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Miracles From Heaven: Learn Definitive Information

Miracles From Heaven: Learn Definitive Information

Miracles are unexplainable.  What happens when you go to the doctor and he/she tells you that you have 3 months to live.  You start praying for healing and then suddenly, your next doctors visit is telling you that you are no longer sick? 

Was it a miracle or pure science?  Does prayer work?  Miracles are not only physical.  Miracles can be something that you are witnessing in the skies above your or the ground beneath your feet.  Every generation goes through spiritual encounters in which they say that a miracle has happened.

Science cannot explain miracles.  A doctor may try to explain your miraculous healing through scientific means. However, when a miracle happens, your faith in God tends to get stronger and you begin to think that God is listening to you.

What Are Some Miracles from The Holy Bible?

  • Jesus raised a dead man named Lazarus.
  • Jesus turned water into wine.
  • Moses threw his staff down onto the ground and it turned into a snake.
  • Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days in a tomb.
  • Jesus healed a blind man.
  • Mary received a vision from an angel that told her that she was going to bear the son of God.
  • Moses parted the red sea as he placed his staff over the ocean.
  • Peter the Apostle healed the sick.

What Are The Famous Miracles That Were in the Christian Faith?

#1 Our Lady of Akita – A state of Mary (the mother of Jesus) began to cry tears in Japan.  A nun said that she saw a guardian angel.  Others said that she saw her crying for over a period of six years.

#2 Shroud of Turin – This may in fact be the shroud that wrapped around Jesus after he was crucified.  It has an imprint of the face and body of a man that was crucified.  Many Christians believe that the imprint is a result of the light that the angel gave to the tomb when he moved the stone away for Jesus Christ to be resurrected.

#3 Virgin Mary in Cairo – Many people claimed to see the Virgin Mary walking across a cathedral in Cairo.  Many people that saw the Virgin Mary claimed to be healed from many sicknesses and ailments.  Many claimed that they were miraculously healed from the sighting in 1968.

#4 6 Children of Medjugorje – 6 children reported seeing the Virgin Mary. The children received messages from the Virgin Mary of events that would someday take place on earth.

#5 Miracle of the Sun in Fatima – Thousands of people in Portugal witnessed the sun dancing around.  The Virgin Mary appeared to children and told them that she would appear on a certain day and time.  When people gathered, they witnessed the sun dancing all around in the sky.

#6 St. Joseph of Cupertino – He was a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church.  In the 1600’s, it was said that he used to fly in front of people.  When he was in meditation, he was known to fly.  His levitation was often witnessed by thousands of people.

#7 Padre Pio Stigmata – He was a Catholic Priest known to have stigmata on his hands for most of his ministry.  The people knew him as a miracle worker and someone that healed the sick.  Today, he is a Saint of the Catholic church.

What Are The Miracles of Common and Ordinary People?

# Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck – This Woman lost control over her vehicle in Utah.  Her vehicle ended up in a river.  Rescuers were able to find her daughter in the river 14 hours after the incident.  The water was in freezing temperatures.    You may be asking yourself, “How did firefighters and police officers find Lily?”.   Both Firefighters and police officers claimed that they had heard a voice screaming for help from inside the vehicle.

When police officers discovered the vehicle, they realized that the voices that they heard could not have been coming form the women.  They believed that she died on impact inside of the vehicle.  Rescuers are still trying to figure out how the girl survived for that long after the crash.  They also can’t understand where the voice came from that was screaming for help.

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro – In Boca Raton Florida, this woman became unconscious in Boca Raton Regional Hospital.  The doctors tried to revive her for over 3 hours.  Doctors could not get a pulse back.  They decided that it was best to call the family in to say goodbye. Suddenly and without notice, her heart began to beat again.  This is what we can call a true miracle. Science tried to bring her back to life and yet a miracle took place when the doctors failed. She did say that while she was unconscious, she saw spirit beings and her father in a tunnel of light.  The woman did not suffer any kind of brain damage from the event.

Gardell Martin – This 22-month-old child fell into a creek.  The water was gushing with freezing temperatures of 34 degrees. 

The child went down the creek and a neighbor found him a mile down the road.  The child had no pulse. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they administered CPR and tried to revive him. He transported to the hospital by both ambulance and helicopter. Upon arrival, the doctors marked his body temperature as 77 degrees.  The doctors kept his body warm for 24 hours and he eventually woke up and experienced no neurological damage.  Another great miracle!

Luke Burgie – In the year 1998, this boy appeared to be sick and doctors couldn’t figure out why. They tried given him different medications and he would not get better. It seemed like death was about to come to this four-year-old child.  Doctors were thinking that maybe it was cancer. However, could not make a diagnosis. 

The mother of the boy was at a loss.  She was losing hope in the medical system. A group of nuns heard about the boy’s illness and decided to pray to a deceased nun by the name of Mother Theresia Bonzel.  They prayed to her ceasing for 9 days.  After the 9-day prayers ceased, the boy said that his stomach was no longer hurting him, and his sickness left him. It never came back. 

What Are The Miracles of Jesus?

What Are Signs and Wonders?

We are living in a time period where many Christians and non-Christians alike believe that the world may be coming to an end.  The miracle of this is that much of what we see today has been prophesied by prophets long ago.  Prophets predicted that in the last days, the world would see an increase in knowledge. 

In the 20th century, the internet caused the world to be connected.  Knowledge has increased with the invention of the electricity, modern day aircraft, computers in every household around the world.  There are many signs today that point us to something much bigger than just advanced inventions. 

If the earth is millions of years old, in only the past 100 years, we have seen the birthing of a world connected by computers and technology.  Everything today is fast.  Most people say that life is fast and hard to predict what will happen tomorrow. 

