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Spiritual Gifts: Learn Its Purpose

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts And What Is Their Purpose?

Everyone has a spiritual gift.  We often try to figure out what our spiritual gifts are as we walk through life.  Some men and women find their spiritual gifts when they are a youth and others find them as an adult.  When discerning your gifts, its important to see what you are good at and why you believe that you possess a certain gift.

What Are The Gifts of The Holy Spirit?

Helper – You have a wanting to assist others in some way shape or form.  You feel empty inside of you don’t help someone.  Some people don’t know that this is a gift and it is.

Administration – You have a gift for keeping things in order.  Have you ever been told that you are great at keeping records or virtuous as an administrator on your job?  Believe it or not, many people are not good administrators. Consider this a gift if this is something that you enjoy doing and are great at it.

Speaking in tongues – The Holy Spirit gifts the gifts of speaking in tongues to many men and women of the Christian faith.  The Holy Spirit comes upon you and a person begins speaking in a language/s that you often do not understand. It’s a spiritual language in which you can speak to God with. 

Interpreting Tongues – When someone speaks in tongues, you can interpret what they are saying. In some spiritual gatherings, some Christians will begin speaking in tongues. It helps if you have an interpreter there so that the rest of the body of Christ can understand what that person might be saying.

Discerning of Spirits – Can you tell if something is of God or not?  This kind of spiritual gift is good because there is a lot of deception in the world today.  Many people feel lost and don’t know right from wrong. 

Prophecy – Can you accurately bring a spiritual prophecy to someone that is in need?  Today, the internet is full of prophets. Some are real prophets and others are false.  Its hard to discern which ones are real. However, you can best know them by their fruits.    

Wisdom – You do what God tells you to do because you understand his will.  Solomon was a man in the Old Testament that was blessed with wisdom. Wisdom is often hard to find in today’s world. Most people say that they can’t find wisdom because its to hard to tell what truth is and what is a lie. Having this spiritual gift will surely give you knowledge of right and wrong.

Knowledge – You can look deeply into a problem and understand it well. Perhaps two people are arguing, and you know how to bring the matter to peace. The gift of knowledge can bring peace to many Christians and non-Christian’s alike that struggle daily with suffering.

Faith – This is one of my favorite gifts. If you have been blessed with the gift of faith, you trust God 100% and know that he will come through for you no matter how tough your situation may be. An example of a man or woman with faith will say, “I can’t afford to pay my bills this month, but I know that God has another plan for me to show me how to pay them.”  This man or woman will wait upon the Lord for an answer.

Miracles – You can produce miracles in order to glorify God.  Moses parted the read sea and Peter the Apostle raised the dead and healed the sick in Jesus name. Miracles can give someone that wanting to follow God after they have witnessed one. 

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Mercy?

Do you have mercy upon someone or a group of people that most of the world does not forgive?  You have the gift of mercy if you can forgive people that others say are unforgiveable. When you are merciful, you cause other people to feel like they can be forgiven and accepted. Nobody likes to feel rejected and unloved. When someone as the gift of mercy, they will talk to someone that is hurting. 

Perhaps you have a spiritual gift of mercy for murders or rapist.  While the rest of the world throws them into prison, you may say that they deserve to be forgiven because Jesus has forgiven all sin.  Having a merciful heart often causes people to repent of their sins and turn to God.  People often interpret God’s love for them through other Christians.

What Is The Exhortation Spiritual Gift?

This is often spoken of as the gift of encouragement as well. In the Greek language, the word exhortation is parakaleo.  You can strengthen another person.

You have the gift to tell people that God can hear them.  You are a reminder that The Lord is still alive and that he loves you.  The apostle Paul tells Titus to use the gift of exhortation in the New Testament and in the book of Titus 1:9. This gift encourages people to not go away from the faith.

At times, Christians will often want to walk away from the church because they may feel that God has abandoned them or doesn’t love them.  The person that has the gift of exhortation can encourage that believer and let them know that they should stay in the church. 

