What Is The Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman Compatibility?

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Who is the Scorpio Man?

The Scorpio man is a gentleman to the woman that he is attached to in love. He has a great personality that tends to laugh, play and be stern at times.  The Scorpio man is searching for love all his life until he has at last found his soulmate. 

When you put a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman together, you get a perfect match. The reason for this is because the Gemini woman prefers respect, trust, loyalty and a sense of humor.

She is known for her strong work ethics and quick ability to give her heart in love. She tends to always be watching out for someone that is going to “screw her”.  She watches her friends closely and is known to have two faces if someone screws her. 

The Gemini woman demands loyalty.  When she doesn’t feel like she is getting loyalty, she pushes back and goes against the person that she cares about.

Scorpio men tend to be vicious if their heart is betrayed. In order to have a successful romantic relationship, the two of you are going to have to learn how to not get into each other natural ways.

You may say that the Scorpio needs to be loyal to you, but the Gemini must understand that Scorpio will never put up with someone that is “two faced”. Make sure that you never betray him. 

The Scorpio man is often educated. He enjoys learnings and finding his passion in life. He often wants to feel that he can take on new challenges and find favor with what works out best for him. 

Scorpio Man And Gemini Womanwishing for love
Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman Are Often Searching For Love

What Is The Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman Compatibility?

Scorpio men enjoy sculpting out their bodies. He is often known for being in shape and having the girls check out his handsome appearance. Scorpio men are a bit superficial in the sense that he loves attention from the opposite sex.  He wants to have attention and he enjoys getting it because he knows that it gives him the extra push in his life.

Scorpio men are often into dancing, photography, hiking, drawing, shopping online, playing musical instruments, camping, surfing the internet, playing games, working with his hands and working. 

Gemini women should always give the Scorpio man space. He is often the kind of guy that wants and needs his space away from everyone else. The Scorpio man is often secure in his own skin.

He is often the kind of guy that knows what works for him and what doesn’t work for him. The Scorpio man is a guy that needs no introduction.  He wants to feel like his life is more in balance and that it will never change.

Scorpio is highly intellectual and knows that he can give more of himself and take over what he needs to in his life. He is often a man that loves people and who knows when someone has his back or is out to betray him in some way, shape or form. 

The Gemini woman needs to know that he is in love with you if he is still with you after 3 months. This seems to be the mark in the spiritual world for him to want more from you.  Scorpio men to not stick around if they don’t feel a bond with you.  They often want commitment and marriage after six months into the relationship. 

Who is the Gemini Woman?

Gemini woman want to feel that they have a lot going on in their lives. They are often involved in work, play and their romantic life.  Gemini women always tend to want to be respected. She is the kind of person that enjoys spending time with her family and friends that are closest to her.

Gemini women are often known to be more psychic than the average woman. She is the kind of person that doesn’t allow the simple things in life to destroy her. 

Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman build romance
Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman Have Communication Issues

When she is with her Scorpio lover, she tends to want to be pampered.  She wants him to compliment her and give her the kind of love that only he can provide to her. She is the kind of person that doesn’t like drama.  She doesn’t like to stick around and argue. She will often walk out of the room if things get to heated.

Gemini women want to say what is on their minds.  If you catch a Gemini woman talking out loud a lot, it’s because she wants everyone around her to know what she is both thinking and feeling.  The Gemini women is known to like sports and recreation. 

She is often into tennis, swimming, hiking, softball and shopping.  She often prefers to go inside of a store and try something out before buying.  The Gemini woman is always learning to go to the next level of her life.  If anything gets in her way, she tends to push everything else aside. 

The energy with a Gemini woman tends to be more sincere than usual.  She tends to make everyone around her feel like they can talk to her about issues that arise on a day to day basis. She is known for having casual conversation and looking back at her life in order to understand her own life and where she is coming from.

Her mindset is often saying, “Who loves me?” She has often had a few lovers before finding “the one”.  Once she has found him, she tends to hold on to him forever.

Her heart and mind will often not step aside even if the person that she is into doesn’t want her anymore. She has the tendency to keep on wanting him. He may not know it, but her heart cannot easily move on to be with someone else.

The Scorpio man tends to let go of love a lot easier than the Gemini woman. He often tells her that its time for him to have something in his life that he can always cherish.  The Scorpio man tends to give gifts to the Gemini woman a lot. He wants to make her feel that she can always confide in him to take care of her.

Gemini women tend to be more independent than other zodiac signs. She wants everyone to know that she can take care of herself and doesn’t allow anyone else to tell her how to live her life. 

It looks like she feels that something inside of her must move into a direction that makes complete sense.  The Gemini woman is often a fast talker. She tends to talk a lot faster than the Scorpio man can keep up with. 

The Scorpio man tends to push back when he doesn’t want something.  The Gemini woman must not try to force her views and opinions on him. Let him have the power to discuss what he feels is right in his life.  He tends to feel like he can have his own mindset. 

It’s important to not discuss politics with one another if your beliefs differ. In fact, this can be a relationship deal breaker if you start to argue about who the next president should be. 

Make sure that you both have a respect about one another’s faiths and beliefs. Forcing someone to believe in what you want to believe in is a direct negative impact for the relationship. 

