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What Is Reincarnation Definition?

What Is Reincarnation Definition?
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What Is Past Life Regression Definition?

Did you have a past life?  Many of today’s leading spiritual gurus say that you have had several.  Even the legendary psychic Edgar Cayce taught about us having past lives.  In order to believe in reincarnation, one must accept that we have a soul.  The soul is said to be eternal by most modern-day religions.

How Can You Discover A Past Life?

Hypnosis is one of the ways in which someone can see who they were in a past life.  The hypnotist will put you into a trance and allow you to tap into your past life.

The hypnotist will often ask you a series of questions before taking you into your past life.  They will often ask you to lay down on a couch with your eyes closed and think about an experience hat may have not happened to you in this life, but something that you believe is true. 

You will often find that when the hypnotist guides you into your past life, they begin to allow you to go deep into your inner thoughts and get connected to who you once were.

As you are in a trance, you will often recall something that happened to you.  As an example, you may feel that you are being taken back to the 17th century and you see yourself as a common folk or royalty.  

You may see that you once had a past life that was more misunderstood.  In this life, you may see that you suffer a lot and reincarnation experts believe that its because you lead a rather “not so good” life in your past life. 

How Can We Best Explain Reincarnation Definition?

Hinduism teaches us that if you want to have a better life than you have right now, then its best to live your life better and not make mistakes as you did in a previous life. In this way, you can avoid coming back again with pain.

Many people that are skeptics about past lives say that the hypnotist will often give suggestive thinking to the person that is being hypnotized.  If this happens, skeptics often wonder if the hypnotist is putting ideas into the persons head.

It is also important to keep a journal of who you think you were in a past life. Whatever you see or believe in, its important to write it down and keep a record of it.  You will find that when you look back at your journal, you will be able to see that your past lives have been multiple.

The Hindu scholar Patanjali made references to reincarnation.  He thought that the soul came back multiple times based on the good and bad karma that you brought upon yourself in the past. 

Madame Blavatsky brought the idea of past lives to the western world.  She was a Russian philosopher.  Reincarnation seemed to have hit the United States somewhere in the 1950’s.  In this era, psychics, psychologists and philosophers brought the idea of psychiatry into the eye of the American public. 

However, long before reincarnation hit the United States, a psychic by the name of Edgar Cayce gave readings on the subject.  He thought that we had past lives because he received this information from spirit.

Other beliefs that teach the idea of past lives are Buddhism and Chinese numerology.   It is believed that if you suffer from anxiety and depression or other problems, past life regression can often help you tap into deeper areas of your past life that you may still be suffering from. 

Many people say that they are suffering and often don’t know why. Something inside of them is often telling them that something is wrong and that they should fix anything negative that is occurring inside of them.  

How Reincarnation and Past Life Regression Work Together

Reincarnation teaches us that when we are born, we have a different kind of body than we did in our past life.  Reincarnation is taught by Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhists and Indian religions.  Plato, Socrates and Pythagoras were believers in reincarnation.  In America many spiritualists believe in reincarnation.  Some mainstream religions such as Christianity and Islam do not support the idea of reincarnation. 

The word reincarnation means that our soul is going to enter a body again. Reincarnation can best be explained by saying that the soul reenters a body several times until it reaches a state of peace.  The idea of reincarnation is to come back every time a lot better than you were before. 

Some people that follow reincarnation theory believe that their life is full of pain and suffering because they deserve it.  They must have done something in their past life to cause this and its up to them now to work this out of their soul so that they can have a better life the next time around. 

Reincarnation teaches us that even animals can be reincarnated. In fact, a dog may have been someone in a former life that had bad karma.  If the dog is good, it may come back as a human being next time around. 

What Are Children’s Life After Death Stories?

As a psychic, I get to hear many people’s stories and walks through life. The most interesting stories are those that are told to me by the parents of children that heave encountered a near death experience. 

A client of mine by the name of Beth told me that her son Jeremy was playing outside of the house in June of 2005.  Her son was 7 years old.  They lived in Dallas Texas. It was a hot summers day and she normally let her child play in front of the house because she could see everything that he was doing. 