The person that has the exhortation spiritual gift can correct someone if they are wandering astray.  The exhorter may tell someone that is living in sin to stop their sinful ways and repent of their sins. They help people on their walk with Jesus Christ.

During weekly church services, the person that has the gift of exhortation may address the church and encourage them to stay on their mission for Jesus.  One might say that they help others to find their truth in Christ.

 Why Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Takes time

Finding your spiritual gifts takes time because you must go through a period of testing and discernment.  At first, you may wonder what your gifts really are. You may wonder if you are a good artist because you studied art. 

Perhaps as you begin studying about spiritual gifts, you will come to find that this is a gift that most people don’t have.  Many artists say that Picasso had a true gift and so did Leonardo Davinci.  Their amazing artwork is unmatched in today’s world. 

You may have an ability to teach and have people learn quickly.  This is a gift that is often overlooked. Often, we overlook our gifts because it comes as second nature to us.

I always loved to help people since I was a child. I never thought of this as a gift until I became an adult and realized that most people don’t like to help others.  I also saw my gift of prophecy being able to help people.

I don’t walk into my prophetic gift until I turned 30 years old.  I always had my spiritual gift of prophecy since I was around 12 years old. However, I walked into my gift much later in my life. 

Often, we have gifts that we don’t use.  Once we begin to use our gifts, we become stronger with them and then we understand our gift to be useful to other people. 

One of the best ways to figuring out your spiritual gifts are to use what you have inside of you.  Think of ways in which you can be helpful to another person. What are you good at?  Believe it or not, playing baseball well is a gift. 

I am terrible at it. However, baseball players like Alex Rodriguez played in the major league and was one of the best baseball players that ever lived.  You can use this gift to glorify God by teaching others how to play well.  You can also use the money that you get from your gift to help other people. 

In order to open yourself up to knowing who you are, its important to journal. Start a journal and write down some of your abilities. 

An Example:

  • I am good at gardening.
  • I am good at teaching.
  • I am good at listening to people.
  • I am good at prophecy.
  • I am a good housewife/househusband.
  • I can love people easily.

Once you have made this list, its time to use your gifts more freely. Most likely this list will tell you what your gifts are.  Now that you have a good understanding of finding your spiritual gifts, you can now find them more easily.

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Prophecy?

This is a spiritual gift that comes from God.  It allows you to give prophetic words to people as God leads you.  You can read about the gift of prophecy by turning to 1 Corinthians 12;28). 

Prophets are spokespersons for God.  They can warn the church of something coming up. If there is a revival soon to take place or something that you need to be warned about, the gift of prophecy often helps people to understand their situation a lot better.

The prophet can reveal mysteries.  On many occasions, the Saint Padre Pio was able to tell people their sins without the person ever speaking to him about it.  He would just read their conscience. 

The prophet can also edify the church by bringing good news. They can also alert the church of something seriously wrong within the body of Christ.

The prophet can also predict something that will take place in the future. He/she may see an earthquake coming to a certain area and they will warn the people of what is to come. They may also tell people that they are about to get a raise in pay at work and to not quit their job.  They may tell them that better things are going to come their way.

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Faith?

Jesus said that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move a mountain. Most people lack faith.  Those that have faith are awesome to be around because they encourage other people to stay strong and believe.

I have met some people in my life that started a business and the business was failing. All odds were stacked against them and businesspeople were telling them to abandon the business because it wasn’t any good.  However, they stuck through it and before you knew it, they became successful because faith pulled them through it.

Faith is a true gift because most people fall apart when tragedy strikes. You will often hear people saying, “I lost my job and I am about to lose my home.”  They panic and see not good outcome. However, a man or woman of faith stands the test of faith and walks right through their problem knowing that God is going to come through for them. This is a blessing. 

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Teaching?

I once had a teacher in my third-grade class that was gifted with knowing how to teach well. I never met a teacher like him after that.  When he got up in front of the class, all the children would pay close attention to him speaking. Everyone wanted to hear what he had to say. 

