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Alcohol Addiction Symptoms: Definitive Guide

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms: Definitive Guide

What Are Some Alcohol Addiction Symptoms?

Today, someone in the United States died of a drug overdose.  He or she may have been someone that you knew.  When someone that you love overdoses, it may feel like you have nothing else to live for. 

Many wives, husbands and parents lose someone that they love to alcohol and drugs every single day.  Your experience is unique in the sense that nobody else knew that person the way that you did.  Every relationship is unique in the world that we live in.

Dealing with grief takes time, patience and acceptance.  Your first state is shock. You will often feel like the person is still coming back.  It may not even seem real. They were with you just a short while ago and now you are told that they overdosed on drugs or died of an alcohol related death.

Surround yourself with family, friends and loved ones that knew the victim. It is important to share your story with them.  Express your hurt, pain and love. 

You will find a lot of comfort from people that are experiencing similar emotions as you are.  It is important to not be alone currently.  Expressing yourself is an important part of dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The thought of a person never coming back again is frightening.  You are feeling something that a lot of others have felt that have lost someone to drugs and alcohol. It may not seem fair, but it is what happened.

Next, dig deep into your faith.  Ask God to help you to get through this tough time.  Our faith helps us to see that there is something else out there that is much bigger than ourselves.  We are not alone when it comes to dealing with life circumstances.

It is a good time to pay a visit to your pastor, minister or clergy.  Scheduling a counseling session will help you to privately get something off your chest.  You can express your anger, fear and pain with someone that truly cares.

Many grief therapists know how to talk to you about what you are experiencing right now.  You may be shocked to find out that therapist’s care about what you are going through.  They are not only doing it for a paycheck after all. Instead, they are there to help you in your time of trouble.

Speaking with friends and loved ones often helps us to see that we are not alone.   You may be surprised to find out that the people that you speak to, have also had a similar experience to yourself.

A drug overdose always seems to happen when we least expect.  Often, a friend or relative calls us to let us know that someone has died that we truly cared for.  It is never easy news to hear.

Journaling out your feelings also helps to relieve the pain of a lost one.  You may come to realize that you are not even aware of the feelings that are going on inside of you.  When you write them down on paper, they seem to make sense. Suddenly, you begin to feel a sense of what is happening inside of you.  Eventually, you will feel like you are healing from your loss.

Having a Successful Family Day at a Drug Rehab with Your Loved One

Your loved one has now been in rehab for a couple of weeks.  They are inpatient and you are excited to see them.  Your first thoughts are that they are going to be happy to see you as well. 

However, this is not always the case.  For starters, your loved one has been experiencing a time of counseling, group therapy and getting in touch with themselves. 

You may be shocked to find out that you are a part of the problem.  Perhaps you felt like your loved one is going to thank you for all the love that you always gave to them. 

However, family day may be a time where your loved one confronts you with something that may not even make sense.  In order to deal with this, tell them that you care about them and are happy that they are getting treatment.

Family day should be a time when you say to yourself, “My family member needs to know that I care about them.”  Most family members understand how important it is to give love, respect and care for a family member that is in rehab. 

However, don’t expect them to tell you every detail about the program. Often, they are dealing with detox and understanding why they got addicted in the first place. 

Many parents are often saddened by the fact that their child is blaming them for becoming a drug addict.  Expect the unexpected and do not fight with the person that is in rehab.  Instead, try to be more understanding to what they are trying to say.

Some family days are great.  You may be received by your loved one with wide open arms and a friendly kiss.  They may want you to sit down and talk with you about all aspects of life.

They now feel free to just be themselves. You know 100% that they are sober for the first time in a while.  You may recognize that they have a certain twinkle in their eyes that they did not know was there before.  Instead of being jittery, you may now see them as being calm, collective and funny.

30, 60- and 90-Day Rehab Programs: Which is for the Best?

If your loved one has been to treatment before, you may be asking yourself if a 30-day rehab program is good enough for them.  After all, they are needing treatment again and they already spent 30 days in a rehab last year.  The answer to this question varies from treatment center to treatment center.  It is best to ask the admissions team about their thoughts and feelings about this question.

Most people stay in treatment for 30 days.  If someone needs more time in treatment, family members may choose to keep their loved one there.  Treatment often costs $1,000 a day.  Private health insurance often pays the costs.  However, many families often must chip in money for out of pocket deductibles. Others must pay cash for treatment.

Rehab is more than just detoxing. It is a mind changing experience.  A person must get in touch with their emotions and learn how to stay sober. If that takes longer than 30 days, then it is what it will take.  Always look at rehab as a personal experience.  Some people feel great after two weeks.

Start out with a 30-day program. If you believe your loved one needs more time, tell them.  Many people already know that 30 days is not enough for them.  If you can afford to keep them in for longer periods of time, it is to their best advantage.

Is There Ever a Bad Time to Go to Drug Rehab?

The worst time to go into a drug rehab program is when you don’t want to commit to changing your life.  If you feel like your friends, family and loved ones want you to go that is not enough of a reason to go. 

There are many different phases to getting sober. Step one is detox.  Step two is arriving at your treatment center.  If you are not willing to get clean, the chances of you staying with the program is slim to none.  Something inside of you must feel like you have had enough.

The best time to connect with your addiction is right now.  Allow yourself to understand that getting treated is your responsibility.  At first, you may wonder if you can make it through a 30-day program.

That is only normal and natural.  After that, you can decide for yourself what is going to work best for you.  Some people need to experience an outpatient facility before they decide to go to an inpatient facility. 

Many people that choose an outpatient program do so because they don’t want to feel like they are being locked away for 30 days. In fact, most outpatient programs don’t take a person out of their environment. Therefore, people often go right back to what they were doing before because they never left their place of comfort to begin with. 

Many treatment centers in the United States agree that the best place to get help for drug and alcohol addiction is outside of your home state.  If you stay in your home state, you are going to remember all the same things that you were used to doing.  Hanging out with friends doing drugs, drinking and partying will also bring back memories. 

Only go to rehab if you feel the need to change and want to change. Do it for yourself, family and loved ones.  Get real with yourself and own up to getting sober.

Does Alcoholism Run in Your Fathers Family?

You’re an alcoholic and your father was also.  Chances are, your grandfather and his father were as well.  Experts have been researching alcoholism for more than a generation.  Some top experts say that alcoholism is hereditary. 

If you follow a person’s heritage, you will see that many generations have either died of alcoholism or been in alcohol related accidents. tells us in an article entitled, “Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse” that American Indians and Native Alaskans are more at risk of developing alcoholism.  The history has shown high rates of alcohol use. 

Not everyone understands alcoholism. Most people don’t know what an alcoholic is or if they are one.  If you are feeling ashamed of your alcohol consumption and have friends and family telling you to go to rehab, you probably have a problem. 

The only way to find out is by calling a drug and alcohol treatment program in your area.  Don’t wait until you black out somewhere to find out that your problem is a lot harder than you can deal with.  Getting sober takes time, effort and dedication.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, our genes are not the only factor as to who will become an alcoholic.  Scientists are now beginning to discover that some drugs help a person during treatment for alcohol abuse.  

The drug Naltrexone has been shown to help some men and women.  However, not everyone has good results with this drug. What works for one person may not work for another. 

Scientists are also discovering that just because your father drank alcohol in the past doesn’t mean that you are destined to become an alcoholic yourself. In fact, many people that had fathers and grandfathers drinking alcohol did not drink themselves. In order to find out if you can become an alcoholic, ask yourself some of these questions?

Do you think that alcohol is the only thing that can relax you?

Do you live for going to wild parties in order to get drunk at the end of the night?

Are you hoping to drink and not get caught when you are at work?

Do you have a difficult time stopping you’re drinking after only one or two drinks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may consider staying away from alcohol completely.  Many people that feel out of control with alcohol are usually aware of becoming an alcoholic at some point in their life. 

Fathers often recognize alcoholism in their children before anyone else does.  This is mainly because their children follow a similar pattern of their own growing up.  For some, alcoholism is a lifelong battle before it even begins. 

Many men and women say that they were tempted to drink large amounts of alcohol before they even started drinking to begin with.  The feeling was so irresistible that it was hard to fight it. This could mean a hereditary gene.

When to Call a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center for a Loved One?

Are you witnessing your loved one going through night sweats, slurred speech and poor balance?  Perhaps you are watching your loved one drinking high amounts of alcohol on a regular basis and it has you concerned. 

Usually, if you are concerned about your loved one having a problem with alcohol, they are usually addicted already.  Other signs are delayed reflexes, stomach pains and nausea, black outs and redness in their face.  There are many symptoms to alcoholism.  Your first step is to get help for your loved one. Often an intervention is needed by a professional interventionist if your loved one fails to listen to you about getting help. 

Many alcoholics don’t get help until it is too late.  Often when a person gets a DUI or finds themselves waking up in weird places, they don’t reach out for help.  If you have no medical insurance or cash to pay for treatment, your best bet would be to visit the website. 

It is a government resource website set up for people suffering from substance abuse and mental health problems.  If you do have medical insurance or around $10,000 + dollars to pay for inpatient treatment, you may find help at luxury treatment center. 

These treatment centers often have excellent programs for men and women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.  Often, these programs are set up for encouraging men and women to get help.  They have professional interventionists and counselors on staff willing to help your loved one.  The faster that you reach out, the sooner the process can start. 

Don’t be surprised if your loved one is saying that they don’t want or need help.  Most alcoholics are in denial until something legally happens to them that forces them to get help.  It may be too late to get assistance if an alcoholic kill someone while drinking behind the wheel.  It may be too late if their liver is damaged beyond repair.  Hopefully your situation is not that drastic yet. 

When calling someone for help, you are saving the alcoholics life. Without you and your caring heart, they most likely would have never gotten relief to begin with.  Admitting that you have a problem is a lot harder than most people think. 

Some alcoholics look around them and think that everyone drinks alcohol, so does it mean that everyone is an alcoholic?  The answer to this question is no.  Everyone is not an alcoholic.  Most people can consume one alcoholic beverage on a Saturday night with their friends and then not have to drink for another two weeks. 

An alcoholic needs a drink every single day.  Often, they will black out because they drank so much.  Other times, they become so tolerant that even a six pack of beer isn’t enough to get them buzzed.  You know in your heart that your loved one is an alcoholic.  The best time to call is right now.

Why do so Many Celebrities Find Comfort in Drug Usage?

If fame, fortune and success are supposed to make you happy, then why do a lot of celebrities turn to drugs?  This is a question that this article will address. Many celebrities are going to rehab these days.  Just look on the cover of any tabloid.  You can see the next face entering rehab for various reasons. These people are rich, powerful and successful.

A high-pressured job often leads people to use drugs.  Many celebrities look for quick and instant relief. If they don’t find it, they are more than likely reaching out for a drug to do the trick. 

Lots of celebrities attend parties.  There is a strange combination with money, celebrity and drugs at many of these parties.  When a celebrity wants something, they often get it.  These parties often are full of drugs like cocaine, heroin, pain killers and many more.  These types of drugs are often easy to get. 

Many celebrities injure themselves while on the set.  If you are a stunt man, you are more than likely to experience some type of an injury.  These injuries often result in a trip to the doctor.  Many doctors see no problem with giving people pain medication such as hydrocodone.  These pills can be highly addictive if taken for more than a week.  Your body begins to develop an addiction to them. 

Some young Hollywood actors and actresses don’t know how to say no.  Their friends are doing it, so they say, “Why shouldn’t I do it?”  Being part of the crowd is often the result of drug use for some celebrities.  Peer pressure is what a lot of people like to call it.

Some celebrities that have gone to rehab are Kim Richards (star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Philip Seymour Hoffman, Demi Lovato, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, Chris Brown, Cory Monteith and many others. 

Celebrities often want to feel like everything is okay.  Sometimes living a sober life doesn’t always give you that feeling.  Often, drugs seem like the only alternative to a famous person.  Drugs are easy to get now a days from both doctors and drug dealers.  Celebrities often just must ask for it and they get it somehow. 

The everyday life of a celebrity is often: stress, social events, constant surveillance, paparazzi following them, pressure to succeed and sadness.  Celebrities often want to feel like their life is balanced to a certain degree.  Drugs such as marijuana give someone the feeling of relaxation and peace.  Other drugs like cocaine make a person feel happier for a moment and then depressed shortly thereafter. 

Is Wheatgrass Any Good for an Alcohol Detox?

Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL says that wheatgrass should be drank every day.  He swears by the health effects that you will experience if you take just one ounce a day. 

Cancer survivors like Kris Carr of include wheatgrass in their diet every single day. Many people that take wheatgrass on a regular basis say that it reverses illness and gives you more energy. 

Did you know that it also stimulates circulation?  If your blood has high quality, it gives your bones and muscles more strength and firmness. Wheatgrass contains all minerals known to man and vitamins such as A, B complex, C, E, I and K. Just one ounce of it juiced is equal to five pounds of leafy green vegetables. 

Detoxing from alcohol takes time.  Learning to give your body healthy, nutritious food is the best way for you to learn how to keep yourself healthy. Drinking wheatgrass during detox will give your body the nutrients that it needs. 

Wheatgrass has other healing effects such as: purifies the liver, improves blood sugar problems, promotes healthy skin, acts as a detergent for the body, keeps your hair from graying and improves digestion.  Read this article at if you want to know more of the healing effects of wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass is not the best tasting. Most people avoid drinking it because of the taste.  If you can deal with the taste for a minute out of your day, you can be happy to know that your body is relaxed and refreshed after drinking just an ounce of it. 

In order to detox safely from alcohol, you need to be under the care of a physician in a professional detox center such as Sunrise detox.  You can have a seizure if your alcohol detox is not handled correctly.  Some detox centers use wheatgrass and others do not.  It is best to check with an alcohol and drug addiction clinic to learn more.  Detoxing from alcohol often takes 7 to 10 days.   

Drinking Green Smoothies for Optimal Health after Drug Rehab

If you just recently got out of drug and alcohol rehab, you are off to a good start. Congratulations on your success!  Here are a few tips on how to keep your body strong at this next phase of your life.  In order to keep your body strong, you are going to have to find something that works for you.  Green smoothies are an excellent source of vitamins.

If you are buying your green smoothies at a store, make sure that it is 100% natural with no sugar added. If you like your drink sweet, you can always add an extra apple or two.  Apples help to sweeten up your green drink.  Barry Popkin’s is a PhD professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina.  He stated in an article by that “Vegetable juice is very healthy.” 

Most nutritionists will agree that vegetable juice helps to give your body the nutrients it needs to live on.  Smoothies became big in the United States during the 1920’s.  Believe it or not, a man by the name of Julius opened the first smoothie store named “Orange Julius”. 

