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Alcohol Addiction Help For Those Struggling

Alcohol Addiction Help For Those Struggling

Can You Give Me Some Alcohol Addiction Help?

If you used to be addicted to drugs, you may have gotten a felony or have a criminal record.  Many ex drug addicts have a difficult time getting jobs because of it. Here are a few suggestions for you. 

Restaurants often hire new employees with criminal records for positions as: dishwashers, waiters, waitresses, cooks, prep cooks, maintenance, janitorial services and hosts. Another great industry is construction. 

Most “mom and pop” construction companies hire people with criminal records.  Some of the job titles are painters, junk removal crew members, pick up drivers, yard work, landscapers, roofers and much more. Fast food chains often hire with job titles such as: cashier, maintenance and cooks. 

If you wish to work for yourself, try starting your own dog walking route or pet sitting service.  You can start this right out of your home.  Other great self-employed jobs are computer repair expert, haircutter, life insurance agent, personal trainer, phone psychic, real estate agent and carpet cleaner. 

It is important that you think of a job to build trust again with companies.  Most companies don’t want to take a risk on employees that have prior criminal backgrounds. However, these jobs that are listed above often hire people with or without a criminal record. 

What Are Some Christian Approved Drug/Alcohol Treatment Providers?

In today’s world, faith seems to be an important part of many people’s lives.  Often, people seek out a treatment program in their faith when to drug/alcohol rehabilitation.  Many ministries like Faith Farm are set up to help people with their addiction through their own personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Most treatment facilities say that it is necessary to have faith in order to battle any addiction.  Battling addiction takes time, patience and treatment.  The Holy Bible says that with faith, all things are possible. 

Christian treatment centers provide both traditional treatment and faith-based principles that residents must live by.  They often give you spiritual lessons from the Holy Bible and faith-based teaching. 

Teen challenge is a faith based Christian addiction program that helps people to overcome their addiction.  Many people from different walks of life find hope in Christian treatment centers.  Drug and alcohol treatment are necessary in order to get sober from all types of addictions to include alcohol, crack, cocaine, heroin, PCP, marijuana and so much more.

The founder of AA Bill Wilson found that when he practiced his faith, he was able to overcome his addiction.  Faith keeps you accountable to something higher than yourself.  Many people that have faith say that drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome through the power of Jesus Christ. 

In order to get clean from drugs and alcohol, you are going to have to find something a lot higher than yourself in order to believe in.  Drug and alcohol addicts usually have problems with depression, anxiety and anger. Often, believing in something higher than yourself allows the person to see that the world is not so bad after all. It allows people to see that there may be hope.  Hope is what every person wants in their life. 

For many, Jesus is the hope and the salvation of their souls.  You can eventually see for yourself that life moves in a more positive direction.  When you wake up in a Christian rehab, you often must have prayer first thing in the morning and throughout the day, a teaching about Jesus.  It is a great experience for someone looking for hope.  For many, Christian treatment centers have saved their life.

What Are The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet: Changing Your Eating Habits

If you are a raw foodist, I am sure that you are aware of the amazing health benefits of eating healthy.  Delicious raw food is something that gives strength, nourishment and vitality to the body. 

Raw food is uncooked and unprocessed.  Many raw foodists say that they receive many health benefits from eating healthy green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  Some raw foodists eat uncooked eggs, meats and other animals. 

The most common types of raw foodists are those that eat fruits and vegetables.  A healthy raw food diet will detox the body from the toxins and heavy metals that have built up in their system. 

Eventually toxins and heavy metals can cause sickness in the body.  Raw foodists eat this way in order to ensure that they will have lasting health benefits.  They want to keep their vitamins high and their minerals up to standard.

If you have been taking illegal drugs and alcohol for a long time, your body has probably built up some toxins and heavy metals that you are not even aware of. 

Your body has become addicted to your drug of choice.  It is important to write down what your symptoms are before you begin your raw food lifestyle change.  In this way, you can see how your body has advanced.  Over time, you will feel like your body is healing and getting to the next level. 

Most Americans eat a poor diet on a day to day basis.  People often don’t realize how poor their diet is until they go to the doctor and get prescribed medication for an ailment that may have been prevented if you just ate right. Some of these ailments can be diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, obesity and so many others. 

Most doctors would agree that a lot of our ailments come from the way that we treat our bodies on a day to day basis.  Many illnesses come from the way that we eat such as: lung cancer from smoking, diabetes from eating foods rich in sugar and high fats, high blood pressure from consuming too much sodium and so forth. 

In order to see if your health can be improved by living a raw food diet, check with a licensed nutritionist. Ask them questions about your health to see if a raw food diet is right for you. 

Nutrition centers like the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach is one example of a place that teaches raw food eating principles.  Their guests enjoy foods such as: sunflower sprouts, peat sprouts, buckwheat sprouts and wheat grass. 

Brian Clement is a well-known raw foodist that looks extremely young and vibrant for his age.  He has a full head of hair that is not grey, and he doesn’t even dye his hair.  He says that his hair stays his natural color because he drinks wheat grass.  You can find a lot of amazing tips about raw food living on their website at www. 

How Your Anxiety Can Make You Think that Getting Drunk is the Best Option for You

Some men and women that have anxiety don’t know where to find help.  Millions of people worldwide that suffer from anxiety turn to alcohol and drugs to self-medicate.  Millions of people are embarrassed to admit that they have a problem with drugs and alcohol for various reasons. Instead of getting help from a licensed psychiatrist, they are finding help on their own. 

Having anxiety means that you tend to panic a lot.  You may or may not know where it stems from.  Many psychological studies show that anxiety and depression are inherited from one generation to the next. 

The most common form of anxiety medication are benzodiazepines.  These drugs can include Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, and Ativan.  Many people say that benzodiazepines can become addictive if not taken under the care of a licensed physician.  

