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Vision Board Examples For Beings Needing a Change

Vision Board Example:

Did you recently watch the movie, The Secret?  The reason why I am asking is because the characters in the movie refer to something called a vision board.  A vision board is a panel of pictures that you put together in order to create your fantasy life.  If you have ever dreamed of having a vision board, its time to start building one today.  Let us go step by step as to why a vision board is necessary for your life and how it can be done. 

What Are Some Vision Board Examples?

  1. Ask yourself what you vision your life being?
  2. Do you want a sports car or another luxury vehicle?
  3. Do you want a house that costs over $400,000? Perhaps a mansion.
  4. Do you want to get a college degree?
  5. Are you looking for friends or popularity?
  6. Do you want to travel around the world?
  7. Are you hoping to find your dream lover?
  8. Is being a CEO of a major corporation your fantasy?

When putting together your vision board, try to think of things that you really want in your life. Forget about reality, just dig deep within yourself and think about what you want and allow yourself to be a child again. Allow your thoughts to run wild. 

It helps to find a quiet place to meditate.  Take around 15 minutes and close your eyes.  Sit still and picture your life in whatever you wish that it could be.  Picture yourself having everything that you ever wanted. 

When your 15 minutes are up, start looking on the internet for pictures that relate to what you were seeing in your mind.  If you need to find pictures, go to Google images and start searching for pictures that you can print out on your computer.  Gather around 30 pictures and start creating a vision board. 

Before creating your vision board, you will need the following:

  • Get a corkboard or a large poster board from the store. This will often cost around $1.00 to $5.00. You are going to need this to paste or tape all your pictures onto it.
  • If you are using a corkboard, get some thumbtacks to stick into the pictures for your board. If you are using a poster board, get some glue/tape to attach your photos to the board.
  • Get some pictures online or from a magazine that describe your vision.

Make sure that you have a sacred place in your home or office where you can be undisturbed while creating your vision board.  A vision board can take several hours to put together. Your supplies will be spread out all over the table. You also don’t want anyone walking in on you making judgements.  This is a board all about you.  

  • Try to cover all the areas of your life in the vision board such as:
  • School
  • Work
  • Social Life
  • Personal Items
  • Love
  • Money
  • Material Possessions

It’s important to paste the pictures on the board in the order in which you wish to receive them.  You may be 20 years old and desiring to complete your college degree first.  If you are 35, your may be wanting your dream job.  At 45+, you may want your dream home and perhaps a sports car.

As you paste these pictures onto your vision board, believe that you will receive them.  The most famous gurus have always taught us to have faith believing in something that you want and then you will receive it.  It is said that a doubtful mind will never produce the results that you want. 


Doubt is the #1 reason why you will not receive what you are putting into your vision board.  Allow the universe to give you what it desires as you put your vision board together. Say to yourself, “I will receive what I am putting onto this vision board.”


After you have finished putting your vision board together, take a good look at it.  Does this describe you?  Can you add something else that you may have forgotten?  How do you want to look?  Put some pictures in them of a beautiful human being that you want to be like. 

Safe Place – Once you have completed the vision board, its important to keep it in a safe place. I would suggest looking at your vision board once every 14 days. Keep on believing that you will receive what you have put together. It’s your life plan. If you created it, it’s going to happen for you. 

Don’t think that you will receive everything that you want right now.  It will not work that way. The universe gives to us what it wants to at certain points of our life.  You need to understand that nothing just happens. There is a reason why everything happens to us.  There are life lessons that come to us that we must go through in order to reach the next stage of our life. 

Putting It Together

I once put together my own vision board in which I desired patience.  It took me a decade to master patience. When I received it, I was able to spend long hours just waiting and waiting for something to come to me.  Today, people always tell me that I have a lot of patience. They often say, “I wish that I could be more like you.”  This didn’t happen overnight. However, the universe proved to me that my desire became my reality when I least expected it. 

Is Sitting Back and Waiting on Something to Happen to You All That You Need to Do?

The easy answer to this question is no.

You need to work hard in school, work and play to make your dreams come true. It’s not just all about putting together a vision board. Now you must plan to fulfill your dreams. Start thinking of ways in which you can make more money or find something that you want.


Wisdom is gained over time.  We learn as we walk through life by our own errors.  A mistake is only a life lesson that tells us that we need to understand our life better than we did before. Life can be challenging at times. Sometimes we have problems in life that need to be addressed.  Daily, we are given choices.  The choices that we make in life will either have a good or bad outcome.  As we perfect our life choices, we become more equipped to handling what comes to us next time around. 

Example – Creating My Vision Board

When I first watched the movie, The Secret, I decided to create my own vision. At that time, I was poor, had no college education and felt like my life was living the same old thing every single day. I was not a “happy camper”.

In fact, I often thought that life would never change for me and that I was supposed to fail. I would often blame my unsuccessful life on generational curses and even thought that I was not good enough to be successful. 

When I put my vision board together, I thought that I was just putting together a fantasy. I felt like I was 5 years old putting together a collage.  I had no idea that I was creating my desires, wishes and positive thoughts.  I thought that perhaps I was wasting my time.


After I put my vision board together, I watched The Secret movie repeatedly.  I wanted to desperately see my life change. I slowly began to realize over time that I had to act in order to fulfill the dreams in my vision board. 

