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Spiritual Growth Achievement The Easy Way

Spiritual Growth Achievement The Easy Way

What is Spiritual Growth?

We often grow spiritually when we have an encounter with the spirit world.  It may be an encounter that we cannot explain.  Many men and women feel that they get spiritual growth when they sense that God is listening to them. You may pray for something to happen and then when it does occur, you begin to see that God was listening. 

Spiritual growth often happens in spurts.  Here is an example of what spiritual growth might look like:

“You wake up every single day doing your daily routine. It seems that nothing will ever change for you.  You get tired and bored with life. Nothing seems exciting anymore.  However, one a certain day, you wake up to a ringing phone. 

The person on the phone says that you have been approved for a home loan.  Perhaps they are congratulating you on a new job that came through for you.  You realize that you prayed for that to happen. You begin to thank the Lord for all that He has given to you.”

As you can see, spiritual growth does happen when we least expect. It is often because we prayed for something to occur. There is not greater feeling than to know that someone from the spiritual world is listening to you. 

When Does Spiritual Maturity Happen?

Spiritual maturity happens when you understand that there is a spirit world that is watching over you.  You have experienced times in which your prayers were answered and moments in which you felt that nobody was listening.

However inside of your heart, you know that enough spiritual experiences have happened for you to know that someone is listening to you in the spirit world. This will often make you feel that you are mature. 

An immature person will often say that there is no God or that spiritual growth is impossible because nobody is listening to you from the spirit world.

Spiritual maturity can only happen with time.  As each day passes, we are reminded that everything will not always turn out to be the way that we want it to be.  In fact, most of life is full of boredom and the same daily routine.  When something out of the ordinary happens, its then that we grow spiritually. 

Spiritual growth is great when you have been experiencing nothing good and then suddenly, something incredible begins to happen.  You can begin to become spiritually mature when you fail and reach success.  Over time, this success will cause you to become a lot more powerful.

What Are Some Books on Spiritual Development?

Here are a few book titles that are on spiritual development. I thought that you might enjoy reading a few of these titles:

  • The Keys to Spiritual Growth: Unlocking the Riches of God by John MacArthur. This book is one of my picked favorites because it is only 192 pages long.  It covers topics on how to glorify God, love, discernment, prayer and much more.  The author gives you the keys to looking at your spiritual life and making important decisions on how to grow spiritually.
  • Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman. This book is 252 pages long.  It gives an in depth look at your higher self, higher will, Higher consciousness and much more.  I find the book to be reasonable priced at around $10.00.  This book is great for beginners and advanced people that want to learn about their own spiritual growth.  I find that the book opens your mind up to the possibilities of becoming more powerful from within.
  • 29 Days of Spiritual Growth: Living Ready for His Return by Ashley Abegale Christie. This book is short at only 121 pages. However, it is jam packed with information about deception, love, forgiveness, attraction that is magnetic, submitting yourself to God and much more.  I find this book to be an easy read and only priced at around $9.99. Check for details on costs and best offers.  I find that this book opens your eyes to what spirituality may look like on a day to day basis.

Why Does Growing Spiritually Take Time?

In order to grow spiritually, you will have to take some time out of your busy schedule to spend time with God each day.  When you wake up in the morning, you need to get into the habit of praying to the Lord each day for around 10 minutes.  Thank God for all that he has done and given to you.  Take these steps every day to grow spiritually:

  1. Get up in the morning and pray.
  2. Worship God each day in song. Sing to the Lord.
  3. Read a spiritual book (Holy Bible, Spiritual Material).
  4. Listen to a pastor/spiritual workshop on (Its Often Free to Listen)
  5. Learn to relax and meditate for around 15 minutes a day.
  6. Stay away from people that bring negativity and pain into your life.
  7. Get into the habit of journaling out your problems.
  8. Attend a seminar by someone like Tony Robbins or Bob Proctor.
  9. Take a walk each day and look at nature. See all that God created.
  10. Make it a habit to talk with a friend, counselor, pastor or someone else about your troubles. Yes, you can even chat with a psychic online about what you are going through.

Growing spiritually is up to you. You can make the process run fast or slow. You can grow with God as you feel he is speaking to you.

Its important to keep a journal of all your memories of when you feel God was speaking to you.  In this way, you can read it along the way of your spiritual journey and realize that God is speaking to you every step of the way.

What Are The Keys to Spiritual Growth?

