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Drug Addiction: #1 Source For In Depth Information

Drug Addiction: #1 Source For In Depth Information

What Is Drug Addiction?

You have just spent the last week talking to someone that was supposed to come in for treatment.  You spent many hours on the phone listening to the person crying about their drug and alcohol treatment problem. 

You have finally showed them an opportunity to get help from a treatment program.  You have scheduled them to come in on September 15.  However, September 15 comes around and they don’t show up.  There is nothing more devastating for an admissions counselor than hearing this news. 

Unfortunately, treatment centers around the world deal with this issue on a weekly basis.  In order to deal with clients that are giving you the brush off, it is important to understand why they are doing this to begin with. 

For starters, it takes a commitment to get yourself to come into a treatment program.  Often, treatment centers don’t spend enough time with the loved ones of the addict. 

If the addict feels that his family will keep on enabling their habit, they are less prone to commit to a rehab program. 

You must get the family members of the addict to understand that they must encourage the potential client to go to rehab.  People often decide to enter treatment when they see no other alternative.  Their families are no longer enabling them by giving them money.  They have run out of resources and have hit rock bottom.

People that back out of rehab often do so because they see no reason to come.  Perhaps they agreed to enter your program to please someone now. 

If someone did not show up for treatment, it is important to call them and encourage them to still come.  Often, people are afraid of treatment because it forces them to change.  Nobody likes to change.  It often involves you having to change your behaviors daily. 

Try to be as patient as you possibly can.  Your potential client may be reacting to something that he/she heard about rehab.  For many, treatment is lifetime commitment.  Addicts know that once they enter treatment, they cannot go back to their old ways again.

Should You Call Your Boyfriend While He is in Rehab?

Calling your boyfriend in rehab is often not a good idea for several reasons.  For starters, he is going through a lot of personal change.  He is getting in touch with his feelings and emotions with his therapist.  Unfortunately, he is hurting deeply and doesn’t know if he will even make it through the program. 

Often, couples argue or say something that makes the other person upset.  You don’t want to trigger any negative emotions while your boyfriend is in rehab. 

Your goal is to get him out of rehab feeling happy, sober and fulfilled.  Life challenges can be tough for anyone to handle. Rehab takes time, patience and practice. 

When your boyfriend decided to go into rehab, he did it to get better. He saw his family and loved ones telling him that he had to get better because they were worried about him.

Often, a person can check themselves out of rehab if they think that you are in trouble or need them to be by your side. An inpatient program is often 30 days long and time consuming. While in treatment, people often cannot work or see people that they are used to communicating with on a regular basis. 

Many rehabs have designated hours in which you can communicate with people that are in the center already.  Some have visitation day in which you can come and see your boyfriend.  There is nothing wrong with seeing your boyfriend on family day if you can keep your cool and let him know that everything is going to be okay. 

If you are going to speak with your boyfriend while he is in rehab, don’t upset him about anything.   Clients will often leave a treatment center because of trouble that may be happening at home or within your relationship. If he leaves rehab, there is a high chance that he will return home with his addictive habits. 

It is hard enough getting someone to go to rehab.  Once they are there, it is important to encourage them to stick with the program and to not give up.  Each day that your loved one wakes up is a day that they can heal and get better. 

Celebrity Pastors that Turned to Drugs: Why Do They Do It?

Pastors preach to us every Saturday and Sunday morning about God loving us.  Many people question a pastor’s faith and words when they find out that they have a drug problem.  A pastor by the name of Zachery Tims, Jr. was found dead in a NYC hotel room in 2011. 

He died of an accidental cocaine and heroin overdose.  He was no ordinary pastor. He was one of Florida’s most popular pastors.  He had an 8,000-member church in Orlando, Fl. He unfortunately died in Times Square from an overdose that he thought he beat.  He once wrote a book entitled, “It’s Never Too Late”. 

The book talked about how God freed him from drug abuse.  However, like many drug addicts that get sober, they can always have a relapse at some point in their life.  One of the ways to stay away from your old drug habits is to keep your faith strong. 

The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson agreed that sobriety must have faith attached to it.  Stress is also another reason why people turn to drugs and alcohol. Often, drugs like heroin cause the body to feel calm. 

People that take heroin often want to feel relaxed and peaceful.  Heroin gives you a temporary fix for relaxation.  If taken in high doses, it can cause your body to stop breathing. People tend to fall asleep under high doses of heroin.  Your brain forgets to breathe, and this causes death.

Ted Haggard is another pastor that fell from the pulpit.  He said that he bought methamphetamine from a male prostitute named Mike Jones.  However, he denies ever using the drug.

He said that he threw the drug away.  Ted Haggard was the former president of the National Association of Evangelicals.  It represented 45,000 congregations worldwide.  Mike Jones however tells an entirely different story of what took place between he and the pastor. 

It is obvious to most people that if you are hanging out with prostitutes that deal drugs, chances are, you are probably using the drug personally.  It is unclear as to what the truth here is since Ted Haggard and Mike Jones gave two completely different stories.  It is clear however that another pastor had fallen.

Another pastor by the name of Rev. Juan Demetrius Mcfarland told his Alabama congregation that he had been using drugs and having intimate relationships with people inside of the church while knowing he had AIDS.  As you can imagine, the church leaders voted him out from leadership 80-2.  A lot of people felt betrayed by the pastor. They felt like he was not a true leader, and many questioned his faith in God.

People often relapse when they have too much stress and loss of faith in their life.  It doesn’t matter what religious background you come from. If a former addict has too much of this going on in their life, they can relapse. 

In order to help a pastor that is caught up in a drug and alcohol battle, it is important to tell them to take a break and relax. Tell them to get into an alcohol and drug treatment program.  It is important that they get back on track again with what is most important in life.

What Are The Dangers of Using Heroin: HIV and AIDS?

The world began to fear getting the virus HIV and AIDS somewhere in the 1980’s.  Parents were often seen on television saying that children with the virus should not be allowed in school.  The thought of dying from a virus that they did not understand was scary for most people.

As you can imagine, the HIV and AIDS epidemic is still here in the 21st century.  There is no vaccine that can keep HIV and AIDS from entering your system. However, people that get the virus experience extreme life changes.  Many people do live for years with HIV. Some celebrities like Earvin Magic Johnson are one of the oldest living people with the virus.

People that use heroin often contact the virus through using shared needles.  Heroin often puts addicts into a state of mind where they don’t pay attention to what they are doing half of the time.  Unfortunately, once you get HIV or AIDS, you must live with it for life.  They have some medications that help people to deal with the virus. However, there is no known cure.

Many people that use heroin say that they are not afraid of getting HIV because Magic Johnson lives with it.  What they do not often know is that Magic Johnson does not live a lifestyle of the average person that has HIV.  For instance, he works out regularly and eats healthy foods.

If you are on a tight budget, you may not be able to afford the kinds of food that he eats every day. You also may not be able to work out as much as he does.  Most people that have HIV must work normal 9-5 schedules.  Magic Johnson has the liberty to work the hours that he chooses and if he chooses.  He is a wealthy celebrity.

