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What Is My Leo Horoscope Today?

What Is A Leo Horoscope Today?

Leo the lion desires love, happiness and being with someone that they feel that they have a future with.   Most zodiac signs are drawn the Leo astrological sign because of their quick attention to bond with someone that they want to settle down with. 

Leo men often want to give their hearts to a woman that is desiring marriage, a live-in relationship or simply long-term dating.  Today, the possibilities with a Leo man are endless. 

Most women find that Leo men are highly into caring for other people that are hurting.  Often, sadness is with the general population and tend to make people feel like they don’t have to be sad.  They are known as the protector in relationships with both friends and lovers.  They are often regarded as being the “king of the castle”.

Who Are Leo Man and Woman Best Love Matches?

  • Pisces
  • Cancer
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius

Pisces tend to be a bit more into making the relationship work out because they want to feel like they are growing old with someone.  The zodiac sign Pisces tends to give a new beginning to things that may seem old.

If you have ever met a Pisces man or woman, you may say that they are often wanting to “patch things up”.  They don’t like holding onto grudges and therefore make the Leo zodiac sign feel like they can do anything to make something work out.  It is something that few people ever think about for the long term.

It’s important to ask yourself if you like bonding with someone of a similar zodiac sign or where does your heart lye exactly? Pisces men and women tend to enjoy art, surfing the internet and photography. 

They are more creative.  Leos have a creative side to them as well.  They often like talking about what is new and current. In love, Pisces the fish and Leo the lion tends to stay close to family and friends as well. 

Will Cancer Bond With Leo Okay?

Cancer zodiac signs are careful when they speak.  They try not to say something that will be considered “out of line”.  Cancer men and women want to please the person that they are with romantically in romance, money and career.  Cancer signs know that they don’t want to be around someone that makes them feel sad or angry. 

When there is a problem within the relationship, Cancer signs often try to settle it out before jumping to a breakup or divorce.  Even though the Leo man and woman can be a bit stubborn when it comes to making up after an argument, Cancer signs tend to talk it out and build the relationship over time. There is always something new to learn about one another’s likes and dislikes in the relationship itself. 

Many Leo men and women find Cancer signs to be full of ambition.  Leo women tend to like the good work ethics of the Cancer man.  He is a man that takes care of business first and then allows himself to enjoy the woman that he has given himself to. 

He wants to make sure that he is pleased with the woman that he has given himself to.  He wants to feel that he has to take care of her. Cancer men tend to work well with their hands and intuition.

Cancer men and women tend to like careers that offer them stability and a sense that they are accomplishing something for the day.  You may find that when Leo and Cancer get together, they tend to make the relationship more romantic. 

A Cancer sign has a lot of good humanitarian qualities.  They are great working around children, the elderly and those that have nothing to offer the world.  It is important for a Leo man to gain trust with someone that they want to work together with on a more round about basis. 

You can often see the Leo man asking the Cancer woman a lot of questions about her day.  The Leo man will often become jealous of another man talking to his woman.  Leo men are often very protective of his mate.  Secretly, Cancer woman love to feel desired so much.    

Bonding together in love is what the two of you both need in life.  It’s important to give one another the emotional support that you both crave.

What Is The Power of the Libra Zodiac Sign and Leo The Lion?

Libras are persistent.  They often want something done right now.  Libras often jump to conclusions rather than seeing what their partner wants first.  This is one area that will clash between the Leo and Libra.  The two must find harmony in their conversations. 

It’s important to not let anything work out in a negative fashion.  For the most part, Leos are particularly interested in allowing themselves to heal naturally.  They want to feel that they can learn from their past mistakes. Libras help to compliment the Leo by allowing him to be himself around other people. 

When the new moon is rising, they tend to talk about their passions in life.  Libra women are often passionate about their careers and what is happening in the lives of her family members. 

You may find that she is a woman that must know where she stands with her man.  Her main objective in life is to balance in who she is as a person.  It’s important to look at one another and feel a sense of peace.

Libra women tend to have a passion for music.  She is the kind of person that often plays a musical instrument such as the piano, guitar or flute.  Libra women have a passion for watching romance movies or reading romantic books. 

A Libra and Leo often find themselves talking about the past.  Leo has a good memory for what has hurt him/her in the past and so do Libras.  You can say that they tend to have the mind of an elephant.  If someone has screwed them in the past, they usually don’t forget it. They often want to revisit that memory repeatedly.

Therefore, the two pair up so well.  They give each other comfort and constantly tell one another that everything is going to be okay.  They don’t want to see anything happening negatively. They want to feel that everything is okay.

A great vacation for a Leo zodiac sign and a Libra would be camping.  The two love animals and nature.  They want to have people around them feel more secure in what they are all about.

It’s important to always ask yourself what the future is going to hold for the two of you.  It’s important to always look at the facts and see that everything is moving ahead in the right direction. 

It’s important to look at the facts in your relationship and continue flowing wit some new energy that will entice you into getting the story right and fulfilling your dreams in hope and harmony.

What Is Sagittarius Signs and Leos?

Sagittarius is much more laid back than most people realize.  They tend to enjoy their days off from work because they get to do what their passions are in life.  Many Sagittarius men enjoy hunting. 