He made learning fun.  I also had a pastor in my church get up on Sunday morning and he spoke for 60 minutes straight.  Nobody would leave or fall asleep in their pews because he was a great pastor.  When he taught, he made the congregation laugh and have a good time.  Everyone felt inside of their heart that he spoke the truth.  Everyone spoke well of this pastor and he never had a controversy surrounding him. 

Have you ever had a terrible teacher and wondered why they are teaching? You may be asking yourself, “Why did they ever become a teacher?  I learn nothing from them.” This person clearly doesn’t have a spiritual gift for teaching. It’s nice to know that some people are blessed with knowing how to teach.What Is The Spiritual Gift of Healing?

Many people are blessed with knowing how to heal someone. This gift is one that is highly sought after in today’s world.  There have been many healers in the 20th and 21st century. Some of these faith healers include Benny Hinn, John of God and Kathryn Kuhlman. 

Healers have the gift to heal people from all kinds of ailments and sicknesses.  Often, a healer gets a reputation for laying hands on people and them experiencing healing. 

If you watch Benny Hinn in his miracle crusades, you will see many people falling on the stage because they feel that his hands have touched them and creating healing. 

Benny Hinn says that its not him healing people, but Jesus.  The apostles had this gift as well. Jesus told them to go out and heal the sick and perform miracles in his name.  The apostles did indeed do this, and many people turned to Jesus for salvation because of the gift of healing. 

The spiritual gift of healing is an ability from God that most people don’t have.  Therefore, people often flock to healers because they believe that this man or woman can give them a healing. 

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Giving?

Did you ever speak to someone that everyone says, “He/she would give you the shirt off their back?  They are so generous!”  You may not know it, but this is a gift.  Most people in today’s world are “all out for themselves”.  They are all about “me” and pleasing themselves only. It can be hard to be around someone that only wants what is best for them. 

Being around someone that is giving helps you to feel at ease. These types of people are known to help the poor and to feed the hungry.  When someone can give easily, it becomes helpful because everyone around wants to receive help in some way, shape or form.  The miracles helps people to praise God. When one can give freely without expecting anything else in return, they give glory to God.

What Are The Spiritual Gift of Hospitality?

Some people have the spiritual gift of hospitality. They know how to make someone feel at home when they visit.  Have you ever been to a friend or relatives house and they simply make you feel that you want to stay an extra week? They are giving you food and talking to you about nice things.

The spiritual gift of hospitality is something that most people lack today.  Those that possess this gift may welcome visitors that come unannounced. Have you ever gone over to someone’s house uninvited and they say, “Come on in. How are you doing today?”  They tell you to sit down and they will make you a pot of coffee/tea.”  You feel welcome and like you are not being a burden to them. 

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Leadership?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Great leaders are not born, but made”?  Perhaps this statement is not entirely true. After all, some you can train someone with the best education and yet they will be a poor leader in the business world or church. 

You can have someone with a master’s degree in business management and have no idea how to lead a team.  This is because the person does not have the spiritual gift of leadership.  Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to get someone to become a leader, they fail every time. 

Have you ever gone to a church and felt like the pastor had no idea what they were doing?  This can be troublesome. The pastor may wonder why they only have 10 people coming to church every week. They don’t know how to lead and prepare their flock.  Everywhere they turn, there is a problem.  This is something that is often hard to deal with.

Some pastors begin leading churches with no special degree or training. They simply know how to lead mass amounts of people.  Look at someone like pastor Joel Osteen. He doesn’t have a PHD and hardly receive any training for the ministry.

However, he manages to create a church with thousands of members worldwide. His books become best sellers.  He knows how to touch the hearts of the people worldwide.  Some other names of the best preachers that are anointed to lead are: T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn. 

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Encouragement?

Have you ever felt like complete garbage and someone came along and made you feel better?  They have the gift of encouragement. They encouraged you into believing that everything was going to be better after all.