It is important to not assume that all will work well for you if you contact the virus.  In fact, you may have trouble keeping a relationship. Many couples break up after a partner gets HIV or AIDs because they fear getting the virus as well. 

Should You Kick Your Child Out of the House for Using Drugs?

There comes a point where you must decide with your child. Do you let them continue to do drugs in your home or kick them out of the house?  Many parents fear their child ending up dead someplace if they kick them out of the house.  However, if they let them live in their home, they will continue to use drugs.  What is a parent to do?

Here is an article that can give you some tips about how to handle your son or daughter that is on drugs.  At this point, you have probably reached rock bottom. You are tired of watching your child throwing their life away with drugs. It is time to be a responsible parent and do what is right for your child. 

If you are in this situation, you are going to have to give your child an intervention. Professional interventionists are experienced in dealing with people that refuse to stop doing drugs. 

In an intervention, the loved ones of the addict are sat together in a room. Everyone reads a letter to the addict as to why they need to come off drugs. At the end of each letter, there is a consequence if they don’t go to rehab.

As a parent, you must tell your child that if they don’t go to rehab, they are going to have to pack their bags and leave.  You must be stern.  You must also tell them that you will not be giving them money anymore.  At the end of the letter reading, the addict is told that they must go to rehab or the consequences of the letters will happen immediately.  This often gets the addicts attention and they do go to rehab. 

If you choose not to get a professional interventionist to come to your home, you are going to have to Marchman Act your child.  Most states have a drug and alcohol program that forces an addict to get help.  It is done by court order. 

You may have to tell the state that you live in that you must Marchman act your son or daughter. The judge will have to decide on whether they think your child needs rehabilitation. 

If they are admitted into the program by the court, they are put into a state funded program that is usually paid by the state.  In this way, you can assure that your loved one is taken care of. 

If you don’t do anything, your child is in danger of losing their life.  There is nothing worse than finding your child on the floor dead in their bedroom. The time to act is now.  If you need help with an intervention, call a drug and alcohol treatment center immediately.

What Is Drug/Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence?

Many women and men are stuck in relationships where drug abuse and domestic abuse are a problem. The problem is a lot higher for women than for men.  Most women try to hide the fact that they are being abused.  Often, drugs and alcohol are used to mask problems.

If you have an abusive spouse, it is important to report it to the proper authorities. Many women that stay in silence from domestic violence find themselves being beat up or killed.  According to C. Everett Koop, domestic violence is the lead cause in women ages fifteen to forty-four. 

A lot of research points to the fact that around 50% of all women have been exposed to violence with their spouse.  In 1994, the Department of Justice did a study of families that have been exposed to domestic violence and murder. 

It was shown that more than fifty percent of those studied were using alcohol at the time that the murder happened.  This is even more of a conclusion as to why alcohol impairs people’s judgements.

Men are more likely to follow through on violent thoughts according to The Bureau of Justice Statistic’s National Crime Victimization Survey.  It is important to understand that alcohol and drug abusers do not respond well to you taking their abuse. They often respond better by consequences for their actions. 

If you show you abuser that you are going to call the police on them, they are more likely to not abuse you.  However, you must follow through with action if the abuser does hit you physically. 

Before reaching a point in which there is fighting and violence, try asking them to go into a rehabilitation program. Often, a loved one will not want to get help for their addiction.

However, it is important that you tell them that you will not be with them anymore if they choose their drug over you. 

Treatment centers know how to deal with domestic violence from drugs and alcohol.  A good counselor can teach you why your loved one needs professional help and that you cannot do this on your own.

Often, spouses of abusive men and women will learn that their loved one must go into treatment or else the relationship is off.  The more that you educate yourself, the better outcome you can have.

You’re a Business Owner: Can You Afford to Take Time Off to Go to Rehab?

Some business owners that want to check into a drug and alcohol rehab choose not to do so.  It is not because they don’t want help. It is more because they cannot afford to leave the business for 30 days. 

Unfortunately, business owners often must pay employees and going to rehab will mean a layoff for their employees. Many business owners have a hard time leaving their companies behind when they check into a rehabilitation facility. 

If this sounds like you, it is important to think of your health and life first.  If you don’t check yourself into a drug and alcohol treatment facility, you could possibly die.  That is the true facts. 

If you are addicted to alcohol or heroin, the chances of you dying are a lot higher.  The best steps to take is to first call a drug and alcohol treatment facility.  Ask them how you can take steps to come into rehab.  Often, you can leave your business into someone else’s hands temporarily until you can return home.

Sometimes a spouse or best friend can watch over your business while you are away.  The situation is a matter of life and death. If you don’t find a way to get yourself into a treatment program, you could be headed for trouble. 

Going to rehab is not about affording it.  If you need drug/alcohol rehab, it is best to check yourself into a facility as soon as possible. Your loved ones are counting on you to make the right decision. 

Money is often the reason why people choose to go to rehab or not.  People often fear a 30-day inpatient program because it can destroy their business. However, if you plan accordingly, you can get people to watch over your business while you are away.  You will be surprised at how many people are willing to help you when you decide to tell them that you are headed for rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation takes time and effort.  It is important to take your time when time when it comes to making this important life decision. However, get the works in progress.

How to Stay Sober During Christmas

Your family and friends are getting together for Christmas.  The holidays often bring out all types of delicious and gourmet food. It also brings out a lot of alcohol and spiked eggnog.  It is important to stay away from these types of drinks. You know that even one drink can send your addiction out of control. 

It is important that you let your family and friends know that you are living a sober life.  People that don’t know that you had a problem with alcohol in your past are more prone to saying, “Hey, have a drink with me.”  It is important that they understand that your drinking lead you to a life that you now regret. 

Instead of drinking alcohol, look at other beverages like juices, sodas and sparkling water.  Feel free to eat the delicious gourmet foods that are prepared for you.  It is a good time for you to explore different types of desserts, beverages and foods.

If someone is drinking alcohol around you, try to remember how it destroyed your life.  Psychologically remember what the alcohol did to you.  It may have led you into rehab or an abusive relationship with your family. 

Many ex-alcoholics that suffered from alcoholism say that their life was a living hell while they were drinking.  Once they got sober, they began living again.

For addicts, the holidays bring along all kinds of temptations and pain.  You may remember the family that you once had and lost because of your alcoholism. Try not to let it depress you.  Just remember this as being part of your past. You have the power to control your mind.  A book that can be helpful to read is, “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.  This book helps your mind to stay positive.

Before going to someone’s house for Christmas, write down in a journal how you feel and what is upsetting you.  Often, journaling can get out emotions out. We can look at our journal and see what is happening inside of us.  Once we see our own feelings, we are more prone to working through what is troubling us.

Have a friend from an Alcoholics Anonymous group that you can call if you need to.  Having a support buddy over the holidays is a great way to stay sober. Often, alcoholics are going through the same emotions over the holidays. They are not easy to get through.

Remember to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings during the Christmas season.  This is mainly because you must stay grounded in your sobriety.  AA meetings remind us that we are responsible for staying sober.  It also reminds us to stick to our faith and not give up.

