What Is The Meaning Of Psychic?

The earth is old.  Scientists tell us that it is well over a million years old.  Nobody truly knows how old the planet is. However, the media has allowed us to see psychics on television, the radio, internet and in person. 

What Is The Meaning Of Psychic?

There have been thousands of psychics that have come and gone over the years. However, most psychics do not gain any world fame.  In this article, I will give you the names of some psychics that have shocked the world with their predictions.  You may or may not believe in their abilities.  However, they are famous.

  • James Van Praagh – Born in New York and claims to have had psychic abilities since he was a small child. He claims to be able to hear from the dead.  He has been seen on shows such as: The View, Living with the Dead, Larry King Live and a host of others.  He wrote a best-selling book entitled, “Talking to Heaven”.  He often gives appearances and shows at Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale New York.

  • John Edward – A famous medium that starred in his own television show, “Crossing Over”. He has given numerous appearances on television shows to include Larry King Live, Oprah Winfrey and a lot of other shows.  He is sought after by both common men and celebrities. He is a medium that is known worldwide.
You can always think outloud
I Think That I Am A Psychic
  • Edgar Cayce – Known mostly for his gift of being able to tap into the spiritual world through his gift of clairvoyance. He used to put himself into a dream like state and tell people what he saw.  He spoke automatically and did not even know what he was saying during his readings.  When he came out of his trance, he would forget everything that he told the person.  He was known mostly for his medical readings.  He helped many people from all walks of life.  He never charged any money for his psychic readings. He instead relied on the donations that others would give to him.  He is a legend in his own right.

  • Sylvia Browne – Born in 1936 and died in 2013 at the age of 77. She was known for her gifts in mediumship and clairvoyance.  She appeared on numerous talk shows to include the MONTEL Williams show.  Her psychic readings were well sought after.  She received a lot of criticism about how much money she would charge for her readings during the 21st century.  She charged $750 for a 20 to 30-minute reading.  Some of her critics thought that it was too much money.  However, her fans still loved her.  She authored many books and was often written about in tabloids.  Sylvia Browne is by far one of the most famous psychics that ever lived.

  • Michel de Nostradamus – Known for his accurate astrology predictions. He was born in the year 1503 and is still talked about in the 21st century. He made startling predictions to the rise and fall of Hitler.  The assassination of JFK was also another prediction and many others. He was known in his town to be a prophet. Many people sought after his predictions in his lifetime.

 When Did Psychic Chat Online Readings Start?

Psychic chat online readings began when the internet became popular.  One of the first websites to introduce psychic chat was Kasamba.com.  This website was one of the few websites that allowed their visitors and client to connect with astrologers, clairvoyants and mediums through a chat window.  Other psychic websites like Keen.com and Asknow.com were mostly phone.

I can communicate with a dead person
I See Spirits All Of The Time

Before psychic chat started, most people preferred to connect with a spiritual adviser by either phone or in person.  Telephone readings were popular in the 1990’s when the legendary Mrs. Cleo began telling people on infomercials to give her a call.  Callers would call in to receive a live psychic reading.  Most of the readings would be about love, money and career.

When the internet came of age, people were spending hours on their computers.  It was not uncommon to hear of someone staying on the internet 2 to 4 hours a day after work.  Amazingly, most people had their social life taking part on the internet.

One of the first chat platforms that existed was America Online. Here, men and women could chat with anyone that they wanted from around the world.  Many men and women felt connected to a person on the computer that they never met before.  There were other platforms for chatting such as Paltalk.com.

Since chat was becoming popular, psychic companies began to take notice.  Instead of getting phone readings, psychic hotlines were now offering live chat advice.  This seemed to work because people often did not want to have their voices heard.  Most people either preferred phone, chat or in person readings.

When the 21st century came about, more psychic companies decided to integrate chat into their already built telephone systems.  More companies are now offering their clients, phone, chat and email readings

It is common to hear someone say that they are enjoying chat and phone at the same time.  Since 50% of all searches on the internet come from chat, we can say that people are texting their psychics now.  You can chat with psychics as well on a cell phone. There is no saying as to how this will pan out in the future.  It seems that chat is here to stay.

Your psychic intuition flows
Many Kids Believe That They Are Also Psychic

How to Test Your Own Psychic Abilities?

Millions of people in the world today possess some type of a psychic ability.  Some men and women believe that a psychic ability is passed on from one generation to the next.  If you grew up in a gypsy culture, it is believed that the “gift” gets passed on from generation to generation.  They believe that psychic gifts are in the family line blood.  What do you believe?

