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What Are Some Halloween Costumes For Adults?

What Are Some Halloween Costumes For Adults?
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What Are Some Halloween Costumes For Adults?

Halloween is perhaps the biggest holiday occasion of the year.  Each year in New York City, Greenwich Village has a holiday parade that has thousands of people in the streets participating and watching the parade.  Many new costume ideas come out year after year. 

Halloween parties and trick or treating is popular all over the United States.  Before attending your Halloween party, one must ask themselves what they want to be.  Let us discuss some costume ideas. 

What Are Some Popular Costumes?

#1 Dracula – Originally a gothic horror novel published in 1897, Dracula became a worldwide sensation around the world.  The character Count Dracula is shown to have a black cape, fangs and white makeup. This has been a popular Halloween costume since the novel first came out.  The costume can be found in most any Halloween store.  It can often cost $50.00 or less.   

#2 Donald Trump – The Donald Trump costume has been worn long before he became sworn in as President in 2017.  Donald Trump has been a celebrity figure on the hit show The Apprentice. His often-bold personality draws kids in every single year to dress up like him and to be like him. Adults enjoy dressing up as the President because it often brings attention and laughs at a party. This costume often sells for $100.00 or less.

#3 A Shower Curtain – This costume became popular in 1984 when The Karate Kid Ralph Macchio played Daniel.  In one scene in the movie, Daniel attends a high school Halloween dance. The teens in the movie were after Daniel and wanted to beat him up.  Daniel wanted to go to the Halloween party in order to see a girl that he was interested in. 

He wore a shower curtain to help hide himself away from the rest of the crowd.  This costume is still being worn today and often brings laughter and memories back to fans from The Karate Kid movie. You can often put this costume together by either finding a rounded piece of aluminum and putting a shower curtain around it or buying one online. This is often an inexpensive costume and often priced at under $40.00.

#4 The Lamp from a Christmas Story – A costume that is often worn to remind people that a Christmas Story never dies.  Remember the father in the movie waiting for his prize to come in the mail.  He won it and waited for it. When it finally arrived in the mail, it was a sexy leg lamp.  This is one of the most rememberable parts of the movie.  Keychains and all types of memorabilia is often made of the lamp. 

#5 A Ghost – This costume is affordable at only $15.00.  This costume has been around since the early beginnings of Halloween.  It is the easiest costume to make since you only need to poke 3 holes in the sheet for eyes and a nose.  Believe it or not, people still win Halloween costume contests with this. 

#6 A Boxer – Got six pack abs and want to show them off?   The ladies are going to love you at the party if you show up as Rocky Balboa or Mike Tyson.  An often not popular costume because most people these days are not rocking six pack abs. However, if you got them, this is the day to show them off and not look conceited. 

#7 Simba From the Lion King – Everyone loves the Lion King movie.  Simba is a great costume, and everyone will know exactly how you are.  This costume can be a bit price. It often costs over $100.00 for a high-quality costume. However, letting your loudest roar off at a party often allows people to see another side of you.

#8 A Cheerleader – Everyone loves the cheerleader. Walk into the Halloween party wearing pig tails and holding pom poms in a mini skirt and the guys will love you.  Oh yes, this may make the other girls jealous at the party if you are looking rather cute. 

#9 Spider-man – This is a beloved costume that is worn every single year by adults and children alike. Many Spider-man movies have come out over the years and the public can’t get enough of him. The costume often costs around $40.00 and most people at a party will not dress up as superman.  You may stand out in the crowd.

#10 A Hippie – Bring back the 1960’s as a hippie man or woman.  This costume often costs around $60.00 or less. It was a time for peace and love.  The world became a huge hippie movement with people wanting to create harmony.  This is a costume that is often not worn, and you would stand out in the crowd.  A great last-minute costume idea.

#11 A Gladiator – Show off your protective and strong side of your personality. Dressing up as a gladiator will let others know that you put a lot of care into your costume.  You can wear this costume to almost any event. It’s light weight and often shows off your muscles if you intend to meet someone at the Halloween party.

#12 Star Wars Chewbacca – If you have a child between the ages of 1 and 10, this is one of the cutest costumes. Your child will look like a cute little bear.  This costume is often priced at around $40.00.

#13 A Magician – If you have an interest in magic, a magician costume is often a showstopper at parties.  If you have some magic tricks up your sleeve, you can put on a show for the men and women at the party. The guests will often love watching you entertain them.  This is a more original idea for a costume.

#14 A Psychic Reader – This costume is easy.  All you need is a handkerchief to put on your head and deck of tarot cards or crystal ball to carry around with you at the party. 

