that she was fun and had a lot of passion for life. He was learning from her and she was learning from him.

Around 3 months into their dating, Phillipe asked her if she ever thought about getting married or that wasn’t in her cards. Jennifer told her that she couldn’t wait to get married someday.

Phillipe began getting more intrigued by her. He knew that she might have been sent into his life for love. Phillipe didn’t know for sure, but he sensed that Jennifer liked him a lot and found him to have good chemistry with her.

Jennifer started to tell her family about the dating relationship that she was having with Phillipe. Her family was happy for her and wanted this dating relationship to work out. However, her mother kept on warning her not to read into things to deeply. She told her that maybe it was not meant to work out. She didn’t want to see her get hurt. She was hoping and praying that everything would be okay.

Another month passed by and Phillipe never brought up the word marriage to Jennifer again. She thought that maybe he had lost interest in her. He wasn’t asking her out on as many dates, and he seemed to be more preoccupied with his work.

Jennifer knew that her time in France was going to come to an end in just a few months. She wanted to know why Phillipe backed away from her. She always found that guys would often back away from her after a few months.

Jennifer began to think that something was wrong with her. Jennifer was a beautiful woman with dark hair and around 120 pounds. Her bright smile and warm personality made most guys attracted to her. She didn’t know why men often turned away.

She started to ask Phillipe questions about how he feels for her. Phillipe clearly told her that he was interested in her and was happy that she asked him about how he felt for her.

Phillipe said that he didn’t get the vibe from Jennifer that she wanted him. He felt that she was way out of is league. He thought that she may have preferred a more built guy with muscles. Phillipe was handsome, but he was no Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had more of a swimmer build.

Jennifer began to tell Phillipe that he was mistaken. She said that he was a hottie and had a great personality. Phillipe began to love what Jennifer was saying to him.

Now that the truth was out about how Jennifer felt for him, the two began to date a lot more seriously. When it came time for Jennifer to leave, Phillipe told her that he would keep in touch with her in order to continue dating. It would be hard from a distance, but he wanted this to work.

When Jennifer got home from France, Phillipe called her almost every day. They texted and chatted a lot. Eventually, Phillipe came in for a visit. When his plane finally arrived in the USA, Jennifer felt that she was about to get married. It was one of those amazing feelings that you get when you know something is about to happen.

As you might have guessed by now, Phillipe asked Jennifer to marry him. Today, Jennifer and Phillipe have two children and have been married for a few years now. The two are completely in love and say that they are soulmates. Soulmate connections are rare, but they do happen. In the case of Jennifer and Phillipe, the love psychic reading proved to be accurate.

How Can You Find a Free Psychic Love Reading?

Finding a free psychic love reading is rather easy these days. For starters, you can get a love psychic reading via in person, email, chat, telephone and texting. In the future, there may be other ways of getting a psychic reading.

Most psychic companies give you 3 to 5 minutes for free to use their services. Yes, this is on most any psychic website that you can find online. You can also find ads in celebrity gossip tabloids that feature astrology sections.

These celebrity gossip tabloids often give you free daily horoscopes and many psychic ads to choose from. May of the psychics advertise, “Free 1 question psychic reading”. This means that you can call the psychic and get a free question answered. This allows you to test the psychics abilities to see if you would like to purchase a much longer reading.

If you go on or, you can often get into a chat with a spiritual adviser for advice. I also use and Psychics that post videos of their talents will often say that a few select people will get a psychic reading if the call in now.

Let us not forget about radio shows. Websites like allow people to start their own radio show and callers will call into the show asking questions about their love lives. You can often get a free 5-minute psychic reading on the air. This allows you to get answers for free.

You can also get a deck of tarot cards and start learning how to use them. Get a friend that knows how to read tarot as well. In this way, you get to ask each other questions and get free answers. Some people use Ouija boards as well to get answers with friends and family members.

Another great place that I have gotten free psychic readings is in Lily Dale New York. At the Lily Dale Assemblies, they have a place called “The Stomp”. Here, psychic mediums stand up in front of a crowd and start giving messages to audience members. They begin to tell people what they see for their lives.

Love psychic readings are high in demand these days and most people are consulting with psychics because they want to know if their love life has a positive outcome. That is understandable when we have a 50+% divorce rate and only around 30% of millennials today say that they would want to marry. If you ask most people, they would say that their romantic relationships often fail. Men and women today often seem to want to hop from one person to the next.

Psychics today are everywhere. It wasn’t like in the old days where people were afraid to tell others that they were psychic. Today, many people like to flaunt their gifts and abilities.

Many celebrity psychics love to showcase their abilities in order to show the world who they are. Many celebrity psychics earn millions of dollars a year selling books, giving psychic readings, doing live shows and much more.

Finding No Luck in Love for Over 40 Years

I give love psychic readings for a living. Mona was a client of mine back in 2009. She was a woman of Indian descent and felt as though she fell through the cracks. She told me that her family was ashamed of her because in her culture, women often marry in their 20’s and she was already in her 40’s.

Mona was tired of searching or her true love. She wanted to feel settled with a man that truly loved her. She had a few boyfriends in her life that promised her marriage and yet they never came through with a proposal.

She always felt that love was something that she could never have in her life. She wanted to desperately have someone in her life that would always be by her side. However, this kind of love never seemed to come together for her.

She would often try doing love spell rituals. The spells often didn’t amount to anything. Mona often hired psychics to help her to do spell work and it never seemed to work. Mona was at a point where she had given up. She told me that it was fate that lead her to me.

When I first saw Mona, I knew that something was wrong in her love life. She had a rather sad look in her face, and I saw a lot of red in her aura. She was showing me signs of giving up and wanting direction for her life. I told her that I would investigate the future to see what I can find for her. She never had a clairvoyant style psychic reading.

