Who Is The Angel Gabriel?

Who is Angel Gabriel?

He is an archangel in the Abrahamic religions.  The first mention of angel Gabriel comes from the Hebrew bible.  Gabriel made an appearance to the Prophet Daniel.  He appeared to him because he wanted to interpret his dreams. 

What Are The Facts About Archangel Gabriel?

  1. He is mentioned in the book of Enoch.
  2. Gabriel is one of the Guardian Angels of Israel.
  3. Gabriel foretells the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus to Mary and Zechariah.
  4. Some people refer to him as a Saint.
  5. In Islam, Gabriel is said to speak to prophets. This includes Mohammed. 
  6. He interpreted Daniels Visions.
  7. In the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament, Gabriel is Said to be the Angel that Destroyed Jerusalem.
  8. Kabbalah interprets Gabriel to be with the Sephirah.
  9. Gabriel works alongside of Michael the Archangel.
  10. He is 1 of 5 High Angels that Keep Watch.

Who Is Michael The Archangel?

This archangel is mentioned at least 3 times in the book of Daniel.  In the book of Revelation in the New Testament, Michael will be the angel that leads the angels to fight against Lucifer in a war in heaven.  Michael and his angels will win this war.

What Are The Facts About Angel Michael?

  • He brings Christians to heaven when they die.
  • He guards the tombs of Moses and Eve.

What Are Angels?

Angels are supernatural beings that are found in many religions.  They are said to be peacekeepers, helpers and protectors.  You may have heard the expression, “An angel of light in times of darkness”. 

The angel gabriel helps us
The Angel Gabriel Is Mentioned In The Bible

Angels stand between God and humanity.  Angels are often described to have wings and to be the most beautiful looking human beings that you have ever seen.  Other angels are Uriel, Raphael and Saraqael.

Angels are spiritual beings that exist in the spirit world.  They cannot reproduce and are created by God individually. They are not human because they can’t reproduce offspring for God. 

Angels were created before the earth began.  The Holy Bible tells us that they applauded when God created the earth.  There is no exact number as to how many angels exist. The apostle John seems to say that there are millions of them in the book of Revelation.  Like humans, angels have names. 

Angels can talk with one another. They can have thought because the Bible tells us that they praise God.  Angels can choose evil or good.  As we see in the Holy Bible, Satan chose to disobey God. 

We know angels to have a rank structure like a military.  Some examples of that there are archangels, Cherubs and Seraphs. 

What is a Fallen Angel?

Not all angels are good.  Lucifer was God’s highest angel before he betrayed God.  When Lucifer (Satan) convinced the other angels to live a carefree life, they were cast out of heaven.  

Are Angels Immortal?

No, angels are not immortal. The Bible tells us that eventually God will destroy Satan and all his wicked angels. 

Should We Pray to Angels?

The Holy Bible teaches us that we should not pray to angels. Instead, we should pray to God and then God instructs the angels on what to do.

Are Angels Gods?

Angels are not Gods. Instead, angels are created by God to carry out his will to human beings.  Angels cannot receive forgiveness from Jesus Christ as human beings can. 

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Gabriel Is Someone That Most People Do Not Know Much About

What is an Angel According to the Bible?

According to the Bible, an angel is a messenger sent by God to deliver good news or warnings.  They are often sent to people that God has a relationship with.  If you remember the story in the Holy Bible of when Peter, the apostle was locked up in jail for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and an angel came to let him out of jail. 

Angels can fight for humans.  They protect God’s people from danger.  Angels are often called upon when someone is in trouble and need help.  Prayer often leads angels to helping us.

How Old Are Angels?

Angels have many different ages. Some have been around since the beginning of time and others are only babies and children. Many people have seen angels appearing all in white and with wings.

What is The Origin of the Word Angel?

The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos. This word means messenger.  It means one sent from God.  After Greek, it went to Latin, Old English and then to Old French. 

What Does Angel Mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, the word for angels is mal’akh.  It is the same meaning as the Green angelos.  They both mean messengers.

Are Angels Created Beings?

Yes, angels are created being by God. Psalms 148:2–5; Colossians 1:16 tells us that angels were created by God.  Angels are said to have been created with wings.  However, the New Testament also tells us that human beings may have been entertaining angels without realizing that they were angels (Hebrews 13:2). 

Are Angels Divine?

Angels are not divine.  Lucifer (Satan) was God’s highest angel.  He was cast out of the heavens because he rebelled against God. According to the Holy Bible, he and all the angels that followed him will be cast into hell for all eternity. Angels cannot receive salvation in Jesus Christ like human begins can.  If they rebel against God, they are cast into hell. 

angelic love
Angels Often Help Us To Discover Love

What Is An Angel Story That Shocked Me?

A man by the name of Alfred came to me four years ago for a psychic reading. He had an interesting background and was a true believer in angels. He told me that he had direct experiences and I wanted to know about it. 

He told me that when he was 18 years of age, he had moved away from home. Alfred came from an abusive home with parents that used to physically and emotionally beat him.  He was often homeless as a teenager and often felt like he had no life to live. He often felt that he was going to die young. 

One night when he was walking the streets of Manhattan, a woman approached him with long dark hair. She was someone that wanted to see if he was okay.  Alfred was only 16 years old at the time and the woman seemed rather friendly. 

She told him that she was not from New York but wanted him to know that there was a whole other world out there that he has not seen yet.  Alfred told me that he was cold that night and didn’t want to sleep in the subway again. He was thinking about suicide.  He felt that it was the worst night of his life.

As he roamed the streets at night, he asked himself why he is still living. He didn’t want to be alive anymore.  He felt that his family was torn apart and nobody ever seemed to get along. He often felt like he was by himself and had no real friends.