Their sign is the archer.  As you can imagine, he is always wanting to get into the heart of someone that desires and wants to be around him.  He often feels that he must give into those that want to see truth in all that they are an are doing.  It is important that Sagittarius feels in balance with money.

For the most part, the Sagittarian wants to feel that they have the upper hand in life.  He/she wants to feel that the “deck of cards” that they have been dealt in life matters.  It’s important to always look at the heart of the Sagittarian and see that they don’t want to see anyone unhappy. 

The Sagittarian tends to give the Leo a lot of compliments. He/she recognizes their Leo as being the king in the relationship. Sagittarians are often laid back and don’t nit pick at everything that happens.  For the most part, the Sagittarian wants to feel that there is a new beginning quickly approaching most of the time.

If the Sagittarian is in good shape, they tend to enjoy activities such as: rock climbing, kayaking, running, swimming and roller skating. They tend to like sports that can give a bit of a challenge. 

You can say that Leos and Sagittarius are competitive by nature. They want to see that they can have the upper hand. However, Leos often win over the Sagittarian because of their desire to let people into their lives.

What Is The Love of the Capricorn and the Harmony of Leo?

Capricorns are bold.  They are often known to be presidents and leaders in companies.  They often have indoor hobbies such as watching sports, collecting art and reading books.  They want to create harmony with each other and have lives that take on balance and new beginnings.

Leos tend to feel like they can create peace with the Capricorn.  The Capricorn man and woman want to give a sense of peace to what they know is working for them. 

They want to sit down and discuss important issues such as: current events, how they feel for one another, if marriage will be coming soon and other topics that have deep meaning.

Capricorns are great inventors and enjoy competition. If you play a game with a Capricorn, they often are trying to figure out ways that they can be you. 

They often try to figure out what is going to be working for them at some point.  It’s important to always look at a Capricorn and ask yourself how you can get into their mind.  Capricorns love to see someone trying to figure them out. 

Capricorns are often highly spiritual.  They are often known for taking on careers having to do with taking charge. Management, pastoral ministries, psychic careers and counseling is some of the titles that they are most likely to have. When they say something, people tend to listen. 

Capricorns like to feel that they have the upper hand when it comes to loving someone unconditionally.  They won’t let anyone come into their life that is not working for them. 

It’s hard to imagine anyone feeling like they are a burden. Capricorns tend to take that feeling away.  Capricorn men and women love to be taken care of by the Leo. He/she wants to show that they can give off a lot of energy that helps them to see that life is not what you think it will be. 

It’s important to ask yourself why you want to be with a Capricorn. I say this because Capricorns want to feel as though they can challenge and conquer the world at the same time. In school, they are excellent students that want to help people to grow and to give of themselves.

They are often men and women that see a new beginning in their lives when they wake up in the morning.  Complimenting the Capricorn will do the Leo man or woman justice.  You will find that Capricorns respond well to compliments. 

Why Can Aquarius Grow with Leo Over Time?

Aquarians can be shrewd men and women that want to tell you what they feel.  They are often men and women that are strong willed and persistent in what they believe in. 

The Aquarian man and woman want to show that they have the upper hand when it comes to giving of oneself. They are more persistent in giving a new beginning. They want to make sure that you feel that you are being taken are of. 

Aquarians are more independent and take care of “business” on their own.  They don’t like to depend on anyone.  They tend to make the Leo feel more secure in love.

Leos know that the Aquarian can take care of themselves.  They want to grow with someone over time. It’s important to look at life and say, “You can easily force something that makes more sense later on down the road.” 

The Aquarius zodiac sign needs to be more “chill” when they are around a Leo.  Leos tend to not want to be controlled.  Aquarians love to feel that they are controlling and wanting to do what they feel is going to work out. They tend to think of what they want to see happening, rather than seeing what everyone else wants to see happening. 

You can say that the Aquarian wants to have peace and harmony when they feel like the time is going to be most appropriate.  It’s important to always look at your life and feel like something different is going to happen when you least expect.

Never assume anything when you are trying to bond together.  When an Aquarian and a Leo get together, they tend to work on their own issues quietly.  They don’t want anyone else to know what they are doing behind the scenes. 

They often don’t want to tell their relationship business to the rest of the world.  They both tend to keep close friends and don’t like or appreciate superficial relationships. Both zodiac signs tend to keep good records of their bills and show responsibility when they are together. They want to keep their partners always knowing that everything will be okay. 

The Aquarius man or woman can have a bad temper side sometimes. You will often find that when you are speaking to them, they don’t want to tell you everything that they are going through. 

They often want to keep you guessing what they are up to and what is happening with them.  For the most part, its important to keep the momentum going. You will easily find that these two zodiac signs understand one another a bit better after they have been in a relationship for over a year. 

You will find that the Aquarian and the Leo want to spend their nights alone.  Having children right away may hurt your relationship rather than help it.  The Aquarian and the Leo want to make sure that all is happening in balance and peace. 

Never look at the state of mind that happens to want to move forward.  You need to only learn more about who the two of you are as a couple.  There is an abundance of peace that the two of you can have when learning how to work together. 

You both tend to want to spend holidays with family and friends.  Make sure that you both compromise and work on spending the holidays with the people that you both care about the most. Don’t fight over who is right and wrong.  Instead, try to find peace in all ways of thinking and try to overcome the past.  Don’t hold grudges. It won’t help you in your relationship.