It is not uncommon for a drug and alcohol treatment center to hear stories of their clients drinking alcohol in large consumption because of their anxiety.  Often, a person’s life will spin out of control because of their anxiety.  Some men and women avoid work because they are afraid of being around people.  Others believe that they are going to have a heart attack even though nothing is wrong with their heart.  Anxiety takes on many different shapes and forms. 

Some symptoms of anxiety are feeling of tension in the muscles, headaches, panic attacks, inability to sleep at night and nausea.  Panic disorders are also common with anxiety.  Once a person gets treated for their anxiety, they learn to get it under control.  Feeling anxious daily is often an uncomfortable feeling.  Alcoholism often runs in families that have depression and anxiety. Often, the symptom’s work together.  Once someone learns how to manage their anxiety, they begin to make healthier decisions on managing their anxiety. 

Many people go through phases in which they experience high levels and low levels of anxiety.  The worst thing that a person can do is to get drunk daily.  This can cause harm to your liver and effect your life negatively.  Many alcoholics lose their jobs and experience financial setbacks because of their heavy drinking. 

How to Deal with an Angry Alcoholic

Alcoholism affects families, friends and co-workers.  Nobody likes to deal with an angry drunk.  In order to deal effectively with an angry drunk, it is necessary to act immediately.  The more that a person thinks that they can take advantage of you, the more that they will do it.  As hard as it is, you must give the angry drunk an intervention.  

If you cannot afford a professional intervention (can cost around $7,000), then it is necessary to write a letter to the person that is hurting you. Let them know that if they do not stop drinking, then xyz is going to happen.  If you are an employer, you must tell your employee that their employment is going to be terminated if they show up drunk again. If your spouse is drinking, you must tell them that if they have another drink, you are leaving them.

 You must take serious action when you tell an alcoholic this and mean it.  You must be prepared to leave your home if they refuse.  Make sure that you have a safe place to go if they do not change their ways.  It is important that you are firm about it or else your situation will never change.  Change is only possible if you seek it out.  The only way to deal with an angry alcoholic is to get them into a drug/alcohol treatment center for help.  It is important because they must learn how to change their behavior and alcoholism. 

If you know of a parent that is abusing their child because of their alcoholism, it is the law that you call child protective services.  You are responsible for a child’s life if you know about the abuse.  You are required by law to contact law enforcement if you suspect a child’s life to be in danger.  Call the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453 to report child abuse. 

Alcoholics rarely change unless they see that they are going to lose something or someone that they love.  You cannot allow an alcoholic to think that they can boss you around or mistreat you.  Some alcoholics get physically violent as well.  The sooner that you let the alcoholic know where you stand, the better.  Sooner or later, they will understand that you don’t play around.

The worst thing that you can do to an angry alcoholic is to tell them that you are going to do something and not do it.  Their behavior will only become worse and they will never take what you are saying is seriously.  The only way to get results is to allow the alcoholic to know that they will lose you if they do not get help. 

You Love Weed and Know that it is Destroying Your Life: How to Stop Smoking Pot

Marijuana is supposed to be the drug that relaxes someone and makes you feel at ease.  Friends are often seen smoking a joint in the movies and in television shows having fun.  However, smoking pot is not always all fun and games.

A woman by the name of Heather Lee admitted that her pot smoking caused a major car accident in Snohomish County. The accident injured 9 people.  That number includes 2 children.  Unfortunately, Heather Lee suffered from anxiety and that is why she was smoking pot to begin with.  However, many car accidents and deaths are related to smoking pot.  Smoking pot is a lot like drinking alcohol behind the wheel.  It impairs your ability to focus. 

Many studies say that kids and young adults that smoke marijuana regularly have a harder time with grades in school.  Marijuana inhibits learning, memory and attention.  Kids that smoke pot have a harder time learning in school. Many students fall asleep in class, have trouble seeing the black board because of their eyes burning and have a difficult time remembering lessons that were taught previously. 

Many young adults say that they love to weed and can’t stop smoking it. It has become a problem in the United States.  Some states are legalizing marijuana. 

If you want to stop smoking pot, it is not going to be easy.  Once your body begins to take any type of drug, it begins to get addicted to it.  If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you are going to suffer mood swings if you have nothing to replace your marijuana use with. It is important to get off marijuana with a professional detox center.  

Detox centers can get you off drugs safely.  Visit to get information about getting off the drug.  Getting off marijuana takes time, patience and a desire to let go.   Pot is something that most people misunderstand. 

Think Marijuana is Safe to Smoke? Here are the Harmful Effects of Smoking Pot

Many rappers, high school students and doctors tell you that smoking marijuana is acceptable.  Some people believe that marijuana is not bad for your body.  You may have heard your friends say, “Everyone is smoking pot these days. It is cheap to buy and not harmful if you smoke it.” Here are a few facts that you should know if you are thinking about smoking pot or wanting to know what harmful effects it has on your body.

Marijuana has a makeup of toxic chemicals.  This is a lot like when you smoke cigarettes.  Marijuana smokers say that they often experience coughing, wheezing and phlegm.  Some smokers experience bronchitis and asthma. 

You can experience a faster heartbeat by 20 to 50 beats per minute. If you have heart disease, it can raise your risk of having a heart attack.  Your eyes become red because the pot causes the blood vessels in your eyes to expand.  This is the result of THC being found in the system.

Some men and women complain that they suffer from a burning sensation in their mouth and throat from smoking weed.  New research is starting to show that marijuana may damage the immune system.  This makes you more vulnerable to illnesses and sickness. 

Other negative effects of smoking pot are trouble remembering, slowed reaction time, having the munchies, accelerated heartbeat, impaired judgement and lung irritation. 

If you suffer from insomnia, marijuana may be the cause of it since it affects sleep.  Marijuana smoke is also 3 to 5 times more toxic than tobacco smoke.  You inhale carbon monoxide and tar into your system when you smoke pot.  This increases your chances of getting cancer.

