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End Times Timeline: No “Fluff” Information

End Times Timeline: No “Fluff” Information

Prophets have been used as God’s spokespersons since Noah.  Noah was a man that found favor in the eyes of God.  He told him that a flood was coming and to take all his family and the animals into an ark in order to be saved from a massive flood that was going to wipe out the earth. 

Nobody else on earth heard from God during that time.  The Holy Bible tells us that in the end times, the world will become like the days of Noah.  In the days of Noah, mankind became “lovers of self.” 

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They were doing all that pleased their physical bodies and had no real love for God. It was all about me.  Today, we can obviously see that the world has once again become like that in the days of Noah.  To read up more on this prophecy in the Holy Bible, please turn to Matthew 24:37-39 in the New Testament. 

What Is The Prophetic Word for Everyday People?

Today, the prophetic word has become powerful.  I believe that we are living in the time period in which the Holy Bible says that in the last days, many false prophets will arise and deceive many (Matthew 24:11).  Today, the psychic industry is a 2 billion dollar a year industry.  That is a lot of money being spent on astrologers, psychics, sooth Sayers, tarot card readers and so forth. 

Even though many false prophets have risen, many real prophets are still alive today on planet earth and helping people that are hurting and struggling.  Today, millions of people around the world are finding their answers with the help of prophets. 

In the 20th century, one of the most famous prophets was Reverend Billy Graham. He was known to speak to millions of people from around the world at crusades that packed out entire stadiums. 

Today, the prophetic word is given to people that call upon prophets to give them information about love, money, career and much more.  Most men and women are using the power of the internet in order to connect with prophetic ministers.

Is There An End Times Timeline?

It is easy to Google the keyword phrase “prophetic word” and then get an answer for it in Google.  You will find that millions of people today are searching for the prophetic word because they want to know what is in store for their future. 

If you are a born-again Christian, you should hear from God on your own. However, we all need confirmation at times to see if what we are hearing from the Lord is coming from the Lord or from something else. 

At times, a person may need a prophetic word because they feel that they are lost in their career or another area of their life.  We often wonder if God is listening to us if everything is going down hill in our lives. We often feel like life is painful and therefore may not always understand the spiritual world and what it is saying to us.

When I was a young boy, I received my prophetic anointing. Back then, I heard God tell me that I was called to minister to people prophetically.  At the age of 31, I started to give prophetic words to people that were sent to me.  I must have given well over 60,000 prophecies now. 

The prophetic calling is one in which you must discern and ask God about. If he has truly called you into the prophetic ministry, he will provide for you and take care of your needs. 

Before I started to work on the prophetic ministry, I used to question how I would earn a living giving prophecy to people.  However, in the 21st century, the internet has allowed me to work on psychic websites that connect me with customers trying to get a prophetic word. I find that the prophetic word connects me with people looking to find answers for their life in different ways. 

What Is The Power of The Prophetic Ministry?

The prophetic ministry   brings direction to people, churches, countries and businesses. When a person has a strong prophetic anointing over their life, they tend to hear prophetic words accurately.  They tend to give prophecy to people that are seeking truth. 

You can often learn more about prophecy by reading passages in the Holy Bible in which Moses heard from God and lead the people out of slavery from Egypt.  Joseph was a dream interpreter that had the gift of interpreting dreams.  Daniel was a dream interpreter

The prophet Samuel gave personal prophecy to King Saul. John the Baptist announced the coming of the messiah Jesus Christ. Jonah the prophet was swallowed by a fish.  The prophet Agabus warned the Apostle Paul that he would be captured and bound in chains if he continued with his mission. 

When God speaks to the heart of a prophet, he has chosen them to hear from him and what he has to say.  Prophecy is often a power that few people understand. When someone begins to hear from the Lord, they feel that God has chosen them to give a prophetic word because they must do it. 

Often, prophets feel afraid to give a prophetic word in fear of rejection from people.  Often, the prophet will be told to give a prophetic word to warn someone that something is about to happen for positive or negative.  There are prophetic words of correction and those that edify. 

