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What Is The Metaphysics Definition Philosophy?

What Is The Metaphysics Definition Philosophy?
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The 21st century has brought us a new age of spiritual enlightenment.  Prophets have already predicted it before in other generations, but the world is more open to metaphysics then ever before. 

Metaphysics is the study of mind over matter.  The sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce gave predictions of a future time in history when the world would be more open to spiritual topics such as: chakra cleansing, auras, spiritual enlightenment, psychic readings, past lives and much more. 

He made these predictions in the early stages of the 20th century.  Today, men and women are hungry for truth.  Soul searching seems to be an all-time norm for most people.

If you ask someone what their personal beliefs are, you will find that they have changed from a previous generation.  It appears each generation takes on a new meaning for their own personal spirituality. 

What Is The Metaphysics Definition Philosophy?

A good metaphysics definition would be to say that it comes from the Greek words “after or behind”.  Modern day philosophers believe that metaphysics started somewhere in the 1st century CE.  Metaphysics can be summed up as being another fancy word for philosophy. 

Metaphysics tries to understand how something came to be. Philosophy is like metaphysics in that way.  Many great philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates became household names and launched many philosophical ideas that are still practiced today. 

Philosophers throughout the ages have tried to discover space and time.  They often wonder how the world came to be and how a thought becomes one before it is used. As you dig deep into the area of metaphysics, you will come to see that it involves most of what you think about on a day to day basis.

We can make a comparison between mathematics and metaphysics. These both have different ways of getting to the truth.  You can give a definition of numbers in so many ways. You an also understand the beginning of time differently as well.

Most religions and science do not agree on how the world began or how man came to be.  Ask a scientist and they will tell you that we evolved from Darwin’s theory of the apes.  Ask a Christian and they will tell you that in the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, God made the heavens and the earth and that he made man out of clay from the ground. 

The more that you study metaphysics, the more that you will come to see that there is no one right answer.  You don’t have to believe in the same philosophy as someone else.  Metaphysics should open your mind up to the possibilities of multiple answers being out there in the universe.  The philosopher Aristotle first used the word metaphysics in many of his writings. 

In order to learn more about metaphysics, you can register for classes that are often taught in universities.  Understanding yourself is the main reason why many people study philosophy. 

Does Becoming a Healer Take Time?

In order to become a healer, one must study metaphysics first. You must have a good understanding of human nature and how our chakras work. In order to have a good working chakra system, all 7 chakras must achieve a state of balance and achievement.  You may not know it now, but healing begins in the heart and mind. 

Often, people that want to become psychics or spiritual teachers go through a school in order to learn and perfect their craft. One generation often teaches the next on how to use your healing gifts effectively.  When you begin healing people, you begin to see how your own energy works and what you can do in order to have someone become more centered and balanced. 

Are We Upon a New Age in the 21st Century?

We are living in the 21st century.  We are the most advanced generation of people that ever lived.  Computers are beginning to govern and control the world. Many “new age” thinking is beginning to take place.  Many mainstream religions are beginning to wonder about who God really is and if what they believe in is the truth. 

Today, many men and women do not believe in what their parents believe in. In previous generations, if your parents were Jewish or Muslim, you would follow in the same path as them. Today, people are more willing and able to think outside of the box for themselves. 

They want to understand and make sure that they are getting advanced knowledge.  An ancient prophecy from the Holy Bible and in the book of Daniel, it tells us that in the last days, knowledge will become increased (Daniel 12:4).

Ask anyone and they will tell you that life is changing quickly as we know it.  What is here today will often be gone in a few years.  The car that you drive now will probably be outdated within 5 years.  A new technology will arise. 

The new age is nothing to fear. It allows you to explore truth without having to fear being criticized or judged for what you are exploring. In previous generations, someone could be stoned to death or hung because of wanting to explore other areas of the spiritual world. 

Even Socrates was put to death because he was believing and teaching in something that the world was rejecting at the time.  As the world knows, he was forced to drink poison because he refused to believe in the Gods of the state. 

Today, people believe in something different from the person that stands next to them. I would say that the world has evolve mainly because of the media. Television, newspapers/magazines and the internet are shaping the way that we think and what we talk about with one another on a day to day basis.

Around the year 1100, the Catholic church began using philosophy as their teaching system.  If someone in today’s world wanted to become a priest, the Catholic church would have them study philosophy for 4 years before beginning accepted into one of their seminaries to study for their master’s degree in divinity.

Is Metaphysics Accepted by Everyone?

Unfortunately, metaphysics is rejected today by many scientists.  Some scientists would refer to metaphysics as a pseudoscience that is much like astrology and tarot.  The outcome is not the same every time and nothing can ever be proven.

If we look at a man like David Hume from the 18th century, we could say that he rejected metaphysics. He believed that math could be proven and so could other concepts that are proven repeatedly.  He felt that the study of metaphysics was waste of time.  He would often use the word first philosophy to describe metaphysics. 

Why is Aristotle Important When Talking About Metaphysics?

Born in 384 BC, Aristotle would go on to become one of the fathers of ancient and modern-day metaphysics. He was an expert in philosophy, biology, zoology, psychology, politics and much more.  Aristotle was a student of Plato’s.  After his teacher died, Aristotle became interested even more in philosophical ideas and went on to develop much of what we know today about modern day philosophy and metaphysics.

Why is Meditation Important When It Comes to Metaphysics?