Marijuana causes some people to feel a lack of motivation.  Other studies show an increase in panic attacks and premature births in pregnant women. 

After reading all the above facts, do you still think that smoking marijuana is harmless?  It is a lot different than what you may have heard on television or from a rap song.  Marijuana is often glorified in music, movies and television shows.

Help your friends to understand that smoking marijuana is not as safe as people say it is.  People that smoke it often get addicted to the drug and have trouble stopping.  It is a lot like a cigarette smoking addiction.

What Are The Long Term and Harmful Effects of Sniffing Cocaine?

Cocaine is an expensive drug.  It is a known drug choice of wealthy business professionals and executives.  You may think twice about your cocaine use after reading about the harmful effects of what this drug can do to you.

Some effects of cocaine are severe depression, liver and kidney damage, tooth decay, nose tissue destruction, mood disturbance, high blood pressure which can lead to a heart attack, permanent damage to brain. 

A lot of spouses of cocaine addicts say that their spouse becomes physically and verbally abusive.  This drug is so powerful that even taking it one time can cause an addiction.  It can make a person become psychotic. 

Cocaine can drain you financially. It can cost you as much as $60.00 to $80.00 per gram in NYC.  If you bought a gram of cocaine a day, it can cost you as much as $25,500 per year or $91,250 for an eight ball. 

If you are arrested, you can receive a federal penalty for around year or longer.  Rapper Flavor Flav recently wrote in his memoir entitled, Flavor Flav: The Icon the Memoir that he used to spend thousands of dollars a day on his cocaine habit.  Over the course of six years, he spent 5.7 million dollars. 

Other celebrities like Bobbi Kristina may have died of a heroin overdose according to her former roommate Mason Whitaker.  According to, she said that Bobbi Kristina bought a bad batch of heroin. 

Why Do Most People Fail to Get Sober After Rehab?

Families often rejoice when a family member says that they are choosing rehab.  Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction takes time and commitment. It is never easy to make the decision to go to an inpatient facility for 30 days.  It takes a person away from their friends and family.  However, sometimes it is necessary to do if a person feels that their drug and alcohol addiction is out of control. 

It is a fact that the longer a person takes alcohol/drugs, the more opt they are in never getting sober.  People often feel that they must hit rock bottom before there could be any change.  Change can only happen when people decide that they can lose no more.  Therefore, interventions work.  They are expensive for a family to pay for, but they work. 

The simple answer as to why most people fail to get sober even after rehab is because they are not ready to get sober yet.  The misconception about rehabs is that they are the cure all for an addict. Many people think that if they send their loved one to an inpatient 30-day program, that they will stay sober for life.  This could not be further from the truth. 

Inpatient programs will teach your loved one how to start a new life.  It will give them the counseling services that they need daily.  It will allow them to attend group therapy.  Your loved one will feel great while they are in treatment.

However, once they get out and experience real life, they may not be able to withstand the temptations of drug use again.  Temptations will be all around them.  In order to give your loved one a better chance, it is important to change their environment. 

Sometimes, selling your home and moving to an entirely different state is the answer.  The more that the addict meets their “old friends” that used to do drugs or drink alcohol, the more temptation it is for them to go back to that lifestyle again. 

Often, the drug dealer starts coming around your loved one again and friends start calling to do drugs again. This is not easily overcome by any means.  If you are not able to move, you may have to set some guidelines down.

If the addict violates those guidelines, you are going to have to tell them it’s time for rehab again or disconnect from them completely.  You must be firm and tell them what you are willing and not willing to do. 

Staying sober takes time and commitment. Many men and women attend weekly alcoholic anonymous groups to keep them sober.  Others attend private counseling on their own. There is a root to the problem that an addict must get to.  Sometimes it comes out in therapy and other times it comes out later in life. 

Overall, the addict must want to stay sober. If he/she does not want sobriety, it will be extremely difficult to change.  Most addicts need rehab more than once in their lifetime. Most will attend several rehabs before they get completely sober.

What Are The Psychological Effects of Addiction?

Addiction is a mental battle that most addicts must deal with for life.  Most alcohol and drug addicts say that they struggle with staying sober for life.  No matter if they are 20 or 60, the battle is intense for them. 

It helps to attend weekly AA meetings or rehabilitation programs from time to time.  However, they always seem to dig deep down inside of their hearts to find out why they are doing drugs/alcohol to begin with.  Addiction is not an easy thing to overcome.

The reason why people are addicted to begin with is because they are struggling with either moral or spiritual issues.  If a person feels disconnected from God, they will often turn to drugs/alcohol to solve their problems. 

Christians often turn to Jesus when they are having a hard time with their addiction.  When you feel like you have a higher power watching over you, a person tends to want to do the right thing.  When someone feels like they are disconnected from God, they often do what comes natural to them such as drinking and doing drugs. 

Addiction should be treated with education.  According to, “addiction is caused by a lack of motivation.”  When a person feels that they don’t have to stay sober, they simply won’t. 

Families suffer alongside the addict. Watching someone throw their life away is not an easy thing to witness.  Many families are devastated to find out that their family member is addicted.  It is hard to overcome this battle and many people say that they cannot understand how addiction works completely. 

Why Did Elvis Presley Turned to a Life of Drug Addiction?

Here are some facts that you may or may not have known about Elvis Presley:

  • Elvis moved around a lot with his family as a youth. Often from town to town.

  • He was a loner in school. He did not have many friends.

  • He was a mama’s boy.

  • He was first introduced to drugs in the army by his commanding sergeant. The drugs were amphetamines. 

  • He once told his hairdresser that he felt lonely and depressed a lot of the time. This was in the 1960’s. 

  • Most people tolerated Elvis’s drug use because his drugs were prescribed by a doctor. He was not into hard drugs like heroin and cocaine.