Attending church services are also a great way for people to stay sober during the holidays. Hearing a sermon helps us to understand that God loves us and wants to keep us sober.  When we connect our faith with sobriety, we tend to get through the holidays a lot easier. 

What Is Your First Job Interview after Rehab?

Going to a job interview after rehab is often a challenge for most people.  You may have worked ten years ago and have no job skills. You are probably feeling nervous and that is perfectly normal.  The purpose of this article is to give you a few tips on how to get through your job interview as easy as possible.

For starters, don’t focus on what you cannot do for your employer. Focus on what you can do for your employer.  Ask yourself what you are good at.  There is something that you are good at that would be an asset to your employer.

Some people have great conversation skills and would make excellent sales professionals. You can earn a lot of money as a professional sales agent.  Many companies hire phone representatives to work for their company.

Tell the interviewer what you may have done in the past professionally. If they ask why you have not been working, it is best to be honest.  Tell your employer that you are coming out of rehab and got through the program well.  Some interviewers will frown upon this.

However, you don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t understand your situation.  In order to stay sober, you are going to have to work under as little stress as possible.  Many employers are open to the idea of giving you a fresh start in life. Find one that wants to help you to start over again. 

If you have a criminal background, be honest with your employer about it if questioned.  Tell them how you went to rehab and got sober.  Tell them how serious you are now about getting a job that will keep you employed.  Many employers are open to helping people that may have criminal backgrounds.  Don’t think negative about this past record of yours.  Instead, have faith that someone is going to see you as an asset.

Sometimes, working for less money is a way for you to get into a company quickly.  Employers may see that hiring you will save them money. In this way, you can start rebuilding your resume.  Don’t look at a low salary as being bad.  You are just starting to get your life together again.  Focus on getting the job and not on how much money you are going to earn.

Be open to working any hours that the employer is willing to give to you.  At first, you may have to work a few holidays or weekends.  Many employers are looking to fill night shift positions as well.  Let your employer know that you are open to working any job that they are willing to give to you.  This says a lot about your personal character.

Let your employer know that you are open for going to training as well.  If they want to hire you, let them know that you are willing to partake in any additional training that they feel you may need to keep your job. 

Herbal Tea: Helping to Remove the Toxins from Your Body

After Rehab, you need to keep your body strong and healthy. Many nutritionists believe that herbal teas help you to keep your body strong.   Herbal teas are known to remove toxins from the body.  Herbal teas have minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.  Some drinkers of herbal tea also say that they can boost your energy. 

Before drinking herbal teas, check with your medical doctor to make sure that they will not interfere with your medication.   Certain herbs should not be drank depending on your medication.

A great company that has a wide selection of teas is a company called TEAVANA.  Check out their website at  You will find herbal teas such as: Mulled Pomegranate Cider Herbal Tea, Dragon fruit Devotion, Wild Orange Blossom, Berry Kiwi, Passion Tango and many others. 

People have different ways of making herbal tea.  Some people say that boiling a pot of water and then pouring it into a tea bag is the best way to go. Other men and women insist that herbal tea must be brewed in a tea kettle.  It is important to experiment with which way works best for you. As they say, what may work for me, may not work for you.

Flavor is important when it comes to drinking herbal tea. You will find that a good tasting herbal tea will make you want to have more cups of it throughout the day.  You will also find that a good tasting herbal tea will keep your body wanting more.

Toxins are all around us.  They are in the air, water and our food.  Some detox experts say that drinking more filtered water helps you to detox as well.  Green tea is a favorite for removing toxins as well.  It has natural purifying ways. 

You may have learned in rehab that it is important to eat a good diet. You need a good diet to give you energy, protein and all-around good nutrition.  If your body can handle it, it is good to eat green leafy vegetables, fruits and berries. 

The pioneer of juicing, Jay Kordich used to encourage people to juice every day. He sold a product called the Juice man Juicer.  He started to give juicing lectures from 1986.  He used to tell people that drinking juice gives your body good vitamins.  Instead of eating your vegetables, he believed that juicing them allowed you to consume lots of vegetables and fruits in one sitting. 

Other herbal tea companies that are reputable are: Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, mountain rose herbs, adagio teas ( and many others. Try visiting a store that sells teas such as TEAVANA.

Why Do People Eat Unhealthy Foods When They are Drunk?

A lot of people that drink alcohol say that they eat unhealthily when they are drunk.  This makes sense for several reasons.  An important statistic that was talked about on was about people who drink alcohol and binge drink.  The statistic said that Spanish researches gave a survey to 12,000 people that drink alcohol and binge drink.  They found that most of the drinkers missed breakfast and avoided fruits and vegetables. 

Alcoholics often eat high fatty foods when they are drunk such as: pizza, fast food, starchy foods and red meat.  They seldom eat healthy fruits and vegetables. 

Interestingly, scientists from Sussex, UK found that alcohol directly interferes with the appetite control of your brain!  That’s right. Their study proved that drinking alcohol effects your brain wanting more food when you are drunk. They found that appetite is controlled in the hypothalamus.  When we drink alcohol, it triggers this part of the brain into action.  A person that drinks alcohol will feel a high craving to eat.

People that drink alcohol regularly often complain that they are developing a “beer gut”.  This is often since they are going on food binges after they are finished drinking. 

Another reason why people eat unhealthy foods when they are drunk is because it throws off your correct frame of mind.  When you are intoxicated, alcohol impairs your ability to make good choices.  Therefore, you should never drink and drive.  When it comes to food, you are often not concerned about your weight or how you look in your jeans.  You are more likely to be concerned about how to calm your hunger. 

It is not uncommon for a person to get drunk and then eat four slices of pizza.  If they were sober, they would most likely eat only 1 or 2.  It is interesting that many women and men try to watch what they eat throughout the day. 

However, as soon as they get drunk with their friends, they don’t care about how the alcohol is damaging their organs and causing them to eat foods that they would never normally eat when they are sober.

It is normally a best practice to not drink alcohol at all.  Rehabs know that you can develop an addiction to alcohol and need treatment at some point in your life. 

How to Tell Your Boyfriend to Stop Drunk Texting You

A lot of women in the world are tired of receiving drunk text messages from their boyfriends.  Each week, their boyfriend promises them that they will never send them another nasty text message when they are drunk.  Often, when a person gets drunk, they lose their sight of what they truly feel.  Drinking often impairs our emotions and causes us to feel emotions that we normally would not feel. 

Many men are drunk texting their girlfriends with nasty messages such as: I hate you, lets break up, you don’t love me anymore and I am just using you for now.

The next morning, your boyfriend is waking up not even realizing what he wrote.  He apologizes to you and says how sorry he is.  However, he hurt your feelings so bad that you wonder if you could ever take him back. 

In order to stop this drunk texting, you are going to have to be firm about not accepting texts from him when he is drinking.   You should tell your boyfriend that you are not going to answer any of his mean text messages when he is drunk.  Also, have intimate conversations with him when he is sober.  Ask him what he is really feeling for you.  You can separate the drama that he causes you when he is drunk.

