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What Causes Alcoholism?

What Causes Alcoholism?
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What Causes Alcoholism?

Parents often ask themselves, “Am I an enabler?”  Many parents’ feel stuck because they don’t know what to do.  If they don’t give their child what they want, they will often rebel.  Many parents are afraid of their children stealing from them or becoming physically demanding and violent. 

If you are asking yourself the question, “Am I an enabler?”, the answer is probably yes. You are an enabler if you can answer yes to any of the below statements:

  • I give my child money already knowing that they are going to use it for alcohol or drugs.
  • I feel guilty about giving my child money.
  • If my child threatens me, I help them to get drugs or alcohol.
  • My child tells me that I am a bad parent and then I give them what they want.
  • My child keeps doing what I ask them not to do and then I give them whatever they want.
  • You agree to personally buy your child drugs in order to avoid a problem with them.
  • Even though you know your child should go to rehab, you tell them that it’s their choice to go or not go.

Many parents fear that they may be contributing to their child’s addiction.  Sadly, this is often the case because parents see no other way out. 

It is important for a parent to speak with a drug/alcohol addiction treatment center for more information.  You may be surprised to find out that a center can help you to get your child into a program through intervention. 

Interventions often involve a professional interventionist coming into your home.  Family members that your child truly love is at this meeting.  The meeting involves your child feeling a connection with those that care for them.  Interventions work best because they give your child a sense of needing both rehabilitation and love from the people that they care about. 

Mothers and fathers are often shocked to find out that an intervention works.  They also feel that their guilt is gone from enabling their child.  If you don’t act now, you could watch your child overdose in the days to come.

A Book Review of ELVIS: The Last 24 Hours by Albert Goldman

I give this book 5 stars.  It is a book about Elvis and his last days of drug addiction.  It is 208 pages long and the first addition was published on 1991. has the book for sale for only $6.45 a copy. 

First, let me discuss a little bit about the author.  Albert Goldman was an American author and professor.  He wrote some bestselling books about Lenny Bruce, Elvis Presley and John Lennon.  He earned a master’s degree in English from the University of Chicago and a PhD at Columbia University. 

His controversial book entitled, “ELVIS: The Last 24 Hours” was about the authors opinion of how Elvis died. He believed that Elvis committed suicide. In the book, he describes events that he believes took place that pointed to a suicide. 

As you can imagine, the book drew both sensation and criticism.  It is a good book to read for anyone dealing with alcohol and drug abuse. It will give you a different perspective of what possibly happens when a person gets addicted to a substance.

If you are into controversial topics, you will love this book.  Elvis is usually seen as the rock star that accidentally overdosed on drugs.  The author of this book gives us a different perspective.  In the book, the author describes Elvis losing control over his bowel movements because of drug use and other ailments. 

Was Drug Addiction a Problem in the 1920’s?

Believe it or not, drug addiction is not only a problem in the 21st century or the 80’s.  In fact, drug addiction has been around for over a century.  In the 1920’s, addictive drugs were often found in toothache powder, Coca-Cola and Cough Syrup.  These drugs were often heroin, cocaine and morphine. 

Addicts today would not consider the amounts put in these products enough for them to get high.   However, back then, people were not educated enough about drugs to know what to avoid. 

In 1929, a doctor by the name of J.L. Schoch died at the age of 86.  His housekeeper named Mary Reed got arrested the same day for forging prescriptions for drugs.  As you can imagine, this was a shock to the community. 

A newspaper called the Public Opinion reported that she purchased as many as 400 to 500 morphia tablets a month.  Since this was an uncommon occurrence in her day, people wondered how she was able to obtain the medication. 

She said that while she was working for Dr. Schoch, she came across his prescription pad.  Mary Reed then decided to pretend to be Dr. Schoch’s daughter.  She would forge prescriptions and take them to her local pharmacy.  This went on for a year.

When Dr. Schoch’s real daughter got “wind” of this, she fired her.  After losing her job, she kept on going back to the pharmacy to pick up her forged medications from the pharmacist that he already had on file.  She eventually lost her means to pay for the drugs. She then started to say that the pharmacist could put them on Dr. Schoch’s account.  He was not aware that she had been fired yet.  Remember, the internet and television were not around yet. 

When Dr. Schoch received the bill for the drugs, he said that he had never authorized these prescriptions.  The pharmacist did not have any idea what was going on.  He told the doctor that his daughter had been coming in to pick up the morphia on a regular basis. 

When the doctor confronted his daughter about this, she said that she did not make any purchases and did not pick up anything from the drug store.  As you can imagine, the druggist was alarmed by the situation and called the Treasury Department.  An inspector got placed on the case immediately. 

The inspector eventually put Mrs. Reed down as a suspect. Since she was now working at a new job, he had to find her.  He eventually did and brought her in for questioning.  At first, Reed denied the fact that she was being accused.  Since she was denying her involvement so heavily, the inspector told her to go and speak with a medical examiner.  Shockingly, she agreed to go. 

The medical examiner said that she was indeed a drug addict.   Finally, she confessed to what she had been doing and the rest is history.  This is one of the first cases in US history of a person being accused of drug addiction.   

Are Baby Boomers Not Exempt to Taking Drugs in America Today?

You may be wondering if your Uncle Tom is doing drugs. However, you try to convince yourself that it cannot be possible because he is 65 years old.  Many people think that baby boomers are the least likely people on the planet to be abusing drugs. However, new studies are showing that baby boomers are amongst the fastest groups abusing prescription drugs these days. 

According to recent studies, at least 17 percent of senior citizens are now abusing prescription drugs.  This is around 44 percent women and 23 percent men.  The most common drugs of choice are painkillers, Ambien and Benzodiazepines. 

Studies conducted by Annals of Epidemiology suggest that drug use amongst senior citizens may grow to over one hundred and ninety percent by the year 2020.  This seems to be a growing problem because many psychiatrists are giving prescriptions out in large doses. 

Another growing problem amongst seniors is alcoholism. It is easy to buy alcohol at the store.  What tends to happen is that many seniors are mixing alcohol with psychiatric medications.  According to recent national surveys, 8.3 percent of seniors over 65 are binge drinking. 

In order to look at baby boomer addiction, we must understand why these seniors are taking drugs to begin with.  For starters, they don’t take drugs the same way as teens and young adults to.  Baby boomers are not looking to just get high.  They are getting high in order to get rid of pain in their lives.  This pain can be either physical or dealing with the loss of husbands, wives and other loved ones. 

Many children don’t know how to help their parent.  Even though many children of baby boomers see their parent’s life addicted to drugs and alcohol, they refuse to help them. It is mainly because they don’t want to accept the fact that their parent is an addict.   This is not easy for a child to accept. 

If you suspect that your parent may have a problem with alcohol or drugs, it is important to speak with them about it.  If you turn a blind eye to the problem, the addiction will only get worse. If you don’t know where to turn, it is important to speak with someone at a drug/alcohol treatment facility. 