When Elvis died, it was clear that he had over 14 different prescribed medications in his body.   They were all significantly high levels that he was taking.  Even though the experts argue about the cause of his death, he had an addiction to prescription medication.  Some experts say that he died of a drug overdose and others say that it was a heart related condition such as arrhythmia. 

His “inner demons” lead him to a life of drug addiction.  All addicts have these inner demons and therefore turn to drugs/alcohol for comfort.  It is important to understand that our inner demons cause us to feel a sense of hopelessness.

When Elvis died, he lacked family support. His mother, Gladys Presley had already passed away from a heart attack. He was divorced from his wife Priscilla Presley.   He was also living a high stressed life of putting on concerts and traveling.  His diet was out of control.  His cook gave some stories to the media on how she used to prepare him peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

We can learn a lot from the life of Elvis Presley.  For starters, when an addict feels that nobody loves them or even cares about them, they often turn to drugs/alcohol for comfort.  An intervention is necessary to make the addicts see all the people that do love them. 

We have learned a lot about drug addiction since the days of Elvis.  We now know that it is a disease that often runs in families.  Most families say that they feel hopeless when it comes to helping their loved one. 

All addicts have inner demons that they must overcome in order to stay sober.  Elvis turned to prescription drugs in order to feel happy.  He wanted to feel free from the inner demons that laid deep within his soul. 

He became selfish emotionally and distant from his wife Priscilla Presley.  When he went more inward, the people around him felt like they could not be around him anymore.  It made his loved ones want to separate from him. 

It is not easy to be around someone that is addicted to prescription drugs. We now know in the 21st century that the addict needs to know that we care.  An intervention is usually the best way to let them know that they must go to rehab to get help.  Often, this is the only way to get them to agree to go.  Ignoring the problem will not make the problem disappear.

Marilyn Monroe’s Drug Overdose: What We Know Now?

Marilyn Monroe was one of Hollywood’s most loved celebrities.  Even to this day in 2015, she is remembered. Even though she died in 1962, her death is still remembered.  The Los Angeles police said that her death was caused by an overdose of sedative drugs.  They said that she may have committed suicide. 

In the 21st century, we understand drug addiction a lot more than we did in 1962.  The fact is that when a person gets addicted to drugs, they are doing it in order to hide from their inner demons that haunt them. 

Prescription drugs are often a known killer for celebrities that overdose from them. Mainly because they are prescribed by a doctor and nobody often questions a doctor’s recommendations.  A lot of celebrities feel safe behind these types of drugs because they are not known illegal street drugs like heroin or cocaine. 

Marilyn Monroe showed early signs of why she would later become a drug addict.  Here are some of the facts about her life:

  • Her mother was frequently in asylums in order to battle her emotionally unstable life. (We now know that mental disorders are often hereditary from one generation to the next).

  • She was raised mainly by foster parents and in orphanages.

  • Marilyn Monroe married young at the age of 16 and got divorced shortly thereafter.

  • She posed nude for a calendar in 1949.

  • She married baseball player Joe DiMaggio in 1954 and divorced only 8 years after.

  • She married again in 1956 to a playwright named Arthur Miller.

  • She divorced Arthur Miller in 1961.

  • Marilyn Monroe was under the care of a psychiatrist in 1961 for depression.

  • Her last days were spent mostly in reclusion at home.

Reading the facts above, we can clear see a hereditary effect from her mother.  Her depression only got worse as her mother’s did as well.  Marilyn may not have only been battling drug addiction, but also a mental illness that she was born with or inherited from her parent in some sort of way.

Drug addiction specialists often see a patter in families when it comes to addiction. Often, if a parent has a problem with alcohol, the child will as well.  

If your mother was in an asylum and you were raised in orphanages, you already feel a sense of neglect.  Your mind, body and spirit may feel like nobody cares about you.  This s typical in an addict’s life. These feelings of abandonment seem to be common for most addicts. 

In Marilyn Monroe’s days, treatment centers were unheard of.  People did not know how to deal with drug addiction.  Most people thought that a person just took drugs because they wanted to feel good.  People did not understand why Marilyn wanted to take prescription medication to begin with. 

She also did not have a loving family around her or loved ones to support her in keeping sober.  Drug treatment centers now know that an addict must feel that they have a loved one around them in order to want to stay sober. 

Family support is one of the most important aspects of staying sober.  Marilyn was not married at the time of her death and had no mother, father or siblings for support.  She was also said to be having an affair with either John or Robert Kennedy. 

A lack of love was missing in Marilyn’s life at the time of her death.  Most addicts that overdose seem to have a lack of family support around them when they die.  Accidental overdoses are usually just accidents.  Many experts believe that Marilyn Monroe’s death was a suicide and not an accident.

Is God Angry at You for Your Past Sins?

People often beat themselves up for their past sins. Most people believe that God will not forgive them for the past sins that they have committed.  Often, guilt and shame become part of a person’s life that is saved by Jesus.  Christians will often feel guilty by the life that they once lived. 

Does Jesus want us to feel guilty for our sins?  The answer to this question is no.  Jesus does not want us to live by guilt. Instead, he wants us to feel free because he died for our sins and through him, we go to heaven to be with him when we die. 

Since we are saved, does it mean that we should live in sin?  No.  Sin will eventually destroy your life and you will lose your connection with God.  In order to deal with your sins, it is good to become born again.  Born again simply means that we are learning how to live according to God and not according to whatever we feel like doing. 

People that live a life doing whatever they feel like, often feel separated from God and feel guilty about their actions. They often do not feel forgiven for their sins because they don’t care what God thinks to begin with. 

The only way to learn Godly ways of living is through the Holy Bible.  If a born-again Christian begins to live in sin, he/she knows in their heart that what they are doing is sinful and against God.  God wants you to repent of your sin.  Once you do, he forgives you.  You will probably feel guilty for the sins that you committed, but God does forgive you!

Repentance is not just saying, “God forgive me and then doing the same thing over again.”  True repentance is a change of mind.  It is acknowledging your mistake and turning away from ever doing it again. 