It is also important to understand that you should not even be with a man that drinks alcohol.  It will only be a temptation for you to drink as well.  Many people are trying to live sober and are successful with it until they meet a boyfriend that drinks alcohol.

We don’t live in a perfect world. However, every decision that you make can either be good or bad.  If your boyfriend is drunk texting you, it is important to let him know that you will not be entertaining his texts anymore. 

The only way that you can get your boyfriend to stop drunk texting you is to enforce how you feel. Let him know that is hurts you to receive these texts because you are taking his words seriously. Also let him know that if he does it again, the relationship is going to be over with. If you don’t set down firm rules, he will continue to do it.

Can Acupuncture Help You to Stay Sober?

Some rehabs in the United States believe in using acupuncture to keep clients sober.  A Chinese Practitioner named Margot Gersh believes that acupuncture is effective in treating addiction. He works for Promises rehab in Malibu. 

He is not the only one.  Millions of Americans are using acupuncture to treat all kinds of ailments to include sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, obesity and much more.  People have mixed reactions. Some people say that it works, and others have little to no effect on their body.

Acupuncture is said to balance a person.  Chinese medical practitioners believe that your body is out of balance if you are hurting in some way.   They use acupuncture to calm the body and bring it together as one.  What do you believe?

The kind of acupuncture to treat addiction is often referred to as auricular.  The needles are put around the person’s ear. This type of acupuncture is supposed to help the liver, kidneys and lungs. 

Not everyone is a fan of acupuncture.  A psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Stephen Barrett in North Carolina says that sticking a needle into yourself does not mean that it will help you manage your life.  Is he right or wrong?

Let us look at a research that was done by Yale University in the year 2000.  The study says that 55% of cocaine addicts that had acupuncture done on them with psychotherapy, group therapy and a 12-step program experienced success.  Those that were successful tested clear at the end of their last week of rehab.  23.5% of the group did not do well.

In an article published by the website, a man named Jim used acupuncture.  He is a 51-year-old man.  He was is an ex-con that had lots of feelings for anger and had little other emotions.  

He almost felt numb as a person.  He claimed that the more he did acupuncture; he was able to get deep into his emotions.

He claimed that this helped him to improve his life.  You can say that acupuncture helped a man like Jim. 

In the same article, a woman by the name of Morgon had a crack addiction.  She went to rehab and was able to remain sober even though she had severe back pain. 

Before she started acupuncture, she felt like hell every morning.  After receiving acupuncture, she claims that it took her back problems away completely.  That is a huge credit to acupuncture from this 28-year-old woman.

Most acupuncturists agree that you must perform the procedure correctly or else the acupuncture may not be as effective.  The auricular method seems to work best for addicts.  If you want to learn more about acupuncture, please visit the website

Drug Rehabs: Why Are They So Expensive?

Many addicts find themselves in a dilemma when they need treatment and cannot afford it.  People that are addicted to drugs and alcohol often say, “Why do I have to pay for rehab? I have no money or insurance.  Why does it have to cost me thousands of dollars to get better?  All drug rehabs want to do is make money off me.” 

These are common words that a lot of drug and alcohol abusers say.  This article will address the many reasons why treatment is so expensive.  A lot of costs are involved that most people do not see without careful research.  Here is a list of expenses that a rehab must pay for.  Most rehabs do not receive government aid or grants.  Most get paid solely through cash pay and private medical insurance.

Here is some of the overhead costs of a treatment center:

  • Medical Staff
  • Therapists
  • Janitors
  • Maids
  • Certifications
  • Rent or Mortgage on the facility
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Special Speakers
  • Marketers
  • Addiction Specialists
  • Interventionists
  • Spiritual Care Coordinators
  • Financial Case Management Specialists
  • Admissions Specialists
  • Client Transportation Coordinators
  • Trauma Specialists
  • Taxes
  • Massage Therapists
  • Property Insurance

These are just some of the costs involved in running a facility.  Unfortunately, treatment centers don’t come cheap.  Every state has its only licensing requirements and the costs for obtaining them. 

It often costs someone $30,000 a month to get treated at a rehab.  This is the average cost.  If you are paying cash, many treatment centers will let you pay between $10,000 and $20,000.  If you need detox, it is around another $4000 to $7,000.   Remember, your entering rehab to change your life.  If you are entering a facility that has horses as part of their program, you can tack on extra costs that the treatment center must pay for as well. 

Treatment centers today are in high competition with one another.  Most centers know that they are in a highly competitive business.  The costs for a treatment center to land a client is often around $5,000 to $10,000 per client. 

This is mainly since most people do not have private insurance or cash to pay.  Most treatment centers do not accept Medicaid/Medicare.  When you put all the costs together, the treatment center is not profiting much off your stay.  The truth of the matter is that you are more often benefiting than the treatment center is.

Business owners generally do not open treatment centers for material gain. They often open them because they care about people and see a reason for getting people clean and sober. 

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of the costs that are involved in treating someone. There are many expenses involved in operating a treatment center. 

Failed Interventions: I Don’t Want Your Help!

When we watch professional interventionists like Dr. Drew on television, he often gets people to go to rehab.  However, what happens if your situation doesn’t turn out like this.  What do you do?  What if your loved one says, “No, I am not going to rehab” and walks out of the intervention? 

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind with dealing with an alcohol/drug addict in your family.  For starters, tell them that you are still going to stick with what you wrote in your letter to them.  Tell them that you are not going to put up with anymore. 

Tell your loved one that you will not be giving them anymore money.  Let them know that the days of enabling are over.  You must stay firm and not give in. The only way to get the addicts attention is to be serious and firm. 

Do not give up!  Just because the intervention did not go over well, does not mean that you cannot have another one.  Sometimes, the interventionist is not as skilled as someone else.  Before hiring an interventionist, make sure that you get their entire background. Often, interventionists with 10 or more years’ experience will do a better job for you because they have done this many time.  Ask them if they ever had a failed intervention and what they would do differently now. 

A lot of times, your loved one needs to know how serious you are. If you have been enabling them for years and they don’t believe you, then you must reinstate your position.  You must show them with action that you are not the same person as you used to be. 

Many parents tell their children that they are not going to give them any more money. However, when their child says, “Mom I need $20.00 for pizza”, the parent goes ahead and gives it to them.  You must cut all financial aid to them.  Without money, people usually decide to go into treatment at some point.  Remember, enabling an addict only makes them seek out treatment less.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers know that getting someone into treatment takes time.  It is not a 1, 2, 3 thing that most people would like to have happen.  A good intervention can take weeks to plan and put together.  

You must also tell the addicts other loved ones not to enable them anymore.  Explain to them that their life is on the line. If they don’t get help soon, they could die.  This is the fact that many families are facing today. 

Corey Haim: A Canadian Actor That Died of a Suppose Drug Overdose

If you grew up in the 1980’s, you will probably remember childhood actors like: Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Drew Barrymore, River Phoenix, Macaulay Culkin, Jason Bateman, Neil Patrick Harris, Winona Ryder, Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald and Sean Austin. 