Julius had a sensitive stomach and had a hard time drinking fresh squeezed orange juice because of its acidity.  However, he found that by drinking his oranges with other fruits and vegetables, he was able to drink it without a problem.

The world has studied smoothies since then.  Now in the 21st century, we are looking at smoothies as a new way of life.  People now mix their fruit juices with wheatgrass, sprouts and leafy green vegetables. If you can just have 1 glass a day, your body will get most of its daily vitamins and minerals. 

Keeping your body clean after rehab is an important step because your body has been through a lot already.  Green smoothies and juices have been known to keep your body calm, relaxed and strong.  Did you know that vegetables are high in potassium, so they can help lower your blood pressure? 

Some other benefits of drinking a green smoothie are that they: help you to stay hydrated, helps your body to remain calm, and gives you nutrition daily.  If you plan on going on a juice fast or a smoothie fast, it is always wise to check with your doctor first.

Make sure that if you have diabetes or any other kind of ailment that your doctor knows about it.  Sometimes having to many fruits in your smoothie can affect your health negatively.  It can raise spikes in your blood stream because of a rush of sugar going through your veins. 

You can get excellent nutrition from a smooth.  However, don’t forget to eat your vegetables without blending them as well.  Juice and smoothies often lack the fiber that your body needs because it brushes away the actual leaf.  Eating a healthy balanced diet on a day to day basis is important.  It is up to you to take care of your body for ultimate performance.

What Is The Painful Experience of a Breakup and Drug Addiction?

Breaking up can be devastating for most men and women. If you have had a troubled history of taking drugs in order to escape your reality, a breakup can send you into a spin.  Many former drug addicts stay clean until something devastating happens to them.  When you love someone, it is hard to ever imagine them being gone from your life. 

If you are going through a breakup now and are taking drugs, it is time to get help.  Even if you are thinking about it because of a breakup, it is time to get help.  Don’t wait until your life spins out of control.  You are hurting and need love, support and care from people that are wanting to help you. 

Many drug and alcohol counselors have an open-door policy.  You can schedule an appointment to speak with someone.  Don’t allow sadness to destroy your life.  Love in the 21st century is rather complicated for most people.  One minute someone loves you and the next minute they are out of your life. 

The problem with people that have former drug issues is that they usually start taking drugs under pressure.  If someone is not keeping up with what they have been taught in treatment or through Alcoholics Anonymous, they can slip up.

A slip up for a drug addict can mean a drug overdose or a highly addictive drug habit.  Allowing your life to spin out of control is something that you don’t want to have happen. 

Nobody likes to hear the words, “I don’t love you anymore or I am leaving you.”  Unfortunately, there are other ways to dealing with this other than taking drugs. 

For starters, you can start off by talking to a friend or relative.  You may be surprised to find out that your mother and father know a lot more about love than you think.  A friend may have gone through something similar and can help you to cope with your situation.  Journaling also helps people to see what they are feeling inside of their hearts.

If you feel that nobody can help you, it may be time to contact a drug and alcohol treatment facility.  This is mainly because your life depends on it.  A treatment facility has psychiatrists, drug addiction counselors and entire programs set up for people that are going through what you are going through right now.

Even though breakups are painful, they do not have to destroy your life.  In fact, many people that get treatment for depression, alcoholism and drugs say that their lives completely change.  It often takes having a lot of love around you in order to see that help is available.

How to Get Your Mother to Think Seriously About Her Alcoholism

Many children in the United States are watching their mother’s alcoholism spin out of control.  Some kids are walking into their homes after school seeing their mothers passed out on the living room sofa drunk.  Often, children do not know what to do. 

Their mothers often threaten them by saying, “If you tell anyone, you are going to be in big trouble!”  Here are a few tips for kids and young adults that are asking themselves the question, “How do I get my mother help for alcoholism?” 

First, know that you are not to blame for your parent’s intoxication.    It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are.  Your mother has a problem that she cannot control and needs professional help.  The sooner that you get her help, the better she will feel.  Often, the best place for you to start is to call an alcohol and drug treatment center.  Some people refer to this as a drug and alcohol rehab. 

A well-known treatment center is HARP in Singer Island, Florida.  A treatment center like HARP gives men and women a 30-day program in their facility.  It allows men and women to get clean and sober.   There is also the government website that helps people to find help for psychological and substance abuse. 

You need to also talk to someone in your family.  Tell your aunt, uncle or another adult what is happening with your mom. She needs help and the sooner that you give her assistance, the better off she will be.  You are not doing anything wrong with getting your mom some help.  Tell your teacher also what is happening with your mom.  Your teacher has many resources in which she can provide help for you. 

The worst thing that you can do is to say nothing.  Children often think that they are to blame for their parents drinking and drug problems. However, this is not true.  If you are a child reading this article, know that it is not your fault.

If you have already told your mom that she needs help and doesn’t get it, she is probably in denial.  Often, people must go through phases in which they see that they have a problem.  The fact that your mother doesn’t think that she has a problem means that she needs an intervention to get her some help. 

Many children in the United States face physical and emotional abuse from an alcoholic parent. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the children of the world.  If you know someone that has an alcoholic parent, it is necessary to report it.  Let someone know what you have seen and witnessed.  A child’s life is at stake and alcoholism is a serious issue.

Why Should Alcoholics Think More About Juicing Sunflower Sprouts?

For starters, sunflower sprouts have a complete balance of protein around them.  Sunflower sprouts provide us with the essential amino acids that we need in a day.  They help our skin to stay healthy and repair muscle tissue. 

They also contain up to one hundred times the enzymes of regular full-grown greens such as kale, spinach and broccoli.  This benefits alcoholics in the sense that you must keep your vitamins and minerals in your body balanced.

The healthier foods that you eat, the better off you will be.  Believe it or not, too many sugary and caffeine drinks will make you feel jittery. Often a can of soda will give you an immediate high and then sadness shortly thereafter.  Ex-alcoholics need to keep their body, mind and spirit balanced. 

Did you know that high levels of antioxidants slow down the aging process and aid in heart health?  Sunflower sprouts are known for their high antioxidants.  Sunflower sprouts also calm the nervous system. 

Growing sunflower sprouts is easy.  The best part of this is that you can grow them from inside of your home and it costs around $10.00 for a pound of seeds.  A good place to buy your seeds from is  They offer classes on sprouting and a whole host of videos, reading material and educational material.  

Can Drawing and Painting Help to Keep You Sober?

During rehab, it is important to get deep down inside of yourself and figure out what is making you addicted to drugs and alcohol?  Often our addictions have a root cause to them. 

If a person was molested as a child or left by a spouse, it can send someone into world of drug and alcohol addiction. Often, people try to mask their feelings.  It is easier to bury your feelings then to express them and cry out for help.  

Many addicts believe that artwork helps them to express what is going on inside of them.  When you paint something on canvas or draw a picture, it helps you to see what is happening inside of you.  Are has always been a form of expression. 

Many great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci always expressed from their heart.  Their artwork is displayed in museums around the world.  They tell a story each time and often make us think of our own feelings towards what is being shown in front of us. 

Artists tell a story of who we are as humans and what kinds of feelings we all share.  A painting is more than just something drawn on a canvas. In fact, it is a person’s life story on how they see the world. 

Part of staying sober is to always be in touch with what is going on inside of your heart.  Expressing your feelings when you have a romantic breakup, or a painful experience is necessary. Keeping your feelings locked up inside is the worst thing that you can do.  If artwork keeps you in touch with your feelings, then it is a good thing.

Art is not always the answer though.  Brilliant artists like Vincent van Gogh had a reputation of being a great artist and a strong alcoholic.  Perhaps if he had an alcohol treatment program in his day, he would have seen a way to stay sober and to practice his artwork at the same time. 

The life story of Vincent van Gogh can teach us something.  It can teach us that being an alcoholic can eventually lead us to our death.  We can be expressive in our artwork and learn how to be sober at the same time. 

In the 21st century, you have a lot of resources that Vincent van Gough did not have.  You have treatment centers and group meetings like alcoholics anonymous.  Your resources are endless.  Allow art to be a part of expression in your life.  Draw and pain what you feel. Share it with those that you trust and allow yourself to see that living a sober life is possible. 

Why do We Love These Famous Drunks on Television?

Alcoholism is a serious problem in the United States and around the world.  However, many television shows have characters in them that we have grown to love because of their constant affection for alcohol. 

Characters such as Homer Simpson, North Peterson from Cheers and Al Bundy are just some of American’s favorites.  Often, we see them sitting back sipping on some beer and having their own philosophies of life.  They are teaching us that being an alcoholic is okay. 

Some images on television help contribute to our thinking.  Watching someone like Peter Griffin or Barney Gumble from the Simpsons sipping back on some beer and laughing about it often makes us think that being an alcoholic is tolerable in today’s world.  It can seem amusing for some people watching this on television and painful for people that have gone to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Characters like Archie Bunker made us laugh as he holds a can of beer in his hand and acting drunk.  When we watch it on camera, it looks silly?  However, when we experience this is true life, it is a painful experience for millions of people.  Watching your loved one going through an alcohol and drug addiction is a painful experience. 

The entire show cheers were usually seen out of a bar.  The characters were always meeting at the bar talking about life.  Happy hour is popular in the United States and so many people could relate to this television series.  On television, drunks look happy, funny and just having a good old time.  However, in real life, alcoholism is full of depression, anger, painful thoughts and other troubles. 

We often love drunks on television because they are not really in our life.  Hollywood makes it look so funny and glamorous.  It makes it look like it is the only thing that makes us happy. 

After a hard day’s work, many Americans just like to kick back and drink alcohol.  This is how alcoholism begins.  It usually starts off with just a few drinks and then it eventually becomes a problem.  Drinking alcohol is not so glamorous when you look at what it can do to your health and life.  

Should You Spend Your Life Savings on Drug Rehab?

If you are thinking about treatment for yourself or a loved one, it is a big decision.  Treatment centers often cost anywhere between $10,000 to over $30,000 for a 30 day stay.  In order to answer the question of, should you spend your life savings on drug rehab, you should look at the life of a person.  If you or your loved one doesn’t get into treatment, they will most likely die of an overdose or other drug/alcohol related death.  Can you afford treatment?

If you think about it, how much is the drug/alcohol problem costing you each month?  If you are spending $2,000 a month on alcohol/drugs, then in one year you have spent $24,000.  This is what many drug addicts/alcoholics are spending on a monthly basis.  Some people spend years spending this type of money on their addiction.

If you don’t help your loved one now or get help for yourself, the money will not matter because death is waiting at the door.  It is a sad fact that thousands of people die each year from a drug/alcohol related death.  There are numerous cases of people getting drunk behind the wheel and killing someone as well. 

They will have to now spend their entire life savings on lawyers and will most likely have to go to jail anyways.  You can look at it in many ways.  However, no matter how you “slice the cake”, your loved one needs help. Without the help of an alcohol and drug treatment program, you and your loved one are going to have a problem. 

Learning more about your sobriety takes time and effort.  Learning more about yourself is the surest way of learning how to find the help that you need. 

Your life does not have to be surrounded by negativity.  You can continue to allow yourself to grow with time and getting sober on a regular basis.  Drug rehab does cost money.  However, getting help is a full commitment. 

It often takes a “wake up call” to get someone interested in treatment.  If you wait too long, then it can be a problem for yourself.  Learning how to be sober takes time and therefore a treatment center comes in handy.  You can eventually learn how to get you or your loved one into treatment. 

Learning to be sober is the best way to understanding life in general.  It involves both psychological and physical aspects to living.  You can easily learn more about life from 12 step programs and what treatment facilities can offer you. 

Are You Addicted to Video Games?

Do you remember when kids used to play ATARI for hours back in the 1980’s?  It was the crave of the century because it gave kids challenges to get to the next level of any game. Amazingly, games help us to feel challenged and to grow as an individual. However, they can become an addiction if we play them for several hours a day. 

If you find that you are playing video games for 4 hours or more per day, you may in fact be addicted to video games.  If you work a full-time job for eight hours a day and take care of household chores and responsibilities, you are lucky if you have two hours of free time to yourself to either play video game

The fact that a person has 4 hours or more per day to play video games means that they may have a problem.  Video game addiction can keep you from forming personal relationships with our spouses, significant others, friends and family. 

It is hard to watch someone center their life around a video game. Often, you will speak to someone playing a video game and they don’t even know that you are speaking with them.  Video game addiction has become more popular with the invention of the cell phone and personal computers.  You can literally play video games anywhere.

Although you are not hurting anyone physically, video game addiction has emotional struggles. In today’s world, many husbands and wives are divorcing their spouses due to video game addiction.  It is a horrible feeling when someone that you love has no time to spend with you because they cannot get themselves to stop playing a game

Many adults and children that are addicted to video games will go through withdrawal if they are not in front of a game most of the day.  They may throw tantrums or start fighting.  It will often cause depression or anxiety. 

Video game addicts often go for days without bathing because they cannot get themselves off their video game.  Extreme mood swings and wanting to be in seclusion are examples as well. 

If you feel that you may have a video game addiction, you can get help from many sources. People often get help from counselors because the addiction is so deep rooted.  It often stems from a wanting to have fun and avoiding people at the same time.  Most video game addicts like to play alone and avoid people.  Having people around often means distraction.  

If you feel like you or your loved one is snappy with people due to your video game usage, you may want to seek help. Often a person does not realize that they are addicted to video games until it is too late.  If your husband or wife is threatening to leave you because of your addiction, get help as soon as possible. 

Why Is Psychic Hotline Addiction is a Problem for Thousands of Women Worldwide?

Psychic hotlines got their start in the 1980’s.  In the 1990’s, most people can remember hearing commercials to call the Mrs. Cleo hotline.  She was most famous for the phrase, “Call me now for your free reading.” 

The psychic hotline is an addictive place for many women because it is available to you 24 hours a day. Every call is confidential, and your name remains anonymous to the psychic. 

You can talk all day about your problems and how to find your solutions for them.  It is not uncommon to hear of someone spending $30,000 a year or more on telephone psychics.

After all, callers pay a price per minute. The fee is often $1.99 to $19.99 a minute.  Most psychic lines give you 3 minutes for free when you first call.  This is meant to entice the caller and get them to pay more money with the psychic. 

Psychic hotline addiction includes symptoms such as: not being able to function in everyday life unless you speak with your spiritual adviser on the phone, depression if you don’t have enough money to call a psychic reader or anger that the person on the phone did not tell you what you wanted to hear. 

Psychic addictions often cost people their entire life savings.  Most people get addicted to psychics because they always act like they are your friend on the phone. They are someone that you can dump on when you are feeling lonely and angry about something.  People often love the psychic hotline because they built friendships with the person that they are talking to on the telephone. 

