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What Is A Free Tarot Card Reading?

Just like some individuals strongly believe in the mystic and the occult, there are others who are skeptic about tarot card readings. There are those who think that everyone’s destiny is prewritten while others believe that each person writes their destiny.

What Is A Free Tarot Card Reading?

Those who believe require no convincing. Tarot cards are one of the paths that diviners and mystics use to reveal a person’s future. Experts who are divinely blessed with these gifts can dig into your past and hint the future by offering free tarot card readings. Tarot experts understand that each card has its associated meaning and incorporate it into their tarot card reading.

Free daily tarot readings can be essential pointers of the future, present, and past, shed light on your future paths, your concerns, your preoccupations and thoughts, your current situation, and your personality through offering answers to your specific questions during free tarot reading sessions.

Cynics who want to try can simply use free tarot card reading provided by a divinely blessed tarot reader who will tell them about their past and highlight their future accurately to ensure they are convinced.

What Is A Free Online Tarot Card Reading?

Like different types of clairvoyant readings, tarot card readings have turned out to be progressively famous and considerably more open with the innovation of the Internet. Numerous mystic sites offer tarot reader masters; however, a few sites are solely devoted to the craftsmanship and abilities of tarot card readings.

Online tarot reading is a considerably popular form of entertainment and is continuously becoming a genuine business for some individuals. Usually, most websites that provide free tarot card readings operate on a membership basis, and if you want to become a member, you might be charged a small fee.

You might wonder who the clients are – in any case, divination attracts a lot of followers. The explanation behind the great success of online tarot readings is simple.

Inconveniences are a piece of our day by day lives, and words like straightforward and non-muddled don’t make a difference to customary presences; there are many moments in a real existence time when we long for direction, and bunches of individuals think that a look into the future could be useful.

Online tarot readings could appear carrying explanations to an unclear circumstance, and one can’t scrutinize the dependability of tarot forecasts. Indeed, even the sites devoted to online tarot card meanings post disclaimers that one isn’t to put together his/her choices on tarot divination since these work for diversion instead of for legitimate purposes.  

As a matter of fact, you can confide in online tarot readings if you believe in the individual horoscope you read in the papers. Besides, when you accept tarot readings as fun, nothing hurtful can leave them. One more issue here needs to be considered: a large portion of the online tarot readings are created using unique programming, and there is certainly not a genuine individual translating the cards for you.

Therefore, the card imagery is in certainty an arbitrary card spread with random clarifications. Websites with participation administrations will give face to face tarot forecasts. However, this sort of tarot readings will most likely cost you money. 

Online tarot card readings in this manner separate themselves a lot from the up close and personal ones performed by the greatest tarot masters. More vitality move accompanies direct physical contact, which is the reason tarot card meanings could be much more significant in such cases than when performed on the web.

Nonetheless, the notice we’ve propelled about overly trusting in tarot cards remains legitimate. It is reckless and not right to change your direction of life-based on card forecasts; take things easy, and you will not be baffled or endure some individual dissatisfaction on account of choosing the wrong card.

What Are Some Methods of Online Tarot Card Reading?

Free tarot card readings can be possible utilizing email, video chat, live chat, and telephone. Since tarot readings will in general spotlight on shorter-term periods or choices, many devoted tarot sites have customary customers who use their services at predictable intervals, for example, each four to six months.

Like other online mystic readings, numerous tarot reading destinations offer a free beginning reading before starting paid readings for enrolled customers.

What Are Some Notes About Free Online Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card readings are not quite the same as visionary diagram readings or different types of mystic readings. Notwithstanding utilizing the 78 cards to base the reading, tarot cards will appear in general spotlight on momentary circumstances.

They are additionally more compelling for clarity, inner comprehension, and dealing with the feelings (covered up or open) of an especially confusing circumstance, present or past. Tarot readings also address the future, regularly in the types of choices to be made, or the passionate or mystic condition of an individual that is affecting a choice to be made.

Online tarot readers urge individuals to utilize tarot readings to comprehend the internal activities of their feelings and contemplation. One of the suggestions they make is a sort of alert to inquirers.

When somebody looks for tarot readings, they should know it won’t give a particular future date and time, for example, “next Tuesday at seven a.m. the man sitting next to in the train will turn into your new darling.” If an individual anticipates this sort of future telling, tarot card readings are not the spot to discover it. 

When all is said and done, nonetheless, numerous inquirers find online tarot card readings sufficiently engaged to help process a part of their present voyage throughout everyday life. Tarot card readings are an innovative method to complete a mystic reading with the specific resources of Tarot cards. 

