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What is Reiki Healing And How Does It Work?

Reiki Healing What is It?

Reiki is often called energy healing or an alternative form of medicine.  Reiki healers use the palms to create energy to heal the body.  It is said that energy leaves the palms of the hands and enters the person in question. It is then transferred and the person receiving the reiki healing receives good energy. 

Reiki is not considered to be a true science. Instead, it is a pseudoscience.  It is often referred to a pseudoscience that deals with chi energy.  Do you remember when Mr. Miyagi healed Daniel in the movie, “The Karate Kid”?  He was using his chi energy to heal his ailment when he got hurt. In reiki, we learn that the chi can heal different parts of our energy field. 

What is Reiki Healing And How Does It Work?

Reiki talks a lot about the qi.  It is used to treat diseases and illnesses.  However, medical science has never found proof that reiki does anything for the body.  Reiki comes from the word’s rei and Ki.  Rei and Ki are Japanese words.  These two words are mystical in nature in Japan. 

It is believed that reiki has a special function in creation.  The Ki of life flows in plants, animals and humans.  If a person has a lot of love, self confidence and belief in themselves, then its strong. A weak Ki can make someone feel sad or like they need a higher energy. 

A person can make their Ki stronger by using advanced breathing exercises, meditation and prayer. It is believed that Ki exits the body when a person crosses over to the other side.

Chi has different words in various parts of the world. Here are a few examples:

  • China – Ki
  • India – Prana
  • Hawaiians – Ti

Reiki is a mystical type of energy since the human hands don’t do the healing as a traditional doctor would do the healing.  It is believed that reiki is governed by higher powers that watch over us.  Many people refer to this as being God or spirit beings

Our thoughts do not give guidance to reiki healing.  It is believed that our Ki energy determines whether a person is healthy or not.  Ki is said to tell us if a person has any physical ailments happening within them or if they are healthy.  If the Ki gets disrupted in a negative way, it is said that a person must go through energy healing in order to repair the damage. 

Like positive thinking, the Ki gets damaged negatively when we have negative thoughts.  In the law of attraction, we can either allow negativity to control our lives or simply push it out of our being. 

The aura is said to extend outside of the body by about two inches.  When the aura is affected negatively or positively, so is the Ki. 

In reiki, it is believed that the brain has a thought process throughout the whole body. It is not only in our head.  If an area of our body is being affected, our whole body feels it.

We all need to eliminate bad energy within ourselves.  Most of the time, we are not even aware of the fact that our Ki is being affected negatively.  We often go through stages in which we feel like something is wrong, but we don’t know what it is. We often feel like we must take care of something inside of our lives that really matter to us on different levels.

Our true higher self-guides reiki practice.  When we begin healing our Ki, we work with the conscious and the subconscious mind.  You don’t have to be in front of the person in order to have a successful energy healing session. The reiki practitioner can practice healing from a distance. They simply focus on your ailment and send you positive Ki energy. 

In 1922, reiki was brought to our understanding by Dr. Mikao Usui.  It is said that he had a spiritual encounter with the spirit world and came to understand reiki healing and the need for it. Once he received this revelation, he began to spread what he knew to students that would one day take reiki healing around the world. 

What Does Reiki Do?

  • Gives pain reduction.
  • Creates relaxation.
  • Helps to speed up our healing process.

There is not real government body watching over reiki healers.  It’s a lot like psychics in which you must try and trust that the person that you are working with knows what they are doing.  This if often based on the reiki practitioner’s reputation. 

Reiki Massage Healing

Reiki doesn’t have any specific length of time that it must be performed on someone like traditional massage therapy does.  Traditional massage therapy is often conducted in blocks of 30 and 60 minutes.

Who Often Trains in Reiki Healing:

  • Professional Practitioner
  • Healthcare Provider
  • People that have an interest in energy healing.

Most reiki practitioners give reiki massage therapy in a quiet and soothing location.  Sometimes, classical music is played in the background to help calm the client down.  Clients often enjoy feeling the energy flow from the reiki healers’ hands. 

When you first meet your reiki healer, they will often ask you a series of questions about yourself. They will often want to hear why you are coming to them for a visit and what you hope to accomplish. 

In reiki healing, the clothes are usually not removed from the body.  It is different from traditional massage therapy in which the person receiving reiki healing only needs to lay down on the massage table.  They are usually laying down face up. 