Psychic addiction can start at any age.  Often people turn to psychics for help when they feel like something is going on in their life that they cannot understand.  They often feel like they need someone to talk to and nobody else understands them.  Nobody wants to hear your problems.  Psychic lines provide an escape from reality for most people. 

If you feel that you are spending your savings on psychics, then you most likely have a psychic addiction.  A psychic reading is meant for entertainment purposes only.  When you let them rule your life and cause you financial hardship, it is a problem.  This is a lot like a gambling addiction

Psychic hotlines say that 90% of their clients are women usually calling about a failed romance or failed business.  Most want to know if he is going to call anytime soon or what is going to happen in love.  It can be a painful experience for most women that are hurting and wanting to be loved.  The psychic line may seem like a perfect solution at the time. However, it can be devastating to spend your hard-earned money on something that may not even be real. 

How to Know When it is Time to Move on From What You are Doing Right Now?

As each day passes, we tend to do the same thing repeatedly.  However, there comes a point when we may ask ourselves, “Am I supposed to be doing this anymore?”  Often this happens with jobs that we do and friendships that we encounter.  Sometimes it is time to move on from what we have been doing.

After careful thought, we must come to a decision of making a change.  Change is scary.  We never know what the outcome is going to be until we act.  We can try planning for years and find that our plans usually don’t turn out the way that we had planned.

People often spend years debating change.  Should I quit my job or keep it? What happens if I quit and have no money to survive on? What if I never succeed at what I am doing? The main emotion that we are seeing here is fear.  Fear is something that happens to most people when they face a dilemma of change.  The fear of the unknown is usually the cause of many issues. 

When something seems like it is over, it often is.  If we no longer feel challenged, it is time to move on.  There comes a point where you must wave goodbye and say, “I am going to take a chance and start over again.” 

Starting over again takes time, effort and will.  We must say to ourselves, “I am going to start over again because I need to.”  You feel like your time has ended. 

You no longer feel happy or a sense of joy at what you are doing. It may be time to move on and say, “I am going to make peace with myself.”  If it is God’s will, your dreams will come together. If it is not, you will experience a sense of trying to do something else.

Why Not to Live in Fear?

What if you decided to not change your life?  Maybe the person will eventually leave you anyway. Maybe your job will fire you.  For whatever reason, they may see no reason to keep you.  There are no guarantees in life.  If something is not meant to be, it usually ends always. 

Detoxing Your Body With Healthy Green Vegetables

Your body loves healthy green vegetables.  It detoxes the body with healing elements that nothing on earth can do.  People often don’t realize that detoxing the body takes time.  The Hippocrates Health Institute says that it can take up to two years to fully cleanse the body from toxins. 

Detoxing works best when a person becomes fully raw.  This means that they have decided to eat only living foods without cooking them.  Living foods are only plants, vegetables, seeds, grains and nuts.  Most people that go raw usually experience withdrawal during detox.  Detox doesn’t always last just a few days.

Some people spend years detoxing the body because of the toxins that build up over time.  You may be surprised that once you go raw, your body begins to crave fruits and vegetables.  You may find that your body weight drops, and your skin begins to tighten.  Raw foodist’s like Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute say that wheatgrass has the most vitamins and minerals that your body needs daily. 

Life can seem good for people that go raw.  The body starts to feel a sense of relaxation.  Withdrawals often include coughing, sweating, skin breakouts, bloating, stomach pains, fatigue and flu like symptoms. 

Healthy green vegetables give your body a break.  Scientists often say that eating between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. are the best times for digestion.  You should leave a few hours for digestion before bedtime.  In this way, your body takes a break while you are sleeping. If it must digest while you are sleeping, it is technically still at work. 

During your detox, get plenty of rest.  Your body is working hard to fight against the toxins that have built up over time.  Toxins play a large part in how our body gets illnesses and diseases.

Should You Hang Out with People that Like to Get High on Drugs?

Teenagers and young adults are having to make decisions these days on who their friends will be. Every parent wants to imagine that their son or daughter will be friends with someone that is sober.  However, life is not always that easy.  Your child may be hanging out with someone that is getting high on a regular basis.

Many teens these days like smoking marijuana and see it as an acceptable drug to smoke.  However, marijuana relaxes many people, but it often puts a student to sleep in class.  Other hard drugs like heroin and crack can give your child a high that is highly addictive and can spin their life out of control.

Most teenagers and young adults believe that they can make their own decisions.  They simply want to do what comes naturally to them.  They often don’t understand the concept of, “you become like those you hang around.” 

Many young adults that come from families with no prior drug usage often take drugs in order to fit in with the crowd.  They fear being singled out as a “nerd” or someone that doesn’t like to go along with the flow.  If you live in a city or state where drug use is popular, your child may feel a sense of loneliness. 

In order to help your child, you are going to have to teach them on why it is not a good idea to hang out with someone that is on drugs.  They most likely will not be interested in what you have to say. However, your words will be with them when they are alone with the drug addicted person. 

A lot of young adults often feel pressured into helping someone with their drug and alcohol problem.  They may feel that they want to save their friends life. However, they do not know enough about peer pressure and will often get introduced to drugs because of it.  Instead of saving their friends life, they are now become another user themselves. 

The worst way to get your child to do something is to make a demand.  If you tell them that you forbid them to see a certain person, they will often ignore what you have to say and rebel against you.  This happens in both teens and young adults.  Instead of making demands, set time aside to educate your son or daughter. Tell them what you know about the harmful effects of drug use and what they can do to your body. 

What to do If You Find Crack Cocaine in Your Child’s Room?

A lot of parents these days are finding crack cocaine in their child’s room.  All your suspicions have now become blatantly obvious.  You have noticed your child acting peculiar and different than what you know them to be.  You were not sure if it was just teen hormones or drug addiction.  Now you have confirmation that it is drug use.  Here are a few steps to getting your son or daughter some help.

First, confront your child with the evidence.  They will at first become angry and upset that you were snooping in their room. You may not have even been snooping, but to your child, they see it as snooping.  Tell them that they must get help.  It is important that they understand your love for them and that you want them to get help because this habit of theirs can kill them.

Next, you are going to have to understand that you cannot get them off this drug alone.  They are going to have to go to a drug and alcohol treatment center for around 30 days. They will need to learn new life skills to keep them sober and to detox their system from the drug. 

Many parents make the mistake of trying to get their child off drugs on their own.  When someone is addicted to crack, the drug takes over their body.  The withdrawals that a person gets are often “hellish”. 

It takes a licensed and trained professional to get someone off drugs and alcohol.  When your body gets addicted to a drug, it physically needs to get more of the drug each time.  Drug addicts usually go through a series of change and often lose their sense of control. 

If you need help right now, call a professional drug and alcohol treatment center.  There are over 18,000 of them in the United States alone.  Most treatment centers only accept private medical insurance or cash pay. Treatment can often cost as much as $30,000 per month.  Sometimes, cash pay clients can get 50% off discounts. 

If you don’t get help now, your child’s addiction will become an expensive habit.  It is not uncommon to hear of a crack addiction costing as much as $200.00 per day.  Often, people addicted to drugs result to stealing and asking for money in the streets. They literally cannot stop taking the drug.  

Can Food Addiction Be Deadly As Any Drug?

When people overeat, they often feel bloated.  People that eat large amounts of sugar, fat and salt can develop health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. 

Many men and women that suffer from food addiction find it difficult to top eating.  Often, they are not eating healthy fruits and green vegetables.  Fruits that are often high in fats, salts and sugars are their usual cravings. 

The brain is weird in the sense that people experience pleasure with a release of dopamine going to the brain.  When a person overeats, they are feeding a food addiction. 

They are often not eating because they are hungry.  People often eat because they like the taste of the food that they are eating.  Often a person can eat out of stress, anxiety or depression.  Food addiction happens when you least suspect.  Sometimes a person may feel like food is their only source of hope. 

People that have a food addiction say that they are constantly eating because it is an addiction.  Some early signs that you or someone that you love is addicted to food are:

1)           When you eat, you cannot stop.  You don’t even know why you are eating.

2)           Even if you are not hungry, you keep eating the same food and don’t even know why.

3)           You experience depression, anxiety and anger when the food that you crave is not around.

4)           You will drive long distances to get the food that you want if you don’t have it around you.

Obesity is often accompanied by a food addiction.  Sometimes a person’s weight can become morbidly obese.  Many food addicts lose their lives at early ages due to a heart attack, stroke or other ailment. It is important to get the help that you need 24 hours daily.

If you feel that your weight has spiraled out of control, it is necessary to get help immediately.  Often people wait until they are over 400 lbs. to get help. This could become a dangerous situation for you. 

Food addiction also happens with people that are within their weight range.  Many people that are underweight and overweight suffer from food addictions.  If a person is addicted to certain types of food, they may have high cholesterol, high triglycerides and be undernourished from eating foods that they have become addicted to. 

Scientists are now doing studies on the heredity of food addiction. Often, food addiction runs in families a lot like alcoholism and drug addiction. 

Sober Living: It is All about How You Plan Your Day

If you are trying to live a sober life, it is best to plan your day with as little stress as possible.  Planning your day helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.  People often go back to their addiction when stress, anxiety and depression reach an all-time high. 

If you work a full-time job, it is best to prepare your clothes the night before.  Getting up in the morning often involves personal hygiene and the stress of a daily commute to work.  Prepare your breakfast foods at night. Make sure that your coffee pot is set up and your cereal already in the bowl

The less stress that you have in your life, the better chances you have at sobriety.  Leave early for work.  If you are supposed to be at work at 8:30 a.m., try getting there at 8:10 a.m.  Learn to listen to songs in your car or surf the internet.  Give yourself some time to relax before clocking into work.  Use this extra time as personal time in which you can have for yourself. 

During the day, learn to eat healthy meals.  Having a salad for lunch is a great benefit to your body. Your body consistently needs vitamins and minerals to keep it going. 

Eating high in fat foods for lunch can have you sitting at work with a stomachache or acid reflux.  Staying off beverages like caffeine can help your body to remain more relaxed throughout the day. 

Many people like to drink highly caffeinated drinks like Red Bull.   However, these beverages often give you a rush of energy and then gives you a low.  Check with your doctor about how many high caffeinated beverages you should be drinking. 

Try to avoid taking any stressful phone calls from home.  An emergency call is a lot different than a stressful phone call.  A stressful phone call can be your husband or wife calling and saying that they think that you are cheating on them. 

It can be a call about how angry they are that you did not take out the trash.  These types of calls can lead to arguments and cause more stress.  It is best to talk about these things in person. 

Sobriety has a lot to do with how you manage your life on a day to day basis.  The more that you focus on your needs and how to handle it properly, the easier time you will have in being sober.  

Sorry, we don’t Accept Your Type of Insurance at Our Treatment Center

The famous words that most people hear when they call a drug and alcohol treatment center is, “Sorry, we don’t accept your type of insurance.”  There are many factors that play into why this happens when you call most treatment centers looking for help.  For starters, most treatment centers do not accept Medicaid/Medicare insurance.  If that is the kind of medical insurance you have, you are going to have to find an approved facility that takes this kind of coverage. 

If you do have private medical insurance from your job or your own company, you may in fact qualify to receive treatment at most alcohol/drug treatment centers. 

Some factors are, does your policy have extended benefits for substance abuse treatment?  Many people do not know that you can add this onto your insurance policy.  Your insurance company must see treatment as a medical necessity.  Treatment is expensive for insurance companies. 

They are often billed $60,000 for a 30 day stay at their center.  The treatment center often receives 50% of that figure.  Let us say that they get a check for $30,000 from the insurance company.  Some treatment centers will accept $15,000 cash if you are paying for it yourself. 

Even before you enter a treatment program anywhere, you are most likely going to need detox.  Detox often costs between $4,000 to $7000 for 7 days.  After detox, you are going to inpatient treatment for 30 days. 

If you have an HMO policy, many treatment centers will not accept that either.  Most will accept PPO plans.  Another problem with many people is that they have a high out of pocket deductible.  Some deductibles can cost as much as $5,000 or more dollars. 

This must come out of your own pocket either by cash or credit card. The problem with most treatment centers is that the health insurance industry is changing.  Many insurance companies are now withholding payment from treatment centers and saying that they are not going to pay on certain items.  It is becoming a high-risk industry for most treatment center owners.

Most people that seek out treatment for their addiction get turned away because their insurance company will not provide coverage for their program.  Many insurance companies are willing to pay for outpatient care because it is much cheaper than an inpatient program.

A good outpatient program can cost around $7,000 for a 7-day program.  Others can be higher or lower depending on the state that you reside in.  Outpatient treatment allows a person to still go about their everyday life and get treatment at the same time.   

If you have cash to pay for treatment, it is best to negotiate with the treatment center.  Competition is so fierce now that you can often get a 30 day stay for just $10,000.  That is more than 60% off.  Just like hospitals, treatment centers are willing to negotiate your expected costs.

Weed Drug: Wyckoff New Jersey

Since the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, many people have been asking themselves about weed drug.  Is pot a drug or a safe plant to smoke?  This article is going to address the weed problem in Wyckoff New Jersey and the proof that weed is indeed a drug. 

When Colorado legalized marijuana, many people across the United States asked themselves, “Is it safe to use now?”  A lot of people got the message that marijuana is not harmful when smoked. Is this the case though?  Here are a few facts about marijuana that you may not know:

  • Breathing Problems – marijuana irritates the lungs.
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Problems with Child Development During and After Pregnancy
  • Long Term Smoking of Marijuana Has Been Linked to Many Mental Health Problems (depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts amongst teens).
  • Worse than Cigarette Smoke
  • THC Quickly Passes from the Lungs into the Bloodstream

Many people that try to stop smoking weed experience cravings, decreased appetite and sleeplessness.  Weed is still illegal to use in New Jersey.  Police arrested two teenagers in 2014 in Wyckoff for possessing marijuana. Read more on

In a neighboring Mahwah, police seized 13 pounds of marijuana.  They also recovered around $22,000 in cash.  This was a great bust for the police. There were four men involved in the arrest.  They got discovered after neighbors reported an unusual smell coming from the home. The police recognized the smell to be of marijuana. They eventually forced their way into the door after the residents refused to let them in. 

Many parents see no harm in letting their kids smoke weed in the house.  You would be surprised at how many parents know that their children are smoking pot and say nothing about. Children often go from smoking cigarettes to smoking pot and then abusing harder drugs like heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol. 

Most of the 50 states do not agree with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.  In some cases, medial weed is used because it helps people with their pain.  Many cancer patients say that smoking weed is beneficial for them. 

It is important to note that just because something is legal, does not make it harmless to your body. Alcohol is legal for people to drink over 21. However, it causes damage to your organs and early deaths for many.  Often, cirrhosis of the liver and kidney damage is associated with the drug. 

