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Biokinesis: Understanding The Complete Meaning

Biokinesis: Understanding The Complete Meaning

What is Biokinesis Meaning?

Biokinesis is a belief that a person can change their DNA or eye color using their subconscious mind. 
Many people that practice meditation say that this could be done using your powers of thought. 
If you focus on something long and hard enough, it is believed that it can happen.

Biokinesis doesn’t happen overnight.  Experts say that the process can take weeks, months and even years. 

It has more having to do with your ability to focus on something in order to make it happen.

It is said that one must first master patience before biokinesis can work for you. 

It takes a tremendous amount of belief and faith to make this process work for you. 

Over time, you will be able to see for yourself that this process will work.  You must believe in it 100% to make it work.

It is believed that you can make your mind believe in anything that you want it to believe in. 

Some scientific experiments have been done in which a person believes that the medicine that they are being given is going to heal them from an ailment. 

The person begins taking the pills and then gets better over a few weeks.

However, the doctor reveals to them that it wasn’t real medication. In fact, it was only sugar pills. 

Because the person believed that they were taking something that was supposed to heal them, their faith in the pills made their body better. 

Sometimes, we are our own worst and best enemy. 

If we believe that something is going to happen, we can make it happen. 

Have you ever tried to start a business or project that seemed above your skills and ability to achieve?

However, you began working on the project and with faith, you said that I am going to make this happen? 

You put yourself out there and then suddenly, you found success.

The power of intent and belief get us through our worst times. 

How many times have you heard the story of people getting lost in the woods and had no way to survive?

Everyone on the search and rescue mission thought that the person was going to be dead once they were found.

However, the person managed to survive in the wilderness without food or water for 14+ days. 

It is believed that faith and trickery of the mind brought them to survival.

In biokinesis, your mind can change your DNA because you believe that it will be changed. We tend to believe whatever we put into our mind.

In many cultures around the world, insects are food. Many people will feast on locusts and even roaches.  However, in the United States, many people would be turned off to this kind of food.  One might say that its not appetizing.

The reason why one culture accepts this type of food and another doesn’t is because of a personal belief system and how you were often raised.

If your parents say that something is good or bad, we tend to believe it.

If someone told you that its impossible to make biokinesis work for you, you may or may not believe it based on what your culture says. 

We have many people in the United States that say that psychics are fake. 

Others say that they are real because many of their predictions to come true.  This is often based on a belief system.

In the movie, “The Secret”, the power of belief is talked about. 

The movie tells us that whatever we believe will happen is going to happen. 

It says that we can bring either good or bad circumstances into our life by our thought process. 

Many people refer to this as, “the power of positive thinking”.

There are many people in the USA and around the world that believe you can heal diseases through belief. 

Some say that if you fill your mind with laughter and positive thoughts, you will live with positive energy and cause sickness to leave your body. 

Some people say that this is nothing but quackery.

How to Experiment with Biokinesis

  • Find a quiet place that you can train your brain to believe something is true. You may escape to the mountains or a cabin somewhere alone in the woods.

  • Surround yourself with positive books on biokinesis and videos that tell you that this will happen for you. It is said that if you take control of your own life and only surround yourself with 100% belief that this is possible, it can happen for you.
  • Stay away from people that will tell you that this is not real and that its fake. You need to believe in biokinesis in order to make it work for you.
  • Read books on others that used biokinesis and how they made it work for themselves.

  • Figure out what you are trying to change. Are you trying to heal your cells with positive thinking? Do you have a specific ailment that you are trying to find healing with?  Its important to stay focused and not to let your mind wonder.  The mind often does play tricks on us. 

  • Believe that you have gone through a spiritual healing and that you are well. Make your mind believe that you have fixed the problem using your power of faith and belief.

Using Biokinesis for Bringing Spiritual Healing to Pets

  • Pets give us unconditional love. When they get sick or are not acting right, we want to do everything that we can to help them. If you want to use biokinesis on your pet, here are some steps to take:

  • Focus on your pet’s ailment and imagine them being well.
  • Focus on what you believe the problem is and believe in your mind that it will get better.
  • Picture in your mind that your pet is going to get better. Picture them in a healthy state. 