Then, you are ready to consult a tarot card reader with your inquiries. Remember, however, that the tarot is intended to shed some light and not all-knowing magic.

Accordingly, you ought to have the option to make wide-going inquiries concerning connections and occasions throughout your life that you need assistance with. Questions, for example, which you will wind up with and to what extent you will be together might not be answerable through tarot card reading.

Since the exactness of the tarot reading is the concentration here, it is likewise significant that as you conduct your reading, you are in the correct mentality.

Indeed, you might be annoyed by something right now that you expected to counsel the tarot, yet an indistinct personality won’t let you connect with the tarot and get the exact answers. What you can do then is to organize your brain before beginning the reading, start with some deep breathing and concentrate on the task ahead.

How to Read Tarot Cards

Tarot card readings are often done using a set of 78 tarot cards split into 22 cards that have to do with a bigger meaning in an individual’s life and the other 56 cards divided into swords, wands, pentacles, and cups for day to day aspects of a person’s life.

Multitudinous individuals with profound confidence in a Tarot advisor have picked up lucidity on inquiries concerning vocation, connections, wellbeing, travel, and money.

Free tarot readings or free tarot card readings provide you a kind of test review, and you can, in view of the precision of the readings, choose to go in for broadened tarot consultations.

Similarly, numerology readings can give you critical bits of knowledge about your personality, character, and the profession ways for individual achievement. Consolidating numerology with tarot where numbers have uncommon importance gives greater clearness and a fine concentration to the readings. 

Tarot card interpreters may likewise utilize the prophetic tarot spread with thirteen cards, the thirteenth card at the center place showing the result. 12 cards ring the center card and represent the indications of the zodiac, speaking to a specific part of your life.

In a tarot horoscope reading, that might be on a paid premise or a free tarot cards perusing. For a tarot horoscope perusing, these twelve cards may likewise stand for every month in the year ahead and will reveal to you what’s in store for that month with the thirteenth card giving general expectations.

A tarot reader with the preeminent endowment of celestial perceptiveness often gives trustworthy tarot card forecasts consolidating numerology and tarot horoscope perusing for his subject.

Recondite and mysterious workmanship, there is no known rule or exact scientific recipes, however, just the otherworldly direction that is accessible to the tarot card reader that leads to such trustworthy and astounding tarot card expectations.

In the hands of a common person, the deck of 78 tarot cards would be simply carded. In the hands of a tarot reader with incomparable, spiritualist powers, these 78 cards take a mysterious atmosphere and become the vehicle for tarot card forecasts.

The vast majority would accept that tarot cards often offer responses to explicit inquiries. However, what isn’t so broadly known is that specialists of the mysterious workmanship have joined tarot horoscope and numerology to touch base at trustworthy tarot card expectations. For the most part, individuals with explicit issues consult a tarot reader, and a tarot card spread is counseled for these inquiries.

Those with an urge to know more and in detail go in for tarot readings that consolidate numerology with tarot horoscope for exceptionally exact tarot forecasts. Each indication of the zodiac has a particular tarot card related to it. Every tarot card explicit to the sign signifies particular character qualities and attributes of the individual and gives a general perspective on his life. Further calibrating the procedure, tarot readers consider the occasions a card with a particular number turns up during the tarot card reading session.

Each card, notwithstanding being allotted to a particular zodiac sign, likewise carries a particular number with its centrality. The tarot card reader deciphers numerology of the tarot card, the tarot horoscope and reaches tarot card expectations that can astonish subjects with their precision and flawlessness.

Joining every one of the three gives a more profound hugeness to tarot card readings and improves the session, giving more worth and more profound bits of knowledge for the subject. 

Making it a stride further, tarot readers make tarot horoscopes readings where each card related to a specific indication of the Zodiac has its specific significance. While summing up, tarot reading may concentrate on at least one or more inquiries the tarot horoscopes give you a superior, general overview of your character and career direction.

Further calibrating tarot reading and tarot horoscopes are achieved by coordinating numerology in the tarot reading process. In tarot, each card has been doled out a number, and the number has a specific relevance.

Why Do You Have Your Cards Read? 

There are several reasons to have your tarot cards read. The tarot cards are mystical, just as their readers. They can respond to any question you might have for them.

There are various kinds of tarot decks. One fundamental time to have your cards read is the point at which you are changing the direction of your life. A tarot card reading could be advantageous. The tarot card reading can make a positive change and offer you the best possible direction that you require to have a beneficial change.

Also, having your cards read is an approach to protect yourself. There are numerous conceivable outcomes in an individual’s life, and we don’t generally settle on the correct choice.