#15 Queen of the Nile – Show everyone your female power. Show off who you are and have others around you see that you mean a great deal when it comes to taking charge. This costume is often sexy and makes you stand out in a crowd. A great costume for those aged 18 to 25.

#16 – Moses – Show up at the party with your staff and brown robe.  Everyone knows how Moses is. This costume can often be purchased for under $50.00. 

#17 The Earth – Walk into the costume party wearing a globe around you and dress all in blue. This is a costume to let people know that you have an interest in history. It is often not worn and known to win costume parties.

#18 A Rat – Show up in a rat’s costume and freak your guests out. Most people don’t like rats and seeing you dressed as one will make people freak out and see your animal loving side.

#19 A Chef – Millions of people all over the world love to cook and dream about owning their own restaurant. On Halloween day, you can be whatever you want to be.  Fulfill your deepest fantasy by wearing your chef whites and hat.  Allow others to see that you have a passion for cooking and baking. 

#20 Santa Clause – It doesn’t have to be Christmas to dress up as Santa Clause anymore.  Santa Clause is loved bey everyone around the world. Pack a sack with some Halloween candy to give to the guests at the party.  Expect kids to run up to you wondering if you have candy in your sack for them. 

#21 Mary Poppins – The World fell in love with her in 1964.  This costume is great for people that want to look prim and proper at the party. Often a stylish costume.  It is often not the cheapest to put together as a 1960’s look and feel has to be added to the costume.

#22 A Cowboy – Howdy partner!  Walk into the party wearing your western cowboy clothes and holster. You will stand out as being someone from the country western days.  This costume has been worn for several decades now.  Most people say that it’s a loved costume that is often easy to put together. 

What are Some Myths About Halloween Night?

  • This is the devil’s night in which evil spirits come out to haunt people.
  • Evil spirits are waiting to possess the living.
  • It’s a night for demonic attacks.

Are You Throwing Your Own Halloween Party?

Everyone loves going to a Halloween party.  If you the host of the party, here are a few pointers to make your party a success.  First, require everyone to wear a costume. You will be shocked to find out that many people will show up to your party wearing no costume.

They don’t want to be seen walking around in a costume because they may be interested in picking someone up at the party. They often want to show up looking like themselves instead of something out of this world. 

Start your party early because guests often show up late anyway. The best time to start a Halloween party is around 9:00 p.m. Guests will often show up around 10:00 p.m. 

Have multiple beverages at your party.  You will find that some of your guests are on diets and may not be eating the snacks that you put out on the table.  Some guests won’t touch the cheese and crackers but will eat the veggies and dip.

Its important to find out who your guests are at the party and what they eat.  You would be shocked to find out how much money food costs if you are throwing a get together of 20+ people. Hosts often feel jipped after spending a lot f money on the drinks and snacks and realizing that nobody is eating anything. 

Have some games set up for your guests? Games like bobbing for apples and pin the tail on the donkey are fun for adults and kids alike.  The main thing to remember is that its okay to bring out the kid inside of you even if you are 18 years of age and older.  Adults like to be entertained with fun games. 

If possible, hire a comedian for the night to entertain your guests.  Having a comedian come in for around a half hour will often liven up the mood and make your guests feel comfortable. Just make sure that the comedian doesn’t target any of your guests. Some people get “weirded out” by that.

Can You Follow These Important Steps?

  • Tell your guests what time to be at your Halloween party.
  • Buy food that your guests will enjoy eating and drinking.
  • Have games at your party to entertain your guests.
  • Keep the music loud enough to make people feel like they are having fun.
  • Force your guests to wear a Halloween costume.
  • Introduce your guests to one another even if they show up late.
  • Put up Halloween theme decorations (pumpkins, black cats, ghosts, etc.)
  • Look for Halloween recipes that will give your guests something to remember.
  • Put cut out pumpkins around your home for decoration. At least 3 pumpkins to make your home look more festive.

What to Bring When Going to a Halloween Party:

  • Even if your host tells you to not bring anything, always bring something for the host. Here are a few suggestions on what to give to the host:
  • A pack of beer, soda, wine or another beverage.
  • Something that you baked or cooked.
  • A gift certificate to Starbucks or another chain. This often makes the host feel like you went out of your way for them. You will earn brownie points every time.
  • A bag of Halloween candy. Yes, we know its for the trick or treaters, but adults love chocolate to. 
  • Bagged chips and salsa dip. Everyone loves salsa these days. 

What is the History of Halloween?