One of the most loved actors was Corey Haim. He starred in movies such as:

  • The Lost Boys
  • Lucas
  • License to Drive
  • Dream a Little Dream
  • Silver boys
  • Lost Boys: The Tribe
  • Blown Away
  • Watchers
  • Anything for Love
  • Crank: High Voltage
  • Prayer of the Rollerboys
  • Murphy’s Romance
  • First Born
  • Fast Getaway
  • Decisions
  • Shark City
  • The Backlot Murders
  • Universal Groove
  • Busted

There were so many other movies that he starred in. He even had his own reality show with Corey Feldman called The Two Corey’s.  Corey seemed to have all the things in life that most people feel would make them happy. He had success, money and power. He was a gifted actor that had many people around him that loved him. The question now remains, why did he take drugs?  Why couldn’t he stop?

Many actors choose to take drugs for different reasons. Some actors like River Phoenix overdosed and died. 

Corey was born on December 23, 1971 and died in 2010 unexpectedly.  The mother of Corey Haim saw her son collapse unexpectedly.  His death was said to be an accidental overdose.  At the time of his death, his mother Judy was going through cancer treatments and Corey was helping her at home.  It is important to note that Corey tried to get help from different rehabs over the years for his prescription drug addiction.   He unfortunately did not much success with any of the programs. 

There were some inner demons that Corey Haims had to deal with. He was molested as a child as reported by  His mother Judy wanted to go after the person that did this to him. However, Corey Haim told her that he did not want to pursue it. 

Often, drug and alcohol treatment centers deal with sexual abuse.  Many people that get treated for drug and alcohol addiction has had molestation done to them.  It is often a hard and difficult process for people to have to go through.  People are often encouraged to find their faith in rehab as well.

The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson found sobriety after he added faith into his life. He was able to remain sober for the rest of his life.  Corey Feldman wrote a book entitled, Choreography.  The book speaks about the molestation that was done to both he and Corey Haim. 

It is apparent that Corey Haim’s drug addiction had a lot to do with the fact that he was child molested.  A lot of Hollywood stars have gotten molested and turned to drugs/alcohol as an outlet.  If you were molested and have a drug problem, it is best to call a drug and alcohol treatment center today to get help.

Heroin: A Drug that May Have Killed Jim Morrison?

If you lived through the 1960’s and 70’s, you probably remember the legendary rock star Jim Morrison.  Some of his most famous songs were: Riders on the Storm, Light My Fire, and People are Strange, End of the Night and many others. 

He was born in Melbourne Florida in 1943 and died in 1971 of a suspected heroin overdose.  He was well known for his music, lyrics and love for his fans.  James Morrison was the Song Writer and Vocalist for the group, The Doors. 

The Rolling Stones gave Jim Morrison an interview.  In the interview, he said that he started writing poetry when he was in the 5th and 6th grade.  He once wrote a poem called “The Pony Express”. 

If you ever hear any professional talking about rock music, they would most likely tell you that Jim Morrison was the most influential person that affected it.  A biography was written about his life entitled, No One Here Gets out Alive.  One of his first arrests was in Tallahassee.  He was drunk at a football game and pulled a prank.  

He attended UCLA University and graduated with a degree in film.  In 1966, he started a group called The Doors.  He did have a long-time love named Pamela Courson.  They never married, but she saw herself as his wife.  Jim Morrison was not completely faithful to Pamela.  He was known to sleep with the women that followed him. These were often called groupies. 

Jim Morrison died in a rented apartment in Paris.  He was found in a bathtub dead.  Even though his autopsy report said that he died of heart failure, a many by the name of Danny Sugerman said that he died of a heroin overdose. 

There is not much information as to what may have led him to take heroin or any other type of drug.  He most likely did not want to die. He apparently died of an accidental drug overdose.  Heroin is known to cause you to stop breathing if taken in high doses. It will cause you to become sleepy and then you will stop breathing.  Your brain normally says to keep breathing when you are sleeping. When you are on heroin, it tells your brain not to breathe when you are asleep.  This unfortunately causes a heroin overdose death.

If you ever want to visit the gravesite of Jim Morrison, you will have to see him in Paris. He is buried at Pere Lachaise Cemetery. 

What Are Some Celebrities that You May Not Know Died of Alcoholism?

A lot of people believe that they can handle their alcohol.  They often say, “I am not an alcoholic because I’m having a few drinks. Here is a list of Hollywood Stars that many people believe died of alcoholism. 

  • Richard Burton – Nominated for 7 academy awards. He starred in movies such as: Cleopatra, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Where Eagles Dare, the Robe and Becket. He died in 1994 of cirrhosis of the kidneys and liver.  Many people that knew him said that he struggled from alcoholism.
  • Mickey Mantle – The All-Star player for the New York Yankees. He said publicly that alcohol hurt his career and his personal life as well. Close to his death, he required a liver transplant.  He eventually died of cancer in 1995.
  • Veronica Lake – She died in 1973. She was most known for her actress roles in movies such as Sullivan’s Travels, This Gun for Hire, I Married a Witch and The Blue Dahlia. Her cause of death was Acute Hepatitis.  The actress also had her share of mental illness. 
  • Ryan Dunn – Died in 2011 in an automobile accident. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. People that knew him knew about his struggles with addiction.  He is best known for his role in the hit MTV series Jackass.
  • Jack Kerouac – One of the best writers that ever lived. He died in 1969 from alcoholism.  Some of his writings were about poverty, drugs and spirituality. 
  • Billie Holiday – Known for her beautiful singing voice of Jazz and Pop music. She was once charged with possessing drugs.  When she got diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, she stopped drinking for a while and then started up again before she died.  Some people say that she died from her alcoholism.

Alcoholism brings early deaths to the lives of millions of people around the world.  Most people see alcoholism as the silent killer.  You often don’t know the negative effects that alcohol has on your body until you get diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver or some other alcohol related organ failure. Some people turn their life around with rehabilitation.  It takes a lot of effort to check yourself into a drug and alcohol rehab. 

People that get treated for alcoholism say that they often find new meanings for their life and avoid alcohol.  Rehab is supposed to give you a new chance at life.  Most people want to get sober once they find out that they have a problem with addiction.

What Is Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Drug abuse has been a problem that is growing in the United States for over a decade.  Families from around the world are asking themselves, “Why is my child on drugs? 

Why can’t my loved one stop be drinking?”  These questions and many more are asked daily.  When someone abuses drugs, they need rehab.  Drug abuse means that someone has reached a point where they are taking to many drugs and cannot stop. 

Sometimes, these drugs destroy the body, mind and spirit.  It is important to look at drug abuse and figure out a way to stop it.  Many men and women choose not to go to a treatment center to get help for different reasons. 

However, if you are enabling someone to do drugs, it is important to stop.  The more that you enable someone that has a drug problem, the more that they will take advantage of you and ultimately destroy your life.