  • Prophecies About the Last Days:
  • An increase of war on larger scales.
  • Famine/food shortages worldwide.
  • Earthquakes in various places.
  • Bad diseases.
  • An increase in violence and crime.
  • Earth will be destroyed by people.
  • Peoples attitudes will be bad.
  • Disobedient children.
  • Children and families being separated.
  • Gospel will be preached all over the world.

What Is A Miracle of Faith?

All human beings can partake faith.  Jesus said that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can move a mountain.  In order to produce a miracle, it is said that a person must have faith. 

Faith is powerful and few people have the gift of faith.  I call this a gift because some people don’t have any faith at all.  People that have faith say that they believe in the miracles of God. 

Facts About Miracles ~

They happen when least expected.

Miracles are never understood by the human mind.

Doctors often don’t understand how people get better after science has failed them.

All religions believe and accept miracles as being an act of God.

Miracles cannot be proven.  They can only be looked at as being something supernatural. 

There are always skeptics trying to disprove a miracle.

People that have a spiritual faith are often those that believe in miracles.

What Is The Work a Miracle Meaning?

When someone is working a miracle, it means that they have a special spiritual gift to make something happen for you in life. If you pray to Saint Gerard Majella and ask him to give you a baby because you have been trying to have children for the past ten years and can’t.  Suddenly you pray to him and you get pregnant. This means that the saint worked a miracle for you.  You can now know inside of your heart that miracles to work and that you don’t have to doubt anymore. 

What is Considered a Miracle From Heaven?

Something is considered a miracle when there is no logical way that this could have happened. For instance, if you look up at the sky and you see the sun zig zagging all over the place, that is a miracle. Something has caused it to do that because it never would normally do that. 

A miracle also happens when someone gets sick and you pray to a saint for help and the person recovers.  This is the basis for canonizing a saint in the Catholic church. There must be some sort of miracle that takes place after that person dies. Someone prays to that person for help and they receive a miracle in return. 

Miracles are rare, but when they happen, they increase everyone’s faith around them.  A miracle makes everyone see that God is real.

What Is The Origin of the Phrase Miracle From Heaven?

The word miracle originated in France.  It is from the Latin word miraculum. 

What Is The Miraculous Stories of Faith?

I once had a client of mine by the name if Mike.  He was a strong fireman that loved his job. He received many awards for saving people in fires, successfully performing CPR on people and doing an outstanding job. 

Mike told me that he had an increase in his faith when a miracle happened.  Mike told me that one day he was driving down the road on an icy highway.  The highway was coated with black ice.  He was living in Georgia at the time and black ice is common during the winter months.

Mike was driving at around 4:00 a.m. to work.  Suddenly, his car was being taken by the ice at 55 miles per hour.  His car started to go into a spin, and he ended up crashing into a tree on the side of the highway. 

Mike was petrified and during the spin, he told himself that had to cry out to Saint John for help.  That was his patron saint. He would often pray to Saint John for peace in his life.  He never knew if the saint was listening to him. However, he said that before he crashed into the tree, the saint flashed before his eyes and said, “I will not let anything harm you.”

When Mike hit the tree, he couldn’t get out of the car.  The entire front end of the car was smashed.  The steering wheel was around 4 inches from touching his chest.  The drivers side door was smashed in. He had to wait for help to arrive to saw him out of the car. He was stuck.

When help arrived, the fire department didn’t know if Mike was going to be alive or not. His car looked like a smashed in sardine can. 

When the firemen got to the car, they realized that it was Mike.  They worked extra hard to get him out because they knew that he was one of them.  They couldn’t believe that he was alive. 

Mike started to smile because he knew that he was going to be okay.  He left the accident without a scratch. His car was totaled. He however had no injuries. This was a miracle of faith. 

What Are 3 Types of Miracles?

Resurrection – Jesus was raised from the dead and so was Lazarus. This is a miracle since people don’t get resurrected when they die. This only happened because of divine intervention.

Faith Healing – Faith healers like Benny Hinn have crusades in which the sick attend. They often say that they receive a healing because they felt that God healed them. This is a miracle because people often only get better if they get assistance from a doctor or their body heals naturally. To get healed instantly from prayer is a miracle.

Exorcism – Sometimes, people suffer from ailments that doctors cannot explain. Some people feel the power of evil within them and have no way of getting rid of it.  Exorcists get rid of the demon and the person feels completely at peace again.  This kind of miracle is rare, but it does happen. 

What Are Miraculous People?

  • Jesus Christ
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Padre Pio
  • Saint Peter
  • Saint Paul
  • Saint Augustus
  • Saint Mary
  • Saint Joseph
  • Saint Gerard Majella

What Are Some Incredible Miracles That Science Cannot Explain?

Incorruptible Saints – When some people die, their body never decays. The Catholic church has many saints from the 14th century that never decayed. Their bodies are still intact as though they were buried yesterday.  They are often on display in their churches for the world to see.

Rescuers that Hear Voices from People that Are Unconscious – There have been numerous reports of emergency responding to the scene of a crime and not finding the person that was in a crashed vehicle or sinking boat. When they finally find the person, they are unconscious or look dead. 

There is no way that they could have screamed out for help. However, the rescuers find them by hearing screaming voices. When they are led to the person through screams, they have no idea where the voice came from because the person is clearly not conscious.  This has happened on numerous occasions from people all over the world.  This kind of a miracle is often not common. 

As you can see, miracles can happen in many ways, shapes and forms.  We may not truly understand each miracle. However, they often help us to see that there is a spiritual world that watches over us.