Many sins keep people captive.  They are extremely difficult to repent of.  These sins often keep people bound by their sin.  Some people find it hard to repent of certain sins because the temptations are too hard to resist. A temptation is something that causes us to want to commit the action that we know is wrong.  Often our temptations cause us pain and sorrow.

How Faith and Your Sobriety Work Together

Faith is the belief that something will happen even though there is no evidence that it will.  Many people have confidence in the world and others do not.  If you are trying to get sober, it is necessary to have faith.  Without belief, you can do nothing.  Faith helps us to understand that we cannot always see what is ahead for us with full facts. 

Staying sober means that you are going to have to believe that your life will become whole since God is there to help you.  God will always be there for you and give you the love that you need on a regular basis. 

In order to remain sober, you will have to find faith deep down inside of your heart.  You can slowly take time to figure out how to get there.  The founder, Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous said that he could not stop drinking until he found God in his life.  Once he put his faith into action, he was able to be sober.  Every addict knows that overcoming an addiction takes time, effort and faith.  You must believe that sobriety is possible. 

Former addicts often say that prayer and attending weekly group meetings helps them to stay sober.  Without group meetings, you are more likely to slip back into hold habits. Church, meetings and get together help you to have faith long before it happens.

Some group meetings for ex addicts are: 12 step groups, secular organizations for sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous, self-management and recovery training, church functions, yoga, martial arts schools, psychologist group meetings and church retreats.

A Review of Blue Mountain Christian Retreat

In 1987, I went on a religious retreat to Blue Mountain.  It was the best Christian retreat that I ever went to.  This place is tucked away in New Ringgold, PA.  I went with my Episcopal church on a religious outing.  Some of the church members wanted to go away to discuss our faith and Christian beliefs. Blue Mountain was the perfect retreat that we needed. 

The campgrounds were beautiful.  I remember staying on their campsites when I went.  It was beautiful sleeping under the stars.  I had no idea that this place would have me still talking about them 28 years later.  For those that don’t like camping, they have rooms that you can rent for the time that you are there.

Some activities that take place here are:

  • Church functions with special guest speakers.
  • Group Meetings.
  • Prayer Groups and Vigils.
  • Events
  • Kids Ministries
  • Ministry to all Christian faiths and backgrounds
  • Bookstore

You will not be bored while you are at Blue Mountain.  They have a full cafeteria for their guests.  Their retreat is open year-round and everyone that goes here says how beautiful the campus is. 

I can remember hanging around their pool area as well. If you go in the summer, you will enjoy the beautiful swimming pool.  You can lay out and read your favorite Christian books or talk to others that are of the faith. 

Singing, prayer and worship are also a part of this amazing place.  The prices were extremely reasonable.  In order to see a list of their current prices, please go to 

My faith grew a lot on the weekend that I was there.  When I went back home after the retreat, I started going to church more and asking Jesus to be a part of my life.  The 80’s were a decade in which most people went to church. The internet was not around yet and families seemed more united.  In 2015, the world seems to have changed.  It is a blessing to still have this place around.

Don’t Get into a Car with a Drunk Driver

There are around 10,076 people killed each year because of a drunk driver.  Drunk drivers will often tell you that they are not drunk and can drive perfectly fine. However, you will often notice them staggering as they walk and slurring their speech.  Drunk driving is not only deadly, but also not having any care for others that they can either seriously injure or kill.

If you suspect someone is about to drive drunk, it is important that you tell them not to drive.  If they refuse, call 911 and report them.  At the end of the day, you are saving the drivers life and those that they can possibly injure or kill. 

Nobody likes to be the bad guy by calling the police on someone that is out of control.  However, you will thank yourself that did.  You can rest at night knowing that you just saved a lot of people’s lives. 

In Florida, if you kill someone because of drunk driving, you will face prison. Your prison sentence will vary.  A woman by the name of Kayla Mendoza got 24 years in prison for killing 2 other young women while she was drunk behind the wheel.  Even though she was sorry for the pain that she caused the family, she had no mercy from the court.  The families of the victims were angry as well. 

Losing a loved one to a drunk driver is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to go through.  The pain that a drunk driver gives to a family is for life.  If you think that you are going to be safe getting into a car with a drunk driver, you are wrong. 

Bill Wilson: An Ex-Alcoholic That Gave Millions of Addicts Hope Again

The late Bill Wilson was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that helps people with addiction problems.  The group has over 2 million members.

Bill Wilson battled alcoholism for many years of his life.  He decided to become sober on December 11, 1934.  He found that combining his sobriety with faith made him want to stay sober.  His methods teach addicts on how to live a sober life through their faith in God. 

He died at the age of 75 and it was not because of alcoholism. He died of emphysema complicated by pneumonia in 1971.  Wilson was a heavy smoker.

If you look at his early life, you will be able to see why he eventually led a life of alcoholism in his early days. Bill was abandoned by both his mother and father.  His father went on a business trip and never came home. His mother abandoned him and his sister to study osteopathic medicine.  He was then cared for by his grandparents Fayette and Ella.

Wilson had a girlfriend at the age of 17.  She unfortunately died during a surgery that lead him into a depressed state.  Depression often works hand and hand with alcoholism. 

He attended a university called Norwich.  He unfortunately suffered from panic attacks and depression.  This led him to leave the university after only a few months.  Wilson was also involved in the military. He got his first taste of alcohol while he was in the military and he found drinking to be rather relaxing.  If you can believe, he did not graduate law school because he was too drunk to go and pick up his diploma. 

It was clear that Wilson’s alcoholism was taking control of his life. In 1933, he was committed to Charles B. Towns hospital for drug and alcohol addictions.   He was committed 4 times.  The hospital is in New York City.  Eventually Wilson was told that he would either be locked up permanently or die from alcoholism.  This information was the reality that Wilson was going to have to face. 

