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How to Meet Your Psychic for the First Time

How to Meet Your Psychic for the First Time
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Why Is Meeting Your Psychic for the First Time is an Exciting Experience?

When you first meet your psychic for the first time, it will be a rather fun experience.  At first you will be nervous, anxious, fearful and have a desire to know if the psychic is accurate or a fake.  These are all normal feelings that someone has when they are meeting a psychic for the first time.

In order to prepare for your first initial meeting, its important to meditate.  Meditation helps to open your third eye.  Your third eye is at the center of your forehead. It is where information flows from the sixth sense. 

When you begin to have psychic readings regularly, your third eye begins to open fully. Before that time, your third eye is often blocked.  If your third eye is blocked, its hard to receive any kind of information. 

Keep in mind that a psychic will read your spirit as though they were reading a book.  They will scan your energy to see if they can find something that will be coming up in your future. 

When Introducing Yourself to The Psychic, You Should:

  • Show Kindness.
  • Be willing to give the psychic a chance to read your spirit.
  • Tell the psychic how you feel. If you are nervous, happy, sad.
  • Don’t try to “test the psychic”. It will only make them angry.
  • Tell the clairvoyant why you have come to see them. Are you there for a love, money, career type reading? What is on your mind?
  • Express to the psychic that you have heard good things about their spiritual gifts.
  • Never play mind games with the psychic. If they are “hitting the nail on the head”, tell them that they are on to something.

Psychics are human just like you. They deal with love and relationship problems. They also contract with money and career situations that may be positive or negative.

Believe it or not, your psychic reader will often be nervous about meeting you for the first time as well.  They will often wonder if you will be pleased with their psychic abilities or if you will say that they are not hitting anything. 

You may find that your psychic is better at giving a certain type of readings that others. Sometimes, a psychic will say, “I am better at giving love readings than money readings.”  This is common in the psychic industry. It’s best to allow the psychic reader to see that you are going to give them a chance to prove themselves to you. 

When getting a psychic reading, its important to not have any expectations.  People are often shocked to find out that the psychic is picking up on information that you may not have had any idea about.

Perhaps the psychic is picking up on information that nobody knows about or even understands.  The psychic reader is always trying to understand what the future is going to hold.  However, what comes into their vision may not be something that you are familiar with. 

Sometimes during a mediumship type of reading, the psychic will speak to a relative or friend of yours that you may have forgotten about. Sometimes the spirits that you want to speak to don’t want to talk. 

This is a common problem that a lot of mediums face. Spirits don’t speak to us the same way as human beings do.  They often say just one word or a short phrase.  It is hard to say why this happens. We know that the spirit is alive, but we don’t understand why they can only speak at certain times and in short words and phrases. 

Where Should You Get a Psychic Reading?

In order to find an appropriate psychic reader, you need to know if you want the reading through online chat, phone, email, video, through text or in person.  As you can see, you have many choices in the 21st century. 

If you choose a psychic chat online reading, its important to understand that the psychic that you are connecting with may not be a fast typist. Its often hard for a psychic to type and do a reading at the same time. It’s not impossible because thousands of psychics do this daily. However, its important to find out how fast the psychic is before getting a reading with them. This could save you both time and money. Some psychics are known to be fast on the computer and slow on the phone. 

Make sure that the astrology website that you are using for your psychic reading has a properly built software system.  It should allow you to add money before and after your chat has been completed. You may want to add more time to speak with the psychic reader.

It’s also important to choose a psychic website that is reputable. Do a Google search and see if there are any feedbacks for that website?  A websites reputation means a lot today.  Customers often trust website like Yelp to see feedbacks.

Psychic chat online readings are perhaps the fastest types of psychic reading styles.  Nearly 50% of all readings are done via online chat.  Its important to look for psychics that are accurate. 

You can see how accurate they are through the psychic’s feedback on the website that you are going to choose. It is often a feedback system in which customers can rate the spiritual advisor from 1 to 5 stars.  5 stars are the highest. Keep in mind that you can leave the psychic reader a feedback after your session as well.

What Are Two Important Facts About Psychic Chat Online Readings?

#1 Online psychic chat readings are easy because you can chat with a psychic online from the comfort of your home. 

#2 You can chat with a psychic online from anywhere in the world. 

