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Happy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him and Her

Happy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him and Her
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Valentines Day, A.K.A. Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February fourteenth each year. This was originally a Christian holiday in the United States that celebrated two saints named Valentinus. 

Today, people of all faiths and atheists celebrate Valentine’s Day to let someone know that they are loved.  Usually, gifts of flowers, chocolates and greeting cards are given to someone that you love. 

Customarily, the holiday is shared between lovers.  However, Valentines Day can be celebrated with children, pets, family members and friends.  Valentines Day has become celebrated around the world. 

Popular Name Brand Chocolates Sold on Valentine’s Day:

  • Godiva
  • Russell Stover
  • Hershey
  • Lindt
  • Cadbury
  • Theo

There was a Saint in the Catholic church often referred to as Saint Valentine.  He was a third century man of God in Rome’s prison.  Saint Valentine married people without the consent of Rome.

He was also known for witnessing for Christ to Christians that were being persecuted in Rome.  He was known to perform a miracle for the judge that was working on his case. Saint Valentine cured his blind daughter. 

Before the execution of Saint Valentine, he wrote the girl that he healed a letter.  He signed the letter as “Your Valentine”.  Pope Gelasius called this a feast day in 496 AD.  He is celebrated because he is a Martyr of the church and gave his life for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The poet Geoffrey Chaucer became connected with Valentines Day because he was known to write poetry that touched people’s hearts.  During this time period of the 14th century, England began to publish a lot of love stories in which it told stories of knights trying to go after their lovers. 

By the time the eighteenth century came around, people began giving one another flowers and sending love greeting cards to one another.  Eventually it made its way into the United States and that’s when greeting card companies began mass producing Valentines Day Cards. 

There is more than one saint associated with Valentines Day.  In 269 AD, a priest by the name of Valentine of Rome was martyred as well. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

When Valentines day is here, we often wonder what we should buy someone.  You ask yourself, “Should I just go traditional with getting him a greeting card and some chocolates or should I get something more original?”  This a decision that you will have to make because nobody knows your lover better than you.  Here are some suggestions on what you can buy him:

Journal – Believe it or not, men sometimes do journal and they often don’t say it.  The stereotype of men is that they don’t know how to express their feelings and so he prefers getting tickets to a sports game.  However, if you can buy your man a leather-bound high-quality journal, he will be thankful for it and use it.  He will also remember you every time that he goes to write in his journal.  You will be the first person that comes to mind. 

Man’s Grooming Set – There are many nice and well put together men’s grooming kits that come with electric razors, a comb/brush, shaving cream, cologne and much more.  You can include a bottle of his favorite cologne.  Some favorites are CK One, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Versace. 

Game Systems – I know that you often hate competing with his video game playing time. He often spends hours playing games instead of with you. However, its important to buy him something valuable that he will cherish for the next five years.  Finding out the next best gaming system with Nintendo and Sony PlayStation. 

T-Shirts – Men love to wear T-shirts any time of the year. Many women often say that they are cold, and their man is hot.  Buying him a fancy designer T-shirt often says, “I love you.”  There are many favorites that you can buy at the Nike store or other clothing store. 

Tool Set – If your man is a guy that likes working with his hands, he would enjoy a new tool set.  Home depot has a good variety of tools that you could buy for your loved one. Putting together a tool set of hammers, wrenches, screw drivers and electric tools will put a smile on his face.

Bedroom Clothes – If you like to see your man in sexy underwear or pajamas, now is the time to buy it and surprise him on Valentines day.  Since it’s a gift for him, try some silk black or red pajamas. 

Yoga Mats and Attire – Is your guy into yoga or working out at the gym.  If he is into yoga, he would appreciate a yoga mat. If he is into boxing, a new pair of gloves would be perfect.  If he is into any other sport, get him something that he needs to play the sport. 

Musical Instrument – Does your boyfriend/husband like to play the guitar or piano? A musical instrument or (guitar picks, music books, piano bench, etc.) are perfect gifts for him as well.

A Set of Cuff Links and Tie Clip – Is your man a white-collar guy that goes to work in a suit and tie? If he is, then its best to show him that he can go to work in style with a set that will put a smile on his face. 

A Skydiving Day – Has he ever wanted to try skydiving or bungee jumping?  Getting him a ticket to this kind of a day out is great for the two of you.  He will be shocked that you even came up with the idea. However, this is often an activity that doesn’t happen every day.