  • Important keys to spiritual growth are:
  • You must put time int prayer and reading spiritual books so that you can grow.
  • Don’t expect yourself to grow spiritually if you are not putting the time into your growth.
  • Trust that God will come through for you, even when you feel like he has forgotten about you.
  • Know that spiritual growth is something that makes a lot of sense.
  • You should talk to other spiritual people that are around you. This can be in church, online, work, school and other places where you can meet with spiritually minded individuals. 
  • The more that you read spiritual books, the more aware you will become of spiritual events that are happening around you.

What Is a Prayer for Spiritual Growth?

“Lord, help me to grow spiritually and to get closer to you.  I want to experience your love and be able to see that my spiritual growth is happening each day.

Even though I may not understand everything that is happening in my life right now, I know that you do.  You give me strength and peace when it comes to giving of myself. I can often grow a lot closer to you and learn what I must do in order to know when you are speaking to me.  Please send people into my life that can help me to grow spiritually. I ask that you guide my steps.  Amen.” 

Spiritual Growth Sermons

Where Are Some Places Where You Can Find Spiritual Growth Sermons?

Google the keyword phrase “spiritual growth sermons”.

Find people on social media websites like Facebook that you can chat with about spirituality.

Online chat websites like allow you to enter chatrooms on their website and begin talking with people about all different kinds of topics. There are many spiritual chat rooms to choose from.

Are You Growing Up Spiritually?

Everyone does not grow up spiritually.  Many men and women in the 21st century choose to spend more time on social media than talking with God each day.  If you want to grow up spiritually, you are going to have to ask to read spiritual books and pray each day.  The more that you spend time doing this, the more that you will see how your spirituality relates to your higher self.  

When you have matured in your faith, you will come to see that you grew spiritually over time. This often happens on a day to day basis.

What Is A Prayer for Growth?

“Lord, help me to grow spiritually and to get closer to you. I pray that as each day passes, I remember that you are there for me. You never abandon anyone that you have called. You are always there to help us in our times of need and trouble. Life can often make us feel sorrowful.  However, you remind us that we can depend on you for all things. Help my spiritual life to stay more connected to you.”

What Is A Spiritual Growth Bible Study?

Growing spiritually can be a lot of fun if you want to hang out with like minded individuals in a church like setting. In almost every church around the world, there are parishioners that enjoy teaching Bible study.  Bible study groups are great because you can read a few chapters and get answers from people that are also growing spiritually.

In Bible studies, members often share their views and opinions of the text that they are reading. They are often able to answer questions according to what they feel is right.  You can give your own insights into the group and have conversation about what you have been learning. It’s a great way to express yourself.

What Are Some Principles of Spiritual Growth?

  • Ask yourself these important questions:
  • Are you ready to grow spiritually?
  • Do you want to learn more about your spirituality?
  • What has stopped you from advancing before in your own spirituality?
  • Do you enjoy talking about spiritual topics?
  • What is it about your spirituality that bothers you?
  • Do you think that you can learn as you go?

There are many principles in which you can obtain powerful spiritual growth.  For starters, have a desire for spiritual growth is often all that you need in order to understand it.  You have the power to go after your spiritual learning by simply putting yourself in situations that you can learn more about you. 

What Are Some Ways to Grow Spiritually?

What Is Church Growth Spiritual Gifts?

You can grow spiritually with your church in mind. Your pastor will often ask you what your spiritual gifts are. You can use your gifts in the church to help other people. You may have spiritual gifts for counseling or music. Perhaps you can sing better than a bird. You can touch lives in your church because you minister to people through our voice. 

Your spiritual gift greatly impacts the lives of those seeking answers for their lives.  The church has always been a home for people all over the world that are hurting.  Many pastors are open to you helping in the church when they need a specific skill set.  Perhaps you are great at technology and can help the church to build a website that is helpful for the church to grow. 

Churches grow because of the people in the church. Many people leave their church because of something that someone else has done to them. You can have a church full of 5,000+ members and yet, only one person there can make a person not want to go.

What Is Your Anger and Spiritual Growth?

We often get angry about one thing or another on a day to day basis.  Having anger is a normal part of life. However, harboring your anger can be a bit destructive to your spiritual growth and overall well-being. 

If you find that your anger is destroying your life, it may be time for you to seek out help. The main reason for this is because anger often makes us feel like something negative is going to always happen in our life. 

Anger often makes us focus on the negative and not on the positive. If you feel like you have been harboring resentment towards someone that has done something to you, then its time to approach that individual.  It is shocking to know that many people that you feel angry at don’t even know that you are angry at them. 