I told her that I channeled my sixth sense and worked with several spirit guides to find answers for my client’s troubles. She was happy to see that I had a gift for reading her spirit.

As I looked at Mona, I said that we could easily bond well together and do something that would make her feel a lot happier. I knew inside of my spirit that Mona was ready for change. I was hoping that her soulmate would be somewhere out there in the universe.

As I started to read her energy, I saw a man in my vision of Indian descent. I told Mona that she was going to be meeting a man that was her future husband. I saw a wedding ring around both of their hands, and he was also in his 40’s. I saw a man that loved working around computers. He was the kind of guy that liked putting his heart out there. He would often get hurt by women that were with other men.

I saw Mona feeling that she had to take life differently. I saw that he had also given up on love. I told her that she was going to meet him on the job. I saw that he already worked for the company that she was in. She didn’t believe me. Mona said that she knows all of the guys there and nobody seemed interested in her and she couldn’t recall anyone being in their 40’s of Indian descent and single. She wondered if I had missed “the mark” on that one.

When I looked deeper into the vision, I told her that he worked the night shift and was into cyber security. I saw him locked alone in another room after midnight with another man.

Mona said that she didn’t know who worked cybersecurity at night because she worked days. I said that she would be working along side of this man in a couple of months. I saw them working together on projects. Mona found it hard to believe but trusted my psychic intuition.

The next day after the psychic reading, Mona told me that she couldn’t help but to be nosey on the night shift staff. She managed to get inside the building after midnight to see who was working the night shift.

As she walked into the building, the security guards recognized her. They asked her why she was there so late because they knew that she had worked days. She lied and told them that she had forgotten something at her desk.

When she went upstairs, she found the cyber security room and knocked on the door. Sure enough, there was a man of Indian descent and around 40 years of age. Mona was shocked.

The man asked her how he could help her. Mona told him that she was looking for the elevator. She had to think of something. The man was kind enough to walk her to the elevator while his co-worker kept watch over the computer systems.

Within a few minutes, the two started to laugh and Mona glared into his eyes. She knew that he was interested and didn’t know how she was going to break the news to him that she worked there. The man felt a connection with her within a few short moments and handed her his business card. Mona was happy and he told her that she should hang out sometime.

Mona let a few days go by and then reached out to him. The man was thrilled to hear from her and the two started going out on dates. Mona eventually confessed that she had worked at the company as well and blamed me for knocking on his door.

She told him that a psychic had made a prediction that she would find a marriage partner at work. The man was not upset. He said that he had been praying to his God for a wife and that he hoped that she would magically appear somehow. He thought that Mona was a good match and they had similar beliefs.

Eventually, the couple had their families meet one another and within 2 years, they did get married. Both knew from the start that they were soulmates. When soulmates meet one another, they know that they are a hit from the start. Nobody must tell them that they are soulmates. They simply know it.

As a psychic reader, I can tell you that I have given many readings on love. Men and women often tell me that I can see way into the future with high accuracy. Love psychic readings are the most in demand types of readings that I give.

I am happy to say that I have brought together many people from different walks of life to love. I think that love often teaches us that we often don’t know where to find love, but it often finds us when we least expect.

When I give people love psychic readings, they often tell me that the information that I give to them is hard to believe. However, its what I see. I find that most people don’t see or understand that love is often right in front of their face and they may not fully see it sometimes.

When you get a psychic reading, it opens your eyes up to what is around you. You may not fully see that you have an opportunity to love right away. Sometimes you must take your time and meditate on what you feel is meant to be happening in your life. It’s best to take your time with love and learn to listen to the inner voice inside of you.

What is a Free Love Psychic Readings Online?

Is a free psychic love reading easy to find these days? I would have to say no. The majority of psychic websites in the world today give you only a few free minutes.

Psychics often give you the ability to see your love life through several options. For starters, many psychics use astrology charts and tarot cards to predict a person’s future when it comes to love. Love seems to be the #1 question in mind for most people that want to visit a psychic.

Love readings today are given more frequently than any other type of reading. Perhaps it is because the 21st century has seen a lot of divorce and romantic dating break ups.

You may find that consulting a psychic actually helps you to see the “light” in your situation. Psychic fairs are held throughout the United States. Many states that are known for psychic reading are Florida, New York and California. Often, psychics come together for this one special event to help people with their spiritual problems.

You can also find a free psychic love reading on websites that offer chat to their customers. Often, websites like have psychics ready to give you a reading for free.

Most do not charge, but have a long waiting list of people looking for their fortune to be told to them. As long as you don’t mind the wait, it is good to get one of these readers to tell you what they see for your love life.

People today enjoy reading about dating, horoscopes and who is my soulmate. Often, astrology books have dozens of chapters for people to read all about who they are most compatible with.

Astrologers have been mapping out astrology charts for centuries. Most people want to know when they are going to come into love, money or their dream career. If you ever wanted to find out how you could benefit from a spiritual destiny, you have sought out correctly.

If you as a psychic adviser for a reading, tell them what you want to know. Often, giving them a name and date of birth is the best way for them to connect with the spiritual world to give you answers.

When you speak to a spiritual adviser, they will tell you exactly what they are seeing. Many people enjoy getting their cards read and others say that it is too scary for them. Seeing the truth in our love life is often not easy. Lots of people need to find hope again and therefore, love readings work best for them.

Some psychics give specific details such as a name, date of birth and location of where you can find your next romance. Age has nothing to do with finding love. You can be 24 and find your true love or 59. Let the spirit guides lead you to who you are supposed to be with. As each day passes, you become connected with what the world has in store for you.