In 1934, Wilson finally got a revelation that he was searching for his whole life.  He had an encounter with his spirituality.  He says that he laid on his bed and cried out, “If there is a God, let him reveal himself.”  At that moment, Wilson saw a bright light and a feeling of ecstasy.  After this spiritual encounter, Bill never drank again.  His knowledge of God freed him from a life addicted to alcohol. 

The life of Bill Wilson is something that most alcoholics can relate to.  Once you find your faith, you can overcome your addition.  Many people say that Bill was a fortunate man to have found his faith and sobriety.  Unfortunately, many people do not have this success in life.  Often, people die from alcoholism. 

AA was founded by Bill Wilson because he felt the need to help people struggling with alcoholism.  He used his faith to help people to overcome their addiction. Many alcoholics say that they find peace with attending AA group meetings.

Christian Ministries Dedicate to Helping Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

Faith Farm Ministries was founded by Rev. Garland Eastham in 1951.  He opened his church to the homeless men that were in the streets.  He believed in the biblical commandment to love one another as I have loved you.   He unfortunately saw these men coming back to his church time and time again, because they struggled from an addiction.  He felt the need to extend his homeless program. 

Today, faith farm ministries have over 445 beds that help men and women with addiction. It is a 9-month residential program on 1,650 acres of lands.  They provide men and women with a safe place to get sober and include food, clothing, life skills training, work therapy and job training in their program. 

The program helps thousands of people that need drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  The program is free for people that need help because the founders do not want to give people the heavy burden of worrying about money while trying to get sober.

The program includes daily bible classes, group encounters and work therapy. The men and women that attend Faith Farm Ministries can walk away having skills such as: learning how to overcome difficulties with people that they are in a relationship with, overcoming low self-esteem, job skills so that they can obtain employment after the program is finished. 

If you have a teenager in your home that needs drug/alcohol rehabilitation, you may want to try  This organization has programs for teenagers that are struggling with addiction. 

This treatment program is concerned with the spirit, mind and body of those that get treatment.  Their training is based on the Holy Bible.  The teenagers that attend the program receive: classes, individual study, personal mentoring, work ethics training, and involvement in the Christian community. 

The cost of the program varies from person to person. While in treatment, teenagers receive training, lodging, meals, supervision and other expenses.  The life skills that a person learns here is designed to help keep a person sober for life.  The program not only treats teens, but adults as well. 

Christian organizations provide the best method for overcoming addiction in my opinion.  Mainly because almost every treatment center teaches you that it is necessary to have faith in order to overcome an addiction.  Without spirituality, it is almost impossible to stay sober for life.  When you turn yourself over to a higher power such as Jesus, you begin to learn how much God cares for your soul.  Jesus loves you!

The beauty of many Christian rehabs is that their fees are often based on your income.  Most people do not have enough funds or proper insurance to attend a traditional treatment program.  Christian rehabs often give people hope because a lot of the expenses are covered by generous donors that support the organization.  A treatment program can cost as much as $30,000 for a 30-day inpatient program.  Most people cannot afford to write a check for $30,000.  Most people can only afford a few thousand dollars and a payment plan.

What Are Some Celebrity Actors that Died Young Because of Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

  • Skye McCole Bartusiak – died of an accidental drug overdose. Only 22 years old.

  • River Phoenix – Died at the young age of 23 from speed balling cocaine and morphine.

  • Kimberly Drummond – Died of a drug overdose at the age of 35. She was best known for her role in Different Strokes as Kimberly Drummond.  It was ruled a suicide.

  • Brad Renfro – Star of the movie, “The Client” died at the young age of 26 from a heroin/morphine overdose.

  • Anissa Jones – Starred in family affair. She was just 18 years old and died of a drug overdose. 

  • Corey Haim – Died at the young age of 38 from a drug overdose and pneumonia. He was best known for his role in The Lost Boys.

  • Bridgette Andersen – Died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 21.

  • Ashleigh Aston Moore – Died at the age of 26 from an accidental heroin overdose.

  • Christopher Pettiet – Died at the age of 24 from a drug overdose. He starred in the movie, “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”. 

  • Scotty Beckett – He passed away at the age of 39 from a suicidal drug overdose. He was best known for his role in Our Gang.  He also died of an overdose of Barbiturates as Judy Garland did as well.

  • Miss Elizabeth – Died at the age of 43 from a painkiller overdose.

  • Mr. Perfect – Died of a drug overdose at the age of 45. He was best known for his wrestling career as the character Mr. Perfect. 

  • Bam Bam Bigelow – Died at the age of 46 from a drug overdose. He was best known as a wrestler and actor. 

We can only mourn when a person dies of a drug or alcohol related death. It is always sad to watch the families hurting when someone that they love dies. 

No matter if you are a celebrity of a regular person living day to day, addiction happens.  In order to help your loved with an addiction, it is important that you call a rehabilitation center that can help you. Often, addicts need an intervention to get them to go to rehab.  Call a professional interventionist for help before it’s too late.

How to Get Along with Others in an Alcohol/Drug Treatment Center

Deciding to go into a drug/alcohol treatment center is brave.  Often, men and women go into treatment unaware of the fact that they will be sharing a room with someone that they may or may not like.  It is important to stay focused on getting sober.  In order to do that, here are a few suggestions on how to get Along with others in an Alcohol/Drug Treatment Center.

For starters, know that your roommate is nervous about sharing a room with you as well.  Everyone likes to have their own space and privacy. Inpatient treatment programs are often 30 days long. It is important to try and make the best of it. 

Know that your roommate is going through a similar situation as you are.  They are even wondering what you are thinking of them.  Some roommates are quiet, and others may disturb you.  If you are having a problem with your roommate, it is important to speak with your counselor about it. 

Let them know how you feel.  Explain the problems that you are having.  Many counselors are open to listening to you and what you have to say.  Know that your treatment center cares about you and your personal welfare. After all, you are entrusting them to get you sober and to stay sober for life. 