Biokinesis for Growing a Plant

You may have noticed that your plants look like they are dying. 

Perhaps you have given them water, plant food and yet they still don’t look so good. 

You may be thinking about using biokinesis on them to see if they will survive at all. 

Here are some steps to take:

  • Talk to your plants out loud and say, “I want you to get better”.

  • Allow your plant to see that you wish them well.

  • Meditate in front of your plant and imagine it looking green and vibrant.

  • Believe that your plant is going to get well.

What Is Biokinesis Hypnosis?

Some hypnotists that believe in biokinesis, will often speak with you about doing a hypnosis session with you on your ailment or problem. 

When you are hypnotized, the biokinesis hypnotist will cause you to believe that your problem is solved and that you no longer have a problem. 

They will often be able to trick your mind into believing that you are healed, and your problem is not longer there.

Is Biokinesis Psychic?

Yes, you can say that biokinesis is psychic. 

It is a pseudoscience that has no proof. Nobody truly understands biokinesis completely.

Those that try it have a 50% chance of making it work for themselves. 

When people begin learning more about biokinesis, they often feel that it’s a subject that requires a lot of attention to detail. 

If you don’t believe in it, it’s not going to work for you.  

The power of intention is something that is believed by many cultures and religions. 

It is always the belief that you must have faith in something to make it work for you. 

No faith = nothing happening. 

Biokinesis is the phrase used when one wants to use the force of their intuitive mind to alter one’s natural appearance. 

It is most frequently used to alter one’s eye color.

Through concentration and the power of thinking, it is thought that a person can alter their innate DNA code and therefore start to change substantially.

Results mostly depend on the individual and some have argued to see results within a month and others have gotten if 6 months before noticing any visible and significant changes.

Biokinesis requires time, perseverance and the man/woman should be obligated to change and be ready to be both devoted and enthusiastic about the method.

The true secret to change, is like everything that is self-help oriented.  It is to have faith with all your heart in everything that you are doing. 

Don’t have any worries whatsoever.

Faith, hope, strong desire and dedication seems to be the way to accomplishment when applying biokinesis.

Biokinesis involves using a form of arbitration and where the subconscious can be the best tool to try this method out for yourself.

Sending subconscious messages into our subconscious, a person can fool our mindset into believing we have the eyeball color we desire.

With time this has an exact impact on someone’s DNA coding and the physique starts to answer to the directions its being given.

The subconscious messages sidestep the resisting conscious thinking and sends the right programming directly to the intuition, since the subconscious is less challenging than the conscious it ultimately considers whatever is fed to it.

This technique for having the right eyeball color is very powerful and has been shown to work.

More Information About Biokinesis?

Biokinesis is a method of reprogramming the cells and genes through an individual’s mind.

This will involve modifying, repairing and damaging the cancer cells, increasing body muscle. 

It lets the individual change physical looks and even rebuild the physical body.

The most popular biokinetic method is changing eyeball color.

It will also be used to change the composition of the DNA or cure illness, not only in your own body, but alongside of others.

Although medical physicians don’t admit the truth behind it, many of them refuse to give their opinion due to the fear of being exposed.

However, many websites claim that a lot of muscle building courses put together values of this restraint.

According to an unnamed research study from the college of Manchester, these courses were thought to have caused around fifty percent muscle size rise to the people.

What People Should Learn Biokinesis?

Everyone possesses the capability to learn biokinesis.

It is necessary that those men and women that want to learn biokinesis, should be educated about the philosophy behind the method.

A man/woman should also be confident who will trust in their capabilities.

Thus, an individual that is going to use it should not be too emotionally involved and not reliant on other people.

They must also be able to build the ability to focus and rely on one priority at a time.

How Long Will It Take Me to Begin Showing Biokinetic Powers?

The typical number of months for a man/woman to master this order is 2 to 6 months.

It often depends on your physique, mainly your DNA.

It will also vary on your attempt, particularly how enthusiastic you are about your goal line, how often you pay attention to subconscious in a day, and how delicate your subconscious mind is to self-suggestion.