Ramsey New Jersey: Not Much Illegal Drug Dependence Here

Ramsey New Jersey is a borough of Bergen County N.J.  It is located just 26 miles outside of midtown Manhattan. There are roughly 14,273 people that live in this community.  It is considered an upscale and family-oriented neighborhood.   There is not much of an illegal drug dependence happening here.  

Some counties in Bergen County do have a problem with drug addiction, but this is not one of them.  You will find that the community doesn’t have a lot of drug dealers running around dealing prescription drugs, heroin and cocaine to kids. 

Some counties in New Jersey have a problem with heroin and other drugs. Newark, NJ is said to have one of the highest heroin abuse cases.  There are an estimated 1,827 cases reported in 2012.  

Other counties with drug problems are: Jersey City, Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden and Brick.  It seems that the more south you go in Bergen County, the problems tends to grow bigger. It is important to report a drug crime in your neighborhood if you have a problem with drugs/alcohol. 

The best way for residents of Ramsey New Jersey to help other counties is to educate them of the harmful effects of drug use.  Education helps people to understand what drug abuse does to families and friends of those addicted to drugs.  Many people have heroin overdoses each year.  Losing someone to drugs is devastating for an entire community. 

Once your body becomes dependent on an illegal drug such as heroin or crack cocaine, it is hard to come off it without a rehab assisting you. There are over 18,000 rehabs in the United States that assist men and women that want freedom from their addiction. 

Many ex addict groups meet regularly to discuss addiction.  It is always a good idea to have a community outreach to educate residents about the harm of drug abuse.  Many parents find out that their son/daughter has a drug problem after they start stealing from them or resulting to prostitution.

Franklin Lakes New Jersey: A 21 Y.O. Died of a Drug Overdose

Heroin seems to be a growing problem in the United States of America and around the world.  Thousands of people are being affected by it in Bergen County alone.  A sad story that I came across on was about a 21-year-old woman named Caitlin Reiter.  She passed away at her father’s home in 2014. 

According to the story, Caitlin’s addiction didn’t start with heroin. It started with prescription drugs.  Like many addictions, they often grow in stages. For some, it starts with alcohol and then eventually grows into something like heroin or crack cocaine.  Her mother Patty Treva said that once her daughter started using the needle, it was all over.  She said that no rehab or family intervention could stop her addiction.

The young woman took her last “hit” before going to bed.  For those that do not know, a large dose of heroin can cause someone to sleep.  When a person begins to sleep while on this drug, it shuts down the part of your brain that tells you to continue to breathe.  A person dies because they literally forget to breath.  If a family member finds them too late, they usually die.  Heroin is a dangerous drug to be taking.

If you find your son or daughter unconscious and not breathing from heroin, it is important to call 911.  They can normally give them Naloxone.  This is a drug that halts the effects of heroin. 

Caitlin is not alone.  Heroin is a problem that is growing in the United States because of its cheap price and ease of obtaining the drug.  It is a lot like crack cocaine in the sense that it starts off as being a cheap drug and then after that, a persons’ addiction gets out of control.  A bad heroin addiction can cost you as much as $200.00 a day.  A person will need to go through detox in order to get off the drug and most likely a 30, 60- or 90-day treatment program. 

If you find that your loved one does not want to go to rehab, it is important to hire a professional interventionist who can get your family member to come. 

The intervention will involve you and your loved one. You will tell them the reasons why you want them to get help.  Addicts usually agree to go once they find out that their entire family will not enable them anymore. Usually the addict is given repercussions of they refuse to go for treatment.  Once a heroin addiction spins out of control, professionals often must come in to help.

Halfway Home: Where to Find Them in New Jersey?

A halfway home is a place where people live when they are coming out of rehab.  It is meant to transition them back into regular society.  Sometimes people refer to them as “sober living houses.”  Here is a list of Sober Homes in New Jersey:

  • Haley House – Blairstown, NJ
  • Hansen House – Egg Harbor City, NJ
  • Unity Place – Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Sunrise House – Franklin, NJ
  • New Hope Foundation – Marlboro, NJ
  • Eva’s Kitchen and Sheltering Progs Inc. – Paterson, NJ
  • Day top New Jersey Crawford House – Skillman, NJ
  • Expectations – Somerset, NJ
  • Anderson House – Whitehouse Station, NJ

This is just a small list of many halfway homes that you will find in New Jersey.  Halfway houses are often taken care of by people that once had a problem with drug and alcohol abuse.  Many people enter a halfway home before seeking treatment as well. This is mainly because they are living in the streets or have nowhere else to go. 

Most halfway homes require you to attend sobriety meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. You can usually stay between six months to a year.  Some houses allow a longer period.  If the house has a live-in manager, it is usually under better care. Often, strict rules are applied for residents and if the rules are violated, the person can be asked to leave. 

Many families are often afraid of letting their loved one back into their home again that used drugs. Families often find these sober living houses as a great way to test their family member before letting them back into their home again.  The families of the addicts often keep close contacts with the house managers in order to find out what their loved one has been doing daily. 

They ask questions like, “Do you think that they are using drugs again?  Are they working?”  It is important to ask as many questions as you possibly can because letting a loved one back into your home after rehab is tough for many people.  Before rehab, your loved one may have been stealing from your or prostituting themselves. This is devastating for most people to handle. Sometimes a halfway home builds trust again.

Drug Addiction Symptoms: Overcoming Them with a Treatment Facility

If you happen to live in Bergen County New Jersey or another part of N.J., you may find that you have a drug addiction.  Most people that have drug addiction symptoms say that they do not know how to overcome their addiction on their own.  Often, families and friends of addicts say that they do not know how to deal with addictions properly. It can be hard for families to get their loved one into a facility that can help them. 

When someone first starts out seeking treatment for drug abuse, they find that it is a lot harder than they thought. Not only do you have to stop using the drugs, but now you must find a way to psychologically overcome the addiction as well.  Overcoming addiction takes time, patience and a great facility that can help you to understand your addiction. 

There are many drug addiction symptoms. It depends on the drug that you are using. If you are using a drug such as cocaine, you may experience an increase in blood pressure while you are under the influence of the drug.  Some people spend years learning about their addiction before doing anything about it. 

Vermont is considered the State with the Biggest Drug Problem

Vermont has a drug problem unlike any other state in America.  It is estimated that 15% of people that live in Vermont say that they have used drugs within the past month.  The media has been taking this story by storm since 2013. 

If you are wondering what types of drugs people are using in Vermont, here are a few:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription Medication
  • Crack Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Most Illegal Drugs that are on the Market Today

Experts in Vermont don’t know exactly why there is such a big drug problem.  University professors have examined the climate and income levels.  They are not much different than other states in the country.  Many experts said that this is not the reason why the drug problem is higher in Vermont. 

Vermont ranks highest for marijuana use.  Drugs are often a problem in the United States because it involves drug smugglers and people taking drugs as well.  In some states like Colorado, marijuana has been legalized. 

A lot of residents have some ideas as to why the problem is so drastic.  One person said that in order to get to Montreal, Boston, New York and Philadelphia, you must pass through Vermont. Drug traffickers may be using Vermont as their middle point to get their supply where it needs to go.  Therefore, drug dealing may be higher in Vermont because of this. 

Drugs like heroin are more expensive to buy in Vermont.  For instance, heroin is often $5.00 a bag in a big city like New York.  In Vermont, a bag could cost $30.00.  Especially if you live in Rutland, Vt.  There are around 14.04% teenagers in Vermont that use marijuana on a regular basis.

Illegal prescription drug use is a problem in the United States.  In Vermont, the problem is a bit higher.  People using prescription drugs has risen and many people wonder why?  The question remains, why is Vermont experiencing the biggest drug problem in America today?

Which States are Using What Drugs?

Here is a list of what drugs are affecting which states.  You may be surprised to find out how some states are using illegal drugs. 

  • Illicit Drugs – Are Most Popular on the West Coast and the Northeast. The states that use the most illicit drugs are Colorado, Vermont.
  • Cocaine – 3.04% of residents in Washington D.C. say that they have used cocaine in the past year.
  • Illegal Pain Pill Purchases – 6.37% of residents say that they have purchased illegal pain pills over the past year.
  • Alcohol – A whopping 63% of residents in Massachusetts over the age of 12 have drunk alcohol over the past month.
  • Tobacco – West Virginia takes the lead on using tobacco in the United States. Believe it or not, 38.46% of residents say that they have used tobacco over the past month.

Drug and alcohol abuse experts often do not understand why one community or state gets affected by drug use more than another. It is important to understand that if you want to get involved in the war on drugs, it is important to educate your community about the harmful effects of them.  Without education, people are often misinformed about the drug that they are taking. 

Alcohol and drug use are a problem throughout the United States.  To get educational materials for a drug free world, please visit  Here you will find a host of educational materials on why you should not take drugs. This is an excellent website for teachers, community leaders and those that want to become educators for a drug free America.

Why Did CIGNA Pull Out of the Florida Exchange?

Most treatment centers in Florida depend on CIGNA insurance policies to pay for treatment.  According to, CIGNA decided to get out of Florida because of treatment fraud. For years, many insurance companies believed that they were being overcharged by treatment centers for treatment.  The cost of treating someone for a 30-day inpatient program is around $30,000. 

Starting in November, CIGNA is no longer offering health plans on the marketplace.  The CIGNA spokesperson said that there has been fraudulent drug screening.  This has allowed many Florida labs to make millions.  The spokesperson Joseph Mondy said that it happens a lot with labs that relate to drug/alcohol treatment centers and homes where people get sober.

The high costs are in part to blame why CIGNA decided to pull out.  It is no longer affordable.  A lot of treatment centers are now starting to fear what happened.  A treatment center must now question, “Will I get paid for treating someone from an insurance company?”  This sends a message to labs and treatment centers that they are going to have to do everything by the book 100%.  If not, you may not get paid. 

Believe it or not, a lot of alcoholics and drug addicts avoid treatment centers because of their high cost.  Will this send a message to all areas of Florida that you must do more for the client and less for profits?

Most employees that are in the drug and alcohol treatment industry know that facilities often profit a lot of money off clients.  A lot of “mom and pop” treatment centers have fewer overhead costs and still charge clients the same amount of money as a treatment center that has higher overhead costs.

Many larger treatment center owners consider it to be unfair. In Florida, a client may be housed in a mansion or luxury accommodation for $30,000 a month (for the entire treatment program) and a person housed in basic housing gets charged the same amount of money for the entire program.  Is this fair? 

Should there be a government regulation as to how much a “mom and pop” treatment center can charge in comparison to a luxury accommodation?  Most luxury accommodations can afford the best doctors and therapists for care.  Many “mom and pop” locations cannot afford the heavy expenses of staff pay checks but charge the same amount of money for treatment.

This pullout only affects the year 2016.  In 2017, CIGNA may or may not offer their plans again in Florida.  This is going to affect around 30,000 Floridians that now have insurance with CIGNA. 

Another section of the article talks about how expensive pee is to get tested.  If an addicted person gets tested 3 times a week, it could cost $36,000 a month.  That cost rises to $432,000 if this process takes 12 months.

To read more about this problem, read

Molly: The Party Drug That Will Destroy You Son/Daughters Life

The drug molly is an illegal stimulant that is considered a party drug.  It is a lot like ecstasy in the sense that people usually take it at parties.  Molly comes in a pure powder form called MDMA.  This is also the main chemical used in the drug ecstasy.  Some entertainers make molly a verse in their music.  There were at least 4 related molly deaths in NYC in 2013. 

Many parents have heard the name Molly often thinking that it was their daughter’s friend or son’s girlfriend. However, it is no girlfriend. It is in fact a dangerous drug that has proven itself to be deadly to some. 

A lot of Molly addicts think that the drug is harmless and not as addictive as cocaine or heroin. However, many people take Molly in order to feel a “buzz”.  Molly gives you a long high.  You can often buy it on the street for around $20.00 a pill. Some experts say that the drug is primarily produced in China and is now flooding the United States and Europe.

An alarming statistic being reported on some blogs on the internet is that 80-90% of the chemicals in the drug molly in the United States are not even molly.  It is another substance. Many drug addicts that use molly have reason to worry that they may not even be buying molly even though drug dealers are telling them that it is molly. 

Bath Salts: A Drug that Nobody is Bathing in

When some people hear the words bath salts on television, they think that people are sniffing bath salts that you bathe with. However, this is not the case. You will come to see that this drug is highly dangerous when taken.

The exact chemicals that are in the drug bath salts are unknown.  There is a chance that methylenedioxypyrovalerone may be in the drug itself. However, this is not 100% certain.  Eventually, we may find out exactly what is in bath salts. 

A lot of men and women that take bath salts for the first time have no idea what they are even taken.  Most often they are introduced to the drug by someone that they may know that has taken the drug.  However, the drug causes someone to have suicidal thinking, chest pain, hallucinations, high blood pressure and paranoia. 

The United States government did something about this dangerous drug.  There was a Drug Abuse Prevention Act passed in 2012 that made it illegal to distribute the chemicals used to make bath salts. These are MDPV and Mephedrone.  

Drug and alcohol experts do not know if this drug is addictive since it has not been widely studied.  When someone is on the drug, they tend to act rather peculiar.  When someone is using this drug, they often shoot it and can put it into their food or drink. Others even snort it in their nose.  This is a drug that is new and puzzling to many drug experts.  More research must be done on this drug in order to find out what it is made of completely.

A death that occurred because of using bath salts happened in 2010.  A young 21-year-old man by the name of Dickie Sanders died because of using this drug. The family and friends of Dickie said that he was friendly and warm as a person.  However, he committed suicide on November 12, 2010.  He shots himself in the head with a rifle. 

Five days prior to his suicide, he was seen snorting a powdery substance that most experts say is found in the drug bath salts.  He started to hallucinate and was seeing police cars outside of his home and then he imagined himself slitting his throat.

His stepmother took him to the hospital.  When he was released, he said that he was done taking this drug.  When Dickie went back home with his parents, he went to bed with his father and nodded off. He woke up in the middle of the night and went into his bedroom and killed himself.

When people are on the drug bath salts, they often are reporting that they are seeing aliens, monsters and demons.  The drug tends to bring out the worst for people. Other bath salts cases involved one patient firing guns outside of his home at strangers when he was on the drug.  Another person decided to break the windows in his home and then walk on the glass.  In another sad case, a woman left her 2-year-old in the middle of the street because she thought that she had demons in her. 

The weird thing about this drug is that when you try to taper off it, you start to have delusions and paranoia.  This happens even after 14 days in some cases.  At this point in time, it is still and unclear drug.

Do Bright Minds Experiment with Drugs?

Some great names have experimented with drugs at some point in their life.  Some famous inventors and scientists have been known to use drugs.  Drug use have impacted our society more than most people know.