People that have the spiritual gift of encouragement will tell you that there is a “light at the end o the tunnel.”  This is something that most people will never fully understand if they don’t have this gift.

What Is The Spiritual Gift of Evangelism?

Some men and women can get up in front of a crowd and move the audience. They capture the audience’s attention and people begin to flock to listen to them. Many televangelists have this gift and draw millions of viewers in weekly. They can often preach a sermon to make people want to spend money on their books in order to support their ministries.

Wherever they go, men and women that have the spiritual gift of evangelism tell people about Jesus and his love. They let everyone know that they have a savior that is willing to teach them about life and about themselves. 

This is a blessing to people that need to hear that salvation is at the end of the road for them. Evangelists often tell people to receive Jesus into their heart.

For you to understand your own gifts, spend some time with Jesus in prayer and reading the Holy Bible.  Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you and show you what your gifts are. Discernment takes time. Don’t rush the process.  Take each teaching lesson one step at a time.  In time, you will come to see that our spiritual gifts have always been inside of you.

Who is Ezekiel: One of God’s Most Effective Prophets

Ezekiel the prophet lived during the time of the fall of Jerusalem.  Much of his ministry had to do with the temple.  He was called by God with a special task.   Ezekiel had a special task to help the people of Israel that felt abandoned by God. They were taken into Babylon and the Israeli people felt abandoned by God at that time.   Most of us feel abandoned by God for different reasons.

At that time, the Israeli people did not have the hope that God was going to help them.  They felt abandoned and like God no longer cared for them.  Ezekiel had a lot of work cut out for himself.

The Jews felt like God did not care about them because he allowed their city to burn.  According to 2 Kings 25:9, the Jewish people’s city was burned by the Babylonians.  Their homes, temple and Jerusalem was burned before their eyes.  This caused the Israelites to have to leave their home land.  It was devastating for them.

The Lord however did not abandon his people. He instead used his prophet Ezekiel to speak to them.  The Israelites felt that God was angry at them for disobeying his laws.  When God called Ezekiel, he told him to be strong against the rebellious people of Israel.  He told him to not be afraid.  Part of Ezekiel’s job was to speak judgement into their lives.  He had to tell them of their sins against God. He was also a priest.

Ezekiel was a faithful servant of God.  He did what God asked him to do.  Ezekiel had to explain to the people that even though their temple was destroyed, Yahweh was still with them.  He had not forgotten them.  He was still alive.

Ezekiel used many symbols instructed by God to speak to the people.  He was told to lay on his side for many weeks in order to give the people a sign.  He was also told to cut his beard and do things that people would consider to be bazaar.

Ezekiel eventually receives a new vision from God about a temple that will be built.  It is purer than the last one was.  His main mission was giving the people hope again when all hope seemed to have been lost.

Many times, God will call a prophetic person to give hope to people that have lost all hope.  Many people today have been given the gift of giving people prophetic words.  Prophetic words often help people to understand that everything is going to be just fine.  Without prophets and prophecy, a lot of people in the world simply give up on living.  Everyone needs to feel some sort of hope or have direction.  Prophets are known for giving direction.  The internet allows many prophetic people to use their gifts in order to help people.

Why Does The Prophetic Gift Make You Feel Tired?

Prophetic gifts are part of the fivefold ministry.  The Holy Bible tells us that God called some to be prophets, apostles, pastors and teachers.  The book of Ephesians doesn’t go into detail about the prophetic gift. However, you can read about the lives of the prophets throughout the Holy Bible.

Many people struggle day to day with their prophetic anointing. The only way to ever truly find your destiny with the prophetic anointing is to use it as often as you possibly can.  When we hide our gift, we cannot grow in it.

Before stepping out into the prophetic ministry, a person may experience fear.  It is scary to deliver a prophetic word to someone that may not be welcoming to it.  Some people do not want to hear what a prophet has to say to them.  Some Christians would rather hear a sermon from the pulpit then a prophetic word from a prophet.