  • Here are some reasons why someone may become a drug addict:
  • They started using drugs as a child and continue as an adult.
  • You have suffered severe abuse as a child or some type of trauma.
  • There is a family history addiction. Perhaps your mother or father used drugs.
  • If you smoke or inject drugs, you often have a higher chance of being addicted.

The reason why many people become a drug addict is because it brings pleasure to their brain.  In many cases, the dopamine levels increase.  Many people that have become sober from heroin say that their body craves the drug.  They feel so addicted to the point that their body wants to connect with the drug constantly. 

Addiction happens in every kind of family.  Many mothers and fathers often worry if their child is on drugs because they were a bad parent. This is not the reason.  It is not the reason because the best parents in the world often find out their child is on drugs. 

Some parents think that if they did not live in poverty, their child would have grown up in better schools and met nicer friends.  However, wealthy kids have trouble with drugs as well.  No matter how rich or poor someone is, drugs can affect anyone from different walks of life.

A lot of families believe that taking drugs is a choice.  They will often tell their loved one, “If you really wanted to stop taking cocaine, you would!”  This is simply not the case. 

For starters, your brain gets addicted to the drug. This is something physical that is often worked out in detox. Before a person enters a 30-day inpatient program, they get detox for around 7 days.  In this way, you can be under the care of a facility that will detox your safely.

Some addicts believe that because they have a disease such as addiction, they cannot possibly overcome it. After all, they are born with it. Is this true? 

The answer is no! When you enter detox and a 30-day program, you begin to treat your addiction with exercise, medication and therapy.  You begin to learn how to live a sober free life with modern day technology. 

This is something that was not offered to people 100 years ago. In the 21st century, you have many ways to overcome addiction.

What Is Alcohol and Drug Abuse?

Alcohol can be purchased in grocery stores, convenient stores, warehouses, bars, restaurants, cafes and so much more.  If you have been drinking alcohol for any length of time, you already know that your body can become addicted to it. 

When your body begins to shake, men and women usually seek out help from a drug/alcohol treatment center.  You can easily find the help and hope that you need for your body with a drug and alcohol inpatient program. 

Take your time when figuring out how you want to go about your sobriety. Talk to your family. Get suggestions from them as to when you want to enter a treatment program. 

It is wise to go through a treatment program instead of quitting on your own.  If you have medical insurance, call up your insurance carrier and ask them if they cover inpatient treatment.  In this way, you can get treatment immediately. 

There is a misconception in the world today that says, “You must reach rock bottom before you will get help for your addiction.”  This is not true for several reasons.

For starters, an addict should get help right now.  The sooner the better. If you choose not to get help, you can be putting your life in danger. Many people die of a drug and alcohol overdose.  Some people die from a seizure from alcohol abuse.  There are so many reasons why you should not wait to get help. 

A lot of parents are tired of talking their face blue to get their child into treatment. They often say, “I hope my son/daughter changes their mind about treatment and chooses to go.”

You don’t have to give your child a choice no matter how old they are. Even if your child is 35 years old, you can take the matter to family court.  Your son or daughter can be forced to go into rehab by a judge.  In the state of Florida, it is called the Marchman act. 

The Marchman act allows parents to fill out paperwork in a courthouse for their family member that may need help. They will be forced to go before a judge and the judge will determine whether the person needs treatment.  You can also have a professional interventionist come to your home in order to get your child to go into treatment.

A lot of addicts are tired of failed programs. Often, they tried a program and it failed for them. It is not uncommon for addicts to feel like no treatment center can ever help them.

You can find the help that you need with time and patience. Just because one treatment facility did not work for you, doesn’t mean another one will not.  Take your time when it comes to finding a rehab center that will work for you. 

Search on Google to find a program that may interest you.  Choose the state that you want to be in.  If you live in California and want to go to Florida, find one in Florida.  If you want it to have a swimming pool, find one with a pool. There is a treatment center out there for you.  It is all just a matter of finding one. 

What Is The Difference Between Drugs and Alcohol?

Is there a difference between drugs and alcohol?  There is an alteration between drugs and alcohol.  For instance, many prescription drugs treat diseases and illnesses such as: anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, pain, schizophrenia and a host of other problems.

If taken legally by a psychiatrist, you can find the help that you need to treat your disorder.  Certain types of alcohol are good for your body if taken in moderation. 

A glass of red wine is said to help reduce heart disease.  Many doctors in the medical field today say that marijuana is good for patients to smoke that have pain.  It has been legalized in Colorado and parts of California.  Some drugs and alcohol do help the body.

The problem with drugs and alcohol is that some people do not use it in moderation.  It is a lot like eating unhealthy foods that have high Tran’s fats, sugars and salts. 

These foods are okay to eat in moderation, but when someone abuses the food, they can become obese or physically sick. Many people get high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and other ailments because of food addiction. 

When someone has a drug problem, they can face an overdose.  A person often loses a sense of who they are.  Many men and women turn to prostitution to pay for their drugs. Others resort to stealing from friends and family.

No matter how you slice the cake, you cannot abuse drugs because it will destroy you.  When alcohol is taken in high quantities for a period, a person will often shake or have an alcohol seizure.  Your body cannot take it anymore.

Over time, alcohol use can cause organ failure. Millions of people worldwide have died of sclerosis of the liver and kidney failure.  Doctors often say that the cause of the failure was due to excessive alcohol consumption.

When taken in high doses, heroin can relax your body so much that it causes you to fall asleep. Once asleep, your body forgets to breathe because heroin shuts down the part of your brain that tells you to keep breathing while you are asleep.

Therefore, many celebrities often die of a heroin overdose.  Other drugs like PCP can cause a person to not feel pain.  They are often seen being beat by police in videos because they cannot place the person under arrest. 

Their body becomes immune to the pain because of the drug.  PCP is often referred to as the drug that gives you superhuman strength. 

Both alcohol and many street drugs impair your ability to focus and to be yourself.  A lot of drugs today alter your personality.  Flakka is a new drug that people are using. It is said to create a person to act completely insane and flop around waving their hands and feet in the air. 

People often look at their life and feel like they don’t know what to do about their addiction. In order to get time, someone needs help with their addiction through a treatment facility.

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Explained in Detail

Drugs and alcohol abuse destroy the lives of millions of people all over the world.  The United States has many cases of teenagers and young adults being addicted to the drugs of their choice.  It is a dangerous place to be if you are an addict.

An interesting story that I found online was one about a woman by the name of Mindy.  The story was posted on ( 

Mindy was the kind of kid that enjoyed art and hanging out with friends.  The story says that she never had a problem with alcohol or drugs.  She sounded like she was a well-rounded person that was eventually going to go down a bad path because of a guy that she met.

Her boyfriend was a heroin addict.  He offered her the drug several times. She refused always and then on one day he stabbed her with a heroin needle.  As many treatment centers already know, the drug is highly addictive. Even using it one time can cause you to become addicted.  Her body developed a physical dependency on the drug. 

Like many addicts, she turned to a life of heroin abuse.  She began lying and stealing from her parents.  Her behavior began to change and a whole new Mindy was being brought out.  Many addicts experience this type of behavior because heroin causes your body to crave the drug and physically need it.  If you don’t get the drug, you become angry and can have major withdrawals that are painful to go through.  Some addicts resort to a life of prostitution. 