Beth was in the house doing the doing and keeping an eye on her son the whole time.  Suddenly, she was him fall to the ground. At first, she didn’t think anything of it.  However, she noticed that her son was not getting up and her golden retriever Max kept on barking. 

Beth knew something was wrong and she ran outside of the house and picked up her son. She saw no life in him.  He wasn’t breathing and she immediately called 911. 

As she was waiting for 911 to arrive, the next-door neighbor ran across the street to see what was wrong. He noticed that Beth was screaming, and her son was laying beneath her.  He immediately began doing CPR.  Jeremy was turning blue.  Beth was beginning to lose hope.  The ambulance finally arrived and rushed him to the hospital. 

In the ambulance, they were able to resuscitate him thanks to the neighbor that never gave up on him. He was not conscious for a while. The doctors didn’t know if he had suffered any kind of brain damage.  It became a waiting game for Beth.

A few days passed and miraculously Jeremy opened his eyes and began to speak.  He looked at his mother dazed and was looking around because he had no idea where he was. 

Jeremy began to speak, and he asked his mother, “Mom, where are all the angels?  Where at the animals?  I was just with an elephant.”  Beth began to realize that Jeremy was on another spiritual plane.  He began speaking and asking where the doctor was.  Jeremy said that he overheard him saying that he might not be okay mentally when he wakes up. 

Beth was wondering what all of this meant.  Jeremy kept on telling her that he wanted to go back to the “magical place” that he was and not be here.  Beth told him that he had most likely gone to heaven and came back. She told him what had happened.  Jeremy was shocked to.

He told his mother that he was playing with his toys and then suddenly, he was in a beautiful place with bright white spiritual beings around him, animals hanging out on the grass and people loving one another.

Beth found out from the doctor that her son had had a heart attack. It was rare for someone his age because this usually doesn’t happen to children. However, the doctor was shocked that there was no brain damage.    

Stories like Jeremy’s are becoming more common.  If you read stories on the internet about children’s life after death stories, you will find many of them. Today, many children believe that they went to heaven when they died and came back to life. Their stories certainly sound believable.  I do believe Beth’s story because I have known her for well over 20 years. 

Sometimes we go through a near death experience to increase our faith. People often come back alive feeling more spiritual and having no fear of death because they know that life is beyond our physical bodies. 

Children Who Remember Past Lives Book

  • Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman.
  • Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives by Tom Shroder.
  • The Child’s Past Life by Cai Jun.

How to Know Your Reincarnation

  1. Your intuition is more evolved than other peoples.
  2. You feel like you have been here before on earth.
  3. You sense that you are someone else than you are.
  4. Your memories feel like they happened to you even though you know that they never happened in this lifetime.
  5. People often tell you that they think that they have met you before.
  6. You often experience Deja vu.
  7. You can feel the souls of other people.
  8. People look up to you as their guru.
  9. You are wise beyond your years.
  10. You have an interest in a period of history.
  11. You have fears that you have no idea why they are there.
  12. You feel as though you don’t belong here. You feel misplaced.
  13. You can tell who a person is before they even open their mouth.
  14. You prefer being alone then with other people.
  15. You don’t care about material things and are more interested in elevating yourself to a higher spiritual level.
  16. Nobody can trick you. You have been there before.
  17. You tend to go against the social norm.
  18. You feel like you must get out of this place (off planet earth).
  19. You have no desire to control people or things.
  20. People say that you are easy going and fun to hang out with.

Are We Reincarnated?

According to Indian tradition, our soul is reincarnated until we reach a higher place of love.  Eventually our soul stops being reincarnated.  Nobody knows exactly when that will be. However, most people feel that they are going to a more permeant place when they get near death.

Is There Any True Evidence of Past Lives?

A client of mine by the name of Daniel told me that he had a past life and could prove it.  He told me that he believed that he had a past life of a sailor that died during WWI.  He said that he knew everything about WWI even though he never studied and had only and 8th grade education.