If you feel called to give someone a prophetic word, you should just do it.  Prophetic words don’t always give us encouragement. Sometimes it is a word of correction.  Prophets often have to tell people what they do not want to hear.  It is not uncommon for a prophetic minister to tell a person live in adultery to stop committing adultery.  Often, the prophet is persecuted and called names because of their gift.

Prophets throughout the Old Testament were often persecuted for doing what God asked them to do.  Most prophets were misunderstood.  Moses was told to go to pharaoh and tell him to release the Jewish people from slavery.  Pharaoh did not take him seriously until his house was hit with many plagues. Eventually he let the people of Israel go. 

However, it took him some time and a lot of stubbornness.  Jeremiah the prophet was also known as the weeping prophet.  He often felt alone and like nobody loved him.  The entire Bible is full of stories where prophets have to be the spokesperson for God.  This job is never an easy one.

If you are constantly ministering to people, you are going to feel tired.  If you give a few prophetic words a day, it can be exhausting.  Sometimes you have to listen to people’s bickering about the prophetic word that you gave to them.  Not everyone is going to accept what you have to say.  However, answering God’s call on your life is an important journey for every prophet.

In order to operate well in your gift, make sure that you get plenty of sleep and relaxation.  Try to minister for only a couple of hours a day.  Ask God if you should charge someone or not.

If a prophet is called to do their work full time, you may have to charge for prophetic readings.  Many Christians and non-Christians alike will not pay you money for a prophetic word willingly.  Instead, you may have to charge them a fee to sit with you and hear what you have to say.  Psychic hotlines often charge people money in order to speak to their prophet’s on the telephone.  A worker is worthy of his keep.  Ask God for direction on that.

Why Jesus May Have Called You to the Prophetic Ministry

It is hard to say why God gives someone the gift to be a pastor and another the gift to be a prophet.  It is clear that every Christian believer has a calling over their lives to serve God in some capacity.

As a boy, I spent most of my time alone reading the Holy Bible.  I did not know that I even had prophetic gifts.  As I got older in my life, I started to feel the call to minister to people prophetically.  I would often feel the urge to give someone a word of prophecy for no apparent reason. 

There was this pull inside of my spirit that said, “Tell them what I am feeling inside of my heart.”  You will not be able to hold the words inside of your heart if you have a prophetic word to give to someone.  You will feel like you have to use your gift or else you will not be able to function.

If you are prophetic, you probably like to help people.  I started to read the Bible in its entirety when I was just 13 years old.  Over the years, I have gotten to memorize many passages.  The Bible is the way in which I choose to live my life. I like to focus on God’s words and live up to them to the best of my abilities.  When I sin, I confess my sins before God.  Jesus always shows me what his will is when I cry out to him.

Allow God to direct you into finding your own spiritual path.  Your relationship with Jesus is personal.  Before you step out to use your prophetic gifts, the Lord may put you through a series of tests. I did not begin to use my prophetic gifts until I turned 31 years old.  Before that, I was simply serving God in different ways.  It is important to learn how to trust Jesus at all times.

Many prophets ask the Lord why he has called them to the prophetic ministry.  Most people have no idea.  However, you will eventually come to see that your gift helps people in some sort of way.

The purpose of your gift is to use it.  I don’t even know what I am going to tell people when I begin to use my gifts of prophecy. I just open my mouth and assume that God will speak through me.  I often do not understand my own gifts or even how I got to be so prophetic. 

I do know that I trust God with every detail of my anointing. I use my gifts to help people that are hurting and need my help.  I practice my gift on a busy psychic hotline because it allows me to reach people 24 hours a day.  It was not my plan to work on a psychic hotline. However, it is where I feel most comfortable using my spiritual gifts and abilities.

How Else Can You Use Your Spiritual Gifts?

Spiritual gifts are what they are; they are gifts of the Holy Spirit. Since the gifts are given, they can be withdrawn by the owner, the Holy Spirit. They are temporary and may only be used when we are on this planet Earth. If you want to use them for the benefit of others and yourself for a while, use them, and God will be glorified.