Some famous people that have experimented with drugs are:

Andrew Weil – He is the well-known leader and Godfather of integrative medicine.  He has spoken a lot about his use of morphine and psychedelic mushrooms.  There is no saying as to how much he used, but the fact is that he did use them.

Bill Gates – Admitted in an interview with Playboy that he experimented with LSD in his youth.  It seems like a lot of people with genius minds have tried drugs at least once in their life.  Although not a scientist or inventor, John Lennon did experiment with drugs as well.

Karis Mullis – The great American biochemist that won the 1993 Nobel Prize told the California Monthly that he took a lot of LSD.  Another great mind that used LSD was John C. Lilly (known in the field of electronic brain stimulation). 

Paul Erdos – For those that have never heard of him, he is the leading Hungarian mathematician.  His friend Ronald Graham said that Paul Erdos could not get any work done when he made a $500.00 bet with him.  The bet involved him not being able to take amphetamine for a month.  Paul’s friend believed that if he stopped taking amphetamines, he would not be able to work well. Paul’s friend proved himself to be correct.  Paul Erdos got couldn’t get any work done while he stopped taking amphetamines. 

Sigmund Freud – He described cocaine as being a wonder drug.  He was known to use marijuana until he died in 1939.  Many executives and wealthy men and women have been involved with snorting cocaine.  Cocaine is often referred to as the rich man’s drug.

Steve Jobs – Said that experimenting with LSD was one of the greatest things that he ever accomplished in his life.  Timothy Leary (advocate of LSD) was a popular consumer and advocate of LSD as well.

Great minds often use drugs or experiment with them for different reasons.  However, many great minds also die young for different reasons.  Some are related to drug use and others are related to different causes. If you look at the great minds of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, you may see that they died of a drug overdose.  People that have addiction issues should always consult with a treatment center for help.

Ketamine Addiction: How to Avoid Being Addicted to it

The age groups that are mostly using ketamine are young adults and teenagers.  The drug can make a person feel the same effects as if they were using PCP.  The drug is an anesthetic.  The drug was created to replace PCP and is still being used by hospitals today.

It is a controlled substance.  It is popular in the club scene a lot like Molly and Ecstasy.  This drug is often not made in chemical labs like molly and ecstasy. If someone happens to possess the drug ketamine, they most likely got it from a visionary hospital, a regular hospital or directly from the manufacturer.  It is most popular in the United States.  Over the past few years, it is being used in Asia, Australia and Europe. 

Teens and young adults that have taken this drug have said that they have out of body experiences and hallucinations.  There becomes a detachment to the outside world as well.   

On high doses, users say that they are brought into other dimensions or outside worlds that we have never known or seen before.  They cannot even describe all that they are seeing when taken in a high dose.  Treating ketamine addiction is a lot like treating PCP addiction.  It is not an easy drug to come off of and often detox and a 30-day inpatient treatment program is needed.

According to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health say that at least 2.3 million people have used ketamine at least once in their life.  There is good news and bad news about this drug. The good news is that it has been found that it doesn’t produce a physical dependence to the drug like heroin does. The bad news is that you depend on it more psychologically.   If you suspect that your child or loved one may be using ketamine, here are some signs to look out for: rapid eye movement, anxiety, and redness of the skin, depression and anxiety. 

When on the drug, addicts can get nausea, memory loss, sensory distortions and speech impairment.  In some cases, brain damage has been seen and memory loss.  There have been some cases of death as well.

If you or someone that you love is taking ketamine and are addicted to it, it is important to get help from an alcohol/drug treatment facility. Often, your mind needs to change from thinking that it is okay to be on this drug. It is important for you to see the harmful effects of this drug over time.  Many treatment centers in the United States have dealt with ketamine addiction before. It is important that you find help today.

Ritalin: Can Your Child Become Addicted to it?

Many adults that allow their child to take Ritalin say that it is a quick fix to the problem of a child that has little attention span.  The good news is that it is not a known drug that is habit forming or harmful.  The most important ingredient in Ritalin is methylphenidate.   This drug targets the area of the brain that helps you to become more alert and follow directions easier.  

Many adults abuse Ritalin by getting it illegally.  Some adults will snort it or take it orally.  In some cases, people have dissolved it in water before taking it. 

Over time, a person can develop a tolerance to the drug if taken for any length of time. This becomes a problem over time because it makes it more difficult to treat the ADHD. 

A lot of research has been given on the drug Ritalin.  It is not all good news even though it is prescribed by many psychiatrists for their patients.  The National Institute on Drug abuse conducted a study on people that use Ritalin.  They found that people that use Ritalin show the highest amount of people abusing cocaine as well.  This is common in adults.

Ritalin does not lead a person to take cocaine. However, people often take cocaine because they want to get rid of feelings or unwanted situations.  When the Ritalin begins to wear off, people tend to take cocaine in order to feel that high sensation again that one may feel when they are taking heroin.  They can focus more in many cases. 

If your loved one is suspected of using both Ritalin and cocaine at the same time, it is important to get them some help.   Addicts will often use excuses to take a prescription drug by saying that it was prescribed by a doctor.  However, they often don’t tell you that they are using cocaine, alcohol and other drugs along with it.  People often mask what they are really taking. 

Some excuses that addicts use are everyone is doing it, this is not addictive for me because I can handle it, and my whole family takes drugs and Ritalin at the same time.  Addicts often have excuses as to why they take a cocktail of drugs. You should let your loved one know that they should be honest with their psychiatrist.  Tell them what they are taking so the psychiatrist can tell them what to do next. 

Two famous stars that took Ritalin as children were Kurt Cobain and Courtney love.  Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994.  His widow Courtney Love believed that Ritalin was the reason why Kurt Cobain took harder drugs as he got older.  She said that he was always trying to reach that feeling of euphoria. 

Not All Celebrities Drink Alcohol: Here are a Few That do Not

Bradley Cooper – At the age of 29, he decided to become sober because he didn’t want to destroy his life.  He told People magazine that he does not drink or do drugs anymore.  Many celebrities decided to change their life because drugs and alcohol only destroy it. 

Jennifer Hudson – This is a sober actress and singer that never tried drugs or drank alcohol. She is like a lot of other people in the world that wouldn’t even know what heroin or cocaine was like if it was in front of her face.  Some people never get exposed to drugs and alcohol and therefore don’t experience any temptations with it.

Russell Brand – He has been sober since 2012.  In 2012, he celebrated his 10-year anniversary of being clean.  This is a huge accomplishment for the actor.  Many other celebrities do not have the same fate.  Actors like Corey Haims did not have the same outcome.

Kim Kardashian – As fun as she is on television, she does not drink.  Kim Kardashian is perhaps one of the most famous reality stars that ever lived.  The Kardashian show attracts millions of viewers weekly. 

Kelly Osbourne – Is living a sober life after she would often hope to die when she was on drugs.

Keith Urban – He lives a sober life when alcohol was once a problem for him.  He is now a regular celebrity on the hit television show American Idol. He is mostly known for his country music.

Jada Pinkett Smith – Went cold turkey after realizing she had a drinking problem.  She used to drink 2 bottles of wine on the couch.

Tyra Banks – Was never into alcohol or drugs.  Only had a few sips when she was around 12.

Robert Downey Jr. – He has been sober for around ten years. 

Jack Osbourne – Struggled with substance abuse as a young man.  In 2003, he admitted himself into rehab.  He already celebrated 10 years of being sober.

Tim McGraw – He gave up drinking for his daughters.

Can You Drink Alcohol When You are Pregnant?

Many women choose to drink alcohol when they are pregnant.  Is this okay to do?  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is telling women to not drink when you are pregnant. They say, never.  Not even a sip.  Nothing. 

This is a strong statement. However, the organization says that women that drink alcohol when they are pregnant can expose their child to birth defects and cognitive problems later in life.  It is common for women to hear the same message from their home country when pregnant. Most health professionals would agree that alcohol is never good for the baby. 

Although most medical doctors in the USA say that drinking is not good for the baby, doctors in the UK and Italy say that it is okay for a woman to drink one glass of alcohol a week.   We seem to have a difference of professional opinion here. 

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy has been linked to babies having problems with their heart, vision and their hearing. 

You will get a mixed reaction when it comes to drinking alcohol while you are pregnant. Consuming to much alcohol when pregnant is never a good thing.  To be safe, it is best not to drink at all when you are pregnant.  If you choose to drink, make sure to check with your licensed medical doctor for advice.

How To Get Chiropractic Care at a Treatment Center?

A lot of treatment centers in Saddle River New Jersey and Florida are offering chiropractic treatments to their clients.  There are thousands of people that need chiropractic care in the United States.  However, many treatment centers are giving this as a holistic service as part of their treatment. 

The benefits of having chiropractic care is because it gives a person the relief of pain and stiffness.  While a person is in an inpatient treatment facility, they are a lot of times in pain.  They sometimes have painful withdrawals or emotional pain.  Chiropractic care seems to relax the body for many clients.

The purpose of chiropractic care is to give alignment to the bones, and it gives a relaxation effect to your overall wellbeing.  Many people that go to rehab experience stiff joints and soft tissues.

It is a fact that drug addicts often try to get rid of their pain with pain pills, alcohol and other drugs.  Sometimes, people tend to have lots of anxiety when they come in for rehabilitation.  The purpose of rehab is to teach the client how to handle pain, stress and their physical problems better.  Often, addicts turn to alcohol and drugs when they are under stress.

Many chiropractors in the world today see their practice as a helpful form of rehabilitation.  Your entire mind, body and spirit changes when you feel physically good.  Treatment centers like HARP Palm Beach offer this type of service such as: massage, acupuncture, swimming, fishing, basketball and stand-up paddle boarding. 

Another great fact about getting your back aligned is that when the nerves and spinal cord are in alignment, your neurotransmitters are like falling dominos as they get released in a certain sequence.  You become calm naturally.

Holistic styles to treatment seem to be becoming more popular in Saddle River New Jersey and Parts of Palm Beach Florida.  Clients seem to be demanding these types of services. With over 18,000 treatment centers in the United States, rehabs can only give the people what they want.  Some treatment centers have swimming pools, hot tubs and saunas as part of their treatment as well. 

Every person responds to treatment differently. What works for one person may not work for another.  It is important to note that addicts need to tell their therapist what is working for them and not working for them. 

When someone gets treatment for their back, they get the following results:

  • Reduced feelings for alcohol and drugs
  • Improved sense of overall wellness.
  • A restored mobility for the joints.

How Family Therapy is Helping Addicts to Stay Sober

Most of the families in the United States use family therapy as a part of their program.  Families often need therapy because they have gone through the drug addiction along with the person that is being treated.

It is not uncommon for mothers and fathers to be afraid of their child because of the emotional and physical abuse that they may have endured.  It is not uncommon to hear a sibling say that they can’t get the image out of their head of their brother/sister being affected by drugs. 

When a person gets out of treatment, families often need to encourage their loved ones to stay sober.  They are often the eyes and ears to their sobriety.  Family members also encourage their loved ones to stay in therapy or rehab. Without loving support, an addict will often leave a treatment program because they think that nobody loves them.  It is important for the addict to know that someone on the outside loves and cares about them. 

Some well-known family therapy models are: The Functional Family Therapy Model (FFT), Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT), Multisystemic therapy (MST), Multifamily Educational Intervention (MEI) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Here are a few books that I recommend for reading on the topic:

  • Bridges to Recovery: Addiction, Family Therapy, and Multicultural Treatment by Jo-ann Krestan
  • Couple and Family Therapy of Addiction (Library of Substance Abuse Treatment)
  • Family Therapy of Drug Abuse and Addiction by M. Duncan Stanton
  • 103 Group Activities and Tips (Treatment Ideas and Practical Strategies) by Judith Belmont
  • Management of the Addicted patient in Primary Care by Heidi A. Pomm
  • Addiction Recovery Management: Theory, Research and Practice (Current Clinical Psychiatry) by John F. Kelly and William L. White

Here are some of the most well-known psychologists that make a difference in the field of psychology:

Alberta Bandura – Specializes in therapy, personality, behaviorism and cognition.  He was awarded the Grawemeyer award when he was 82 years old.  His impact on psychology is one of the most impactful in the world.  You can find a collection of his book titles here:

Some of these greatest titles are: Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control and Moral Disengagement. 

Susan Carey – A graduate of Harvard University.  She currently is a professor for the department of psychology at Harvard. Yes, she is extremely intelligent!  One of the best minds of the 21st century in the field of psychology.  She is a recipient of the Rumelhart Prize in 2009.  Susan is the author of a book entitled, “Conceptual Change in Childhood.” 

Barbara L. Fredrickson – She is known for her work in social psychology, counseling and being a university professor.  Barbara is a graduate of Standford University.  She won the American Psychological Associations Templeton Prize in Positive Psychology as well.  She is so smart and gifted at what she does that she was awarded a $100,000 grant as well to help her in future work. 

What Are Some Healthy Foods to Give Your Clients in a Rehab Program?

Often, when we first go into rehab, we are used to eating fattening foods such as: pizza, fast food, sugary beverages and microwave food.  Unfortunately, this causes our bodies to not get enough vitamins and minerals that we need. 

Many rehabs today offer their clients healthy foods such as: vegetables, fruits, home cooked meals prepared by a chef, homemade breads and soups.  The health and nutrition of a person is important.  A lot of men and women that struggle with drug addiction don’t eat properly. Many people that come into rehab are underweight and need help getting healthy again. 

Your program should have a diet plan catered to your needs.  Some people cannot eat certain types of food. If everyone is given the same meal, it often is a problem because your body is not getting fed what it needs on a regular basis.  Learning how to stay sober has a lot to do with how we take care of our bodies on a day to day basis. 

When you first start your day, you should have a healthy breakfast.  You will most likely be up by 7:00 a.m.  Your first meal should be something healthy such as: oatmeal, eggs, blueberries, strawberries, orange juice, cereal, raspberries, pancakes, waffles and grits.  As the commercial says, “You are what you eat”. 

This is a proven fact for people that are addicts and non-addicts alike.  It is important to be happy with the foods that you eat daily.  Your diet should never be boring. There are thousands of foods that you can choose from.  It often takes a good chef to come up with a meal plan that is right for you.

A place like Harp Treatment Center offers their clients a chef catered meal in which you choose what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You are given choices.  The beauty of a treatment program is that you are getting better as each day passes.

  • Drug addicts and alcoholics often have:
  • A loss of an appetite
  • Weight Loss
  • Not enough money for nutritious food
  • Vomiting and nausea

A man or woman’s journey to recovery comes in stages. Sometimes you are aware of the recovery that you need and other times you are not.  It should be a discussion between the client and their therapist as to what they need in treatment.