If you are angry at your life circumstances, know that you can always change them.  I work on a busy psychic chat room.  Many women come into the chat room often complaining about how they hate that their boyfriend never texts them or hardly wants to see them.  However, they stay in the relationship in hopes that someday he will change. 

Most people have forgotten about how much power they really do have when it comes to changing life situations and circumstances. It’s often hard to change our circumstances when everything else around us seems to be working against us.  Its important to allow your anger to get out of your system. 

Here are some good ways to release your anger:

  • Go into the woods all alone and scream. You will be shocked to find that once you let out your screams going on inside of you, you start to feel a lot happier and more at peace.

  • Go to a sports gym and punch a punching bag. You will be happy to know that hitting a bag in a gym releases frustration and anger. Men and women that do this often say that they feel a lot calmer and less angry after hitting a bag for only 10 minutes. 

  • Go for a run. Running helps you to feel calmer and more relaxed. It helps you to release tension and suffering.  Your anger helps you to be more at ease throughout your day. 

  • Go for a walk and look at nature. You would be surprised to learn that a 30-minute walk can release anger. You will come back from your walk feeling like you can now be more at peace. 

Message on Spiritual Growth

When you are trying to be a spiritual person, know that it takes time to get yourself in a position in which you can change for the better.  It takes time to get to know God and who you are as a person.  The more time that you spend with yourself, the better that you will feel. Life is more about learning and growing as a person. When you take time out to focus on you, you can begin to experience growth. 

7 Keys to Spiritual Growth

  • You must be ready.
  • You must be willing to put in the effort.
  • You need to be open to learning new things.
  • You must want to learn as you go.
  • You can’t plan for learning to grow.
  • You need to read spiritual books daily.
  • You need spiritual friends around you.

Why Are You Not Growing Spiritually in Church?

If you are not growing spiritually in church, you should have a talk with your pastor about going to a new one. Sometimes, a church doesn’t make you feel like you fit in. Sometimes you are in the wrong church.  For instance, if you are a Pentecostal, attending a Roman Catholic church, it would be rather difficult. 

Pentecostals believe in speaking in tongues and Catholics don’t practice that. In many protestant churches, members like to raise their hands in the air and sing songs to Jesus.  In Catholic churches, this is often not done. You may have conflicting ideas on how to worship.

It’s always important to find a group of people that you feel comfortable around. It can often take weeks, months or even years to find the right worship place for you. Take your time with it and go after what you feel is best.

 What Is Isolation Spiritual Growth?

Being in total isolation will often help you to see that God is with you.  Jesus Christ went into the wilderness for 40 days and nights. He was alone and did not eat or drink. 

Seminarians and monks often spend time in isolation so that they can grow closer to God and spend more time on their spiritual growth. People often grow the most when they are away from distractions.  If you go on a religious retreat, you can often go away to a cabin and just meditate on the word of God or a spiritual book that you find to be uplifting. It’s in this moment that you will grow the most. 

What Is Forgiveness and Spiritual Growth?

If you forgive someone, it is said that you can grow spiritually from this.  The reason is because your spirit because locked when you do not forgive. You hold onto memories that are hurtful and cause you to feel angry.  People often fail to forgive when they feel like someone must pay for what they have done.  This is often the wrong attitude.

All human beings’ sin and do wrong. Just because something was done wrong to you doesn’t mean that you have the right to judge that person.  In actuality, the New Testament of the Holy Bible teaches us to forgive.  The Holy Bible tells us that Jesus forgives us for our sins, so we should forgive others that have hurt us. 

Do not hold grudges because it will only stop your spiritual growth. As you get into your spiritual arena, you will come to see that letting go of the past causes you to become more loving in return.  The past can often hinder you from getting to the next level of your life in love, money and career.  Letting go and trusting in God is a unique way of walking through life.

Trusting in God When You Feel Like He Has Abandoned You

There will be times in your life where you feel that you cannot trust God at all.  Maybe you were fired and let go from a job. Perhaps you have been tithing and then suddenly something goes completely wrong financially.  It is not uncommon to hear of people struggling financially in life. 

It gets harder for Christian believers because we often see our lives going one way and when something surprises us financially, we get uncomfortable. Always remember that God knows our hearts.  He understands where we are coming from and what our needs are on a daily basis.

The world teaches you to trust in yourself. We often ask ourselves, “Can I trust an entity that I have never seen before with my own two eyes?”  When we pray, we often trust that God is listening.  When we need to trust him with our finances, we often feel that God may not come through for us. 

King Solomon told us to trust in God and not to lean on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).  This is often hard to do since the Lord often allows bad things to come our way for his own reasons. 