Commonly, the past likewise impacts us. It is critical to comprehend your present circumstance and how past events influence you. Tarot card readings not just give you the appropriate responses you require, they assist in keeping you on the right track throughout everyday life.

What Are The Basic Tarot Card Meanings?

The 78 cards or the arcana are ordinarily separated into two segments. The primary segment, or Major Arcana, of 22 takes bigger issued “story” cards through a bend from number 0 (the Fool) through number 21 (the World). The curve of this adventure is believed to speak about an individual’s way from numbness to illumination, or from energetic attention to an increasingly developed satisfaction.

Different cards of the Major Arcana feature attributes or encounters an individual must learn along life’s adventure to achieve this developing process, for example, quality (11), equity (8), love, and demise. 

The other area is the Minor Arcana, which contains the other 56 cards. This part of cards deals with day by day, regular or routine parts of life that add to a tarot card reading.

Every card has its meaning, for example, the High Priestess card, which commonly includes some sort of insider facts or instinct being uncovered or kept covered up. Contingent upon where the card is placed, either the positive or negative implications will turn out in the translation.  

What Is The Final Verdict?

Toward the finish of the tarot card reading process, and you have discovered the solutions to your inquiries, it is fundamental that you become full-grown enough to acknowledge the outcomes it might bring. Remember that the tarot is only an apparatus for your direction and not a definitive specialist in your life.

What is An Online Tarot Reading?

Online tarot readings got their start in the 21st century.  It started somewhere between 2001 and 2006.  When the internet age began, psychics from around the world started giving psychic readings via chat. Eventually, psychic websites began developing software that would allow people to chat with psychics on a price per chat. 

Often, the psychic network would charge $1.00 to $20.00 per minute.  The technology that they were developing was considered new technology.  They were able to connect astrologers and psychics with clients from around the world.  Before chat, telephone psychic readings were the only way for a person to connect with a psychic without them being face to face.

An online tarot reading works a lot different than a traditional face to face or phone reading.  It works different because you cannot hear or see the person that you are talking to. You also cannot see the cards that are being laid out for you on the table. 

If you have never gotten a tarot card reading via the internet, you may find it to be difficult.  This is mainly due to the fact that people often want to see and hear what someone is saying to them if they are having a conversation. For the first time in history, a psychic reader could give someone a reading about love, money or their career via a chat window.

At first, most people were excited to find out about this new technology.  Others were a bit skeptical at first. Many people asked, “How can we be sure that the psychic in the picture is the person that we are speaking with?” 

Maybe we are speaking with their son or daughter.  Even though there is always a possibility of this happening, the majority of psychics with a network only use their accounts.

Some of the most well-known chat systems in the world today are on,,, and many others.  Most people that get tarot card readings online are happy to know that networks often give you the first 3 minutes for free.  Many private tarot readers offer their services for longer periods of time for free until you agree to pay them.

There are a few good books that you can be reading about tarot. These include:

  • The Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray
  • The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot – Ever! by Dusty White
  • The Ultimate Guide to The Rider Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger
  • Advanced Tarot Secrets by Dusty White

What Are Tarot Readings Online?

Before you get started with a tarot reading online, it is important to understand what you are learning.  If you are not familiar with the tarot, it is important to understand how tarot works first. 

Tarot is a faith practice by millions of people worldwide.  Many tarot card readers say that the deck of cards has the power to answer questions about anything to include: spirituality, love, money, careers, work and anything else you want to ask it.  Several great books have been written about the topic to include:

  • Tarot a Beginners Guide by Gabby Benson
  • Tarot Interactions: Become More Intuitive, Psychic & Skilled at Reading Cards by Deborah Lipp
  • Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Luis
  • A Magical Course in Tarot: Reading the Cards in a Whole New Way by Michelle Morgan

These few books should be able to get you started.  People find that when they understand how tarot works, they can better appreciate their reading. It took centuries for tarot to evolve into a spiritual practice.

If you plan on getting a tarot reading online, it is a good idea to go with someone that is reputable. You can often find a reputable psychic reader on a popular astrology website.  Some astrology type websites that are popular is,, and There are thousands of psychic websites in the world. Some offer you a daily horoscope for your zodiac sign for free.

Tarot card readers that read online say that read online say that it is easier for them to focus.  A lot of tarot card readers get nervous about giving readings via phone or in person.  The internet has allowed readers that are shy on the phone to give readings via text. 

Many psychic readers prefer to remain anonymous.  Most psychic websites do not allow their readers to show their true identity.  This is so that you cannot steal their clients.