How to tell if Your Loved One is Suicidal

Many people these days are thinking about committing suicide.  Lots of men and women have lost their jobs, loved ones and way in life.  For most people, suicide seems far away from their thoughts.  For people that are thinking about taking their life, suicide often seems like it is the best way to solve their issue. 

Here are a few tips on how to tell if your loved one is thinking about suicide:

  • Your loved one is isolating themselves.
  • They are mentioning suicide and telling people that they want to die.
  • They are having outbursts of anger.
  • They have life endangering behaviors.
  • They are drinking alcohol in heavy amounts in hopes that they will not wake up.
  • They are abusing prescription medication in order to forget their reality.

If someone that you love is making you think that they are suicidal, call 1-800-273-Talk.  This is a suicide prevention hotline.  You will find answers through this hotline for your loved one. 

If you suspect that your loved one is having issues with drugs/alcohol, it may be time for you to call an alcohol and drug treatment center. Often, people that enter treatment have both an alcohol and drug problem that they are dealing with.  It is always a painful experience to watch a loved one spinning out of control. 

According to an article published on: , youth suicide rates rose between the years 2003 to 2004 by about eight percent.  If a person that you love is hurting, they need someone to talk to them. Often, our loved ones need a shoulder to cry on. 

Many people with suicidal tendencies think that there is no hope.  The thought of death constantly surrounds them. Often, your loved one will turn to heroin or alcohol in order to fight these thoughts.  Many people that take heroin often die because of the abuse that they are having to endure. 

The worst thing that you can do is nothing.  Stepping out to love your loved one is often the best way for someone to believe that there is hope.  Often, we must step out of our comfort zone to help someone that is in need.  Your loved one may need and intervention to get them some help.  Many interventionists go out to family’s homes in order to get their loved one into treatment. 

It is important to understand that not everyone will be open for treatment.  However, your loved one may not be aware of all the help that is available to them.  Remember that knowledge is power.

Do Baseball Players Often Abuse Illegal Drugs?

Baseball players in the major leagues get paid higher salaries because of their popularity and ability to play ball better than their fellow players.  Often, the temptation to earn more money causes them to want to succeed illegally. 

Many baseball players today are taking steroids and other performance drugs to enhance their playing ability.  Baseball players like Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Johnny Peralta and Everth Cabrera all received some type of suspension for their involvement with illegal substances. 

When someone gets suspended, it tarnishes their reputation and good name amongst people in the world today.  Major league baseball players are not the only ones abusing drugs.  Often, high school students abuse drugs as well. 

It is not uncommon to hear about your son playing baseball and smoking weed on the weekend with his friends.  As kids move into college, they often have fraternity parties in which alcohol and drugs are being mixed.

In 2012, The University Interscholastic League in Texas released their drug test results on high school athletes.  They tested 3,311 people. Out of those tested, 9 were positive for steroids.  These tests were mainly given to boys (3,087 boys and 224 girls). 

It is scary to hear about any high school student thinking about taking steroids to improve their game. However, like most drug users, many high school students see this as something that they can control. 

Most high school baseball players that take drugs believe that they will take drugs for only a short time and then get off them when they are ready. However, this is not always the case.  Often, baseball players must succeed in order to stay on their team or even to go into the minor leagues. 

Parents often don’t suspect their son or daughter that is an athlete to be on drugs.  Most parents think that their child is out playing baseball and having fun with their friends. 

Since they are responsible, they often do not feel the need to follow them around. They assume that whatever they are doing now will eventually spell success later.  It is important to know that we often cannot tell who is on and off drugs. 

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is not taking drugs. You can have them tested through your medical doctor if you suspect them taking an illegal substance.   Your child will probably not like being asked to take a test.

However, they must follow what you say if they are under 18 years of age.  It is your duty as a parent to ensure their safety.  It could be a matter of life and death for them.  Your child often doesn’t understand the true pain of their own actions.

How Cocaine Effects Families Negatively

Cocaine is said to be an expensive drug habit.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s, it was known as the Wall Street drug.  If you were a business executive and earned lots of money, your drug of choice was usually cocaine.  Costing as much as $200.00 an ounce, cocaine was something that a lot of people did for recreational use.  Little did most people know that cocaine had highly addictive side effects. 

In the 21st century, cocaine is back on the rise alongside of heroin.  Many families are having to watch their loved one needing treatment for a substance abuse. It takes time to decide on whether you want your family member to go to rehab.  It must be at the right time. Your family member must want to have help as well.

Cocaine makes your heart beat faster and often leads to high blood pressure.  Many men and women die of cocaine addiction each year.  It is important that you get help for your loved one as soon as possible. Every day that they are on the drug, they tend to get worse.  It is not uncommon for someone to die after their first use of the drug.  It is extremely powerful.

Addicts often have underlying reasons as to why they are taking the drug to begin with.  For some, it is because they are trying to feel a sense of floating or being high.  As addictive as cocaine is, there are no signs of withdrawal from the drug.  However, there are some withdrawal symptoms of the drug to watch out for.  These are: moodiness, depression, anxiety and tiredness. 

Spouses are often the first to find out that their loved one is taking this drug.  The mood swings are usually not common with their normal behavior. Someone that is normally upbeat and happy is now showing constant signs of sadness, mood swings and attitude changes.

The harmful effects of cocaine can often sneak up on you.  It can cause someone to have low enthusiasm and poor concentration.  Cocaine would be a bad drug to take for a college student. If you have no experience dealing with cocaine, it is best to call an alcohol and drug treatment center.  It is important that you get all the facts concerning this drug before it is too late.

In 2013, reports that there were around 5,000 cocaine related deaths in 2013.  Cocaine abuse is even up in the UK.  Check out this article on Cocaine deaths up by 50%  Cocaine addiction is not only a problem in the United States, but also around the world.

Is Your Eighteen-Year-Old Son Addicted to Drugs?

If your eighteen-year-old son is using drugs today, chances are he has been using them for a few years now.  According to, people that use drugs as a juvenile, are at a greater risk of becoming a drug addict later in life.  Drug addiction often comes in phases. 

At first, your child may have been introduced to a drug such as cocaine, heroin or crack cocaine.  It is important that you have a sit-down talk with your child. Let them know that you can see that they have a drug problem. Next, it is important to get them some help. 

Many parents today is choosing to turn a blind eye to their child’s drug addiction.  However, this only causes them to become harder drug addicts later in life.  If you read about substance abuse from a treatment center, you will find that children that use drugs often become adults that use drugs.  The statistics show that if your child starts using drugs early in life, they will be drug users in their adulthood as well.  However, putting your child into a good alcohol/drug treatment program may in fact turn their life around.

Drug treatment centers teach your children about staying sober.  It teaches them how to live in a chaotic world without drugs.  You may have already watched your child go through withdrawal episodes, stealing from you for drugs, using a drug for a certain period and not caring about themselves.