We must be willing to accept what the Lord has in store for us no matter what. When we get a prophetic word, we should be open to the fact that we may not understand it at first. Sometimes we are expecting the prophetic minister to say something to us that makes more sense. 

However, every prophetic word is not meant to be understood right now.  Some prophetic words take time to come to pass. There are still prophetic words written in the Holy Bible that have not come to pass of yet.  The book of Revelation is an example of a prophetic book that still must come to pass in its entirety. 

Should You Get a Daily Prophetic Word?

Getting a daily prophetic word can be dangerous. The reasons for this are because you should never become dependent on another person for answers all the time.

You should work on your spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and ask him to speak to your heart. Many people fail to understand that they have the power to hear from God as well.  He has given you the Holy Spirit to teach you. 

When you pray to God and ask him for guidance, he has given you the Holy Bible to hear his voice. It’s important to have great faith in God to come through for you. When you depend upon God for money, work, love and anything else, you begin to see the power and control of God on the world. 

If God is not allowing something to happen for you, its often for a specific reason.  We need to always look to God for answers and ask him what his will is for our lives.  Not everyone is called to be a prophet.  The Holy Bible says that some Christians are called to be pastors, evangelists, prophets, teachers and so forth.  We are all one body but have may parts.

Should You Use Prophetic Prayer?

Prayer should come from the heart. Tell God what you need, and He will come through for you. God wants to hear our hearts.  When we follow him, God opens doors for us? 

Do You Have the Prophetic Anointing?

The best way to see if you have the prophetic anointing is to ask God if you have it.  If you believe he is saying yes to you, start using your prophecy to give predictions to people that are hurting and wanting to hear prophecy. If God has called you to give someone a prophetic word, you will feel a burning sensation within you.

You will feel that you must do this or else you are not fulfilling your calling. I would do my prophetic words for free if I had to because I know that God has called me to the prophetic ministry. I cannot disobey God and be okay with it.  I know that my life is meant to serve God. 

When you have the prophetic anointing, God provides for you and show you how to survive. I have a full-time prophetic office. This means that all I do for my work is give prophetic words to people.  I work around 10 hours a day and give around 10 to 30 prophetic words every single day to different people that come to me for prophecy

When I first received my prophetic anointing at the age of 15, I didn’t start to use my prophetic anointing until I turned 31.  During that time, I gave a few prophetic words here and there. However, my full prophetic anointing didn’t hit me until I was in my 30’s.  Jesus Christ also started his ministry at the age of around 30. 

Prophets start their prophetic ministry at different ages. Moses didn’t start his prophetic ministry until he was in his 80’s.  Prophets often must go through a long period of discernment before they are given the power to prophecy to the masses of people that come to them. Your prophetic training takes time and you will have to fail many times before getting the prophetic word right. 

As the saying goes, “Where God guides, he provides.” If you are called to give the prophetic word to someone, God will open doors for you to do so. You will also be able to get the prophetic word correct. Just like pastors need training to become pastors, so do prophets.  Spending time in prayer and with the word of God is what makes your prophetic word stronger within you.

You Must Do a Daily Bible Study

For prophets, having a daily bible study with God is most important. You can’t grow spiritually without God’s word and prayer. This is how God grows you and allows you to connect with him.  He speaks to you through the prophetic word. 

Many people are living in sin today. Prophets today must be grounded in the word of God or they can easily get lost.  Prophecy teaches us that we need to grow and learn. 

You can do your daily bible study by yourself or with someone else that you feel comfortable studying with.  The word of God should always speak to you. If you believe that you want to bond with someone, you will be able to do so over time.  Bonding with someone takes time and you will be able to feel like everything in your life starts to come together more clearly. 

Find a quiet place to read the word of God.  The Library is still a good place to go if you feel that you can’t get peace and quiet around you.  Spend around an hour a day reading passages from the Bible and allow the word of God to speak to you. 

Prophetic Ministries Today Are Needed Like Never Before in History

Today, we are living in a world that can’t see properly. Many pastors are misleading the church.  Prophets are needed to get the church back on its feet again.  Following the word of God is important. If we don’t follow the word of God, our lives will be lost. 

