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What Is Tea Leaves Reading?

What Is Tea Leaves Reading?
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People want to know what their future is going to be like.

There are several things in life that if read correctly can help a person gain insight into the future.

What Is Tea Leaves Reading?

Tea leaves can help a person find the correct course in life.

When reading tea leaves it is important to know the different signs and what they mean.

While many people think of tea as just a beverage there is a long history behind tea. Tea has been used in revolutions and was fought over.

Now people just enjoy drinking tea. Tea leaves in some cultures are said to be a divination tool.

This will allow a person to learn about their past, their present, and even the future.

Tasseography is the art of looking at the symbols found within the tea and interpreting the messages that the leaves are trying to give.

This can be done by looking at the shapes of the leaves and the way they are arranged in the cut.

This practice has been used for centuries in many ancient cultures.

While it may not be as popular as tarot reading some feel that is because people do not understand the power of the leaves or how to read them properly.

It is easy to learn how to read tea leaves.

It is less complicated then reading tarot cards and it is less expensive than relying on crystals to tell the future.

This is a great way for a person to learn about the world around them and more about themselves without investing a lot of money.

Where Tasseography Began

The name tasseography is said to come from the French and Arabic words taste or tass. This translates to a small cup.

The word grapy is Green and it means writing. 

Reading tea leaves have been around for centuries.

At one time this was read-only by Gypsies and would read the fortunes.

People in medieval Europe, the Middle East, and even China would use tea leaves as part of their fortune-telling and would look for help to learn about the future.

Many cultures around the world still read tea leaves today.

They are reading the leaves to get a better understanding of the past and to learn what the future has in store for them.

How Tasseogaphy Works

Tea leaf reading works with direct energy and intention.

The leaves can take a person’s energy and allow them to know what is going to happen.

The leaves will offer advice and allow a person to learn a little about their future. 

A person will ask a question and the leaves will show what is in store for that person.

The messages are found in the shape of the leaves, the color, the density, and the way they are placed. To read the tea leaves they need to be wet.

How To Prepare for a Tea Leaf Reading

To begin the tea leaf reading a person must brew a cup of tea.

The teacup that will be used should be a light color so that a person will be able to see the leaves clearly. Loose tea leaves should be brewed in hot water.

Using a teabag will not produce the same results. The leaves of the tea are cut and the forms that they make will not be able to be identified.

Loose black tea leaves work the best, but it is okay to use different blends.

To begin the reading the leaves a put into the cup and hot water is poured over them. Allow the water to cool.

While waiting for the water a person should begin to think about why they are doing the reading and allow their energy to be pass along the tea leaves.

The person that is looking for answers in the leaves is going to be referred to as the querent. A person needs to form a very clear question.

The more specific the question is the more specific the answer will be. If a person asks a general question, they will get a very general answer.

Once the tea cooled down a person should sip on the tea while they are concentrating on their question.

When there is about one tablespoon of tea remaining in the cup the ritual can begin.

A person will hold the cup in their left hand, and they will swirl the liquid around three times.

They will go from left to right.

Still using the left hand, the cup should be placed on the saucer, but it should be placed upside down. The cup needs to be left in this position for one minute.

When the minute is up the cup will be rotated three times.

Place the cup back into the upright position and the handle of the cup should be pointing should. Currently investigate the cup.

The leaves should have formed different shapes and they are ready to answer questions.

Reading the Tea Leaves

Tea leaves can be arranged in over 150 symbols and they will each mean something different.

There are usually five main types of symbols that the leaves can be arranged in.

They include mythical beings, animal shapes, letters, objects, and number.

Major Symbols and Their Meaning

There are some symbols that a person should be aware of when they are looking at the tea leaves.

The symbols have different meanings and can prepare a person for both good and bad things that may have to happen in their life.


This is a symbol that represents good fortune. The fortune can be in work-life or it can be in love life.

If the anchor is blurry or it appears to be clouded a person should prepare for bad luck in love or at work and should be extra careful about what they do.


This symbol means that a person will come into unexpected riches.

