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Astral Projection For Beginners Explained

Astral Projection For Beginners Explained

Astral Projection For Beginners Explained

This is often refereed to as an “out of body experience”. 

In esotericism, the belief is that you can travel outside the body and go into different dimensions. 

Astral projection is practiced in many cultures around the world. 

There are many groups that meet on a week to week basis to do astral projection as a group. 

Astral projection came well known in the 19th century. 

Many people say that you are projecting outside of your body when you are dreaming. 

When you are dreaming, you believe that you are where you are at in the dream.

You don’t remember your life here on earth because you believe that your dream is where you are physically at in that period.

Astral projection is a pseudoscience. 

This is because not everyone can astral project and many people see this as quackery. 

Rosicrucianism teaches that the body only cases the soul. 

Once a person dies, their soul goes back to the spiritual world. 

When we astral project out of our body, we are free. 

Video About Astral Projection For Beginners Explained:

With the body, we are not free because we are confided to our body. 

It is believed that our soul is attached to a silver cord that extends outside of our body. When we astral project, we stay connected to this cord.

The cord stays attached to our body so that we can come back to it after our sessions has been completed. 

When your silver cord is cut, you enter back into the spiritual world. 

Therefore, psychics say that you must never cut your cord while astral projecting.

Doing so would prevent you from coming back to your body. 

In the Holy Bible, the apostle Paul knowing someone that went to the third heaven. He said that he didn’t know if it was with his body or not (2 Corinthians 12:2-5).

Many people astral project in meditation. They are in a peaceful state of mind and then wonder off into a peaceful place.  They will often wake up out of this peaceful place and return to earth. They might say, “I was in another place far away from here and I felt so peaceful.  I don’t feel peaceful right now because I am back on earth.”

Astral projection is believed to bring your soul into an altered place. 

When most people have an out of body experience, they feel that its peaceful. 

Astral Projection for Beginners

  1. Find a comfortable place in which you can lay down flat on your back. It must be a place in which you feel peaceful.
  1. With your eyes closed, envision yourself escaping from your body. Imagine that you are about to float outside of your body.

  1. Don’t open your eyes for around 20 minutes. Allow yourself to fall asleep. As you fall asleep, you will be taken away into a dream like state. 
  1. Many people will feel as though they are in a dream when they astral travel. 
  1. You should feel that you can stay attached to your body while floating into different realms.

  1. Some people feel that they can look down at their body while they are out of their body. They can visually look down at their body and see themselves laying down during this exercise.

  1. Note that it will take you several tries before you can astral project yourself. It’s best to try this exercise with a friend.

  1. You will be able to pop yourself back into your body when you are ready to go back. In many cases, during a dream like state, your body will pop itself back into your body automatically. You will simply wake up and feel like you were in a dream.
  1. If you are having an out of body experience in which you are looking down at your body, you can often pop yourself back into your body by simply entering it. In this way, you begin to see that you have full control over how you project yourself out of the body.

  1. Keep a journal of your out of body experiences. This will help you to see how advanced you have become.

What Are Some Astral Projection Techniques?

Imagine that there is a rope or chain hanging from the ceiling as you are laying down.  Your eyes are closes. 

Reach up to the rope and try climbing it.  Image yourself being able to escape your body for a short time. 

Keep on pulling yourself up the rope and see where it takes you.

Lay flat on your back and picture yourself looking down at your body.

Have someone take a picture of you laying down on your back-simulating sleep. 

When you look at this picture, hold onto the memory in your mind. 

When you are ready to do this exercise, imagine yourself looking down at your body from thin air.

Become air looking down at your body. Once you do this enough, you will have your first out of body experience. 

Does Astral Planning Take Time and Confidence?

Many people mistaken astral projection as something that must happen at a specific time.

However, this is often not the case. In most cases, the body must be completely relaxed before the spirit can travel outside of the body. 

It often happens when you feel that you are at complete peace. 

It is much like sleep.  You need to feel completely relaxed in order to get rest. 