  • Its celebrated-on October 31st every single year.
  • Originally came from the Celtic festival of Samhain.
  • Halloween was a day in which people would dress up in costumes to make ghosts go away. Most people thought that the ghosts would chase evil away.
  • Halloween was first originally called Hallows Eve.
  • Halloween began nearly two thousand years ago.
  • Halloween is often associated with death, cold winters and darkness.
  • People around the world believe that the dead become more active on October 31st.
  • When Halloween was brought to the United States of America, it first became popular in Maryland and the other southern colonies.
  • It was popular in the 1800’s to sit around a campfire: telling scary stories, talking about the dead, getting psychic readings, sing and dance.
  • In the 19th century, Irish immigrants helped to make Halloween more popular. It was not celebrated all over the USA until the 19th and 20th 
  • By the years 1920, people began to celebrate Halloween with parties, parades and get togethers.
  • During the 1920’s to the 1940’s, some people participated in vandalizing properties or throwing eggs at people in order to show that evil is prevailing. By the 1950’s, this process stopped. 
  • Trick or treating began in the 1950’s. It was considered a fun and safe way for kids and adults alike to enjoy the celebrated day.
  • Halloween is a six billion dollar a year industry.
  • It was often seen in Europe that people left their homes wearing masks so that evil spirits wouldn’t detect them in the streets. It was believed that if you wore a mask, the evil spirits would think that you are just another evil spirit walking around.
  • It was common to leave food outside of the home in order to make evil spirits leave the people alone inside of the house. Men and women figured that if they kept the ghosts happy with food, they would leave them alone on Halloween night.
  • Men and women often feared black cats on Halloween night because it was said that witches turn themselves into black cats so that nobody would know that they were around.
  • Women would often take apple peels and throw them over their shoulder on Halloween night. It was said that the apple peels would show you the name of the person that you were going to marry. It was hoped that the apple peels would form an initial. 

Which Haunted Houses are Worth Seeing on Halloween Night?

  • Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights – Goes until around November 3rd.
  • The Scare House – Located in Pittsburgh.
  • The House of Occult at Lemp Brewery – Located in St. Louis, MO.
  • Bennett’s Curse – Located in Baltimore Maryland.
  • Erebus – Located in Pontiac, MI.
  • Fright land – Located in Middletown, DE.
  • Los Angeles Haunted Hayride – Located in Los Angeles, CA.

Haunted houses are an attraction for people all over the world. You can often find a haunted house in your local neighborhood or within 30 miles from your home.  It’s important to find a home that is something that you feel comfortable visiting. It is not easy to look at the world that we live in and feel safe all the time. Haunted houses often make us feel like something is not right. 

Real Haunted Houses are visited on Halloween around the world. Here are some real haunted houses that you may have heard for before:

  • Amityville
  • Whaley House
  • Faces of Belmez
  • Blickling Hall
  • Rose Hall
  • Deane House
  • Villisca Ax Murder House
  • Monte Cristo Homestead

Even places like the Ed and Lorraine museum are often fun places to visit around Halloween time. The reason for this is because many major motion pictures have been made about their work. 

Some movies include The Nun and Anabelle.  Ed and Lorraine Warren were ghost hunters during the 1920’s and helped to solve many haunted house investigations. They would often communicate with evil spirits that tried to possess the living. 

Halloween should be a time in which you want to explore your inner awareness of the supernatural.  Many people choose to cemeteries to speak to their dead relatives.

Many psychics say that on Halloween night, the energy vibration gets raised higher making it easier to contact the dead. Psychic mediums often find that people book psychic readings on October 31st in order to show that they want to get a reading about something that may be happening in their life. 

They may want to speak to a deceased parent or grandparent that crossed over some time ago. It’s important to see what the medium is trying to say to you. Halloween is a time in which you should feel like you can take on something new.  You can look at the world a lot more different.

It is also becoming popular to surf videos. In this way, you can see haunted houses and parties from the comfort of your own home. Even watching scary movies is popular since the 1920’s.

Watching movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Jaws and other horror movies are perfect for parties and alone time with you and the person that you are romantically involved with. 

You will see that spending time with people that you enjoy hanging out with is the surest way to have a good time. Many people often don’t realize how powerful Halloween night is. It can help you to see that the world that we live in is a lot scarier than we may often think.

It’s important to do what feels comfortable for you. When you look at it, you will often find that there are new beginnings in what you find.  It is becoming more popular for people to celebrate Halloween on the day before Halloween as well.  Many people today find that spreading the holiday out will allow you to go to more parties with friends and family.