It is loving
You Can Learn About Your Partner

How is A Scorpio Man and a Gemini Woman in Marriage?

The Scorpio man is someone that will continue to do what he feels is right for himself.  He wants to look at his life and feel like he can give himself a pat on the back with what he knows to be right. 

If he feels that someone is right for him in marriage, the marriage is going to make it. Scorpio men do not give up on the woman of his dreams.  He knows that it was to long for him to find her. 

He can be a bit hard to deal with at times since he is very opinionated.  He likes to voice what he feels is the facts as he sees them. If you are planning to marry a Scorpio man, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

The Gemini woman must know that she can’t show all her Gemini ways. You will have to grin and bear the truth and know that you are trying to go in a way that makes complete sense for you. 

Know that you can keep on taking on new challenges in your life. Don’t fear not fully understanding your personal loyalty to one another.  Once you begin to talk about marriage, the topic of money and bills will come up.

You will come to understand that you can both works together on building a future and getting what you both want in life. In this way, good things begin to happen, and you begin to have something that is more compatible than any other relationship that you have been involved in.

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Don’t allow friends and family to break the two of you up. Don’t start telling your family everything that he/she did wrong in the relationship. If you do that, you can be sure that your family will start to take sides and then you will feel that you are at constant war with one another. 

Scorpios have a hard outside
Scorpios Like To Be Fair

Try to keep your problems within your marriage. Don’t talk about your relationship to other people that may become jealous of your love.  Your love is strong and many of the other zodiac signs will become jealous of your strong bond.

You should always know that certain zodiac signs will not always be in favor of your love bond. These zodiac signs include Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Be careful to not clash with other people or else you will feel that you will have to choose a side as well. 

It’s important to let one another have your room in the household. Once you marry, you want to make sure that you both have time to spend with others outside of your relationship. You will often find that its hard to spend physical time apart, but you must or else to much time together will cause the two of you to argue and fight.

You will often feel that it’s a hard situation to get yourself into.  Learning how to give of self is the surest way to keep the relationship alive and true.  Passion is something that you both have.

You both like to have your kisses and hugs at night. You must always look at your life and feel like you can have some sort of deep understanding of who you are as a couple.  Make sure that you have a good understanding of your happiness. 

When the two of you begin taking on new challenges in the relationship, you both tend to address things equally. You both want to have something new taking place.

You don’t want to have any setbacks and you can always enjoy what you both discover in your relationship. It’s important to get yourself in a place that is more bonded and understandable. 

Never think that you can overstep your boundaries. You must learn how to understand that you can give yourself time to learn about your partner in the marriage.

You have a purpose
You Are Soulmates

What Happens When You Argue?

Unfortunately, Scorpio men don’t take arguments lightly.  When the Gemini woman messes up, the Scorpio man will let you know.  He will remind you of what you did for several months.

He doesn’t have an easy time letting go and he certainly wants you to know when he gets angry.  Sometimes he feels that arguing is another way for him to feel like something is wrong within the relationship.  He needs to get his anger out.

Gemini woman are very similar. When she feels offended by you, she will let you know all that she is going through and dealing with. It’s a situation that takes time to rebuild when trust has been broken.

If the Gemini woman feels like you are going to betray her or leave her for another woman, she tends to become very cold and distant.  Scorpio men tend to lash out in anger and verbal threats of taking over money. 

He often feels like he wants to have control and power when it comes to finances. When he gets into an argument, he likes to win at all costs. Yes, even if the fight is against the woman that he loves.

He wants to let her know that he is the man and won’t allow her or anyone else disrespect him.  Scorpio men are often hard for most women to deal with because he is strong when it comes to having a belief stuck in his mind. 

Never think that your arguments must lead to a permanent breakup. In fact, most relationships that the Scorpio man feels is hard to imagine. He is often not one to want to argue. However, the Gemini woman tends to push his buttons at time.

Gemini women often ask for details from her man a bit much.  She won’t settle for any basic answer. She wants to know the who, what, when, where, why and how.  If the Scorpio man is out late with his friends, she wants to know where he was at.

What Is The Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman in Leisure?

Picking activities that the two of you can do is always fun. You will always find pleasure in what you put your minds together. Outdoor activities are always the best for the two of you. 

Vacationing is great if you like to go skiing in the winter months. When the two of you hang out, you have a lot of laughs and enjoy spending every waking moment with one another. You may often feel that its to hard to be apart from one another. 

what scorpios want
Scorpios Are More Tender On The Inside

When you look at your life, you should feel that it is balanced because you are with your soulmate. Relationships between the Scorpio man and Gemini woman tend to last forever.

You are often both kind and good hearted with one another. You give independence and loyalty. You give respect when anything is going right or wrong. You support one another in your leisure moments. You both tend to find fun in the simple things in life like walking on the beach and having a picnic on the beach/park.  Yes, its always exciting to get a day off and spend it together.

Learn to listen to one another and find out where your life is headed. In the future, thee is always some new beginning that you can take on.  You can easily find something to do if you both put your minds to it. Talk out your problems and don’t let trouble effect your time for fun. Don’t dwell on the mediocre things in life. Only focus on what works for the two of you together. 

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