The reiki healer will begin touching your body.  You should never feel any pressure or inappropriate touching. This is not done with traditional reiki healing. 

During a reiki healing session, the person receiving the healing will often fall asleep because its highly relaxing.  They may often say that they feel less anxious or less depressed.  You will often feel the reiki practitioners’ hands getting hot from releasing energy to you. Chi energy is said to get hot when used correctly. Many chi healers have been known to be able to set pieces of paper on fire using chi energy.

Before getting your reiki massage, make sure that you use the restroom. It is often an interference of energy flow if you must stop the session to get up and use the restroom.  You can also tell your reiki healer places that you prefer them not to touch you. Some men and women feel uncomfortable being touched on their chest and buttocks. 

You also want to let the reiki massage healer know if you are uncomfortable laying flat on a table. If you are, pillows can be used to elevate the legs and head. 

After your session is over with, the reiki healer will often give you their opinion of what they feel you may be going through and how many sessions of reiki you will need in order to feel better. 

It is common for a person to receive 3 to 5 sessions during a healing process.  Chi energy is constantly being put into the person for healing. The Ki is put into balance as well.

Reiki is holistic in nature.  If a man or woman tells you that they are a reiki master, this means that they have gone through 3 different levels of training.  Training includes, but not limited to procedures, techniques and history of reiki healing. 

It can take up to 20 years for a person to receive their 2nd level of training. Most people do not achieve the 3rd level of training as it is very intense.

The only people qualified to teach reiki are those that have achieved the level of master.  This also prevents fraudulent practice of reiki training. 

In the USA, it is common practice to hear people say that they are going to get their chakras healed through a reiki massage. This often means that they are planning on bringing their 7 chakras into balance. The reiki practitioner will often place their hands-on different parts of the body to produce different types of healing. 

Reiki treatment is often different for every person that receives the healing.  This is because everyone has a different need that has to be fulfilled. Someone may have painful feet, and another has pain in their back. 

There are 3 different forms of reiki that are commonly used in the United States. These are:

  • Gendai Reiki Ho
  • Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho
  • Tibetan Reiki

Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho is the most used form of reiki in the United States. It is also taught by most reiki masters. This has 3 levels of practice in it.  Reiki therapy can be conducted at any time of the day. This all depends on someone’s work schedule and when they have the time to do reiki healing. 

In the first level of reiki, anyone can attend the teaching.  The reiki master will tell you that they are going to examine your energy field.  They will often want to connect with your Ki energy to see what you are dealing with.  They will often start at your crown and work themselves all the way down to your feet. The crown is your head.

The reiki master will often instruct their students to work on their own spiritual and emotional issues.  The reiki master will often instruct the students to close their eyes and focus on anything that is painful within them. This often must be cleared out.  This is often called level one attunement. During level 1, you will often feel your hands getting cold or hot.

During level one, you are often taught about the history and founders of reiki. You will often be guided on how to best practice reiki and how you can be an asset to someone’s life by offering reiki healing. 

During the second level of reiki, the student will get a reiki symbol.  The reiki symbol is powerful and allows the person doing the healing to connect a lot more to their energy.  This often means that the student will be trained on how to perform reiki at a distance.  This is often an intense time for the student to see how our spirituality can affect healing from a distance. 

The reiki symbol also is used to clear the chakras from blockages.  It is recommended that a student waits several months for going from level one to level two.  Sometimes, this can take years depending on the student.

There is nothing wrong with a reiki master that wants to combine these two levels together. However, most reiki master’s frown upon the idea since the course is often intense.

If they are an “old school” reiki master, they will often tell you to wait. Traditional reiki often made you wait from going to different levels of this practice.

Level 2 often teaches the student to focus on their heart chakra. This is not surprising since in the 21st century, most people are interested in healing their love life. Most people feel like love is not in balance within them. This is your heart chakra trying to come out and teach you something.

When you reach level 3, you are now ready to become a reiki master. This means that you can teach others reiki as well.  It is common for you to receive your master attunement and reiki symbol at the same time in level 3. This all depends on your master teacher. 

If you are a student that has completed levels one and two, it means that you have a liking for reiki and deep desire to go on to teach others reiki and to continue healing others through this powerful energy form of healing. 

What Is Reiki Power?