Another option is to get a psychic phone reading.  Psychic phone readings have been popular since the 1980’s and are in fact a great way to talk to someone about your problems. Telephone psychic readings are often referred to as the “psychic hotline”. 

It is great to allow yourself to connect with a spiritual adviser 24 hours a day. Yes, astrology websites have their psychics available to take calls 24 hours a day.  This includes holidays. 

Psychic hotlines are open 365 days a year.  I have gotten a few psychic readings on Christmas, Easter and New Years Eve.  The best part about this is that psychic readers often enjoy their work and talking to people about their problems. 

When you talk on the phone to the psychic reader, your phone number, name and credit card information are kept anonymous. Nobody can see this information except for the website owners. 

How to Meet Your Psychic in Person

In person psychic readings are the oldest style of reading a person’s energy.  These types of psychic readings are often scheduled by appointment. This is because the psychic often must set up a physical location in order to do the reading.

Some psychics work out of their house and others have an office location.  If a psychic reader is popular, they may have an office in which you can schedule a time and place to meet the spiritual adviser. It’s important to choose a location that is comfortable.  Some psychics have their office in a secluded area where they can put plants, peaceful music and have a calm environment. 

When you call the psychic reader for a reading, tell the spiritual adviser that you are wanting to meet them in person for a reading.  Psychic readings often cost between $40.00 to $850.00 for a 30-minute reading. 

Celebrity psychics tend to be more expensive than a spiritual adviser that is not as popular. This is mainly due to supply and demand.  Since the psychic reader is only one person, they are often booked throughout the year. You often must fight through other people in order to get to them for a reading.

When you meet your psychic in person, be courteous. A handshake is often appropriate. However, some psychics do not like to shake hands or even pay you on the back.

The reason for this is that they don’t want to exchange energies. Your energy extends around an inch from your skin. When you shake hands with someone or touch them, you get surrounded by their energy field.  You take in what the other person has. 

The psychic will often ask you to sit down in their office and begin the reading.  The psychic reader will often start out by asking you for permission to read your energy. 

The spiritual adviser will then begin to tap into their sixth sense for information.  Once they begin picking up information, they will begin telling you what they see.  Some psychics prefer doing 30-minute readings and others will go for an entire hour. 

What Is Texting a Psychic?

Since 2010, texting a psychic technology has been in place. It is easy to meet your psychic via text messaging. Simply go through the astrology website and send your spiritual adviser a text message.

When you do this, the clairvoyant texts you what they see for your life. Some spiritual messages are more impactful than others. It’s important to have a close connection with your spiritual adviser. When you do this, you begin to take on new challenges. 

The main problem with texting a psychic is not getting your true message across. You may find that its hard to express yourself via text because you can only talk in brief sentences.  If this works for you, then its great. You will be able to see for yourself if this is the best method for you to chat with a psychic. 

What Are Email Psychic Readings?

This is an old school method of getting a psychic reading.  When the internet first began, people were often emailing one another.  America Online was popular and everyone seemed to have an AOL account.  Psychic companies began to communicate with their clients via email.  Email readings are private and are stress free.

The psychic advisor can email you a response at both of your times that are convenient. This is also a great way to see what someone is saying to you because of what you tell them.  On a regular basis, this works because it requires no appointment and often the psychic reader gets back to you within 24 hours with an answer. 

How Should a Psychic Act During a Reading?

  • During a psychic reading, the psychic should be professional. They shouldn’t talk to you about their problems. After all, you are paying them to give you advice.
  • The clairvoyant should be honest in what they say to you. They should let you know if they are often correct and what percentage they are correct by.
  • Psychics should read your sixth sense. They need to tap into your third eye to show you the truth in what they see for you.

What Are Some Facts About Psychic Readers?

#1 A high percentage of psychics say that they knew that they were psychic at around the age of 5.

#2 Most psychics say that they do readings because it’s a calling and would do it for free if they had to.

#3 Psychics often are nervous about giving you a reading and often will act like they are not nervous.

#4 Not all psychic readings are accurate. In fact, most psychics have a 50/50 chance of giving accurate words of wisdom.

We live in a computerized civilization.  Spirits come to us through patience, love and holding on.  We may not always understand the spiritual situation of any one person, but we must always strive for what is right. 

Computers have caused mankind to be more demanding and less patient. When it comes to getting psychic readings, the spirit world is not following our fast-paced society.