It is not uncommon to hear about an 18-year-old that was molested as a child.  It is common that your child may be turning to drugs because of it.  Your child may have had a situation in which they felt alienated from the family.  Often, low self-esteem causes someone to become a drug addict. 

Scientists are also discovering that drug abuse often runs in families.  It can be hereditary for your child to be on drugs as well. If his mother or father took drugs, there is a good chance that he will take drugs as well.  This is for several different reasons.  Genetics do often play a role in your child turning to drugs.

Without your child being exposed to drug education, they will most likely continue to use drugs. Educating someone about the harmful effects of a drug is usually the best way of opening someone’s eyes to leaving their addiction behind them.  Giving them stories of peel that overdosed on drugs is a good way to let them see the reality of what can happen to them if they continue down their path.

A lot of teenagers these days are using cold medications as a drug and prescription medication.  Other common street drugs are heroin, crystal meth and marijuana.  If you don’t know for sure if your child is using drugs, watch out for some signs. Some signs can be asking you for money daily, mood swings, poor focus, poor personal hygiene and much more.

Should You Be Concerned About Your Child Drinking Beer?

Your child is off to college.  They are about to experience tons of parties that often involve beer drinking.  Many fraternity parties often involve everyone chipping in for a keg of beer.  Your child is also telling you, “Don’t worry mom/dad, I won’t drink that much.”  However, you come to find out that your child’s first year in college is a disaster due to their drinking and partying. 

Let us get to a few facts about beer before we continue into the harmful side effects and addictive nature to it.  First, beer contains ethyl alcohol.  Beer is made from the fermentation of grains such as wheat and barley.  It is true that beer does not contain as much alcohol as some other alcoholic beverages.  However, for some, beer is highly addictive.

According to, alcohol impacts every major organ of the body.  It also depresses the major nervous system.  People that drink a lot of beer often experience vomiting and nausea.  In some cases, someone can become unconscious because of it.  In many cases, alcohol is linked to serious birth defects as well. 

Drug and alcohol experts often say that having 15 or more drinks a week puts you at a higher risk of becoming an alcoholic.  Many people often lie to themselves by saying, “Beer is not so bad.  I can drink a few cans a week and it will not bother me.”  Perhaps they are not feeling the effects at the time, it is doing harm to your physical vital organs.  Many people come to find that they have developed cirrhosis of the liver due to their drinking. 

For many, alcohol consumption is a silent death waiting to happen.   It is not uncommon for an alcoholic to consume six beers a day.  Often, they don’t realize that they are drinking 42 beers a week.  It is not until you put the facts in front of them.  Most people are blinded to the fact that they don’t know how much they are truly drinking. 

Another interesting fact is that women who drink beer regularly that have antisocial behaviors are more likely to become beer addicts.  If your husband drinks beer or you drink beer, chances are your child will develop an addiction to it as well. 

Most young adults that drink beer are in denial about having one to many.  Most children will tell their parents that they had a couple of beers at the college party over the weekend. However, they had around 6 or more. 

If you find that your child cannot stop drinking beer, they may already have become addicted to the alcohol in the beer. You may have to get them some help from a professional rehab facility.  Their life is on the line and parents are often the first ones to see that their child has a problem. 

Talking to your child about their alcohol usage is often the first step in helping them to overcome their drinking.  If your child gets into a drug/alcohol treatment program, they will quickly see some of the reasons why they are drinking to begin with.

Are You Concerned About Your Daughters Addiction to Vodka?

Many young women today are choosing to drink vodka.  Vodka is often associated with Eastern Europe and Russia.  Some young women choose this alcoholic beverage because it is considered by some to be a less hard liquor. 

Vodka is easy to buy and often purchased for under $20.00.  Vodka is often mixed with other beverages such as cranberry and grapefruit juice.  If you never seen it before, it looks like clear water.   The alcohol content is around 30 to 50%. 

Vodka is also not considered a fattening drink like beer.  Many young women hear about beer giving you a “beer gut”.  Vodka however is often a drug for young women because they are often trying to keep a good figure to an impress someone of the opposite sex. 

It is also known as a mild drink. When mixed with orange juice, people find the drink to be soothing.  Vodka is potent and easy to mix with other drugs.  Parents are often concerned about their daughter’s addiction but fail to say anything about it for several reasons. Vodka consumption is easy to hide because it is often drunk recreationally. 

Here are some signs that your loved one may be abusing vodka:

  • They want to drink alone.
  • They are constantly neglecting commitments because of their drinking.
  • They have slurred speech and intense changes in behavior.

Lots of parents find that their child is drinking vodka and taking other drugs as well.  It is not uncommon to hear about a person drinking vodka and shooting heroin at the same time.  Often, alcoholic beverages are mixed with drugs.

Some women prefer sweet alcoholic drinks over hard liquors that can often taste bad.  You should be concerned about your daughters drinking because her life may be on the line.  She may eventually more on to harder drugs or alcoholic beverages.  Often, women that get introduced to vodka eventually move on to harder alcoholic beverages.

You may also find that your loved one is hiding Vodka bottles around the house.  They may be embarrassed about their consumption and often want to hide it from others. 

If your child is mixing alcohol and prescription medication, this can become deadly.  If you need help with addiction, please call a drug and alcohol treatment center for help.  Often, your daughter needs an intervention by a professional interventionist.

What Are The Most Drug Addicted Cities in the United States?

Heavy drug usage is often seen in large cities and populations.  However, size is not always a factor.  Sometimes, small towns are affected by drug use as well.  You often hear about heroin problems in New York and New Jersey.

However, one of the highest populations for drug addiction is in the state of Montana.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration, the city with the highest amount of drug users was Missoula, Montana.  The city has a problem with methamphetamines. Shockingly, 13.8% of usage per household was also found. 

When a city or town is bombarded by drug use, we must examine the reasons why it may be the case.  For instance, is there a higher rate of child molestation being reported?  Are there higher rates of addiction that runs in the family?  There must be a carefully analysis of what may be triggering people to turn to drugs/alcohol.  Often, people abuse drugs/alcohol because of an underlying issue.

Another small population in New Mexico is affected by heavy drug use.  This town is called Espanola.  It has only 10,000 residents but is ranked in the top ten of people overdosing on drugs. 

In Washington D.C., it is reported by the Drug Enforcement Administration that cocaine and crack are the most widely used drug that the city is dealing with.  Often, one drug is a problem more than another in a population.  It is said that heroin is a problem in NJ and NYC.  

Is a city ever safe from drugs? Not really.  For instance, Forbes magazine said that Columbus Ohio was amongst their top fifty safest cities to live in.  However, in 2011, Columbus reported to have 1,765 drug overdose deaths.  There is a high usage of OxyContin in Columbus.  Is any city ever truly safe? 

The only way to be safe from drugs is to simply not use them.  Stay away from people that use drugs and don’t entertain drug use in your own life.  The fact is that you can find drugs in any city, town or state.  If you are looking for something, you are most likely going to find it.