Today, many men and women are following false doctrines that are not coming from God or his word. We live in a world where many pastors are teaching people that without money, they can’t be happy. 

Many people are not reading the word of God and relying on the media to direct their paths and steps in life. It can be a tragedy to see the world following their own desires. 

When you look for leadership, it is hard to find today.  We have a President in the United States that should lead by example.  However, children are watching him on television insulting people and showing that we should use, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth” mentality.

Having a leader that is strong is hard to find. People are looking for hope, love and spiritual direction. A prophetic ministry needs to always set the standard into what is right and wrong. If we are in a society that continues to want peace, it will find us. 

Are Prophets Faced with Spiritual Warfare Everyday?

As a prophetic minister, you will be faced with spiritual warfare. You will often find yourself battling demons and evil spirits.  Evil spirits are often all around us and wanting us to fall into sin. Evil spirits attack prophets hard. They know that prophets take a stand for the God and evil spirits are out to destroy them.  Spiritual warfare is never easy.

One must spend a lot of time in prayer and reading the word of God. A spiritual warrior is someone that has memorized the word of God and follow it.  A man or woman that is a spiritual warrior prays for their brothers and sisters as well to not fall.  When you have the Holy Spirit inside of you, you want to love people and help others that are in need.

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?

A spiritual gift is something that God gives to you.  When you are gifted, you are good at what you do.  If God has called you into the prophetic ministry, you will be able to give accurate prophecy.  If you are called to be a pastor, people will say that you are good at preaching the word of God.  Your spiritual gifts matter to God and we are called to use them to help God’s people.

Since we are living in the end times, we must conclude that the people of God are going to be called upon to defend the word of God and to show that they are true believers in Jesus Christ. 

Your spiritual gifts are important because you will be able to see that you can use your gifts in different ways to give spiritual prophecy to someone that is in need.  You always need to figure out what is going to be in store for you for the long term.  It is important to look at life and see that you have a new beginning with your spiritual gifts.

Are We Living in a Prophecy Update?

I do believe that we are living in a prophecy update.  In today’s world, we are witnessing the world and its people obeying and disobeying God’s word.  It is happening on such a large mass around the world. In the past, prophets were warning us that the last days were coming.

However, living in the 21st century should allow us to see that we are now living in the last days that prophets have told us about in the Holy Bible and in the 20th century.  

Even Pastor David Wilkerson gave us a prophetic word before he was killed in a car accident that the last days are upon us.  He saw bad things happening to planet earth.

He knew that in the last days, there would be a lot of evil.  I must say that I have seen the world go from being evil to evil maximum in just 25 years.  I feel that I am living in something from Star Trek. 

What Is A Prophets View of the End Times Timeline?

As a prophetic minister, I am often asked if we are living in the end times.  This is a question that many Christians have asked for well over 2,000 years. This questions is not easily answered for several different reasons. 

Jesus said that nobody knows the day or the hour of God destroying the world (Matthew 24:36).  Even though the Holy Bible says this, many pastors and fellow Christians have come forward saying that the end of the earth is near.

The late Harold Camping predicted the end of the world several times. He even went as far as to say that Jesus was going to be coming back on May 21, 2011. We all know that this date came and went.  The end of the world did not happen as he predicted.

This was not the first prediction that he made on the return of Jesus. He made several attempts before that at predicting that Jesus was going to return on a certain day. 

I believe that Harold Camping’s intent was not to deceive the church. However, he failed to accept the scripture that said that nobody knows that day or the hour of Christ’s return or the end of the world.  The Bible teaches us that only the father knows. 

Harold Camping was not alone. He had thousands of followers that believed the same exact thing as he did. They were preparing for the rapture and were highly disappointed when the day came and went.  Nothing happened.

They had access to the Holy Bible and read the verses that said that nobody knows the time and the hour.  However, they ignored the scripture and decided to believe in the prediction. 

As Christians, we wait for Jesus’ return. However, we must not go against the scritpures. We must always look to the Bible to understand Bible prophecy. 

There are many false prophets, pastors and teachers in the world today that want to say that the end of the world will be on such and such date.  Jesus warned of these false prophets in the last days.  We should all come to the conclusion that predicting an end time date is not Biblical. 