Couples Massage – This is a way to bond the two of you close together.  The two of you can relax together while someone massages your back with soothing oil. A couple’s day out is something that is fun.

Camping Trip – An inexpensive gift idea is a camping trip.  You can rent a cabin or pitch a tent together for the weekend. This gift idea is perfect for the weekend.  Camping trips often run between $100.00 and $500.00. 

Tool for the Kitchen – Is your guy a cook?  Does he love cooking at home and preparing amazing meals? Getting him a pot and pan set or set of cutting knives makes a great gift for a home chef.  Find out what he loves to make the most and then get him a gift that is perfect for this occasion.

Camera – Everyone loves photography.  Getting him a new camera or accessories will make the day a lot more loving than it was yesterday.  If he is a bird watcher, you can take him to an exotic place in the woods and let him watch his favorite birds. 

Golf Membership – Does he enjoy going to play golf when he is off from work?  Golf memberships and accessories are great gifts for him.   This kind of a gift touches the heart of a man.  It makes him want to connect more deeply with himself and thank you for getting him a generous gift.

Backpacks – This is a great gift for him on Valentines Day if he goes camping.  Men always need a new backpack if he enjoys exploring the wild and goes out for hikes and hour at a time. 

Coffee Sets and Gift Cards – If your man loves drinking coffee, then getting him an assorted coffee gift set is perfect.  You can often buy him a Starbucks gift card for $100.00 more.  Every time that he goes through the drive thru for his cup of coffee, he will be reminded that you took care of his morning breakfast. Yes, the smell of coffee makes him feel like his day is going to be good after all. 

Beach Gifts – If he loves going to the beach, a new surfboard or jet ski is most appropriate.  Get him a gift with his initials on it.

Watch – Watches have begun being worn again after a long lull.  Some of the best watches are made by Fitbit and Apple. If you can afford it, a Rolex will make his day.

iPad, Laptop Computers and Desktops – This gift allows him to do work or simply surf the internet.  Everyone loves a new computer that is fast and gets the job done.  There are many computers on the market today that will make him know that you care.

Hats – Men love to wear baseball hats or hats that keep the sun from getting in his eyes. A hat with his favorite sports team or hobby will be a great gift for anyone. 

Sunglasses – Designer sunglasses are in and worn year around.  Some of the favored brand names are Calvin Klein and Armani. 

Wallet – A man can always use a new wallet. Most men will not go out and purchase a new wallet for themselves. Unless he gets this as a gift, he most likely will not buy this for himself.

Course Online – Courses are big today on the internet.  Buying him a course that he can take from home is often a great gift idea. There are all kinds of courses that are offered via the internet these days to include: cooking, auto mechanics, art, photography and much more. 

Luggage – If he travels a lot, then a nice luggage gift set is what he will be thankful for. When he travels around the world, he needs something to put his clothes in.  A favorite luggage gift set is the Louis Vuitton collection. 

Shoes – Most men love receiving a new pair of shoes. Women often say that they can tell a lot about a man by the shoes that are on his feet. Popular sneaker brands include Nike and dress shoes include Perry Ellis. 

Homemade Cupcakes and Cakes – Today, you can order just about anything online.  A company called Daisy Cakes makes excellent cakes.  Customers often say that this is one of the best cakes that you will ever eat.  Other popular brands include Carvel.

Now that you have some Valentines Day gift ideas for him, you can explore ways to celebrate the holiday with him more easily.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:

Women often want to be and feel loved on Valentines Day. This day is often more important for her than her birthday. Buying your wife/girlfriend/date something on this day that is perfect will let her know that you have a lot of love to give. 

Scarf and Hat Set – This gift is perfect for cold weather climates.  Even buying her a coat is great and often stylish for when she wears it to work. 

Makeup Kit – If you know what brand of makeup she likes wearing, a gift set is perfect. 

Lingerie – There is nothing better for a man than to see his woman in a sexy lingerie set. The clothing store Victoria’s Secret has some of the best selections. 

Purses and Handbags – Women love purses.  Today, popular name brands include Michael Kors, Valentino, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Jewelry – Bracelets, rings, necklaces and ankle bracelets with red rubies in them are perfect for Valentines Day.  It will let her know how much you want to be together with her.

Flower Delivery – Women love to receive flowers at their door on Valentines day. Send it with a bear and she will think that it’s the cutest gift that she ever received.   Popular companies for sending flowers anywhere in the USA is 1-800-FLOWERS.