Yoga: Your Peace and Sobriety During Rehab

Many rehabs, treatment centers, spas and exercise centers offer yoga. Yoga is a way to both exercise and build peace within your spirit.  A new holistic approach to getting sober is to use yoga as part of a treatment program.  Even health spas like Hippocrates offer their clients yoga to get balanced.

What Yoga Gives Your Body?

  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Recreation
  • Exercise
  • Natural mood enhancement

One of the purposes of yoga is to make a person feel balanced and at peace.  You need to learn new coping mechanisms in life. Addiction often causes a person to feel out of balance, sick and worthless.  When you learn how to control your breathing in rehab, you begin understanding what control all is about.  Yoga will teach addicts that they can remain in control of their lives.  When they get tempted to take drugs, they will learn how to have self-control and not go back to something that once destroyed their lives.

Yoga will teach you how to release anger. You may be angry at family, friends and those that have abused you. When you practice yoga daily, you will learn how to release this anger properly.  It is important to learn to accept what you cannot change.  You may not be able to change the people that are acting inappropriately around you.  However, it doesn’t mean that you should turn to drugs or alcohol because you cannot change a painful situation each day. 

Yoga encourages one to be spiritual.  In any 12-step program or even a holistic one, clients are encouraged to find something to believe in other than themselves.  When you have a higher power watching over you, you learn to give it to them. You don’t have to take all your burden on yourself. You can simply feel a sense of love and happiness.

The more that a person practices yoga, the stronger that they get both physically and mentally.  A person that practices yoga regular is often someone that has a great deal of discipline and self-control.  Other disciplines that teach self-discipline are: Karate, Kung Fu, Ballet, Boxing, Singing and basketball.

What Kind Of Social Integration Happens in Rehab?

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they often lose touch with society.  They may feel as though they don’t fit in.  People in everyday life must go to work and support themselves with a job.

A person coming out of rehab may forget what that is like.  They may have gotten used to a lifestyle that has a lot to do with asking people for money and not working.  Drug and alcohol addiction often cause a person to depend on others to take care of them. 

A great way for someone to be connected to a social group or organization is by joining one that they can relate to.  A great group is Alcoholics Anonymous.  The good news is that these groups meet regularly and help people with addictions.  Sharing your story of overcoming your addiction is a great way to meet friends that share something that you have gone through personally.

For addicts, connecting with new groups that will help them to stay sober is a good way for them to feel complete.  In rehab, a client may get experience with social integration by connecting with their fellow peers at the treatment center that they are assigned to. 

They may feel a sense of belonging because someone there connects well with them.  You can easily find someone to connect with when you allow yourself to be heard.  Tell others in the group what you were facing before you went into rehab. You may find that a lot of people connect with your story and can become a friend.

When it comes to work, it is important for someone to have a job when they leave rehab. This will give someone the sense of accomplishment.  Accomplishments happen when people are doing something meaningful with their lives. 

Many addicts can’t remember a time in their life when they were able to look at a paycheck.  A lot of addicts have never gotten a check in their life because they were addicted to a substance for so long.

Many ex-addicts that leave rehab find that sports are a great way to connect with people.  You can build strong friendships with men and women if you are part of a team.  Exercise also allows someone to build healthy strong muscle and relaxation throughout the day. 

Attending a religious activity is helpful as well.  For starters, when you leave rehab, you will be encouraged to stay close to your high power. It is important to have God in your life because he is love. 

When you go to a religious service, you can connect with fellow believers who will understand you.  It is important to allow yourself to feel a sense of freedom when it comes to worship. 

Working on your relationship with your loved one is important.  If you are married, it is important to remind your spouse that you love them.  It is important to build the relationship back to a state in which you can be happy. 

Ozzy Osborne: A Constant Battle of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Almost every person on the planet has heard of the legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne.  He has sold over 100 million albums and was a member of the group Black Sabbath.  He unfortunately got fired from the group Black Sabbath because of his drug and alcohol use. 

According to , the rock star had a falling out with alcohol once again back in 2013.  He was originally sober from drugs and alcohol for around 10 years and then went back into drinking again. reported that he was 44 days sober after a depression episode happened for around 18 months.

Like many addicts, Ozzy seems to have his own share of struggles in his own life.  Every ex-alcoholic and drug addict knows that recovery is for the rest of your life.  Just because you get out of a rehabilitation program, you still must attend weekly AA meetings or meetings to help you keep up with sobriety. 

It is a daily battle that many addicts must face forever. The fact that his two children had problems with substance abuse as well proves the fact that drug and alcohol addiction run in families.  Many experts say that it is hereditary and often passed down from generation to generation. 

Ozzy even said that he was not acting nice to his wife and family.  His wife of 33 years (Sharon) and he split up for around 3 weeks at the time that he was drinking again. Often, addicts turn to drinking and drugs when they feel like they are under pressure or anxiety. 

When a person goes into treatment at a drug/alcohol facility, they are often given psychiatric medication to help their anxiety or depression.  A psychiatrist can keep you off illegal drugs and alcohol.  Often, addicts self-medicate themselves and need to be under the care of a psychiatrist for life.

The good news about Ozzy is that he was married to his wife for 33 years.  The fact that he was married for that long says that he can have commitment.   Most addicts struggle with commitment and accountability.   The fact that Ozzy was able to have a strong marriage with love and children that love him says a lot.  Every addict can have their fall every now and then.  It is often a painful experience.

It is a good thing that the rocker asked for support from his fans and friends.  He doesn’t have any siblings that can support him during rough times. He mainly has his wife, children and others that love him. 

It is important to help support someone that is having a difficult time with drugs and alcohol.  Drugs and alcohol are a difficult battle for life.  When friends and family support you, you can overcome anything in life. If you are having trouble with an addiction, make sure that you ask someone for help. 

Eating Disorders: How it is Linked to Alcoholism

Eating disorders are difficult to manage and overcome. People that enter a treatment center with an eating disorder and alcoholism are said to have a dual diagnosis.  An eating disorder is something that most people cannot handle on their own.  If not treated, you could die. 

There are a few extreme cases in which women and men have starved themselves to death because they thought that they looked fat.  It is not uncommon to hear of a person weighing only 80 lbs. when they have a disorder like this. 

Sometimes, people with eating disorders are obese.  They simply cannot stop eating and often weigh over 400 lbs.  When alcoholism is combined with this lifestyle, you can damage your vital organs such as your kidneys, heart and liver. 

Addicts often share different addictions.  It is not uncommon to have a dual diagnosis.  An eating disorder is no different than having bi-polar disorder and alcoholism.  When you have multiple disorders going on, it is important to address them individually.  The different types of eating disorders are:

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Bing Eating Disorder

When there is alcoholism involved with an eating disorder, the psychological effects must be treated as well.  People often overeat or refuse to eat because of underlying issues.  It has been found that people that have been molested are often using drugs or having some type of an eating disorder. 

Some celebrities have battled eating disorders, psychological disorders and addiction.  Some of these celebrities are:

  • Demi Lovato – We all love her powerful singing voice, but she has had to battle bulimia and bi-polar disorder.
  • Kesha – She had to check into a rehab for bulimia.
  • Lindsay Lohan – She told told Vanity Fair that she battled bulimia in her life. It was a scary situation for her.  Her family, friends and loved ones told her to get help or else she could die.  Thank goodness for the help of family and friends when we are having life threatening issues.
  • Troian Bellisario – Had anorexia.
  • Lady Gaga – Battled anorexia and bulimia.
  • Kelly Clarkson – Once suffered from Bulimia.
  • Katharine McPhee – Suffered from Bulimia.

Celebrities that allow their stories of addiction to be heard are powerful voices for people trying to overcome addiction themselves. This is mainly because most people are silent about drug addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders.

It is a topic that most families and addicts don’t like discussing for various reasons. If you know someone that has an addiction, it is best to tell them to confront their issue and not hide from it.  It can often be a matter of life and death.

People that struggle with an eating disorder often want to mask the problem by drinking alcohol.  They often forget their troubles for a while by resorting to alcoholism.  They often feel ashamed of their eating disorder and would rather not talk about it.  Until the issue is confronted, it is very difficult to deal with a disorder.

Should a Rehab be Kept Small for Superior Treatment?

A lot of treatment centers these days seem to be focused more on profits then patient’s health.  Some experts in the drug/alcohol treatment field believe that a rehab cannot give proper care to a client if they are too large.  Facilities that have over 100 beds are often focused on maintaining the overhead costs of such a large facility and not on patient needs. Is this a fact?  Is it better to get treatment at a smaller facility because you will have more staff to patient ratio?

Most treatment centers in the United States have around 30 beds or less in their facility.  As a treatment center grows in popularity, it is not considered uncommon to hear of these centers growing into 150 beds.  A lot of people that have attended larger facilities say that they didn’t feel like their life was focused on enough. 

There was often a small client to staff ratio.  They felt lost in the crowd a lot of times. However, if you look at some testimonials at these large treatment centers, some of the people say that they did receive the help that they were looking for. 

A lot of treatment centers believe in the philosophy to not let the treatment center grow too big.  Most professionals in the field agree that a treatment center that is to big can’t possibly focus on the needs of the client. There may or may not be any truth to this. 

Florida was at One Time the Oxycodone Capital of the United States?

A few years ago, the media began reporting that Florida was no doubt the unofficial pill mill of the United States.  Florida had 93 out of 100 oxycodone dispensing doctors in the USA.  This means that most of the pills were coming from Florida.  This narcotic was used to treat pain.  It was often given to people that suffered from addicts.  Authorities saw this as being abusive and therefore put tougher regulations on many Florida pill mills. 

There were 650 million oxycodone pills shipped in 2010.  Another report that came out in 2010 said that oxycodone caused 1,516 overdose deaths in Florida.  2010 was not the worst year for drugs.  Change did happen in 2010 as well by Purdue Pharmacy. 

They are the primary makers of oxycodone.  When the report came out about oxycodone, they reformulated the drug.  Shockingly, the drugs could no longer be snorted, crushed or injected.  This helped reduce the illegal use of the drug that was going on. 

The year 2011 was a year that the police were cracking down on doctors that were dealing these drugs illegally.  If you owned a pain clinic, you were under investigation for the most part by the police.  A lot of these clinics were raided. 

The police were not playing games and wanted to make it a serious matter.  People were dying over these clinics giving medication to people that shouldn’t have been taking it to begin with.  There were some doctors that were sent to prison because they were drug dealers.  The jury put them in prison because they knew that they were running a clinic giving people drugs illegally.

The new laws that were being put out were forcing doctors to keep better control over which patients get pain pills.  If these pills were over prescribed, the doctor received a serious penalty. The government was doing all that it could to bring down the illegal practice of illegal oxycodone distribution.  The Department of Health was now controlling the dispensing of these drugs.  When these drugs were given out, the pharmacy had to report it to the department of health.

With stricter regulations, more care was put into the industry.  Pills being shipped to Florida were under 527 million in 2011.  That is a Signiant drop from the 650 million pills shipped in 2010.  Each year, the pills being shipped to Florida drops. 

It is amazing what happens when stiff regulations come into play.  In 2013, that number dropped down to 313 million.  If you see the pattern, it looks like the people are beginning to take prescription drugs more seriously.  Government officials that are making these laws are saving lives.  These drugs should not be in the hands of addicts that want to abuse them.  There are only 367 pain clinics across the state of Florida. 

The amount of oxycodone deaths is dropping each year.  It is important to keep in mind that Florida was once considered the drug capital of the world.  Florida has been cleaning up its act over the past decade.  Most people now see Florida as the state with too many drug and alcohol treatment centers. I guess that is better than seeing it as the drug capital of the United States.

Crack Cocaine: How it Effects Your Brain and Body Parts

Crack Cocaine is known as a cheap drug that is smoked.  Users that take the drug, have a higher chance of getting a heart attack, convulsions, muscle spasms and seizures.  Some long-term effects are severe depression, disorientation, tooth decay, high blood pressure, brain damage, psychosis and so much more.

It is a drug that sends most people into a life full of unhappiness and anger.  If you have ever known someone that took crack cocaine, you may have noticed that they had an increase in weight loss and lung damage.  It also causes damage to your kidneys and lungs.  Any type of drug that is smoked can cause harm to your lungs.  It is best not to smoke anything.

According to (, the blood flow of someone that does cocaine is slow and abnormal in comparison to someone that does not do cocaine.  We are now living in a technological age and modern-day machinery is helping researchers to see exactly what happens inside of a person’s blood vessels as they are taking cocaine. 

There were volunteers that decided to help in an experiment conducted by Mclean Hospital in Belmont.  The experiment had people take the drug in order to see what effects it had on the body as someone was using the substance.  The research found out that the blood vessels became narrow as the drug was being used. 

You may think that seeing this is no big deal. However, this is the first time EVER that this was able to be seen in a research.  It was always speculated that this would occur. However, we now have actual proof.  The blood vessels become narrow on healthy young men who only use the drug occasionally.

When a person has an addiction to crack cocaine, it is best to put them into a treatment facility that can help them to change their lives.  Most parents try to tackle this addiction without any professional help.  They watch their sons and daughters go through stages in which they are spinning out of control. 

A person with a bad crack habit spends about $200.00 a day on their addiction. It is never easy to watch a loved one spinning out of control with crack.  A person that seeks out treatment normally has a 30-day inpatient stay at a hospital or treatment center. A person must learn how not to go back to the drug. Often a person’s brain is addicted to the drug and cannot stop thinking about it. A lot of therapy must be given to someone that has a drug addiction. 

Crack cocaine is also known to damage your nasal tissues such as nasal septum and ulcers.  People that have smoked crack cocaine can also suffer repertory problems such as a chronic cough or bleeding from their lungs.  It is not uncommon to hear of an ex addict suffering from memory problems and an inability to focus.  Crack does kill brain cells. It is a fact.

How to Deal with Your Shame as a Former Heroin Addict

It is a common fact that when someone gets out of rehab, they are going to have to confront people that once saw them as a heroin addict.  Your neighbors may ask you how you are doing since you got out of rehab.  Ex addicts often feel ashamed of the lifestyle that they once lead because of their addiction.

Many addicts often steal from their family, friends and neighbors. Others prostitute themselves in order to get money for their drug. The drug begins to control a person’s life when they least expect. It is important to understand that when a person is addicted to a drug, they often do not understand what they are doing exactly.

The best way to handle someone that used to see you as a heroin addict is to introduce yourself to them for who you are now.  If they ask how you are doing, it is important to let them know that you are now clean and sober.  If you can avoid them entirely, it is probably best to avoid them. However, this is not always possible.  Sometimes, the people that you used to steal from or prostitute yourself to are your neighbors. 

There is no reason for you to feel any shame.  You have already been through a lot of pain in your life. You were once controlled by a drug called heroin. 