PCP Arrests are Not Always a Simple Process for Police Officers

PCP, otherwise known as phencyclidine, is a drug that was developed in the 1950’s.  It was known as an intravenous anesthetic.  The drug was discontinued in the 1960’s by Parke Davis because of the negative effects.  People that use PCP feel detached, weird in their surroundings and distant as well. 

It is not easy to deal with PCP addiction because of its high addictive nature.  Other signs are having a blank stare and mood disorders.  It causes anxiety and psychosis in some people as well. 

There is also a drop-in blood pressure if taken in large dosages.  PCP addiction is often associated with people mistreating police officers.  Many arrests that are associated with PCP often involve addicted people being involved with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

It is not uncommon to hear about PCP users saying that they are experiencing memory loss, depression and difficulties speaking.  On September 30, 2014, two men were arrested because they had in their possession a ½ gallon of PCP and other drugs as well.  It had a value of $50,000 on the street. 

In September of 2015, a man by the name of Anthony McCandies bites a police officer in Stamford.  He was on the drug PCP.  He was charged with criminal trespass, assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and a lot of other charges.  If this man was not on PCP, would he have bitten the police officer?  Often, when a person is high on drugs, they do something that they normally would not do if they were sober.  PCP proves itself to be a powerful hallucinogen. 

Another man by the name of Mario Granados was suspected of attacking a police officer in Fontana.  It is reported by that he attacked police while he was high on PCP.  Even though the cops struck him several times with a baton, he would still not stop struggling.  He was even shot with a taser. It took police awhile to arrest him because of the struggle.

People often wonder why baton strikes don’t have much of an effect on the victim when trying to be placed under arrest.  This is mainly because PCP gives people a high tolerance for pain.  Many young police officers have never seen the effects of PCP on a person being arrested because it is no longer considered a highly abused drug. However, some people are still using PCP as their drug of choice.

Many police officers are accused of police brutality in many PCP arrest cases.  This is mainly because they have been caught on video trying to arrest people on the drug. 

In most videos, they are seen hitting someone with a baton multiple times and offering wrestling with the victims. What people often don’t understand is that someone on PCP may be resistant to pain. 

The drug effects your ability to feel pain.  Arresting someone that is high on PCP is often a difficult process for police officers.  It will often take several police officers to arrest one suspect on PCP.

How Did Prescription Drugs Kill Anna Nicole Smith?

According to, nine prescription drugs killed Anna Nicole Smith.  Most of these drugs were psychiatric drugs in nature.  The once loved former Playboy model was known for her charm and wanting to be famous. 

Many refer to her as being one of the first reality television stars.  She died of an accidental overdose like her son Daniel did.  There deaths were only a year apart.  Many people believe that she died of a broken heart.  Since Daniel died in the Bahamas, his death was ruled by a Bahamian jury in court.  They said that he died of an accidental drug overdose. There was no foul play. 

Daniel died from multiple drugs to include antidepressants and methadone.  There seemed to be a difference of opinion when it came to Daniels drug use. 

Anna Nicole’s former boyfriend Larry Birkhead testified that he saw Daniel as a troubled young man with alcohol and drug problems. Anna’s other friend Stern said that he never saw Daniel using alcohol or drugs.   It is not clear as to how hard of a drug user Daniel was.  It was however clear that he died of a drug overdose. 

The question arises about Anna Nicole’s death because people wonder if she was warned about the harmful effects of taking so many drugs at once.  Since most of the drugs in her system were prescribed by a doctor, she may have not known that taking so many at once was deadly. 

Many people today take a combination of prescription drugs because their doctor tells them that it’s okay to do so. However, is it safe to be taking a cocktail of anti-anxiety drugs with depression pills and mixing it with sleeping pills?  Everyone should always follow their doctor’s advice.  However, in some cases, doctors do not always do what is right.

In the case of Michael Jackson’s death, his doctor Conrad Murray received a two-year sentence for killing the famous Pop Star Icon.  The jury ruled that the doctor gave him a lethal dose of Demerol which eventually took his life.  The jury found that the doctor should not have been giving him this.  The doctor argued that he felt that Michael Jackson did need this dosage in order to help him sleep and to calm his other symptoms.

Many celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe die of a prescription overdose as well.  A lot of celebrities die from prescription overdose because their doctors are not informing them of the painful nature of the drug.  Often, people fail to realize how addictive these drugs can be.  A cocktail of prescription drugs can often lead a person to their death if not taken correctly.  In many deaths, prescription drug overdose is often linked to the cause of death.

How to Get a Judge to Send You to Rehab Instead of Prison

Your life has finally come to a place where you are having to go to jail because of your drug use.  You are scared because jail is known to be a place where a lot of hardened criminals go.  You are now wishing that you would have gotten help. However, it is now too late? Or is it?

Many jails today are overcrowded, and many states are seeing drug and alcohol rehabilitation as being a better alternative.  Instead of judges sending someone to jail for a drug related offense, they are choosing to send them to rehab.   Since jails do not rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicts, it is wiser to send someone to treatment.  In this way, you can help solve the problem that is happening to begin with. 

The first steps in trying to get a judge to send you to rehab instead of jail is to ask your lawyer to recommend this.  Your lawyer is going to have to convince the judge that sending you to treatment is more beneficial to sending you to jail. 

Depending on what your crime is, many addicts can go into rehab instead of jail.  If your offense did not involve a crime such as taking someone’s life or inflicting injury on someone, you may have a chance at rehab instead of prison.

In some circumstances, your sentence may be 6 months.  Instead of sending you to prison, some judges would rather you spend your six months learning how to stay sober for life.  This is a much better alternative. This works especially well for young adults that may have had a problem with drug addiction from early ages.

Texas and California have used both drug/alcohol rehab in place of prison sentenced many times. These states have seen a much better turnaround for the people.  If the offender is sent to prison, they have a much likelier chance of returning to prison because they were never taught how to stay off drugs/alcohol to begin with. 

It is important that you allow your lawyer to understand the reasons why you would rather go to rehab then to jail.  If you have never been to an alcohol/drug treatment center, now may be the time to do it. 

What Are The Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in South Florida?

South Florida is known for its alcohol and drug treatment centers. Some people joke around and say that there is a rehab on practically every corner.  It is true that Florida has many drug/alcohol treatment centers. However, only a few of them stand out. Here is a short guide to finding the best alcohol/drug treatment centers in Florida:

  • The Watershed – This treatment center has several locations. One of their treatment centers is in Boca Raton Florida.  The centers philosophy is to help addict’s recovery from their addiction.  They want to get people clean and sober for life.  Their program has helped many people in South Florida.  The program has: medical detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, residential rehabilitation, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and a halfway house program.

  • The Treatment Center – A fully accredited addiction treatment center located in South Florida. They have accreditation with the joint commission.  Their philosophy is to restore hope in everyone that walks through their door. 