How to Determine Your Spiritual Gift

It is one of the signs of spiritual awakening that people are looking for a way to find out what spiritual gifts they have received from the Spirit. People’s spiritual hunger activates them to seek the gifts that the Spirit has given them. If you are trying to find out or determine what the gifts the Spirit has given you are, then you are in the right place.

Three signs show you what your spiritual gifts are. These three signs are:

1) an easy or pleasant activity for you;

2) An activity that you do well leads to results;

3) It benefits others and therefore benefits you.

The first sign that you have this gift is that you are performing an activity that is easy for you. It could sing or dance or heal or speak in another language. The first two examples I just gave can also be talents. But talents are different from gifts. Strictly speaking, talents are innate. Gifts are given when you are of legal age or mature enough to use the gift. Some of the so-called talents can also be given as gifts. In other words, they are late in your life, like the example I give for singing and dancing.

The second sign is that you are doing this activity well or that you are effective in this activity. You put your hand on a patient and that patient recovers. You have the gift of healing. You sing, and people are moved to tears. You have the gift to sing. When he sings, and people greet him, he may only have the talent to sing, but not the gift.

And the third sign is that the activity helps or benefits other people and therefore benefits you. They heal people and become useful to others. You will be a helpful person.

These three characters should appear together, not individually. They are present in every activity, that is your gift.

Usually, a gift is discovered in a crisis. Don’t try this or that activity to find out if you have this or that gift. You don’t go to hospitals to find sick people to find out if you have the gift of healing. If you do this, hospital administrators may request that you leave the hospital as harassment.

What usually happens is that you face a crisis. For example, your neighbor is sick, and doctors cannot go wrong with this sick person. And you just called to visit. Before you leave the patient, pray, and place your right hand on the person’s head as an auxiliary gesture. The person is fine, immediately or after a while. You start again with other people, and the same effect occurs. People are healed. You have the gift of healing.

Another example. This guy felt sorry for those who don’t have a good stable. He built a housing project for a poor and depressed community. It had advertisements. Soon other people helped him plan to protect people. They have the gift of protecting the homeless. In fact, it has traveled the world to offer protection to people.

How Do You Use Spiritual Gifts?

First, don’t charge others to use your gift. If you have the gift of healing, don’t even charge yourself a penny to heal people. You may charge additional fees, such as transportation to your patient’s site, but not the treatment itself.

Second, never use them to harm other people. Use them only for the benefit of other people. An example can illustrate this. You have the gift of interpreting languages. But it is possible that at some point, you will be called upon to interpret a language for someone you do not like, perhaps for someone who has avoided you for so long. Do not give an incorrect interpretation because you do not like the person who would use this interpretation.

Third, make yourself available to the people who need your gift. Do not leave your house if you know that people are coming to your home to use your gift, whether it is healing advice or useful for them.

Fourth, expand your gift. If you have the gift of healing, study human anatomy. This will help you explain to your sick patients what is happening to their bodies. If you have the gift of speaking a foreign language, learn the grammar of this language. If you have the gift of generosity, create a business that can benefit others so that they don’t have to ask you for money. You can earn money yourself. This way, you multiply the value of the gift you have received.

Fifth, if you are unable to use this gift, return it to the donor. You can feel extremely uncomfortable because of the dangers or your profession when you exercise your gift. In this case, it doesn’t hurt to give the gift back to the Spirit that gave it to you. Let me give you a specific example.

One person had the gift of healing. But he realized that there were times when he was called in the middle of the night to heal someone a few miles away. Going to the patient’s home would cause him to leave his family, which could be dangerous for thieves. He realized that it was no longer good for his family or other people. He returned his healing gift. Today, he no longer exercises this gift.

These are some of the ways you can use your spiritual gifts to glorify God. When you encounter your spirituality, you will discover your spiritual gifts, and you will help in the spiritual awakening that occurs around us. You will give glory to God.