However, you should never identify yourself with the “things” that you used to do in order to get money for heroin.  Your body was physically addicted to the drug and you did what you had to do at the time in order to get more heroin. 

You now know that it is not the life that you want to live anymore. You took the right steps by going into a 30-day rehab program and detoxed your body from the drug. 

Just because you got out of rehab doesn’t mean that your work is done. You must now hire a therapist to help you to understand who you truly are right now. You must learn who you are step by step with the help of a trained counselor that has worked with former addicts. You can often find these professionals at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or in magazines that show advertisements for PhD’s that treat former addicts.

Your therapies should give you a questionnaire as to what is affecting you now. They should also give you a treatment schedule as to how often you are going in for therapy. 

Therapy can last for a few weeks to a few months. This all depends on your therapist.  Therapy works well for people that just got out of rehab because they now must learn a new way of living.  A new way of living may be getting yourself into a college/university for training or finding yourself a new job.  Many rehabs offer job placement assistance after you get out of your facility.

Choosing a Rehab that is Right for Your Addiction

If you are thinking about going into a rehab for your addiction, you are probably searching for the right treatment program for you.  There are many factors to consider when making a choice. For starters, do you see yourself going to rehab in your home state or in a state outside of where you reside? This is important since many people want to stay in their home state. 

If you are addicted to a drug such as heroin, alcohol or crack cocaine, 30-day inpatient programs often work best. People that try outpatient care for these types of addictions often fail because they never leave their environment.

You often are in an environment where you are seeing the same old people that keep you enabled to your addiction.  Many outpatient programs fail because the addict is never removed from their environment.  It is always best to give yourself the best possible solution to the problem.   Many addicts choose to go to Florida for treatment because of the beautiful year-round weather and clean air.  West Palm Beach, FL has some of the cleanest air in the United States. 

Age has a lot to do with your rehab choice as well. If you are 60 years old, you may feel uncomfortable being in a rehab with clients that are mostly between the ages of 18 and 25. You may get more out of group therapy with clients that are more your age. You can relate to them better and therefore your recovery may have a better turn around for yourself.  Many people choose a rehab based on income level. 

If you are earning over $100,000 a year, you may feel more comfortable being in a rehab where other executives are.  You can talk more about your job to people that can relate to you.  The friendships that you build in rehab often help you to get through your recovery.  Believe it or not, the way that you connect with fellow clients in a rehab often effect your recovery. 

It is a fact that many men and women leave their rehab because they feel like they don’t fit in.  It is not uncommon for a person to arrive at a beautiful treatment facility and meet the clients to say that they don’t fit in.


Other clients say that the treatment center that they go to must have a swimming pool or a certain activity.  There are over 18,000 treatment centers in the United States alone.

Many cater to the client’s needs differently.  Many people that want treatment insist that it must include pet therapy. People often feel the need to bond with animals during recovery.  Some treatment centers offer horseback riding and animal care as part of their treatment model.  Celebrities often choose their addiction treatment facility since other celebrities go there as well. 

The best way to choose your treatment center is to understand what your needs are. Have your family help you to choose which treatment center is going to work for you as well.  The important thing is that you get treated properly.  You may need detox and 30, 60- or 90-day inpatient care.  Not every treatment is a fit for every person.  Many addicts go to several different treatment centers to find out what works best for them.

What is an Outpatient Treatment Program?

When you are deciding on a drug and alcohol treatment center, you may be asking yourself if you need inpatient or outpatient care.  This is a good question. If you call a treatment center that only offers 30-day inpatient care, you may hear that an outpatient program is not right for you. 

If you call an outpatient treatment center, they may tell you that outpatient treatment works for everyone. I can tell you that not every program works for every person.  There are many addicts that go to a 30-day inpatient program and go back to using drugs as soon as they are out.  Others do better in outpatient programs or vice versa.  It is important to understand how an outpatient program works.

When a person attends an outpatient program, they have access to their family, friends, work, and education and so on.  You basically don’t have to stop your life in order to attend a treatment program. 

This is both good and bad. If you are addicted to a drug such as heroin, you may need a 30-day inpatient program because you need to get away from the people that have been enabling your addiction all along. This may include drug dealers, parents that give you money for drugs, friends that are also using heroin and so forth.

Since most outpatient programs offer a night schedule, it is easy to go to meetings after you get out of work.  This offers you some privacy and the ability to meet with people that want to speak with you.

An outpatient program cannot give you safety or a secure environment since you are on your own most of the time. You often must show up for drug testing, therapy or some other function of care.  Outpatient programs often provide the addict and their families with group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous to help in recovery. 

Outpatient programs may cost as little as $5,000.  Most 30-day inpatient programs can cost as much as $30,000.  For some families with no health insurance or cash to pay for a 30-day treatment model, outpatient is often a good choice.  Most outpatient treatment centers have meetings on the weekends as well. 

Outpatient programs help addicts to get their life back on track again. When you are with a drug counselor, they often inform you of what you must learn about yourself. It is important to understand why you are taking drugs to begin with. 

Once you go through your individual and group therapy, you will understand yourself a lot better.  You will learn to understand what you need in life to keep yourself sober.  In many outpatient pogroms, your parents can go to some groups with you. They can go in order to understand why they may in fact be involved in your addiction as well.  Many parents must overcome their enabling habits as well.

What is Alcohol and Drug Detox?

A dual diagnosis is popular for people that need drug and alcohol detox.  A lot of people that get addicted to drugs such as cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and alcohol are suffering from a mental illness and a chemical dependence. 

A lot of detox centers must get a person off their drug of choice and get them psychiatric medication to treat disorders such as: bi-polar, schizophrenia, depression, ADD/ADHD and so forth.  It is not uncommon to hear of a person feeling like their life is falling apart because they cannot stop taking illegal drugs and alcohol. 

Most drug addicts fear withdrawal because it is often a painful process. Once a person’s body becomes addicted to a drug, it physically needs the drug daily. Once a person starts withdrawing from a drug, they can experience seizures, shakes, sweating, and hallucinations and so on. 

Detox centers understand withdrawal and often give their patients medication in order to ease the effects of withdrawals. They also watch out for seizures.  You are basically in a safe environment while you are detoxing your body from the drug. Your hormonal and neural systems are thrown into a confused state. 

Detox centers often see their clients go through night sweats and having elevated blood pressure.  There is often physical pain and severe nausea.  Detox often lasts for 7 days.  The cost can be as much as $7,000 and as little as $3,000 depending on the detox center. 

Many people mistaken detox for inpatient treatment.  Usually a person goes through 7 days of detox before entering a 30-day inpatient program for drug and alcohol abuse.  Detox is the first step to get yourself off the drug. A treatment program teaches you how to stay off the drug and gives you therapy to better your life. Some treatment centers are more known than others.

When a person is addicted to alcohol, their body becomes physically dependent on the drug.  It is important to understand that you should never detox off alcohol alone. You can have a seizure that could be fatal.  Detox centers use different medications that keep you from having a seizure.  An inpatient detox center will offer you the best salutation since they detox people from alcohol all the time.  One of the most well-known detox centers is Sunrise Detox Center. 

A lot of detox centers that offer intense detox programs say that they have a 75 to 80 percent success rate.  Some detox centers only treat adults. You must find one that treats adults and teenagers if you have a teen or child that is in crisis.  Detox is the best way of starting your life over again. If you decide to get the help that you need right now, it is a wise decision to call a detox center that can help you.  Most addicts are afraid to make the first call. However, your life cannot change unless you make the first move.

Rehab: No Phone! No Computer! No Texting! Why Not?

There are a lot of 30-day inpatient programs that do not allow you to have a cell phone, computer or texting while you are in treatment.  Treatment centers often have strict rules for men and women coming into their facility. 

The main reason why these items are often not allowed to be used is because the treatment facility wants you to focus in on you and not on another person calling you. 

When someone goes into rehab, it is important that they understand that they are there to heal and recover. A rehab program is meant to focus on you.  Most often, electronics are a distraction for people in a treatment center. 

Rehabs know that a cell phone gives you access to people that used to enable you.  You need to stay away from the places, people and instances that caused you to become addicted in the first place. Nobody gets addicted without the help of someone else.

Your parents may have enabled you by giving you money or your friend may have told you that you could buy drugs cheaper from a different dealer.  Your drug dealer may be trying to get a hold of you. There are so many instances in which a person may have to not use a cell phone or electronic device for months after they get out of rehab.  You may have to remove yourself from this for a while until you can better manage your life.

You are in rehab to recover from an addiction.  You are not there to play around.  You may hate and even despise losing your telephone privileges for a while. However, know that it is only for a few weeks. Once you get out of your 30-day program, you can have your cell phone back. A 30-day program goes fast.  You will be surprised to find out that you need help.

Recovery is expensive. You should not waste one single day not focusing on yourself. This may be the only time in your entire life where you can focus in on yourself and nobody else.  It is important to understand that in life, you have choices that need to be made.  You oversee your own life. Use your time wisely at rehab. Follow the rules.  Your rehab has been through this process many times and with many types of people.  They know that you need help. 

If a rehab is allowing their clients to use cell phones, this often interferes with their program. If you drug dealer still can call you while you are trying to get help for your addiction, this is not a good program to be in.  You will eventually see for yourself that drug and alcohol programs work best when no cell phones are involved in the program.

What Are Chef Catered Meals in a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

There are a lot of luxury treatment centers that offer you chef catered meals.  There is nothing better than going through a rehab program feeling like you don’t have any responsibilities but to focus in on yourself.  All you must do is show up for meetings and focus in on why you are taking drugs to begin with. You are meant to heal and get better.

A chef catered meal in a treatment center is often catered for the client. You are often given the choice of having each meal catered to your liking. Often, you are given a menu each day of different choices that you could have.  Sometimes, for breakfast, you may have a choice of:

  • Eggs
  • French toast
  • Pancakes
  • Steak
  • Cereal
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Grains

A lunch menu may give you a choice of:

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Vegetables
  • Pastas
  • Rice

A dinner menu may have:

  • Salmon Fish
  • Filet Mignon
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Hamburgers and Hotdogs
  • Vegetarian Dishes

The treatment centers that offer chef catered meals often offer different meals for their clients.  It is always based on what they like to eat. It is always good to know what works and what does not work for a client.

It is becoming more popular for treatment centers to offer their guests gourmet desserts such as:

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Tiramisu
  • Candies
  • Pies
  • Pastries
  • Chocolate covered fruits
  • Crepes
  • Dobos Torte
  • Soufflés
  • Chocolate Mousse

More chefs are beginning to see the benefit of working for treatment centers.  Many chefs are given large budgets to cater to the clients of treatment facilities.  In many treatment centers, luxury accommodations are often given. 

Many treatment centers look a lot like expensive resorts these days. Some treatment centers have spas, saunas, swimming pools, 5-star room accommodations with wide screen television sets. Some even offer room service.  A lot of luxury treatment centers often charge $45,000 to over $75,000 for 30 days of treatment.

Your diets during rehab is important for recovery.  It is as important as therapy is as well. When you get the help that you need, you begin to feel a sense of peace. 

Luxury treatment centers are the perfect place for most chefs to work in.  You get to design the menu the way that you want and often you are the only person cooking the meals. You do not have to work in large kitchens as you would a traditional restaurant.  You are usually only cooking for around 30 people a day. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Drug Addiction

The media began covering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when veterans were returning from the Iraq war.  For a while, PTSD was the untasked about subject. However, addiction treatment centers are beginning to see more and more cases of people having PTSD and taking an illegal substance to self-medicate. 

Many people that have PTSD suffer from extreme anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks and bad memories.  People often wonder how someone gets PTSD.  Here are some reasons why a person may get post-traumatic stress disorder:

  • Witnessing a traumatic event (many survivors of 9/11 witnessed the collapse of the world trade centers)
  • Feeling powerless in your situation
  • Military Combat
  • Childhood abuse and trauma
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes

Unfortunately, a lot of people that suffer from PTSD self-medicate themselves with alcohol or another drug.   Once a person gets addicted to a drug, they often need detox and rehabilitation to get themselves sober again. PTSD is becoming more popular today because people understand what it is exactly. Years ago, people did not understand what PTSD even was.

For a while, people vent thought that veterans were making up their feelings in order to collect a disability check from the government. However, today PTSD has been studied enough for doctors to know that it truly exists.  

Most men suffer from PTSD because they were in a war or because they were performing service in which their life was in danger.  Women however usually suffer from PTSD because they were sexually abused.   If your PTSD is giving you nightmares, sleeplessness, angry outbursts and aggressive behavior, it is important to seek the help of a professional. 

It is a fact that when people use alcohol and drugs to medicate themselves, PTSD gets worse and more severe.  A lot of people that have PTSD and use drugs have violent outbursts with family members or experience themselves drinking and driving while consuming alcohol.  There are a lot of arrests that have to do with domestic violence as well.

Moms: They Often Feel Powerless Against Drug Addiction

Moms across the United States of America often feel powerless against addiction because they don’t know what to do.  How can you help your son or daughter that is on drugs? Most mothers feel like they are obligated to give their child money when they ask for it.  Even though they know that they are enabling their child’s drug use, they still do it. 

A story that I recently came across was about a woman by the name of Laura. She was a young woman that was bright, outgoing and loving. She got her master’s degree in library science. She was even a program director at Sarah Doyle Women’s Center at Brown University.  Laura seemed to have the best life.  She had many friends and loved writing, music and photography.  Everyone saw her as being okay.

Everything with Laura seemed perfect.  However, she fooled a lot of people because she was a highly functioning drug addict. Nobody knew that she had a drug problem.  Laura’s mother tells her story of losing her daughter when she was just 38 years old. 

Laura started to experiment with drugs when she was in her mid-20.  Her mother did not find out about how severe her addiction was until she died. This is a sad story shared by millions of mothers all over the world.  Most parents are unaware of how bad their child’s addiction really is.  Sometimes, parents have no idea how much cocaine, heroin and alcohol their children are truly taking.

Laura had a rough background from the beginning. She was adopted and had both anxiety and depression.  Shockingly, Laura’s mother visited her a week before she died. When she was visiting her daughter, she saw no sign of drug addiction. 

She was showing emotions such as happiness and excitement.  Her daughter looked happy, healthy and strong.  She even said that she had quit smoking cigarettes.   Everything seemed perfect. However, Laura was hiding her deep secrets of drug abuse from her mom.  Sometimes, children lie to their parents when they are addicted to drugs. They don’t want to upset them. Often, parents have no idea what is really going on in their child’s life. 

Many parents see an addicted person as someone that is out of control and acting addicted.  If you ever saw the movie, The Basketball Diaries, you may remember Leonardo DiCaprio stealing from his mother and acting completely out of control.  The actor played the role of a teen addicted to drugs. He was out of control and he was your typical drug addict.  Someone that is educated, successful and appears healthy are usually not the people that you suspect having a drug problem.