Are We Living in the End Times Timeline?

I do believe that we are living in the end times for various facts.  I will talk about these points in this article.  The apostles asked Jesus about the end times. They asked him, “How will we know that it’s the end times?” (Matthew 24:3).  The Bible gives us several signs.  The word of God says that knowledge would be increased (Daniel 12:4).   

The internet began in the 1990’s and before that time, nobody had increased knowledge.  Increased knowledge happened quicky when people could put their hands on a computer and get information quickly.  Knowledge about every topic on the face of the planet is now acceible. 

In no other time in history was this possible.  If you wanted to learn about the world, you had to read through books and possibly talk to someone that had knowledge aobut it.  It was a slow process that took time. Today, you can research anything within seconds.  People’s knowledge has increased.  

In today’s world, people are doing whatever they feel like. The majority of people on earth have abandoned the lessons of the Holy Bible and instead are choosing self love.  They are practing everything that arises out of their hearts. This is also a sign of the end times. The gospel of Luke tells us that in the last days, the world will be like that in the days of Noah (Luke 17:26). The world today has gotten corrupt. 

Most people are living for themselves.  God destroyed the earth with a flood in the Old Testament because people had the same kind of attitude. The entire world was living in sin.

The Bible tells us that the sins of mankind we so bad that God was sorrowful that he even made man.  The only person that God found favor with on the whole earth was Noah.  He saved him and his family by telling him to build and ark.  The Bible says that the earth will be just as corrupt as it is right now. 

Jesus tells us in Mark 13:8 that in the last days, nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.  We are now witnessing an entire earth that is constantly in battle with one another.

The internet allows people to speak to eachotehr from different countries.  Everyone is connected as one.  We are now witnessing countries battling against one another.  The world is witnessing North Korea giving threats to the United States.  The world just witnessed the United States bombing Sieria.  It is clear that the world is in need of hope. 

Pope Francis of the Roman Cathoic church predicted in 2015 that he felt that it appeared that the world has entered the last days.  He made mention of the gospel of Mathew and chapter 13 to be specific.  He felt that we were also heading into world war III.  It is interesting that the Pope himself said that the world as in the final stages before Jesus’s return. 

In 1 Timothy 4:1, we read in the Holy Bible that in the last days, many Christians will fall away from the faith. Instead, they will believe in false doctrines and lies from demonic spirits.  Today in the United States alone, we are seeing Christians falling away from the faith and choosing to live by their own rules instead of God’s. 

When you practice loving yourself more than God, you are not acting like a Christian. If you read the New Testament, you can clearly see that most Christians have fallen away from the faith.  There has been a massive decline of Christians praying to Jesus or going to church to worship God.  Many “Christians” today are instead becoming obsessed with money and immorality and power. 

Many televangelists on TV are teaching people to pay them tithes and offering so that they can get rich. These false prophets then take the money that they get from the poor and middle class and wine and dine themselves with luxury cars, designer clothes and all of the material pleasures of the earth.  These false teachers then have no care to donate the excess money back to the poor and people that are starving in varous places of the earth. 

We are living in a time period in which everything could be tracked by computers.  Governments in every country around the world issues their citizens an identification. 

Today, it is clear that the government is trying to monitor what you are viewing on the internet and who you are talking to on your cell phone.  It is clear that at any moment, the government can tell everyone in the world that they must have a computer chip entered into their skin for identification purposes.  This technology has already been invented. 

I can easily see how this technology will one day be used to give someone a mark on their forehead or hand as the Bible predicts.  The Bible tells us that in the last days, a man cannot buy or sell anyting unless they bear this mark.  In the 1980’s, this wold have not been possible.

In today’s world, it is clear how this is possible.  In just 37 years, knowledge has increased so much to make this all possible. Please read Revelation 13:17 to learn more. 

The book of revelation shows us that the apostle John heard that the number of the army in the book of revelation was 200 million (200,000,000).  In no other period of time in history could a civilation produce as much soldiers.  In china alone, there are over 1 billion people.  On the entire earth, there are over 7.5 billion people (Revelation 9:16).