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What Are The Horoscope Symbols and Meanings?

What Are The Horoscope Symbols and Meanings?

All 12 zodiac signs have a horoscope symbol. It’s important for you to know about your horoscope symbol so that you can best identify your own traits and what to expect for your future. 

Aries – You are represented by the ram.  The ram often has enthusiastic energy.  They like to take on opportunities that are challenging.  The ram is often wanting to find out what their best soulmate matches are.  They want to be successful in love and work. 

They have an inner drive that points them always in the right direction.  Their strong competitive spirit helps them to see that they have something that can watch life as it comes to them. 

Taurus – Your horoscope symbol is the bull.  Taurus men and women are dedicated and strong.  They place their value in their security and having a stable life.  They want to have a genuine look for their overall peace.  Aries know how to lighten up the crowd.

They know how to make the other zodiac signs do what they want. Taurus men and women like to lay down how something is going to run. They don’t want to have others showing and telling them what is right or wrong. They like to “call the shots”.  Calling them stubborn is an understatement. 

They don’t like doing what someone else wants them to do just because. In order to get a Taurus man or woman to change, you will have to discuss with them what is on your mind and inside of your heart first.  Tell them what you feel and then try to work out what you want as well.  Don’t be surprised if he/she is “bullheaded” and won’t change.

Gemini – You are the twins.  Gemini men and women are big communicators. You are known as having two faces. It is said that if you are friends with someone, you will turn on them if you feel betrayed in some way, shape or form. They want to tell you that they have a strong agenda towards what is right in life. 

Mercury is their ruler. When communicating ideas, they don’t show any signs of happiness. They want to let everyone know that they can have a brand-new beginning developing.  They are known to be friendly and have many friends. Sometimes Gemini men and women tend to yell or speak loudly when communicating. They often want to feel like they are being heard.

Cancer – You are a crab.  We are not talking about being crabby.  You have a strong desire to feel wanted and appreciated. You crave applause or a pat on the back when you have done something right. You want the world to know that you want equality.

When it comes to romance, they want to know that their partner will always love them.  Cancer men and women want to feel secure in their relationships.

They want to know if a romantic relationship is leading somewhere. Will they find their inner peace and happiness in some way, shape or form? They like to feel rather safe and happy. They want everything to be rather peaceful.  Cancer signs are also known for keeping their home Feng Shui.    

Leo – Your symbol is the lion. He/she is king, and Leos often know that they brighten up a room when they enter it.  No other zodiac signs stand out like Leo.  He/she is determined to be successful. 

You are ruled by the sun. The relationship often wants to have warmth attached to it.  Leos are known to have friends around them that look up to them for advice.  Leo likes to feel that he/she is powerful in a group of people. He/she wants to be the leader. 

There is a certain aura around Leo men and women that make people want to follow what they say. Leo men and women want compliments. When you compliment them on their dress or appearance, they say that you are loving and kind. 

Virgo – You are a virgin symbol.  Your mind can zero in on anything and get an answer for it. You are the most spiritual out of the zodiac signs. Virgos like to talk about topics involving religion, social awareness and culture. Virgos can convince you that what they are saying is true.  Virgos love to research everything.  They want to know how things are done and what they can do in order to make them better. 

Virgos tend to remember everything. Ask them what happened a year ago and they are bound to know.  You will find that they often have an “elephant brain”. They can often appear to be annoying for most people.  They often want to feel what is going to happen to them for the most part. 

Libra – The scales represent you. You are stable like a rock. You know yourself well and like to bring harmony into a room.  The other zodiac signs know that you care about them fully. 

Libras don’t like unhealthy friendships or romantic relationships.  The ruling planet for Libra is Venus.  Libras know how to make their stance known. They know how to make something happen when all else seems to fail in their lives. They want to learn and understand what everything around them is doing.  They love to feel like they can debate you and get to the bottom of the truth. 

Scorpio – The scorpion is your symbol.  Scorpios are not stingers as many people say that they are.  They are not pushovers, but certainly not out to get you. They are bold and intense when it comes to learning and going after what is going to work out for them.  They are often confident and learn what the truth is.  Scorpios have a fight within them, and they never give up. They tend to go after what they set out to do. They never back down to what others tell them. 

Sagittarius – Your symbol is the centaur. They are a philosopher at heart.  They are spiritual and have a great mindset.  Their focus is on what they want and how they want to appear. They want to wonder around searching for what they want. 

They search for truth and see that they can easily go after what is right.  They enjoy channeling their energy into what they believe must be done.  Sagittarius men and women often lack patience.  They have no time for stupidity. They make loyal friends.  They desire freedom from the core of their being. 

Capricorn – Represented by the goat.  They apply what they already know to circumstances of the heart.  Having a stable life is most important to them. They often have stable goals and don’t play around. They have an intuition that is often not overlooked.

They know when something is going to happen before it happens. Capricorn men and women have a great deal of patience. They always have a step by step plan going on.  They often are heavy burdened by what they feel is right. They often don’t like to share their own troubles. They also have the desire to want to share their own beliefs. If they can’t communicate what they feel, they often get depressed and sink more inward. 

Aquarius – Your symbol is the water bearer.  The spunky personality makes it easy to get in contact with them and to keep happiness flowing.  They accomplish a goal that is set before them. They tend to be more studios than other zodiac signs.