It will also hinge on your concentrate.

Since you will listen to soothing songs, it may confuse you to think about other needless things while listening in.

Finally, it may also vary on the own goal.  Changing a person’s entire body may even take 1 year or more.

What are Dangers Linked with Practicing Biokinesis?

Just like additional subjects on this site, the methods here may hurt you and if you will not use them right.

For occurrences, it is necessary to stop right now once you feel that you have previously heeded for long.

Studies have demonstrated that too much listening to noisy music will eventually cause hearing damage to a person.

What Would I Do to Start?

When you first start, you should do certain things before getting on your biokinetic experience. 

It is important to familiarize with the philosophy behind it.

Understanding the way, it works is a tough idea to understand, mainly in practicing it.

Also, your deep thoughts will not trust what you are doing.

Get started by comprehending more about subconscious mind audios or those that have hidden affirmations.

One ought to learn more about regularities and how they manipulate the brain to change the body.

It is also safest if you can deal with your own emotional troubles before starting to focus on your biokinetic processes.

Your existing emotional worries may turn around the process.

Most specifically to have productivity, one must 1st learn to recognize and love them self.

What Are The Advantages of Biokinesis?

You can use it for developing strength and your muscles.

You should also use it for altering the color of your eyeballs or healing skin blemishes, sickness, and even pain.

Besides this, there is also many explanations why individuals use biokinesis.

We Should Start with the Training?

Transformation of Plants

Beginner biokinetic methods should not be led to live human beings at first so must start with shrubs:

Phase 1. Look for an ill plant or a failing one. Be positive that this shrub is comparatively small and not bigger than 1 foot.

Phase 2. Take the ill plant to your living room in a flowerpot. Be sure there is only a fair amount of sunlight coming into the room.

Phase 3. Put your attention on the plant and visualize it in your third eye.

Phase 4. Visualize the shrubs condition as a little ball of light, slowly getting larger.

Phase 5. Watch it getting larger and the shrub getting greener as a result.

Phase 6. Watch all the illness in the plant getting washed out while the circle is getting larger.

Phase 7 You are finished. Do this for a week nonstop before trying this on people.

How to Establish a Needle of Power

A method will be among the 1st maneuvers which you will have to master.

Phase 1. Do meditation for around thirty minutes a day.

This is necessary to the opening psychic obstructions in your body.

Once you have achieved a state of perfect ease and respite, let your chi or psychic power pour through you.

Phase 2. Imagine a tiny needle of vitality inside your body.

Visualize it as a skinny and very razor-sharp needle. Visualize it in your thoughts, that your genetic material is running all throughout your body in little tubes.

Using your thoughts, tell the needle what reason you have for it and in what way you need it to alter your DNA segment.

Use it to penetrate the needle into the running genetic material until it vanishes into the DNA pool.

Make Use Of the psi to cover up the cavity made by the needle.

When the needle is within, imagine it converting to psi once again and allow it to disappear into your genetic material.

Phase 3. Awaken from the reflection. Before you continue onto your usual daily routine, fill up your thinking with the idea “I am (whatever you hope you will convert to be).  

This should be done all throughout the day and then you will experience or know some outcomes in about a week.

What Is Bioelectrical Cell Stimulus?

This is an improved method that will give good and take away head pain, tired joints, and physical pain.

You should be certain that you hold onto this technique for simple therapies so that you will not disrupt anything lingering. 

Phase 1. Put your hands about 2 inches away from the region that needs treatment.

Concentrate on what kinds of sensations that you are experiencing.

If the region is swollen, you might feel the warmth.

Phase 2. Focus on psi power producing from your hands and direct them close to the area. Use your mental focus to direct the psi and imagine it, restoring the swollen region.

Phase 3. If it is not on infection, ask the man/woman whom you are wanting to heal if the discomfort has added up.

Then, you may be producing too much electricity.  

Lessen the strength of your psi with your mental focus as well as with your feelings.

Should You Halt When The Pain is Over With?

Maybe, there are a couple of people out there that have great psychic intuition and they rehearse it to restore and rejuvenate their exhausted and failing cells.