When we can finally lay our hearts and trust before him, he begins to work a miracle for us that nobody else can touch.  We will often not understand entirely what the Lord is saying to us at different times. We may in fact struggle with understanding God’s will at first because we did not expect it to happen that way. 

If you have lost faith in God, your trust in him will be weak. This can happen for so many different reasons.  One of the main reasons is that you feel disappointed that God did not do something that you feel he should have done. 

The energy around this is that he provides when we least expect him to.  At times, we will fear our own selves.  We may ask ourselves, why is this or that happening to me?  It is okay to fear because we are not God.  We cannot possibly know what God is up to.  We must only keep our eyes focused on our heavenly father and say, “Lord, whatever be your will, I will do exactly what you are asking of me.” 

God’s will is something that we often do not understand completely.  When God speaks, we must listen to what he is saying to us.  This is mainly because we may not completely see all that he is doing for us behind the scenes.  The world is a big place. We cannot understand half of what God has in store for us.  Only when we place our mind on something do we fully see what the Lord is doing step by step. 

Why Do You Fear Giving Your Money to God?

Most Christians do not tithe anymore.  It is a fact that a lot of Christian churches are having to close down because they do not have enough money to keep them open.  The only reason why a person wouldn’t tithe is because they don’t trust that God will provide for their needs. 

They instead choose to hold onto their money in case they need it for food, shelter, utilizes or other expenses of life.  Life is hard when you are having to live day by day.  A lot of wealthy people tithed that you may have heard of.  These names are:

Henry P Crowell – He founded Quaker Oats Company.  He often gave more than 10% to the church.

William Colgate – You know the tooth paste company.  He tithed regularly and often gave 50% of his income to the church.

John D. Rockefeller Sr. – We all know who this is.  He is probably one of the richest Americans that ever lived. He started tithing as a boy and never stopped.  It is said that by the time he died, he was worth 340 billion dollars. 

J.L. Kraft Cheese -tithed

Wallace Johnson – tithed

It is hard to commit to tithing. People often ask God why something is happening to them. They ask, “Why don’t I have a job?  Why can’t I make enough money to pay my bills? Why is God punishing me?  Everything that I want, I don’t have.”  The list goes on and on.

When people do tithe, they do become more successful.  God blessed Abraham in the Old Testament and Job.  They tithed regularly and God gave them so much that they had excess to give to others.  When we are faithful to tithing, God promises to take care of our needs. 

Fear is something that we all have.  It is scary to give your money to the church.  However, without your money, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be limited.  This is mainly because churches need money to pay for cameras, bibles, work for the poor and much more. 

Allow God to lay on your heart where he wishes your tithe to go. When you begin to be obedient to God, he begins to do miraculous things in your life. 

The trick about tithing is not to always hope for God giving you some kind of miracle.  Some people tithe to have a lucky charm sitting on their side.  They often wonder if God is real, then he will give them more money.  Be content with what God gives to you. Jesus said to give God what is God’s and the governments what is the governments.  Praise God for showing us that there is hope.

If you begin to pay your tithes regularly, it becomes easier each time. Eventually it becomes another bill that you have to pay.  This is a lot like paying income taxes or medical insurance. When you give to God, he takes care of you.  Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is most important to God.

Your Own Spiritual Journey: Why Not to Be Afraid of It

Nobody gives us a manual when we are born. In fact, we are all born with some kind of curiosity when it comes to religion and spirituality.  As children, we often have to do what our parents’ guide us to do.  Often, if your mother or father is a certain faith, you will be also. 

Your faith is all about your belief system. It is what makes you tick.  A lot of people fear that if they study something about another religion or spiritual practice, that somehow their own belief system will be shattered. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the more that you study anything having to do with religion and spirituality, more truth will be revealed to you. 

This blog was created so that I could explore the area of spirituality with others.  I am the kind of person that has always been spiritual. The topics of: spirit world, other dimensions, religion and God has always interested me since I was a young child.

We all have a certain destiny that we must follow.  It is important to ask God what his will is for our lives and then follow it.  This website is created for those that have an interest in spiritual topics. The word “psychic” is powerful because it allows us to see that we as humans have something to offer other than what we may know.

Your own spiritual journey is unique for you. You may go through periods of time in which you are so sure of your faith and spirituality. Other times you may feel weak and unsure about God ad what he may be saying to you.  This is a blog about who you are as a person and what the spiritual world may be saying to you.

