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What Are The Tarot Card Meanings of the Major Arcana?

What Are The Tarot Card Meanings of the Major Arcana?
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What Are The Tarot Card Meanings of the Major Arcana?

Major Arcana Tarot Cards – In tarot, these cards represent anything that influences your life.  This can be anything from love, money, spirituality and just about anything else that you can think of.  If you want to gain an understanding into your spirituality, the major arcana cards will reveal to you its mysteries.  These cards represent something that was passed down to you from a previous generation. 

You may hear psychic readers talking about the major arcana and calling it trump cards.  There are twenty-one tarot cards that are numbered in the major arcana.  Only one card is unnumbered, and it is called the fool. 

Even though there is only 1 fool card, it’s the most important in the major arcana.  The fool effects every other card. The fool card tries to travel through the depths of each life experience for answers. When it finally reaches its end, it becomes the world card. 

If you get a major arcana card during your tarot card reading, it is telling you to reflect on your own life lessons.  What is life teaching you? Your major arcana card will influence other areas of your psychic reading.

If most cards in your tarot card reading are of the major arcana, you are beginning to take on new experiences and changes. This could be changes in your love life or living arrangements. You will need to dig deep in order to find out what life changes you believe you are going through. 

Are your major arcana cards backwards?  If this is the case, the tarot cards are trying to tell you that you are afraid to face something in your life.  Perhaps you are afraid of experiencing success in your life.  Maybe you are afraid that your life will be built on negativity.  You need to dig deep within yourself to find the answers that you need to know.

What Is A List of the Major Arcana Cards and Their Meanings?

The Fool – This card represents the start of something new.  It is a spirit that moves freely if it is shown upright.  If the card is shown reversed, it means that you are trying to not make something happen. 

The fool has the # of 0.  0 means that there is an infinite number of possibilities that exist.  It doesn’t have to be anywhere specific in the deck.  The fool card is always there and therefore, doesn’t need any kind of number.   She hangs out in front of a skinny veil.  They also have conscious and subconscious realms. 

The Magician– If you get the magician card during your psychic reading, it means influence is on your side. If the card is reversed, you have talents within you that have yet to be discovered. The magician card has the #1 on it.  One represents a fresh start. 

Mercury is trying to tell you that new chances await you.  As you will notice on the card, the magician holds his hand up to the sky.  In his other hand, his finger is pointed towards the ground.  The magician is trying to tell you that it represents the different spiritual worlds.  The material and the spiritual. 

The magician wants to help you in the physical world that you live in.  You will notice that the magicians robe is white in color.  White symbolizes purity.  The magician’s cloak is red.  He has knowledge of how the world operates and he has a vast amount of knowledge.

 As you look at the card, you will find that on the magicians table, there is a pentacle, cup, wand and a sword. These represent the tarot suits.  The four symbols represent fire, earth, water and air. 

The magician now has the power to patent anything in your life.  There is an infinite symbol above his head. This tells us that he has no stopping to what he can do for you. 

The High Priestess – This tarot card represents what is happening in your sixth sense when it is turned upright. It is said that your subconscious mind is only used around 20% of the time.  If the high priestess card is reversed, it represents a lot of quiet. Something is withdrawn. 

As you look at the high priestess, you will notice that she has a veil.  What does the veil represent?  It represents her knowledge of the seen and unseen world.  On the vel itself, there are pomegranates.  The pomegranates represent financial prosperity and abundance in all things.  On the flip side of the high priestess card, there are 2 pillars. 

It enters the temple of Solomon.  One of the pillars on the card is black with the letter B on it.  It represents strength.  The other pillar is white with the letter J on it.  It means that something will be established.  She wears a cross on her chest and a blue robe.  The high priestess has a crown on her head.  She is communicating to the world her wisdom. 

She also wants to show all that she has rulership/authority.  The scroll in her hand represents TORA. TORA is a greater power.  It is a divine knowledge that only a few people will ever be revealed.  You can only get it revealed if you forget about the material world and focus only on the spiritual world.  She has a moon at the bottom of her card.  This shows her connection with feminine forces.

The Empress – If this card is turned upright, it means abundance for you. In some area of your life, something big is going to happen for the better.  If the Empress card is reversed, it means that you have a large amount of dependence on other people. 

The Empress is a beautiful overweight woman.  Her blonde hair and peaceful impression draw you in.  There are 12 starts on her head with a crown.  She is showing that she has a special connection with the outside world.  She represents 12 months and 12 planets. 

She represents fertility and shows it by putting pomegranates all over the dress. She wears red velvet.  She is represented by Venus.  Venus is all about love. Her harmony is in trees and nature. 

The Emperor – He is daddy to many. A true father representative if he is in the upright position.  If the Emperor is reversed, it means that you lack discipline in some area of your life.  Dig deep into your heart and try to find what you have been missing out on.    

He is seated on a big stone throne.  He is connected to Aries and Mars.  The Emperor is connected to the Aries sign of the Ram.  In his right hand, he has the Egyptian sign of life. 

This is often referred to as an ankh. He holds an orb in his hand and it represents the universe that belongs to him.  The red robe that he wears is a symbol of his power.  The Emperor is highly energetic and wants to show you his power. 

He is also wearing an armor body suit. This means that he can protect you from harm and danger.  His long white beard is highly visible. This represents that he is wise beyond his years. 

The gold crown on his head means that he will make you hear him out.  He doesn’t like to be shunned and knows a lot of important information. 