In some parts of the world, it will mean that they will find gold.

A person can enjoy the thought that they will soon come into money that they were not planning on.


This means that a person has the knowledge and they are going to need to use these skills soon.

This can mean something good is going to happen at work or if they are still in school thigs will work out.


Birds can be a good thing to see in a teacup.

The bids can mean that a person is going to have good luck. It can also mean that they may be traveling.

Birds can be a sign that someone has some news to share as well.


Clouds can mean that good or bad things are going to happen.

If a person sees clouds in their cup this can be a sign that they are going to face some difficult times.

If there are dots that are found around the clouds this can be a sign that they are going to come into monetary wealth.


While many people have positive feelings associated with the cross this is not something, they want to see in their tea leaves.

The shape of the cross means that a person will be facing some dark days. It can also mean that they are in danger.


The goat is a shape in the leaves that are a person should watch out for. A goat means that they are going to have an encounter with an enemy.


This is a warning sign to a person, and they should be on alert if they see an hourglass in the tea.

This means that danger is going to be upcoming


Lines have many different meanings and can be positive or negative. A line can mean that a person is going to be going on a journey.

Their life is going to take a specific path or course.

If the lines are crooked this means that they are going to be facing some tough times ahead.

If the lines are straight, they are going to enter a period of peace and happiness.


The snake means that something around them is false.

They should watch the people around them for ill intentions.

Their friends may also end up turning on them.


This means that they are going to get into an argument with something close to in. in most cases, they are going to be getting into a fight with a lover. This can prepare a person so they can think about what they want in that relationship.

The Teacup

The handle of the teacup is very important.

The handle will be used to transfer energy from the physical being (person) to the different realms.

The handle needs to be pointing to the south because it will pick up on the current environment.

The leaves near the handle of the cup will tell a person about their surroundings.

The leaves across from the handle that is located on the north side of the cut will look at the outside influences. 

The leaves around the rim of the cup will show the present, the leaves on the sides will look at the future, and the leaves located at the bottom of the cup will looking into the distant future.

They can be used to help determine the time of an event, the connection, or the intensity based on the question that is being asked.


The tea leaves, as well as their location and shape, will tell the story.

The shapes that are made from the leaves can be big or small.

The bigger they are the more important the message they are trying to tell.

For example, if a person sees a large figure of a bat, they are going to go on a long journey.

If they see a small figure of the bat there is something that they may need to go to the next town for.

If a person sees letters this is often going to represent the name of a person.

The letter can represent the first of their last name. If the letter is next to an animal the person may have something important to tell.

When reading the tea leaves it is recommended to look at the larger shapes first and then look at the smaller ones in the cup.

If there is a lot of shape in the cup an important part of life is coming up. 

Some of the shapes in the cup will be spread out while others may be in a concentrated area.

This is something to pay attention to.

A person should keep a journal of their readings.

They should take notes as they read the tea leaves.

The more details that a person has the better they will be.

They should also make notes if anything from their reading happened and the effects that it had on their life.

How Often Should Tea Leaves be Read?

A person does not have to read their leaves every day. They can look in their tea once a week to get an idea of what is going to happen.

A person should wait to do a second reading until the events from the first reading a done.

A person should ask one question a time when they are reading their leaves. 

If a person does not like the answer that they get, reading the leaves again is not going to change it.

A person will not get a better answer if they do the ritual with the same question again.

Not everything in life is going to turn out the way that they want it to be.

Tea leaves can do more than just be used to make a warm and soothing beverage.

Tea leaves will be able to help a person learn more about themselves and their future.

The tea leaves can be used to help a person interoperate what is in store for them and they can get the answers they are looking for within the leaves of the tea.

Is Reading Tea Leaves Becoming Extinct?

Reading tea leaves, also referred to as tasseography, has its beginnings in Asia, Ancient Greece, and the Middle East, however the Middle Eastern cultures ordinarily used coffee instead. Modern tea leaf reading had its start back in the 17th century, when the practice of drinking tea was ushered in from China to Europe.