  • Ocean Breeze Recovery – A nationally recognized treatment center accredited by JCAHO. They are licensed by the state of Florida and are available through phone and email.  They offer chiropractic care, beach meditation and relaxation, transportation, fitness and so much more. 

  • Life Skills South Florida – Located in Deerfield Beach, FL. Some of the programs offered here are substance use disorders, outpatient facility program and more.  They treat clients with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.  It is also known for treating obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.  The center takes calls 7 days a week. They admit clients Monday through Thursday until 3:00 p.m.  

Many people that go to these facilities are in Jupiter Florida, West Palm Beach Florida, New York City, New Jersey, Boca Raton and other parts of the east coast.  Anyone can call these treatment centers from any part of the United States.

Why Is Delray Beach Florida Seeing More Drug Overdose Deaths These Days?

Delray Beach is known for its family festivals, beaches, art galleries and upscale shops.  It also has its own share of drug problems as well.  It has a fun night life for most tourists.

In June of 2015, the SunSentinel wrote an article about the dramatic increases in heroin overdoses in May of 2015.  The police reported that 17 people overdosed from heroin.  Another startling fact is that 3 people died. 

If you consider that 26 people have died between January and June of 2015, may seems to bring the most deaths.  It is hard to say as to why this happens in any community.  An investigation must be put into play in order to find out why this is happening. 

Heroin abuse is not only a problem in Delray Beach. It also seems to be a problem in West Palm Beach and Miami as well.  Heroin is on its way back according to law enforcement agencies. Police are seeing more people using heroin now than it has in the past.  Local leaders are also trying to figure out why this occurred.

Heroin never completely left eastern states.  New York City and New Jersey are also seeing higher incidents of heroin addiction.  Heroin addiction is highly addictive and should be treated by a professional alcohol/drug rehab. 

Attacking the drug problem in Delray Beach, FL will take a careful plan put together by the local police and political leaders.  When drug addiction takes over any community, it is important to have many professional leaders involved in the salutation problem. Often, licensed psychologists and drug treatment specialists must provide a solution as well. 

It is important that communities get educated on why drugs are harmful for them.  As each generation comes forward, new education methods must be brought out as well.  People must understand the harmful effects of heroin and other illegal type drugs can do to your body. 

Why Does A Jupiter Florida Man Bites his Girlfriend While on a Drug Rampage?

Jupiter Florida is the home of many celebrities such as: Tiger Woods, Rick Ankiel, Michael Jordan and Dara Torres.  It is known for its upscale living community and friendly quiet atmosphere.  However, it also has its share of drug and alcohol related problems. 

In March of 2015, a man by the name of Daniel Leneve went on a naked rampage inside of a house.  He was telling everyone that they were going to die in a screaming tone.  He apparently took 3 tabs of acid or LSD with his girlfriend.  When the police tried to arrest him, he was said to have been screaming that everyone was going to die. He was also giving struggle to the police while being arrested.

The police tried to calm him down, but they did not have much luck.  The story gets worse.  Daniel Leneve then bit his girlfriend’s finger when she was pointing it in his face.  She had to get treated at the hospital for her injuries. 

Drug addiction can happen in both rich and poor communities.  Wealthier communities often deal more with prescription drug addiction than illegal drugs such as heroin and crack.  However, no drug discriminates against one person of any background. 

It is possible that Leneve did not understand the drug that he was taking.  Without education, people will tend to take drugs because they heard that it makes them feel good.  Young adults often have trouble with alcohol and drugs because they don’t understand the harmful effects of them.  In this case, Leneve was 18 and his girlfriend was 17.  If police would have not shown up, this could have been a fatal incident. 

We often hear of men and women running around naked when they are high on a drug.  This can happen for various reasons. 

Parents often don’t know how to help their son or daughter that is addicted to drugs.  It is important to get your child help as fast as you can.  Every day that your child is on drugs, is another day that they can overdose.  Many drug/alcohol treatment centers have admissions counselors on the phone 24 hours daily to take your call.  Know that you can get the help that you need when you need it most.

Why Should You Stay Away from the Miami Florida Party Life?

Each year, millions of tourists enter Miami Florida in order to hang out at the beaches, party in night clubs and visit amusement parks.  Miami is known for its wonderful eating establishments and 24-hour party nightlife.  However, it is also known for its drug abuse. 

In many nightclubs throughout Miami, drugs are being distributed.  South beach has a high number of drug dealers ready to sell all types of drugs to locals and tourists alike.  If you have ever had a problem with drugs in your life, it is important to stay away from the Miami night life. 

In the 1980’s, Miami was known as the cocaine capital of America.  Movies like Scarface depicted the character Tony Montana as being one of the major players of drug deals. Driving through Miami today is not much different.  Drug smugglers from all over the world tend to bring drugs in through Miami.   It is still a problem in the 21st century. 

Many young adults visit Miami for various reasons.  Most people that go to Florida are looking for a way to get out of the cold weather that most states feel during the wintertime.  However, partying is also on their mind.  Miami can be a lot like Los Vegas. 

People are often looking to have fun and party during their stay.  However, many tourists may find Miami to be a place where they cannot control their addictive habits. 

Some ex-addicts think that they can party in Miami and stay sober at the same time.  Most will find this to be impossible or extremely challenging. Wherever you go, drugs seem to be the center of attention for a lot of people.

For some people, avoiding Miami altogether is a must.  For others, knowing where to have fun in Miami is a good option.  Having fun in your hotel is one of the best ways to have fun in Miami. If you stay in a hotel, you can have fun with the people that are around you. 

You can take your family and sober friends with you and have a small get together in your room. It is nice to have room service bring you a meal for the night and some nonalcoholic beverages.  If you choose to go out, hang out with sober friends. 

Make sure that someone can hold you accountable.  Be sure to stay outside and only go into places that you know 100% have no temptations for drug use.  Sometimes going to a funny comedy show at night can take the temptation to going out to a night club.  You can also spend the night at a casino or see a movie.  There are lots of ways to have fun in Miami without losing your sobriety. At the end of the day, only you can force yourself to stay completely sober.Why Do Celebrities Often Need Rehab to Battle their Drug and Alcohol Addictions?

It is not uncommon to hear about celebrities that need alcohol/drug rehab now a days.  Many stars have gone to rehab.  These include: Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, Keith Urban and Elton John. 

Even though they have successful careers, they often battle stress, anxiety and depression that comes along with being famous.  Some celebrities don’t feel that they need rehab until it is too late.  Some wait until they get a DUI or get involved in some type of crime before attending rehab. 

If you like reading about celebrities, check out In this blog, you will find hundreds of stories about celebrities that had to attend rehab.  You are not alone if you are a celebrity and need help. 

Many up and coming young adults are in the Hollywood scene regularly and have drug/alcohol related issues.  They often fear exposure and refuse to get treatment.

If you need rehab, there is no shame in getting it. Some celebrities say that getting treatment for their addiction is the first step in admitting that they even have a problem to begin with.