The mountain behind him tells us that he doesn’t budge when he decides.  He shows that he will only change something if he thinks it’s necessary to do so.  Don’t expect him to change something because you want it to be changed. He does what is best for himself. 

The Hierophant – Represents the spiritual theories within you if the card is upright. If the tarot card is reversed, it is your own personal principles.  The Hierophant is governed by the zodiac sign Taurus. 

He is the male part of the High Priestess.  There is a deep teaching spirit within him. He stands between two columns of a holy temple. The Hierophant wears 3 robes. 

These robes are colored white, blue and red.  These colors represent the subconscious, conscious and great-conscious.  The staff in his hand represents his religious authority like a pope. 

The cross on his staff means that he is trying to give you a benediction.  His two fingers point to both earth and heaven.  He attires two keys.  This is the stability between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.  

The keys also represent that he can only teach you some of the hidden secrets of the spirit world.  He shows you the keys to represent that he has the power.

The Lovers – The lovers tarot card is showing you that it has the power over love and relationships if it is shown upright.  If the card is reversed, it symbolizes self-love and major imbalance. A naked man and woman stand beneath the angel Raphael. 

It represents both demonstrative and physical healing.  The angel brings the sanctification between the man and the woman.  They now become one with spirit. The card looks a lot like something out of the Bible in Genesis. It looks like the Garden of Eden. There is an apple tree behind the woman.  The snack is on the tree and represents deception. 

The purpose is to take you away from spiritual truth. The man has a tree flames that represent passion.  When you see the 12 flames, they represent the 12 signs of the zodiac calendar.  They have no beginning or ending. They are always there.

The man and woman are both watching the angel above them. They are seeking out the highest wisdom and secrets of the universe that only Raphael can teach them. The volcano that is put behind them shows that when a man and woman come together naked, fire explodes within them and romantic passion is created. 

The Chariot – The upright position of The Chariot represents your accomplishment.  If the card is reversed, you lack direction and discipline. The man is the chariot represents strength.  He looks like a King riding in a chariot. There are two crescent moons on his breastplate. 

It represents what will come next for you.  You will notice the start crown on his head is representing that he won. He understands both spiritual and physical success. Instead of him holding reins in his hands to guide the horses, he holds a magic wand instead.  The man in the chariot wants to get something accomplished.

Nothing will ever slow him down. He goes after what he wants. There are 6 stars above him that represent his wisdom and knowledge into the unseen world. He has knowledge and powerful wisdom to see the past, present and future. He knows what is out there.

The black and white sphinx represent the negative and optimistic forces in life.  The chariot can cause you to go in the right direction for your life.  He is there to help guide you in your life choices.

Strength – When shown upright, you have great power within you.  If reversed, you have a lot of personal doubt.  The woman on the card holds a lion in her arms. Lions are known to be aggressive. However, with the woman he is calm. 

The woman in the tarot card is wearing a white robe.  This represents purity.  It is the symbol that everything is going to be okay.  The infinity sign above her head shows us that she has an infinite wisdom that can guide us down most any path in life.

The Hermit – When upright, this card shows us who we are when we are all alone. What inner demons are hiding within you?  What can you learn about yourself?  When reversed, the hermit card teaches us all about our loneliness.  It tells us that we must work on why we feel lonely.  On the card, you will find that the hermit stands alone with nobody else around him. 

He represents accomplishment with snowy mountains behind him. Like Buddha, he has chosen this path for spiritual discovery and enlightenment.  He chooses to be alone because he becomes “one with the universe” that guides him day and night.  His lantern with a pointed star shows that he has been blessed with great wisdom.

He uses this wisdom to guide those that reach out to him.  The lantern allows the hermit to receive guidance along the way of his spiritual journey.  He waits on spiritual enlightenment to come to him.  He is patient with getting the answers that he craves. The staff that he holds is a balancing measure. As he walks through life, he gains a balance in his spirit as how things work in his life.

Wheel of Fortune – No, we are not talking about the Wheel of Fortune that you watch on television. Instead, we are talking about your luck in life if your card is in the upright position.  If it is reversed, this card can reveal bad luck to you.  Perhaps you don’t want to change or maybe you feel that you have more answers than the average person.  This tarot card has a giant wheel on it.

Justice – When you pick this tarot card in the upright position, it represents fairness. When reversed, it represents unfairness.

The Hanged Man – Choose this card in the upright position, it is telling you to let go of something. Choose it in the reverse and there is stalling in your decision making.

Death – You are about to transition into something different if this is in the upright position. If it is reversed, you have a deep resistance to changing.

Temperance – You have patience if its in the upright position.  If reversed, you need to go through stages of self-healing.

The Devil – When upright, you have an addiction to something.  When reversed, you are exploring thoughts that are less than appealing.

The Tower – There is chaos around you if this is in the upright position.  If reversed, you are fearing a change in your life of one that is about to happen.

The Star – There is renewal to soon take place for you if in the upright position.  If reversed, there is despair in your heart.

The Moon – Your subconscious mind is your upright position.  The reversed is your inner confusion.

The Sun – Success all around you if in the upright position.  If reversed, you have a great optimism about life.

Judgement – You have an inner calling to do something when faced in the upright position.  Faced in reverse, there is self-doubt within you.

The World – In the upright position, this tarot card is a sense of accomplishment.  When reversed, there are delays happening in your plans.  You need to start planning out what is going to work for you and what may not have worked for you in the past.  Letting go is the hardest thing for anyone to do.  Learning what to do in your next level of planning is what is most important.