When you begin to astral travel, you will feel that its something that you want to do all the time.

It’s an amazing experience because you get to meet with other spiritual beings on different realms and eventually see that we are more than just physical bodies on earth.

We are souls that will go to a spiritual dimension when we die.

You will also have an appreciation for being alive because you will see that not every spiritual being gets a chance to be human.

There are many spirits that would trade places with you if they could.

Astral Projection Dreams

The more that your astral project, the more that you will see that you can dream a lot more often than you might have thought.

This is mainly because astral projection often makes us feel as though we are dreaming. 

It’s important to keep a dream diary of all the encounters that you experience while being outside of your body.

Many people use a mantra in order to astral project. 

This means that you are going to memorize something and say it repeatedly.

In this way, you will be able to see the past, present and future through your sixth sense. 

You can easily learn how to recite a mantra by simply learning it before doing your session.

What Is Astral Body Projection?

  • You should always feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

  • You must become “one with the universe” and see that you are a spirit being.

  • Keep your pets out of the room as they can be a distraction.

  • You can burn relaxing incense or light a scented candle for relaxation.

  • Its best to wear comfortable clothing. You may be astral projecting yourself for long periods of time.
  • Take your shoes and socks off. Allow your body to breathe during a live session.
  • Take your eye glass off because they can often be bothering you or even fall off during a session. Act as though you were about to take a nap.

  • If you plan on doing astral projection with someone, make sure that you trust them. You want to make sure that they will respect your space. 

  • Use an alarm clock. Believe it or not, there have been cases in which a person did not return to their body for several days, weeks and even years because of astral projection. Most people refer to this as being some type of a “coma” state.  Alarm clocks remind you that its time to come back into your body at a time that you decide on.
  • Astral projection is tiresome. Most people feel completely exhausted after coming back from a traveling episode. One might feel that they don’t want to astral project for awhile because it takes everything out of you. You often feel that you have ran a marathon.

  • When you come back to your body, you will often be awakened suddenly. You will often feel like someone threw you back into your body. Some people wake up feeling like they don’t know what happened to them.  Over time, this won’t feel as bad. 

Why Do People Want to Do Astral Projection?

Most men and women that have a desire to astral project themselves outside of the body say that they want to see where their soul really comes from. 

Most human beings are unsure of why they are here on earth.  Many people ask themselves, “Is there something higher in life that I am not seeing?” 

Is life just about making money and doing the same old routine every day?  Most people wonder why mankind is put on the earth.

When one desires to do astral travel, they often do so because they sense that there is something higher that exists beyond this world. 

After all, we have so many planets and stars. They all must mean something. 

Astral traveling often answers these questions when you begin to attach yourself to other spiritual realms in different parts of the universe. 

Once this happens people begin to see that other spiritual planes do exist and that there is actual peace beyond the world that we live in. 

Be Careful to Not Bring Any Spirit Being Back with You

You will often find that when your astral travel, you meet different spirit beings that will befriend you. They often want to come back with you because they want to experience what its like to be in a physical body.

It’s important to not bring anyone back that is not supposed to be here.

The main reason is because they must have a body to reside in.

You don’t want them to reside in yours because you will feel like you are demonically possessing.

Demonic possession often happens when people have allowed an entity to enter their body that was uninvited. 

This can be devastating for many people because spirit beings are often hard to exercise from the body.

Is Fear Part of Astral Projection?

Yes, fear does play a role in astral projection. 

Many people are afraid to do astral projection because of the unknown. 

If you think about it, anything that you have never done before does have an aspect of fear connected to it. 

Once you have done astral projection more than 5 times, you will begin to lose your fear. 

The reason for this is because you will see that you do come back to your body after a session has been completed. 

You will get better at astral projection over time.  As they say, “time makes everything better”. 

You Need Patience

You need patience when it comes to spiritual projection. 

Don’t rush the process.  Astral meditation helps us to realize that patience gives us less stress and helps everything to become balanced in our lives.  We all can use a little bit of patience every day.