I have found that money plays a large part of who we are as a spiritual person.  Money is a part of our lives because we need it to survive on planet earth. Many people are afraid to talk about money.  I talk about money a lot on this website.  Sometimes it’s a topic that must be discussed in detail.

Money is a topic in spirituality that matters because we often give to the poor or to our churches because of what we believe.  A lot of people are afraid to explore other religions and topics of spirituality. I am however not afraid and that is why I created a website about spirituality.  I hope that you will express your views along with me. No matter where this journey takes you, I can understand a lot of what you are going through.

Ways That You Can Experience Spiritual Growth

With the kind of world that we live in, it exposes us to different sins such as being too materialistic, being focused on self and highly egotistic, easy to feel hatred, pride, greed among others. There are just countless ways that we sin every day and we are already wallowing in it that sometimes we do not know how to get out of all these sinnings anymore.

But how do we get out of it? To clean the core? We have to gradually grow spiritually and stop doing the things that keep us from leading in the right direction. We have to be committed and reflect more on doing good towards others and doing good to ourselves.

The more we sin, the more we do ourselves an injustice and the more we keep ourselves away from achieving spiritual growth.

How Do We Achieve Spiritual Growth?

We can only achieve spiritual growth if we don’t focus more on ourselves but rather focusing on what matters most. Like being able to help others, making a difference in someone else’s life, or leading someone to goodness, that is spiritual growth.

There are 10 ways we can experience spiritual growth.

You need to reflect on your life. Think about what matters most to you. Are you happy with where you are? Are you happy with the decisions you have made in your life or your choices? You should be able to comprehend where you want to be and then rethink your goal and how you want to progress towards that goal. You need to accept the errors of your ways to start it.

Accept that you need to change. You need to understand that for you to achieve growth spiritually you have to realize first that you need to change your ways, be a believer that instead of being the boastful being and egotistic, leave that behind. You should be able to realize what is more important in life and it is not being popular, well-known, or rich but you rather rich in humility, grace, and mercy for others.

Ask God for guidance at the start of the day. You need to start your day being grateful for another chance to change your life for the better. Be thankful for the blessings. We should also ask that others may be blessed as well.

Change your focus in life. Be engaged in other pursuits instead of activities that don’t help you grow spiritually. Reach out to other people, be more involved in your community or the church. Be aware of where you can be of more help and go out there to do something beneficial for others. Do not focus on making money and distancing yourself from what matters most in life because money will keep you blinded and lose your focus.

Do not focus on material things. Yes, we need to have money to live, but even if we have money, we should use it in helping people uplift their lives. Material things shouldn’t be your focus anymore, but rather you are leaning more on the simplicity of life and not on being blinded with the call of money and material things. At the end of the day realizing it will not help you feel any satisfaction.

Start seeing the beauty and goodness in other people. If you want to grow spiritually, you have to be more attuned to the kindness and simplicity of other people. What innate goodness these people have instead of their weakness and their wrongdoing. You do not easily judge anymore, but you are more of understanding the reason behind a person’s action. You need to believe that every person needs a chance to change and that they can improve as well.

Stand strong. You need to have a powerful conviction and must be resolute in the face of desires and earthly habits. It should not be a part of your life anymore, but rather a thing of the past. Because you are honing yourself to be better spiritually, you cannot live in the material world while trying to have spiritual growth.

Helping others. You are aware of the difficulty that surrounds other people, that each has unique circumstances and that you should understand them and help as much as you can. You are no longer about pleasing yourself and thinking about yourself, but you are more focused on how to serve others. You are also including them in your prayers, praying for them to be guided and protected. You are now more about being content with other people’s achievements.

Being in tune with nature. You should no longer be a party seeker. You need to be more attuned with nature and its beauty. How you need to be surrounded by the purity of life that the beauty is not in blinding lights and too much talk that surrounds you or the noise that doesn’t seem to stop. You need to be leaning more on contemplating, quiet, and being one with nature.

Focusing on other people. No more thinking about yourself and how you want to be happy. Not about how you want what is best for you and what will make your life easier, but you will experience spiritual growth when you pray for others. You accept that to have spiritual growth you must begin the journey by living simply, making a difference in the lives of other people, living as simply as possible, seeing that others need help and you are willing to give it to them.

Experiencing spiritual growth is not for everyone. A person has to be ready to leave the life they once had. If their lives are more focused on negative energy, a bad relationship, more on just achieving self-worth, and being proud then they still have a long way to go. It will take effort, patience, and a lot of faith as well.

One should also be able to ask for guidance, help, and protection from God so they achieve what they are set out to do in the first place.

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