Meditation is the idea and concept that one could relax the mind, body and soul through focusing on nothing. Spiritual enlightenment is reaching a stage in which you can have complete peace and relaxation all the time. If one can grow to a stage of spiritual enlightenment, they can reach more harmony in their soul.

The story of the first Buddha is the best way that we can look at mediation. The first Buddha had to leave his family in order to find his own spiritual enlightenment. He had to first discover what true suffering was and how to reach a level of complete peace and harmony from within. 

Today, Buddhism teaches us that we can evolve into a being that can be at peace with oneself.  Reaching higher levels of meditation often brings us into a state of inner peace and happiness. 

Today, the Dalai Lama teaches people how to find their own inner peace.  Celebrity Actor Richard Gere is someone that you may already be familiar with. He is often seen in public talking about his spiritual belief in Tibetan Buddhism. 

Metaphysics and Buddhism work hand and hand because they are both trying to understand spiritual enlightenment.  One can become more evolved as they dig deeper into the mind, body and soul.

What Are Some Popular Book Titles on Metaphysics Definition Philosophy?

#1 21 Metaphysical Secrets by Erik Tao is an excellent book that teaches you how to use manifestation and the law of attraction.  This book can teach you about what reality is, the law of attraction, reincarnation, your life purpose and much more.  I would say that this book of 73 pages teaches you metaphysics easily and in a non-complex way. 

Some metaphysical books can be complex to understand if they are taught by a PHD in philosophy.  For everyday people, I would recommend this book because it gives you the “nuts and bolts” of the topic.

#2 The Kemetic Tree of Life Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics and Cosmology for Higher Consciousness by Muata Ashby.  Author explains the ancient tree of life before the mainstream belief systems of the Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists and others. 

This book teaches that before our modern-day beliefs formed, there was a higher knowledge that put everything that we know together.  The book tries to explain that we have all had access to this belief system, but so few used it. This book is 314pages long and published by the Sema Institute.  With over 84 book reviews on, the book is liked by most people.

I personally found the book to be rather informative and an easy read.  It is a great book for those that already have an advanced knowledge of metaphysics or those simply trying to learn more about it.  It is amazing how the mind begins to learn and comprehend something that we may not easily understand. 

How Should You Approach Metaphysics Definition Philosophy in Your Own Life?

Metaphysics is something that you should research on your own.  You should develop your own philosophy about life.  You should come to an awareness that you need to seek out higher teachings of what the spirit world may be revealing to you. Many of today’s faiths, teachings and religions would not have evolved if someone didn’t come up with a new idea.

There are many metaphysical books that you can study.  One doesn’t have to have the best metaphysical book on the market today in order to learn something about this area of discussion. 

All that you must do is try to understand what makes a human being a human being.  What makes the world function as it does?  What is something that we have missed in mankind?

Asking a lot of questions will make you a better philosopher and thinker.  Philosophers sit around for hours just thinking.  When you allow your mind to explore, you begin to find answers that you have never thought of before.

Some people use meditation in order to get to the next level of understanding.  We don’t always get everything that we are wanting. Sometimes we get information since we need to look at what we want. 

A good explanation of metaphysics is when someone looks at themselves and sees that they can take on new measure in life.  You only must look at yourself and feel that you can learn something that may not be out there in the universe yet. Allow yourself to journal out something that is happening inside of you.

The metaphysical world is not only about what has already been talked about or theorized. It is about finding new discoveries.  Many people join churches that allow you to have an open mind with creative thought. 

You will often find that when you put yourself in a place that makes a lot of sense, something new begins to happen.  You begin to take on new challenges and look for answers on your own. Sometimes, we are our own best teachers. 

Some new age music has been said to open the mind for thinking.  Songs like Only Time and Return to Innocence begins to give us an idea that we may not be tapped into the universe as much as we would like to believe.  Sometimes we may think that the universe is not speaking to us.

However, once you begin meditating daily, you begin to see the spirit world opening a door for you. It may not always be the door that you were looking for, but it always leads you down a path that makes a lot more sense in the long run. 

Should You Take A Course On Metaphysics?

Taking a metaphysics course will help your mind to become more aware of the teachings of the ancient philosophers and why they became to believe in what they did. Many philosophers were priests before learning to think outside of the box. 

Pastors like Martin Luther thought outside of the box and literally changed the world through his philosophies and teachings. If it weren’t for Martin Luther, we wouldn’t have any other modern-day Christian churches such as the Methodist, Pentecostal and Lutheran churches. 

Philosophy has proven that we are not alone in the universe and that we tend to invite in what we believe we need to do.  If you have a group of friends, you can argue about which metaphysical concepts are true and which ones are false.

By doing this, you act like a philosopher.  In ancient Roman times, philosophers would often sit around discussing how to make Rome better. How would one go about improving conditions?  Life would have to be a lot different in the future if one would see a new beginning taking place. Today, our politicians often must do the same thing.  Have you ever watched congress on television?

You will often find them discussing topics in order to make the world become a better place.  Once the topic is discussed, many politicians give their own opinions and views.  Philosophy helps to bring new laws into being.  If someone has a problem with something that is going on, a politician may philosophize why the law needs to change. 

Humanity can only change for the better with philosophy.  We need great men like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato to change the world to make it more of a peaceful place. 

You may have some ideas in which you can put into a book. It might be a wise idea to try and put your ideas into something that will be highly meaningful today. Learning how to discover something new is the surest way of getting to the next level of life.  Take it all one step at a time.  Learn what your world is really all about.