Celebrities often have pressure and cannot allow themselves to show it in public.  People often look up to celebrities for hope, happiness and to feel like someone is perfect.  Unfortunately, nobody is perfect in life.  If you know of a celebrity that needs help, it is important to talk with a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center about the problems that they are having. Often, you will find a caring voice on the other side of the phone.  

We can all see that money does not mean you are without problems. In fact, many celebrities have drug problems because they lead a stressful life. They don’t know how to escape the problems of drug use.

In the 21st century, we can see that drug/alcohol addiction is everywhere.  Just turn on your television set or browse the internet.  There are many stories related to the issue. We often lose sight of what is most important in life.

How to Get Admitted into Rehab on a Shoestring Budget

Rehab can be expensive if you don’t have much money to begin with.  Many treatment centers in the United States charge as much as $30,000 for a 30-day treatment program. 

Others can give you a discount of around $10,000 for a full program.  In order to see what you qualify for; it is best to call each individual treatment center. 

You may be surprised to find out that a treatment center is willing to give you a 30-day scholarship. This means that you will not have to pay anything while you are receiving treatment.   Many treatment facilities give a certain amount of scholarships each month.  Some may give only 1 and others may give as much as 5. 

Other options that are available are borrowing money from friends and relatives. Many families want to contribute to your sobriety.  They don’t want to see you getting high or drunk anymore.

Many families want to see you sober.  Some families can pool their money together in order to get you into rehab.  If your family is not able, you may think about buying yourself insurance. 

People that have private medical insurance often have an easier time getting into rehab because insurance companies often cover most of the cost.  Some people only have an out of pocket of around $500.00.  If you have no insurance, you may investigate this. 

If private insurance or cash pay is not an option, you may have to check yourself into a hospital.  Hospitals often have their own treatment programs set up for alcohol and drug abuse.  This often does not cost the patient any money.  

Another option is the department of veteran’s affairs.  Some veteran hospitals are set up for people to get treatment for their addictions.  If you are a veteran, you should contact your local veteran hospital.  No matter what your financial situation is, help is just a phone call away.

What Is The Link Between Prostitution and Drug Addiction?

A lot of women and men turn to prostitution in order to pay for their drug addiction.  Once a person gets addicted to drugs such as heroin and crack, their body constantly needs to be fed the drug for someone not to go into withdrawal. 

Withdrawal is a painful situation in which a person has extreme sweats and it can be life threatening.  It is important to get checked into a professional and licensed detox center for help. 

Many prostitutes on the street today are prostituting themselves in order to pay for the drugs.  A heroin addiction can often cost around $200.00 per day.  Once addicted, a person cannot stop taking the drug on their own.  A person often loses sight of who they are and turn to prostitution in order to have way to pay for the drugs.

Many drug addicts are ashamed of their prostitution and often hide it from their families.  Families often find out that their loved one is a prostitute by word of mouth or because they have gotten arrested by the police. 

Prostitution is often quick and easy money for someone needed their next hit.  Some prostitutes work for as little as $20.00 to only pay for their drug of choice.  There are some prostitutes that earn as much as $400.00 an hour.  Often, the drug world sees a lot of prostitution.  Some people sell their body for drugs and others sell it for financial gain.

When a person is addicted to drugs, they often cannot afford to pay for their daily supply.  Some drug addicts’ resort to stealing from their families and friends. However, this is often not enough money to pay for a habit.  Without rehab, a person’s life becomes out of control.  If you know someone that has a drug and alcohol problem, chances are that they are engaging in some type of prostitution.  The more addicted a person becomes to drugs, the worse that they get.

When someone goes through treatment, they learn how to stay away from the drug that got them addicted.  They also learn how to live a life without drugs and alcohol.  Learning how to live a sober life takes time, therapy and treatment. 

Is It Fun to Have a Drug Free Halloween Party?

Halloween is just around the corner.  Lots of people will be going to parties with their friends and family members.  These parties often have a lot of liquor, beer and other alcoholic beverages. 

If you are sober and looking to stay that way, it may be best for you to throw your own sober Halloween party.  Many ex-drug addicts and alcoholics look forward to drug free parties.  To get started, make your party fun.  Ask everyone that you want to invite to wear a Halloween Costume.

Make sure it is mandatory.  Everyone must show up in a costume. Next, have your food catered by a professional chef. Tell them what types of food you like. Some people prefer finger foods and others like to have full open buffets.  No matter what you choose, I am sure your guests will enjoy themselves.

For entertainment, start your guests off by having a social moment. Invite a comedian to your home that can entertain your guests.  You will find everyone having a good time with laughing and not thinking about alcohol and drugs. Make sure to have plenty of refreshments such as soda and fruit juices.  Some people like to have a non-alcoholic punch bowl as well. 

It is important that you keep your guests entertained. The more that their mind is entertained, the less likely they are to think of alcohol and drugs. 

If your crowd is more into a quiet setting, it is important to give them a scary movie to watch. Remind them of the holiday and that you can still have fun.  Some favorites are the movie Halloween and Friday the 13th. Any scary movie will do. If your guests are spunkier and party animals, it is important to hire a DJ. You can have a lot of fun dancing sober.  You can have a dance contest and give the winner a prize. 

Entertain your guests with funny jokes and conversation.  In order to make the party more fun, add sobriety stories.  Have a few guests stand up and tell their story of why they decided to become sober.  You can make this both a fun and educational party at the same time. 

Where to High Profile Celebrities Go for Rehab?

Celebrities often demand nothing but the best.  They often go to drug and alcohol rehabs that are a lot different than what the average person may be used to.  Here is a list of some of the finest rehabs in the United States that celebrities have gone to. 

  • Promises Treatment Center – Many celebrities have gone here to include Robert Downy, Jr., Britney spears, Ben Affleck and Diana Ross. The setting is in beautiful Malibu California.  This rehab is known throughout the world.  The price is just under $9,000 a week on the average.  As stated on their homepage, this place is those who are used to luxury living.  They offer Gourmet meals, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, phone and internet access, tennis court, meditation areas and private rooms.  The center is within a gated community and no rules about having contact with the outside world.  The accommodations are breathe taking and you will not even feel like you are in a rehab. 

  • Betty Ford Clinic – Celebrities such as Keith Urban, Ozzy Osbourne and Chevy Chase have gone here for rehab. This is in California as well.  It is estimated that you can stay here for around $6,000 a month.  It is best to call the clinic to see about pricing options.
  • Passages Rehab Facility – Celebrities that have stayed here have been Stephen Baldwin, Andy Dick and David Hasselhoff. The cost is a little under forty thousand dollars for a 30 day stay.  If you visit, you will find that it has beautiful ocean views, tennis courts, therapy and a host of other services.  It has become a favorite for people that need rehab.  It is not as well-known as Promises, but it still has a flavor for success.
  • Caron Foundation – This facility has given celebrities such as Miss USA Tara Conner and Steven Tyler a second chance at life. This rehab is perfect for anyone looking to get sober in a non-profit facility.
  • Wonderland – Located in Los Angeles California. Celebrities that have gone to this facility have been Christian Slater, Mike Tyson, Pat O’Brian and Lindsay Lohan.  This facility has 2 swimming pools and offers its clients tour support services.  People that go to this rehabilitation center say that the program helps them.  It has a great reputation for people that can afford to come here. 
  • Crossroads – Located in Antigua. It has given lots of celebrities a chance again.  Celebrities like Eric Clapton, Billy Joel and Britney Spears have gone here for treatment.  Clients get beach time and yoga classes on a regular basis.  It is known throughout the world to be a professional place where someone can come in to get sober. 