Make Wiser Choices

I began making wiser choices with my money and realizing that I had to perfect my work skills. I realized that as I got better with my craft, I began making more money. Companies wanted to give me a job because they saw my value and skill set. I learned a simple formula:

Superior Job Skill = Bosses/People Wanting to Pay Me Top Dollar for What I Do + Having a Work Skill that is Rare Because it Makes Me More Demandable Because Most People Can’t Do What I Can Do = More Money in My Pocket = Being Able to Afford What I Want Because I Have the Money to Do What I Desire. 

The above formula will take you far in life.  Most people that I speak to want to make a lot of money but have no real marketable job skill.  If you want to make the “big bucks”, you must find something that is unique that you can do.

People pay big money for what they cannot do and need to have someone else doing it for them.  The less people in the population that lack a certain job skill, the more money they will get paid.  Therefore, doctors get paid much higher than the ordinary person.    

What Are The Best Books on Vision Boards?

Dream it. Pi it. Live it.: Make Vision Boards Work for You by Terri Savelle Foy – Book talks about how to create vision boards that will work for you.  Hidden concepts on how to get what you want in life. 

My Vision Board Book by  Sebrena L Flagg-Briggs – This book is 120 pages long and easy to understand. This is a guidebook for people of all ages. Great for kids and adults alike. Fun for the whole family.

How to Find a Mentor and Motivational Speaker

When you are trying to learn more about vision boards and the power of positive thinking, you are going to need a life coach.  Great men like Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Michael Beckwith, Lisa Nichols and many others are people that you should learn from.

These me and women have written books and give regular lectures on how to motivate yourself to do better in your life.  They teach what works.  Mentors help us to reach the deepest levels of our inner spirit to understand and grow into men and women that will produce a productive life. 

Never give up on yourself. Keep your success moving along in your life. You don’t have to settle for life. Motivational speakers give us the keys to get in touch with what we want to achieve in our lives.

How to Get Interested in Something and Perfect It

Never settle for mediocre again. Become the best at whatever it is that you want to become. If you desire to have a “hot body”, spend hours in the gym until you have accomplished your goal and watch your diet. Learn from experienced body builders about how to get the body that you want.

If you desire to buy your dream car, work on your finances.  Work on your credit. Your higher income and good credit will allow you to get the car of your dreams. If you desire a larger home, repair your credit and create a good income in order to afford the monthly payments.

What Is The Law of Attraction Practice?

When you wake up in the morning, get in the habit of thanking God for all that he has given to you. Be thankful for what you have a then start imaging life the way that you would like it to be.  Start to imagine yourself having the material possessions that you desire such as: cars, homes, clothes and games.  Make yourself fully aware of what is going to work out for you.

Vision Board Calendar – Create a vision board calendar. Put in it what you are going to accomplish for each day.  In order to make your desires become a reality, you must try everything within your power to make something happen. Hard work often leads us to what we are meant to have in life. If you fail to work hard, you will most likely not achieve what you want in your life. 

Life Coaches – Life coaches often give law of attraction help.  Many people don’t understand how it works exactly and often attend law of attraction seminars.  These seminars teach you how to create vision boards in depth. 

What Is The Law of Attraction Business?

Many businessmen and women create vision boards for future success. They want to take on new challenges and learn what is going to work for you.  They often want to see themselves progress and so the law of attraction is something that they desire to work with.  You can easily learn the law of attraction by reading books by life coaches.

Train Your Mind

When you train your mind to think positively, you often get ideas that are good enough to lure people into your establishment to spend money. Sometimes you must put the best energy out there to get something back in return. 

Secret Movie

Using the secret movie will change your life because it explains how good business is given to us through a positive outlook. Negative thinking only breeds negativity. Sometimes our minds need a reset when it comes to attracting business into our lives.  We need to take challenges as they come to us and learn how to work with what we got.

Is The Law of Attraction Free?

If you want to watch a free video on the law of attraction, I highly suggest that you go to a website like and check some out. You can watch a lot of your favorite authors giving talks.  This is my favorite resource when it comes to watching something live.

What is a Vision Board Worksheet?

As you start to attract good things to come to you, you will find that your worksheet is your best friend. Write down what you want to achieve and what you have already achieved.  In this way, you can see for yourself what is going to work for you and what has already worked for you. 

Keep Track of Progress

A vision board worksheet helps you to keep track of progress.  If you believe that the universe has rewarded you with something that you put on your vision board, write it down.  In this way, you will begin to understand how the law of attraction can work for you.

How Vision Boards Worked With A Friend

I once had a friend that wanted a photography studio. He put it on his vision board and then a photographer entered his life that had his own studio. He asked him if he would like to become partners with him because he was to busy and needed help. 

He offered him use of his photography studio and to set up his shop in his location.  This wouldn’t normally happen, but it happened to him because he kept on asking the universe for what he wanted and then he got his reward. He was so happy when he received the studio. He told me that it was a dream come true.


When you receive something that you have been asking for, you begin to feel the miracle of it. It often makes sense when it is in our hands and we can touch it. The universe often gives us what we want slowly.

It never happens in the time that we desire it. It is important to allow the universe to take its time. Its good for you to wait and see what happens as you walk through life.  You will find that you get what you want when you least expect.