Reiki is a form of healing in Japan.  It is the Japanese form of healing. If you are thinking about taking courses in reiki training, they can often run from three hundred dollars to over three thousand dollars.

If you are taking a one to five-day class, it is most likely going to run you around $300.00. If you are taking the masters level class, you will often have to pay around $3,000.00 as training can be rather intense.  As mentioned above, master levels courses in reiki can take years to complete. 

It is said that we all have Biomagnetic energy running through out body. Reiki students will have to learn about energy, psychology, anatomy and kinesiology.  During training, students learn how to pay close attention to their own energy and how it flows through their body. They will also learn about the 8 subtle bodies.

The main commission of reiki healers is the Commission for Reiki Masters and Healers.  There is also the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.  Getting recognition by any of these two organizations gives you recognition to your peers as a reiki healer. 

Reiki practitioners often use their abilities alongside of massage therapy, meditation and other forms of holistic healing.  Most reiki healers that combine reiki with other holistic services often earn around $50,000 a year. 

Over time, your salary can increase depending on how many clients you have the amount of people that you have working under you.  It is estimated that in the 21st century, more men and woman are going to open their own reiki practices.  It will be looked upon well by people that already get traditional massages.

Reiki healers are now starting to get employed by some doctors’ offices and hospitals.  As the demand for it grows with people, the practice continues to expand worldwide.

For someone to understand reiki more clearly, its is best to study the chakras. Reiki is often misunderstood by people that don’t know anything about it.

Energy healing is a new concept that most people don’t understand fully. Many people say that when the receive reiki healing, they want to have a lot more of it done to them. This is mainly because reiki healing often takes time to work and people are often impressed with the healing effects that they feel within their body. 

The body has many different parts to it.  It is the same with our energy fields. Our energy fields work directly with parts of who we are as human beings. Today, many people combine reiki with psychic readings. Psychic readings are another form of healing within a person having to do with their thoughts being predicted using clairvoyance. 

It is common practice for a psychic to use reiki healing on their clients as well. This is often performed to relax the mind, body and spirit. It is said that when someone is clear, they tend to make their life more in balance with who they are and where they are headed. 

You will find that as you begin to learn more about reiki and energy healing, people start feeling more drawn to you for help. Even though you are not a doctor, you will often feel this way since many people want to tell you everything that is hurting them.

It is important to understand that not everyone will accept reiki.  You can go through years of reiki training and still not get someone to believe in you or what you do.  It’s important to not allow someone else to judge you. 

Always think positive thoughts and you will attract positive energy to you. People often don’t understand reiki because they don’t take the time to sit down and learn about reiki healing. 

Most people in the United States say that they are getting at least holistic remedy performed on them years. This can include anything from massage therapy to psychic readings.

Most people today say that they don’t want anyone to know that they are getting a holistic healing. Some people think that it may be against their religion or perhaps their friends and family won’t understand it as well. It is often common practice for people to feel like this form of healing is not welcomed. 

Ever since reiki came to the United States, it has not lost interest by its citizens. It is said that reiki will continue to evolve because it helps people to understand that they can have some power and say so over what happens to their chakras. 

The chakras are often misunderstood by most people because we are often not taught about them in school. We often don’t learn about our aura either or that we have energy inside of our bodies like electricity. Some people don’t realize that we have an energy around us that can sense and feeling things without even having to touch it.

This requires training and a mental focus. Many people that do healings regularly are in touch with a much higher dimension in which they can help others that are hurting and in need of healing and growth.

Reiki healers can indeed change the world using different energy techniques. I believe that everyone should start to learn more about energy healing because it will open their chakras and keep their learning at a more intense level.  When we focus on something that gives us strength, we tend to run after it time and time again.

If you believe that you have what it takes to become a reiki healer, its best that you reach out to someone that can help you to achieve your first level.  You can find classes in your own home state or country.  You only need to do a quick google search on where classes are begin offered. 

It’s best to do your classes in person as you will need to feel another people’s energy.  Especially at the beginning level.  There are some reiki courses taught online, but most people say that its not as effective as hands on training.  Eventually, you may see yourself becoming a full reiki master.  You can do anything that your put your mind, body and soul to do.

How to Become an Expert In Reiki Healing Massage

Life is not certain to anyone as it has all ups and downs for an individual. An individual who has a happy life is a lucky person and who does not have to reduce his stress and pressure at any cost.