Some chat software allows you to chat with a psychic without the use of having to download any software. Other websites force the client to download software on their home computer in order to start chatting with a reader. 

For some, not having to download software is a lot easier.  Others say that it is easy for them both ways.  It seems that the younger generation that was raised on the computer doesn’t seem to mind downloading software.

What Are Some Popular Tarot Card Decks?

The Rider Deck by Arthur Edward Waite

Energy Oracle Cards: A 53 Card Deck and Guidebook

The Hemetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson

The Essential Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set by Rosalind Simmons

If you have an interest in tarot, you can learn how to read your own fortune. You may find that you can eventually give tarot card readings to your friends that ask you for them.  Tarot is perhaps one of the most practiced faiths of the new age movement.

What Is Online Tarot All About?

You have finally gotten enough courage to get an online tarot card reading.  This is a huge step for anyone to take that has concern about diving into the world of divination.  Many religions speak out against the tarot saying that it is involved with devil worship and witchcraft.  You may or may not feel the same.

When we think about tarot, we often wonder what it means for our lives.  After all, The High Priestess card may mean nothing to you if you have no idea what the card symbolizes.  Many clients ask their online adviser what each card means.  The deck of tarot cards are often a work of art.

 The original deck of cards was not meant for spiritual purposes. Using tarot for spiritual purposes did not come about until years later.  Some of the other cards in a deck of tarot are: Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Empress, Hierophant, Lovers, Chariot Strength, Wheel of fortune and so much more.

Every manufacturer of the tarot card has different artwork attached to the card.  Tarot cards are often used by people involved with the pagan religion, although other faiths have used the cards in their own spiritual practices.  The tarot cards are said to tell a story about your life. It may be something about your past or the future.  Here are a few meanings of the tarot cards:

  • The Magician – pain, loss or disaster.
  • The Emperor – confusion to enemies or destruction.
  • The Sun – Material Happiness
  • The Hanged Man – discernment or sacrifice.

Your online tarot card reading should be something significant to you.  People that get a reading often say that the tarot is accurate for their life. Some people actually get scared of how accurate the tarot cards can be. 

Eventually people combine their faith in a God with their tarot card reading. Many tarot card readers are popular on astrology websites.  One of the most famous tarot card readers of all time was Mlle. Lenormand.  She is known for her books and expertise in the tarot.  She was born in 1772 and died in 1843.  She gave readings to Napolean and Josephine.

How Did Tarot Card Readings Begin: A Clear History

The first deck of tarot cards are said to have been developed around the year 1440.  The first deck of tarot cards were not used for spiritual practices. Tarot card decks were used as playing cards.  They had 4 suits that were numbered 1 through 10.  The court cards include a queen, king, page and a knight.

In the early stages of tarot, the cards were used to play a game called triumph.  It was in 1781 that practitioners of the occult discovered the beauty in tarot cards.  They felt that the pictures in the cards had some sort of spiritual benefits attached to them.

These early divination founders began using the tarot cards for spiritual purposes. This is where the start of tarot card readings began.

Modern day tarot cards are not all the same.  Some have more cards in the deck than others.  Professional tarot card readers believe that their deck is spiritual and must belong to one person only.  People that get tarot card readings say that the cards answer specific questions such as: Should I be with the man or woman that I am with? Should I start a new business?  What is the meaning of my life? And so many other questions.

The decks have different themes such as: angels, dragons, animals, nature and fantasy. The Rider-Waite deck is the most popular.  One of the major cards in the deck is the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana.  It has four suits to include: Circles and Pentacles, wants, cups and swords.

Spiritualists believe that shuffling the cards by the person that is getting the reading had some spiritual element to it.  Their energy rubbed alongside of the cards.  The spiritual teachers want people that are shuffling the deck to focus on their question.

After the cards are shuffled, the tarot card reader takes over by the reader lays out the cards into a spread.  The tarot card reader must know how to interpret the cards.  They can learn more about tarot card interpretation by reading books on the topic or learning form a professional psychic that uses them.

Some tarot card readers are better than others based on experience. If you want an experienced reader, you should find one that has a certification by the Tarot Certification Board of America. They have different levels of certification. 

The lowest level is Certified Apprentice Tarot Reader.  The highest level is certified tarot Grandmaster.  Another certification comes from the American Board for Tarot Certification.  The highest level is a Tarot Sage.

Getting a reader from one of these organizations will give you a more experience reader.  You may find better results this way.  The purpose of tarot cards is to give you information about what is going to be happening in your life. They don’t tell you what you should do with the answers. The choice is up to you.