Therefore, they will not see old age.

Keeping that in mind, they will only be fearful to appear and show the universe their capabilities.  

To become an expert with any psychic gift, you need to master your mental focus first. 

You should do this every day. It should be with consistency; everything can be perfected.

Do You Have a Better Understanding of Biokinesis?

Biokinesis is originated from the key words ‘bio” and “kinesis”, where in natural science, “bio” is linked to a surviving organism and “kinesis” involves an action of a cell. Biokinesis is having the capability to monitor and change one’s genetic material (DNA) by applying the psychic superpowers of the mind.

Usually, everybody’s fascination about biokinesis is to alter their eyeball color. If biokinesis is feasible, then it implies, it is also likely to change not only eyeball color, but also your head/body hair.

How Biokinesis Comes to Be?

There are numerous factors that define your eyeball color.

An individual’s eyeball color effects the quantity and quality of melanin in the element of your eyeball described as iris.

The amount of illumination passing through the iris and the direction it throws provides the color.

The pigment of the iris varies from bright blue to murky brown.

The most popular colors are indigo, olive green and tan.

Tan is the most popular eyeball color as it is more leading allele.

What Are Biokinesis Methods?

When studying biokinesis, a person can alter their eyeball color by restricting the quantity of melanin and the way the illumination goes through the iris.

This can be accomplished by managing your subliminal mind and altering your genetic material.

The safest way to perform this is by meditation or utilizing subconscious ideas for altering an eyeball color.

It is thought that, with the support of biokinesis, you can alter your eyeball color only to both indigo or green or tan.

If you believe of changing your eyeball color to some other color such as red, lavender or auburn, then biokinesis won’t work.

This is because your subliminal mind already realizes that it is unusual and impractical.

Biokinesis Methods

Prior to preparation with biokinesis, a person should exercise meditation for a couple of days that improve your brain to unwind and stay cool.

This improves to manage your intuitive mind and it will be simple for you to get the preferred outcome.

Method 1

Just after getting up in the dawn or only before falling asleep at night, keep your eyes closed and relaxed.

Next, imagine yourself in your brain’s eye that when you open your eyeballs, you have your eyeball color slowly shifting to the color you want.

You will also visualize a body with a wanted colored eye walking in front of you and consumed by you.

Do this for 3 hours each day during the morning, noon and night.  When you gaze into a mirror, think and know that your eyeballs are already altered to the preferred color.

Replicate this method each day and prove to yourself that you already have those tinted eyes until you make it happen.

Method 2

In order to do this method, you should have some understanding on knowledge behind the eyeball color.

I have previously described a bit above, but you should have further deep understanding regarding this.

After calming yourself by shutting your eyeballs, picture that the amount of a color called melanin is improving or reducing in your eyeballs.

More intensity indicates to a tan color and minimum amount leads to indigo color, and in the middle is the sea green color.

Think about the color you want to achieve.

Anyone should picture changing the scope of an eyeball pupil a bit bigger or lesser that improves to alter your eyeball color.

Should You Duplicate This Procedure Each Day Until You Witness a Change?

The other method that is incredibly easy to use is eavesdropping to subconscious messages or an eye-catching message on your laptop screen that are in relation to biokinesis.

Biokinesis – How Much Time Does It Take?

The moment it gets to work out is unusual for every individual.

The greater your confidence, the tougher it is on your mental state and the quicker you will make. It will take time.

It can be from several months to several years depending on your routine and faith system.

It is extremely necessary to keep in mind that educating yourself abut biokinesis is a lot like messing up with an individual’s own genes.

It isn’t something to fool around with like additional psychic gifts such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis.

A person should have a direct understanding as you are having to deal with your own DNA.

Reading this blog post is not enough for a person’s biokinesis training. 

It is essential to be cautious while you attempt this psychic gift and know that it is unsafe to abandon the procedure in between the change.

Why Do Most People Not Understand Biokinesis?

Biokinesis is about the power of the mind to make changes in our bodies. The reality of why people don’t understand Biokinesis is because they underestimate the power of mete and what it is capable of.