Trip – Take her away for the weekend. Weekend getaways often last for only two days but feel like you have been away for a week. Spend your time in a fancy hotel.  Snuggle in bed when you wake up in the morning and get some his and her bathrobes. 

Bath Products – Women often love to receive body soaps and shampoos in a gift basket.  Bath and Body works has some of the best selections on the market today. You will have her smiling from ear to ear when she is showering or bathing. She will know that you cared about her and took the time out to pick such a soothing and relaxing gift.

Slippers – Slippers are a hot buy in the 21st century.  Women often love waking up in the morning and sinking their feet into a new pair of fluffy slippers.  Today, you can find many with cartoon characters on them or pretty designs.

Towel Sets – These sets often come in all sizes.  Madison Park makes some of the best towels on the market today and often a great gift for women of all ages.

Movie Date – People have gotten so used to having the most unique and original dates that they forgot about the old-fashioned movie and dinner date. This kind of date lets her know how much you care about her.  Spending a few hours watching a movie and eating dinner allows the two of you to get cozy with one another. 

There are many Valentine’s day ideas that you can choose from.  As you can see, St. Valentine was a man that truly loved people.  Its historic to see how this holiday first began to where we are at today.

Valentine’s Day Hearts

Valentines day hearts became popular in the 19th century.  Hearts of candy were often given to people on Valentines day in order to let someone know that you love or care about them.

Today, Valentines day hearts are sold by many different chocolate companies. It’s always good to let someone know how you feel through candy.  Candy is sweet and therefore chocolates are often given to people that are longing to hear the words, “I love you” by someone that they care about.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Children and Families

Valentines day can be fun for the whole family.  You can buy a few posters for your family two write on.  You can have everyone draw a heart and then when the poster is done, ask each family member to see what they drew and who its for. This is fun to see how members of your family view you. You might be surprised to find out that your son that is always snapping back at you has deep love feelings for you. 

Arts and crafts always make the family feel like they are working on an activity together. It’s important to have fun as a family. This is great to have your family members put down their phones and gadgets and focus on being a family for a few hours.

Make heart cookies together. Every kid loves to bake. Adults tend to like it to. Especially when you know that you will have a sweet desert in return. When you all bake together, you begin to see that families can come together after all.

Cheap Valentines Gifts

Bag of Valentines Hershey Kisses

Heart shaped colored eye masks.

Heart shaped lolly pops.

iPhone case with hearts.

Red and black colored socks.

A photo album with pictures of you and your loved one in them.

Bath salt or bubble bath.

Matching Valentine’s Day coffee mugs.

Cookbook gift card for $20.00.

Valentine Rose

The most expected gift on Valentines day is the red rose.  Yes, it’s the gift that every woman and man want on Valentine’s Day. It lets the person that you love know how much you love them.  You give them this feeling of love and joy when they receive it.

The question always remains, “How many roses should I give the person that I love?  Here are a few rules when it comes to flowers:

1 Red Rose – This should be given to someone that you are starting to have feelings for. It lets them know that you may love them or that love is possible for the future.

3 Red Roses – You are getting close to something real.  You may be ready to ask them to live together with you or are getting ready to make a proposal. It lets the person that have feelings for know that you are getting ready for something much bigger. You are also saying, “I love you”. 

12 Red Roses – This is often given to couples that have been together for a while. Perhaps you have been dating for a couple of years.  This symbolizes that you love the person that you are with.  Most couples expect a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day.

24 Red Roses – This is for couples that have been together for 10+ years. It’s a way of saying, “I love you so much, that I plan on spending the rest of my life with you.”  It’s away to tell the person that you are with them for the long haul and they can count on you when you turn 85. 

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts

  • Chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Furry Teddy Bear
  • Photograph of yourself in a large frame.
  • A photograph session of the two of you posing in front of the camera.
  • A trip to the zoo.
  • A quiet meal out for the two of you.
  • Writing love letters to one another.
  • Giving each other a couple massage.
  • Taking a walk to the beach and kissing on the sand.
  • A daily walk for just the two of you.
  • Taking a car ride together.
  • A sit-down discussion of your dreams together for the future.
  • A talk about how the two of you first met.
  • A blanket that has hearts on it.
  • Matching towel sets for him and her.

Valentine gift Ideas for men and women are what you make them.  You can get creative or keep it basis.  The main message to send the person that you love is that you appreciate and care for them.  A gift comes from the heart and you need to feel comfortable with what you give to someone.  No matter what you give to someone, it must come from love and because you see the value in the gift that you are offering someone.