Perhaps you are feeling that you may have some sort of a psychic ability as well.  It is not uncommon to hear of a person discovering their psychic abilities through a series of tests.  What kinds of tests can these be, is something that you may be asking yourself?

For starters, someone often feels like they have a clairvoyant gift to offer.  The thought is something that keeps on coming to them.  Perhaps you have always felt this way your whole lifespan.  For some, it comes later in life after years of learning about spirituality. 

No matter how you look at it, the gift will be revealed to you at the right time in your life.  It is important to take each day as it comes to you.  Keep on saying to yourself that your psychic abilities can help someone.  Often, people do not understand their own gifts until they practice them.

One way to test out your ability is to ask someone if they would like to have a reading with you.  Most people that read horoscopes and study astrology are open to getting psychic readings.  Feel free to practice your gift with them. Tell them that you often have visions and want to express it.  There are many understanding men and women out there that would love to be able to help you.

Begin by telling someone exactly what you are seeing.  Don’t hesitate with what you are seeing and sensing.  The more that you tell the truth, the better of a reader you will become. 

Building your psychic gift takes time.  It can take time because at the end of the day, you must see what is in front of you.  Many people don’t express their abilities in fear that someone will make fun of them or say that what they are seeing is incorrect. 

Learn how to focus your emotions
A Psychic Will Often Focus Their Attention On Something That Comes To Them

The best way to test your psychic ability is to practice.  Even if you took a written test and it said that you are psychic, it would not mean that you could read people accurately. 

In order to get better, you must practice.  A psychic gift is much like any other gift such as: teaching, pastoring and evangelism.  You must practice first before you become better.  A seasoned pastor is a much better speaker than one that is just starting out.  You will find that your clairvoyant gift works the same. 

Eventually if you are called to give psychic readings, you will have followers supporting you.  The word will eventually get around that you give good advice and can see into the past, present and future of people’s lives.  Remember that it takes discernment to understand your gift.  Take it to God in prayer and allow him to reveal the truth to you.

Is Your Psychic Gift Burning You Out?

If you have been giving psychic readings for a long time, there is a good chance that you are burned out.  You can sense that you are burned out when you feel too tired to give another reading.  Often, psychic readers exhaust themselves by telling people what they are seeing. 

A vision takes time to interpret.  It is exhausting.  Gifted readers often feel underpaid and underappreciated.  It is hard to experience yourself going through a state in which you feel like you cannot give readings anymore.  If you have gotten used to giving a few readings a day, it is not uncommon.

If you depend on your psychic readings to provide for you financially, you are going to get drained extremely quickly.  In my opinion, you should not give more than 1 psychic reading every few days.  Of course, you must do as God leads you.  However, you will often burn out if you don’t know how to say no. 

Often, psychics feel like they must use their gifts to help people that ask.  Spiritual advisers often feel that they are obligated to help someone that has a need.  Before you help someone, make sure that you are well enough to give a reading. If you feel ill or too tired to give a reading, rest. 

What is the psychic meaning of life
Clairvoyance Is A Psychic Gift That Most People Do Not Understand

It is expensive to live in today’s world.  Psychic hotlines often employ people that have true clairvoyant gifts.  Many people working these lines are getting paid low wages and often must exhaust their gift in order to make ends meet.  It is not unheard of to see these men and women reading for 4 or more hours a day on the phone. 

You will get many callers dumping all their troubles on you.  Listening to a person complaining will cause you to feel angry. Instead of being a psychic reader, you must become a counselor to. 

Your gift was meant to tell people what you saw.  It is important to not make giving psychic readings a career.  If you do, you will feel drained and often tired.  You will reach burnout if you give readings while you feel tired. 

Learn how to balance your gift.  Learn to listen to your body when it tells you that you need a nap.  Pray to God and ask him to give you balance in your life. Don’t be afraid to ask God for forgiveness.

God will teach you how to be obedient to his calling and yet have balance.  Most psychics fail to have balance because their heart is always into helping people from different walks of life. 

If you feel burned out, ask God to show you how to rest.  Don’t go beyond what you can handle.  There will always be someone needing a reading from you. 

If you have someone that constantly bothers you with psychic reading updates, get rid of them. You are not a whipping post for someone else’s grief and sorrows. If you predicted something, you have told them what you saw.  You don’t owe them anything more than that.  Cut people off that drain you. Don’t be afraid of rest.   It is often your best friend.

what can you predict about love
Psychics Are Often Asked Questions About Love

Where Can You Find Work as a Psychic?