They take life paths that most other people do not take. They are effective communicators and don’t let people tell them what their truth is going to be. They often want to be heard and often have the habit of being controlling. They can often get lazy if they feel to comfortable in love and money.  It’s important for an Aquarius zodiac sign to keep themselves intrigued with life.

Pisces – Your symbol is the fish.  Pisces are big dreamers.  They will think of something in their mind and try to make it happen.  They have a lot of fantasy are most known to become celebrity actors and singers.  Pisces men and women are adventurous. 

Many Pisces men and women tend to be introverts. They often don’t want to express what is happening inside of themselves.  They are honest and caring. They know what compassion means and they go after it. Pisces have an intense desire to be calm and patient.  They often want everything to happen in the way that they see it. 

How Does the Ascendant Make a Difference in Horoscope Symbols?

The ascendant itself doesn’t change the sign or symbol of your zodiac sign.  The ascendant is when the zodiac sign lays itself at a specific time and location.  Psychics believe that the ascendant determines how well a zodiac sign looks at their own level of consciousness. 

The ascendant tells us the specific time and space of something. This tells us what happens in a date and time of an actual event that will or has taken place in the past.  It also tells us how someone wants to have them looked at by the other zodiac signs. 

It also guards a person’s true self of who they really care.  The ascendant is the most powerful sign in the astrology chart.  The ascendant fire signs are Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.

The ascendant earth signs are Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. The ascendant air signs are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Ascendant water signs are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. 

What Is An Explanation?

Ascendant Water Signs – Have a deeper understanding of excitement, sensation and perception.  Hidden emotions are part of this ascendant on a regular basis.  They want to feel a sense of defense from the world around them. These water signs are often high with communication and know how to keep things in proper perspective.  Water signs are known to be helpful. 

Ascendant Air Signs – Very outgoing and gregarious for the most part.  Very self-governing. Known for making plans and carrying them out completely.

Ascendant Earth Signs – You want to feel like everything is under control.  Very wary is what they truly are.  The earth signs are musical in nature. They love to play instruments.  They also enjoy social activities and learning more about the world that they live in.

Ascendant Fire Signs – A rather welcoming outward appearance. They draw people to them through their friendly outer appearance.  They often have people wanting to get to know them because they have amazing attitudes that cause a lot of positive energy in a room.  Fire signs have a high level of pleasure.

What Are The Best Horoscope Symbol Matches?

Astrologers often argue that putting certain zodiac signs together, you will have a much better outcome. It appears many zodiac signs want to bond with someone that their astrological chart is saying is a perfect match for them.  Here are some examples from modern day astrologers that say are working for most people:

  • Aquarius and Pisces
  • Scorpio and Leo
  • Virgo and Libra
  • Aries and Cancer
  • Taurus and Capricorn
  • Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Libra and Aquarius
  • Cancer and Taurus
  • Aries and Pisces

Should You Read Your Daily Horoscope?

Your daily horoscope needs to be read on a day to day basis. It’s important to check your daily horoscope so that you can see what the planets are saying about the future.  Your future is something that is a bit difficult at times.  It is not easy to predict, and it has no true outlook on life itself.  It is easy to understand what you are going through on a day to day basis.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine yourself learning about life and where you are going to be headed in it.  Astrology teaches us that we live in a planet in which change is constantly happening. Once we realize that astrology has a few tips for us, everything around us becomes a lot more balanced. Time often teaches us that we can learn more about what we want in life and where we are headed.

It is a unique experience to have something working in an area that we may not feel entirely comfortable with.  The energy in life is to see thing a lot more effectively. Over time, we can see where we are headed in life. It’s something that we can look at and feel much better about over time.

There is always something that we must see from an astrologer’s perspective.  Zodiac sign charts piece together what needs to take place in the universe that we live in.  Finding truth in what we observe is what matters in the spiritual world.

What is a Zodiac Sign Reading?

Psychics will often ask you for your name and date of birth before starting a zodiac sign reading with you.  This is an overall view of your life from a psychic’s perspective.  Some people refer to this as being either a clairvoyant reading or a psychic reading. No matter what you want to call it, someone is choosing to read your spirit and energy when they are give you a reading.

You can ask the astrologer about your love life or financial situation in life. You may find that when the astrologer gives you a reading, they are mainly focusing on you as a person and what they see in their sixth sense for you.  The sixth sense happens to be a powerful force in our minds that few people ever tap into. 

Many clairvoyants teach about the psychic gift and so few people ever truly understand it.  When you have a psychic gift, you are supposed to share it with people that need your assistance.

Getting a daily zodiac reading may not be the best thing for you since you should never become dependent on anything that comes your way.  In fact, most experts agree that getting a psychic reading more than once or twice a month is a bit too much. You should never place all your trust in a psychic reader since not all predictions are 100% accurate.  It is true that many tarot card readings are accurate and shock many.  However, they can never be 100% correct.

What Is The Horoscope Calendar?

Aries – March 21 to April 19

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

Gemini – May 21 to June 20

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

Leo – July 23 to August 22

Virgo – August 23 to September 22

Libra – September 23 to October 22

Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

Sagittarius – November 22 to December 21

Capricorn – December 22 to January 19

Aquarius – January 20 to February 18

Pisces – February 19 – March 20

Are Couple Horoscopes on the Rise?

Yes, couple horoscopes are on the rise because the internet makes it easy to log onto an astrology website and start speaking with psychic readers.  The most in demand psychic readings are through chat and phone. In person readings do happen but are not as popular as they once were 10 years ago.