Eventually she was expelled from school.  It was clear that she needed help, but her parents were unsure about what they were going to do.  To make a long story short, she got help from an addiction treatment center called Fairbanks.  She was there for 6 weeks.  I wish that I could say that Fairbanks was a miracle cure for her. However, her story tells us that she faced relapse around the holidays at times

The good thing is that she told the staff about what was happening with her relapses.  Mindy found help at last through exercise.  She eventually put everything together that she learned at the treatment center and working out.  Mindy is now living a sober free life. 

She is like many others that struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.  She had to find something that worked for her.  The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson said that he found sobriety when he turned to his faith in Jesus Christ. He found that it kept him sober. 

Mindy learned to be honest with herself and others about what is going on in her life.  Rehabs teach you about honesty and getting in touch with yourself. People that do not have honesty in their hearts often say that they cannot become sober. 

Being honest simply means that you are not going to go against what you really believe in. It is all about talking through your problems and understanding that you must take responsibility for your actions. 

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A book that every addict should read is one entitled, “How to Know if a Loved One is Using Drugs” by John Gianetti.  This is a self-help drug and alcohol addiction book.  It has a perfect 5 stars on Many people that read the book say that it is helpful and packed with information. 

The good news is that it is not a long book. It is only 30 pages long. This means that you will not feel like you must sit down and read a 250-page book for information.  This book is jam packed with all the information that you need quickly.

The author gives you a simple table of contents that uses chapters such as: The Basics of drug addiction, the do’s and Don’ts of coping and Symptoms to look out for.  The author makes suggestions to first understand addiction before you can help someone else with an addiction problem.

This is a good point considering most people do not understand addiction.  Most people think that an addict can just make a choice to stop. However, many rehabs will tell you that a person becomes addicted to a drug or alcohol and physically develop a dependence on a drug. It takes time to work out drug addiction in your life. Nothing happens overnight. 

The author also talks about drug addiction being hereditary as well. In many families, drug addiction is a factor. In many families, children take after what their parents are doing. 

It is not uncommon for a mother to have a child that is abusing drugs daily.  It is necessary to take charge of the situation and help your son or daughter through a problem that may be biblical. It is necessary to have your child evaluated by a medical doctor.

Another great book to read about drug and alcohol addiction is entitled, “Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery” by Erica Spiegelman.  This is also another 5-star book that speaks of addiction.  This book is a little bit longer at 144 pages.  I would consider it to be easy reading.  The author is a professional addiction specialist, counselor, author and speaker. 

Some of the feedback that this book received is saying that it is a must read and that the author changes your mind as to how you think about recovery.  Some of the chapters include information about honesty, self-care, love, compassion and hope.  It seems to be an important life lesson that everyone needs to learn about whether you are the addict yourself or know someone with an addiction problem. 

Alcohol and drug addiction and literally destroy a family.  The author even adds in her acknowledgements that her intention to write the book is to help people.  To me, that says a lot about her character and love for people.  She is the real deal when it comes to educating people about addiction. 

I hope that you pick up a copy of these two books. I believe that you will find help and a reason to think about sobriety.  Try buying it for an addict that needs to hear the truth about their addiction.

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Is alcohol a drug? According to, alcohol is a drug.  It is used by millions of teenagers, young adults and adults daily.  Alcohol is responsible for creating millions of jobs and has sales each year over $400 billion dollars.  Alcohol consumption is also popular in countries like Russia, Germany and England.  Did you know that 55% of people in prison are also there because their crime involved alcohol in some way, shape or form? 

A lot of people don’t see alcohol consumption the same way as they see: heroin, cocaine, PCP, prescription drugs, marijuana or other types of drugs. Many people that consume alcohol think that it is no big deal to get drunk or go on binge drinking events with their friends.  Even the military allows soldiers to get drunk when they are off duty.

They ban illegal drugs and soldiers are given drug tests to make sure that they are not abusing drugs. However, many soldiers wake up with hangovers from partying the day before with alcohol.  Alcohol destroys organs in many cases in which people abuse it. 

Alcohol can be just as deadly as heroin.  Most treatment centers see alcohol as being more dangerous than other types of drugs because a person can have a seizure while trying to get sober. 

Many people die each year from kidney failure or sclerosis of the liver.  Our liver is a vital organ and often alcoholics destroy their liver for different reasons.

In Germany, young adults ages 16 and over can buy beer or wine.  Do you think that a 16-year-old is a responsible beer drinker? The United States has a legal drinking age of 21. 

The fact of the matter is that alcohol is highly addictive for millions of people all over the world. Many people cannot stop drinking for several different reasons. If you believe you have a problem with alcohol, it is important to get yourself into a treatment facility where you can find a 12-step program to help you.

If you don’t want a 12-step program, many treatment centers now offer a holistic approach to treatment such as offering clients: massages, exercise, chiropractic care, horseback riding and other activities. 

Some great book titles that you can read on alcohol drug is:

  • Love is the Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  • Freedom from Addiction (video)
  • First Year Sobriety: When All that Changes is Everything by Guy Kettelhack
  • When Someone You Love is Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs by Jim Maclaine
  • Hi…My Name is Jennifer and I am a Drug Addict by Jennifer Ferreira

What Are Some Causes of Drug Abuse in Upper Saddle River New Jersey?

New Jersey has seen its share of drug addiction over the past decade.  There is a population in Upper Saddle River NJ of 8,208 people.  It was settled in the 18th century by Dutch settlers. 

There is a full community of services in this borough.  It is part of Bergen County.  It has its own schools, libraries, police force, libraries and activities to do.  It is considered more of a family town and area.  This county is usually quiet and shares a post office with its neighbor Saddle River. 

As beautiful as this borough is, it has its share of drug and alcohol problems that are sweeping across the United States.  According to, there were 5 arrests that had to deal with a drug bust. 

ive people were arrested in Upper Saddle River, NJ around January 12, 2015.  This is not the best way to start the New Year.

The police were on a 3-month investigation.  Amongst those arrested were a 19 and 59-year-old man.  Shockingly, the 59-year-old is the father of the 19-year-old.  This is not the best way to teach your children in life.  Many financial experts say that the economy is still at a low point.

Many people are resorting to illegal activity, such as drug dealing to make it.  However, this is not the best way to go and families always end up suffering with seeing one of their loved ones going to prison because of it. 

It appears that this ring was dealing marijuana in Bergen County.  Incidents like this cause parents to panic because drugs destroy families. In 2014, a man by the name of Darius Ghahary was arrested on charges that he was dealing drugs to a teenager that died from a drug overdose.  It appears he was dealing different drugs out of his home to include prescription drugs.

Teenagers often die of a drug overdose because they do not understand the harmful effects that it has on your body. Often, teenagers combine prescription drugs with other street drugs that often lead them to their death.  Ghahary was selling a few illegal drugs to include: Oxycodone and Molly. 