Where is Astral Projection Practiced?

  • China
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Hinduism
  • Japan

In Japan, it is often believed that someone can astral project themselves out of their body in order to give someone the “evil eye”. 

This means that if you are their enemy, they can come to you in spirit and bring bad luck to you.

What is An Astral Body Test?

If you want to test to see if you have been outside of your body, you will need to have a trusted friend help you. 

Simply tell your friend what you are about to do.  Ask them to not disturb you as your astral project. 

When you come back from your astral travel, its important that you tell your friend any encounters that you had with them outside of anything physical. 

Ask your friend to take a walk someone and see if they can spot you anywhere.

Many times, it has been known that people that astral project can be seen in more than one place. 

The Saint Padre Pio was known to have been in two places at the same time. 

Some say that this is a form of astral projection.  Many people swore that they saw him in one place and then another said that they saw him at the same time. 

This was often in two different countries. 

It is unknown as to whether Padre Pio was astral traveling or if he even knew that he had been in two places at once. However, it’s a miracle.

What Is Kundalini Astral Projection?

  • This energy first passes through your head and then all your chakras.

  • When you work with your Ajna chakra, you develop clairvoyant abilities.

  • Puts you in a higher state of consciousness.

  • Is thought to be a sacred energy that is stored in the subconscious mind.

  • Kundalini is first connected to the root chakra.

  • It rises through your entire body.
  • It will pass through your deepest energy channels.

Some people believe that you can become trapped within astral projection.

It is often believed that you may not be able to come back to your body if you go too far.

What Is Astral Projection Religion?

Many religions practice astral projection.

These include Buddhism and Hinduism. 

Although not described entirely in the New Testament, it is often described that one can be caught up in the third heaven and not know if they went there in their physical body or not. 

What Is A Astral Projection Group?

Its important to start an astral projection group if you have an interest in this.

The main reason is because it will be less scary, and you can develop trusting friendships with people that have the same or similar interests as you do.

Many times, families and friends may not fully understand astral projection or even why you are doing it.

It’s important to have people around you that know what you are trying to do.

Was There Any Famous Astral Projectors?

A man by the name of Nikola Tesla was known to astral project himself since the tender age of 7. 

He is one of the most intelligent men that have ever walked planet earth.

If you don’t know who he is, Nikola Tesla invented the electric motor. He also invented:

  • The Radio
  • Wireless communications
  • The Remote Control
  • Robotics
  • Free Energy

A well-known story that he had about himself was that he was swimming with a group of friends once. 

He went underwater and swam a bit.

When he picked his head up out of the water, he was underneath a bridge and he couldn’t capture his breath.

He kept on picking up his head every time that he went underwater and realized that he was still hitting the bridge. 

As he was running out of breath from failing each time, he had an out of body experience. 

In his out of body experiences, he saw that he could come up another time and put his mouth against the cracks in the bridge. 

As he did this, he was able to breath.

He realized that he could get information while being outside of his body.

Amazingly, many people believe that many of his inventions happened because of him being able to pop himself out of his body to see things supernaturally. 

He was also known to have many lucid dreams about the inventions that he created.

Like Edgar Cayce (sleeping prophet of the 21st century), Nikola Tesla came from a Christian background. Nobody ever taught him about astral projection or taking himself out of his body. Edgar Cayce was known to put himself in a self-induced trance and pick up information from the spiritual world and tap into the past, present and future. 

Even Paul McCartney from the Beatles is said to have had a Lucid dream in which he heard the melody to his song Yesterday. 

After listening to the melody in his dream, he wrote it down and then created the song. 

Other Beatles songs were from Lucid dreams as well.

Even Albert Einstein was said to have dreams in which he used for many of his inventions. 

Some of the greatest inventions in the world came through a dream of someone feeling that they were outside of their body when they saw the invention. 

They were able to see it through a vision of some other form of lucid dream.

The amazing things about astral projection is that anyone can do it. 