Accepting the idea that we can manipulate and change our body through the mind is almost a crazy idea.

The mind manipulating our body is the process of Biokinesis. To some, it may seem dangerous, but the reality is that there are many people who have reported success stories after having implemented this manipulation in their body through the mind.

The most striking cases are of people who have managed to change their eye color thanks to Biokinesis. It really sounds crazy, but it’s true.

But it is also possible to change our metabolism, lose weight, lighten our skin, increase muscle strength, increase our height, breasts, butt, modify the shape of our lips, modify the color of our hair; among many other infinite alternatives of changes that we could make in our body.

It is also used to generate changes in the composition of our internal body, such as affecting the behavior of an organ or even practicing Biokinesis in order to heal our body through the mind.

The Power of the Mind is Unlimited

We should only be responsible when trying this transformation process.

Biokinesis is really a simple thing, it is a manipulation of human genes, but we need to have a new programming in our brain. It is possible to do it by means of subliminal audios that reprogram and manipulate our genes.

This can be very difficult for many people to understand since they believe that it is impossible to change something that we have since we were born and by nature. But let’s remember that we are evolutionary beings, capable of changing our behavior patterns and becoming better versions of ourselves, every day.

There is no reason why we cannot change our physical features through the mind.

Biokinesis is Possible and Its Method is Simple

Doing this process simply requires consistency and trust. We must believe in our mental power and that the changes we hope to see in our body will become possible.

It is performed through subliminal audios that contain melodies with waves that the brain captures along with the message of, for example, “I want to change to blue eyes.” There are many secure channels that provide the right audios to perform this process safely.

Let us remember that the mind can receive orders from us. Really, the mind does not distinguish between real thoughts and those that we simply say to ourselves, even if they are not entirely true. A kind of Law of attraction is also manifested in this regard.

For example, it could be that we constantly tell ourselves that we are abundant people, even though we have not yet reached the level of wealth that we want. But if our mind assimilates it as true, then it will begin to operate in tune with this belief.

the same thing happens with the mind, in different aspects. More than a magical process, Biokinesis is a process of concentration and mental attention towards a part of our body, and this directed attention that we give to a certain area is done with the intention of improving or modifying it.

It seems too simple, but it is that simple. We are really used to trying to make things more complex than they are, and this is not necessary.

You should only listen to these audios daily, the amount of time you want to get the results as quickly as possible. In fact, there are people who listen to it when they are already asleep because our subconscious continues to receive information correctly.

The ideal is that the audios are accompanied by full attention and directed towards the area that we want to change, improve, or improve. But not listening to them when we are doing another activity at the same time.

To Understand Biokinesis You Have to Believe

The secret and indispensable ingredient of this process is to believe. And this can become the biggest obstacle if you have a skeptical mind.

You must first believe in the possibility of changes that may occur in you and then begin the process. Remember that the mind accepts what we believe.

For this reason, many people fail to understand Biokinesis, as they cannot rationally justify it.

To believe in Biokinesis we need to have an open and available mind. We must stop underestimating the potential of our mind because the mind is the greatest power that we all have.

People who have their minds closed only to rational processes and explained scientifically, will not understand how Biokinesis works. They will not be able to unlock the power that their mind has to drive significant changes in their lives.


Biokinesis and its process really work. It has worked for many people, but only those who have dared to believe beyond what they see and in the power that their mind has.

People fail to understand what Biokinesis is because they simply do not believe it is possible. The idea of being able to change who we are with just our mind and without any major physical effort, most people don’t think is reasonable.

Biokinesis is the ability to make changes in our body through the mind. We need a change of perception about ourselves and the physical trait that we want to change.

This process is best known for making changes in our emotions, in the way we deal with our problems and many other things. We must understand that it is our mind that allows us to improve in all aspects of our lives.

To understand Biokinesis we must take this concept to a new area. We must now believe in the potential of our minds to make physical changes.

People who are willing to unlock this concept, and believe in the Biokinesis process, will be able to obtain significant changes in their physical state. The only condition is to believe that it is possible.

Trying this process without believing that it is really possible to obtain physical changes, we will be wasting time.