Most residents were shocked by the accusations since Upper Saddle River, N.J. is relatively quiet.  The neighbors are often friendly to one another and a lot of peace is kept. Many residents are asking themselves, “Why?”

 As reported by, Prosecutor John Molinelli said that the war on drugs is not over with.  It is obviously in the suburbs as well. 

There are many causes of drug abuse.  One of them is when an older person deals drugs to young adults and children.  Most adults know the harm that a drug can do to a person. When an older adult gives a drug to teenager, it causes pain to the entire family on both sides.  If he is found guilty, he could be facing 30 years in prison.   It is clear the government is not going to stand to see our communities destroyed by drugs.

What Are Some Causes of Alcohol Abuse in Mahwah New Jersey?

You can find tons of information about the township of Mahwah New Jersey at  Mahwah is better known as “Bergen County’s Parkland”. 

There are many state parks and reservations located in this Bergen County Suburb.  Many people vacation here to take advantage of the many activities that you can do.  Some of these activities are swimming, hiking, snowboarding, biking and so much more.  It is a quiet place to live and people often describe this as being a peaceful neighborhood to raise a family in.

Some of the civic organizations include: Literacy Volunteers, Mahwah Democratic Club and the Mahwah Ice Hockey Association.  There are also many religious organizations and schools as well.  With all the good things happening in Mahwah, N.J, you must wonder what could go wrong. 

When it comes to alcoholism, there is a problem in almost every county and state in the United States of America today.  According to, there are a lot of Mahwah Alcohol abuse therapists that you can talk to.  Some names that are mentioned would be:

  • Mary Wallach – Drug and Alcohol counselor, PhD, LCADC, RN
  • Regina Colgan – Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, PsyA
  • Jayne C Barrett – Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
  • Susan Lief – Psychiatric Nurse, APRN, CASAC, CS, BC

The causes of alcohol abuse are often misunderstood by families and friends.  It is a known fact that alcoholism often runs in families that have alcoholism already in place.  Alcoholics are often in denial that they even have an alcohol problem when they are addressed. It is important to call a rehabilitation treatment center for help if you know that your loved one has a drinking problem. 

The worst thing that a person can say is that, “When he/she wants to stop drinking, they will.”  Alcoholics are often not in the right frame of mind to be thinking about sobriety. Their body has become addicted to the alcohol and the body craves the alcohol.  It is important that you get them help right away.  Some alcoholics have seizures, night sweats and passing out episodes before they are willing to seek any help.

Alcoholics are known to cause deaths behind the wheel of a car.  In an article published in 2012, by, it says that the Mahwah police were cracking down on drunk drivers.  In 2012, there were a high number of DUI arrests.  The township got funded to increase more patrolling in the area.  We can only be thankful that the government is doing something about it. 

Another story of a 55-year-old woman driving drunk in a police parking lot was reported on January 15, 2015 by  When the police officer gave her a breathalyzer, she blew 3 times the legal limit. Drinking alcohol behind the wheel of a car is the same as carrying a loaded gun.  Many people die each year from an alcohol related death.

What Are Some Early Signs of Alcoholism in Oakland New Jersey?

The early signs of alcoholism are often missed by the families and friends of alcoholics. Oakland New Jersey is part of Bergen County and is closest to Mahwah, NJ.  Bergen County has been in the news lately because of its growing problem with heroin and other drug related problems.  For a long time, people thought that alcohol and drug problems were in the big cities.  However, we are now finding out that no matter how beautiful a neighborhood looks, it can be pounded with alcohol and drug related cases. 

Men and women often find out that they have a problem with alcohol after it is too late.  Usually, a person gets a DUI or imprisonment in order to realize that they have an addiction.  Addiction often starts at home. Many families drink together, and it is not uncommon to hear of a child drinking alcohol because their parent did as well.

It is best to consult with a drug and alcohol treatment center for help.  Many residents of Oakland are going to Florida for 30, 60- and 90-day treatment programs.  These programs allow a person to become whole once again. 

The programs often involve either a 12-step program or a holistic approach. A holistic approach often involves chiropractic care, recreational activities, therapy, group meetings, artwork, animal therapy, chef catered meals, swimming and job skills training. 

The purpose of the rehabilitation is to bring a person back to society once again.  Most alcoholics lose the ability to function in everyday life.  They need direction once again on how to live their life in peace, happiness and sobriety.

A lot of people feel bored at home and often use drinking to escape their reality. Some people also have been sexually abused or suffered some sort of separation from a parent that influences their drinking. 

There could be a list of reasons.  However, if you are an alcoholic or known someone that is, you are probably aware that they need help right now.  If you are not ready for treatment and just want help, you may try attending an Alcoholics Anonymous group meeting. 

The founder of the group, Bill Wilson learned how to be sober by combining his faith with living sober.  Many residents of Oakland, NJ say that it works.

Talking with professional drug/alcohol counselors will usually open your mind to the possibilities of getting help.  The important thing is to decide today to help yourself. 

Most people do not ask for help.  A lot of people end up damaging their vital organs such as their liver and kidneys from excessive alcohol consumption. If you have already reached a point where you cannot work because of your alcoholism, you need help today.  Call a rehab and get to the bottom of why you are drinking. 

Crack Cocaine: Franklin Lakes New Jersey

Crack cocaine is a highly addictive drug.  Franklin Lakes New Jersey has gotten some attention over the past couple of years because of some drug busts and users in the area of crack cocaine and other narcotics. reported that hundreds of people were arrested for heroin in June of 2014.  There were 325 arrests in Northern N.J.  The authorities seized around 32 guns and $25,000 in US dollars.  They also recovered 12,000 bags of heroin worth $500,000.  Crack and prescription drugs were also found. 

There were around 17 deaths related to heroin in Bergen County in 2014.  Some heroin addicts use a cocktail of drugs to include crack cocaine. If you do not know anything about crack cocaine, here is some useful information about it.

  • It is a Crystal Form of Cocaine
  • Crack is Heated and Smoked
  • Is Almost 75% to 100% Pure
  • Much Stronger than Regular Cocaine
  • Smoking Crack Reaches the Brain More Quickly
  • The High only Lasts for Around 15 Minutes
  • It is Sold so Cheap that Most Anyone can Afford it

Once a person starts a crack cocaine habit, they only crave the drug more. It eventually becomes an expensive habit that requires rehab.  Most drug and alcohol treatment centers treat this addiction. 

Sometimes, crack addicts consume alcohol as well and need a dual diagnosis for treatment. If you have a son or daughter that is taking crack cocaine, get them help today. As each day passes, their life becomes more in danger.

There is a population of 10,759 people in Franklin lakes.  It is known as being a mostly quiet community. However, every community in the USA has its share of drug and alcohol problems.  Millions of people hurt every single day when it comes to addiction.

According to, Franklin lakes is 146th on its lists of most expensive zip codes in the United States.  There is a median home price of $1,306,000.  It is important to know that many celebrities that make millions of dollars a year can have a drug problem. Just because an area is expensive to live in does not mean it is exempt of alcohol and drug related problems.