If you keep on continuing to mount on stress in your mind, a lot of issues might occur in your body. How to achieve a peaceful mind and a healthy mind in our life.

The answer is Reiki, which is a sacred practice given to an individual who is suffering a lot in his life. Reiki healing is the practice of improving positive force energy in an individual.

The more you positive more the happiness which is achieved by Reiki healing. One who has the patience and attitude of helping others can practice Reiki in his life. The healing power of Reiki is impeccable and incredible for all.

The common aim of Reiki healer is to improve the peaceful mindset up of an individual and thereby his mind becomes calm and comfort. it is otherwise called as alternative healing.

The healer who practices Reiki is said to transfer the universal energy into others through palms. it requires a basic understanding of the Reiki process and reverence attitude.

If you love and respect others, the wellbeing of other people improves a lot without any hassle. The practitioners use energy from our surroundings and hence they can achieve their goals easily. The healing practice does not only reduces stress and pressure but it improves the knowledge, wellbeing, and gives relaxation to the person who is treated.

How to become an expert in Reiki healing? This is a question being asked by many beginners in the field for the welfare of others. The answer is simple, yes you need to practice Reiki healing practice in an impeccable way of clear thoughts. The first and foremost technique of improving the skill in Reiki is to do it on yourself first.

You need to practice more on your mind and body so that the confidence improves in you in a better way. You have to involve in practicing and doing it on yourself so that the skills get improved a lot in due course of time.

Learn the basic techniques of Reiki professionally before you practice energy therapy in a full-fledged way. Thebais techniques like centering, infusing, beaming, clearing, and bad energy extraction are inevitable for a beginner.

You have to understand working with other forms of energy when you are a beginner. You have to understand the basic ethics of working with the customers. Mainly, you need to possess patience while working without getting tempted for anything. Politeness, concentration, and focus are the major keys to Reiki healing practice.

If you decide to become a master of Reiki, then you need to take training under the supervision of a master. The master should have the experience, technical knowledge, and expertise in Reiki.

Learn the attunement process with the help of a teacher. If you can train others after learning all the techniques, your aim to become a specialist can be achieved at the earliest.

Classes are going for learning Reiki I and II levels for the learners. The learner can get things easily without any difficulties if he contacts the perfect coach for his learning. A master certificate energy healing course is available for you to become a healer.

You need to contact a Reiki master who has completed at least three of four levels of Reiki. The master alone teaches you the right course of learning without any flaw.

Practice Reiki in line with the professional coach without gap and practice it on you for some time. You will understand the result in you and hence the same can be done on others during the healing process.

When you practice Reiki on others try to eliminate their stress and depression out of them. This is done by you if you have the potential of healing power which you have learned from the experienced person.

You have the interest fully about others’ health so that Reiki use you as a channel for energy transformation. if you are perfect and have a good attitude on others’ health, the Reiki healing is easily executed. In this case, Reiki itself does the work on behalf of you if you have vested interest in your customers.

Never worry about your competition in case more Reiki practitioners arrive in your area for the practice. In this case, welcome the open-heartedly and take a deep breath., This will improve your well being and your healing power.

A well versed and service-minded Reiki practitioner would not mind others conducting Reiki practice in your area. Welcome them cordial and do your practice without any interruption or zealous mind.

Your main aim is to induce spiritual life forces among individuals. This natural process improves the well being of an individual to a greater extent. Maintain your inner calm mind to be consistent so that the state of spirituality is achieved by you to treat others in an exemplary way.

Never worry about your religion because anyone can practice Reiki healing power through proper training. Even Reiki mostly related to mental oriented, but some researchers state that it even improves the muscle’s power by reducing the pain in joints and muscles.

Stress is the enemy of happiness for all individuals in this world. Hence, you have to reduce the stress of individuals through Reiki healing process so that you can become an expert in Reiki healing.

You should have sincerity and commitment to healing others through Reiki so that you can become an expert in the field. You should be able to attract others towards you for the healing process.

You should have been mastered by Reiki healing process so that you can become a master in the field. Never hesitate to participate in the Reiki workshop or seminar conducted in your areas by a well versed professional. Indeed, you can make others to feel comfortable emotionally through your Reiki healing power.

In short, your healing treatment should make the individual a better emotional well being.