If you are just starting out as a psychic reader, you are probably wondering where you can find work as a reader.  The good news is that you have tons of opportunities to work in different places.  The bad news is that the pay is often not enough to support yourself if you are planning on doing this full time.

Many psychics today work on astrology websites. These websites offer love, money and career readings.  If you are a clairvoyant, tarot card reader or an astrologer, you can probably find work here. 

You may find that working on these websites are fun.  You get to be amongst other readers like yourself.  You also get to give phone and chat readings as well.  You may enjoy face to face readings through video cam also.  Some of these websites give you a 50/50 split of the money that you earn.

If you earned $100.00 for talking with your client, the website will often give you $50.00.  Other websites will pay you only .25 cents a minute talk time.  This may sound like good money to you, but you will find that you will earn very little if you are not literally talking to someone for at least 480 minutes a day. 

When you’re not on the phone with someone, you are not getting paid.  Most psychic lines hire you as an independent contractor. You are responsible for making your own hours and working the phone lines in order to make money.  A lot of phone lines require you to keep a 20-minute call average.  This can be stressful for many psychics that run out of things to say to a caller.

If the internet doesn’t excite you, try doing face to face readings.  Many spiritual advisers open their own psychic reading shops. Many people prefer seeing a psychic face to face.  This can be both positive and negative.  If you are making predictions that do not come to pass, you can have an angry customer coming back to haunt you later. 

Some psychics are being jailed by the courts because they are being convicted of ripping people off. Unfortunately, the courts do not look well on psychics.  No matter how gifted you are as a psychic, most legal systems will see you as a fraud and a charlatan out to take people’s hard-earned money. Be careful who you do business with. 

Always keep your prices affordable.  If you start charging people for spell work and asking for $1,000 a visit, you could be headed for trouble.  Many psyches have gone to jail for taking people’s money in the thousands.

They usually must pay the person back that they took the money from. It also ruins your name and reputation.  A good price to charge is around $100.00 for a 30-minute reading.  A good rule to keep is to not read anyone more than once in any six-month time frame. 

Anyone can take on the challenges of love
Psychics Ideas Tend To Flow Out Of A Person

Email readings are also popular these days.  If you meet someone on the internet, you may find that sending them a reading through email is fun.  You can help people to find their own spiritual path through your insights.  A 500-word email reading usually costs around $50.00.  You will have to negotiate a price with your client that works well for the two of you. 

How to Encourage Others to Practice Their Psychic Gifts

Many men and women today believe that they are psychic.  Most feel uncomfortable talking about their gifts.  A lot of psychics in the world today must encourage people to use their gifts in order to help people. 

Lots of women and men today have a hard time using their spiritual gifts because they have no idea what kind of an outcome they are going to have once they tell someone what they are seeing.

Spiritual gifts are meant to be used.  If you lock your gifts up in a hard wood box, you will never know what your true potential could be.  If you are already comfortable with your clairvoyant gifts, you are already blessed.  Know that you have the ability now to help someone else that may be in need.

If you sense that someone is trying to become psychic, tell them that it is okay to read for you. Allow them to tell you what they are seeing in your life.  Make them feel comfortable.  Don’t bombard them with too many questions. Remember how it was when you were first starting out.  It can be scary to read for a client. 

Communicate how important it is to use your gifts.  Millions of men and women in the world today want to hear what their future has in store for them.  Allow the person that you are helping to understand that people want to know what they are seeing. Also communicate that not everyone will be open to psychic readings.  In life, you have some people that want one thing and others that don’t.

It is important that you explain how our gifts are not always 100% accurate.  Some psychics believe that what they are seeing are pure facts.  However, sometimes we are not seeing as accurately as we would hope.

Let love come near you today
Love Can Easily Flow Closer to You With A Powerful Psychic Gift

Once people begin to understand that they do not have to be perfect, they are more prone to using their gifts.  New psychic readers often feel that they must be perfect all the time. They often feel like pastors that want to be perfect all their time in front of their congregation. 

Believe it or not, your friendship is worth a thousand words to someone that has nobody to turn to.  Psychics often don’t have friends that share their gifts and abilities.  A true psychic gift is rare and often hard to find. Once someone realizes that they have an ability to help people, they are more encouraged to use their spiritual gifts.  Know that you are making it possible.

You can also help someone by bringing them clients that are willing to get read by a new and upcoming reader.  Eventually you will see the person that you are trying to help smiling.  They will realize that they have accomplished a goal in their life that they never thought was possible.

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