At the beginning, loose leaf tea was considered an item for the upper class, and it wasn’t until it became more easy for the other classes to obtain it, that rituals such as tea leaf reading developed.

This particular ritual is believed to have grown in popularity because people frequently gathered together over a cup of tea to talk about life in general. It wasn’t long before people noted that they were able to see their talks reflected in their tea leaves. This can be compared to finding shapes in the clouds as they float by in the sky.

The Romani people took the practice of reading tea leaves throughout Europe, and would even brave going door-to-door to offer their amazing services at tea leaf reading. Naturally, they didn’t do this for free, it was a way for them to make a living or earn some extra money.

Ultimately, by the time the mid-1800s rolled around, the Romani were considered a part of European tea culture, with tea rooms and tea parlors requesting that they come to provide tea leaf readings for guests.

It was also in the U.S. in the 1800s, that tea parlors became fashionable as the years passed. Once WWI was over, women in the U.S. seeking new ways of making money to help support their families began opening their own tea parlors. It was all conducted in a most friendly, warm manner, with the women serving small snacks, and suggesting they might read tea leaves once the beverage was consumed.

This served to make the experience feel sort of like a small community gathering. It was at meetings like this that the art of tea leaf reading was passed down from woman to woman, from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter, etc.

What a tea leaf reader does is interpret the patterns and symbols that are found at the bottom of the cup in the used tea leaves. Usually, black loose leaf tea is used when a tea leaf reading is planned, and the tea is drunk our of a white or light colored cup so that the tea leaves can be seen more easily.

The person whose fortune is being read is sometimes asked to think of a certain question that they would like to have answered as they consume the tea, leaving around two inches or so at the bottom of the cup.

After they are done, the teacup is turned upside down and gently tapped so that the tea leaves fall out into the saucer. The regular method used to interpret tea leaves is to read from the rim of the cup inward, with the belief that the symbols near the outter area predict what is going to happen first, and those near the center of the cup predict the events that will take place in the more distant future. 

What makes tea leaf reading unique as far as other psychic phenomena go is that here the focus is on the positive and not the negative. You can get a tea leaf reading whenever you want to know about your past, present, or future. The positive element makes this an excellent approach to learning about the future for those who are afraid of tarot cards or other such divination tools. All the magic in tea is positive.

Since reading tea leaves is both an art and a skill that dates back centuries, it will probably never be completely extinct, although it is very rare. However, the invention of the tea bag almost dealt this particular form of predicting the future a fatal blow.

Still, there are enough people who practice this art and pass it down to the younger generation that it’s safe to say tea reading will remain alive for a long time to come.

Interestingly enough, there is a woman from Sydney, Australia who has invented an iPhone application for virtual tea-leaf reading. All users need to do is turn their virtual tea cup around and then give it three taps, then you will see a computer-generated leaf pattern and the creator of the app will tell you what it means.

The woman’s name is Lindel Barker-Revel, she is 61 years old, and she came up with the idea because she was determined to keep this method of fortune telling alive, refusing to let it die because of the new digital generation. Instead, she decided to embrace the digital generation.

As far as can be determined, this is the only such app out there, so far. With any luck, this digital application will attract people from other countries and ignite an interest in this fascinating art.

One can only hope. With the decay of the traditional family dinner and families no longer spending quality time together, so has the traditional women’s clique declined. Women are simply too busy nowadays to get together at the table over tea and cake and spend the time it takes to have their fortunes told.

Of course, it’s understandable that things have changed a great deal from when our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and great-great-grandmothers were young, and along with these changes have come changes in the type of entertainment considered suitable.

But the art of reading tea leaves will never be completely lost. There are still some rare individuals out there who practice the art and are eager to pass it on to anyone who will take the time to learn it, and with an increasing interest in the occult and the supernatural, there are people who are open to all types of ways of knowing the future.

While we will never see a resurgence of interest in this talent like there was when tea reading was in its infancy, there will always remain an interest in anything magical, with overtones of the spiritual. Although it may have taken its lumps, the art of tea reading is here to stay.