The woman said to him that she was a tourist and had to go back to her hotel. After spending an hour with him talking, she got up and handed him a white envelope.  In the envelope, was $3,000.  She told him that it would help him until he could find a job. 

Alfred was shocked and had no idea that something like this could ever happen.   He thanked her many times. She simply smiled and said that she had to go. 

Alfred was able to get a hotel that night and he found it easy to get a job within 2 days.  He felt that this woman was an angel and he never saw her again.

Love from an angel
Angels Are Said To Be Full of Love

Today, Alfred is a successful attorney and believes in angels and the spiritual world. He felt that he didn’t’ want to go on anymore and an angel saved his life. He doesn’t know how he would have survived in the streets if it wasn’t for this woman. He felt that it was all over with and the angel showed him that life can continue for you, even if you feel that all is lost. 

Alfred story is truly amazing. It is one that I can relate to. I have met angels more than once in my own lifetime. I can honestly say that there is a presence about angels that makes you know that they are there to help you. They don’t come around every single day. However, when they do come around, they often lend a helping hand when you feel that all has been lost. 

What Are Some Important Facts About Angels That You May Not Know?

Angels are not always recognizable.  Angels can appear to look like humans or winged figures.  Many people that have had encounters with angels say that at first, they had no idea that they were speaking to an angel. However, after the angel left, they felt that an angel had just been in their presence.

Angels often connect with us at deep levels and are sent to us when we least expect. We often don’t know or understand why they come to us at certain times. Sometimes we are suffering deeply, and an angel does not come to us. Other times, we are not in trouble and an angel comes to fellowship with us. 

Angels can travel between dimensions. They can go and assist those when God commands them to help people. It is important to always ask God for help and have him send angels to assist you.

Angels have a love for humankind.  They want to be there for us and help us to see that they can be by our side.

Angels always stay connected to God. They communicate with God and listen to his will.  Angels have a respect for authority and have a leadership over them. Angels must answer to another angel that is higher than they are. 

Angels are beautiful. In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is said that the angels in Lot’s house were so beautiful that the men in the city wanted to break the door down to have relations with them.

Go after angels love
Angels Protect Us From Evil

Angels give us inspiration and help us to see that there is always an answer to life’s troubles.  They try to help us to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They want to make us feel that we can take on new challenges and get answers. 

What Are Seraphim Angels?

Seraphim angels worship God in heaven.  These angels stay close to God and sing songs to him.  In Hebrew, the word seraphim mean saraph.  This word means burn. 

What Is a Cherub Angel?

Cherub angels are also called cherubim.  These angels are both in Christianity and Judaism.  These angels assist people in helping them not to sin. They help human beings to see that they must confess their sins before God. These angels are known for their supernatural intelligence.

What is the Order of Angels?

  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Thrones
  • Dominions
  • Virtues
  • Powers
  • Principalities
  • Archangels
  • Guardian Angels

What Do Angels Do?

  • Deliver Messages
  • Assist the Lonely
  • Protect People
  • Warriors for God

Angels don’t want us to be afraid of them. Human beings often fear them when they appear because they are bright and angelic in appearance.  The angels often say to them, “Do not be afraid.”

Angels often come to people when least expected. They can come to us in dreams because they can enter our dreams when necessary. In the Holy Bible, angels have often appeared to people in dreams and in visions. This helps people to see that angels are working on our behalf. They come from heaven and so they are used to seeing and working with God’s people.

If you truly ever want to get in touch with your angel, its important to ask God to send you one of them. We often don’t understand or even know how to get the attention of an angel. We often want to get the help that we need, but often don’t know or understand how to have it completely. 

who is gabriel to you
Focus On Angel Gabriel Please

Angels are often in churches. They often want to be around people that want them in return.  You may often feel like something is not working for you and you want it to. I have found angels in hospitals and in places where angels normally should not be. They are often looking out for the living and saying, “make sure that you please God in all that you do.”

When an angel appears to us, they are often shiny, and some people get scared of them. It is normal to feel like an angel is to holy for you because they come with such radiance.

Thousands of books have been written about angels over the years.  Some people get obsessed with angels for one reason or another.  They want the world to know that when an angel enters a room, something unique and great begins to happen.

Angels will often come and protect children from being hurt. If a child is in danger, angels often come to protect them. They often stop evil from falling upon them for many different reasons. When a person fears that something is going to happen to them, they often say, “God, please send me one of your angels to come and protect me.” Angels often want the world to know that they are there, but often don’t announce their presence. However, in many cases they do.

It’s always best to let angels do their work.  You may never come to understand what their full mission is in life. However, its best for you to only say that you are understanding where they are coming from.

It’s always good to treat every person with love and respect.  It is possible that you are entertaining and angel and not even know it. I often see homeless people in the street and see them as angels a lot of the time. 

They often are waiting to see if you have a giving heart or one that is full of greed.  Its always a good idea to take care of our fellow brother or sister that may be hurting deep down inside of their hearts. 

Its never easy to take on new challenges. However, it’s always necessary to see life as we are presented with it. We don’t always understand everything that is put before us. However, its important that we all take our time and try to get to the bottom of whatever it is that we are trying to understand completely.

I think that in life, you must come to realize what is most important. I think that when we do this, we begin to take our focus on realize that our mind doesn’t always understand everything.

Angels often open our eyes to the possibility of something happening for the better. Angels often help the servants of god to preach the good news about Jesus Christ. When we do this, the angels come around us and give us peace and help us in our mission of spreading the gospel.  You can always attract an angel to you by asking God to send one to you.

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