What Are Some Activities for a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

If you own or work for an alcohol and drug treatment center, you are probably asking yourself, “What can make my facility stand out amongst the others? How can I attract someone to my rehab?” 

Every treatment center claims to have the best program for alcohol and drug addiction.  However, so few have the activities that draw people into the facility.  Here are some ideas that you can add to your program in order to entice people to come in and do more.

  • Horse Back Riding – Most everyone that I know loves horses and animals in general. They give you such peace and allow you to care for something other than yourself.  You will find that your clients enjoy petting the horses each day and incorporating a program in which they can take care of the horses will allow them to take their eyes off themselves. 
  • Trips to the Beach – During the week, people are at work. Beaches are usually empty.  You can take your clients to the beach and have them absorb some of the sun beating down on their faces.  They will enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean and the birds that fly around.  This is a perfect activity if you live in a warm climate all year around.  Many people in the world today say that a beach gives them comfort.

  • Fishing – Believe it or not, men and women like to fish. If you can rent a boat, it is a perfect outing for your clients.  You can rent some row boats or a motorboat.  Going out on a lake for the day is a perfect activity that will bond your clients.  You can show them how to live their life with great activities on a day to day basis.  Your clients will enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake as well. 

  • Flag Football – You can help your clients to understand that they can still have fun for free. You only need a soft football and some different colored rags.  Each client has one.  When the flag is pulled off the player, it is considered a tackle.  Nobody will get hurt.  Your residents will enjoy this as part of their sobriety experience. 

  • Board Games – Good old-fashioned board games. Remember how Monopoly and Scrabble were fun games in the 1980’s.  You can bring this back to your clients by showing them how to have fun together with others.  You will see your clients smiling as they ramp of their wealth in Monopoly or figure out words with Scrabble.  It is a great experience for people of all ages.

  • Trip to an Animal Shelter – Your clients can play with the abandoned animals an animal shelter. Often, dogs, cats and other animals stay caged 24 hours a day without any visitors.  Your clients can give and receive love from these animals at a shelter and learn how to express their feelings once again. Some of your clients will feel a sense of love for the animals and want to help them.  They can get in touch with their own feelings of abandonment and often bring their emotions back to their therapist for healing. 

How to Deal with Your Daddy Issues During Drug/Alcohol Rehab

When you enter a 30-day inpatient drug/alcohol treatment facility, you may find your daddy issues arising out of your spirit during counseling.  You may feel like the pain inside of your heart relates to an absentee father in your life.  Many men and women today grew up without a father. 

Some had a father in the home but felt mistreated and neglected as well.  Many people in rehab refer to this as having “daddy issues”.  There is nothing wrong about having daddy issues.  A parent is supposed to make you feel loved, protected and cared for growing up. If you missed out on this, you may indeed be suffering.  Believe it or not, it can be the root cause of why you are taking drugs or drinking alcohol to begin with.

Often, human beings fail to forget about a parent that abandoned them or hurt them in some way.  As children, we are taught to obey our parents and not talk back to them. Often, children do not know how to express their emotions.  If they feel like their father was not there for them, they usually fail to tell their father how they feel.  If someone feels like they are not cared for by a parent, they often turn to drugs and alcohol to absorb this pain. 

When you are in a 30-day inpatient program, you are assigned a therapist.  Your therapist will often make you talk about what is troubling you.  At first, you may feel ashamed and embarrassed to talk about your emotions.  Perhaps you think that you should not even have these “daddy issues” anymore because you are now in your 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s.  However, your feelings are unique, and you have the right to feel what comes out of your heart naturally. 

In some cases, clients tell their therapists that they were abused by their father in some way, shape or form.  Often, bringing this shame to the surface allows the hurt to come out. Once you realize that it was not your fault, you begin to realize that you are worthy to be loved. 

It takes time to dig into the roots of your relationship with your father.  You need to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions with your therapist. Let your therapist know what is really troubling you. Often, people feel embarrassed to talk about their real feelings in therapy.  However, once you express your emotions, you begin to understand that it is okay to express yourself.

After rehab, you may find that confronting your father about how you really feel will help you to heal as well.  It is usually uncomfortable for a parent to hear about your painful memories.  Some parents will not even acknowledge what you are saying is true.  If you can find any healing by talking to your father, it is a good thing.  You may not get the response that you are looking for, but you can find some healing there.

Is it Okay to Get Drunk on Your Plane Ride to Rehab?

Some people that hop on a plane and go to rehab have the habit of getting drunk on their plane ride to rehab.  They think of it as their last time to get drunk.  They know that once they get off the airplane, they will enter detox and then a 30-day inpatient treatment program.   This is a huge commitment for anyone. 

Even though you are about to become sober, it is never a good idea to get drunk on an airplane.  In fact, many airlines will not allow you to fly unless you are boarding sober.  People that get drunk in an airport are often told that they cannot fly that day.  Unfortunately, you may have to spend your night in a hotel until you are sober enough to fly.  It is best to stay sober before and while you are in the air.  I know that this is something that you may not want to hear. 

It is not uncommon for a person to smoke three packs of cigarettes the day before they give up smoking.   They often think in the back of their mind that they can never touch another pack of cigarettes again, so let me go out with a bang. 

This is not healthy, and binging is not okay.  You can get sick by doing this and cause your body more harm than good.  The best way to stop any habit is to educate yourself why you need to stop.

Look at some pictures of people that have died from drinking alcohol.  Many celebrities have died of drug overdoses and alcohol intoxication over the years.  May their stories show you why it is not a good idea for you to drink and get high?  When we begin to understand the true harmful effects of an addiction, we can fully see why we must not turn back to it because it is simply not good for us. 

When you agree to start a new life for yourself, it is best to try to get sober as soon as you can.  You have already made a commitment that you don’t want to get high anymore.  Getting intoxicated daily is something that you don’t wish to entertain. It is understandable that you are feeling this way. 

Feel blessed that you already know that you have a problem.  It is a good idea to write down your feelings.  Describe why you feel that you want to get drunk to begin with.  When you understand why you are drinking to begin with, you build a new life for yourself.