Always be courteous to the person that you are sharing your room with. Pick up after yourself. If you are a man and shave, make sure not to leave hairs in the sink that can disturb your roommate.  If you are a female, make sure to dispose of sanitary napkins properly.  There are little things that you can do in order to make your stay comfortable. 

If your roommate says something nasty to you, try to ignore it.  Simple words like, “Shhhh, you are snoring” can make someone angry.  If you snore, accept the fact that your roommate may be angry about it or vice versa. 

Some people like to toss and turn at night.  Just think in the back of your mind that in 30 days it will all be over.  If you simply can’t get passed a roommate’s behavior, it may be necessary to change rooms.  Always remain respectful to your roommate and keep an open communication with your counselor. 

Sometimes, your roommate may be perfect in your eyes. However, someone else really bothers you.  When you walk outside, they may give you dirty looks. 

You may feel like others are making fun of you or saying stuff behind your back.  It is important to ignore this.  It is important for you to get in touch with what is happening inside of you and what caused you to turn to drugs/alcohol.  It is your time.  Don’t let anyone disturb that.  Know that you are not always going to be liked by everyone for whatever reason.

Why Are Soccer Moms Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

The term “soccer mom” stands for mothers that are involved in their children’s after school activities. Some soccer moms deal with picking up and dropping their sons and daughters off for practice at baseball, football and other sports. 

Some moms are known as the cool mom. However, are cool mom’s really “cool” if they are allowing their teenage children to drink alcohol and get high with their friends?  The truth of the matter is that there is nothing cool about getting drunk and high.  It will eventually destroy a person’s life and there are many young adult deaths reported each year from drugs and alcohol.

Most teenagers want to see their mother and father as being the cool parents.  Cool parents are those that allow house parties that often contain drugs and alcohol.  A lot of moms and dads are afraid of saying no to their children in fear that they will start to avoid them. 

In a recent article published by, a home was visited because of loud music by the police. A parent answered the door and the officer asked the mother if there was underage drinking happening in the home.  The woman said yes and didn’t seem to have a problem with it.  When police gave the teens breathalyzers, some of the underage drinkers had alcohol readings as high as .12. 

This woman is not alone.  Many parents don’t have a problem with their teens drinking with their friends at home. However, it is against the law and police officers have the right to arrest parents for serving drinks to minors. 

A lot of parents think that their child is responsible and can handle the alcohol.  However, the law doesn’t say that.  It says that you must be 21 to drink alcoholic beverages in the United States. 

Many parents forget that just because you may not have a problem with your child drinking, doesn’t mean that another parent doesn’t.  The person serving drinks to minors will be responsible for the death of a minor if its alcohol was found in their system at the time of a car accident or murder.  If the police can trace it back to you, you are going to have a legal problem on your hands.

A lot of parents try to turn a blind eye to drug and alcohol abuse in order to not get on the bad side of their children.  Many parents feel lonely today because of divorce and broken relationships. 

They often want to make friends with their children in order not to feel lonely. However, a child’s mind is not fully developed on an adult level.  The best way to handle underage drinking in your home is to just say no. 

At the end of the day, other parents will be holding you personally responsible for their children’s safety.  If something should go wrong legally, all fingers will be pointing to you.

River Phoenix: A Hollywood Legend That Turned to Drugs

Most people on the planet today have heard of the legendary actor River Phoenix.  He starred in movies such as: Stand by me, dark blood, running on Empty and My Own Private Idaho.  The young actor died in 1993 from a drug overdose.  He was known to be an active actor, musician and activist. 

The early life of River Phoenix seemed to be promising.  He was born in Madras, Oregon to his mother and father named Arlyn and John.  Young River Phoenix moved around a lot with his parents when he was younger.  For a short period, he lived in South America and then in the United States. The states that he lived in were Florida and Los Angeles. 

From an early age, he was encouraged by his parents to be in the movies.  He was encouraged to become an actor. By the age of 10, he was already acting professionally on television.  His first movie was entitled, “Explorers.”

His parents were religious and learned a lot about music through them.   He eventually became a talented young actor in Hollywood.  Hollywood does not know all the facts as to what caused River Phoenix to turn to drugs.  The day that he died, he took some drugs in the evening and became ill outside of a nightclub.   His brother calls 911 seeking help for him.  When the ambulance arrived, they tried to resuscitate him.  They could not revive him. He died on October 31 in the early hours.  He died at the young age of 23.

Drug addiction often comes along with reasons why someone takes drugs to begin with.  It is unclear as to what may have been troubling him.  Why did he take drugs? Was it because of a Hollywood stressful life?  Was he trying to hide some inner demons? 

His family was into spirituality and he was a vegan.  He did not fit the description of someone that would want to take drugs.  He had a good family and believe in helping animals. 

Most often, drug addicts have troubled backgrounds and situations in which cause them to turn to drugs.  The life of River Phoenix is one that will always be a mystery.

Don’t Sell Drugs: You Will Get Caught

As each generation passes, a new one arises.  Many men and women think that the police will never catch those dealing drugs.  Many drug dealers and suppliers to be, think that they will earn lots of money.  However, most people will come to see that drug dealing will only land you in prison. 

According to, a man from Hawaii is behind bars because he was carrying a package containing 6 pounds of meth. 

In Honolulu Hawaii, 1 pound of meth sells for $20,000.  As you may have guessed, he will be serving a long time in jail for his actions.  Unfortunately, we hear of many cases of people turning to drug dealing because they cannot find suitable employment or because they are trying to pay off some debt.

The truth of the matter is that if you deal drugs, it could cost you your life.  You could be looking at a few years in prison to life.  The law is not lenient on people that deal drugs or smuggle drugs into the country. 