People that are the best at it of course get their information naturally. 

It’s something that a lot of people wonder about.

Astral projection often comes to you when you least expect.

Sometimes, people that are on an operating table come back with stories saying that they saw the doctor operating on them. 

They can tell exact conversations that took place event they were considered unconscious at the time. 

The human brain and body are a mystery for most scientist. 

It is because we still don’t know everything about the brain or what its full functions are. 

Many psychics can pick up accurate information that they could not have known.  Also, the CIA used remote viewing to spy. 

It was said that a person can close their eyes and see objects of a location that was given to them during experiments. 

The power of the body is still being studied.

It’s important that if you believe that astral projection can work for you, then its best to allow it to come to you. 

You will often find that astral projection leads you closer to something specific that you were trying to learn in our life. 

Astral projection is still misunderstood in many cultures.

However, it is becoming more widely used in the United States since the 20th century.

Describe it what you want to — dreaming out of body, celestial body, force body, Buddhism glow body,

Taoist shape body, Egypt ka, Tantric clever body, Hindu oasis of happiness — and in Christian beliefs, the experience of multiple “heavens,” i.e. “I knew a person that was in the 3rd heavenly realm.

Whether it was in outside of the body, I am not sure,” comes from Corinthians 12:1-4. The delicate body is a worldly human feeling, and looked upon as being part of our normal human makeup like fingernails and  internal organs.  

It is this spiritual body that comes out through astral projection and is active during subnconscious and simple dreaming. 

Astral projection and visualizing often work as an “out-of-body” capability, or OBEs.

The spiritual body, when nurtured, can live outside of the natural body as a matrix for right thinking and astral projection. 

Simple dreaming is a part of religious training pathways for subtle body development.

Newcomers confuse the delicate body with the heart or spirit, two further aspects of multi-dimensional people.

What Are Out Of Body Encounters And Astral Prediction?

The OBE can be deliberate or spontaneous, as with close to death experiences when men and women report discovering themselves drifting close to the ceiling of their clinic rooms and even looking at medical employees looking to revive them.

Traumatic events, sickness, water and starvation, as with Native American imagination quests, can prompt OBEs.

Simple fantasy states are prospects for deliberate OBEs. For the reasons of this article, OBEs may be impulsive, and out of body projection a sensible choice, though some would say otherwise.

Basically, the OBE start with an understanding of leaving the body and intentionally watching it from a separate perspective.

With training and clarity, awareness can be targeted to locations or events like flight.

Yeah, flight. If you have had flight dreams — precise flying, no plane necessary — or being in the skies, you have had out of body experiences.

Some people say that we have routine OBEs during nap time, often standing over a few inches over our natural bodies. 

Neuroscientists are baffled — while the knowledge is no longer released out of hand by doctors, science retains the point of view that OBEs include neurological or brain abnormalities.

After one of his personal experiences, Dr. Raymond Moody (medical doctor) got interested in close to death out of body experiences.

For years, he questioned hundreds of people and gathered information, defining similar qualities of OBEs.

Moody found 9 similar elements of a  close to death out of body experiences — some undergoing all, some, only 2 or 3. 

Seeing for a small time out of your psyche? Then you are always going to desire to know what astral out of experience is.

You have most likely heard this phrase in your encounters with new agers before, and acknowledge it to be the thought of meditating to the moment going outside of your body — which seems kind of mystical.

But, goes out, it is a lot more than this.

According to the website education program Udemy, which presents an astral projection class, astral projection is a way to get outside of your body (OBE) through which the celestial body leaves the natural body and goes to the astral place (plane).  

If you are anything like myself, you are most likely feeling like there is not even one element of that explanation that makes complete sense. Do not understand: We are able to learn all about it together.

Overall, the idea of astral projection centers on the idea that there is something called an “projection plane,” and it is 1 of the 7 astral planes of being.  

People often live on the earthly plane. It is not a secret that everyday society has us staying in an earthly world, so a small vacation to a different plane actually is very attractive.

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