How to Handle Death While You Are in Rehab

There is nothing more devastating than finding out that your loved one died while you are admitted into an inpatient facility.  From time to time, clients of rehab centers lose a loved one while they are in treatment.  It is hard enough trying to get sober with your own troubles. Now you are having to deal with the loss of a loved one as well.

First, know that you are doing a good thing by being in rehab.  Second, your loved one would want you to stay in rehab in order to get better.  People often wonder if they should attend a funeral while they are trying to get sober. 

As hard as it is to stay, it is best that you stay in rehab.  I know that you are going to miss the funeral, but you can visit the gravesite of your loved one once you have completed your pogrom.  If you leave now, you may face a relapse.  This will be devastating for your entire family.  You may put your life on the line. When we are sad and upset, we often make bad choices.

When you first find out that someone has died, it is important to talk with your counselor immediately. If you must attend the funeral, make sure that you have an escort from the treatment center that you are in to go along with you. 

They will steer you away from temptations that may arise on your journey back home. It is important to explain how you are feeling.  If you feel like getting drunk or high, return to the treatment center again. Most clients are not able to go to a funeral and stay sober because their pain is too intense.  They still have not fully learned how to react under pressure.  Your old habits tend to kick in. 

As hard as it is to accept, you must understand that the person that died loved you as well.  Their hope was to see you get better.   If you fail now, you will not make them happy or yourself. In fact, you will feel a sense of sadness in your life.  Talking about your feelings and telling your counselor how you feel will help you to see that you can cope with this situation. 

Your Addicted and so is the Person that You are Married to

Families are often addicted to alcohol or drugs.  Many husbands and wives struggle to keep sober because the person that they are married to is an addict as well.  It will not be easy for a married couple to get sober if they are continuing to live together.

You may find that your lives are spinning out of control.  It is important to get yourself into a drug and alcohol approved facility.  Many rehabs have family programs for people that need it.  Often, a husband and wife will be split up on a treatment facility in order to get into why you are addicted to begin with. 

In order to get rid of these addictions, you need to have a treatment center program.  If everyone in your household is not treated, you are more likely to go back to hold habits. 

Many men and women spend their entire lives trying to get clean. However, many find it almost impossible to get clean if their mind is always on drugs/alcohol. 

In order to get your spouse into a rehab with you, it is important to tell them the reasons why.  Mention that you love them.  Tell them that getting sober is necessary if you are going to have a long-term relationship. 

Without treatment, the both of you are headed for trouble.  Some families must get other family members to intervene and say, “You all must go to rehab.”  It is not easy to admit that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol. 

Are Illegal Drugs and Alcohol Abused in the Military?

Prescription drug abuse is becoming a problem in the United States military.  Many soldiers are abusing prescription medication for various reasons. 

The reason why prescription drugs are a problem is because they are not considered illegal for use.  Many drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crack can show up on a drug test.  If a soldier is caught using an illegal drug, they will most likely get kicked out of the military.  However, if they are using a prescribed drug from their doctor, they are not considered to be abusing drugs. 

Prescription drug abuse is a problem in and outside of the military.  Soldiers often become stressed out and depressed while deployed.  They often turn to psychiatric drugs for relief.  Many psychiatric drugs relieve anxiety and depression. 

Many young soldiers drink alcohol with their battle buddies on the weekends as well.  It is not uncommon to hear of a group of soldiers going out and having a few drinks with their friends.  Many soldiers enjoy getting drunk on their time off from work.  Many soldiers do not even realize that they are an alcoholic.  Many soldiers need rehab and don’t even know it. 

Did you know that in 2008, 11% of service men and women admitted to abusing prescription drugs?  Most of the widely misused drugs are opioid pain medications.   These drugs are often easily given out to soldiers for a variety of reasons. 

Most soldiers complain to military physicians about being in pain because they are carrying heavy loads on their back and often suffering from injuries.  However, why has pain medication prescriptions quadrupled between 2001 and 2009? 

Are we living in a culture that wants a pill every time that we feel sick or are in pain?  Many pain pill abusers are combining their pain medication with alcohol and sleeping pills as well.  For some, a cocktail of medications is given daily.  This has been proven to be deadly for many celebrities that went down the same path. 

It is also a fact that alcohol is more abused in the military than amongst the civilian population.   Service members also have a high percentage of smokers as well. 

In a 2008 survey, 30% of all military members said that they smoked.  It has recently been reported in the media that suicides are up in the military as well.  Some experts blame it on the long deployments that soldiers were enduring. 

The military is having its share of problems with prescription drug abuse.  It is much like civilian life.  It is hard to say what the best salutation to the problem should be.  It is reported that the United States Army has recently been monitoring its soldier’s prescriptions if they are taking multiple ones.

Your Child is Watching Alcohol Commercials on Television: What to do?

No matter how hard we try, our children will be exposed to commercials that you wish they never saw.  Do you remember the commercial from Budweiser? They showcased the Budweiser Frogs.  There were three frogs.  Each one said a different word.

The famous words were Bud-Weis-Er.  Millions of households watched these commercials repeatedly.  Many of the commercials were watched by children.   Children often don’t understand the product that is being advertised. However, if it is created in a cartoon or fun like fashion, children are more prone to pay attention to it. 

It is important to teach your children early about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.  Unfortunately, children will be exposed to drugs and alcohol at some point in their life.  If you educate them about how harmful they are to their mind, body and spirit, they will understand to stay away from them.

You cannot stop the mass exposure of the media when it comes to advertising alcohol or prescription drugs.  However, you can help your child to understand what they can do to keep away from these substances. 

Your child should have a clear understanding on how alcohol impairs your ability to drive or even function on a day to day basis. The more that your child knows, the better.  You will be happy that you gave your child that education long before they got introduced to it in the street. 

What to do if you get Fired Because Of Your Alcoholism?

Alcoholism runs in families according to many top psychologists.  If you have been fired on your job because of your alcoholism, it is time to get yourself checked into a treatment center.  You have a much better chance at finding employment again if a potential employer knows that you are now clean and sober. 

Employers often don’t want to give people a chance again if they know that you have not gone to rehab and got cleaned up. Most employers see you as a liability because you can show up drunk to work or start fighting with other employees if you are intoxicated. 

You should also try apologizing to your boss to see if he is willing to allow you to come back if you agree to go to rehab.  Even if you hate your boss, it is good to do because you don’t want the company to give you a poor reference if you should ever leave. 

Many employers are open to allowing their employees to come back to work if they get clean and sober.  Nobody likes to see someone hurting.  If you show your boss that you are irresponsible, he is less likely to let you come back. 

In your conversation with your boss, tell him why you chose to drink while on the job.  Sometimes, honesty will get you a lot of sympathy with an employer that wants you to perform well on your job. 

Many bosses have had problems of their own with alcohol and drug abuse.  Sometimes a family member of your employer has also had problems.  You might be surprised. 

The last thing that you should do is to avoid the situation totally.   Your boss needs to hear at least an apology.  Unfortunately, your job performance will follow you wherever you go.