He told me that he knew all about ships and never even been on one.  He could tell me anything that I pointed to in the picture of a ship. I tested his knowledge of a diagram of a ship that he had never seen before. To my amazement, he was able to pinpoint everything that I was asking him. Even complex terms that only captains would know.

Daniel told me that his feelings of having this past life were so strong that he had to fly overseas to Asia.  He said that he was stationed there during the war and he believed that he had something buried in China.

He said that I had buried a small box with a keychain that my mother gave to me.  Daniel said that if the box was still there in the house that he remembers in his mind, then he was a reincarnation of the sailor that died during WWI. 

I encouraged him to go on his journey and tell me what happened when he got back. This was a great experience for someone to have.

As you might have guessed, Daniel did find the box at the exact address that he had in his mind.  He came back and showed me the keychain.  It did indeed look like it came from WWI.  This is the first person that I ever met that proved to me that he had a past life.

If you believe that you or someone that you know has a past life, try to get as many details as you can to back up your story.  This could allow you to see that life does exist beyond our physical bodies. 

What Are Past Lives Soul Mates Reincarnation?

A client by the name of Donna told me that she believed that her soulmate was in her life.  She had been married for some 20 years and yet a man entered her life and she felt an immediate connection. 

The first words out of his mouth were, “I am so happy that we can be back together again.”  Donna felt the same thing for him.  They never spoke and the felt like they had known one another forever.  They were equally with one another in thought. 

When they started to speak to one another, Donna told him that she remembers meeting him in England. Donna and this man were both American and had never been to England.

However, they both said that they had met in London. They both remembered that they had families that were controlling and tried to keep them apart. They were both young.  He was 18 and she was 16 during that time.

Both remember looking for one another and never being able to find each other because they both had moved.  However, they never forgot one another. 

They both believed that they were put on earth to experience their true love again.  Both agreed that they had been reincarnated to meet once again.   When the man told Donna the name of her father in their past life, she said, “Oh my goodness!  That is the name that is always stuck in my head.”

Shockingly, they both felt the same thing at the same time.  This often happens when you have been reincarnated with a past life soulmate. 

When we meet our soulmate and realize that we have had a connection with them from a previous life, everything inside of us says that we should be together with them. We often don’t want to focus on anything else except for building that relationship. 

We don’t always get to meet our soulmate. Sometimes we walk through life not experiencing the spiritual world in a way that makes sense to us. It’s always important to put your mind where it must be.  You will often find that the soulmate past life connection is rare.  However, when two souls are led to be with one another again, its for a reason.  You should pay close attention to what the spirit world is trying to tell you.  

What Is The Concept of Rebirth?

The concept of rebirth is that we come back time and time again.  We keep on moving forward and find out more about who we were before in the past and try to better ourselves this time around.  Everyone doesn’t always accept rebirth. Many people believe that our soul is only born once. However, in reincarnation, we are taught that if we messed up in a previous life, we can make up for it in this life. 

How to Reincarnate

We reincarnate naturally.  You don’t have to do anything to reincarnate because it happens automatically. If you are meant to come back another time around, the universe will automatically make you come back.

What Are Some Past Life Facts?

  • We can’t control how many lifetimes we come back for.
  • Everyone has a different life to follow.
  • Our lives get better as we produce good karma.
  • Bad karma makes us must come back many times.
  • We should learn to appreciate what the universe gives to us.
  • Nobody has a true understand of what a past life is.
  • It is understood that past lives can have many different meanings.
  • We may not always be aware of who we were in a past life.

Why Do We Reincarnate?

We reincarnate to have a better life the next time around.  Once we have reincarnated enough, our soul will go to a higher level with ascended masters.  This often takes many lifetimes since we evolve only one step at a time. Some people evolve a lot faster than others because they are more willing to put time into their spiritual life. 

It is believed that if you have a terrible life right now, you should do good so that in your next life, you will have a better time. If you feel like you are unhappy, your next life will be better if you can produce enough good karma.