In fact, they want to speak to people at their own pace and when they want to. You may find that when you meet your psychic, they are not telling you information fast. They may not be getting fast messages from the spirit world.  They in fact may be getting short messages from time to time. 

It’s important to always get information that is going to work for you in the long run. Try to be as patient as you possibly can in order to find what want to understand.

How to Find a Psychic Near Me

If you Google the keyword phrase “psychic near me”, you will find that many psychic readers live near you.  Some men and women still prefer meeting up with a local psychic than a spiritual adviser that lives many miles away. 

It is okay to find a local psychic that you feel confident with.  Many psychics say that they open local shops in order to give psychic readings to people in their area.  You will find that thousands of spiritual advisers give happiness and hope to thousands of people that come to them.

What if You Meet Your Psychic and They Are Not a Good Fit?

All to often, your psychic may not meet your expectations. Perhaps you heard about their spiritual gifts and abilities on the radio or television. You thought that maybe you would give them a try to see if they could communicate with the spirit world. 

However, their spiritual messages didn’t seem accurate at all.  If this happens, its important to let the psychic know that what they are saying doesn’t mean much to you. Wait for a response from the psychic and see what they have to say. 

You can either say that you would rather end the reading because you don’t’ feel that they are picking up on anything that you could understand.  You could also wait for the psychic reading to be over with and then never go back to that clairvoyant again. 

Meeting your psychic for the first time is a fun experience. It will be an experience that you will want to have time and time again. It is always fun to see what someone else can see about you.  Some spiritual advisers connect better with others. 

It’s important to not be closed. If you are finding that multiple psychic readers are not having an easy time reading you, it may be because you are closed.  If this sounds like you, it may be time to clear out your energy.  This involves taking around 15 minutes a day and closing your eyes. 

Allow yourself to be calm. Listen to some meditation music or peaceful soothing beach music playing in the background.  I usually go to in order to find a good selection.  After you have done a few of these sessions, it should be a lot easier for the psychic reader to pick up information from your energy.

What Are 5 Facts About a Psychics Training?

#1 Psychics often receive no formal training before giving a reading.

#2 Psychic readers often come from families that have given psychic readings generationally.

#3 Psychics often want to get to know you before giving you a clairvoyant reading.

#4 Most psychics use spiritual tools such as astrology charts, tarot cards and candles for spell rituals.

#5 Psychics often become more accurate as they age.  A psychics prime is around 60 years of age. 

The most popular type of psychic reading is the tarot card reading.  This 78 card deck packs out with information that few people understand on their own. In order to master the tarot cards, one should study the tarot history and which each card means.

This could take time.  Tarot card readings are often conducted by men and women that have learned about the tarot for many years.  It is often passed down from generation to generation.  If a grandparent was a tarot card reader, then the son or daughter may be one as well. 

It is often common for psychics to maintain a distance with their clients. When the psychic reader sees you face to face, they are often friendly and will be smiling.

However, don’t think that they are going to give you free psychic readings if you become their friend. In fact, most psychics do not maintain friendships with their clients and prefer to keep the boundaries a lot like medical doctors do.  Psychics often love their work, but don’t want you to think of them as someone that you can hang out with one the weekend. 

Remember that a psychic reader is not a counselor. They have not gone through any formal training in order to give psychic advice.  If you need counseling or professional medical help, consult with your local medical doctor. 

Some men and women make the mistake of treating their psychic reading session like a trip to the doctor’s office. Remember, psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Psychic companies will often post notices on their websites explaining to the customer that they should not use their services for counselor or medical purposes. 

Sometimes, seeing a psychic reader can result in addiction.  If you feel that you are become obsessed with talking to psychics all the time about your problems, you may have a psychic addiction.

It’s important to consult with a medical professional that can best guide you on how to not be addicted to the psychic hotline.  Many people lose a lot of money because of the ease of the psychic phone lines.  You simply pick up the phone and start dumping your problems on someone on the psychic hotline. This is not a psychic reading and a lot more like counseling. If this sounds like you, consult with a licensed medical professional and get help. 

Lastly, keep a journal of your psychic readings. You will often find that writing down information that you are receiving during your reading was highly helpful and you will often find that you want to remember what the spiritual adviser told you.  Reading back a personal journal often reminds us that the advice that we get is worth more than gold.