In another case in New York City, the police recovered nearly 154 pounds of Heroin.  In New York, this has a street value of 50 million dollars.  This is the largest bust that NY has ever done.  According to NY City DEA prosecutor, this amount of heroin is enough to supply every person with a dose in New York City.  That is a lot of heroin!

According to, heroin deaths are up in the United States.  More people are starting to use Heroin across the United States.  It is becoming most popular in New Jersey.

If you are a drug dealer, you should think twice about dealing again.  If the law doesn’t bother you, think about all the lives that are being affected from every person that you are dealing drugs to.  Some of the men and women that you deal drugs to will die because of an overdose. 

When someone dies of a drug overdose, you effect the entire family.  You cause families to live in sadness for the rest of their lives because of a loved one that passes away. 

How to Tell Your Mom that You Have a Drug Problem

If you are taking drugs daily and nobody knows about it, it is time to let someone know.  Your mom is often the person that is closest to you and the person that will love you through getting sober. 

Many young adults today feel like they cannot talk to their parents about their drug addiction.  Being addicted to a drug is often embarrassing for families that don’t want anyone else to know what is happening in their family.  When your body gets addicted to a drug, it is hard to get off it.  Your body often goes through withdrawal and your mind begins to feel a sense of loss. 

Moms are often the first people to call a drug and alcohol treatment center.  They usually care for their children the most out of anyone else on the planet.  When a child feels the love of a mother, they usually respond to her requests.  If mother can find a rehab program that is appropriate for her child, she will do it. 

Sometimes it is not easy to tell your mom that you have been taking drugs. Chances are she already knows or at least expects it.  Know that your mother will always love you.  You cannot change that. A mother’s love for her child is unique in the sense that she will always look out for her children.  Your mother held you in her arms when you were born and will continue to do so for the rest of your life.  She is there for you.

If you cannot tell her verbally, it is best to write down in a letter what you are going through.  Some people prefer texting.  Either way, you will get your point across.  Your mom is seldom surprised at what she is hearing from you.  She often knows exactly what is happening in your life.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Take it one step at a time. 

There is no shame in admitting that you have gotten yourself in a bit of a jam.  It is important to tell your mother how you feel.  Admitting that you have a drug problem is brave. Most people will never admit that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The fact that you are admitting that you have a problem says a lot about your character.

How to Keep Your Job if You are Thinking About Going to Rehab

The website SAMHSA says that 76% of men and women that have a substance abuse problem have a job.  Most fear that they will not be able to keep their job if they decide to get treatment for their alcohol and drug addiction.  Staying in fear only keeps you away from what you know to be right. 

If you are an alcoholic or drug addict, you need to get help right away.  If you do not, then you are headed for trouble.  Your addiction will only get worse.  Did you know that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) protects you from getting fired if you need to go into a treatment program?  If you ever feel like your workplace is discriminating against you because of your drug or alcohol problem, you can contact the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Believe it or not, most employers would rather you go to rehab then to stay intoxicated on the job.  Many companies face lawsuits because of an employee that caused a problem while they were at work.  There is nothing more devastating then to see an employee throwing their life away with drugs/alcohol. 

The Family and Medical Leave Act allows a person to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave from their job without being fired.  This is known as the FMLA act.  It is there to protect workers that need to take medical leave for different reasons. 

Going into a drug/alcohol treatment program is one of the reasons that you can use to take time off in order to get sober.  Knowing your rights is the first step that someone must take in order to get sober.

You might be surprised to find out that your employer understands that you need to go to rehab. Perhaps they have known someone that had a drug/alcohol problem and got help.  Many employers have had their own issues as well.  Talking to your boss about your plans is the first step to take with your work because you need to get the help that you need right away.

It is also important to check with your insurance company to find out what insurance you have in order to get help.  Not every treatment center accepts the same type of insurance.  Some accept one type of insurance, while another is rejected. 

If you are too intoxicated to do any of this, call a drug and alcohol treatment center.  Tell them what you are struggling with and see if they can offer you some type of assistance into your dilemma. 

Why Would a Mother Intentionally Inject Her Daughter With Heroin?

Most mothers want to protect their child from drug addiction and alcoholism. However, there are numerous reports coming out today that are showing mothers intentionally giving their children drugs for various reasons.

A 34-year-old Pennsylvania woman by the name of Jessica Lynn Riffey was arrested by police for endangering the welfare of a child and other charges.  The police have accused her of injecting her daughter and 16-year-old boyfriend with heroin. 

Unfortunately, the teens also told police that Mrs. Riffey gave heroin to them more than once.  She even admitted to police that she did this around 3 times.  

If this is not enough to make your head spin, her boyfriend, 33-year-old Jameson Burn has been charged with drug dealing and other offenses as well.  The teens said that he supplied them with heroin. 

This story is extremely disturbing for several reasons.  For starters, heroin is a highly addictive drug that is growing in the United States today.  Many east coast states like New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are seeing a higher amount of people injecting heroin. 

A child is supposed to be able to depend on their parent.  These children will most likely have to go to rehab because of the addictive nature that heroin has on people.  Children are supposed to be able to depend on their parents and family members while they are in rehab. We must ask the question, “Do the children have anyone to depend on while their parent is in jail?” 

The question now remains, why did she inject the children?  In another case, the police arrested a mother in Memphis for injecting herself with heroin two days before giving birth.  Her child tested positive for drugs when she gave birth.  Jamillah Falls was the 1st mother to have ever been charged for this. 

This is because a new law is out today in Memphis that says a mother cannot use drugs while she is pregnant.  Thank goodness Mrs. Falls told the judge that she wanted to go into rehab.  Many people argue whether this should be a law. 

Some people believe that she should not have been sent to prison.  Many people on social media believe that she should have been sent to rehab first and not to jail. 

People have a difference of opinion for various reasons.  It is never easy to see a mother addicted to drugs. Often, people are not even in their right frame of mind when they are taking drugs.  Children are being hurt though.  We must find a way to stop children from being hurt. They are innocent and must be protected by the law.