It is good for a mother to get close to their child’s friends.  Get to know who they are hanging out with. Once their friends feel like they can trust you, they often are willing to tell you what your child is up to.  Often, the friend of a drug addict wants to help them.  However, they often do not know where to turn either.

Can Someone Need Rehab for Lorazepam?

A lot of people that take the drug Lorazepam often want to get off the drug and don’t know how.  Lorazepam is a benzodiazepine.  Lorazepam is often used to treat anxiety. It is highly addictive if taken longer than the bottle suggests. 

Often, your doctor may prescribe them to you for a few months or a few years.  Once your body gets addicted to a benzodiazepine, it is extremely difficult to get off the drug.  If not done correctly, a person can have a seizure or the feelings of hallucinations, headaches, suicidal thoughts and so much more.  It is important to contact a professional detox center/rehab for advice on how to get off this drug safely. 

This drug is highly addictive.  Most people don’t understand how the drug gets addicted to your body if a psychiatrist prescribes this to you.  A lot of people take Lorazepam thinking that it is like taking an aspiring. 

Some people think that if they just stop taking the drug, it’s okay and nothing bad is going to happen.  However, this is not the case and many people find out later that they are going through a withdrawal when they stop taking the drug cold turkey. 

When your body becomes addicted to this drug, you may feel irritability, nausea, abdominal pain and memory problems.  Lorazepam acts on your central nervous system.  It effects the way that chemicals are produced in the brain

Here is a little history of the drug.  It was founded in 1977 and it was originally called Ativan.  It was meant to treat seizures, insomnia and to calm aggressive patients.  However, as time moved on, it was found to be beneficial for people with anxiety. 

Some people that have Lorazepam abuse, complain of the following symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Bad Body Balance
  • Blurry Vision and visual problems
  • Depression and anxiousness

For many people, benzodiazepines are one of the hardest withdrawals that a person can ever go through.  Websites like covers a lot of topics from people addicted to the drug and trying to come off the drug. It has many guest posts stories of addiction.

A lot of people that have come off Lorazepam say that they have problems with their memory.  Students often have trouble remembering what they have studied because of the effects from the drug. 

When the drug is stopped abruptly, a person can experience convulsions, rapid heartbeat, hypersensitivity to light and muscle cramping.  It often takes a long time to feel “normal” again for a lot of people after they get out of rehab. 

It is best to consult with your psychiatrist at your treatment center as to how to get off this drug safely.  Everyone tapers differently from this drug.  One person may experience a rise in blood pressure and another person may experience nothing at all.

Is it Possible to Get Brain Damage from Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Many people that go through rehab often have physical pains and ailments even after they are finished with a 30-day inpatient program.  People often wonder if they have some sort of permanent brain damage.  Many men and women suffer from dementia, memory loss, blacking out and other ailments.  It is possible to get brain damage from taking drugs and alcohol.

Your cells get effected by consuming alcohol.  This includes brain cells.  Every time that you drink alcohol, it effects every cell in your body.  People that drink large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can experience permanent brain damage.

Many people see marijuana as a safe drug to smoke and even eat.  However, some long-term symptoms that are common with people that smoke weed are: paranoia, memory loss, decreased problem solving abilities and much more. 

What is brain damage? It is an alteration in your brain’s chemistry.  It is deleterious to the natural functioning of your brain.  When people think about brain damage, they often think of car accidents causing them or some type of a fall. However, drugs and alcohol can do damage as well because they tend to either slow or speed up the natural process of the brain.  Drugs that are known to do this are benzodiazepines, alcohol, cocaine and heroin. 

Getting tests for brain damage can often be difficult. It is best to start talking to your medical doctor in order to see if there are any tests that are available for you.  In some cases, brain tests may include imaging tests, measurements for level of traumatic brain injury and speech/language tests. 

Some computerized testing is now available as well thanks to modern day technology.  These tests may include:

  • Computerized tomography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Intracranial pressure monitoring

If you think that you may have experienced brain damage, it is important to talk about it. You may or may not have brain damage.  If you get tested and no damage is found, you may in fact get relief from different psychiatric drugs that are on the market.  Psychiatrists know and understand depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and so forth.  Often, people do not consult with a professional concerning their symptoms.

What Are Some Natural Herbs to Calm Your Anxiety?

Before taking any herb, it is important to check with your medical doctor and licensed psychiatrists.  Some herbs can interfere with your medication.   Here is a short article about natural herbs that are used for anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, ADD/ADHD and so much more.

Chamomile Tea – If you have ever had a stressful today, coming home to a hot cup of chamomile tea can truly make your day.  It is known as the calm tea.  People that have trouble sleeping often find comfort after drinking a cup of this tea. 

They can often sleep better.  Some people don’t believe in the power of herbs. However, a study by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia gave a test for people that struggled with anxiety.  They found that after 8 weeks of drinking chamomile tea, patients were significantly calmer and had a significant drop in anxiety.  The study showed that the tea did in fact make people less anxious over time.

Green Tea – If you suffer from high blood pressure, you may find green tea helpful.  There is an amino acid in the tea called L-theanine.  This amino acid assists in keeping your blood pressure low and heart rate as well.  In order to use green tea effectively, it is recommended that you use this a few times a day. 

There is an old-time story of Japanese monks drinking this tea and meditating shortly thereafter. They were able to meditate for hours.  Was it truly the result of the tea? Many people say so.    Many monks today drink green tea throughout Asia.

Valerian – This herb was approved by the German government to treat insomnia.  The proper way to take this is through a capsule.  The smell of Valerian is known as being nasty.  It simply smells bad, so people take it in pill form.  It is suggested that you only take this herb before bedtime.  People that take it say that it makes you drowsy.  Therefore, you should never take this herb and then drive a car.

Passionflower – Another drug approved by the German government for treating anxiety.  Some studies in Germany found that using passionflower can be just as effective as using a prescription medication.  It is interesting how “mother nature” is starting to influence modern day medicine in some countries.

Besides herbs, there are other ways to calm your anxiety to include:

  • Running
  • Exercise
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Group Meetings
  • Therapy
  • Nutritious Food

It is important that you follow your doctor’s orders when it comes to proper nutrition, medication and the use of herbal supplements. 

Foods That Make You Feel Depressed

If you suffer from depression, this article is going to help you to see which foods may be contributing to your depression.  Staying off these foods may in fact help you to feel a little bit or a lot of joy. 

Refined Sugar – Candy bars often make us feel like we are on top of the world for about 20 minutes. Our bodies crave the good taste of Hershey chocolate bars or Reese’s Pieces peanut butter cups.  However, refined sugars cause our glucose levels in our blood to plummet. 

After a while, you will often feel depressed or have a low feeling.  Your mood has been affected.  Refined sugars cause our bodies to go out whack for a little while. 

We were first so excited to get that candy bar in our system and then suddenly, we regret eating it.  We no longer have that happy feeling that we once had before we ate the candy bar or refined sugar in another product.   It may be a good idea to switch to a natural sweetener such as Stevia.  Stevia is a plant that gets turned into a great tasting sweetener.  You can put it in teas, coffee and chocolate as well.  Many companies are now making their products with Stevia. 

Artificial Sweeteners – If you are overweight, many people choose diet sodas, diet cakes and candies.  They often think that an artificial sweetener like Sweet and Low or Equal are the smarter choice.  However, these sweeteners are not exactly good for you.  For starters, they are made with Aspartame. 

This blocks the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin.  This is known to cause changes in your mood such as: insomnia, depression, headaches.  If you must drink soda, even though it is bad for you, it is much better to get the real thing.  Ask your doctor how much soda you could drink daily.

Processed Food – Almost everything that we consume daily has some type of processed effect to it.  Foods like white bread, pasta, cereals, pretzels and so forth change your blood sugar levels.  When consumed in large quantities, it can be the same as drinking a can of soda. 

Did you know that a bagel is processed the same way as a donut is?  This is hard to believe for some people. These foods are often what most people turn to when they are hungry.  However, after you eat them, you will feel sad, tired and depressed.  It is because your body is getting an insulin boost for around 30 minutes and then bringing your body back down. 

Caffeine – Many young men are drinking soft drinks with large amounts of caffeine in them.  Caffeine is known to contribute to anxiety and depression.  It disturbs your sleep, tremors and nervousness.  Some energy drinks have as much caffeine in 1 can as there are in 14 cans of soda!  There have been some cases in which people have died from consuming too much caffeine from these types of soft drinks.

How to Deal with a Husband that Gets Drunk Regularly

If you are dealing with your husband’s alcoholism on a regular basis, you are in pain.  Spouses of alcoholics often make excuses for their loved one because they often don’t know what else to do. Often, wives feel like their husbands are drinking because of something that they did.  However, alcoholism has a lot of deep roots to it. 

It is important to tell your husband that you are not going to put up with his laconism any longer.  In order to change this behavior, you will need to give your husband an intervention. 

It is important to either hire a professional interventionist or try to do this on your own.  Gather some loved ones that your husband knows cares for him.  Have them write letters to your husband and call a gathering.  It is important that you tell everyone that is coming to the intervention to write down a consequence of what will happen if your husband chooses not to go in for treatment.

It is important that he knows and understands what he is going to lose if he continues drinking without getting any help.  It is also important to follow through on the consequences or else your loved one will continue to drink.

If your husband is physically abusing you, it is important to get out of the situation.  First, you must give your husband a warning that if he touches you again, you are going to call the police.  Second, if he does hit you again, it is important that you call the police and leave the home if necessary.  You must follow through on getting a protective order against your husband. If the court refuses to give you one, it is important that you move immediately. 

Many battered housewives end up dead because they refused to leave an abusive situation.  Love is not abusive. You cannot help your husband right now because he is under the influence of a drug. He may or may not be aware of what he is even doing when he is drinking alcohol.  Many people that commit murder under the influence of a drug often are not aware of their actions. 

Usually people seek treatment after they have gotten a DUI or got arrested for something that they did related to their alcoholism. You must understand that you are not in any condition to help them.  They must be treated at a professional rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol abuse.  If you truly love your husband, you will leave because your husband is not himself right now. 

If you continue to enable your husband by making excuses for him or enabling him by giving him money for alcohol, the problem will only get worse.  It is also important to consult with loving family members that your husband knows loves him. 

This is mainly because they can help influence him to get treatment. Often, when loved ones come together, the addict listens.  He knows what is important in life. Family, friends and loved ones are what makes us want to live to begin with. 

What Are Some Medications that May Cause a Person to Commit Murder?

For years, professionals that deal with drug addiction have said that some drugs influence a person to commit murder.  In the June 1 edition of the Journal World Psychiatry found that some drugs such as prescription medications (painkillers, antidepressant drugs and tranquilizers) can increase someone’s chances of killing another human being. 

Many criminals that went to prison for school shootings have had a history of taking anti-depressants.  Does everyone have these effects?  The answer to this question is no. 

However, there is enough evidence to point that some of these psychiatric drugs are causing people to have a loss of impulse control.  According to, a lead author and professor named Dr. Jari Tiihonen said that the only surprise he had was that painkillers have this affect as well. (

  • The study found that antidepressant drugs increase the risk of homicide by thirty one percent.
  • There was a 45% increase of people committing homicide by using tranquilizers.
  • If a person uses opioid pain relievers, there is an increase of 92% that they will commit homicide.
  • There is a 200% chance that a person will commit a homicide if they use anti-inflammatory painkillers.

I don’t find these findings hard to believe at all.  In fact, most people are in prison because they were using drugs or drinking alcohol at the time of the crime.  Some of these drugs were prescription drugs that were prescribed to them by a medical doctor.  Here are some people that you may or may not be familiar with. They were convicted of doing school shootings. They were all under the influence of a drug:

Cory Baadsgaard – Only 16 years old.  He was taking the drug Paxil and it caused him to hallucinate.   He took a rifle into Washington state high school and took 23 classmates as his hostages.  Shockingly, he has no memory of this even happening. 

Chris Fetters – This 13-year-old boy was taking Prozac when he decided to kill his favorite aunt.

Christopher Pittman – While taking Zoloft, he murdered his grandparents.  He was only twelve years old.

Alex Kim – Only 13 years old.  When his Lexapro prescription was doubled, he decided to hang himself.

Kurt Danysh – When he was 18, he killed his father with a shotgun.  He was taking Prozac.  Kurt is now behind bars telling people to stay away from SSRI drugs.

Hammad Memon – He was 15 years old when he shot and killed a fellow student.  He was taking Zoloft and other drugs to treat his ADHD.

Asa Coon – Only 14 years old.  Asa shot and killed four people and then took his own life.  He was taking Trazadone.

Matthew Miller – Was taking Zoloft for 6 days and then hung himself in his bedroom closet.  Only 13 years old.

Jeff Weise – Sixteen years old.  His doctors prescribed him to take three times the average dosage of Prozac.  He shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and students from Minnesota. In total, there were 12 wounded and 10 people dead. 

What May have Drove Matthew Miller to Kill Himself?

For those of you that have never heard the name Matthew Miller, you may want to read this article to learn more.  He was just a 13-year-old boy that killed himself.  There is still a mystery that circulates around his death.  We are hearing about so many young men and women killing themselves these days and choosing to do school shootings? Why is this happening?

Matthew was an athletic thirteen-year-old boy.  His parents had to make a move into a bigger home in Kansas City Missouri.  Like many teenagers, it was not easy for him to adjust. He was having to make new friends and it was a new environment for him.  He was upset with his school and parents.  Matthew was not acting like himself according to his teacher. He was doing poorly in school and he was not acting like himself.  The teacher made a recommendation for Matthew to see a psychiatrist. 

The parents took him to see a psychiatrist who prescribed him Zoloft.  Within a few days, he seemed to be acting happier.  However, the longer he stayed on the drug, his parents noticed him getting more agitated and nervous.  He was jumpy and could not sit in one place for very long.  He even had trouble sleeping. 

After the sixth day of being on the drug, he killed himself.  His father believed that the drug caused him to commit suicide because the suicide was unplanned and happened unexpectedly.  It is hard to say whether the drug had an influence on Matthew Miller killing himself.  A lot of children today that are involved in school shootings are under the influence of some prescription drug or illegal drug. 

When a person gets addicted to a drug, they are not themselves.  Family members often notice a change in behavior and a change in happiness.  In cases where heroin is used, people often resort to prostitution to get money for the drug. 

This is something that they would not do if they were sober.  It is not uncommon to hear of ex heroin addicts saying that they don’t remember prostituting themselves.  When a person is under the influence of some drugs, it often effects their memory.  It is important to get help from a drug and alcohol treatment facility if you have a problem with addiction.